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Snair, Olin C. Washington County, IA in WW1
Snapp, Carl Foster 1925 Doctor Biography
Snapp, Howard Malcolm, Jr. Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snapp, J.A. Indiana Physicians 1900
Snapp, James V. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Snapp, Oliver Irvin 1926 Biography
Snarr, George Grover 1925 Doctor Biography
Snartemo, Ingvald Bergwitz Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Snartemo, Johan A. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Snater, Johannes World War 1 Casualty
Snavely, Fred Loomis Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Snavely, Guy Everett Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snavely, Howard, Mrs. Recipe
Snead, Louise Hammond Willis 1914 Biography
Sneath, Laura Stephenson 1914 Biography
Sneddon, Hannah 1943/44 Death Record
Snedeker, Caroline Dale 1914 Biography
Snee, Michael World War 1 Casualty
Sneed, Albert Micou 1925 Doctor Biography
Sneed, Carl Miller 1925 Doctor Biography
Sneed, William Lent 1925 Doctor Biography
Snelgrove, Frederick James 1925 Doctor Biography
Snelgrove, Margaret Q. Recipe
Snell, Harry E. World War 1 Casualty
Snell, Kaye Recipe
Snell, Laura Stanley Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Snell, Maynard Goldman 1926 Biography
Snell, Mildred Recipe
Snell, Myron Webster 1925 Doctor Biography
Snell, Nellie C. 1914 Biography
Snell, Raymond Charles Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Snell, Thomas World War 1 Casualty
Snelling, James Palmer Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snelling, Murdock Murphy Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snelling, Richard Jackson Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snellings, Roy Nolan Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snepp, Karl Milton Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snethen, Perry William Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snethen, Reyburn Moncure 1925 Doctor Biography
Sneve, Johan S. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Snider, Chauncey W. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Snider, Frank Washington County, IA in WW1
Snider, George Sellars Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snider, Harriet Hughs Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Snider, Henry C. Washington County, IA in WW1
Snider, Howard John 1926 Biography
Snider, J. T. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snider, Joanne Recipe
Snider, Joe B. Washington County, IA in WW1
Snider, John W. Indiana Physicians 1900
Snider, Louis J. World War 1 Casualty
Snider, Monroe F. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Snider, Wallace Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snider, Walter Irving* Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snider, Wm. Bryan World War 1 Casualty
Snidle, Paul & Donna Original Business Card
Snidow, George Milner World War 1 Casualty
Snipes, Louise H. 1942 Death Record
Snite, Francis J. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Snively, Harry H. 1925 Doctor Biography
Snively, J. Howard 1925 Doctor Biography
Snively, Mary A. 1914 Biography
Snively, Paul G. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Snoddy, James S. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snoddy, Robert Chalmers Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snoddy, Thomas E. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snoddy, William J. Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snodgrass, B.D. Indiana Physicians 1900
Snodgrass, B.K. Indiana Physicians 1900
Snodgrass, D.B. Indiana Physicians 1900
Snodgrass, Eda Ethell Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snodgrass, Elisha K. World War 1 Casualty
Snodgrass, Mary J. Indiana Physicians 1900
Snodgrass, N.E. Indiana Physicians 1900
Snodgrass, Orville 1942 Death Record
Snodgrass, S.J. Indiana Physicians 1900
Snodgrass, William Anderson 1925 Doctor Biography
Snoke, David H. Indiana Physicians 1900
Snoke, John Waldo 1925 Doctor Biography
Snook, Charles, Jr., Mrs. Recipe
Snook, William R. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Snouffer, Mike, Mrs. Recipe
Snow, Agnes Kune 1914 Biography
Snow, Beulah 1943/44 Death Record
Snow, Charles A. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Snow, Charles J. 1943/44 Death Record
Snow, Edward N. 1942 Death Record
Snow, Elinor K. Bruce 1914 Biography
Snow, Ellen F. Jewell 1914 Biography
Snow, Emma 1942 Death Record
Snow, Erva Goodwin 1914 Biography
Snow, Frank Hamilton World War 1 Casualty
Snow, Frank Hamilton World War 1 Casualty
Snow, Frank Whipple 1925 Doctor Biography
Snow, Frederick Hibbard 1925 Doctor Biography
Snow, Harry M. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Snow, Henry Curtis Butler 1925 Doctor Biography
Snow, Henry Oscar Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snow, James Harry Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snow, Julia Warner 1914 Biography
Snow, Lawrence Crosby 1925 Doctor Biography
Snow, Leslie Woodruff 1925 Doctor Biography
Snow, Livingston Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snow, Lucille F. Recipe
Snow, Mary S. 1914 Biography
Snow, Roy Raymond World War 1 Casualty
Snow, Russell Easterling Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snow, Walter A. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Snow, William Freeman 1925 Doctor Biography
Snow, William Wymer Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snowball, John Raphael* Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snowden, Jesse Indiana Physicians 1900
Snowden, Madeline Gaston 1914 Biography
Snowden, Roy Ross 1925 Doctor Biography
Snowdon, Forbes Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snuggs, Sara R. Recipe
Snyder, A. H. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Snyder, Aaron W. Indiana Physicians 1900
Snyder, Abram Elias 1925 Doctor Biography
Snyder, Addison Hogan 1926 Biography
Snyder, Alonzo Mitchell Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Snyder, Andrew Robert 1925 Doctor Biography
Snyder, Arthur Gail 1926 Biography
Snyder, B.F. Indiana Physicians 1900
Snyder, Bertha 1943/44 Death Record
Snyder, Charles Edwin 1926 Biography
Snyder, Charles J. World War 1 Casualty
Snyder, Charles Russell 1926 Biography
Snyder, Charles T. World War 1 Casualty
Snyder, Clara R. 1943/44 Death Record
Snyder, Craig R. 1925 Doctor Biography
Snyder, E.D. Indiana Physicians 1900
Snyder, Edgar Bertram 1925 Doctor Biography
Snyder, Edward Frank 1926 Biography
Snyder, Elmer W. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Snyder, Emma Merrill 1914 Biography
Snyder, Eva Smith 1914 Biography
Snyder, Floyd Raymond Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Fred Hackett Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, George 1925 Doctor Biography
Snyder, George Francis Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snyder, George Washington* Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Gordon Leigh Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Grace Lesta 1914 Biography
Snyder, Grant Original Business Card
Snyder, Harlan Henry Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Harris R. World War 1 Casualty
Snyder, Harry 1926 Biography
Snyder, Henry D. 1925 Doctor Biography
Snyder, Herbert Drew Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Snyder, Herbert William Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Homer Robert Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Jessie 1943/44 Death Record
Snyder, John M. World War 1 Casualty
Snyder, Juliet Matthews Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Kate 1943/44 Death Record
Snyder, Kate Anor Cosad 1914 Biography
Snyder, Katherine 1943/44 Death Record
Snyder, Kenneth Rowe Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Leander Indiana Physicians 1900
Snyder, Lee Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Snyder, Lenerd H. World War 1 Casualty
Snyder, Leonard C. World War 1 Casualty
Snyder, Lester World War 1 Casualty
Snyder, Louis World War 1 Casualty
Snyder, Margaret Van Natta Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Mary J. Dunlap 1914 Biography
Snyder, Norwood H. World War 1 Casualty
Snyder, Orra L.. World War 1 Casualty
Snyder, Otto Leon Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Ralph 1926 Biography
Snyder, Robert M., Jr. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Snyder, Robert Miffin 1926 Biography
Snyder, Robert Shirley 1926 Biography
Snyder, Roy Webster 1926 Biography
Snyder, Russell P. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Snyder, Ruth M. 1943/44 Death Record
Snyder, Sibyl Thurston 1914 Biography
Snyder, Thomas Elliott 1926 Biography
Snyder, Thomas Isaacs* Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Velma Bidwell Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Snyder, Vinal John Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Warren J. World War 1 Casualty
Snyder, Wendell Hansen Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, Werner Thaddfus Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Snyder, William Patton 1926 Biography
Snyder, William Percival Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Soast, Marian H. Recipe
Sobatta, August P. World War 1 Casualty
Sobel, Bernard* Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Sobiescky, Tony World War 1 Casualty
Sobul, Herman H. World War 1 Casualty
Sobul, Solomon Arthur Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Sobye, C. M. Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Socia, Arthur L. World War 1 Casualty
Sockel, Frank World War 1 Casualty
Socoloff, Ely Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Soderberg, Andrew W. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Sodergren, Carl Johannes Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Soderlund, Dorothy Recipe
Soderstrom, Frank E. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Soelberg, Gunnar Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sofnas, Samuel* Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Sogn, Stella Grace (Mrs. Johan Thompson) Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sohmer, Alphonse E. John 1925 Doctor Biography
Sohn, Marion Edgar Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Soiland, Albert 1925 Doctor Biography
Soinski, Marion World War 1 Casualty
Sojourners, The Gospel Record Album
Sojurners' Inn Colorado Food & Lodging
Solari, Angel World War 1 Casualty
Solberg, Carl K. Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solberg, Carl K. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Solberg, Charles Orrin Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solberg, Charles Orrin Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Solberg, Ella Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solberg, Halver Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Solberg, Harry Leland Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Solberg, Mellie (Mrs. G. Elmer Bronsdale) Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solberg, Ole Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solberg, Ole Jorgenson Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solberg, P. L. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Solbrig, Hardin Elsby Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Sole, Arthur A. World War 1 Casualty
Solecki, John H. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Soleim, Daniel E. Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solem, George Oliver 1925 Doctor Biography
Solem, Henrik M. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Solem, Ole A. T. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Solem, Oscar M. Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solem, Thomas P. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Solensten, Tonnes C. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Solfestsen, Solfest Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solheim, Andreas H. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Solheim, Andrew Harold Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solheim, Elling S. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Solheim, Matilda (Mrs. A. L. Nichols) Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solheim, Ola Andreas Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solibakke, Hilda Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solis, Jeanne Cady 1914 Biography
Solley, Fred Palmer 1925 Doctor Biography
Solley, Frederick Westcott 1925 Doctor Biography
Solley, John Beach, Jr. 1925 Doctor Biography
Sollman, Benjamin Gerhard Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Sollmann, Torald Hermann Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Sollom, Gustav A. World War 1 Casualty
Soloman, Stephen Malone Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Solomon, Charles Henry 1925 Doctor Biography
Solomon, Edwin P. 1925 Doctor Biography
Solomon, Guy F. World War 1 Casualty
Solomon, Hannah G. 1914 Biography
Solomon, Harry Caesar 1925 Doctor Biography
Solomon, Lewis B. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Solomon, Maria Recipe
Solomon, Meyer 1925 Doctor Biography
Solomon, Steve M., Jr. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Solomon, Thomas 1943/44 Death Record
Solseth, Ole E. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Solsness, Larz Porsenna 1925 Doctor Biography
Solstad, Hans P. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Solt, W.J. Indiana Physicians 1900
Solum, Henry E. Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solum, Henry E. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Solum, Nora Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solverson, Thelma Georgia Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solveson, Hilda Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solveson, Stella Dorthea Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Solvskar, Toryus World War 1 Casualty
Solwold, Andreas Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Somdahl, Carl Olaf Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Somers, Arthur Langdon Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Somers, Budd R. World War 1 Casualty
Somers, Budd R. World War 1 Casualty
Somers, Robert Teeters Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Somerville, Ethel Blackmore 1914 Biography
Somerville, William Glassell 1925 Doctor Biography
Somes, J.F. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sommer, Anthony Francis Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Sommer, Chas. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sommer, Edgar F. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sommer, Francis A. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Sommer, Henry Joseph 1925 Doctor Biography
Sommer, Henry O. 1925 Doctor Biography
Sommer, Hugo Henry 1926 Biography
Sommer, Jack World War 1 Casualty
Sommer, M.B.C. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sommers, Everette Washington County, IA in WW1
Sommers, Katharine Higgins 1914 Biography
Sommers, Mary M. 1942 Death Record
Sommers, May A. C. 1914 Biography
Sommers, Roy S., Dr. Washington County, IA in WW1
Sondern, Frederic E. 1925 Doctor Biography
Sondresen, Sigvard Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sondrol, Peter Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Songer, Elizabeth 1943/44 Death Record
Songer, Frank Indiana Physicians 1900
Sonia, John A. World War 1 Casualty
Soniat, Gustave Leon World War 1 Casualty
Sonju, Anna (Mrs. Bar) Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sonnack, Paul Gerhard Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sonne, Hattie 1942 Death Record
Sonnick, Frank J. World War 1 Casualty
Sons Of Light Gospel Record Album
Sons of Song Gospel Record Album
Soper, Alexander C., Jr. 1925 Doctor Biography
Soper, Arthur Elsworth 1925 Doctor Biography
Soper, Mabel Browning 1914 Biography
Soper, Otis E. World War 1 Casualty
Soper, Ray Jordan Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Sophia, M., Sister Recipe
Soreboe, Andreas J. Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sorem, Beatrice Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Soreng, Gerda Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Soreno 1936 Florida Hotel Directory
Sorensen, Andreas (Soranson) Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sorensen, Harald W. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sorensen, Joseph World War 1 Casualty
Sorensen, Karen Recipe
Sorensen, Soren E. (Gjerdal) Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sorenson, Arthur Alexander 1926 Biography
Sorenson, Christina Hjertina Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sorenson, Mary Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sorenson, Morris A. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sorenson, Sigurd T. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sorenson, Sigurd Thomas Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Soresi, Angelo L. 1925 Doctor Biography
Sorhus, Olav N. Torgalson Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sorley, J. A. Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sorman, Clifford World War 1 Casualty
Sormany, Albert M. 1925 Doctor Biography
Sornberger, Samuel J. 1925 Doctor Biography
Sorrel, Frank William 1925 Doctor Biography
Sorrells, William Holman 1926 Biography
Sorrels, Heleon Y. World War 1 Casualty
Sortet, Arthur World War 1 Casualty
Sorum, Adolph M. World War 1 Casualty
Sosman, Merrill Clay 1925 Doctor Biography
Sostheim, Vernon Neely World War 1 Casualty
Sotendahl, Mons A. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Souba, Frederic Joseph 1925 Doctor Biography
Souder, C.L. Indiana Physicians 1900
Souder, Ralph Indiana Physicians 1900
Souders, Clyde E. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Souders, Otto R. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Soukup, Joseph A. Washington County, IA in WW1
Soule, Andrew MacNairn 1926 Biography
Soule, Elizabeth Helena 1914 Biography
Soule, Harris Wells 1926 Biography
Soule, Horace M. World War 1 Casualty
Soule, Ward S. A. E. Biography 1912
Soum, Steen World War 1 Casualty
Sound Alliance Gospel Record Album
Sourbeer, Roy Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Sours, Emery World War 1 Casualty
Sourwine, John D. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sousa, Alfred F. Original Business Card
Sousley, Edward Z. World War 1 Casualty
South Carolina All-State Bands Group Record Album
South Dade Senior High (no state given) Group Record Album
South, Furman, Jr. S. A. E. Biography 1912
South, Lillian H. 1925 Doctor Biography
Southard, Harry William Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Southard, Jefferson D. 1925 Doctor Biography
Southard, Lydia 1914 Biography
Southard, Walter Peabody Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Southard, William Wallace Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Southeastern Bible College Chorale Group Record Album
Souther, Benjamin Leslie Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Souther, Charles Thadeus 1925 Doctor Biography
Souther, John R. World War 1 Casualty
Southerland, Susan George 1914 Biography
Southern 1936 Florida Hotel Directory
Southern Echoes, The Gospel Record Album
Southern, Edward L. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Southern, Walter World War 1 Casualty
Southerners, The Gospel Record Album
Southgate, Louise 1914 Biography
Southgate, Louise 1925 Doctor Biography
Southlan Trio, The Gospel Record Album
Southland 1936 Florida Hotel Directory
Southland Harmony Quartet, The Gospel Record Album
Southwestern Assemblies of God College of Waxahachie Harvester Choir Group Record Album
Southwick, Archibald Alfred Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Southwick, Benjamin Gilbert 1926 Biography
Southwick, Elsie Whitmore 1914 Biography
Southwick, George Rinaldo 1925 Doctor Biography
Southworth, Alice Berry 1914 Biography
Southworth, Charles Tracy 1925 Doctor Biography
Southworth, Gertrude Van Duyn 1914 Biography
Southworth, Howard N. World War 1 Casualty
Southworth, Inez M. Southworth 1914 Biography
Southworth, Raymond G. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Southworth, Rufus 1925 Doctor Biography
Southworth, Thomas Shepard 1925 Doctor Biography
Sovak, Francis W. 1925 Doctor Biography
Sovde, Georg A. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sovde, Georg August Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sovde, Olaus Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sovde, Olaus O. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sovia, Thomas World War 1 Casualty
Sovik, Edward A. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sovik, Edward Anderson Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sovik, Erik A. Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sovik, Erik A. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sowden, Parken Thomas Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Sowder, C.R. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sowders, J. T., Mrs. Recipe
Sowell, Homer Clayton Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Sowers, Alva Boyd 1925 Doctor Biography
Sowers, Clarence R. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Sowers, Helen Gould Wilbur Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Sowers, J.H. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sowers, Patricia Craft Designer
Sowers, Patti Craft Designer
Sowle, Lawrence K. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Sowles, Horace Kennedy 1925 Doctor Biography
Spacek, Lawrence L., Mrs. Recipe
Spader, George Almond 1926 Biography
Spaeth, Ernest Philip 1926 Biography
Spaeth, John Nelson 1926 Biography
Spaeth, Marie 1943/44 Death Record
Spaethe, Robert A. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Spafford, Emily Hazard Dakin 1914 Biography
Spafford, Frank W. World War 1 Casualty
Spafford, Jessie L. 1914 Biography
Spahn, Walter Leo World War 1 Casualty
Spahr, Harry Miller Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spahr, Jean Gurney Fine 1914 Biography
Spahr, Richard Rockefeller 1925 Doctor Biography
Spain, Purvis Alexander 1925 Doctor Biography
Spain, Robert Turner Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spake, Laverne B. 1925 Doctor Biography
Spake, Lloyd Charles* Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spake, Louise Esther* Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spake, Mary Wright* Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spalding, Alfred Baker 1925 Doctor Biography
Spalding, Edith Rogers 1925 Doctor Biography
Spalding, Effie A. Southworth 1914 Biography
Spalding, Elizabeth Hill 1914 Biography
Spalding, Fred Maurice 1925 Doctor Biography
Spalding, Harry O. 1925 Doctor Biography
Spalding, James Alfred 1925 Doctor Biography
Spalding, Katherine Moody 1914 Biography
Spalding, Phebe Estelle 1914 Biography
Spande, Thomas J. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Spang, Charles M. Original Business Card
Spangenberger, Edward Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Spangler, Davis 1925 Doctor Biography
Spangler, George Ellis Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spangler, George F. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Spangler, Harold H. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Spangler, J. Kirk Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spangler, Lena M. Norton 1914 Biography
Spangler, William F. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Spanowski, Joseph Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spanton, William A. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Spanton, William T. 1926 Biography
Sparaco, Joseph World War 1 Casualty
Sparhawk, Frances Campbell 1914 Biography
Spark, M.W. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sparkes, Fannie J. 1914 Biography
Sparklin, C.C. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sparkman, Lamar B. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Sparkman, Stephen M., Jr. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Sparkman, William Buck 1925 Doctor Biography
Sparks, Edward Pearson 1925 Doctor Biography
Sparks, Edwin Erle 1926 Biography
Sparks, Emma E. 1926 Biography
Sparks, George Marvin Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Sparks, H. O. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Sparks, Ida 1943/44 Death Record
Sparks, J.F. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sparks, James Donald Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Sparks, James Frederick Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Sparks, James Ralph World War 1 Casualty
Sparks, John Featherston 1925 Doctor Biography
Sparks, John James 1925 Doctor Biography
Sparks, Reed C. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Sparks, Wm. A. 1942 Death Record
Sparling, Clare Frisby World War 1 Casualty
Sparling, Edna McKenzie 1914 Biography
Sparrow, Cecil John 1925 Doctor Biography
Spaulding, Alice Howard 1914 Biography
Spaulding, Benjamin F., Jr. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Spaulding, Carrie Lee 1926 Biography
Spaulding, David Chase Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spaulding, Elsie Myers 1914 Biography
Spaulding, Florence Helen Rees Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spaulding, Francesca di Maria 1914 Biography
Spaulding, George Hoyt Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spaulding, Jno. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spaulding, John World War 1 Casualty
Spaulding, K. C., Mrs. Recipe
Spaulding, L.A. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spaulding, Leila Clement 1914 Biography
Spaulding, Leonard T. World War 1 Casualty
Spaulding, Mary E. Trow 1914 Biography
Spaulding, Maxwell L. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Spaulding, Perley 1926 Biography
Spaulding, Thos. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spaulding, Wayne Faucett Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spawn, Myron Goodrich 1925 Doctor Biography
Spayer, Edward World War 1 Casualty
Speak, C. L., Mrs. Recipe
Speaker, Tris Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spear, Alton, Mrs. Recipe
Spear, Graham B. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Spear, Louis M. 1925 Doctor Biography
Spear, Rachel Cooper 1914 Biography
Spear, Robert Indiana Physicians 1900
Spear, Walter May 1925 Doctor Biography
Spear, Wesley John Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spear,G. Ernest, Mrs. Recipe
Spearman Family, The Gospel Record Album
Spearman, Frank Griger Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spearman, Frederick Scriver 1925 Doctor Biography
Spearman, Guy Fleming Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spearman, Matthew Whitfield Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spearman, Rufus Edmund Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spears, A.H. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spears, Elmer World War 1 Casualty
Spears, Francis Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spears, Howell Davis 1926 Biography
Spears, John Arnold Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spears, Lloyd K. World War 1 Casualty
Spears, Requa K. Recipe
Spears, Requa K., Mrs. Recipe
Spears, Robert Gerald Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spears, Thomas Alphonsus Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spears, William Thomas Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spease, Alice Kelly Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Specht, Kate 1942 Death Record
Specht, Max Henry Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Speck, John Rhodes Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Speck, Walter World War 1 Casualty
Speck, William Carlton Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Speechly, Harry Martindale 1925 Doctor Biography
Speed, Bessie Frances 1914 Biography
Speed, John Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Speed, Kellogg 1925 Doctor Biography
Speedy, W.S. Indiana Physicians 1900
Speelmon, Ray B. World War 1 Casualty
Speer Family Gospel Record Album
Speer, Clarence Elliott Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Speer, Clyde W. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Speer, James T. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Speer, Joseph Richard Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Speer, Stark Perry Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Speer, Theodora Armstrong 1914 Biography
Speer, William Alexander Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Speer, William H. 1925 Doctor Biography
Speer, Zedekiah Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Speerle, Michael World War 1 Casualty
Speers, The Gospel Record Album
Spees, B.N.E. Indiana Physicians 1900
Speicher, John Kenneth Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Speidel, Edward 1925 Doctor Biography
Speidel, Henry Fred World War 1 Casualty
Speidel, William Charles 1925 Doctor Biography
Speight, Jess Cicero Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Speights, John D., Mrs. Recipe
Speik, Frederick A. 1925 Doctor Biography
Speirs, George Omar 1925 Doctor Biography
Speirs, Sterling R., Mrs. Original Business Card
Speitel, H.B. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spelbring, B.F. Indiana Physicians 1900
Speller, Edward 1943/44 Death Record
Spellman, Charles B. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Spelman, Hazel Original Business Card
Spence, Clara Recipe
Spence, Claude Sullivan Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spence, Fannie 1914 Biography
Spence, John Martin Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spence, Robert Finley 1926 Biography
Spence, Thomas L., Jr. World War 1 Casualty
Spencer Home, The Florida Food & Lodging
Spencer, A.C. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spencer, Anna Garlin 1914 Biography
Spencer, Arthur Percival 1926 Biography
Spencer, Blake Washington County, IA in WW1
Spencer, Charles Edrone 1925 Doctor Biography
Spencer, Charles Francis 1925 Doctor Biography
Spencer, Clarence Ashley 1926 Biography
Spencer, Claude Joptha Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spencer, Damon Alvin 1926 Biography
Spencer, David VanBuren Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spencer, E.V. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spencer, Elizabeth C. 1914 Biography
Spencer, Elizabeth Dwight 1914 Biography
Spencer, Elizabeth V. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spencer, Ema 1914 Biography
Spencer, Emily M. Read 1914 Biography
Spencer, F. Mark Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spencer, Furman Gulick Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spencer, George McLean* Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spencer, Gertrude Armstrong 1914 Biography
Spencer, Gertrude Longworth 1914 Biography
Spencer, Grace Ione 1914 Biography
Spencer, Guilford Lawson Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spencer, Helen 1942 Death Record
Spencer, Herbert 1926 Biography
Spencer, Hugh Jackson Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spencer, Hugh Raymond 1925 Doctor Biography
Spencer, Hunter Boyd 1925 Doctor Biography
Spencer, Ira C. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Spencer, J.L. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spencer, Jacob John Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spencer, James Burns 1926 Biography
Spencer, John Campbell 1925 Doctor Biography
Spencer, Kenneth, Mrs. Recipe
Spencer, Lawrence L. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Spencer, Leroy A. World War 1 Casualty
Spencer, Lillian Graham 1914 Biography
Spencer, Louis World War 1 Casualty
Spencer, Louise S. 1943/44 Death Record
Spencer, Lyman Monroe Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spencer, M.J. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spencer, Margaret S. Henry 1914 Biography
Spencer, Mary Acheson 1914 Biography
Spencer, Mary Case 1914 Biography
Spencer, Mary R. 1914 Biography
Spencer, Matthew Lyle Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spencer, Robert Dorwin 1925 Doctor Biography
Spencer, W. H., Jr., Mrs Recipe
Spencer, Walter Linn Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spencer, William Paul Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spengler, Edith Brett Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spengler, John Arthur 1925 Doctor Biography
Spengler, Ralph Allen Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spengler, Warren D. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spenzer, Lorna Minerva Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Sperati, Carlo A. Norwegian Lutheran Pastor
Sperati, Carlo Alberto Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sperati, Carsten Emmanuel Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sperati, Karen Marie Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sperbeck, George World War 1 Casualty
Sperling, I. I. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Sperring, H. B. Original Business Card
Sperte's Laffite Colorado Food & Lodging
Spessard, Charles M. Washington County, IA in WW1
Spicely, Harry Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spicer, Everett M. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Spicer, J.W. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spicer, Mabel Alberta 1914 Biography
Spicer-Simson, Margaret 1914 Biography
Spickerman, H.R. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spickers, William 1925 Doctor Biography
Spidel, George Albert 1926 Biography
Spidel, Howard L. World War 1 Casualty
Spidell, Annabelle 1943/44 Death Record
Spiegel, George F. World War 1 Casualty
Spiegle, Winferd G. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spieldock, Henrietta 1942 Death Record
Spieler, Albert J. World War 1 Casualty
Spielman, George H. 1925 Doctor Biography
Spielman, Milton Hochman Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spiers, Earl C. World War 1 Casualty
Spiers, William Henry 1925 Doctor Biography
Spiers, William Henry Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spies, George World War 1 Casualty
Spieth, Isabella Kelley Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spieth, Lawrence Caleb Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spieth, William Strauss Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spiker, Augustus Clementine Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spilhaugh, Axel Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Spiller, William Gibson 1925 Doctor Biography
Spillman, Carl* Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spillman, Claude Omar 1926 Biography
Spillman, F.J. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spillman, William Jasper 1926 Biography
Spilman, F.J. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spilman, Harold Addison 1926 Biography
Spilman, Harold Augustus 1925 Doctor Biography
Spilman, Smith Augustus 1925 Doctor Biography
Spindel, Morris Original Business Card
Spindler, Ida A. 1943/44 Death Record
Spines, Jack H. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Spink, Mary A. 1914 Biography
Spink, Mary A. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spink, Mary Angela 1925 Doctor Biography
Spinks, James Munro Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spinks, Marcellus G. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Spinks, R. N. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spinner, George W. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Spinning, A.L. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spira, Henry Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spira, Philip Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spire, James H. World War 1 Casualty
Spirit Sound, The Gospel Record Album
Spiritual Aires, The Gospel Record Album
Spiro, Harry 1925 Doctor Biography
Spiro, Peter Highlights Magazine
Spisak, Frank World War 1 Casualty
Spitalny, Maurice J. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spitler, C.S. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spitler, Chas. E. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spitler, Harry L. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spittler, Alice 1942 Death Record
Spitz, Carl Original Business Card
Spitzenberger, Minnie Recipe
Spitzer, Edward L. 1925 Doctor Biography
Spitzer, George Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spitzer, Henry 1925 Doctor Biography
Spitzer, Nellie Tefft 1914 Biography
Spitzley, William Albert 1925 Doctor Biography
Spitzmesser, J.L. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spiva, David Jere Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spivak, Charles David 1925 Doctor Biography
Spivey, James Rudolph* Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spivey, John Carlton Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Splettstoszer, Fredinand A. World War 1 Casualty
Splint, Sarah Field 1914 Biography
Spoehrer, George A. 1943/44 Death Record
Spofford, Harriet Prescott 1914 Biography
Spohn, Adam World War 1 Casualty
Spohn, Daniel E. Washington County, IA in WW1
Spohn, G.W. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spohn, George Samuel Weida Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Spohn, Herman T. Washington County, IA in WW1
Spohr, Eliza 1943/44 Death Record
Sponheim, Marie Katherine (Mrs. C. Ruud) Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sponheim, Oscar Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sponland, Ingeborg Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Sponlander, Carl H. World War 1 Casualty
Spooner, D. S. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spooner, Florence Garrettson 1914 Biography
Spooner, George Washington Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spooner, Inez G. Davis 1914 Biography
Spooner, Jared Indiana Physicians 1900
Spooner, Lesley Hinckley 1925 Doctor Biography
Spoor, John S. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sporman, MacCrellans P. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spotswood, E.T. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spottiswoode, Sara 1914 Biography
Spradley, L.G. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spradley, N.M. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spradlin, Brutus Augustine 1926 Biography
Spradlin, Paul D., Mrs. Recipe
Spradling, Ethel Recipe
Spradling, George C. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Spragg, Frank Azor 1926 Biography
Spragge, Ellen E. 1914 Biography
Spragins, Hal S. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Sprague House Inn Florida Food & Lodging
Sprague, Anna M. 1943/44 Death Record
Sprague, Anne E. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Sprague, Charles Hamilton Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Sprague, Charlotte 1914 Biography
Sprague, Elizabeth Doan Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Sprague, Ella M. 1914 Biography
Sprague, Emory Russell 1925 Doctor Biography
Sprague, Ezra Kimball 1925 Doctor Biography
Sprague, George P. 1925 Doctor Biography
Sprague, Glenn C. World War 1 Casualty
Sprague, Harold Greene 1926 Biography
Sprague, Harriet Ford Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Sprague, John Perley 1925 Doctor Biography
Sprague, Mary A. 1914 Biography
Sprague, Percy Carl Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Sprague, Russell D. World War 1 Casualty
Sprague, Seth Billington 1925 Doctor Biography
Sprague, Wiley True 1925 Doctor Biography
Sprague-Smith, Isabella D. 1914 Biography
Spraker, Everett Beech 1926 Biography
Spratling, Leckinski Ware 1925 Doctor Biography
Sprau, William Christ Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Sprawls, Susie M. 1943/44 Death Record
Spray, George A. Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Spray, Lynn Whitcomb Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spray, Robb Spalding Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spray, Ruth Hinshaw 1914 Biography
Sprayberry, Alonzo Melvin Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Sprayberry, Maury A. Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spreen, E. W., Mrs. Recipe
Spreiter, W. E. 1926 Biography
Spreng, Dwight S. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Sprenkle, Clarence E. World War 1 Casualty
Sprenkle, Philip H. 1926 Biography
Sprewell, S. C., Mrs. Recipe
Spring Bayou Inn Florida Food & Lodging
Spring, Harry Edward Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spring, Henry S. A. E. Biography 1912
Spring, Herbert Arthur Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spring, Imogene Recipe
Spring, Ira Louis World War 1 Casualty
Spring, Marguerite Tafel Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spring, Robert Burr Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spring, Samuel N. 1926 Biography
Spring, Walter Lee Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Springer, Carlie McClure 1914 Biography
Springer, Charles 1926 Biography
Springer, Charles Allison Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Springer, Dallas World War 1 Casualty
Springer, Francis Norwegian Lutheran Teacher
Springer, Gertrude Lynch 1914 Biography
Springer, Matilda 1942 Death Record
Springer, Ralph G. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Springer, William O. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Springstead, A.E. Indiana Physicians 1900
Springstun, C.E. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sprinkle, Emil C. Indianapolis, IN Lodge 1929
Sprinkle, W. L., Mrs. Recipe
Sprinkle, W.B. Indiana Physicians 1900
Sproat, Raymond Forrest Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Sproat, Samuel McCoy 1925 Doctor Biography
Sprosty, Clarence A. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Sprout, Clarence David 1926 Biography
Sprowl, Frederic G. 1925 Doctor Biography
Sprowl, John Oliver Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Sprowl, John S. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spruhan, Fred Garrett Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Sprunt, Thomas Peck 1925 Doctor Biography
Spry, Walker World War 1 Casualty
Spuhler, Edwin Harrold Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spurgeon, A.N. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spurgeon, C.A. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spurgeon, Orville Elmer Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spurgeon, Samuel Josiah Purdue Alumni 1875-1923
Spurgeon, Wm. A. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spurlin, Paul Merrill Emory Alumni 1856-1925
Spurlock, Jack, Mrs. Recipe
Spurney, Albert F. 1925 Doctor Biography
Spurney, Albert F. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spurney, Anton Benjamin 1925 Doctor Biography
Spurney, Paul M. Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Spurr, Thurlow and the Spurrlows Gospel Record Album
Spurrier, John H. Indiana Physicians 1900
Spurrier, Stanley Who's Who in Wichita 1929
Spurrlows, The / Re'generation Gospel Record Album
Spurway, Charles Henry 1926 Biography
Sputh, Carl B. 1925 Doctor Biography
Square Rigger Inn Alabama Food & Lodging
Squibb, Edward Hamilton 1925 Doctor Biography
Squibb, Reginald G. World War 1 Casualty
Squier, E.A. Indiana Physicians 1900
Squier, Geo. E. Indiana Physicians 1900
Squier, John Bentley 1925 Doctor Biography
Squier, Rosie Gardner 1914 Biography
Squire, Andrew Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Squire, Carrie Ranson 1914 Biography
Squire, Edna Searle Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Squire, Edward G. Washington County, IA in WW1
Squire, Feargus Bowden Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Squire, Louisa Christina Braymer Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Squire, Reginald Rockefeller Cleveland, OH Biographies 1927
Squire, Walter E. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Squire, William Washington County, IA in WW1
Squire, Yale H. World War 1 Casualty
Squire-Potter, Frances 1914 Biography
Squires, J.W. Indiana Physicians 1900
Squires, James W. World War 1 Casualty
Squires, John Houston 1926 Biography
Squires, Lena 1942 Death Record
Squires, Mary Smyth 1914 Biography
Squires, Ralph E. S. A. E. Biography 1912
Squires, W.B. Indiana Physicians 1900