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American Military Causalities of World War 1
Names starting with  A, B & C

Pilgrimage for the Mothers and Widows of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines of the American Forces Now Interred in the Cemeteries of Europe published in 1930 by the GPO.

The scan to the right explains the effort by the U S government to send the widows and mothers of servicemen buried in Europe during WW1 on a pilgrimage to visit the grave in 1930.

The actual entries in the book show the name of the wife or mother, the name of the deceased, their rank, their unit, the cemetery name and if the woman wanted to make the pilgrimage.

We have indexed the book by the name of the deceased service person (some were women) not by the names of the mothers or widows, so some service people are listed 2 times, once for the mother and once for the widow. (The county name shown in the table below is for the mother or widow.)

At this time we only have about 80% of the book indexed, if you would like to be notified when we add the other names, send an email to bruce@itwasprinted.com and let me know.

Explanation of the pilgrimage program:

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Sample Entries from the book:

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A, B & C  Last Names - County & ST

Abbott, Henry G. - Chickasaw MS
Abbott, Leon Eugene - Essex MA
Abbuhel, Albert R. - Oneida NY
Abegg, Alfred - Cerro Gordo IA
Abercrombie, Charles H. - Pima AZ
Abrams, Glen R. - Bay MI
Abrey, Thomas - Wayne MI
Abt, Albert C. - Erie NY
Abt, Bernard L. - Kings NY
Acheson, William C. - Beaver PA
Adair, Elmer R. - Bernalillo NM
Adamkiewicz, Mat - Cook IL
Adams, Carl A. - Aitkin MN
Adams, Douglas - Fulton KY
Adams, Earl - Philadelphia PA
Adams, Earl L. - Columbiana OH
Adams, Frank P. - Cook IL
Adams, Harold H. - Delaware IA
Adams, John - Monroe OH
Adams, John R. - Camden NJ
Adams, Lloyd L. - Jackson MO
Adams, Lyle E. - Worcester MA
Adams, Samuel Tyler - Canyon ID
Adams, Solomon Henry - Jasper MO
Adams, Walter l. - Fayette PA
Adams, Ward Leslie - Henry OH
Adams, William T. - Greene MO
Adamson, Paul D. - Jackson MO
Adcox, Cyrus P. - Cumberland NC
Adiar, Luther - Sunflower MS
Adler, Adam A. - Adams NE
Admire, Roger C. - St. Louis City MO
Ahern, Arthur Edw. - Hennepin MN
Ahern, John R. - New York NY
Ahern, William Donald - Hartford CT
Ahl, Max Henry - Ramsey MN
Ahlquist, George - Richland MT
Aitken, Jerimiah B. - Dade FL
Aker, Levi F. - Putman IN
Akroyd, Herbert F. - Middlesex MA
Albert, Wilfred - Kennebec ME
Alberts, John A. - Philadelphia PA
Albright, Melvin B. - Allegany MD
Albus, George H. - Northampton PA
Alderman, Tommie P. - Leake MS
Aldrich, Edward Joseph - Worcester MA
Alexander, Gail H. - Montgomery PA
Alexander, Virgil V. - Richmond NC
Alexander, William L. - Columbia PA
Alfieri, Henry C. - Queens NY
Algar, Philip - Hillsborough NH
Allain, Frederick - Bristol MA
Allaire, Daniel P. - Monroe NY
Allan, Thomas - Jefferson AL
Allbright, Cecil E. - Onondaga NY
Allen, Alford N. - Taney MO
Allen, Arthur - White AR
Allen, Charles H. - Lebanon PA
Allen, Elmer L. - Perry OH
Allen, Fred L. - Los Angeles CA
Allen, Fred L. - Kay OK
Allen, George B. - Nelson KY
Allen, Henry G. - Emanuel GA
Allen, Horace E. - Hopkins KY
Allen, James F. - Curry OR
Allen, James L. - Calhoun AL
Allen, John - Garvin OK
Allen, Lawrence E - Los Angeles CA
Allen, Leroy A. - Cumberland ME
Allen, Lesster William - Los Angeles CA
Allen, Luther T. - Talladega AL
Allen, Roy - Boone AR
Allen, William G. - St. Clair IL
Allen, William H. - Phelps MO
Allison, Edgar B. - Baltimore MD
Allison, Walter D. - Orange NY
Allmond, Carl K. - Woodruff AR
Alsen, Carl H. - Suffolk MA
Alsheimer, Joseph J. - Oneida NY
Alsman, Lonnie - Boyle KY
Altimonto, Giddio - Herkimer NY
Alves, Andrew P. - Bristol MA
Alvey, Henry F. - Denver CO
Alvey, Thomas E. - Union KY
Alvord, Joseph Manuel - Orange NY
Alvord, Joseph O. - Jewell KS
Ambler, Melvin H. - Monroe OH
Amendola, Fioravanto - Essex NJ
Ames, James H. - Lincoln MS
Ames, Oliver, Jr. - Bristol MA
Amey, Earl B. - Warren NJ
Ammerman, John B. - Saginaw MI
Ammon, Oscar - Queens NY
Amos, John P. - Lucas OH
Amsbaugh, Henry E. - Lake MI
Amundson, Esther - Chippewa MN
Anable, Leo Benson - Greene NY
Anacker, David - Oneida NY
Andelstedt, Raymond D. - San Bernarding CA
Anderson John G. - San Joaquin CA
Anderson, Adolph R. - Clay MN
Anderson, Andrew - Kings NY
Anderson, Bert - Buncombe NC
Anderson, Carl M. - Sweet Grass MT
Anderson, Charles O. - Elkhart IN
Anderson, Edwin F. - Jefferson PA
Anderson, Edwin P. - Richmond NY
Anderson, Ernest H. - Deerlodge MT
Anderson, Fletcher D. - Walsh ND
Anderson, Frank E. - Mercer IL
Anderson, George M. - Marion IN
Anderson, Gus A. - Cook IL
Anderson, Hans A. - Pine MN
Anderson, Harold - New York NY
Anderson, Harold A. - Morgan OH
Anderson, Herbert - Adams IL
Anderson, James B. - San Joaquin CA
Anderson, John L. - Humboldt CA
Anderson, John L. - Santa Clara CA
Anderson, Lionel A. - Douglas KS
Anderson, Nels L. - Wilkin MN
Anderson, Oscar - Cook IL
Anderson, Oscar E. - Blue Earth MN
Anderson, Peter H. - Ward ND
Anderson, Robert L. - Philadelphia PA
Anderson, Seymour - Cuyahoga OH
Anderson, Will T. - White AR
Anderson, William F. - Trumbull OH
Anderson, William H. - Lee MS
Anderson, William M. - Yazoo MS
Anderson, Williard C. - Wasco OR
Andish, Mike - Luzerne PA
Andrade, Joseph F. - Santa Clara CA
Andre, William J. - Kings NY
Andreas, Rolland J. - Luzerne PA
Andrews, David J. - Montgomery OH
Andrews, Floyd H. - Worcester MA
Andrews, Harold R. - Montgomery KS
Andrews, Harry J. - Otsego NY
Andrews, Ivan Earl - Butler KS
Andrews, William E. - Muskegon MI
Andrus, Louis E. - Calcasieu LA
Andrzejewski, Vincent - Cook IL
Angel, Everett - Greene AR
Angeli, Henry - Crawford KS
Annis, Clarence E. - Griggs ND
Anslow, George - Suffolk MA
Anthony, Frank J. - Missoula MT
Antkowiak, Joseph A. - Schenectady NY
Antkowiak, Peter J. - Lorain OH
Anton, Victor - Silver MT
Antonelli, Emilio - Erie NY
Anzelone, Frank - Bronx NY
Apple, Alvis - Orange IN
Applegate, Richard - Los Angeles CA
Applen, Arthur C. - Fillmore MN
Appleton, Austin I. - Penobscot ME
Appling, Marvin C. - Madera CA
Aragon, Alonzo - Routt CO
Arbeiter, Theodore A. - Jackson IL
Archibald, Milton J. - Cuyahoga OH
Arends, Henry G. - Adams IL
Armitage, Wilfred T. - Plymouth MA
Armstrong, Eldon Leroy - Licking OH
Armstrong, Elmre H. - Delaware PA
Armstrong, John - Boyd KY
Armstrong, John W. - Montgomery PA
Armstrong, William G. - Woods OK
Arndt, Harry C. - Luzerne PA
Arness, Nels A. - Winneshiek IA
Arnett, John D. - Orleans NY
Arnholt, Floyd A. - Ashland OH
Arnold, Edward R. - Los Angeles CA
Arnold, Harry - Philadelphia PA
Arnone, John - Kings NY
Arps, Rudolph - Henry OH
Arrowood, James - Buncombe NC
Arsenault, Lucien L. - Oxford ME
Arsenault, Manual - Plymouth MA
Arteel, Henri J. - Wayne MI
Arthur, Joel T. - Morgan GA
Arthur, McKinley - Martin KY
Artrey, Alford - McCurtain OK
Arvig, Raymond O. - Hennepin MN
Ascher, Herman T. - Murray MN
Ash, Joseph - Essex MA
Ashe, Anthony D. - Hampden MA
Ashley, Lloyd E. - Allen KS
Ashpaugh, Lorin Lamoin - Wabash IN
Ashworth, Junius G. - Durham NC
Aspinall, Joe - Tuscarawaas OH
Atkins, Arthur K. - Norfolk MA
Atkins, Burtie - Boundary ID
Atkins, Lenzele - Greene MO
Atkinson, Clarence - Lake FL
Atkinson, Fenton D. - Tuscola MI
Atkinson, Robert B. - Baltimore MD
Atwell, Claude L. - Ionia MI
Atwood, George L. - Geauga OH
Aubin, Joseph C. - Windham CT
Aucoin, Horace - Evangeline LA
Augustine, Joseph - Westchester NY
Aukerman, Oliver F. - Center PA
Aulick, Howard - New York NY
Aumick, Albert R. - Seneca NY
Aunchman, Arthur F. - Essex NY
Aune, Fred E. - Yamhill OR
Aurelius, James H. - Essex MA
Aurndt, Harry L. (alias) - Cambria PA
Ausmer, Perry - Harrison MS
Austad, Gunder G. - Red Lake MN
Austin, Francis Reed - Suffolk MA
Austin, James M. - Erie PA
Austin, Layton - Poinsett AR
Austin, Leslie - Montcalm MI
Austin, Raymond B. - Delaware OH
Austin, William A. - Pontotoc MS
Austrian, Sleigman B. - Baltimore MD
Auten, Arthur - Genesee MI
Auth, William S. - Vermilion IL
Autry, Tom - Pulaski AR
Auwerter, Andrew Louis - Lancaster PA
Avery, Charles E. - Franklin IL
Avery, Edward - Haskell OK
Avery, Preston P. - Queens NY
Awbrey, Floyd - Garland AR
Axelson, Otto E. - Cloud KS
Axline, Ralph Cartan - Barber KS
Ayers, Ambrose R. - Custer OK
Ayers, George R. - Miami IN
Baar, John C. - McLean ND
Babcock, Carl - Wyandot OH
Babcock, Hazel E. - Gratiot MI
Babin, Bennett J. - Ascension LA
Baccus, John A. - Queens NY
Bach, Joseph - Swift MN
Bachman, Fred - New York NY
Bachman, George - Fairfield CT
Bachrach, David - Kings NY
Backwell, Joseph - Iowa IA
Bacon, Charles D. - Trumbull OH
Bacon, Willie J. - Grafton NH
Badger, Armond J. - Grafton NH
Bagg, Burton D. - Burlington NJ
Baggio, Michael - New York NY
Bailey, Albert S. - Grand Forks ND
Bailey, Andrew H. - Jefferson ID
Bailey, Earl R. - Clark IL
Bailey, Erwin M. - Hayes NE
Bailey, Harold E. - Suffolk MA
Bailey, Harold N - Fillmore MN
Bain, Charles F. - Worcester MA
Baines, Robert E. - Hudson NJ
Bair, Howard A. - Wayne OH
Baird, Guy Ralph - Cook IL
Baird, John J. - Orange NY
Baird, Joseph A. - Philadelphia PA
Baird, Melvin D. - Los Angeles CA
Baker, Alfred G - Los Angeles CA
Baker, Arthur E. - Essex MA
Baker, Carleton G. - Barnstable MA
Baker, Carlos - Massac IL
Baker, Claude A. - Wake NC
Baker, Emery L. - Cole MO
Baker, Harry - Franklin MA
Baker, Harry - Worcester MA
Baker, Horace R. - Hendricks IN
Baker, Howard F. - Lycoming PA
Baker, John A. - Woodbury IA
Baker, Joseph J. - Lucas OH
Baker, Ralph Marion - Pinellas FL
Baker, Raymond A. - Fremont CO
Baker, Robert H. - Clay MO
Baker, Thomas - Blair PA
Baker, Walter H. - Lucas OH
Baker, Walter L. - McKean PA
Baker, William F. - Moultrie IL
Baker, William R. - Barbour AL
Bakken, Ole P. - Lincoln MN
Bakker, Dick W. - Renville MN
Balcer, Anthony - Linn IA
Balcom, Willard A. - Bronx NY
Baldwin, Lester - Saratoga NY
Bales, John I. - Worth MO
Baliszewski, Frank J. - Ulster NY
Ball, Arthur - Orleans LA
Ball, Glenn J. - St. Louis MN
Ball, Robert E. - San Diego CA
Ballard, Walter D. - Dallas IA
Ballentine, Samuel L. - Philadelphia PA
Balling, Peter J. - Erie NY
Ballman, William John - Hamilton OH
Bamford, Robert - Hudson NJ
Bamrick, Vincent V. - Philadelphia PA
Bancroft, Robert W. - Tolland CT
Bane, William E. - Macon MO
Bangs, Louis S. - Suffolk MA
Bangs, Theodore Edward - Baltimore MD
Banigan, Joseph - Cook IL
Banks, Richard V. - Westchester NY
Banks, Will - Toombs GA
Banks, Will - Cook IL
Bannick, Frank J. - Ramsey MN
Banta, Loran D - Los Angeles CA
Banta, Loran D. - Kent MI
Baranowski, John P. - Alameda CA
Baranowski, Walter - Cook IL
Barber, Francis F. - Montgomery MD
Barber, Grant M. - Riverside CA
Barber, Mike - Fayette PA
Barclay, William R. - New Haven CT
Bard, Robert - Polk AR
Bardsley, William H. - Johnson IA
Bardsley, William H. - Cass ND
Bare, James A. - Wyandot OH
Bare, Mason S. - Los Angeles CA
Barham, Emmitt C. - Polk MO
Baribault, Leon A. - Hampden MA
Baris, Alexander D. - Kings NY
Barker, Louis F. - Allegheny PA
Barker, Willie - Carter KY
Barkley, Millard O. - Cotton OK
Barlow, William C. - Houston AL
Barlow, William C. - Calhoun GA
Barnard, Harley L. - Adair OK
Barnds, Leo - Stephenson IL
Barnes, Edwin N. - Erie PA
Barnes, Frank C. - Hennepin MN
Barnes, George H. - Jefferson KY
Barnes, Jesse H. - Marion IN
Barnes, John E. - Gentry MO
Barnes, John J. - Butts GA
Barnes, Lynn E. - Clare MI
Barnes, Shadie - Los Angeles CA
Barnett, Charles J. - Greene AR
Barnett, Henry P. - Mobile AL
Barnett, James Henry - Gage NE
Barnhardt, Edward - Erie NY
Barnhart, Joseph - Washington OH
Barnie, James M. - Suffolk MA
Barnie, James M. - Merrimack NH
Barr, Carl H. - Plymouth IA
Barr, George - Berrien MI
Barrett, James - New York NY
Barrett, John P. - Philadelphia PA
Barringer, Harold - Bergen NJ
Barron, John A. - Philadelphia PA
Barron, William A. - Monroe NY
Barry, Joseph Anthony - Nassau NY
Barshinger, Blaine B. - Perry PA
Bartelt, Ernest - Bremer IA
Barth, Herman W., Jr. - Dorchester MD
Bartleson, Sidney B. - Center PA
Barton, Floyd H. - Mahoning OH
Basel, Charles - Cook IL
Basil, Jefferson - Cuyahoga OH
Basile, Joseph - Santa Clara CA
Baskin, Reuben - Bolivar MS
Basom, Ransford B. - Ottawa MI
Bass, Louis - Sevier AR
Bassani, John Angelo - Essex MA
Bassett, Henry M. - Delaware NY
Bassett, Rexford O - Denver CO
Bastian, Fred F. - Suffolk MA
Bateman, Russell L. - Pinellas FL
Bateman, William - Delaware PA
Bates, Henry G. - Baker OR
Bates, Robert H. - Saunders NE
Bates, Thomas A. - Jackson OH
Bates, William J. - Christian IL
Battaline, Frank - Hartford CT
Battershall, Harry M. - Schenectady NY
Battles, Frank F. - Philadelphia PA
Batts, Kelly E. - Onslow NC
Baty, Sherman A. - Clinton IA
Bauder, Samuel C. - Delaware OH
Baueer, William H. - Orleans LA
Bauer, Christian J. - Jo Daviess IL
Bauer, Edwin H. - Erie NY
Bauer, John F. - Ulster NY
Bauer, Raymond J. - Berks PA
Bauer, Roy L. - Fulton GA
Bauer, William E. - Essex NJ
Baughman, Arthur B. - Jackson MO
Bauhof, William J. - Philadelphia PA
Bauley, Lafayette P. - Monroe MI
Baum, William T. - St. Louis City MO
Baxter, Christopher S. - Cuyahoga OH
Bayer, Frederick H. - New York NY
Bayless, Paul R. - Hancock OH
Baynard, John C. - Oakland MI
Bayne, Herbert - Butler AL
Bayne, Russell C. - Clinton IN
Baynes, Frederick H. - Erie NY
Beach, Alfred T. - San Miguel CO
Beach, Egbert W. - Alameda CA
Beach, Frank I. - Whiteside IL
Beach, Hobart G. - Floyd IN
Beal, Ernest E. - Deerlodge MT
Beale, Walter Blaine - DC
Beall, Cambridge G. - Ramsey MN
Beam, Guy Herman - Hayes NE
Beam, Samuel Tirrel - Tishomingo MS
Bean, Frank L. - Marin CA
Bean, Harry E. - Los Angeles CA
Bean, Stanley A. - Somerset ME
Beard, Raymond L. - Dauphin PA
Beasley, Thomas R. - Tattnall GA
Beaton, Harold - Worcester MA
Beattie, Arthur J. - Huron OH
Beatty, Harry Pond - Fayette IA
Beauclerk, Sydney W. - Merrimack NH
Beaumont, Edward - Washington NY
Beausoleil, Albert J. - Essex MA
Beauton, Joseph E. - New Haven CT
Beauvais, Walton Uleric - Ulster NY
Beaver, Robert R. - Queens NY
Beavers, Albert Alexander - Cobb GA
Bebout, James D. - Allegheny PA
Beck, Chas. W. - Jennings IN
Beck, Emil G. - Wells ND
Beck, James H. - Hillsborough NH
Beck, Jeremiah - Wayne MI
Becker, Clarence H. - Wyandotte KS
Becker, Frederick - Orleans LA
Becker, Henry J. - Erie PA
Becker, Herman F. - Erie PA
Becker, Martin - Suffolk NY
Becker, Victor E. - Bucks PA
Beckham, Willard W. - Kiowa OK
Bedard, Gilbert - Hillsborough NH
Beddow, Abe - Morris NJ
Bedenbaugh, Amon L. - Columbia FL
Bedford, Arthur - Carter OK
Bedford, Oscar - Erie NY
Bednarkswicz, Leo - Perry IL
Bedwell, Everett - Sullivan IN
Beechley, Arthur G. - Genesee MI
Beegle, Henry B. - Monmouth NJ
Beeson, Harry C. - Wallowa OR
Beeson, Woodman R. - New Castle DE
Beggs, Chester A. - Denver CO
Begley, Clyde E. - Vernon MO
Begosh, Joseph F. - Luzerne PA
Behm, Henry J. - Essex NJ
Behrens, William B. - Kings NY
Beighley, Victor R. - Beaver PA
Beistline, Elwood I. - Cumberland PA
Belain, George H. - Dukes MA
Belcher, richard J. - Kings NY
Belculfine, Alessandra - Beaver PA
Belden, Samuel A. - Multnomah OR
Belew, Oakley F. - Grant KY
Belk, Charles - San Diego CA
Belk, Charles - Allegheny PA
Belknap, Clanie C. - Dallas MO
Bell, Albert Daniel - Adams PA
Bell, Clarence L. - Baltimore MD
Bell, Ernest M. - Lafayette MO
Bell, George - La Salle IL
Bell, Irus A. - Washington OR
Bell, John I. - Juniata PA
Bell, Max - Suffolk MA
Bell, Paul - Shawnee KS
Bell, Raymond E. - Jefferson OH
Bell, Spencer M. - San Diego CA
Bell, Virgil T. - Cherokee GA
Bell, William F. - Cortland NY
Belland, John H. - Ramsey MN
Belleveau, Alfred J. - Middlesex MA
Bellows, Franklin B. - San Diego CA
Bellows, William H. - Placer CA
Belton, Edgar B. - Casey KY
Benapfl, Roscoe G - Los Angeles CA
Bender, Francis A. - Blair PA
Bender, Jerome C. - Juniata PA
Bender, Roy - Allegheny PA
Benedetto, Peter Paul - Kings NY
Bengston, Yngve Alff - Adams IL
Beniot, Ernest J. - Bristol MA
Benjamin, Mortimer - Queens NY
Benjamin, William T. - Johnson MO
Benner, William B. - Middlesex MA
Bennett, Ellwood A. - Bucks PA
Bennett, Ernest V. - Lycoming PA
Bennett, Herbert W. - Middlesex MA
Bennett, Irvan A. - Sandusky OH
Bennett, John H. - Blair PA
Bennett, Lercy - Dade FL
Bennett, Morris W. - Baltimore MD
Bennett, Vernon R. - Sedwick KS
Bennett, William - Wayne MI
Bennett, William C. - Avery NC
Benson, Leo A - Denver CO
Benson, Harry J. - Kings NY
Bentley, Anthony J. - Cuyahoga OH
Bentley, Richard E. - Chemung NY
Bentz, Edward Francis - Baltimore MD
Berfield, Dee N. - Clearfield PA
Berg, Wm. E. - St. Louis MN
Berghoefer, Arthur A. - Monroe MI
Bergin, Phillip E. - Hartford CT
Bergonzi, Albert W. - New York NY
Bergquist, Emil R - Hennepin MN
Bergstrom, Frank H. - Monona IA
Bergtoll, Louis - Valley MT
Bergvist, Set H. - Kings NY
Berkey, Edwin R - Los Angeles CA
Berley, Joseph W. - Bronx NY
Berley, Joseph W. - New York NY
Bernardi, Joseph - Allegheny PA
Bernert, Joseph - Custer NE
Bernik, John - Geauga OH
Berrue, Harold - Ocean NJ
Berry, Allen B. - Cuyahoga OH
Berry, Clarence L. - Barnstable MA
Berry, Earl Noble - Pima AZ
Berry, Robert M. - Franklin AL
Bertelson, Peter - Hennepin MN
Bertholf, Marion J. - Idaho ID
Bertram, Phillip M. - Luzerne PA
Bertsch, John L. - San Francisco CA
Bess, Robert - St. Clair MI
Besse, Ross C. - McKean PA
Best, Isaac - Edgecombe NC
Best, Thomas E. - Butler OH
Bettis, Lonnie - Mobile AL
Beuttner, Edward J. - Cambria PA
Bevier, James J. - Contra Costa CA
Bevis, Glenn L. - Miami KS
Bex, Curtis - Lawrence IN
Beyer, Raymond - Greene MO
Beyers, Bernard - Christian IL
Biba, Anton - Cook IL
Bibb, Thomas W. - Lincoln MO
Bible, Earl H. - Bingham ID
Bickhart, Harry J. - Northumberland PA
Bielak, Kazimierz - Lucas OH
Bigelow, Avery D. - Oakland MI
Bigelow, Gordon - Orange CA
Bigelow, Gordon - Stanislaus CA
Bigley, Joseph - Windham CT
Bigley, Walters Stanley - Allegheny PA
Bignell, David - Bronx NY
Billets, Peter - Lackawanna PA
Billings, Ernest O - San Francisco CA
Billings, Ernest O - Yolo CA
Billings, Henry W. - Worcester MA
Billott, Leonard W. - Platte MO
Bills, Anthony C. - Clearfield PA
Binckley, Herbert J. - Lake IL
Bingamon, Alfred I. - McLean IL
Bird, Archie A. - Winnebago IL
Bird, Carl E. - Allegany NY
Bird, John H. - Garfield CO
Bires, Joseph - Broome NY
Birkland, Walter B. - Cook IL
Bisbee, Earl Brunson - Los Angeles CA
Bisbee, Ernest - Erie PA
Biscoe, William J. - St. Marys MD
Bishop, Benjamin F. - Leake MS
Bishop, Chester M. - Monroe IA
Bishop, Grant U. - Berrien MI
Bishop, Philogene - Cameron LA
Bishop, Roy - Peoria IL
Bishop, William E. - Polk IA
Bising, Albert G. - New York NY
Bissett, Wiley C. - Wilson NC
Bittinger, Howard P - Los Angeles CA
Bitz, George S. - Lucas OH
Bitzer, Edward H. - Muscatine IA
Black, Ralph C - San Francisco CA
Black, Simon F. - Waldo ME
Black, Walter A. - Schuyler IL
Blackburn, David E. - Saline MO
Blackburn, Floyd L. - Hennepin MN
Blackburn, John - Caribou ID
Blackburn, William Prenn - Mechlenburg NC
Blackledge, Walter M. - Fergus MT
Blackston, John F. - Talbot MD
Blackton, William H., Jr. - Erie PA
Blackwell, Carl - Granville NC
Blackwood, Rex E. - Washington ME
Blaine, Edmund - Onondaga NY
Blair, Bob I. - Multnomah OR
Blair, Elmer - Vermillion IN
Blair, Howard - Jackson MI
Blair, Robert - Nelson KY
Blair, William C. - Golden Valley ND
Blake, Guy M. - Muscatine IA
Blake, Harry - Coos OR
Blake, John R. - Newton GA
Blake, Wilbur L. - New York NY
Blakely, Herbert E. - Jefferson KY
Blakely, Victor K.D. - Shawnee KS
Blakeslee, Frank J. - Jefferson CO
Blamick, Joseph J. - Allegheny PA
Blancette, Adolph - Bristol MA
Blanchard, Jean B. - Bristol MA
Blanchard, Joseph M. - Pointe Coupee LA
Blanchette, Oscar - Middlesex MA
Blandford, Robert - Jefferson KY
Blaney, Robert - Clinton NY
Blaney, Robert M. - Cuyahoga OH
Blankenship, Bert M. - Los Angeles CA
Blanks, Siner B - San Francisco CA
Blanton, Jesse James - Cleveland OK
Blasyk, John - Cook IL
Blaszloewocz, Leo - Erie NY
Blee, Robert C - Los Angeles CA
Blenkinsop, Marcus W. - Cook IL
Blevins, Basil B. - Cherokee IA
Blewer, George W. - Onondaga NY
Blinder, Alex - Cook IL
Bliss, John Martin - Beltrami MN
Bliss, William P. - Kings CA
Block, Albert - Los Angeles CA
Block, Maxx R. - Cook IL
Blondeel, Kamiel - Wayne MI
Bloom, Edward - Richmond NY
Blosser, Carl F. - Williams OH
Blum, Herman R. - Clark MO
Boardman, Guy W. - Stanislaus CA
Boatright, Bishop - Jefferson GA
Bobick, Michael - Trumbull OH
Boblitt, Charles R. - Nelson KY
Bock, Abraham L. - Sangamon IL
Bockman, Harry S. - Cook IL
Bodah, Albert - Hampden MA
Boehm, William J. - Belmont OH
Boera, Edward N. - New York NY
Boers, Herbert C. - Kings NY
Boesenecker, Adolph J. - Saginaw MI
Boetger, Wm. J. - Erie PA
Boettcher, William A. - Phillips MT
Bogan, Charles J. - New York NY
Bogart, Raymond - Rockland NY
Boggs, Edwin W. - Butte CA
Boggs, Javan - Sequoyah OK
Boggs, Lauron - Saline MO
Bohan, Joseph L. - Chatham GA
Bohls, John F. - Scott MN
Bohnert, William J. - Somerset NJ
Boisvert, Albert J. - Windham CT
Boitnott, Eura - Mississippi MO
Bolden, Charley B. - De Kalb AL
Bolding, Paul Elbert - Hall GA
Bolen, Dorsie J. - Franklin IL
Bolin, David R. - Tulare CA
Bollatto, Richard - Grundy IL
Boller, Vernon W. - Los Angeles CA
Bolles, Cecil K. - Los Angeles CA
Bollman, Charles E. - Saline MO
Bolsar, Joseph J. - Lackawanna PA
Bolster, Thomas Levering - Chester PA
Bolte, Frank H. - McHenry ND
Bolton, Bryam B. - Ocean NJ
Bolton, thomas H. - Monroe NY
Bolton, William R. - Hartford CT
Bombard, Leander A. - Franklin NY
Bomford, George Newman - Montgomery OH
Bonczar, Michael - Erie NY
Bond, Gilbert - Hamilton IL
Bond, Leon - Claiborne LA
Bond, Lynn - Chowan NC
Bond, Pearly J. - Noble OH
Bond, Thomas M. - Claiborne LA
Bond, Ulic S. - Kings NY
Bondelino, Jacino - Kings NY
Boner, Hency R. - Orleans LA
Bonnell, Edward C. - Atlantic NJ
Bonner, Arthur Lee - New York NY
Bonner, Frank W. - Suffolk NY
Bonner, Sam - Dawson GA
Bonner, Theodore P., Jr. - Catawaba NC
Bonnett, David E. - Sullivan MO
Bonney, Raymond C. - Northampton PA
Bonslagel, Robert Roscoe - Hinds MS
Boomgarden Kelly - Rock MN
Booth, Fred E. - San Francisco CA
Booth, James F. - Jasper IA
Borak, Charles - Scott MN
Borak, Moe - Kings NY
Borders, James - Washington IL
Bordwell, John H. - Linn IA
Borgen, Andrew F. - Waseca MN
Boriskin, Jos. H. - Kings NY
Borland, Robert M - Aroostook ME
Bortkiewicz, Anthony - Allegheny PA
Bortle, Oscar R. - San Francisco CA
Bortle, Oscar R. - Hennepin MN
Bosseck, Lorane - Wilson KS
Bostick, Lenton - Montgomery AL
Bostick, Roy Ezra - Wexford MI
Boswell, Elza A. - Jefferson KY
Boswell, Hillard - Morgan GA
Bothun, Andrew O. - Renville ND
Bottolfson, Bernhaardt - Polk IA
Botvinik, Hillel - Bronx NY
Bouchet, Paul - Litchfield CT
Bouderaux, Henry - Assumption LA
Boudreaux, Thomas - Lafayette LA
Bougher, George A. - El Paso CO
Boughton, Leroy H. - Los Angeles CA
Bouley, Eli - Hillsborough NH
Bourassa, Emil M. - Coos NH
Bourgault, Paul - Essex MA
Bourget, George A. - Worcester MA
Boutin, Willard J. - Plymouth MA
Bouton, Arthur E. - Tompkins NY
Bowden, Ralph - Penobscot ME
Bower, William - Franklin NE
Bowers, Nelson R. - Berks PA
Bowes, Vincent M. - Onondaga NY
Bowie, Benjamin - Los Angeles CA
Bowker, Walter H. - Middlesex MA
Bowland, Edward P. - Will IL
Bowlby, George Marcus - Clinton MI
Bowles, Whitney - Morris NJ
Bowlin, John L., Jr. - Riverside CA
Bowman, Alex J. - Alameda CA
Boyce, Rector Guy - Pulaski MO
Boyce, Samuel H. - Jefferson MO
Boyd, Arvel R - Los Angeles CA
Boyd, Carl - Bartow GA
Boyd, Edgar M. - Lane OR
Boyd, Howard Robert - Summit OH
Boyd, John W. - Oklahoma OK
Boyd, Joseph A. - Pittsburg OK
Boyd, William H. - Allegheny PA
Boyer, Clive A. - Callaway MO
Boyer, Lowell - Miami OH
Boyles, Arthur L. - Rice KS
Boyne, William - Kings NY
Boyson, John O. - Camden NJ
Bracco, John - Hudson NJ
Brack, Orvil - Vanderburg IN
Bradbury, Eben, Jr. - Stanislaus CA
Bradenber, Theodore - St. Joseph IN
Brader, George A. - Luzerne PA
Bradford, William - Beaver PA
Bradforth, Albert - Orange NY
Bradley, Eric R. - Multnomah OR
Bradley, Frank S. - Santa Cruz CA
Bradley, Fred T. - Knox MO
Bradley, Harold W. - Middlesex MA
Bradley, Jesse - Johnson IN
Bradshaw, Harvey W. - Napa CA
Bradshaw, John - New York NY
Bradshaw, Vinton C. - Ida IA
Brady, Alexander M. - New York NY
Brady, William - Columbus NC
Braman, Peter D. - Monroe NY
Branch, Arthur M. - Lincoln MO
Branch, Ralph A. - Sumner KS
Brandow, George A. - Huron MI
Brandt, Arthur F. - Allamakee IA
Brandt, Chester F. - Mercer NJ
Brandt, Henry A. - Lucas OH
Brandt, Walter W. - Cook IL
Brannon, Frederick - Allegheny PA
Branson, Levi C. - Guilford NC
Brantley, Hobson - Fulton GA
Brasher, Lawrence A. - Hamilton OH
Brass, Robert - Hudson NJ
Brassel, John R. - Cook IL
Brassel, John R. - Cook IL
Brassy, Dominick - Bronx NY
Bratcher, Oscar T. - White AR
Bratton, Hubert H. - Texas OK
Braunschweiger, Henry A. - Baltimore MD
Braverman, Paul - San Francisco CA
Braverman, Paul - Cuyahoga OH
Bray, Wm. Kenneth - Erie NY
Brazaitys, Anthony S. - Queens NY
Brazil, Robert Emmett - Jefferson KY
Brechbill, Elmer H. - Frankllin PA
Breck, Samuel P. - Westchester NY
Bredell, Bernard S. - Clay MN
Breeding, Jay E. - Bonneville ID
Breen, Kryn - Kent MI
Breese, John H. - Kings NY
Bregen, Michael - Hamilton OH
Brehl, John A. - Franklin OH
Bremmer, William - Hudson NJ
Brenan, Mitchel - Hartford CT
Brennan, Edw. C. - Kings NY
Brennan, James F. - St. Louis City MO
Brennan, Thomas J. - Litchfield CT
Brenner, Charles - Bronx NY
Brenner, George E. - Onondaga NY
Bresett, Clinton - Wayne MI
Breskin, Jack - Bronx NY
Brewer, Elmer - Alcorn MS
Brewer, Ezra Edwin - Saline AR
Brewer, Frank J. - Forsyth NC
Brewer, James W. - Garfield NE
Brewer, John H. - Sedwick KS
Brewster, Claud J. - Sullivan NH
Brewster, Harvey C. - Nassau NY
Breymaier, William F. - Mercer OH
Brice, John L. - Bienville LA
Brickhouse, James M. - Granville NC
Bridel, William D. - Otter Tail MN
Bridge, William - Hillsborough FL
Bridges, Leonard C. - Scott KY
Briegel, Albert H. - Stark OH
Brier, Chauncey L. - Wayne MI
Brieschke, Frank H. - Lenawee MI
Briggs, Charles F. - Suffolk MA
Briggs, Harry S. - Montgomery PA
Briggs, Lewis A. - Lake OH
Briggs, Ralph S. - Plymouth MA
Bright, Alexander M. - Huntington IN
Brightbill, James W. - Dauphin PA
Brill, Clifford William Charles - Hamilton OH
Brimley, William E. - Shiawassee MI
Brindza, Alexander August - Allegheny PA
Briscoe, Herbert - New Castle DE
Brison, George - Christian KY
Britton, Herman J. - Broome NY
Broadbent, Whitters L. - Lawrence PA
Brobst, Audison H. - Madison IN
Brock, Clarence J. - St. Louis City MO
Brock, John K - Los Angeles CA
Brock, Robert M. - Fulton GA
Brockbank, John C. - Middlesex MA
Brockman, Bertram B. - Cuyahoga OH
Broden, Axel G. - Worcester MA
Broderick, John J. - Hudson NJ
Brodsky, Philip - Kings NY
Broemmer, August R. - Adams IL
Brogden, Joseph D. - Shawnee KS
Brogley, Howard A. - Berks PA
Bromberg, Charles E. - Montgomery MD
Bronnenberg, Earl - Ripley IN
Bronninger, Leslie E. - Los Angeles CA
Brook, Abraham - New York NY
Brooks, Benjamin F. - Caswell NC
Brooks, Charles - Cheboygan MI
Brooks, Chester A. - Ashe NC
Brooks, Henry N. - Cook IL
Brooks, James W. - Monroe NY
Brooks, Jessie S. - Orleans NY
Brooks, John Thomas - Columbia PA
Brooks, Leo A. - St. Louis MN
Brooks, Myron J. - Allamakee IA
Brooks, Norman E. - Randolph IL
Brooks, Russell Roy - Los Angeles CA
Brooks, Russell Roy - Du Page IL
Brooks, William H., Jr. - Lowndes MS
Broomfield, Hugh - Los Angeles CA
Brophy, Henry E. - Middlesex MA
Brophy, William J. - Passaic NJ
Brosius, Lloyd - Jasper MO
Brosniham, John F. - Worcester MA
Bross, James H. - Los Angeles CA
Brotherton, Ernest E. - Logan OH
Brotherton, Ernest E. - Allegheny PA
Broughton, Henry W., Jr. - Suffolk MA
Broughton, Merl L - Los Angeles CA
Brouillette, John W. - Cloud KS
Brounshidle, Milton J. - Erie NY
Broussard, John C. - Calcasieu LA
Brown, A. Harry - Worcester MA
Brown, Aden - Wayne NY
Brown, Arthur - Hancock OH
Brown, Arthur B. - Washington ME
Brown, Arthur C. - New York NY
Brown, Arthur S. - Lake IN
Brown, Aurick - Presque Isle MI
Brown, Basil Wylie - McDonald MO
Brown, Bernard A. - Todd MN
Brown, Charles A. - Jasper MO
Brown, Charles E. - Sevier AR
Brown, Charles S. - Summit OH
Brown, Edmond F. - Nassau NY
Brown, Feodor M. - Orange FL
Brown, Floyd W. - New York NY
Brown, Francis J. - Hunterdon NJ
Brown, Fred N. - Essex MA
Brown, Frederick H., Jr. - Talbot MD
Brown, Garnett W. - Schenectady NY
Brown, George L. - Johnson AR
Brown, Girtie - Clay AR
Brown, Glen L. - Iroquois IL
Brown, Gordon M. - Lancaster NE
Brown, Harry - Delaware PA
Brown, Harry L. - Hudson NJ
Brown, Henry J. - Wayne MI
Brown, Howard E. - Lancaster NE
Brown, James Albert - Wyandotte KS
Brown, Joe - Sabine LA
Brown, John - Bronx NY
Brown, John H. - Elk PA
Brown, Jonie - Breckinridge KY
Brown, Joseph Henry - Little River AR
Brown, Kenneth H. - Alameda CA
Brown, Lee I. - Hamilton KS
Brown, Lenard - Sumter AL
Brown, Lewis A. - Perry MO
Brown, Louis C. - Caddo LA
Brown, Oliver Lorenzo - New Castle DE
Brown, Paul R. - Jackson KS
Brown, Paul S. - Indiana PA
Brown, Percy C. - Oakland MI
Brown, Peter P - Plymouth MA
Brown, Pressly Robinson - Burke NC
Brown, Pressly Robinson - Mechlenburg NC
Brown, Ralph - Knox NE
Brown, Roy - Cuyahoga OH
Brown, Roy M. - Ontonagon MI
Brown, Saford M., Jr. - Jackson MO
Brown, Stafford L. - Middlesex MA
Brown, Walter E. - Worcester MA
Brown, Walter T. - Madison IN
Brown, Watson - Hillsborough FL
Brown, Watson - Jefferson FL
Brown, Wilbert G. - Delta MI
Brown, Willie - Jefferson OK
Browning, Lewis A. - Benton AR
Brownrigg, Willie - St. Louis City MO
Broxon, Donald R. - Los Angeles CA
Broxup, John - Erie NY
Bruce, Alexander B. - Essex MA
Bruce, James F. - Suffolk MA
Bruck, Arthur - Cook IL
Brueggeman, Herman F. - Rooks KS
Bruker, Francis Holbart - San Francisco CA
Brummett, Fred C. - Jefferson KY
Brunell, Alba F. - Sullivan NH
Brunson, Joseph F. - Mobile AL
Brunt, John J. - Middlesex MA
Brusgard, Harold C. - Lewis and Clark MT
Brush, Isaak Walton - Westchester NY
Brust, Warren H. - Cook IL
Bruttel, Louis J. - Bergen NJ
Bryan, Guy - Indiana PA
Bryan, Joseph F. - Pushmataha OK
Bryant, Curtis - Lawrence OH
Bryant, Early - Caldwell NC
Bryant, George E. - Nassau NY
Bryant, Irvin - Wayne NC
Brymer, Eearney - Wayne MI
Bryson, Raymond G. - Middlesex MA
Brzozowski, Jacob - Wayne MI
Buchanan, Chester W. - Delaware PA
Buchanan, Ronald J. - New Castle DE
Buchanan, Willis F. - Crawford KS
Buchmann, Frederick W. - Atlantic NJ
Buck, Frederick - Kings NY
Buck, George W. - Northumberland PA
Buck, John Roy - Saline MO
Buck, Paul T. - Dutchess NY
Buck, Stanley L. - Franklin ME
Buckbee, Walter H. - Washington ID
Buckland, roy - Los Angeles CA
Buckles, George C. - Hardin KY
Buckley, Edward R. - Benton MO
Buckley, John H. - Boulder CO
Buckner, William - Marion IN
Budko, Fred - Alameda CA
Budlong, George W. - Chippewa MI
Bue, Peter - Wallowa OR
Buente, Bernard L. - New York NY
Buess, Ed - Bergen NJ
Buffton, John - Lackawanna PA
Bugala, Stanley F. - Cook IL
Buggs, Charlie - Blount AL
Bugmann, Daniel W. - Erie NY
Buikema, Henry - Passaic NJ
Bukoski, Frank - Worcester MA
Bull, John - Litchfield CT
Bullock, Henry - Nash NC
Bumpus, Jos. J. - Halifax NC
Bunce, James B. - Nassau NY
Bunch, Lee H. - Johnson AR
Bunch, William T. - Wilkinson MS
Bunting, James S. - Atlantic NJ
Bunton, Allen - Crawford MO
Burch, Ralph W. - Love OK
Burch, Waldo - Love OK
Burckmeyer, Clarence, Jr. - Suffolk MA
Burdell, Abraham - Coffee GA
Burden, Mila C. - Allen OH
Burdick, Earl - Allegan MI
Burelback, Nicholas J. - Otter Tail MN
Burger, Curvin A. - Warren NJ
Burger, John - Queens NY
Burgess, Leon F. - Norfolk MA
Burgess, William A. - Bergen NJ
Burk, John C. - Pettis MO
Burke, Chester Arthur - Fairfield CT
Burke, Clarence F. - Hudson NJ
Burke, Frank - Jenkins GA
Burke, Harry C. - Frederick MD
Burke, John - Hamilton OH
Burke, John T. - Cuyahoga OH
Burke, Leonce C. - Penobscot ME
Burke, Lester J. - Cook IL
Burke, Walter E. - Frontier NE
Burkett, Alexander - Luzerne PA
Burkitt, Orville G. - VanBuren MI
Burks, Delbert - Bonneville ID
Burky, Raymond C. - Delaware PA
Burlilla, Jerry M. - Greene OH
Burling, George B., Jr. - Queens NY
Burnett, Usry - Jefferson AL
Burnett, Willie - Crawford AR
Burnham, Arthur R. - Hillsborough NH
Burns, Arthur W. - Norfolk MA
Burns, Edward J. - New Madrid MO
Burns, James J. - Erie NY
Burns, James S. D. - New York NY
Burns, Jesse O. - Edgar IL
Burns, Kenneth K. - Hidalgo NM
Burns, Lawrence J. - Suffolk MA
Burns, Noah M. - Cassia ID
Burns, Richard W. - Miller AR
Burns, Thomas M. - Le Sueur MN
Burns, William - Cortland NY
Burns, William J. - Los Angeles CA
Burr, John J. - Lincoln CO
Burrage, Percy F. - Essex NJ
Burrill, George F. - Essex MA
Burriss, Millard R. - Jefferson OH
Burrough, Columbus - Hale AL
Burroughs, Harry A. - Hartford CT
Burrows, Daniel S. - Orange NY
Burrows, John H. - Queens NY
Burrows, Melvin - Winneshiek IA
Burruel, Ramon - Pima AZ
Burt, Floyd F. - St. Louis City MO
Burud, Charley B. - Clay MN
Burwell, James A. - Muskegon MI
Busby, Odar A. - Grady OK
Busch, Chris - Napa CA
Bush, Alden - Los Angeles CA
Bush, Amos - Butler AL
Bush, Harry - Lackawanna PA
Bush, William Renown - Tompkins NY
Buskrud, Hjalmar - Grant MN
Busse, Joseph N. - Norman MN
Busse, Joseph N. - Washington MN
Bussy, John T. - Atoka OK
Buszka, Frank - Erie NY
Butcher, George S. - Essex NJ
Buth, Harry O. - Clay MN
Butler, Guy P. - Rock Island IL
Butler, Henry B. - Jones MS
Butler, John J. - New Haven CT
Butler, John L. - Guernsey OH
Butler, John R. - Sabine LA
Butler, Michael G. - St. Clair IL
Butler, Paul T. - Orange FL
Butler, Richard - New Haven CT
Butler, Thomas A. - Duval FL
Butler, Virnel - Morris NJ
Butts, Fred - Muskegon MI
Butzerin, Roy S. - Los Angeles CA
Bye, Arthur H. - Mahoning OH
Byerly, Elmer M. - Jefferson KY
Byington, Russell P. - Westchester NY
Byrne, Charles Leo - Wayne MI
Byrne, Hugh A. - Hudson NJ
Byrne, Joseph P. - Queens NY
Byrne, Walter L. - Webster IA
Caarpenter, William H. - Grant OK
Cadwell, Clifford H. - New York NY
Cady, Melville W. - Saratoga NY
Caffrey, Raymond P. - Lackawanna PA
Cahoe, Russell - Nelson KY
Cail, John - Mahoning OH
Cain, Henry Earl - Custer NE
Cain, Olna Young - Macoupin IL
Caine, John S. - Duval FL
Cairns, John J. - Queens NY
Cairola, Raymond J. - Bergen NJ
Caldwell, Ellis - Cape Girardeau MO
Calkins, Arthur L. - Genesee NY
Call, Ernest J. - Hillsborough NH
Call, George - Jasper MO
Callahan, Daniel J. - Kings NY
Callahan, Earl T. - Cook IL
Callahan, George C. - Monroe NY
Callahan, John, Jr. - Clinton MO
Callahan, Leslie D. - Suffolk MA
Calrlson, Frank S> - De Kalb IL
Calvert, Harry L. - Los Angeles CA
Calvert, Joseph N. - Mason KY
Cambell, True - Walton FL
Cameron, Vernon G. - New Haven CT
Cameron, Wilbur Y. - Northampton PA
Camors, Arnold W. - Orleans LA
Camp, Ambus - Barrow GA
Camp, Henry C. - Sonoma CA
Camp, Jesse B. - Newton MS
Campanelli, Allie - Hartford CT
Campbell, Alfred I. - Camden NJ
Campbell, Alfred I. - Chester PA
Campbell, Chester F. - Creek OK
Campbell, David D. - Cuyahoga OH
Campbell, James V. - Queens NY
Campbell, Leslie J. - Los Angeles CA
Campbell, Lindsey F. - Oakland MI
Campbell, Robert F. - Bell KY
Campbell, Samuel A. - Forsyth NC
Campbell, Theodore H. - Suffolk MA
Campbell, William J. - Garvin OK
Campbell, William Y. - Guernsey OH
Campo, Fred - Jackson MO
Canales, Syvester V. - Morris NJ
Canary, James Harry - Montgomery KS
Canary, William E. - Plymouth MA
Canavan, Edward N. J. - Wayne MI
Candlin, Victor Gladstone - Weld CO
Canfield, Ernest - St. Lawrence NY
Canfield, Paul B. - Allegany NY
Cannell, Stanley W. - Wayne MI
Cannon, Arthur L. - Montgomery PA
Cannon, Dan - Limestone AL
Cannon, Donald J. - Franklin OH
Cannon, Richard - Crenshaw AL
Canoles, Carl - Jefferson AL
Cantrell, John L. - Jackson OK
Cantwell, James E. - New Haven CT
Canup, Rudy - Marshall KY
Capasso, Joseph - Queens NY
Capen, William V. - Bergen NJ
Cappabianca, Pasqualo - Kings NY
Cappendyke, Harry - Bergen NJ
Capps, Calvin L. - Wilson NC
Capron, Maurice I. (alias) - Itasca MN
Carabine, Thomas F. - Bristol MA
Carbone, Andero - Oneida NY
Carden, Raass - Adair OK
Cardinali, Frank S - San Francisco CA
Cardwell, Arthur - Woodbury IA
Carey, Frederick J. - Suffolk MA
Carey, John J. - Hamilton OH
Carey, Leo J. - Belmont OH
Carhart, Gustave G. - Multnomah OR
Carius, Edward A. - Campbell KY
Carle, Clarence C. - Westchester NY
Carlisle, Merritt E. - Troup GA
Carlisle, Paris T. - Sussex DE
Carlo, Peter - New Haven CT
Carlson, Albin - De Kalb IL
Carlson, Alex - Marshall MN
Carlson, Charles - Morrison MN
Carlson, Edward - Otter Tail MN
Carlson, Iver H. - Cook IL
Carlson, Oscar C. - St. Louis MN
Carlton, Lee - Sampson NC
Carmichael, Albert - Vermillion IN
Carnesi, John - New York NY
Carney, Arthur L. - Cook IL
Carney, Frank J. - Cuyahoga OH
Carney, Michael F. - Grundy IL
Carpenter, Charlie - Itawamba MS
Carpenter, Frank B. - Niagara NY
Carpenter, Henry T. - Allegheny PA
Carpenter, Marshall - Adams MS
Carpenter, Thaddeus C. - Catawaba NC
Carpenter, Walter W. - Clay IN
Carr, Benjamin S. - Anne Arundel MD
Carr, Edward J. - Queens NY
Carr, Frank P. - Essex NJ
Carr, James L. - Baltimore MD
Carrell, Preston H. - Mercer PA
Carreta, Michael E. - Fairfield CT
Carrie, Robert F. - Kings NY
Carroll, Frederick F. - Chester PA
Carroll, Gilbert L. - Vernon MO
Carroll, Ralph - Erie NY
Carselli, Philip - Huerfano CO
Carson, Ben C. - Alameda CA
Carson, William Arthur - San Bernarding CA
Carson, William M. - Jefferson AL
Carstensen, William F. - Crawford IA
Carter, Allen B. - Forest MS
Carter, Dovie W. - Hennepin MN
Carter, Eugene S. - Worcester MA
Carter, Jesse - Stewart GA
Carter, John J. - Westchester NY
Carter, King - Calhoun AL
Carter, Leora - Jefferson NE
Carter, Rufus - Bryan OK
Cartland, William H. - Middlesex MA
Cartwright, James E. - Center PA
Cary, Arthur B. - Suffolk NY
Cary, Clifford L.. - Martin MN
Cary, Edgar C. - Henry MO
Cary, Harold E. - San Francisco CA
Cary, Thomas J. - Lassen CA
Case, Charles Bush - Erie NY
Case, Louie McDonald - Buncombe NC
Casey, Edward - New Haven CT
Casey, Harry - Ross OH
Casey, James H. - New Haven CT
Casey, Lyndon L. - Scott AR
Casey, Thomas J. - Volusia FL
Cason, Ed - Essex NJ
Cass, Harold Hill - Hennepin MN
Cassells, Patrick J. - Hartford CT
Cassells, Thomas F. - Hartford CT
Cassidy, Hughie R. - Montgomery IL
Cassidy, Thomas F. - Bronx NY
Casteel, Harve - Ripley MO
Castle, Herbert - Schoharie NY
Caterina, Dominick - Lackawanna PA
Cathelyn, Mell - Henry IL
Cato, Ira J. - Lycoming PA
Caton, Guy L. - Elkhart IN
Cattey, Henry E. - Litchfield CT
Cattron, Wesley M. - Pierce NE
Caudill, William E. - Boyd KY
Caufield, Waldo E. - Clackaman OR
Caulfield, John J. - Kings NY
Cavallini, Charles R. - Alameda CA
Cavan, George L. - Essex NJ
Cavan, Philip J. - Essex NJ
Cavanaugh, Andrew A. - Luzerne PA
Cavanaugh, Patrick A. - Middlesex CT
Cavender, Joseph W. - Denver CO
Cavender, Joseph W. - Union GA
Cavin, Robert C. - Fulton GA
Cawein, Raleigh D. - Bronx NY
Caylor, James H. - Jackson MO
Cecchi, Colombo A. - Alameda CA
Cedarholm, Louis M. - Anoka MN
Ceruti, James D. W. - Bay FL
Cessor, John T. - Ashley AR
Chadwick, James R. - Washington OH
Chamberlain, Willis - Franklin MA
Chambers, Henry V. - Marion OH
Champ, Clarence - Monroe IA
Champ, James - Wayne MI
Chancey, Edward J. - Bryan GA
Chandler, Edgar R. - Cass ND
Chandler, Elmer - St. Louis City MO
Chandler, Lesster G. - Plymouth MA
Chandler, Lester G. - New York NY
Chandler, Roy H. - Los Angeles CA
Chaney, Elder - Tulare CA
Chaney, Henry L. - Carter OK
Chaplain, Louis H. - Orleans LA
Chapman, Claude M. - Los Angeles CA
Chapman, Joseph W. - Crawford OH
Chapman, Morton H. - Emmet MI
Chapman, Wyatt McNeil - Sumter GA
Chappel, Lemuel A. - Hopkins KY
Chaput, Philip A. - Hartford CT
Chard, George C. - Cumberland ME
Charlton, Charles L. - Greene OH
Charlton, John W. - Douglas KS
Charon, Will - Los Angeles CA
Charter, William H. - Lucas OH
Chartier, David - Hillsborough NH
Chartier, Louis N. - Hillsborough NH
Chase, Bruce Gilbert - San Bernarding CA
Chase, Burton H. - Clinton NY
Chase, Neal - Marion MO
Chatterton, Cornelius E. - Fulton IL
Chavet, Albert H. - Douglas NE
Cherrie, George R. - Cook IL
Cherry, Claude E. - Los Angeles CA
Cherry, David - Sandusky OH
Cherry, Dean D. - Huron OH
Cherry, Earl L. - Grand Forks ND
Chevoya, Clarence - Kings CA
Chiarella, Samuel J. - Morris NJ
Chick, Joseph F. - Middlesex MA
Chipchase, Roy W. - Macomb MI
Chittick, George R. - Franklin ME
Chivers, Frank H. - Middlesex MA
Choate, Hazael S. - Lenawee MI
Choate, Jasper D. - Pontotoc OK
Chretien, Gus - Coal OK
Chriscinske, Henry G. - Lapeer MI
Chrisman, Luther C. - Lafayette MO
Christ, Martin C. - Luzerne PA
Christensen, Archibald P. - Herkimer NY
Christensen, George Gurney - Orange CA
Christensen, Harold - Santa Barbara CA
Christian, Mack - Scioto OH
Christian, Steve E. - Berkshire MA
Christiansen, Olaf Samuel - Cook IL
Christie, Gus M. - Union NJ
Christie, Maynard Lee - Lewis and Clark MT
Christophersen, John J. - Wadena MN
Church, Arthur Briggs - Suffolk NY
Church, Lorin J. - Sonoma CA
Churco, Benjamin J. - Franklin NY
Ciaccio, Gaspar - Winnebago IL
Cichoracki, Anthony J. - Wayne MI
Cipinski, Frank - Cook IL
Civils, Bennie O. - Lenior NC
Claire, John J. - Bronx NY
Clamser, John - Queens NY
Clanders, Michael John - Orleans LA
Clanton, Richard M. - Wilkes NC
Clapp, Alfred H - Los Angeles CA
Clapp, Howard R. - Middlesex MA
Clapper, Carl J. - Newton MO
Clark, Charles A. - Monroe IA
Clark, Clarence L. - New York NY
Clark, Dee - Red River LA
Clark, Donald S. - Franklin MA
Clark, Elijah - Pamlico NC
Clark, Emory S. - Jones GA
Clark, Eul F. - Polk MO
Clark, George G. - Baltimore MD
Clark, George K. - Passaic NJ
Clark, Henry A. - Montcalm MI
Clark, Henry E. - Tioga NY
Clark, Herbert - Lackawanna PA
Clark, James C. - Kings NY
Clark, James P. - Orleans NY
Clark, Jerry - Putnam GA
Clark, John F. - Los Angeles CA
Clark, Joseph - San Francisco CA
Clark, Lester - Newaygo MI
Clark, Ozias Lanagan - Tulsa OK
Clark, Racine - Marion MO
Clark, Sid - Logan OK
Clark, Tracy J. - Hillsdale MI
Clark, Vernie - Montgomery OH
Clarke, Bruce W. - Twin Falls ID
Clarke, Felix W. - New Haven CT
Clarke, John M. - Allegheny PA
Clarke, Joseph I. - Broome NY
Clarke, Norman - Los Angeles CA
Clarke, William J. - Bergen NJ
Clary, Ralph Emerson - Westchester NY
Clasby, Earl D. - Los Angeles CA
Classen, Grove - Los Angeles CA
Clausen, Robert L. - Cerro Gordo IA
Claypool, Charles M. - Allegheny PA
Clear, Francis J. - Warren NY
Clear, John F. J. - Kings NY
Cleary,. John V. - Broome NY
Cleaves, Harvey R. - New Castle DE
Clegg, Loyd D. - Grant OK
Cleightman, Paul - Edwards IL
Clement, Charles G. - Habersham GA
Clements, James Renville - Barnstable MA
Clendenen, Paul M. - Alexander IL
Clendening, Foster J. - Bourbon KS
Cleveland, Baker B. - Jackson MO
Clifford, Eugene A. - Herkimer NY
Clifft, Luther T. - Sharp AR
Cline, David E. - Santa Clara CA
Cline, Raymond - Gloucester NJ
Clingan, William Ellis - Greene MO
Clinkenbeard, Harlen J. - Kenton KY
Clipper, Jesse W. - Erie NY
Clippinger, David Elmer - Wayne OH
Clisham, Thomas F. - Luzerne PA
Clough, Charles Leslie - Erie NY
Clough, Harmon - Cheshire NH
Clouse, Clarence - Grant IN
Clover, Greayer - Los Angeles CA
Clubb, Harry E. - Los Angeles CA
Clukey, George H. - Clinton NY
Coate, Frank D. - Lyon KS
Coates, Dana E. - Los Angeles CA
Coates, George B. - Montgomery PA
Coats, Robert - Clarke AL
Cobb, Fred Walter - Solano CA
Cobb, John W., Jr. - Mechlenburg NC
Cobb, Malcolm - Burke GA
Cobbett, Robert G. - Otsego NY
Cobbett, William A. - Delta CO
Cochran, Floyd B. - Genesee NY
Cochran, Julian Oard - San Diego CA
Cochran, William - Stone MS
Cochrane, Frank W. - Westchester NY
Cocker, Herbert M. P. - Essex NJ
Cockle, Charles M. - Branch MI
Cody, James - Cook IL
Coe, Clarence E. - Oneida NY
Coffey, Joseph E. - Erie PA
Coffield, Joseph W. - Cuyahoga OH
Coffin, Allen R. - Carbon MT
Coffin, Paul R. - Mahaska IA
Coffman, Ralph L - Arapahoe CO
Coggins, Daniel A. - Essex NJ
Cogswell, James J. - Los Angeles CA
Cohen, Edward J. - Westchester NY
Cohen, Isaac - Bristol MA
Cohen, Isaac - Dauphin PA
Cohen, Lewis L. - Baltimore MD
Cohen, Louis - Kings NY
Cohen, Michael - Camden NJ
Cohen, Simpson - Buncombe NC
Cohn, Samuel - Stark OH
Colburn, Elbert F. - Santa Clara CA
Colby, Elwood Loring - Los Angeles CA
Cole, Alton C. - Blair PA
Cole, Edward Ball - Suffolk MA
Cole, Harold F. - Los Angeles CA
Cole, Harold H. - Onondaga NY
Cole, Homer I. - Lowndes MS
Cole, Sidney T. - Steuben NY
Cole, Wilson - Montgomery IL
coleman, Fred D. - Cambria PA
Coleman, Fred D. - Lehigh PA
Coleman, Howard R. - Hartford CT
Coleman, James D. - Jersey IL
Coleman, Lowell F. - Lake IN
Coleman, Phillip N. - St. Louis MO
Coleman, Willie C. - Fayette KY
Colgan, Bernard F. - New York NY
Collamore, Jesse B. - Benton OR
Coller, Harlow - Oswego NY
Coller, Howard - New York NY
Collier, Richard L. - Erie PA
Collin, Arthur - Sherburne MN
Collins, Charles C. - Geauga OH
Collins, Edward A. - Queens NY
Collins, George B. - Baltimore MD
Collins, John A. - Bronx NY
Collins, John F. - Atlantic NJ
Collins, Lester C. - Lane OR
Collins, Raymond - Clinton OH
Collins, Roy E. - Rice MN
Collins, Thomas L. - Pueblo CO
Colon, Frank M. - Ramsey MN
Colon, George Oren - Jefferson NY
Colville, Thomaas H. - Harnett NC
Colvin, Clarence E. - Los Angeles CA
Combs, Emmett A. - Fresno CA
Comcowich, Michael J. - New Haven CT
Comeau, Wilbur - Essex MA
Comer, Clyde - Davis IA
Commini, Daniel M. - Mercer NJ
Compton, Letcher C. - St. Louis MO
Compton, Samuel H. - New York NY
Compton, William D. - Santa Barbara CA
Conard, Charles C. - Mercer NJ
Coneys, James W. - Kings NY
Coneys, Martin J. - Nassau NY
Congdon, Hobson R. - Coffey KS
Conklin, Charles W. - New Haven CT
Conklin, William R. - Essex NJ
Conley, David J. - Niagara NY
Conley, Roy P. - Cherokee NC
Conlon, William - Deerlodge MT
Conn, Elisha - Anderson KY
Connaughton, Joe - Ravalli MT
Connell, John C. - Pickens AL
Connell, Robert D. - Douglas NE
Connelly, Horace B. - Forsyth NC
Connelly, William F. - Ramsey MN
Conner, David L. - Muskogee OK
Conner, Joseph T. - Lebanon PA
Connery, John Henry - White IL
Connolly, Charles A. - Queens NY
Connolly, Harry J. - Westchester NY
Connor, Eugene M. - Worcester MA
Conrath, Lawrence - Athens OH
Conroy, John J. - Bronx NY
Conroy, Joseph F. - Essex NJ
Constantine, Charles F. - Kings NY
Conway Edmund - Canyon ID
Conway, William E. - Suffolk MA
Cook, Charles C. - Wilkes NC
Cook, Charles Homar - Logan OH
Cook, Charlie B. - Campbell GA
Cook, Christ - Ingham MI
Cook, Edward E. - Bristol MA
Cook, Edwin Lane - Knox IN
Cook, Elbert E. - Polk IA
Cook, George - Franklin KY
Cook, Gilbert H. - Westchester NY
Cook, Herman W. - Mahoning OH
Cook, John F. - Chautauqua NY
Cook, Joseph J. - Middlesex NJ
Cook, Malcolm - Dale AL
Cook, Newton - Boyd KY
Cook, Norman Small - Barnstable MA
Cook, Otis E. - Spalding GA
Cook, Percy E. - New York NY
Cook, Ralph L. - Los Angeles CA
Cook, Ralph L. - Westchester NY
Cook, Temple D. - Daviess KY
Cooley, Harry S. - Rock Island IL
Coolidge, Hamilton - Belknap NH
Coon, Frank - Adair OK
Coon, Frank - Cherokee OK
Coon, John Gifford - Middlesex NJ
Cooney, Thomas J. - New York NY
Coonrod, John D. - Crawford KS
Cooper, Everette J. - Tehama CA
Cooper, Louis - Suffolk MA
Cooper, Robert H. - Garden NE
Cooper, Thomas - New Castle DE
Cooperrideer, Luke - Jasper MO
Coots, Edgar - Fulton GA
Cope, Laverne G. - St. Louis City MO
Copeland, Jim - Cherokee OK
Corbin, Harry T. - Denver CO
Corcoran, George S. - Kings NY
Cordia, Michael - Washington MO
Corey, Benjamin J. - Edgecombe NC
Corkery, Raymond L. - Clayton IA
Cormier, Peter - Berkshire MA
Cornell, Englebert - St. Johns FL
Cornwell, Harry - McCraken KY
Corrigan, Andrew B. - Los Angeles CA
Corrigan, Fritts D. - Kenton KY
Corsen, Arthur C. - Worcester MA
Corson, Millard W. - Somerset ME
Cortes, Harold T. - Kings NY
Costales, Carlos R. - Los Angeles CA
Costello, Edmund N. - Essex MA
Costello, James F. - Middlesex MA
Costello, Joseph M. - Suffolk MA
Costello, Thomas - Hartford CT
Cotter, James Thomas - Cook IL
Cottingham, Wm. John - Tippecanoe IN
Cottone, Charles B. - Kings NY
Cottreall, Joseph F. - Monroe NY
Cottrell, Fred A. - Monmouth NJ
Coty, Louis - Oxford ME
Couch, Marshall H. - Franklin ME
Couch, Willie - De Kalb GA
Couchman, Edward H. - Baltimore MD
Couchman, Randall - Berrien MI
Coughlin, Charles F. - Hartford CT
Coughlin, John H. - Hudson NJ
Coulson, Charles W. - Hudson NJ
Coulson, Charlie - Lonoke AR
Coulson, William H. - Baltimore MD
Coulter, Edwin Clark - Butler OH
Counts, Henry - Alfalfa OK
Coupe, Clarence R. - Bristol MA
Courtney, Doubleu E. - Rankin MS
Courtney, Ivy - Livingston LA
Courtney, Offie - St. Helena LA
Couture, Alphonso F. - St. Louis MN
Couturre, Joseph E. - Hampden MA
Couvillion, Wilford T. - Rapides LA
Cover, Leroy M. - Okmulgee OK
Cover, Martin S. - Lancaster PA
Coverdale, Wesley E. - Hamilton IN
Covert, Richard L. - Kent MI
Covert, Vernon E. - Albany NY
Covey, Earl A. - Rockingham NH
Coville, Whilliam F. - Santa Clara CA
Cowan, Joe G. - Polk MO
Cowart, Grover S. - Forsyth GA
Cowgill, Pearl T. - Shleby IL
Cowley, Joseph R. - Jackson MI
Cowna, De Witt C. - Delaware PA
Cowperthwaite, Harold F. - Union NJ
Cox, Altus W. - Jackson MO
Cox, Byron C. - Montgomery IN
Cox, Charlotte A. - Baltimore MD
Cox, Sam - Marengo AL
Cox, Wallace J. - St. Tammany LA
Crabtree, Clarence D. - Johnson IN
Crabtree, Clyde - Newaygo MI
Crader, Ray T. - Cape Girardeau MO
Crago, Lloyd E. - Knox OH
Craidge, Robert N. - Saginaw MI
Craig, Buford G. - Fayette KY
Craig, Harry W. - Morris NJ
Craig, William A. - Franklin OH
Cram, Earl W. - Merrimack NH
Cramer, Franklin L. - Armstrong PA
Cramer, Murray E. - New York NY
Crandall, Elverton C. - Jefferson NY
Crandall, Harry R. - Cayuga NY
Crandall, Joseph B. - Middlesex NJ
Crane, Albert H. - Union NJ
Crane, Albert H. - Lackawanna PA
Crane, Cleveland F. - Mobile AL
Crane, Harry L. - Steuben NY
Crane, Walter C. - Coos OR
Crane, William E. - Alameda CA
Cranford, Pierce M. - Marion MS
Craven, Daniel W. - Allegheny PA
Craw, Albert J. - Bristol MA
Crawford, Conrad - Kings NY
Crawford, Raymond - Hamilton IN
Crawford, Richard Lee - Ballard KY
Creamer, Jeremaiah - Northampton PA
Cree, Fred D. - Greene PA
Creek, George - Washington MD
Crego, Fred J. - Cortland NY
Creighton, Joseph Vincent - New York NY
Crenshaw, Clinton - Yazoo MS
Crespin, Elias J. - Douglas NE
Cress, John J. - Tulare CA
Crews, Crawford - Granville NC
Crews, Pearl - Chatham GA
Crews, William S. - Yadkin NC
Crim, Ernest H. - Adams IL
Crim, Everett L. - Washington ID
Cripps, Paul F. - Stephens OK
Crisp, Arthur - Monroe NY
Crisp, Jess - Laclede MO
Crisp, Lester M. - Edgecombe NC
Crist, George E. - Adams PA
Crist, Theodore J. - Frankllin PA
Criswell, Charles S. - Belmont OH
Critchett, Harrison - Poweshiek IA
Croch, Willis C. - Madison MS
Crocker, Alexander - Cleveland NC
Crocker, Alvah R. - Worcester MA
Crocker, Murl W. - Rock Island IL
Cromartie, Godfrey - Columbus NC
Cronin, Edward M. - Hudson NJ
Cronin, Patrick J. - Norfolk MA
Crook, Oron B. - Cloud KS
Crook, Thomas C. - Benton AR
Crooke, James - Essex NJ
Crosbie, Samuel F. - Jefferson NY
Crosby, Alfred - Cumberland ME
Crosetto, John B. - Grundy IL
Crosovolt, Lewis - Clearfield PA
Cross, Chas. O. - Rice MN
Cross, Robert S. - Cumberland ME
Cross, William M. - Multnomah OR
Crossen, Vernon J.. - San Francisco CA
Crossland, Bert S. - Los Angeles CA
Crosson, James H. - Monmouth NJ
Croteau, Louis M. - Hampden MA
Crotty, Edmund J. - Chemung NY
Crotty, Peter J. - New York NY
Crouch, Claude W. - Owen IN
Crouse, William P. - Columbia NY
Crow, Arthur Jennings - Douglas NE
Crowder, Ernest C. - St. Clair MO
Crowder, John W. - St. Louis City MO
Crowder, Joseph A. - Kenton KY
Crowder, Lester D. - Troup GA
Crowl, Wilton C. - Wayne MI
Crowley, Charles E. - Berkshire MA
Crowley, John J. - Herkimer NY
Crowley, Patrick F. - Oneida NY
Crowley, Sydney L. - DC
Crowley, Thomas H. - Norfolk MA
Crull, Clarence Millneer - Montgomery OH
Crumpler, Robert E. - Covington AL
Crunk, Percy - Lauderdale AL
Crutchfield, Guy B. - Clay AR
Crutchfield, James B. - Pontotoc OK
Crutchley, Roy F. - McLean IL
Cublery, Robert A. - Randolph IL
Cudney, Edward F. - Mercer NJ
Cuff, Harry M. - Hudson NJ
Cullen, Norman A. - Okmulgee OK
Cullison, Arthur - Ottawa OK
Cullison, George G. - Somerset MD
Culpepper, Arthur B. - Chatham GA
Culpepper, Calvin C. - Geneva AL
Culver, Clarence L. - Coffee AL
Cumbo, James S. - Carroll MO
Cumming, William J. - Fairfield CT
Cummings, Douglas E. - Suffolk MA
Cummings, Edward A. - Kings NY
Cummings, Frank W. - Onondaga NY
Cummings, John B. - New York NY
Cummings, Milton R. - Worcester MA
Cummins, Forrest E. - Logan AR
Cunnincham, Faires - Elkhart IN
Cunning, John J. - Middlesex MA
Cunningham, Charles S. - Cook IL
Cunningham, Earl T. - Cassia IL
Cunningham, John - Camden NJ
Cunningham, Leland S. - Delaware OH
Cunningham, Phillip - Essex MA
Cunningham, Thomas A. - Hudson NJ
Cunningham, Thomas F. - Teton MT
Cupp, Paul E. - Armstrong PA
Cupples, Lorne L. - Sullivan NH
Curran, Mark S. - Dickinson KS
Currey, John V. - Luzerne PA
Curry, Earl - Breckinridge KY
Curry, Frank E. - Hennepin MN
Curry, Frank E. - New York NY
Curry, William - Crittenden KY
Curth, Ernest F. - Westchester NY
Curtis, Adolphus - Coles IL
Curtis, Isaac W. - Penobscot ME
Curtis, Robert K. - Posey IN
Curtis, Samuel D. - Marion MO
Cusack, Thomas F. - Monroe NY
Cushen, Harry P. - Baltimore MD
Cutright, Demetrius - Caddo LA
Cutter, Edward B. - Anoka MN
Cutting, Frank - Middlesex MA