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American Military Causalities of World War 1
Names starting with H, I, J & K

Pilgrimage for the Mothers and Widows of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines of the American Forces Now Interred in the Cemeteries of Europe published in 1930 by the GPO.

The scan to the right explains the effort by the U S government to send the widows and mothers of servicemen buried in Europe during WW1 on a pilgrimage to visit the grave in 1930.

The actual entries in the book show the name of the wife or mother, the name of the deceased, their rank, their unit, the cemetery name and if the woman wanted to make the pilgrimage.

We have indexed the book by the name of the deceased service person (some were women) not by the names of the mothers or widows, so some service people are listed 2 times, once for the mother and once for the widow. (The county name shown in the table below is for the mother or widow.)

At this time we only have about 80% of the book indexed, if you would like to be notified when we add the other names, send an email to bruce@itwasprinted.com and let me know.

Explanation of the pilgrimage program:

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Sample Entries from the book:

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H, I, J & K  Last Names - County & ST

Haag, James I. - Bradford PA
Haas, Christian H. - Pueblo CO
Haas, Joseph - Shiawassee MI
Haas, Leo - Bronx NY
Haase, Garbrand H. - Carroll IA
Haawkins, Claude - Okfuskee OK
Hack, William J. - Wayne MI
Hack, Wm. J. - Monroe MI
Hackett, Harry E. - Cook IL
Hackman, Edward G. - Peoria IL
Hadcock, Frank W. - Herkimer NY
Haddix, Harry - Vigo IN
Haddock, Delphie - Alcorn MS
Hadley, Ross T. - Jackson MO
Hagadorn, Alice - Saratoga NY
Hageman, Harry D. - Leavenworth KS
Hagen, Goerge C. - Waseca MN
Hagen, Louis C. - Butte CA
Hagler, Jesse - Jackson FL
Hahne, Fred E. - Franklin MO
Haile, John Jacob - Suffolk NY
Hajek, Rudolph J. - Grundy IL
Hakes, Burt D. - Cattaraugus NY
Hale, Cas C. - Osage OK
Hale, Charles Cunningham - Morgan OH
Hall, Albert - Butler AL
Hall, Arnold D. - Lackawanna PA
Hall, Coral - Edgar IL
Hall, Cuit R. - Oregon MO
Hall, Emmet C. - Pinal AZ
Hall, Fred A. - Santa Clara CA
Hall, Gabe McC - Prentiss MS
Hall, George W. - Dooly GA
Hall, George W. - Lenawee MI
Hall, Glen L. - Calhoun MI
Hall, Henry B. - Breckinridge KY
Hall, Howaard E. J. - Onondaga NY
Hall, Jesse - Bullock AL
Hall, John T. - Sangamon IL
Hall, Raymond Spencer - Herkimer NY
Hall, Reuben C. - Stephens OK
Hall, Silas B. - Monmouth NJ
Hall, Washington - Holmes FL
Hallberg, Charles J. - Kings NY
Haller, Richard W. - Cooper MO
Hallisey, John T. - Essex MA
Halsteead, Harold Norman - Somerset NJ
Halterman, Herbert - Piatt IL
Halvarson, Odean H. - Pope MN
Hamel, Alfred R. - Cumberland ME
Hamel, Alfred R. - Atlantic NJ
Hamil, Lester D. - Leavenworth KS
Hamill, Hugh H. - Marion OR
Hamilton, Douglas O - San Francisco CA
Hamilton, Ervin V. - Burlington NJ
Hamilton, Frank Lee - St. Clair MI
Hamilton, James - DC
Hamilton, James - Essex NJ
Hamilton, James G - Denver CO
Hamilton, Joseph A. - Nance NE
Hamilton, Joseph E. - Pope AR
Hamm, Anthony J. - Kings NY
Hamm, Arthur Ellis - New York NY
Hamm, August - Parke IN
Hammel, Howard P. - Los Angeles CA
Hammelef, Hervey - Wayne MI
Hammell, Clarence H. - San Francisco CA
Hammett, Walter - Franklin IL
Hammond, Charles F., Jr. - Suffolk MA
Hammond, Mervin F. - Lake OR
Hammond, York E. - Clackaman OR
Hampton, Elwood - Johnson KY
Hampton, William C. - Monmouth NJ
Hamre, Eivind L. - Winneshiek IA
Hana, Monsor - Cuyahoga OH
Hanawalt, James H. - Polk IA
Hand, John Phillip - Miami KS
Hand, Walter C. - San Joaquin CA
Handy, Leslie B. - St. Joseph MI
Hanel, Simon E. - Isabella MI
Haner, Noah - Shelby OH
Hanes, George Minor - Wagoner OK
Hanes, Verner - Lagrange IN
Hanford, Benard B. - St. Louis MN
Hanford, Robert C. - Union NJ
Hankins, Dan P. - Keith NE
Hankins, Walter - Le Sueur MN
Hankinson, Isaac O. - Hocking OH
Hanks, Peter A. - Powder River MT
Hanley, John W. - Essex NJ
Hanley, Michael C. - Blair PA
Hanley, Mike - Mahoning OH
Hanlon, Patrick L. - Calhoun MI
Hanly, William Joseph - Alameda CA
Hanmer, John L. - Jasper MO
Hanna, Mark - Cook IL
Hannah, John W. - Lafayette MO
Hanner, Carter C. - Payne OK
Hanover, LeRoy - Crawford IN
Hanrahan, Gray - Fairfield CT
Hanrahan, Louis C. - Hartford CT
Hansa, Frank - Richmond NY
Hansen, Arvid L. - Jefferson CO
Hansen, Elmer Celious - Rock Island IL
Hansen, George - Black Hawk IA
Hansen, George A. - Carlton MN
Hansen, Holger A. - Clinton IA
Hansen, Paul A. - Cook IL
Hansen, Rueben - Lincoln MN
Hansen, Walter E. - Kings NY
Hansley, Lester - Queens NY
Hanson, James O. - Barnes ND
Hanson, Nick - Crow Wing MN
Harbaum, John - Butler OH
Harbin, Abel - Greene IN
Harden, Grady - Lamar GA
Harden, Lawrence H. - Labette KS
Harden, William H. - Cumberland NJ
Harder, Grover - Sevier AR
Harder, Howard C. - Wyoming NY
Harder, Willis F. - Columbia NY
Hardgrove, Goldsmith H. - Queens NY
Hardick, Jesse F. - Shiawassee MI
Hardiman, Howard Herman - Gibson IN
Hardin, Amon - Whitfield GA
Harding, Arthur - Lackawanna PA
Harding, Floyd - Bay MI
Harding, William - Lackawanna PA
Hardy, John C. - Kings NY
Hardy, John C. - Queens NY
Hardy, Sabra Regine - Wadena MN
Hardy, Walter - Hubbard MN
Hardy, Wyatt H. - Heard GA
Hare, William E. - Montgomery PA
Haring, Arthur M. - Ada ID
Haring, Morris C. - Essex NJ
Harkcom, John A. - Lancaster PA
Harkins, Hiram J. - Erie NY
Harkins, Thomas E. - Mobile AL
Harld, Pete T. - Vanderburg IN
Harlow, Carleton T. - Barnstable MA
Harman, James Nelson - Wayne NY
Harman, John D. - Los Angeles CA
Harmer, Tony F. - Montgomery IL
Harmon, Albert H. - Vermilion IL
Harmon, Frederick A. - Bristol MA
Harness, Wendell P. - El Paso CO
Harpell, Carroll D. - Norfolk MA
Harper, Frank S. - Union NJ
Harper, Harry - Marin CA
Harper, Milton James - Douglas OR
Harper, Orville S - Los Angeles CA
Harper, Richard J. S. - Alameda CA
Harpham, Bert - Baker OR
Harrah, William H. - Jackson MO
Harrigan, Lawrence - Jefferson NY
Harrigan, Thomas P. - Suffolk NY
Harrington, Guy O. - Delaware IA
Harris, Albert L. - Johnston OK
Harris, Andrew - Chickasaw MS
Harris, Bernard J. - Kings NY
Harris, Clarence E. - Richland OH
Harris, Clifford Oscar - Multnomah OR
Harris, Dean - Box Butte NE
Harris, Erwin R. - New York NY
Harris, Jack - Jackson MO
Harris, Paul H. - Elmore AL
Harris, Perry L. - Siskiyou CA
Harris, Raymond W. - Fairfield CT
Harris, Russell S. - Salem NJ
Harris, Sandy - Montgomery NC
Harris, Taylor - Elmore AL
Harris, Will - Madison LA
Harris, William - Rapides LA
Harris, William R. - Meigs OH
Harrison, George W. - Caddo OK
Harrison, Walter L. - Marion KY
Harriss, Frank W. - Los Angeles CA
Harrouf, Homer W. - Jackson IL
Harsch, Joseph John (alias) - Lake OH
Harsworth, Frederick B. - Essex MA
Hart, Ernest F. - Granville NC
Hart, Hebert LeRoy - Stearns MN
Hart, James W. - Queens NY
Hart, William R. - Cole MO
Harter, Clifford C. - Los Angeles CA
Harter, Clifford C. - Santa Clara CA
Hartline, Clifford - Tulare CA
Hartman, Frank J. P. - Hudson NJ
Hartman, Jacob Lester - Baltimore MD
Hartsig, Benj. E. - Barry MI
Hartsig, Benj. E. - Isabella MI
Hartung, John A. - Adams IL
Harvey, Albert - Essex NJ
Harvey, George W. - Bourbon KS
Harvey, Llyod A. - Alameda CA
Harvey, Nathan C. - Clay IA
Hashbarger, Alvin R. - Washington OR
Hassenforder, Joseph - Hudson NJ
Hassett, Thomas J. - Kane IL
Hastie, William M. - Camden NJ
Hastings, Emmons - Hardin OH
Hastings, Lemuel D. - Steuben NY
Hastings, Walcott B. - Barnstable MA
Hatch, Archie T. - Bradford PA
Hatelstad, Andrew - Lac Qui Parle MN
Hatfield, Harry Stuart - Rice MN
Hatfield, Marcus - Putnam MO
Hathaway, Ray W. - Geauga OH
Hatheway, John E. - Tolland CT
Hauck, George F. - San Francisco CA
Haugen, Robert - Arapahoe CO
Haugh, Cad Cowan - Jefferson PA
Haughtelin, Orville T. - Los Angeles CA
Haugrud, Oscar O. - Todd MN
Haupt, Frederick - Queens NY
Hauptner, Charles F. - Monmouth NJ
Haus, Raymond - Summit OH
Hausston, Julo - Carroll GA
Hauver, Floyd A. - Greene NY
Havens, Daniel E. - Schuyler NY
Havens, Lesster D. - Ventura CA
Havermale, Roy N. - Fulton IL
Havin, Samuel C. - Cochise AZ
Hawes, Wales T. - Suffolk MA
Hawk, Evans - Bartow GA
Hawker, George G. - Oklahoma OK
Hawkins, Charlie A. - Copiah MS
Hawkins, Clarence E. - Garfield MT
Hawkins, Frank - Harrison MO
Hawkins, John E. - Worcester MA
Hawksworth, Thomas H. - New York NY
Hawksworth, Thomas H. - Cambria PA
Hawley, Edward - Manister MI
Hawley, Franklin M - Los Angeles CA
Haws, Leonard A. - San Bernarding CA
Haws, Lloyd - Edgar IL
Hawtrey, Frederick C. - Los Angeles CA
Hay, Perce - Webster KY
Haycraft, Charles H. - Grayson KY
Hayden, Edward B. - Cook IL
Hayden, John Francis - Malheur OR
Hayes, Cecil E. - Crawford OH
Hayes, Edw. E. - Hudson NJ
Hayes, Edward E. - Hudson NJ
Hayes, Edward T. - Kings NY
Hayes, Eugene Emmett - Randolph GA
Hayes, George J. - Bronx NY
Hayes, Herman - Hale AL
Hayner, Dow W. - Rensselaer NY
Haynes, Elton C. - De Kalb GA
Haynes, Henry - Jackson GA
Hays, Charles J. - Clearfield PA
Hays, Charlie - Cherokee OK
Hays, Earl E. - Jefferson CO
Hays, Otis - Polk OR
Hays, Theodore A. - Los Angeles CA
Hays, Vincent P. - Vermilion IL
Hayward, Henry W. - Aroostook ME
Hazeltine, Frank Durham - Waldo ME
Hazelton, Lewis B. - Maricopa AZ
Head, Harris James - Oneida NY
Heagerty, James L. - Lawrence PA
Heald, Arlington A - Nemaha KS
Heard, Ross M. - Franklin IL
Hearn, George E. - Washington OH
Heath, Amos - Warren GA
Heaton, Harry J. - San Francisco CA
Heaton, Ralph E. - Tulsa OK
Hebert, Cleopha P. - Calcasieu LA
Hebert, Earl B. - Menominee MI
Hebert, Joseph A. A. - Bristol MA
Heck, Anthony - Kings NY
Heckenmiller, Charles - Hamilton OH
Heckman, Walter F. - Queens NY
Hedahl, Ole E. - Cass ND
Heeb, Henry N. - Franklin IN
Heer, Raymond L. - Monmouth NJ
Heezmalhalch, Arthur - Kings NY
Heffelfinger, Daniel - Ashtabula OH
Heffner, Jacob G. - Cottonwood MN
Hefner, Hency Furd - Cobb GA
Hefron, Frederick - Niagara NY
Hegarty, Thoams A. - New York NY
Hegberb, Leslie W. - Cook IL
Hegel, August - Queens NY
Heidelberg, Rolan W. - Sabine LA
Heidenberg, Arvid W. - Mountrail ND
Heier, Philip P. - Morton ND
Heille, Carl J. - Ramsey MN
Heim, Harry R. - Lincoln KS
Hein, Frank George - Los Angeles CA
Heinbuck, Francis F. - Baltimore MD
Heindenreich, William J. - Floyd IA
Heineke, William C. - Cuyahoga OH
Heininger, George - Alameda CA
Heinis, Stephen - Gallia OH
Heinrich, Albert G. - Prairie AR
Heintzelman, Ernest F. - Luzerne PA
Heise, Harry H. - Shiawassee MI
Heisler, Ralph E. - Pinellas FL
Heisser, Charles W. - Kings NY
Heitker, John H. - Hamilton OH
Heitman, Walter C. - Hudson NJ
Helikson, Frank Wesley - Houghton MI
Heller, Ernest, Jr. - Hudson NJ
Helleso, Goerge P. - Tama IA
Hellmann, Chas. A. - Middlesex MA
Hellquist, Oscar E - Union NJ
Helm, Charles W. - Kane IL
Helm, Garland - Hardin KY
Helmick, Harry M. - Cook IL
Helmlinger, John H. - Shelby OH
Helms, Clifford - Mechlenburg NC
Helms, William M. - Comanche OK
Helsel, Willard H. - Marion OR
Helstad, Evald L. - Roseau MN
Helton, George - Haralson GA
Helton, James H. - Polk GA
Helzer, Jacob - Adams NE
Hemmerling, Loren Alexander - Orleans LA
Hemphill, Charles P. - Webster MS
Hendershott, William C. - Wyoming NY
Henderson, Ernest H. - Manister MI
Henderson, Frank W. - Smith MS
Henderson, James M. - Clarion PA
Henderson, Jesse L. - Murray OK
Henderson, John T. - Middlesex MA
Henderson, Walter H. - Kandiyohi MN
Hendricks, Cecil M. - Jackson OK
Hendricks, Fay R. - Pike IL
Hendricks, Gordon S. - Olmstead MN
Hendricks, Jesse - Union LA
Hendricks, Kinsley C. - Multnomah OR
Hendricks, Raymond - Nemaha KS
Hendrickson, Eddie - Winneshiek IA
Hendrickson, Emmett - Tippecanoe IN
Hendrix, Clinton C. - Clinton IA
Heninger, Edwin Wallace - Madison NE
Henkels, Walter J. - Dubuque IA
Henkemeyer, John G. - Stearns MN
Henley, Cliford - Johnson KS
Hennessey, Edward D. - Walsh ND
Hennessey, John M. - Queens NY
Henry, Clarence J. - Westchester NY
Henry, David E. - Suffolk MA
Henry, Edward G. - Erie NY
Henry, Homer - Davidson NC
Henry, John P. - Sandusky OH
Henshaw, John C. - Bergen NJ
Hensley, Robert J. - McDowell NC
Herbert, Frank - Seneca OH
Herbert, Frank D. - Allegheny PA
Herbert, William - Hudson NJ
Herbon, Henry G. - Cook IL
Herdman, John William - Cambria PA
Herman, Henry F. - Crawford PA
Herman, Louis J. - Niagara NY
Herman, Samuel - Bronx NY
Hern, Paul - Bibb GA
Herr, Wilmer E. - Hunterdon NJ
Herrington, Carl A. - Ringgold IA
Herrman, Charles C. - Westchester NY
Herrmann, Dominic - Queens NY
Herrold, Palmer W. - Dauphin PA
Herron, James P. - Montgomery PA
Herron, Louis G. - Tazewell IL
Hersh, Russell - Ocean NJ
Hershman, Michael - Union NJ
Herter, Everit A. - Santa Barbara CA
Herzog, William A. - Clark OH
Heskett, Forest C. - San Diego CA
Hess, Clyde H. - Arapahoe CO
Hess, Ferdinand N. - Portage OH
Hess, Truman S. - Northampton PA
Hess, William R. - VanBuren MI
Hesser, Joe E. - Calhoun IA
Hettrick, Lawrence E. - Boone IL
Hetts, Donald - Los Angeles CA
Hewins, James G. - Ramsey MN
Hewitt, Jesse M. - Oswego NY
Hewlett, Nelson - Queens NY
Heyman, Stephen C. - Huron OH
Hibbard, Daniel - Lenawee MI
Hibdon, Arthur - Morgan MO
Hickey, Paul P. - Kings NY
Hickey, Thomas J. - Hartford CT
Hickman, Roy C. - Jasper IA
Hickok, Clarence R. - Grant OK
Hicks, Cleveland - Vanderburg IN
Hicks, Earl R. - Buffalo NE
Hicks, Green Berry - Calhoun FL
Hicks, Howard S. - Creek OK
Hicks, Kent M. - McDonough IL
Hicks, Willie - St. Francis AR
Hicks, Willie - Quitman MS
Hickton, William T. - Kings NY
Hietala, Rudolph - Pine MN
Higby, Francis - Chemung NY
Higgins, George F., Jr. - Kings NY
Higgins, Geradus Backman - Ulster NY
Higgins, Henry Edward - Adams IL
Higgins, John J. - Middlesex MA
Highley, James D. - Los Angeles CA
Hightower, Otis - Bibb GA
Hightower, Otis - Monroe GA
Higinbotham, John - Ada ID
Hiland, Robert J. - Douglas NE
Hilburg, Charles J. - Kings NY
Hildebrand, Cecil M. - Denver CO
Hildebrand, Henry H. - Des Moines IA
Hildebrand, Luke - Des Moines IA
Hildreth, William J. - Chautauqua KS
Hile, Donald T. - Center PA
Hilkert, Rhom - La Porte IN
Hill, Harry C. - Essex MA
Hill, Herbert J. - Nassau NY
Hill, Herbert Lee - Lauderdale AL
Hill, Herbert McD. - Bracken KY
Hill, Horace F. - Essex NJ
Hill, Jake - Fulton GA
Hill, James - Duplin NC
Hill, James A. - Franklin KY
Hill, Josiah W. - Morgan OH
Hill, Raymond D. - Kings NY
Hill, Robert M. - Wayne NY
Hill, Silas - Warren MS
Hill, William - Pettis MO
Hill, William B. - Somerset NJ
Hill, William T. - Oswego NY
Hilliard, Cuyler, A. - Alachua FL
Hilton, Howard E. - Los Angeles CA
Hiney, Benjamin W. - Crook OR
Hinkle, Clarence L. - Frankllin PA
Hinricksen, Charlie - Clinton IA
Hinson, John F. - Wayne MS
Hinton, Sherwood - Currituck NC
Hintzen, Walter - Passaic NJ
Hirsh, Emil - Pettis MO
Hirt, Dave - Douglas NE
Hirth, Frederick K. - Lucas OH
Hitchcock, Roger W. - Los Angeles CA
Hite, Clem - Montgomery IA
Hloupe, Stanley - Cook IL
Hobbs, Austin L. - Fayette IL
Hobbs, Austin L. - New York NY
Hobbs, Luther H. - Scott AR
Hobbs, Rodney J. - Ouachita LA
Hobert, Frank F. - Berks PA
Hobgood, Henry W. - East Baton Rouge LA
Hobkirk, Ross T. - Middlesex MA
Hoblitzell, George W. - Hudson NJ
Hobuck, Earl A. - Los Angeles CA
Hock, Joseph, Jr. - Queens NY
Hockey, Ralph W. - Monmouth NJ
Hockman, William - Garrett MD
Hodel, Emanuel - Missoula MT
Hodes, Myer - New Haven CT
Hodge, Harry L. - Luzerne PA
Hodges, David H. - Merrimack NH
Hodges, Herman G. - Izard AR
Hodgins, James L. - Wayne MI
Hodgson, Carroll Dean - Arapahoe CO
Hoeksema, Abe - Kent MI
Hoepner, Walter - Cedar IA
Hoern, Isadore J. - Johnson KS
Hofer, Benjamin K. - Gloucester NJ
Hoff, Walter A. - Cook IL
Hoffecker, John J. - New Castle DE
Hoffeericca, John - Cook IL
Hoffer, Frank - Santa Clara CA
Hoffert, David J. - Cumberland PA
Hoffman, Albert - Elkhart IN
Hoffman, James J. J. - New York NY
Hoffman, John J. - McIntosh ND
Hoffman, Ralph - Lancaster NE
Hoffman, Samuel R. - Kings NY
Hoffman, William B. - O'Brien IA
Hogan, Harold J. - Cherokee IA
Hohman. Albert J. - Allegheny PA
Hoihjelle, Ole L. - Lac Qui Parle MN
Hoisholt, Arne K.B. - San Francisco CA
Holanbeck, Theodore F. - Hennepin MN
Holcombe, Lynne S. - Buncombe NC
Holden, Charles H. - Hartford CT
Holden, Donald L. - Los Angeles CA
Holden, George Donald - Gentry MO
Holland, John Francis - Suffolk MA
Holler, Harry - Marion IN
Holliday, Charles P. - Knox ME
Hollingsworth, Chester B. - Tulsa OK
Hollingsworth, Martin L. - Wells ND
Hollis, Tom W. - Monroe GA
Hollister, Burnis W. - Onondaga NY
Holloway, Bernard C. - Bristol MA
Hollywood, James A. - New York NY
Holmes, Fred - Brown MN
Holmes, Fred A. - Hennepin MN
Holmes, Joseph A. - New York NY
Holmes, Louis M. - Montgomery MO
Holmes, Oliver W. - Adams NE
Holmes, Vander - Pender NC
Holoman, Odie - Caldwell KY
Holt, Baud - Woodbury IA
Holt, Edward - Dona Ana NM
Holterman, Anthony J. - Moniteau MO
Holthaus, Julius - Idaho ID
Holtz, Henry F. - Cook IL
Holub, Joseph - New York NY
Holverson, Albert H. - Allamakee IA
Hommon, Frank P. - Blair PA
Honea, John T. - Cherokee GA
Honeywell, Eugene F. - Luzerne PA
Hood, Charles - Montgomery MD
Hood, George W. - Washington KS
Hoof, Charles V. - Logan ND
Hook, Alfred J. - Bergen NJ
Hook, Leonard - Passaic NJ
Hoooper, Edward A. - Middlesex MA
Hooper, Don S. - Merrimack NH
Hoopes, Harold E. - Hennepin MN
Hoosack, Joseph - Kings NY
Hooten, Floyd B. - Des Moines IA
Hoover, Edward D. - Huntington IN
Hoover, Isaac J. - Northumberland PA
Hoover, Paul - Brown IL
Hoover, Stewart W. - Bingham ID
Hopkins, Ray C. - Blair PA
Hopkins, Thomas F. - New York NY
Hopkins, William - Lackawanna PA
Hopp, George A. - Jasper MO
Horan, Thomas J. - New Haven CT
Horan, William S. - Lackawanna PA
Horn, Harold A. - Kings NY
Horn, Leslie William - St. Louis City MO
Horn, Sherman - Montgomery AR
Hornbeck, Harrison E. - Orange NY
Hornby, William H. - Bristol MA
Horne, Raymond E. - Allegheny PA
Horner, Bertram C. - Barry MO
Horstmeier, Lloyd - Stephenson IL
Horton, Ernest C. - Washington MO
Horton, Francis A. - Jackson KS
Horton, John K. - Middlesex MA
Horton, Thos. C. - Floyd GA
Horton, Wayne R. - Bradford PA
Horty, John J. - New Castle DE
Hosack, Clarence F. - Cuyahoga OH
Hoskins, David - Chemung NY
Hoskins, Leonard C. - Los Angeles CA
Hosler, Clifford - Charlevoix MI
Hosmer, Ralph S. - Franklin ME
Hostetler, David C. - Mifflin PA
Houchins, Lyle C. - Hamilton OH
Hougard, Sam R. - Marshall MN
Houghtaling, Harry W. - Middlesex CT
Houghton, Randall S. - Erie PA
Houk, Herbert S. - Beauregard LA
Hourcaillou, Jean B. - San Francisco CA
House, Forest G. - Los Angeles CA
House, George W. - Queens NY
House, Lisle Sherman - Los Angeles CA
House, Lloyd C. - Moffat CO
Housel, Harlan V. - Madison NE
Houska, James - Fillmore NE
Houston, Joseph M. - Butler AL
Howard, Amos W. - Idaho ID
Howard, Bernard A. - Wyoming NY
Howard, Chester R. - Linn IA
Howard, Everett F. - Bristol MA
Howard, Lacy - Lawrence KY
Howard, Oler - Pender NC
Howe, Albert A. - Linn IA
Howe, Earl J. - Benton MN
Howe, Frank - Saginaw MI
Howe, Frank A. - Lackawanna PA
Howell, Arthur R. - DC
Howell, Fred - Los Angeles CA
Howell, Ollie - Monroe MS
Howell, William N. - Geneva AL
Howerton, Jesse C - Los Angeles CA
Howes, Charles C. - Anne Arundel MD
Howes, Ralph - Middlesex MA
Hoyle, Warren Findley - Cleveland NC
Hoyle, William - Camden NJ
Hoyt, Russell E. - Middlesex MA
Hubbard, Alvin - Monmouth NJ
Hubbard, Charles H. - Genesee MI
Hubbard, Charles H. - Wayne MI
Hubbard, Eugene Plinius - Morris NJ
Hubbard, Everett H. - De Kalb IL
Hubbard, John R. - Hamilton OH
Hubbell, Stuart D. - Wayne MI
Huber, Albert P. - Winneshiek IA
Huber, Frank A. - Cuyahoga OH
Hubert, Harold C. - Nassau NY
Hudson, Eugene - Los Angeles CA
Hudson, Horace J. - Hinds MS
Hudson, Leslie A. - Jefferson KS
Hudson, Otis Lee - Chilton AL
Hudspeth, Silas H. - Marion AR
Huemme, Carl G. - Allegheny PA
Huessner, Herbert - Nassau NY
Huff, Jim - Rockingham NC
Huff, Joshua J. - Kings NY
Huffman, John D. - Catawaba NC
Huffman, Oscar L. - Tuscarawaas OH
Huggich, Joseph - Herkimer NY
Huggins, John C. - Allegheny PA
Huggins, Robert C. - Daviess KY
Hughes, Bert F. - Pratt KS
Hughes, Comer J. - Emanuel GA
Hughes, Elmer Herbert - Hamilton OH
Hughes, Elmer Porter - Jasper MO
Hughes, Floyd - Stark OH
Hughes, Frank Stephen - Kings NY
Hughes, Guy W. - Oklahoma OK
Hughes, Harry - San Francisco CA
Hughes, Peter E. - Swift MN
Hughes, William - Hamilton OH
Hughson, Harold E. - New Haven CT
Hughson, Walter J. - New Haven CT
Hugill, Thomas W. - Alameda CA
Huirschi, Chester A. - Logan OK
Hulbert, Raymond A. - Worcester MA
Hull, Clarence M. - Coffey KS
Hullihen, Bruce - Indiana PA
Hulme, Lewis W. - Logan OK
Hulme, Lewis W. - Payne OK
Humbert, Louis A. - Erie NY
Humble, John C. - Pulaski KY
Hume, Montgomery L. - Westchester NY
Humiston, John - Cheshire NH
Hummel, Fred W. - Clackaman OR
Humphrey, Harmon R. - Jefferson OH
Humphrey, John Thomas - Jefferson KY
Humphreys, Fred L. - Lackawanna PA
Humphries, Tom P. - Imperial CA
Hunger, Clarence J. - Des Moines IA
Hunnewell, Donald P. - Westchester NY
Hunt, Homer A. - Pinellas FL
Hunt, Homer A. - Norfolk MA
Hunt, Hugh I. - Middlesex MA
Hunt, James J., Jr. - Bronx NY
Hunt, Jesse G. - Cochise AZ
Hunt, Sterling - Latimer OK
Hunt, Willard - Sullivan IN
Hunter, George J. - Essex NJ
Hunter, James E. - Walker GA
Hunter, Press - Richmond GA
Hunter, Robert L. - Baltimore MD
Hunting, Warren B. - Baltimore MD
Huntington, William A. - Los Angeles CA
Huntley, Albert - New York NY
Huntzinger, Howard - Erie NY
Huot, Henry, Jr. - York ME
Hurd, William J. - Clinton PA
Hurlburt, Paul C. - Denver CO
Hurst, Plina C. - Hillsdale MI
Hurt, Frank J. - Major OK
Huske, Herman F. - Kane IL
Huss, Edward - Lackawanna PA
Huston, John - Butler PA
Huston, Leonard C. - Alfalfa OK
Hutcheson, Clarence E. - Benton AR
Hutcheson, Lloyd E. - Ada ID
Hutchinson, Henry - Ingham MI
Hutchinson, John G. - Fayette PA
Hutson, Clarence M. - Henry MO
Hutton, John T. - Bryan OK
Hyams, Leo A. - Erie NY
Hyatt, George W. - Fairfield CT
Hyatt, James - Licking OH
Hyatt, William Stanley - Buncombe NC
Hyde, Calvin - Noxubee MS
Hyland, William J. - Fulton NY
Hyman, Edward K. - Lancaster PA
Hymes, David - Escambia FL
Hyslip, Edward - Union NJ

Ibbotson, George W. - Kalamazoo MI
Ielase, Nicola - Allegheny PA
Ignatosky, John F. - Berks PA
Igoe, Edmund J. - Monmouth NJ
Imbler, Loring E. - Los Angeles CA
Imel, Earl C. - Randolph IN
Impola, John W. - St. Louis MN
Ingersoll, Henry L. - Kings NY
Ingersoll, John W. - Davidson NC
Ingram, Floyd - Sumter GA
Ingram, John F. - Kings NY
Ingram, John W. - Gadsden FL
Inman, Vince - Lawrence IN
Insley, Jack H. - Allegheny PA
Irby, Clifton - Hamilton OH
Ireland, Earl C. - Tippecanoe IN
Irish, Wallace J. - Otsego MI
Irps, Arthur T. - Mississippi AR
Irvin, Glen W. - Allen OH
Irvin, John A. - Crawford AR
Irwin, Charles E. - Fresno CA
Irwin, Clarence - Rock Island IL
Irwin, Herbert W. - Ionia MI
Irwin, Howard W. - Los Angeles CA
Irwin, Paul S. - Reno KS
Isaacs, Lolomon - Brown MN
Isackson, Roy E. - Mitchell IA
Isherwood, John - Westchester NY
Isler, Fred - Westchester NY
Israelite, Maurice J. - Bronx NY
Ivie, William Loyd - Wayne MI

Jack, Geoffrey G. - Tipton IN
Jack, Jacob J. - Denver CO
Jack, Robert W. - Crawford AR
Jackman, Clarence T. - Adair KY
Jacks, Andrew - Oconee GA
Jackson, Ervin - Atlantic NJ
Jackson, Franklyn J. - Kings NY
Jackson, Frederick W. - Queens NY
Jackson, Geo - Ramsey MN
Jackson, George - Jefferson KY
Jackson, Jackob E. - Anoka MN
Jackson, Jim - Pope IL
Jackson, Job V. - Orange NY
Jackson, John L. - Iberia LA
Jackson, John O. - Sumter AL
Jackson, Larney - Montgomery MO
Jackson, Leonard - Middlesex MA
Jackson, Lloyd O. - Chenango NY
Jackson, Wilford - Queens NY
Jackson, William C. - Rush IN
Jacob, Joseph E. - Litchfield CT
Jacobi, Charles L. - Delaware NY
Jacobs, John L. - Adams IL
Jacobsen, Alfred W. - Fresno CA
Jacobsen, Harold C. - Champaign IL
Jacobsen, John N. - Crawford IA
Jacobson, Arthur - Houghton MI
Jacobson, Daniel E. - Cascade MT
Jacobson, George - Bronx NY
Jacobson, Harry - Otter Tail MN
Jacoby, Harold J. - Niagara NY
Jacoby, Henry J. - Westchester NY
Jacques, Charles H. - Multnomah OR
Jakes, Charlie - Renville MN
James, Chas. F. - Wilson KS
James, Harry R. - Washington KS
James, John Harold - Broome NY
James, Leo J. - Polk IA
James, Revenue - Orleans NY
James, William - Hamilton IL
Jamison, Holand Ray - Hickory MO
Jamison, John - Claiborne LA
Jankowski, Leo - Cook IL
Janney, Arthur - Los Angeles CA
Jans, Max T. - Hennepin MN
Janss, Harold Peter - Greene MO
Janzen, Gustave - Marion KS
Jaquess, John Robert - Gibson IN
Jaquette, Don C. - Hancock OH
Jarosik, Jacob Frank - St. Louis City MO
Jarvis, Carl H. - Des Moines IA
Jarvis, John R. - Union IA
Jashanske, Floyed J. - Cayuga NY
Jasset, Ernest L. - Middlesex MA
Jayne, James - Lackawanna PA
Jaynes, Ezra B. - Jackson GA
Jeffryes, Don E. - Madison IA
Jelley, Edwin H. - Rockland NY
Jendrosak, Steve - Cook IL
Jenkins, Ivyl E. - Randolph MO
Jenks, Harry - Chautauqua NY
Jennigs, Martin F. - Niagara NY
Jensen, Edward - Berrien MI
Jensen, Elmer L. - Hennepin MN
Jensen, Emil - Buena Vista IA
Jensen, Hilmer W. - Alameda CA
Jensen, Oscar P. - Linn IA
Jeselson, Raymond V. - New York NY
Jessop, Charles T. - Shawnee KS
Jessop, Fosster F. - Yates NY
Jillson, John W. - Osceola FL
Jiloca, Lorenzo G. - Denver CO
Joerg, Alfred N. - Kings NY
Johannessen, Henry - Douglas NE
John, Leonard - Calhoun MI
Johncox, Ralph R. - Cook IL
Johns, Lewis C. - Ingham MI
Johns, Perry A. - Alcorn MS
Johns, William K. - Cooper MO
Johnsen, Arthur Elmer - Cook IL
Johnson, Arthur G. - Hillsborough NH
Johnson, Arthur Johan - Winnebago IA
Johnson, Bert M. - Ramsey ND
Johnson, Calvin C. - Somerset NJ
Johnson, Carl D. - Harvey KS
Johnson, Carl M. - Cavalier ND
Johnson, Charles D. - Muskegon MI
Johnson, Charles J. - New York NY
Johnson, Clarence - Henry AL
Johnson, Clarence E. - Lyon KS
Johnson, Claude W. - Tompkins NY
Johnson, Clyde H. - Los Angeles CA
Johnson, Daniel L. - De Kalb GA
Johnson, Elbert C. - Malheur OR
Johnson, Elmer W. - Levy FL
Johnson, Emil - Perkins NE
Johnson, Ernest B. - Chisago MN
Johnson, Everett - Madison MS
Johnson, Floyd R. - Murray OK
Johnson, Fred C. C. - Orange CA
Johnson, Fred L. - Franklin ME
Johnson, Frederick O - Los Angeles CA
Johnson, George - Kings NY
Johnson, George C. - Lyon MN
Johnson, George E. - McHenry IL
Johnson, Harry S. - Winnebago IL
Johnson, Henry - Hudson NJ
Johnson, Henry - McHenry ND
Johnson, Ingbert M. - Steele MN
Johnson, Isaac Martin - Freeborn MN
Johnson, Ivar M. - Kings NY
Johnson, James A. - Allegheny PA
Johnson, James H. - Queens NY
Johnson, John A. - Saline AR
Johnson, John Henry - Cook IL
Johnson, Johnie - Washita OK
Johnson, Joseph E. - Lincoln NE
Johnson, Kenneth - Hamilton OH
Johnson, Levi D. - Cass ND
Johnson, Lewis C. - Olmstead MN
Johnson, Louis F. - Frontier NE
Johnson, Mark - Los Angeles CA
Johnson, Mathew - Barbour AL
Johnson, Oliver - Baldwin AL
Johnson, Oscar E. - Schoolcraft MI
Johnson, Oscar R. - Meeker MN
Johnson, Paul Thorsten - Plymouth MA
Johnson, Robert Irving - Dubuque IA
Johnson, Robert P. - White AR
Johnson, Rubie L. - Gwinnett GA
Johnson, Samuel E. - Bradford PA
Johnson, Spencer - Caddo LA
Johnson, Vernon - Macoupin IL
Johnson, Waldron S. - Hettinger ND
Johnson, Walter E. - Fillmore MN
Johnson, Walter P. - Monroe NY
Johnson, Wilfred B. - Middlesex MA
Johnson, William - Los Angeles CA
Johnson, William - Riverside CA
Johnson, William - Sumter FL
Johnson, William B. - Kingman KS
Johnson, William B. - Garfield OK
Johnson, William H. - Middlesex MA
Johnson, William M. - Bay MI
Johnston, Albert S. - Indiana PA
Johnston, David M. - Franklin MO
Johnston, Laurence S. - Los Angeles CA
Johnston, Scott Martin - Ramsey MN
Jokers, Walter J. - Jersey IL
Jollett, Edmond P. - Morris NJ
Jolly, Samuel - Queens NY
Jones, Alfred - Frankllin PA
Jones, Alfred P. - Pulaski AR
Jones, Andrew Z. - Orleans LA
Jones, Ben H. - Carroll GA
Jones, Ben, Jr. - Grant KY
Jones, Daniel - Trumbull OH
Jones, David T. - Osage OK
Jones, Earl L. - Grary KS
Jones, Edwin Llewellyn - Larimer CO
Jones, Elisha - Lowndes MS
Jones, Ernest - Fairfield CT
Jones, Estle L. - Pittsburg OK
Jones, Frederick G. - Calhoun MI
Jones, Harold W. - Allegan MI
Jones, Harry A. - Jefferson CO
Jones, Henry J. - Suffolk NY
Jones, Ira - New Madrid MO
Jones, James - Steuben NY
Jones, James M. - San Francisco CA
Jones, James Nathan - Montgomery IN
Jones, James S. - Mifflin PA
Jones, Jenkins - Escambia AL
Jones, Joseph S. - Calvert MD
Jones, Lawrence E. - Lawrence IL
Jones, Lemuel M. - Douglas IL
Jones, Lewis - Burke GA
Jones, Madison W. - Indiana PA
Jones, Nathaniel - Hempstead AR
Jones, Oscar A. - Kings NY
Jones, Raymond E. - Neosho KS
Jones, Raymond W. - Herkimer NY
Jones, Samuel - Baltimore MD
Jones, Solomon - Brooks GA
Jones, William N. - New Castle DE
Jones, William W. - Essex NJ
Joos, William A. - Grundy IL
Jopling, Richard M. - Marquette MI
Jordan, Anthony - Dougherty GA
Jordan, Bathwell - Columbia GA
Jordan, Delbert Rutledge - White IL
Jordan, Edward M. - Penobscot ME
Jordan, Thomas - Queens NY
Jordon, Harold - San Francisco CA
Jorgensen, William W. - Cuyahoga OH
Joseph, James H. - Delaware IA
Joseph, Sidney - San Francisco CA
Joy, John Joseph - Middlesex MA
Joyce, Edward T. - Kings NY
Joyce, James N. - New Haven CT
Joyce, Warren H. - Plymouth MA
Jubb, James E. - Baltimore MD
Judd, Francis L. - San Diego CA
Judge, James - Luzerne PA
Judy, Martin - Montgomery KY
Juisti, Daniel J. - Orleans LA
Juistina, Mayo - Passaic NJ
Julian, Edgar W. - Butler OH
Jump, Eden W. - Oklahoma OK
Jurewicz, Joseph - Cook IL
Just, Frank - Yates NY
Justice, Albert G. - Hamilton OH
Jutz, John F. - St. Louis City MO

Kadlec, John A. - New York NY
Kadlec, Thomas G. - New York NY
Kadlec, Thomas G. - Allegheny PA
Kaemmerling, Gordon - Berkshire MA
Kahn, Henry - Cook IL
Kain, Frank M. - Benson ND
Kain, Joseph - Cumberland ME
Kaiser, Clayton B. - Northampton PA
Kaiser, John H. - Boone IL
Kalkbrenner, Fred W. - Hamilton OH
Kamenu, Ignatios - Hudson NJ
Kamer, William B. - Armstrong PA
Kamm, Frank - Caddo OK
Kamp, Andrew W. - Iroquois IL
Kane, Bothwell Bierce - Los Angeles CA
Kane, James - Benson ND
Kane, James Edward - New York NY
Kane, Roy Thomas - Mahoning OH
Kanter, Benjamin Wallace - Kings NY
Kanthak, Martin - Lac Qui Parle MN
Kantz, Jay S. - Osceola MI
Kanzler, Fred F. - New York NY
Kapalis, John Raphael - Montgomery NY
Kapitzke, Arthur G. - New Haven CT
Kaplan, Herman - Los Angeles CA
Kaplan, Samuel - Warren NY
Karam, Darwin - Essex NJ
Karaszkiewiez, Frank R. - Saratoga NY
Karem, Thomas - Essex MA
Karker, Jack - Schoharie NY
Karper, Reuben C. - Stark OH
Kasten, Brook F. - Vernon MO
Katz, Morris - Los Angeles CA
Kauffman, Dan F. - Scott IA
Kaupp, Carl C. - Crawford OH
Kautz, Daniel A. - Lancaster PA
Kayser, Albert E. - Madison IL
Kayser, Alfred Jr. - Essex NJ
Kayton, James E. - Butler NE
Keachie, Edwin S. - Cook IL
Kearn, lester Wallace - New York NY
Kearney, Frank J. - Trumbull OH
Kearney, Laurance J. - Wayne MI
Kearney, Patrick J. - Kings NY
Kearns, Elroy S. - Berkshire MA
Kearns, Thomas W. - Payne OK
Keating, Charles A. - Camden NJ
Keating, Edward J. - Hennepin MN
Keating, Frank - Kings NY
Keckhut, Henry J. - Camden NJ
Keefe, Frank J. - Hamilton OH
Keenan, William - Hudson NJ
Keesleer, Samuel R., Jr. - Leflore MS
Kegley, Charles S. - Wayne MI
Kegley, James R. - Linn IA
Kehoe, William J. - New York NY
Keilman, Herbert J. - Lake IN
Keip, Harry L. - Fayette PA
Keirn, Otha Sylas - Clearfield PA
Keiser, Harry M - Linn IA
Keith, Elisha B. - New York NY
Keith, Michael Wilson - Allegheny PA
Kelleher, Fred E. - Hampden MA
Keller, Arthur Ignatius, Jr. - Westchester NY
Keller, Clede R. - Riley KS
Keller, Frederick W. - Essex NJ
Keller, Ignatz - Marion OR
Keller, John C. - San Francisco CA
Keller, Wallace W. - Ocean NJ
Kellett. Joseph A. - Chattooga GA
Kelley, Charles R. - Union OR
Kelley, Henry L. - Piscataquis ME
Kelley, James J. - Bristol MA
Kelley, John C. - Suffolk MA
Kelley, Kail - Lucas OH
Kelley, Raymond S. - Jefferson IL
Kelley, Walter W. - Wilkes NC
Kelley, William F. - Ontario NY
Kellington, James A. - Monmouth NJ
Kellogg, Branton H. - Norfolk MA
Kellogg, Edwin J. - New York NY
Kellogg, John W. - Erie NY
Kelly, Cornelius F. - Worcester MA
Kelly, Delbert - Lane OR
Kelly, Edwin A. - Queens NY
Kelly, Edwin J. - Yamhill OR
Kelly, Frank - Kings NY
Kelly, Harry W. - Garfield CO
Kelly, James B. - Kings NY
Kelly, James L. - Henry AL
Kelly, John D. - Kane IL
Kelly, John W. - Kings NY
Kelly, Joseph A. - Fairfield CT
Kelly, Michael J. - Westchester NY
Kelly, Nicholas E. - Union NJ
Kelly, Robert E. - Alameda CA
Kelly, Sylveester - New Haven CT
Kelly, William R. - Kings NY
Kelly, William V. - Kings NY
Kelly, Wm. C. - Suffolk MA
Kelty, Asher E. - Los Angeles CA
Kemig, John F. - Nez Perce ID
Kemrite, John W. - Luzerne PA
Kendall, Harry N. - Page IA
Kendall, John P. - Ross OH
Kendall, Oliver J. - Du Page IL
Kendig, Earl - Ashland OH
Kendig, Haskell P. - Lancaster PA
Kendrick, Paul J. - Cook IL
Kendrick, Wm. E. - Twin Falls ID
Kennedy, Albert R. - New Castle DE
Kennedy, Clifford - Wayne MI
Kennedy, Harold L. - Ontario NY
Kennedy, James - Suffolk MA
Kennedy, Joseph A. - Hudson NJ
Kennedy, Lyman J. - Kent MI
Kennedy, Phipps - Henry AL
Kennedy, Stephen C. - Bradford PA
Kennedy, William F. - Queens NY
Kennedy, Wm. J. - New York NY
Kenney, Frank J. - New Haven CT
Kenney, John F. - Newton MO
Kenny, Henry J. - New York NY
Kent, James E. - Nuckolls NE
Kent, Maston - Elmore AL
Keough, Henry J. - Broome NY
Keough, John E. - Mercer PA
Kephart, James Watson - Montgomery PA
Kerber, Jacob - Marion OR
Kerby, Everett R. - Madison KY
Kerl, Chester R. - Pawnee NE
Kerlee, Clyde T. - Caddo OK
Kerns, Hugh J. - Cass NE
Kerpet, Raymond Walter - Luzerne PA
Kerr, John S. - Tillman OK
Kerr, Maurice - Ramsey MN
Kerr, Thomas T. - Middlesex NJ
Kessler, James P. - Greeley NE
Kester, Tom P. - Cook IL
Ketcham, Harry - Allegheny PA
Ketner, Palmer, Jr. - McKinley NM
Keuehnert, Walter K. A. - Platte NE
Keune, Carl A. - Linn MO
Kicker, Emil A. - Wadena MN
Kidd, Henry M. - Calloway KY
Kidder, Harvey - Butte CA
Kidder, Hugh Pratt - Allamakee IA
Kidwell, Paul McGraph - Alameda CA
Kiehl, Jacob N. - Lancaster PA
Kielland, Casper M. - Erie NY
Kieninger, Otto J. - Kings NY
Kildow, Percy Procter - Garrett MD
Kilduff, David R. - San Francisco CA
Kilmer, Joyce - Bergen NJ
Kimball, Earl E. - Onondaga NY
Kimball, Paul G. - Los Angeles CA
Kimball, Richard - Middlesex MA
Kimball, Willis O. - Marion IN
Kimber, Arthur C. - Merced CA
Kimble, Herman - Texas OK
Kimbro, Martin A. - Franklin OH
Kimm, Robert - Iowa IA
Kimmel, Donald K. - Wayne MI
Kimmel, Ernest W., Jr. - Cook IL
Kinard, Roy V. - Union AR
King, Adolphus - Wayne MI
King, Charles W. - Sullivan MO
King, Dwight P. - Los Angeles CA
King, Earl S. - Tama IA
King, Elmer H. - Crawford KS
King, Emmanuel - Franklin IL
King, Eugene J. - Onondaga NY
King, George E. - Hampshire MA
King, Harry A. - San Francisco CA
King, James P. - Bronx NY
King, Joseph D. - Kings NY
King, Paul W. - Franklin OH
King, Robert B. - Iredell NC
King, Roy U. - Cape Girardeau MO
Kingdon, George M. - Worcester MA
Kingdon, Leon F. - Genesee NY
Kingery, James R. - Emanuel GA
Kingery, Lloyd - Allen IN
Kingsbury, La Rue S. - Smith KS
Kingsley, Kenneth F. - Hennepin MN
Kingston, Harry G. - St. Lawrence NY
Kinkel, Walter J. - Kings NY
Kinker, Joseph H. - Decatur IN
Kinne, Fred Nathan - Delaware NY
Kinne, Fred Nathan - Nassau NY
Kinne, Howard I. - Jefferson KY
Kinnear, John - Ashtabula OH
Kinnear, John - Trumbull OH
Kinnier, Thomas S. - Boone NE
Kinsella, Michael S. - Queens NY
Kinsley, Cash - Fayette OH
Kious, John W. - Clark MO
Kipling, Alfred R. - Richmond NY
Kirby, Jim - Limestone AL
Kirch, Joseph E. - Union NJ
Kirchoff, Arthur W. - Story IA
Kirk, Pank - Haralson GA
Kirk, Theodore T. - Daviess KY
Kirkegaard, Lange G. - Otsego NY
Kirkland, Walter M. - Marshall AL
Kirkman, George - Muhlenberg KY
Kirkpartick, Roy - Jackson MO
Kirkpatrick, John - Genesee NY
Kirsch, Basil A. - Marion OR
Kirsch, Leo P. - Lucas OH
Kitchen, Harry H. - Putnam OH
Kite, Clement Cresspm - Essex MA
Kitt, Don H. - Los Angeles CA
Kittel, Alvin R. - Hickory MO
Kittredge, Paul E. - Essex MA
Kittredge, Paul E. - Middlesex MA
Kitzmann, August - Larimer CO
Klaudinger, John L. - Redwood MN
Kleeber, Louis B. - Orleans LA
Klegin, Lawrence F. - Douglas NE
Kleile, Glenn F. - Jackson MI
Klein, Andrew H. - Allegheny PA
Klein, Anthony C. - Cook IL
Klein, Charles - Allegheny PA
Klein, George W. - Kings NY
Klein, Herman - Beltrami MN
Klein, Homer W. - Oakland MI
Kleinjohn, Herbert A. - Jefferson KY
Kleinpasste, Albert - Newton IN
Klemm, John L. - Washington OH
Klemp, Joseph W. - Erie NY
Kline, Ard - Montgomery PA
Kline, Lloyd W. - Chase NE
Kline, Louis A. - New York NY
Kline, Ward R. - Elkhart IN
Kline, William J. - Cook IL
Klingebiel, William J. - New Haven CT
Klinger, Walter W. - Morris NJ
Klink, Joseph - Queens NY
Klippert, Ronald A. - Erie NY
Klomp, Edw. G. - Ottawa MI
Klomstad, Fred C. - Becker MN
Klopp, Peter J. - Cook IL
Kluever, Walter - Scott IA
Knaak, Frank J. - Cuyahoga OH
Knag, Edward J. - Montgomery IL
Knauf, Fred G. - Ottawa MI
Knaus, Ludwig G. - Todd MN
Kniepkamp, Archie - Allegheny PA
Knight, Carl B. - Henry KY
Knight, Virgil - Mahaska IA
Knoll, Frank J. - Marshall MN
Knoph, Orville - Hennepin MN
Knorr, George - Mahoning OH
Knott, George Thomas - Hartford CT
Knotts, Frank - Lake IN
Knowles, Walter A. - Los Angeles CA
Knowlson, William G. - New York NY
Knowlton, Raymond F. - Essex MA
Knox, Arthur R. - Lincoln KS
Knox, Robert G. - Kings NY
Knudsen, Jacob - Kings NY
Knudtson, Clarence - Hennepin MN
Knutson, Albert - Hennepin MN
Knutson, Oluf - Traill ND
Kobylok, John - Lucas OH
Koch, August E. - Onondaga NY
Koch, Henry F. - Hennepin MN
Koch, John A. - New York NY
Koch, Otto - Queens NY
Kocher, Leo A. - Bourbon KS
Kochiss, Peter J. - Fairfield CT
Koeller, Grover H. - Stephenson IL
Koenig, Christ - St. Louis City MO
Koether, Fred G. - Cook IL
Kohl, Bennie M. - Hamilton IL
Kohl, Otto H. - Cattaraugus NY
Kohlmorgen, William C. - Los Angeles CA
Kolar, Joseph - Cuyahoga OH
Kolndorfer, Frank J. - Grand Traverse MI
Kolndorfer, Frank J. - Ingham MI
Kolsoliko, Frank - Delaware PA
Komsteller, Lewis H. - Monroe MI
Konieczke, Dominic - Wayne MI
Kooi, William - Cook IL
Kopetsky, Stanley - Queens NY
Korff, Carl T. - Wayne NE
Korony, Theodore B. - Essex NJ
Korsonsky, Morris - Bronx NY
Kosal, Eli - Wayne MI
Koscinszko, Anton - Cuyahoga OH
Kostine, Peter B. - Onondaga NY
Kostrzonski, Meslaw - Queens NY
Kothe, Louis F. - Queens NY
Kovaleski, John F. - Luzerne PA
Kowalchek, Frank T. - Luzerne PA
Kowalewski, Charley - Cook IL
Kowalewski, Walter - Erie NY
Kowlton, Edward L. - Cook IL
Koziot, Jan - Niagara NY
Kozloski, John - Baltimore MD
Kracht, Benjamin S. - Moultrie IL
Kramer, Charles J. - Chester PA
Kramer, Harry - Suffolk MA
Kramer, Julius J. - Ramsey MN
Krapp, John E. - Lancaster PA
Krause, John S. - Kings NY
Krcma, Oldrich - Douglas NE
Krensing, William - Traverse MN
Kreps, Herbert L. - Burlington NJ
Kreps, Leslie W. - Saline KS
Kressler, Lee L. - Tulare CA
Kreuz, John, Jr. - Blair PA
Krewson, Otto A. - Davis IA
Krichevsky, Joseph - Kings NY
Krider, Charles C. - Richmond NY
Kriedmann, Louis E. - Erie NY
Kriz, Joseph F. - Linn IA
Krock, Edward - Hardin OH
Kroh, William H. - Baltimore MD
Krohn, Henry - Mountrail ND
Kronfield Harry E. - Hudson NJ
Kronlokken, John - Renville MN
Kroschel, Albert J. - Cook IL
Krueger, Clemens F. - Oceana MI
Kruger, Gust - San Joaquin CA
Kruse, Charles F. - Macoupin IL
Kubik, Edward R. - Tama IA
Kubitza, Vincent B. - Todd MN
Kubli, Wlater R. - Suffolk MA
Kucinsky, John - Hartford CT
Kuczkowski, Alexandre - Erie NY
Kudell, Ernest Charles - Campbell KY
Kuebrich, John Michael - Niagara NY
Kuehn, Frank - Cook IL
Kuhl, Walter B. - Jo Daviess IL
Kunc, Frank - Geauga OH
Kuntz, John C. - St. Louis City MO
Kuperstein, David - Essex MA
Kuriloff, Morris - Kings NY
Kurka, Joseph F. - St. Louis City MO
Kurkoski, Thomas C. - Golden Valley ND
Kurkowski, William A. - Perkins NE
Kurth, William - Bronx NY
Kurtzman, Ralph W. - Gallatin MT
Kurzawski, John - Orleans NY
Kush, Michael - Wayne MI
Kuskin, Edward F. - Lake OH
Kussmaul, Frederick A. - Suffolk MA
Kutchever, John M. - Lebanon PA
Kuttleer, William - Pope IL
Kyle, Cecil F. - Hennepin MN
Kyle, Ralph B. - Clark OH