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American Military Causalities of World War 1
Names starting with D, E, F & G

Pilgrimage for the Mothers and Widows of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines of the American Forces Now Interred in the Cemeteries of Europe published in 1930 by the GPO.

The scan to the right explains the effort by the U S government to send the widows and mothers of servicemen buried in Europe during WW1 on a pilgrimage to visit the grave in 1930.

The actual entries in the book show the name of the wife or mother, the name of the deceased, their rank, their unit, the cemetery name and if the woman wanted to make the pilgrimage.

We have indexed the book by the name of the deceased service person (some were women) not by the names of the mothers or widows, so some service people are listed 2 times, once for the mother and once for the widow. (The county name shown in the table below is for the mother or widow.)

At this time we only have about 80% of the book indexed, if you would like to be notified when we add the other names, send an email to bruce@itwasprinted.com and let me know.

Explanation of the pilgrimage program:

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Sample Entries from the book:

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D, E, F, & G  Last Names - County & ST

Dabney, Frank W. - Christian KY
Daevitt, William f. - Santa Cruz CA
Daffern, James A. - St. Louis City MO
Daffin, Jim M. - Atoka OK
Dahill, Stephen B. - Bristol MA
Dahl, Peter D. - Erie NY
Dailey, William G. - Dorchester MD
Daily, Joseph W. - Northampton PA
Dainton, Chester - Custer NE
Dale, Gleason M. - Canadian OK
Dale, Homer - Decatur IA
Dale, Keth - Knox IN
Dale, Marion - Rutherford NC
Dale, Martin H. - Polk MN
Dalen, Arnold E. - Pope MN
Dallinger, George N. - Nassau NY
Dalquist, Oscar Edward - Morrison MN
Dalrymple, Henry H. - Caddo LA
Dalton, Eddie - Bates MO
Dalton, Francis - Livingston NY
Daly, William J. - Suffolk MA
Damcott, John F. - Chautauqua NY
Damien, Henry - Worcester MA
Dampeer, Julius - Lawrence MS
Danczyk, Edward M. - Cook IL
Danford, Erwin I. - Guernsey OH
Daniel, Nick - Union NJ
Daniels, Charles R. - Erie NY
Daniels, Chester - Cook IL
Danielson, Joseph - Cook IL
Danker, John H. - Benton IA
Danley, Vernon J. - Colusa CA
Dann, Frank G. - Chickasaw IA
Danner, Harvey G. - Madison IN
Dannhardt, Peter - Queens NY
Dant, Taylor S. - Daviess KY
Danz, Walter - St. Louis MO
Dappert, James I. - Christian IL
Darling, Elton B. - Delaware NY
Darling, Herbert Delancy - Cortland NY
Darnell, Russell J. - Grant IN
Daron, Paul C. - La Porte IN
Darr, Gregory A. - Beaver PA
Davenport, Charles R. - Essex NJ
Davenport, Millard E. - Williams OH
Davenport, William E. - Ada ID
Davidian, Dickran Theodore - Fresno CA
Davidson, Earl - Butler NE
Davidson, Emmett - Randolph IN
Davidson, Gilford C. - Mendocino CA
Davidson, Harold - Worcester MA
Davidson, Norman - Nassau NY
Davidson, Roy C. - Orange NY
Davidson, William C. - Rowan NC
Davied, Harvey S. - Coshocton OH
Davies, John H. - Cook IL
Davis, Bernard F. - Peoria IL
Davis, Bernard L. - Plymouth MA
Davis, Carl - Floyd GA
Davis, Columbus - Humphreys MS
Davis, Ephraim J. - Douglas MO
Davis, Fay Irving - Montgomery NY
Davis, George - Lowndes AL
Davis, George A. - Jasper MO
Davis, Harold W. - De Kalb IL
Davis, Henry - Warren NC
Davis, J. B. - Webster LA
Davis, Jay S. - New Haven CT
Davis, Jim - Larue KY
Davis, John O. - Sedwick KS
Davis, Lee - Ada ID
Davis, Russell R. - Genesee MI
Davis, Silas - Cuyahoga OH
Davis, Thomas A. - Coos OR
Davis, William A. - Los Angeles CA
Davis, William H. - Mississippi AR
Davis, Willis E. - Chautauqua NY
Dawson, Charles E. - Denver CO
Dawson, George A. - Delaware PA
Dawson, Hartman - Lee IA
Dawson, Herschel H. - Jersey IL
Dawson, Hollus E. - Jackson OR
Dawson, Howard B. - Multnomah OR
Dawson, James W. I. - St. Clair AL
Dawson, Raymond - Livingston IL
Day, Clarence Eugene - Cook IL
Day, Jerone L. - Carroll MD
Day, Warren L. - Gage NE
Dayton, Lester B. - Tippecanoe IN
De Badts, Orie - Wayne NY
De Brown, Leonard - Passaic NJ
De Fries, Ruel E. - Wyandotte KS
De Groff, Clarence - Washington NY
De Negre, Paul - Delaware PA
De Nell, Frank J. - DC
De St. Croix, Mather - Cayuga NY
De Wilde, John c. - Chickasaw IA
Deal, James H. - Knox OH
DeAlleaume, Arthur W. - Westchester NY
Dean, Alvin R. - Grayson KY
Dean, John W. - Bristol MA
DeAngelis, Antony D. - New York NY
Deans, James Benjamin - Nash NC
Deardosky, John - Cuyahoga OH
Dearman, Roy - Muscogee GA
Deaver, John A. - Blount AL
DeCapito, Silvio S. - Cuyahoga OH
DeCarnis, William - New York NY
Decatur, Robert B. - Hamilton OH
Dechard, Warren E. - Wayne NY
Decker, Byron W. - Schoharie NY
Decker, Stanley V. - Orange NY
Decoursey, Anson L. - Erie PA
Dederer, Elsworth H. - New London CT
Deeds, Solomon L. - Coshocton OH
Deerberg, Christian J. - Cedar IA
DeForest, Damon B. - Rensselaer NY
DeForge, John Francis - Richmond NY
Degnan, James Francis - New York NY
Deguzes, Frank - Luzerne PA
Dehm, William - New York NY
Deiley, Paul C. - Cook IL
Deines, David - Larimer CO
Deis, James F. - Saline MO
Deitsch, Harry - Allegheny PA
Dekkinga, Mart - Osceola MI
Del Bove, Antonio - Worcester MA
Delameter, Harry - Delaware NY
Delaney, Aloysious A. - Orange NY
Delk, Omas C. - Pierce GA
Dell, Elmer J. - Rock MN
Della Rocca, Peter - Schenectady NY
Delvin, Charles J. - Morgan IL
DeMarco, Pasquale A. - Kings NY
Demars, Andrew M. - Rice MN
Demby, David - New York NY
Demel, Adolph - Ramsey MN
Demers, Alfred J. - Worcester MA
Demeter, Theodore - Stephenson IL
Deming, Isaac L. - San Diego CA
Dempsey, Frank E. - Lycoming PA
Dempsey, Frederick - Monmouth NJ
DeMuth, Frank F. - Kings NY
Demuth, William B. - Los Angeles CA
Denaro, Charles - Kings NY
Dendor, John - Jackson MI
Denering, John - Wayne NY
Denie, George Russell - Somerset NJ
Denn, Alexander - Luzerne PA
Denn, Richard J. - Luzerne PA
Denney, Ennis C. - Allen KS
Dennis, Earl W. - Larimer CO
Dennis, Heywood - Stanly NC
Dennis, Joe - Columbia AR
Dennis, Nelson - Chickasaw MS
Deno, Clarence F. - Wayne MI
Denon, Charles E. - Queens NY
Denson, Edgar H. - Bucks PA
Dent, Katherine - Tuscaloosa AL
Denton, Leslie C. - Essex NY
Derby, John Francis - Jackson MO
DeRham, Charles, Jr. - New York NY
Deriso, Willie R. - Bibb GA
Deriso, Willie R. - Jefferson GA
Dermody, Edw. E. - Union NJ
Derosier, Lebert A. - Montezuma CO
Derouche, John F. - Penobscot ME
Deroy, Narcisse A. - Hampden MA
Derthick, John A., Jr. - Kings NY
DeRusha, Henry W. - Middlesex MA
Deshazo, Arthur - Person NC
Deshler, William H. - Lenawee MI
Desmond, Ray - Bureau IL
Desmond, Tomas W. - Norfolk MA
D'Esposito, Aniello - Hudson NJ
DesRuisseaux, Charles L. - Twin Falls ID
Detchon, Benjamin C. - Allegheny PA
Deterts, Henry - Logan IL
Deucker, Henry W. - Hamilton OH
Deuel, Jay - Williams OH
Dever, Tracy C. - Morgan AL
Devereaux, Cornelius J. - Livingston MI
Devereaux, James J. - Onondaga NY
Devereux, Leo W. - St. Louis City MO
Devine, Ernest - Jefferson KY
Devlin, Edward F. - Essex MA
Devonmille, Edward A. - Kings NY
Dew, William E. - Cuyahoga OH
Dewey, Theodore R. - Lackawanna PA
DeWitt, Arvard W. - Hancock ME
Dewitt, Floyd C. - Allegheny PA
DeWitt, Hugh B. - Marin CA
DeWitt, Lawrence - Stephens OK
Dewyer, James F. - Elk PA
DeYoung, Cornelius - Kent MI
Diacon, Leo M. - Woods OK
Dial, Ides - Le Flore OK
Diamico, Allesandro - Somerset NJ
Diaz, Abraham - Los Angeles CA
Dibble, George H. - Lorain OH
Dickerson, Clayton M - Harrison OH
Dickey, John H. - Jefferson MS
Dickinson, Howard Henry - Alameda CA
Dickinson, Hurshell B. - Creek OK
Dickson, Charles H. - Marion MO
Dickson, Grover C. - Jackson OK
Diederiche, Carl - Stearns MN
Dierker, Albert H. - Logan IL
Dieterlen, Gerold E. - New York NY
Dietrich, Fred W. - Benson ND
Dietsch, Louuis F. - Denver CO
Dietz, Glenn A. - Macomb MI
Dietz, Harry A. - Saginaw MI
Dietz, John G. - Wayne MI
Dignan, James I - Mahoning OH
Dillard, George W. - Baker GA
Diller, Mathew - Monroe MI
Dillon, David O. - Tuscarawaas OH
Dillon, Festus - Lawrence OH
Dillon, Francis J. - Hudson NJ
Dillon, Gerald - Madison OH
Dimeling, Roy R. - Clearfield PA
Dimmitt, Clifford E. - Jefferson IA
DiModica, Domenic - Suffolk MA
Dines, Donald Corprew - Denver CO
Dingle, Richard Wallace - Washington MN
Dinsmore, Charles - Erie NY
Dintro, Frank J. - Berks PA
DiPaola, Peter - New York NY
Dirks, James - Talladega AL
Diseker, Allen - Jefferson AL
Dismukes, Homer L. - Jefferson AL
Dissinger, Grant - Lebanon PA
Ditmars, George K. - Union NJ
Dittman, Carl J. - McHenry IL
Diveer, Alva E. - Cass IN
Dixon, Ben F. - Gaston NC
Dixon, Carl A. - St. Louis City MO
Dixon, Earnest - Edgecombe NC
Dixon, Floyd - Union OH
Dixon, Jesse L. - Bryan GA
Dixon, Pual R. - Appanoose IA
Dixon, Rodney E. - Baltimore MD
Dixon, Rodney E. - Washington MD
Dixon, Walter J. - Kings NY
Dixon, William - Essex MA
Dixon, William H. - Duval FL
Dixon, William M - Bay MI
Doane, Hugh R. - Wayne MI
Dobmeier, Joseph - Erie NY
Dobry, Michaell J. - Cook IL
Dobson, Lloyd M. - Garfield CO
Dockery, Charles L. - Hamilton OH
Dodd, Harold V. - Alameda CA
Dodd, Joseph C. - Ventura CA
Doddge, Gordon - DC
Dodge, Charles Francis - Pinellas FL
Dodge, Miles H. - Lincoln ME
Doherty, William Ross - Suffolk MA
Dohlen, George G. - Ogle IL
Dohna, Alfred - New Haven CT
Dokken, Tom T. - Cass ND
Dolan, Bernard J. - New York NY
Dolan, Edward M. - Suffolk MA
Dolan, James E. - Bronx NY
Dolan, John - New Haven CT
Dolbow, Bryan M. - Cumberland NJ
Dole, Sanford B. - Nez Perce ID
Dolese, Alphonse F., Jr. - LaFourche LA
Dolese, Felix, Jr. - Assumption LA
Dollard, Joseph P. - Onondaga NY
Domes, Claude J. - Cattaraugus NY
Domiano, Charles - Cook IL
Dommel, Walter F. - Lancaster PA
Donachy, Abner L. - Elk PA
Donaldson, Glenn S. - Winona MN
Doney, John P. - Rensselaer NY
Donnelly, Frank I. - Union NJ
Donnelly, Joseph P. - San Diego CA
Donnelly, thomas J. - Cuyahoga OH
Donnelly, Wm. V. - Swift MN
Donovan, Jerry S. - San Francisco CA
Dooley, Douglas S. - Pike AR
Dooley, Edward - New York NY
Doremus, Harry B. - Bergen NJ
Dorey, Hugh J. - Wayne MI
Dornblaser, Ray E. - Vermilion IL
Dorrell, Harry M. - Marion IN
Dorsey, Edward - Delaware PA
Dorsey, Eli Farrell - Pottawatomie KS
Dorsey, Gus - Walker AL
Dorsey, Harry H. - Baltimore MD
Dorsey, Joseph W. - Wyandotte KS
Dortch, Gasston L. - Wayne NC
Dosher, David L. - Brunswick NC
Doss, Albert - Choctaw AL
Doster, Halley F. - Paulding OH
Dotson, Adon R. - Baca CO
Dotson, Adon R. - Coles IL
Doty, Thomas E. - Caddo LA
Doucette, Howard F. - Middlesex MA
Doucette, James E. - Middlesex MA
Dougan, Francis E. - Suffolk MA
Dougherty, Jerome F. - Lackawanna PA
Doughton, William A. - Wright IA
Douglas, Alfred - Kings NY
Douglas, Charles (alias) - St. Louis MN
Douglas, Ralph W. - Plymouth MA
Douglas, William O - Fountain IN
Douglass, Charles W. H. - Onondaga NY
Douglass, John G. - Armstrong PA
Dovas, Peter A. - New York NY
Dow, John L. - Passaic NJ
Dowd, Edward J. - Rensselaer NY
Dowling, Lawrence W. - Montgomery OH
Downer, Frank - Allegheny PA
Downey, Edgar - Knox KY
Downing, Albert H. - Suffolk MA
Downing, Richard B. - Wyandotte KS
Doyle, Arthur L. - Los Angeles CA
Doyle, Edw. J. - Albany NY
Doyle, Joseph J. - Union NJ
Doyle, Richard J. - Suffolk MA
Dozier, Roy C. - Tallaferro GA
Drabenstott, Fred - Wayne OH
Drager, Bruno - Cook IL
Drain, William - Queens NY
Drake, Charles A. - Clay AR
Drake, Edwin L. - Ellis OK
Drake, Frederick L. - Los Angeles CA
Drake, George E. - Licking OH
Drake, William A. - New York NY
Draper, Cecil - Williamson IL
Drescher, Donald N. - St. Louis City MO
Dressel, Charles - Kings NY
Drevet, Stephane - Trumbull OH
Drew, Joseph - Leelanau MI
Drinkwater, John J. - Bergen NJ
Driscoll, Howard M. - Kings NY
Droddy, Herbert L. - Vernon LA
Drop, Paul - Wayne MI
Drumheller, Howard G. - Montgomery PA
Dubay, Charles E. - Middlesex MA
Dubey, Amey J. - Hartford CT
Dubinsky, Philip - Queens NY
Dublinskie, John J. - Northumberland PA
Dubravsky, Mike - Lawrence PA
Duck, Paul Ira - Vigo IN
Duckett, Lloyd O. - Los Angeles CA
Ducret, Jean L. - Wyandotte KS
Duel, Granville H. - St. Louis City MO
Duff, Henry I. - Nassau NY
Dufner, Ambrose - Allegheny PA
Duford, Charles F. - Middlesex MA
Dugan, Daniel A., Jr. - Essex NJ
Dugener, Michael J. - Delta MI
Duggins, Willie - Jefferson KY
Duhon, Angel - Acadia LA
Duler, Ander - Cook IL
Dumas, Joseph - Berkshire MA
Dumaw, Elmer - Wayne MI
Dumont, Alphonse - Bristol MA
Dunagan, Silas - Hall GA
Duncan, David T. - Columbia PA
Duncan, James M. - Vigo IN
Duncan, John T. - Los Angeles CA
Duncan, Tenny J. - Barrow GA
Duncan, Thomas E. - Multnomah OR
Dunfield, Hiram A. - Allegan MI
Dunlap, William C. - Kings NY
Dunleavy, Andrew - Richmond NY
Dunlevy, James V. - Dauphin PA
Dunn, Andrew K. - Coles IL
Dunn, James - Hudson NJ
Dunn, John W., Jr. - New York NY
Dunn, Joseph Z. - Grayson KY
Dunn, Thomas F. - Onondaga NY
Dunn, Tony B. - Lee IA
Dunn, William T. - Essex NJ
Dunn, Windsor - Murray GA
Dunnigan, Joseph A. - Bronx NY
Dunning, Hardaman - Henry MO
Dupen, Eustace P. - Los Angeles CA
Duplessis, Dezerie - Mason MI
Dupois, Rene - Bristol MA
Dupree, Roy - Edgecombe NC
Durand, Anthony P. - Albany NY
Durden, Leonard H. - Montgomery GA
Durfee, Harold H. - Washington NY
Durham, Merritt B. - Tippah MS
Durham, Oliver F. - Franklin NE
Durham, Roy O. - Dakota NE
Durien, Walter - Kings NY
Durkee, Frank P - Lenawee MI
Durkee, Sidney H. - Essex MA
Durkin, Leo W. - Northumberland PA
Durwin, Frank - Butler OH
Duston, James E. - Carter OK
Dutton, Arthur H. - Baltimore MD
Dutton, Harold L. - York ME
Dutton, Harold L. - Rockingham NH
Dworsky, Edward J. - Dickinson MI
Dwyer, Frank - Erie NY
Dykeman, Elwin - Dutchess NY
Dymock, Gilbert B. - Queens NY
Dymowski, Maryan E. - Mercer NJ
Dysart, Charles E. - Caldwell NC
Dyson, Richard - Lake IN
Dyson, William R. - Shelby IA
Dzulinsky, Stephen - Union NJ
Eades, Henry M - Caddo LA
Eagle, Clarence E. - Cook IL
Eames, Raymond Rexford - Cook IL
Eardley, Cecil A. - Columbiana OH
Earle, William - Iberville LA
Earnest, Wm.F - Champaign IL
East, Abram - Tippecanoe IN
East, Robin A. - Osceola MI
Eastlund, Ole A. - Isanti MN
Eastman, Guy - Hood River OR
Eastman, Wesley M. - Grafton NH
Eaton, Alva F. - Wayne IA
Eaton, Clifford R. - Sullivan MO
Eberle, Stephen J. - Multnomah OR
Eberly, Claude R. - Elk PA
Ebersole, Thomas F. - Armstrong PA
Ebert, Fred - Franklin OH
Eccher, Richard - Barton MO
Echeveria, Frank R. - San Benito CA
Echlund, Alvin J. - De Kalb IL
Eck, Raymond H. - Stark OH
Eckard, Robert Lee - Catawaba NC
Eckerlen, Ernesst - Marion OR
Eckerson, John T. - Union NJ
Eckler, Robert - Allen KS
Eckman, John C. - Knox IL
Eckmann, John V. - Orange NY
Eddleman, Claude W. - Garland AR
Edes, David O. N. - Worcester MA
Edge, William G. - Chester PA
Edmonds, Clayton E. - Los Angeles CA
Edmondson, Walter O. - Adair IA
Edwards, Albert W. - Wallowa OR
Edwards, Charles S. - Jasper MO
Edwards, Charlie - Decatur GA
Edwards, Early - Oglethorpe GA
Edwards, Frederick T. - Volusia FL
Edwards, George H., Jr. - Jackson MO
Edwards, Gus R. - Marion IA
Edwards, Herschel Vernon, Jr. - Shoshone ID
Edwards, Horace O. - Rice KS
Edwards, John H. - Greene MO
Edwards, Joseph - Middlesex MA
Edwards, Roland - Anne Arundel MD
Egan, Bartholomew J. - Onondaga NY
Egan, John - Wayne NY
Egerton, Carl J. - Westchester NY
Eggen, Richard - Polk MN
Eggers, John - Washington MN
Egold, Norman K. - Montgomery PA
Egr, Charles J. - Saunders NE
Ehly, Victor P. - Kingfisher OK
Eichelberger, Augustus L. - Calhoun AL
Eichelsdorfer, Joseph J. - Erie PA
Eichenlaub, George V. - Huron OH
Eickoff, Raymond E. - Rockland NY
Eiers, Chris - Richmond NY
Eiland, Fred - Choctaw MS
Eisenberg, David - Cook IL
Eisenhower, Edward - Northumberland PA
Ekholm, Philip J. - Kane IL
Ekstedt, Clarence E. - Cook IL
Ekstrom, Oscar - Wells ND
Elam, Edwin Madison, Jr. - Alameda CA
Elam, John W. - Carroll MS
Elbus, George J. - Brown IL
Elder, August C. - Perry MO
Elder, William J. - Hudson NJ
Eldridge, Rex B. - Carroll AR
Elias, Robert H., Jr. - Bergen NJ
Elick, Lewis J. - Ringgold IA
Eliff, Dennis J. - Columbia NY
Elkanich, John H. - Stearns MN
Elledge, John C. - Creek OK
Ellenson, Helmer - Norman MN
Eller, James A. - Graham NC
Ellerbruch, George - Warren MO
Elliott, James N. - Westchester NY
Elliott, John - Penobscot ME
Elliott, Kenneth Victor - Los Angeles CA
Elliott, Pearl - Lawrence OH
Elliott, Theodore S. - DC
Elliott, Wilkie I. - Hillsborough NH
Ellis, Joseph M. - Atchison KS
Ellis, Joseph M. - Richardson NE
Ellis, Leonidas V. - Broome NY
Ellis, Martin A. - Piscataquis ME
Ellison, James E. - Essex NJ
Ellison, Major - Beaufort NC
Ellison, William - Chemung NY
Elmer, George - Cook IL
Elmer, Paul V. - Montrose CO
Elmore, Alvie - Grand Forks ND
Elson, Charles D. - Strafford NH
Elson, Ernest - East Feliciana LA
Elsted, Clarence W. - Hennepin MN
Emanuelson, Eddie - Vigo IN
Emerick, Lester - Huron MI
Emerson, Horace B. - Black Hawk IA
Emerson, Lloyd F. - Grafton NH
Emery, Joseph W., Jr. - Adams IL
Emery, Victor A. - Plymouth MA
Emilien, Louis - Orleans LA
Emory, German H.H. - Baltimore MD
Emrich, William G. - Douglas NE
Endsley, Earl B. - Paulding OH
Engel, Albert Robert - Weld CO
Engel, Harry R. - Baltimore MD
Engel, Otto - Weld CO
Engelbart, Irving B - Olmstead MN
Engelmann, Joseph (alias) - Menominee MI
Engels, Arthur - Queens NY
Engelson, Julius - New York NY
England, John - Clark IN
England, John - Jefferson KY
Engle, Charles A. - Queens NY
Engle, Jos. Davis B. - Trumbull OH
Engleking, Elwell G. - Koochiching MN
English, Allen A. - Crawford IL
English, Allie E. - Pettis MO
English, Clarence B. - Allen IN
English, Robert - Norfolk MA
English, Thomas J. - Suffolk MA
Engstrom, Emil A. - Columbia OR
Ensko, William E. - St. Louis City MO
Ensko, William E. - Nassau NY
Epler, Davis A. - Washington OH
Epperson, Jim W. - Scott AR
Epstein, Louis - Kings NY
Erb, William H. - Cuyahoga OH
Erbe, Garrett - St. Louis City MO
Ereeside, Edwin - New Castle DE
Erickson, Albin - Republic KS
Erickson, Gustaf - Worcester MA
Erickson, Joseph - Griggs ND
Erickson, Joseph G. - Marshall MN
Erkson, Albert S. - San Francisco CA
Ervin, Ross D. - Columbia PA
Erwin, Arthur - Barry MO
Erwin, Joseph A. - Ramsey MN
Erzfield, Martin A. - Perry MO
Escover, Carl W. - Cuyahoga OH
Escue, John - Crawford AR
Esenhuth, Fred - Columbiana OH
Eshman, Christopher J. - Bracken KY
Esker, John J. - Hudson NJ
Eskew, Paul K. - Simpson KY
Essex, John W. - Paulding OH
Esslin, Lionel H. - Wayne MI
Esterly, Chas. D. - Lehigh PA
Estes, Charles H. - Lincoln OK
Etshokin, Samuel - Cook IL
Eubanks, Willie D. - Richland LA
Eva, Harry D. - Ontonagon MI
Evanko, Michael - Madison IL
Evans, Eugene V. - Hettinger ND
Evans, Howard - New Castle DE
Evans, Joseph C. - Person NC
Evans, Samuel O. - Lincoln NE
Evans, William H. - Berrien MI
Evans, William J. - Oneida NY
Everett, Harvey O. - Kings NY
everhart, Odus N. - Tompkins NY
Everson, Ludwig L. - Jasper MO
Ewing, George W., Jr. - Baltimore MD
Ewing, Lewis R. - Baltimore MD
Ewing, Omer K. - Idaho ID
Eyler, Edgar J. - Baltimore MD
Eyler, William H. - Paulding OH
Eymon, Harold S. - Marion OH
Faddis, Elton - Knox OH
Fagan, Frank L. - Lancaster PA
Fair, Harry Wm. - Tuscarawaas OH
Fair, Nate D. - Miami OH
Fair, Wilford A. - Jackson MO
Fair, Wilford A. - Saline MO
Fairbanks, George F. - Barnes ND
Fairbrother, Jesse - Hampden MA
Fairbrother, Jesse - Hampshire MA
Fairchild, Helen - Northumberland PA
Fairchilds, Henry - Lincoln MS
Fales, Hugo W. - Ionia MI
Falke, Harold - Erie NY
Fall, Frank - Dallas IA
Fallon, Bernard - Crow Wing MN
Fallon, Hubert - Ramsey MN
Famuta, Joseph S. - Luzerne PA
Faris, Norman L. - El Paso CO
Farley, Garland - Allen IN
Farley, Garland - Crittenden KY
Farmer, Arthur - Kings NY
Farmer, Joseph T. - Westchester NY
Farmer, Theodore W. - Dougherty GA
Farnham, Frank N. - San Francisco CA
Farnum, Paul J. - Middlesex MA
Farrell, Guy C. - Oakland MI
Farrell, Michael F. - Luzerne PA
Farris, William H. - Pulaski AR
Farrow, Thomas - Bibb GA
Farup, Paul - Walsh ND
Farwell, George W. - Multnomah OR
Fasse, Albert - Du Page IL
Fatout, Ansel - Marion IN
Faughander, John F. - Washington MD
Faulkner, Earl M. - Los Angeles CA
Faulkner, Reubin - Lyon KY
Faust, Lawrence - Lagrange IN
Fawcett, William D. - New York NY
Fay, James A. - Suffolk MA
Fearey, Walter W. - Ontario NY
Feazel, Harvest G. - Union LA
Fedeck, John P. - Jackson MN
Fegely, Byron S. - Montgomery PA
Fehr, Anton C. - Kossuth IA
Feigl, Jefferson - New York NY
Feiner, Walter - Essex NJ
Feit, Roy J. - Whitley IN
Feldman, Charles A. - McLeod MN
Feldman, Jacob - Camden NJ
Feldman, Joseph E. - New York NY
Felix, Ralph L. - Plymouth MA
Fellman, Alphonse J. - Leavenworth KS
Fellows, Oliver S. - Los Angeles CA
Felmy, Michael F. - Lycoming PA
Feltham, John H. - Hartford CT
Felton, Horace E. - Pontotoc OK
Fendel, George - Daviess KY
Fenouillet, Lucien J. - Kings NY
Fenstamaker, George E. - Lycoming PA
Ferguson, Clarence P. - Bucks PA
Ferguson, Floyd E. - Black Hawk IA
Ferguson, Francis M. - Tompkins NY
Ferguson, Franklin M.B. - Worcester MA
Ferguson, Leroy - Hamilton OH
Ferguson, Lester F. - Marion AL
Ferguson, Ralph - Fulton IL
Ferguson, William C. - Benton AR
Ferko, John G. - Luzerne PA
Ferner, Staurt P. - Cambria PA
Ferrara, Louis Joseph - Orleans LA
Ferrell, John T. - Benton AR
Ferrill, Edward Washington - St. Louis City MO
Ferrino, Peter - Essex NJ
Ferris, James - Rensselaer NY
Ferson, Edward John - Suffolk MA
Fessenden, Fay F. - McKean PA
Fetting, Albert F. - Saginaw MI
Fickenscher, Edgar E. - Erie NY
Field, Carey M. - Fergus MT
Fielding, Albert Chestine - Sedwick KS
Fielding, Donald M. - Union NJ
Fielding, Lawrence W. - Essex MA
Fields, Clarence - Boyd KY
Fields, Henry - Cook IL
Fifield, Henry A. - Grafton NH
Figoli, Florian - Bergen NJ
Files, Daniel C. - White IL
Filipi, Joseph - Linn IA
Finch, Robert B. - Clearfield PA
Fine, Abraham - Essex MA
Fine, Samuel N. - New Madrid MO
Finerty, Thomas A., Jr. - Los Angeles CA
Fingerman, Robert M. - Bronx NY
Finley, Jas. C. - Kings NY
Finn, Ernest E. - Simpson KY
Finn, Henry - Ward ND
Finn, Philip S. - Kings NY
Finn, Thomas J. - Middlesex MA
Finn, William J. - Erie NY
Finnell, Rufus T. - Nez Perce ID
Finney, Edward C. - Fresno CA
Finney, Edward C. - Los Angeles CA
Finnigan, Gerald Robert - Denver CO
Finnis, Lathere - Catahoula LA
Fiori, Saraphin - Passaic NJ
Fischer, Albert G. - DC
Fischer, Everett L. - Saline MO
Fischer, Henry J. - Schoolcraft MI
Fischer, Herman H. - Nuckolls NE
Fischer, John - Carroll IA
Fischer, Richard A. - Cook IL
Fish, Arthur G. - Cook IL
Fish, clarence Edgar - Fulton NY
Fish, Gerald E. - Cimarron OK
Fisher, Albert W. - Coal OK
Fisher, Benj. E. - Lane OR
Fisher, Frank J. - Wyandotte KS
Fisher, Fred F. - Portage OH
Fisher, George - Jefferson KY
Fisher, James Edw. - Franklin OH
Fisher, Wallace - Middlesex MA
Fiske, Olaf - Richland ND
Fite, Marion C. - Marion IN
Fitzgerald, Harry M. - Essex NY
Fitzgerald, Howard T. - Hampden MA
Fitzgerald, Thomas E. - Saratoga NY
Fitzhenry, Lewis F. - Middlesex MA
Fitzpatrick, Cornelius P. - Kings NY
Fitzpatrick, Raymond J. - Queens NY
Fitzpatrick, William D. - New York NY
Fitzsimmons, James E. - Fairfield CT
Fitzsimmons, William T. - Jackson MO
Fixer, Charles R. - Litchfield CT
Fixler, Joseph H. - Medina OH
Flack, Clark W. - Seneca OH
Fladhammer, Alfred - Goodhue MN
Flaherty, Christopher - New Haven CT
Flanagan, Charles A. - Middlesex MA
Flanary, Oliver H. - Pike KY
Flanders, Avon D. - Penobscot ME
Flansburg, Warren - Onondaga NY
Flatner, Lawrence M. - Stevens MN
Flato, Walter C. - New York NY
Flegal, Ferman V. - Clearfield PA
Fleischer, George W. - Lake IN
Fleischhaueer, Walter - Washington OR
Fleming, Dayton - Hunterdon NJ
Fleming, Isaac L. - Nevada CA
Fleming, Laurence E. - Coffey KS
Flesche, Carroll - Traill ND
Flessner, Henry W. - Lyon IA
Fletcher, Walter A. - Chemung NY
Fletcher, Ernest A. - Madison KY
Fletcher, Eugene - Jefferson AL
Fletcher, Floyd L. - Saline KS
Fletcher, Leo C. - Bradford PA
Fletcher, Robert O. - New London CT
Fletcher, Warren H. - McLean IL
Flibbert, Henry - Worcester MA
Flick, Andrew J. - Passaic NJ
Fligg, Roy W. - Morgan IL
Flock, Edward - Erie NY
Flood, John J. - Bronx NY
Flood, William H. - Los Angeles CA
Flores, Dave J. - Natchitoches LA
Flores, Teno - San Bernarding CA
Florian, Frederick W., Jr. - Erie NY
Florman, Alfred C. - Greene IA
Floyd, Francis H. - Union MS
Floyd, Tally L. - Henry AL
Flynn, Dennis T. - Livingston IL
Flynn, George M. - Plymouth MA
Flynn, James B. - Cayuga NY
Flynn, John K. - Ontario NY
Flynn, John P. - Crawford PA
Flynn, William J. - Suffolk MA
Focht, William J. - Poweshiek IA
Fockler, Charles H. - Defiance OH
Fogg, Cecil W. - Suffolk MA
Fogle, Harry - Sangamon IL
Foley, John A. - Queens NY
Folgero, Obed H. - Story IA
Folk, Charles A. - Berks PA
Foltz, Lester - Riley KS
Foote, Carl L. - Broome NY
Foote, Eugene E. - Richmond NY
Forbach, Richard Frank - Erie NY
Forbes, Earl - Fillmore NE
Forbes, Eugene F. - Amador CA
Forbes, Guy R. - Hennepin MN
Forbes, John B. - East Feliciana LA
Forbes, Wm. H. - Cook IL
Forbes, Wm. H. - Wayne IL
Ford, Allen D. - Washtenaw MI
Ford, Dennis J. - Kings NY
Ford, Dwight - Denver CO
Ford, Eugene - Kiowa CO
Ford, George S. - Onondaga NY
Foreman, Adolphus G. - Roosevelt NM
Forget, William J. - Worcester MA
Forman, Geo. I., Jr. - Los Angeles CA
Forman, Lewis - Mercer NJ
Forster, Harold R. - Wayne MI
Forsyth, Donald - Summit OH
Forsythe, Albert L. - Custer OK
Forth, Herman J. - Wayne IL
Fortin, Archie J. - Fairfield CT
Foss, Harry A. - Houston MN
Foss, Saxton C. - Middlesex MA
Fosster, Howard T. - Lackawanna PA
Fossum, William T. - Hennepin MN
Foster, Leonard J. - Columbia NY
Foster, Alfred E. - Sumner KS
Foster, Alfred J. - Alameda CA
Foster, Bryan E. - Lenawee MI
Foster, John - Queens NY
Foster, Joseph P. - Montgomery PA
Foster, Lawrence W. - Norfolk MA
Foster, Lee M. - Allegheny PA
Foster, Robert A. - Kings NY
Foster, Robert L. - Fayette IA
Foster, Roland M. - Cook IL
Foulk, William S. - Kingman KS
Fountain, Elmer - Pueblo CO
Fountain, Roger G. - Blaine NE
Fountain, William F. - Hillsborough NH
Fournier, Louis - Hillsborough NH
Fournier, Walter J. - Allegheny PA
Fowler, Ira J. - De Soto FL
Fowler, James T. - Fayette AL
Fox, Arthur Edward - Warren OH
Fox, Jasper N. - Howard IN
Fox, John A. - Mercer NJ
Fox, Joseph F. - Le Sueur MN
Fox, Raymond F. - Erie NY
Fox, Robert - Wayne IN
Fox, Wilbur F. - Sioux IA
Foy, John L. - Bristol MA
Foy, Martin D. - Essex NJ
Foye, Sydney F. - Waldo ME
Fraas, Frank X. - Jackson MO
Frahm, August L. - Crawford IA
Fraizer, Houston E. - Warren KY
France, Charles C. - Lancaster PA
Francesco, John - Cook IL
Francis, Avery V. - Marion OH
Francis, Benjamin T. - Middlesex MA
Francisco, Peter - Bureau IL
Franek, Lewis - Colfax NE
Franey, John - Monroe NY
Frank, Harry J. - Cuyahoga OH
Frank, John W. - Los Angeles CA
Franklin, Albert L. - Chemung NY
Franklin, James A. - Caldwell MO
Franklin, Joseph W. - Chilton AL
Franklin, Walter H. - Hennepin MN
Frankllin, Oscar - Jackson FL
Frankowicz, Joseph L. - Cook IL
Franks, John - Lucas OH
Frantz, Hugh H. - Columbiana OH
Franzblau, Edward W. - Middlesex NJ
Fraser, Arthur D. - Douglas MN
Fraser, Stuart, Jr. - Erie NY
Fraser, Walter W. - Oakland MI
Frawley, Arthur L. - Kings NY
Fray, Fernander - Allegheny PA
Frazier, Aaron - Montgomery MS
Freant, Heavrin - Marion IL
Frederich, John C. - St. Clair IL
Frederick, Charles A. - Madison IL
Frederiksen, August C. - Redwood MN
Fredland, Nestor L. - Ashtabula OH
Freeberg, Harry T. - Denver CO
Freedman, Isaac N. - Bronx NY
Freeman, Clare Laurence - Tompkins NY
Freeman, Clyde Allen - Gasconade MO
Freeman, Clyde W. - Washita OK
Freeman, Fred - Sumter GA
Freeman, Fred - Wilcox GA
Freer, Arthur R. - Baldwin AL
Freese, Frederick L. - Westchester NY
Fregien, John - McIntosh ND
Frehse, Charles J. - Allegan MI
Freiberger, Frank E. - Callaway MO
French, Arthur - Summit OH
French, Charles O. - Worcester MA
Fretts, Charles A. - Fayette PA
Freyler, Victor H. - Powell MT
Fricker, Luther P. - Harford MD
Friedle, Lada - Cuyahoga OH
Friedman, David - Hartford CT
Friedman, David - Chatham GA
Frierson, George M. - Chatham GA
Frink, Edward C. - Macomb MI
Frisk, Elmer L. - Jefferson ID
Frisse, Theodore G. - Madison IL
Fritz, George - Sacramento CA
Fritz, George W. - Berks PA
Fritz, Herman C. - Columbia PA
Fritz, Louis Henry - Cuyahoga OH
Fromm, John P. - Rockland NY
Fronk, Earl F. - Bracken KY
Frost, Frank H. - Worcester MA
Frostholm, Jens H. - Worcester MA
Fry, Mack - Dooly GA
Frye, Dean B. - Plymouth MA
Fuerst, Harry E. - Hampden MA
Fulco, Dominic - Bay MI
Fulghum, Henry Edgar - Fulton GA
Fulkerson, Burnie - Vanderburg IN
Fulkrod, Samuel E. - Lycoming PA
Fuller, Andrew A. - Essex MA
Fuller, Ellis F. - Suwanner FL
Fuller, Harry H. - Wabasha MN
Fuller, Joe - Kiowa CO
Fuller, John - Sequoyah OK
Fuller, Kenneth E. - Rockingham NH
Fuller, Leonard B. - Fairfield CT
Fuller, Monty C. - Bryan OK
Fuller, Roy H. - Durham NC
Fulton, Arthur - Cambria PA
Fulton, Frank - Blair PA
Fulton, Harry G. - Cook IL
Fulton, Hugh B. - Alameda CA
Funderburk, Silas H. - Latimer OK
Funk, Calvin T. - Lane OR
Funke, Hugo J. - Idaho ID
Furch, John H. - Alameda CA
Furey, Patsey - Fayette PA
Fursman, Edgar Luyster - Washington NY
Gaawne, John - Cook IL
Gabbert, Clarence A. - Jefferson KY
Gabriel, James - Athens OH
Gaffney, James C. - Queens NY
Gage, Louis P. - Litchfield CT
Gagen, Leo D. - Los Angeles CA
Gaghan, Joseph J. - Northumberland PA
Gagnon, Armand A. - Worcester MA
Gaillac, Emile B. - Suffolk MA
Gaillard, Oscar - Bergen NJ
Galante, Jos - Hennepin MN
Gale, James L: - Sacramento CA
Gale, Roy - Kent MI
Gall, Michael - Allegheny PA
Gallagan, Barney J. - Hennepin MN
Gallagher, Alex - Passaic NJ
Gallagher, Bryan L. - Queens NY
Gallagher, Charles H. - Tompkins NY
Gallagher, George - Kings NY
Gallagher, James G. - Essex MA
Gallagher, Thomas P. - Schenectady NY
Gallagher, William - St. Francois MO
Gallagher, William - Albany NY
Gallagher, William P. - Allen OH
Gallant, Joseph - Bristol MA
Gallas, Oscar J. - Allegheny PA
Gallegos, Cosme - San Miguel NM
Gallie, George W. - Essex NJ
Galloway, Louis - St. Charles MO
Gallup, Harley Berton - Hettinger ND
Galusha, Niles H. - Cochise AZ
Galwey, Thomas F. - New York NY
Games, Alfred H. - Dade MO
Gammell, Warren S. - Lac Qui Parle MN
Gampp, Raymond E. - Cattaraugus NY
Gannon, Robert Brown - Kings NY
Gano, Harley P. - Washington KS
Gansloser, Frank A. - Cook IL
Garbaden, Hugo - Passaic NJ
Garcia, Delfido - Saguache CO
Gard, Frank J. - Los Angeles CA
Gardella, John - Kings NY
Gardewine, Raymons - Kane IL
Gardinier, Roy D. - Delaware NY
Gardner, Alexander M. - Kings NY
Gardner, Clarence R. - Perry OH
Gardner, Clarence R. - Summit OH
Gardner, Grover A. - Mercer NJ
Gardner, James C. - Clackaman OR
Gardner, James E. - Marion OR
Gardner, John L. - Richmond NY
Gardner, Paul A. - New York NY
Gardner, Richard A. - Westchester NY
Garland, Francis E. - Cook IL
Garman, Robert H. - Perry PA
Garner, Basil E. - Anne Arundel MD
Garner, Herbert F. - Summit OH
Garner, William L. - Seward NE
Garretson, Jesse E. - Hitchcock NE
Garrett, Edward L. - Jefferson KY
Garretty, Charles L. - Santa Cruz CA
Garrison, Andrew A. - Denver CO
Garrison, Frederick A. - Dutchess NY
Garrison, George E. - Carroll IN
Garrison, John Newton - Denver CO
Garrison, Lee - Newton AR
Garrison, Thomas J. - Boone KY
Garrity, John B.J. - New York NY
Garry, Thomas - Nassau NY
Garvin, James S. - Litchfield CT
Garwood, Roy F. - Rowan NC
Gary, John C. - Christian KY
Gaskill, David N. - Worcester MA
Gass, Delbert - Montgomery IL
Gastenveld, George J. - Hamilton OH
Gates, Austin J. - Granite MT
Gates, Chester - Rush KS
Gates, Herman - Montgomery OH
Gatrell, Clarence R. - Ramsey MN
Gatto, Peter - Contra Costa CA
Gatton, Cyrus J. - Lake of the Woods MN
Gaugher, Harvey N. - Montgomery PA
Gause, Claire E. - Coshocton OH
Gauthier, Albert - Houghton MI
Gautsche, Lee - Cavalier ND
Gauvin, John B. - Penobscot ME
Gavain, Thomas - Suffolk MA
Gay, Marvin - Tuscaloosa AL
Geake, Thomas R. - Northampton PA
Gean, Henry - Butler MO
Geary, John L. - Oklahoma OK
Gebele, Charles E. - Mercer OH
Gebert, Charles J., Jr. - Mercer NJ
Gebert, Charles J., Jr. - Onondaga NY
Geddes, Alfred - Essex NJ
Geeting, Gordon J. - Cook IL
Geffert, Williiam H. - Du Page IL
Gegenheimer, Philipp - Kings NY
Gehlea, George W. - Kings NY
Gehring, William F. - Baltimore MD
Geib, Adolph - Camden NJ
Geiger, George P. - Cheshire NH
Geisinger, George C. - Sheridan KS
Gelhaus, Cletus J. - Hardin OH
Geller, Samuel - New York NY
Gelonee, Albert H. - Genesee NY
Gelsinger, Fred E. - Fayette IL
Gemble, James - Christian KY
Gendron, Arthur J. - Oneida NY
Genetzka, August - Berrien MI
Genter, Elmer - Broome NY
Gentry, Will - St. Louis City MO
George, Frank W. - Indiana PA
George, Ray E. - Judith Basin MT
George, Wilson D. - Frankllin PA
Georger, Arthur M. - Erie NY
Gerbert, Linford - Montgomery PA
Gerhke, Paul - McHenry IL
Germain, Charles E. - Nassau NY
Germain, Henry - Middlesex MA
Germond, Alfred T. - New York NY
Gernand, Charles - Bergen NJ
Gerner, Henry J. - Queens NY
Gernert, Edward R. - Allegheny PA
Gerred, Ralph E. - Ingham MI
Gerrior, Arnold B. - Middlesex MA
Gerritson, Lee A. - Bradford PA
Gerry, Edmund Sheldon - Ventura CA
Gersch, George - New York NY
Gerve, Christopher - Lackawanna PA
Gery, Edward E. - Berks PA
Gettys, Lloyd W. - Adair IA
Getz, Leo J. - Wayne MI
Getz, Peter D. - Multnomah OR
Giano, Michael - New York NY
Gibeault, Arthur - Bristol MA
Gibson, Edw. B. - Wayne MI
Gibson, Henry Florence - Monroe NY
Gibson, Linzy - Sumter GA
Giddings, Homer M. - Marion IN
Gies, Walter E. - Erie NY
Gietzen, William F. - Macomb MI
Gilardi, Jaspre - Cook IL
Gilbert, Carl L. - Trumbull OH
Gilbert, Cornelius A. - Alameda CA
Gilbert, Noble H. - Bucks PA
Gilbert, Raymond C. - Worcester MA
Gilbert, William C. - Missoula MT
Gilbertson, Arthur S. - Steele MN
Gildehaus, Joseph - St. Louis City MO
Gildemeister, Herbert E. - Cook IL
Gilfoyle, Martin E. - St. Louis City MO
Gilkey, Elmer - Wayne NY
Gill, Dominick - Hudson NJ
Gill, Glenn E. - Osage KS
Gill, Robert S. - Crawford PA
Gillen, Carl E. - Cook IL
Gillen, Glenn C. - Montgomery KS
Gillespie, Samuel A. - Erie PA
Gillespie, William L. - Allen IN
Gilley, Ezra A. - De Kalb AL
Gilligan, Edw. - New York NY
Gilmore, Archie L. - Daniels MT
Gilson, Geo. W. - Multnomah OR
Gilts, Dan - Paulding OH
Gilyard, Jim - Muskogee OK
Gimblett, James H. - Los Angeles CA
Ging, Maurice Francis - Kings NY
Gingras, Arthur J. - New Haven CT
Gingrich, Russel A. - Miami OH
Ginsburg, Benjamin J. - Essex MA
Gintraw, Henry - Montgomery AL
Gipson, Harry M. - Penobscot ME
Giraard, Earl - Fulton IL
Girard, Albert H. - Columbiana OH
Girard, John F. - Ionia MI
Gitchell, Leonard C. - Los Angeles CA
Given, Joseph - Queens NY
Givens, John R. - Baldwin AL
Givens, Lloyd B. - Cotton OK
Glackman, George - Shelby IN
Gladstone, Harold M. - Kings NY
Glanzel, Carl A. - Wayne NY
Glaspey, Rexford Mason - Cumberland NJ
Glasser, Fred - Queens NY
Glazebrook, Harley - Franklin IL
Gleason, Carl B. - Middlesex MA
Glenn, Robert O. - Canyon ID
Glennon, James J. - Suffolk MA
Glick, Frank Lewis - Marshall IA
Glick, Vernon R. - Livingston MO
Gochenauer, Wm. R. - Frankllin PA
Godbersen, Herman - Douglas NE
Goddard, Stimson W. - St. Louis City MO
Godshalk, Albert F. - Northampton PA
Goebel, George Franklin - Jackson MI
Goebel, George Franklin - Kent MI
Goetz, Helmuth A. - Renville MN
Goetz, John A. - Kalamazoo MI
Goetzinger, Wm. - Macomb MI
Goff, Elmer E. - San Diego CA
Gokey, Harvey R. - Worcester MA
Goldberg, Alex - Allegheny PA
Goldberg, David - New York NY
Goldberg, Myer - Cuyahoga OH
Goldcamp, Frank J. - Lawrence OH
Golden, Horace F. - Dawson NE
Golden, Morea - Dade FL
Goldfarb, Harry - Los Angeles CA
Goldhahn, Henry L. - Todd MN
Goldie, roy C - Los Angeles CA
Goldman, Abraham - Suffolk MA
Goldner, John H. - Tuscarawaas OH
Goldsmith, Carl - Fulton GA
Goldthorpe, James E. - Montgomery NY
Golly, Freely E. - Polk IA
Golly, Freely E. - Story IA
Golson, Carl E. - Geauga OH
Goltz, Herman F. - Brown MN
Gondeck, Frank E. - Wayne MI
Gonder, Amos R. - Essex NJ
Gonser, Wayne W. - Steuben IN
Gonzales, Nick - Pointe Coupee LA
Gonzales, Silvio - Bernalillo NM
Good, Emmett - Paulding OH
Good, Frankllin E. - Monroe MI
Good, Irl - La Moure ND
Good, Raymond W. - Bucks PA
Good, Walter C. - Lancaster PA
Goodall, Grover - Mercer PA
Goodell, Clarence J. - Los Angeles CA
Goodge, Clarence P. - Mahoning OH
Goodian, Frank E. - Niagara NY
Gooding, Arthur J. - Westchester NY
Goodwin, Hollis R. - Daviess IN
Goodwin, James D. - Jackson MO
Goodwin, John Fraas - Queens NY
Goodwin, Raymond B. - Clinton OH
Goodwin, William T. - St. Clair IL
Goodykoontz, Robert E. - Franklin OH
Goolsby, Eulie Thurston - Richmond GA
Goomsey, Isaac, Jr. - Trumbull OH
Gorczynski, Joseph - Kings NY
Gorden, Freddie - Seminole OK
Gorder, Arthur N. - Bottineau ND
Gordon, Frank A. - Los Angeles CA
Gordon, Carl - Hancock OH
Gordon, Jefferson - Washington MD
Gordon, Murray - New York NY
Gordon, Robert Fullerton - Alameda CA
Gore, Bery - Mayes OK
Gorey, Francis L. - Plymouth MA
Gorgen, Peter - Cook IL
Gorman, James J. - Lake IL
Goss, Arthur F. - Kings NY
Gossi, Thomas - Adams ID
Gossie, Vincent P. - Wayne MI
Gostin, Harry - Kings NY
Gotschall, Howard - Chautauqua KS
Goudy, Francis Boyd - Redwood MN
Gouin, Philip G. - Schoolcraft MI
Goulart, Walter - Bristol MA
Gould, Harold E. - Volusia FL
Gourd, Charley - Morrison MN
Gourley, Robert Clark - Lucas OH
Govan, Edgar R. - Barbour AL
Gowing, Frank - Jefferson NY
Grady, Edward J. - Merrimack NH
Grady, Harry L. - Morgan IL
Grady, James Wilbert - Cuyahoga OH
Grady, Vivian G. - Middlesex NJ
Grady, Willie E. - Kemper MS
Graham, Charles Duane - Carroll OH
Graham, Frank E. - Benton AR
Graham, Frank L. - Washita OK
Graham, Howard G. - Keyapaha NE
Graham, Howard s. - Black Hawk IA
Graham, Joseph M. - Coshocton OH
Graham, Walter J. - Williams OH
Graham, Wilber E. - Frederick MD
Graham, William Curtis - Clarke MS
Graillo, Biaggio - Kings NY
Grant, Charley C. - Whitfield GA
Grant, David S. - Buncombe NC
Grant, Ervin F. - McLean IL
Grant, Frank - Cook IL
Grapentine, Frederick - Oswego NY
Grapes, Fred J. - Westchester NY
Grauer, Shipton G. - Berks PA
Gravell, Louis J. - Crow Wing MN
Graves, Irving L. - Benton MN
Gray, Bertram - Yavapai AZ
Gray, Ernest E. - Etowah AL
Gray, Granville - Gage NE
Gray, Harry E. - Cherokee KS
Gray, John T. - Kings NY
Gray, LeRoy S. - Scott IA
Gray, Perry H. - Tuscarawaas OH
Gray, Schuyler - Trigg KY
Grayson, James W. - Essex MA
Grayson, Oliver O. - Alameda CA
Grazer, Rollo Houston - Multnomah OR
Greeley, Thomas - McLain OK
Green, Alvis Wade - Ada ID
Green, Carl W. - Jennings IN
Green, Donald E. - Kent MI
Green, Henry - Cook IL
Green, Henry - Union OH
Green, Hubert M. - Montgomery NC
Green, James F. - Woodward OK
Green, Jasper S. - Canyon ID
Green, John M. - Schuyler IL
Green, Richard J. - Contra Costa CA
Green, Walter - Stewart GA
Greene, Arch - Marion MO
Greene, Calvin W. - New York NY
Greene, Edward V. - Monroe NY
Greene, Gardner - Lowndes GA
Greene, George F. - Norfolk MA
Greene, Logan B. - Los Angeles CA
Greene, William G. - Suffolk MA
Greenfield, John - New York NY
Greenlaw, Walter L. - New Haven CT
Greenspan, Harry - Westchester NY
Greenwood, William F. - Middlesex MA
Greer, Harold C. - Montgomery AL
Greer, William Henry - Colquitt GA
Greggs, Willie - DC
Gregoire, Joseph A. - St. Mary LA
Gregory, Thurman M. - Pasquotank NC
Griep, Jacob H. - Bergen NJ
Grier, John M. - Lycoming PA
Grieshaber, Otis J. - Twin Falls ID
Griffeth, George - Madison GA
Griffin, Louis J. - Wayne NY
Griffin, Norman e. - Los Angeles CA
Griffin, Ray - Brown IN
Griffin, Sam - Tangipahoa LA
Griffith, James T. - Mobile AL
Griffiths, Arthur - Allegheny PA
Griffiths, Joseph R. - Cochise AZ
Griffiths, Samuel S - Allegheny PA
Griffitts, Sherman - Greenup KY
Griffy, Claude M. - Clay IN
Grififn, Harry J. - St. Francois MO
Grigg, Fred W. - Los Angeles CA
Griggs, Floyd E. - Marshall IA
Griggs, Roy H. - Belknap NH
Grigsby, Lawrence E. - Craig OK
Grillo, Dominick - Lackawanna PA
Grimes, Scott L. - Dodge NE
Grimes, Theodore - Ross OH
Grimes, Walter E. - Cook IL
Grimmeiss, John A. - Douglas NE
Grinnon, Frank V. - New York NY
Grisard, John J. - Cook IL
Griscallia, Stiney - Vermilion IL
Grissom, Curtiss Faarris - Los Angeles CA
Gritton, John F. - Hamilton IL
Gritzback, George - New Haven CT
Groff, Roscoe R. - Richland IL
Groff, Willard H. - Bergen NJ
Grogan, Frank A. - Kings NY
Grondal, Magnus - Pope MN
Groogan, Earl J. - Alameda CA
Grooms, Denver L. - Riverside CA
Gross, Cassius C. - Hudson NJ
Gross, Charles J., Jr. - Dawson GA
Gross, Peter J. - Jefferson OH
Grosse, Edmund P. - Hennepin MN
Grossman, Homer - Cuyahoga OH
Grossman, Samuel - Kings NY
Grotevant, Earl E. - Los Angeles CA
Grove, Alvin W. - Dauphin PA
Grover, George O. - Somerset ME
Grover, James S. - Benton AR
Grover, Otto L. - Delaware OK
Grover, Ralph E. - Hillsdale MI
Growe, Harold M. - Ontario NY
Gruba, Pete - Greene NY
Grubb, John F. - Guthrie IA
Grubb, William Taylor - Sacramento CA
Gruber, Oscar H. - Atlantic NJ
Guaudette, George J. - Hartford CT
Guerry, Theodore LeGrande - Macon GA
Guess, Frederick W. - Lucas OH
Guest, Donald A. - Berrien MI
Guffey, James - Fulton GA
Guffey, John D. - Latimer OK
Guin, William A. - San Bernarding CA
Guiney, Duncan Q. - Westchester NY
Gulbranson, Albert - McLeod MN
Gulliksen, Harry - Kings NY
Gully, Frederick G. - Queens NY
Gunderson, Martin - Leelanau MI
Gunnard, Thomas C. - Rockingham NH
Gunstanson, Ola - Jefferson OK
Gunthner, Charles - Queens NY
Gurtler, George, Jr. - Saratoga NY
Gurtler, William - Saratoga NY
Gurzynski, Henry G. - Erie NY
Gusler, Paul P. - Paulding OH
Gustafsen, Benjamin - Kings NY
Gustafson, Carl R. B. - San Joaquin CA
Gustafson, David A. - Marshall MN
Gustafson, Richard C. - Osage KS
Gustine, Clyde - Clay MO
Gustofson, Robt. H. - St. Louis MN
Guthrie, William J. B. - Hillsborough NH
Gutirrez, Cabino - Otero CO
Gutshall, John G. - Cumberland PA
Guy, Wm. J. - Turner GA
Guylefuss, Burton B. - Orange NY
Gwinner, William J. - Ellsworth KS