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American Military Causalities of World War 1
Names starting with L, M, N & O

Pilgrimage for the Mothers and Widows of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines of the American Forces Now Interred in the Cemeteries of Europe published in 1930 by the GPO.

The scan to the right explains the effort by the U S government to send the widows and mothers of servicemen buried in Europe during WW1 on a pilgrimage to visit the grave in 1930.

The actual entries in the book show the name of the wife or mother, the name of the deceased, their rank, their unit, the cemetery name and if the woman wanted to make the pilgrimage.

We have indexed the book by the name of the deceased service person (some were women) not by the names of the mothers or widows, so some service people are listed 2 times, once for the mother and once for the widow. (The county name shown in the table below is for the mother or widow.)

At this time we only have about 80% of the book indexed, if you would like to be notified when we add the other names, send an email to bruce@itwasprinted.com and let me know.

Explanation of the pilgrimage program:

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Sample Entries from the book:

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L, M, N & O  Last Names - County & ST

La Bar, Harry V. - Genesee MI
La Bounty, Nelson A. - Cheshire NH
La Flamm, Orville - New London CT
La Forge, Thad H. - Broome NY
La Tendresse, Albert P. - St. Louis MN
Laberdie, George - Lucas OH
LaBonty, Nesster J. - Bristol MA
Labonville, Leon - Monroe NY
lacey, Walter J. - Allegheny PA
Lackey, Homer J. - Jefferson AL
LaCross, William E. - Hampden MA
Ladd, Paul C. - Williams OH
Lafferty, Earl - Essex NJ
Laffey, John H. - Logan IL
Laffin, Martin H. - Monroe NY
Lagragren, Wm. R. (alias) - New York NY
Lagrone, Robert E. - Jackson LA
Lahman, Harry E. - Tazewell IL
Laidlaw, William - Hennepin MN
Laird, Floyd M. - Delta CO
LaJeunesse, Eugene - Middlesex MA
LaJeunesse, Henry J. - Cook IL
Lake, Archie L. - Cook IL
Lake, Stephen - Hamilton OH
Lamaack, Peter J. - Cottonwood MN
Lamb, Norman H. - St. Clair MI
Lamb, Ralph - Redwood MN
Lamb, Randolph - Westchester NY
Lambert, Arthur - Petroleum MT
Lambert, Charles E. - Erie NY
Lambert, Napoleon - Worcester MA
Lamont, Thomas E. - Wexford MI
LaMouree, Adelbert - Ulster NY
Lampe, Chris H. - Traverse MN
Lampert, James G. B. - DC
Lampert, Robert A. - Wright MN
Lancaster, Guy L. - Penobscot ME
Lancaster, Harold F. - Mitchell IA
Landgraf, Louis Fred - Marion OR
Landis, Lark - Cook IL
Landis, Mike H. - Decatur IN
Landis, Samuel - Lancaster PA
Landon, Joseph H. - Kings NY
Landon, Richard G. - Tompkins NY
Landry, Frank - St. Landry LA
Landry, Henry E. - Hartford CT
Landry, Ignance - Iberia LA
Landwehr, Arthur J. - Wayne MI
Lane, Albert S. - Seward KS
Lane, James A. - Conecuh AL
Lane, James A. - Madison AL
Lane, John P. - Monroe AR
Lane, Melvin L. - Douglas MN
Lane, Ralph J. G. - Hunterdon NJ
Laney, John C. - Catawaba NC
Lang, George - Monroe NY
Lang, John H. - Baltimore MD
Lang, Michael J. - Allegheny PA
Lang, Stephen Aloyious - Kings NY
Langan, Gurdon S. - Alameda CA
Lange, Albert - Alcona MI
Langendorf, Charles W. W. - Ramsey MN
Langham, Charles I. - Indiana PA
Langkof, Walter T. - Cooper MO
Langle, Cyrus Macey - Izard AR
Langley, Charles Erl - Grayson KY
Langon, Morris - St. Louis City MO
Langston, Ephriam H. - Fulton GA
Lankheet, John - Ottawa MI
Lannen, Ira J. - Center PA
Lanning, Ellsworth V. - Butler PA
Lanning, Frank - Seneca OH
Lanning, Maurice - Orange CA
Lanphear, Oliver M. - Stillwater MT
Lansing, William H. - Miami KS
Lansrud, Evan K. - Winneshiek IA
Lantis, Clifford L. - Greene MO
Lantz, Joseph R. - Baltimore MD
Lanyon, Cecil - Queens NY
LaPlante, Emile - Kennebec ME
Larbrou, John - Middlesex MA
Lardinais, Gregory M. - Lucas OH
Large, Harry - Bucks PA
Larimer, Clifford A. - Pocahontas IA
Larm, Joseph R. - Orleans LA
Larose, John W. - Randolph IL
Larrabee, Harry S. - Cerro Gordo IA
Larsen, Albert C. - Fairfield CT
Larsen, Geo. T. - Hennepin MN
Larsen, Gustaf L. - Stanislaus CA
Larson, Benmore O. - Jackson MN
Larson, Clarence A. - Pierce ND
Larson, David - Stark OH
Larson, Fred J. - Rice MN
Larson, Gerhard J. - Winnebago IA
Larson, John F. L. - Morrison MN
Larson, Lewis - Wright IA
Larson, Martin - Leelanau MI
Larson, William T. - Union NJ
Larson, Wilmar J. - St. Louis MN
LaRuffa, Anthony - Queens NY
LaSalle, Thomas - Niagara NY
Lasiak, Joseph - Passaic NJ
Laskowski, Frank L. - Cook IL
Laster, Horton - Madison AL
Latchney, Andrew J. - Wayne MI
Latham, Charlie Brewster - Todd KY
Lathan, Edgar E. - Alexander IL
Latto, Leroy - Stark OH
Lauck, David H. - Center PA
Laughlin, George - Caldwell MO
Laughlin, Howard E. - Northumberland PA
Lautenslager, Andrew - Hamilton OH
Lauterwasser, Emil Henry - Bronx NY
LaValle, Arthur G. - Essex MA
Lavancha, Charles F. - St. Lawrence NY
LaVelle, Harry M. - Allegheny PA
Lavellee, Albert A. - Essex MA
Lavender, Glenn T. - Tallaferro GA
Lavigne, Arthur J. - York ME
Lavoie, Leo J. - Middlesex MA
Law, Malcom P. - Los Angeles CA
Lawless, Austin - Kings NY
Lawlor, Reuben - Alameda CA
Lawrence, Armstead Edward - Daviess KY
Lawrence, Don A. - Cuyahoga OH
Lawrence, Loyt A. - Lamar AL
Lawrence, Omar - Duval FL
Lawrence, Oscar J. - Gibson IN
Lawrence, Philip C. - Crawford IA
Lawrence, Thaddeus S. - Washington ME
Lawrence, Walter H. - Westchester NY
Laws, Douglas K. - Hardin KY
Lawson, George V. - Litchfield CT
Lawson, William E. - Carter OK
Lawson, William H. - San Bernarding CA
Laxton, Charles - Delaware PA
Lay, Elster H. - Summit OH
Lay, Harold T. - Queens NY
Layland, Charles L. - Gem ID
Layman, Ray - Jackson MO
Laymon, Guy E. - Spencer IN
Layson, William L. - Woodbury IA
Layton, Fred - Wyandotte KS
Lea, Edgar P. - Dallas AR
Leach, Ernest H. - Worcester MA
Leach, Leo A. - Onondaga NY
Leach, Marshall - Litchfield CT
Leach, William A. - Vernon MO
Leader, Arthus L. B. - Bergen NJ
Leader, Roy - Rice MN
Leahy, Thomas A. - Middlesex MA
Leahy, William L. - Kings NY
Leake, Lester F. - Chariton MO
Learned, Charles A. - Wayne MI
Leatherwood , Clyde E. - Orange CA
Leavens, Burt D. - Lincoln OR
Lebacken, Melvin R. - Polk MN
LeBeau, Evane J. - Bristol MA
LeBuda, Emil - Benton MN
Leccese, Tony - Kings NY
Leckrom, Earl F. - Frankllin PA
LeConte, William L. - Fulton GA
Leddon, William E. - Crisp GA
Ledergerber, William - Lucas OH
Lederman, Harry - New York NY
LeDuc, William J. - Essex NJ
Ledwith, Albert R. - Cook IL
Lee, Charlie E. - Jackson MO
Lee, Dave - Alamance NC
Lee, Emerson - Franklin IL
Lee, George W. - Chester PA
Lee, Harold G. - Yellow Medicine MN
Lee, Harry A. - Marion OR
Lee, Helmar - Pine MN
Lee, Henry V. - Cook IL
Lee, Robert A. - Woodbury IA
Lee, Robert E. - Jefferson AL
Lee, Roy - Butte CA
Lee, Tommie O. - Polk MN
Lee, Victor C. - Denver CO
Lee, Walter C. - Yamhill OR
Lee, William R. - Henry IN
Leeds, Harry B. - Gloucester NJ
Leeker, Garrett - Hudson NJ
Leenhouts, Willard G. - Ottawa MI
Lees, Harry G. - Trumbull OH
LeFex, Robert D. - Jefferson NY
Lefferts, Russell - Monmouth NJ
Leger, Urbain - Bristol MA
Lehman, Edward - Elk PA
Lehman, Kerlin - Cook IL
Lehman, Max F. - Lebanon PA
Lehmann, Frank H. - Kane IL
Lehnen, John H. - Monroe NY
Lehner, Arthur - Wayne MI
Leibold, Owen - Hudson NJ
Leiboult, Edward N. - Onondaga NY
Leichty, Joseph - Passaic NJ
Leigh, Charles E. - New Haven CT
Leighton, Alexander W. - Bergen NJ
Leines, Conrad - Mahnomen MN
Leingang, Frank J. - St. Clair IL
Leisure, Everett R. - Santa Clara CA
Leisure, Everett R. - St. Joseph IN
Leland, Edgar H. - Wayne MI
LeMay, Victor W. - Hillsborough NH
Lemieux, Edw. H. - Clinton NY
Lemke, Arthur R. - DC
Lemley, Max - Greene PA
Lemmie, Fred H. - Lyon KS
Lemon, Millard R. - Cobb GA
Lenahan, John - Kings NY
Lenardson, Carl G - Los Angeles CA
Lenhart, Henry K. - Baltimore MD
Lenhart, Henry K. - Montgomery MD
Lenhart, Lester - Kings NY
Lenon, John H. - Howell MO
Leonard, Clarence Temple - Nassau NY
Leonard, Clarence Temple - Westchester NY
Leonard, Frank James - Nassau NY
Leonard, Jerome M. - Kings NY
Leonard, Joe - Campbell KY
Leonard, Rollyn E. - Palo Alto IA
Leonard, Stephen A. - Allegheny PA
Leonard, Tom V. - Buchanan MO
Leorenson, Edward H. - San Joaquin CA
LePere, Walter Henry - St. Francois MO
Lesher, Denver Arnold - Jefferson KY
Lesher, William W. - Berks PA
Leshon, Samuel - Huntingdon PA
Leslie, Martin O. - Ward ND
Lesnefsky, Lewis - Columbia PA
Lesniowski, Stanley J. - Erie NY
Lett, William Howard - Williams OH
Levandowski, Frank - Monroe NY
Levering, Ernest W. - Tippecanoe IN
Levi, Sandy - Saginaw MI
Levie, Walter H. - Macon GA
Levoy, Jospeh H. - New York NY
Lewenicht, Louis - Erie NY
Lewin, Samuel J. - Kings NY
Lewin, Walter J. - Berrien MI
Lewis (Loewenstein), Frederick - Hudson NJ
Lewis, Eddie - Edgecombe NC
Lewis, Elmer - Hamilton OH
Lewis, Everett D. - Lawrence MO
Lewis, Frederick - New York NY
Lewis, George H. - Worcester MD
Lewis, Gilbert M. - Edwards KS
Lewis, Howard M. - Denver CO
Lewis, James E. - Baltimore MD
Lewis, John - Crittenden AR
Lewis, John - Phillips AR
Lewis, John - Atlantic NJ
Lewis, Merfort - Adams OH
Lewis, Sam - Fulton GA
Lewis, William B. - Kings NY
Lewis, William M. - Fulton GA
Lewis, Worth - Butler AL
Leyendeckeer, Thomas - Stearns MN
Leytham, Lowell S. - Polk FL
L'Homme, Leo J. - Litchfield CT
Libby, Peter - Aroostook ME
Lidtke, Hugo R. - Manister MI
Liebeck, Otto H. - Erie NY
Lieber, Frank E. - Kay OK
Liebscher, Frank W. - San Francisco CA
Liechick, Zigmund - Passaic NJ
Liechty, John G. - Polk IA
Liedtke, Clarence E. - Rock Island IL
Light, Ely - Guilford NC
Lightner, Henry P. - Perry PA
Lilienthal, Howard, Jr. - New York NY
Liller, Guy P. - Allegany MD
Limbert, Raymond, Jr. - Niagara NY
Limper, Henry H. A. - Jefferson KY
Lincoln, Clark R. - Carroll NH
Lincoln, Fred C. - Worcester MA
Lincoln, Leo R. - Cortland NY
Lind, Adolph L. - Union NJ
Lind, Charles O. - Kings NY
Lind, Emil A. - Boulder CO
Lindbloom, Gustave - Anoka MN
Lindgren, David F. - New Haven CT
Lindgren, Vernie E. - Woodbury IA
Lindner, Walter Gordon - Douglas OR
Lindquist, Rudolph - St. Louis MN
Lindsay, John F. - Suffolk MA
Lindsay, Nat. M. - Crawford IL
Lindsay, William Floyd - Hamilton OH
Lindsay, William H. - Henry AL
Lindsey, James - Clermont OH
Lindsley, Paul W. - Washington OH
Lindsstrom, Walter P. - Labette KS
Lindstrom, Arthur J. - Winnebago IL
Lineberry, Claude L. - Marion IN
Linehan, William J. - Tuscarawaas OH
Linet, William - Bronx NY
Link, Carl - Davidson NC
Linton, Frederick M. - Norfolk MA
Linton, John - Wyandotte KS
Lippman, August J. - Wayne MI
Lisenbee, Joseph I. - Douglas NE
Lister, Brooks - Delaware PA
Lister, Edward L. - San Francisco CA
Lister, William S. - Huntingdon PA
Litchfield, Oscar R. - Hampden MA
Little, Charles V. - Burke ND
Little, Robert G. - Marion OR
Lively, Andy Edward - Haralson GA
Livengood, Lloyd C. - Luzerne PA
Livermore, Charles R. - Worcester MA
Livingston, David L. - Lauderdale AL
Livingston, John R. - Taylor IA
Livingston, John R. - Ulster NY
Livingston, William R. - Boone NE
Llewelyn, David - Silver MT
Lloyd, William E - Los Angeles CA
Lock, Robert T. - O'Brien IA
Locke, Daniel E. - Union MS
Locke, Guy - Auglaize OH
Locke, Karl Wilson - Lake OH
Lockhart, Albert - Sunflower MS
Lockwood, Jay W. - Sullivan NY
Lodden, Adolph R. - Los Angeles CA
Lodge, George - Carbon MT
Loebich, George W. - Cuyahoga OH
Loewe, Wolfgang Julius - Queens NY
Loftus, Michael - St. Louis City MO
Lohman, Edward H. - Lafayette MO
Lohman, William E. - Northumberland PA
Lohrke, Herman R. - Carver MN
Loken, John - Norman MN
Londagin, Dan - Benton AR
Lonergan, James F. - Essex NJ
Lones, Charles A. - Sandusky OH
Loney, George V. - San Bernarding CA
Long, Frank S. - Los Angeles CA
Long, George G. - Allegany MD
Long, Jim - Leake MS
Long, John E. - Muskogee OK
Long, John O - Los Angeles CA
Long, Newton E. - Franklin IA
Long, Norman E. - St. Marys MD
Long, Roy E. - Kalkaska MI
Long, Walter - Jasper MO
Longdin, Arthur E. - Middlesex MA
Longe, William F. - Wayne MI
Looft, Walter W. - Rock Island IL
Looft, Walter W. - Blue Earth MN
Looman, Walter A. - Schenectady NY
Loomis, Clyde A. - Kent MI
Loomis, Orland M. - Bradford PA
Looney, George W. - Woodruff AR
Lopez, Archie - Marion FL
Lopez, Charles LL. - Palm Beach FL
Lorenz, Grant W. - Hennepin MN
Lorenz, Joseph - Montgomery OH
Losco, Marion J. - Duval FL
Lott, Fred G. - Jackson MO
Loudenslager, John - Union NJ
Loughlin, Joseph J. - New Hanover NC
Loughlin, Joseph J. - Delaware PA
Love, Harvey - San Diego CA
Love, James O. - Pettis MO
Love, John Dudley - Middlesex MA
Love, Julius M. - Lee AL
Lovel, Guy - Lake MT
Lovelady, Grant - Dodge NE
loveland, Amos - Cuyahoga OH
Lovely, John J. - Worcester MA
Low, Oscar H. - Sacramento CA
Lowe, John C. - New York NY
Lowe, Mannie M. - Adair MO
Lowe, Zeddie - Dougherty GA
Lower, Irwin E - Los Angeles CA
Lowery, Albert D. - Webster IA
Lowery, Lee C. - Ford IL
Lowery, Robert W. - Comanche OK
Lowery, Winthrop S. - Middlesex MA
Lowicki, Walter E. - Schenectady NY
Lowndes, Wilfred T. - Fairfield CT
Lowry, Geo. N. - Worcester MA
Loyd, Alexander A. - Monroe AL
Lubeck, Toney - Cook IL
Luber, Michael J. - Erie NY
Lubrecht, William A. - St. Louis MN
Lucak, Pete - Cuyahoga OH
Lucas, Charles - Shelby KY
Lucas, James - Jackson IN
Lucas, John H. - Butte CA
Lucero, Franicisco - Colfax NM
Lucero, henry - La Plata CO
Lucero, Octaviano - Taos NM
Luck, Chris N. - Multnomah OR
Ludolph, Martin H. - Washington MN
Ludtke, Richard P. - Sangamon IL
Ludwig, Charles Frederick - Cuyahoga OH
Ludwig, Chas. Frederick - Mahoning OH
Ludwig, Frank R. - Cuyahoga OH
Ludwig, James G. - Baltimore MD
Luke, Frank - Maricopa AZ
Lukish, Michael S. - Luzerne PA
Lumaree, LeRoy W. - Wabash IN
Lumpkin, John W. - Benton AR
Lumpkins, Murphy - Garland AR
Lumsden, John Cooper - Wake NC
Lumsden, John Cooper - Wilson NC
Lunce, Manning - Richmond NC
Lund, Frank - Red Lake MN
Lund, Otto T. - Steele MN
Lundgren, Adolf William - Ramsey MN
Lundgren, Osborne R. - Middlesex MA
Lundquist, John A. - Lincoln CO
Lundstrom, Charlie - Koochiching MN
Lundstrom, Elmer O. - Osceola MI
Lundy, Chas. D. - Du Page IL
Lura, Oscar - Cass ND
Lusader, Maurice Smith - Fountain IN
Luther, George A. - Houston MN
Luttjohann, John - Shawnee KS
Lux, Jesse J. - San Diego CA
Lyczkowski, Anthony - Wayne MI
Lyeth, George - Franklin NY
Lyman, John Burns - Jefferson NY
Lynch, Charley - De Kalb AL
Lynch, Daniel M. - Middlesex MA
Lynch, Edward A. - Ashtabula OH
Lynch, Edward P. - Queens NY
Lynch, James A. - Broadwater MT
Lynch, Laurence S. - Monterey CA
Lynch, Raymond T. - Herkimer NY
Lynch, Thomas, Jr. - Rockland NY
Lyngen, George H. - Chippewa MN
Lynn, George E. - Pottawatomie OK
Lynn, Roy - Crawford AR
Lyno, Russell Gillson - Morris NJ
Lyon, Earl H - Los Angeles CA
Lyon, Harry T. - Hot Spring AR
Lyons, Frank - Middlesex MA
Lyons, Herbert A. - Middlesex MA
Lyons, John - Westchester NY
Lyons, Wilbert E. - New York NY
Maas, Alfred N. - Allegheny PA
Mabry, Frank T. - Orleans LA
Mabry, Lawrence G. - Cobb GA
Mac Innes, Hugh A. - Orange CA
MacDonald, Gerald - Etowah AL
MacDonald, Lloyd Proctor - Alameda CA
MacDonald, Lloyd Proctor - Santa Clara CA
MacDonnell, Albert S. - Alameda CA
MacDougall, Howard - Queens NY
MacDuff, John S. - Erie PA
MacElligott, George H. - Middlesex MA
MacGregor, Chas. H. - Monmouth NJ
Macha, Charles Henry - Cuyahoga OH
Machmer, Frank E. - Berks PA
Machovec, Leo R. - Ramsey MN
Maciejewski, John P. - Lackawanna PA
Mack, Frank - Hudson NJ
Mackay, Harold G. - Erie NY
Mackenzie, Angus - New York NY
MacKenzie, Kenneth A. - Suffolk MA
MacKenzie, Kenneth A. - Kings NY
MacLean, Roderick A. J. - Middlesex MA
MacNulty, Fred O. - Polk IA
MacPherson, Leslie - Middlesex MA
MacRae, Donald H. - Polk IA
Madary, Otto - Miami IN
Madden, Thomas - Kings NY
Madra, John - Gadsden FL
Madsen, Harry J. - Carlton MN
Maenpaa, Elmer L. - Valley ID
Maes, Edmond P. - Essex MA
Maes, John L. - Jackson IL
Maesca, Charles F. - Hudson NJ
Maffa, Frank J. - Suffolk MA
Maggs, Walter L. - Denver CO
Magnon, Gustave A. - Orleans LA
Magrane, Francis J. - Essex MA
Maguire, Raymond R. - Orange NY
Mahoney, Grover C. - Lake FL
Mahoney, James F. - Middlesex MA
Mahoney, Virgil V. - Cuyahoga OH
Mahood, John P. - Cook IL
Mahorney, James - Harrison KY
Mahrer, William John - Camden NJ
Main, Jesse C. - Ogle IL
Majolis, Joseph - Essex MA
Major, Geo. F. - Wright MN
Major, Irving D. - Yavapai AZ
Majors, William G. - Baltimore MD
Makarewicz, Stanley W. - Luzerne PA
Malcomb, James M. - Covington AL
Malette, Floyd F. - Franklin NY
Malherbe, Arthur L. - Kay OK
Mallet, Peter A. - Lafayette MO
Mallory, Blauvelt S. - Essex NJ
Malone, Edward J. - Hudson NJ
Malone, Edward J. - New York NY
Malone, William E. - Belmont OH
Maloney, John J. - Kings NY
Maloney, John J. - Hamilton OH
Manchee, Winchell H. - Alameda CA
Manchester, Hugh A. - Washtenaw MI
Mandel, Benjamin - New York NY
Manfredi, Attilio - Kings NY
Mangum, Harrison F. - Union NC
Manley, Edward - Onondaga NY
Manley, George Herbert - Morris NJ
Manlove, Davis E. - Delaware PA
Manmiller, Frank G. - Berks PA
Mann, Arthur Y. - Haralson GA
Mann, Charles C. - Coal OK
Mann, Jay - Fulton AR
Mann, Jay - Linn IA
Mann, Thomas F. - Middlesex MA
Mann, Willard J. - Lake IL
Manning, James H. - Perry MO
Manning, Lauren R. - Saline KS
Mannix, Emmet - Mercer OH
Manns, George Wiley - Middlesex MA
Manor, Domino - Clinton NY
Mans, Henry C. - Newton AR
Mansfield, Gordon W. - Middlesex MA
Mansfield, Gordon W. - Middlesex MA
Mansfield, Roma W. - Defiance OH
Manshum, Julius C. - Kent MI
Manuel, George - Fairfield CT
Mapes, Ray D. - Lincoln NE
Maran, Sam - Lucas OH
Marcellous, Jesse J. - VanBuren MI
March, Andrew - Beaver PA
March, George S. - Tulare CA
March, Lester William - Larimer CO
Marchbanks, Noble F. - Tulsa OK
Marcheck, Frank - Appanoose IA
Marcsh, Robert E. - Bucks PA
Marcus, Clement G. - Cattaraugus NY
Marechaux, Walter V. - New York NY
Marfaro, Anthony J. - Hudson NJ
Marien, Henry C. - Worcester MA
Marino, John A. - New York NY
Markel, Oliver - Guernsey OH
Markham, Burt Austin - Ramsey MN
Markley, John T. - Allegheny PA
Marks, Clyde J. - Lycoming PA
Marks, Howard - Kenton KY
Marks, Jeff - Jasper GA
Marks, Willoughby R. - Franklin FL
Markstahler, Edward R. - Bergen NJ
Marlatt, George E. - Wayne MI
Marler, Lonie V. - Copiah MS
Marlow, Alfred - San Francisco CA
Marolf, Robert L. - Cheyenne CO
Maroney, Edward F. - Worcester MA
Maroney, John L.. - Erie NY
Marquardt, Geo. - Wadena MN
Marraco, Dominique - Orange CA
Marscheider, Edward - Lucas OH
Marsh, Arthur H. - DC
Marsh, Charlie M. - Jefferson AL
Marsh, Dave - Jefferson AL
Marsh, James R. - Laclede MO
Marshall, Clare H. - Greene MO
Marshall, George L. - Tuolumne CA
Marshall, John S. - Page IA
Marshall, Luther D. - Sagadahoc ME
Marshburn, Dialma - DC
Marske, Arthur L. - Cook IL
Martiens, Charles - St. Louis City MO
Martin, Charles L. - Shelby AL
Martin, clifford - Los Angeles CA
Martin, Dan - Terrell GA
Martin, Edward - Edwards IL
Martin, Frank - Monroe OH
Martin, Frank R. - Duplin NC
Martin, George B. - Payne OK
Martin, Glynn C. - Pottowattamie IA
Martin, Harold J. - Kings NY
Martin, Henry L. - St. Louis City MO
Martin, James S. - Middlesex MA
Martin, Jesse N. - Shelby KY
Martin, Lifa F. - Lincoln ME
Martin, Luce C. - Cuyahoga OH
Martin, Lyman H. - Piatt IL
Martin, Mack - Habersham GA
Martin, Miles H. - Lake OR
Martin, Mitchell - Forsyth NC
Martin, Ralph E. - Sarpy NE
Martin, Ray A. - Lonoke AR
Martin, Ray A. - St. Clair IL
Martin, Stewart W. - Erie NY
Martin, William C. - Kings NY
Martin, William F. - Essex MA
Martin, William J. - Allegheny PA
Martin, William James - Madison MO
Martinez, Richard T. - Queens NY
Martino, Nelson R. - Franklin OH
Martyn, Valentine - Cherokee OK
Marven, James - Cook IL
Marwick, Robert W. - Onondaga NY
Masch, Henry Carl - Queens NY
Masemore, Chas. H. - Baltimore MD
Mason, Charles R. - Delaware NY
Mason, Clifford B. - New York NY
Mason, Hubert Banks - Okmulgee OK
Mason, James - Jefferson AL
Mason, James W. - Hudson NJ
Mason, Sweeny - Madison NE
Massion, Christon Z. - Nassau NY
Mast, Sebastian A. - Baltimore MD
Masterson, Barton W. - Alameda CA
Masterson, Eugene M. - Westchester NY
Mastin, Clavin C. - Butler KY
Matejack, Edmund - Alameda CA
Matejcek, Hugo W. - Steele MN
Mathews, Leon R. - Broome NY
Mathews, Wilber Alan - New York NY
Mathiason, Frank - Swift MN
Mathieu, Albert J. - Worcester MA
Mathis, John d. - Sumter GA
Mathis, Willie - Taylor GA
Mathis, Wyvil L. - St. Joseph IN
Mathison, August - Essex MA
Matt, Aloysius - Bay MI
Matthei, George - Cook IL
Matthews, Edgar K. - Suffolk MA
Matthews, Ira - Clearfield PA
Matthews, James - Burlington NJ
Mattimore, Earl William - San Diego CA
Matton, Joseph - Suffolk MA
Mattox, Aaron E. - Sandusky OH
Mattox, Joseph B. - Tattnall GA
Mattson, Gustaf A. - Ulster NY
Mattson, William - Hennepin MN
Mauberret, Adolph L. - San Francisco CA
Maupin, Amos - Jackson MO
Maurer, Elmer Edwin - Lackawanna PA
Maurer, John A - Los Angeles CA
Maurer, Linus - Huron MI
Mauro, John - Suffolk NY
Mavers, John - Montgomery KS
Maxey, Clark N. - Clinton IL
Maxon, Lewis - Los Angeles CA
Maxson, Earl Wesley - Washington NY
Maxted, Henry G. - Cook IL
Maxwell, James C. - Peoria IL
Maxwell, William - Rockland NY
May, Fred A. - La Moure ND
May, Ray L. - Summit OH
May, Walter Adollph - St. Louis City MO
May, Walter L. - Middlesex MA
Mayer, Arthur - Kings NY
Mayer, Gordon Chas - Los Angeles CA
Mayer, Raymond W. - Queens NY
Maynard, Paul H. - Litchfield CT
Mayo, Frank J. - New York NY
Mayo, Henry C. - Clinton NY
Mazzalo, Philip - New York NY
McAdams, Frederick A. - Marion IN
McAleer, Edw. C. - Rensselaer NY
McAlister, John - Coffey KS
McAlister, Luvelle E. - Oxford ME
McAllister, George W. - Washington MD
McAllister, James L. - Chariton MO
McAllister, Wayne - Jasper MO
McAtee, Willie - Coshocton OH
McAuliffe, Clinton - Deuel NE
McAuliffe, William A. - Hudson NJ
McBride, Charles E. - Caldwell MO
McBride, John J. - Suffolk MA
McBride, Lee S. - Oakland MI
McBride, Leo A. - Sherburne MN
McBride, Nathaniel M. - Arapahoe CO
McCabe, John Nicholas - Clark OH
McCabe, Thomas J. - Worcester MA
McCaffrey, John F. - Lincoln MN
McCall, Claude M. - Escambia AL
McCall, Claudie H. - Brunswick NC
McCall, Frank R. - Pike AL
McCallster, James R. - Cleburne AR
McCallum, Hurlbert J. - New York NY
McCann, John J. - Hartford CT
McCann, Thomas J. - Kings NY
McCarntey, Cyrus F. - Trumbull OH
McCart, Joseph W. - Suffolk MA
McCarthy, Bryan - San Bernarding CA
McCarthy, Edward Max - San Bernarding CA
McCarthy, John - Albany NY
McCarthy, John D. - St. Louis City MO
McCarthy, Lawrence F. - Worcester MA
McCarthy, Wm. A. - New York NY
McCartin, John P. - Suffolk MA
McCartney, Anthony R. - Allegheny PA
McCarty, Eugene H - Los Angeles CA
McCarty, Howard T. - Isanti MN
McCaskey, Clare P. - Cook IL
McCaywood, Percy - Orleans LA
McChesney, Edward D. - Essex NJ
McChristian, Albert E. - Madison AR
McClary, John D. - Sullivan MO
McClearley, Andrew J. - Concordia LA
McClellan, Bion B. - Passaic NJ
McClendon, Madge - Beauregard LA
McClusky, William - New Haven CT
McComb, K. S. - Henry OH
McCombs, Lewis J. - Carroll MO
McConnell, Edward J. - Wyandotte KS
McConnell, Frank J. - Queens NY
McConnell, James - St. Louis City MO
McConnell, John W. - Columbia NY
McConnell, John W. - Westchester NY
McConnell, Louis - Ocean NJ
McConnell, Oliver W.G. - Armstrong PA
McConnell, William - Chickasaw MS
McConnell, Wm. O. - Los Angeles CA
McCool, John J. - New York NY
McCord, Crystal E. - Daviess IN
McCord, Edgar L. - Coffey KS
McCormack, Thomas - Cook IL
McCormick, Allen B. - Covington MS
McCormick, James - Kings NY
McCormick, Rex - Bates MO
McCormick, Vaughn R. - Franklin OH
McCormick, Walter J. - Kings NY
McCoy, Clarence D. - Sonoma CA
McCoy, Gilmore - Lauderdale MS
McCoy, William T. - Olmstead MN
McCracken, Jesse E. - Douglas KS
McCracken, Raymond J. - Delaware PA
McCreary, Donald Kennedy - Erie NY
McCreary, Norman John - Beaver PA
McCreary, Norman John - Lawrence PA
McCullen, Wm. L. - Richmond NC
McCullough, John P. - Kings NY
McCunn, Merle W. - Page IA
McDavid, Joel F. - Montgomery IL
McDermott, Edward John - St. Louis MN
McDermott, Francis T. - Kings NY
McDermott, Jospeh P. - Monroe NY
McDonald, Edward M. - Middlesex CT
McDonald, Fletcher A. - Alameda CA
McDonald, Lonzy - Shelby IN
McDonald, Ralph C. - Phillips KS
McDonald, Walter F. - Jefferson CO
McDonald, Wm. B. - New York NY
McDonnough, John - Marion IN
McDonough, Harry H. - Allegheny PA
McDonough, John - Wabash IN
McDonough, john F. - Suffolk MA
McDonough, Robert H. - Campbell KY
McDougal, James E. - Cherokee NC
McDunn, Giles B. - Clay MN
McElroy, George Comstock - Orange NY
McElvain, Michael J. - Valley MT
McFadden, Joseph A. - Northumberland PA
McFarland, Charles E. - Otero CO
McFarland, Willis - Meriwether GA
McFarlane, Harry A. - Roger Mills OK
McFarlnad, James L. - Tulare CA
McFawn, Loris David - Wayne MI
McGanney, Edward J. - San Francisco CA
McGarry, John J. - Los Angeles CA
McGavack, John - Jefferson KY
McGee, Arthur J. - Queens NY
McGee, Charles N. - Coweta GA
McGee, Harold G. - Pottowattamie IA
McGehee, Edwin - Benton AR
McGeorge John J. - Luzerne PA
McGeough, Clement A. - Allamakee IA
McGill, Arthur H. - Lawrence PA
McGill, George E. - Allen IN
McGill, Richard H. - Kings NY
McGill, Richard H. - Orange NY
McGillis, Fred - Phillips MT
McGinnis, Charles Samuel - Monroe NY
McGlothlen, Carl - Plymouth IA
McGotty, John J. - Essex NJ
McGough, John A. - Allegheny PA
McGough, Robert T. - Cambria PA
McGovern, James P. - Hudson NJ
McGovern, Roy J. - Oakland MI
McGowan, Charles T. - Wapello IA
McGowan, Terrence P. - Maricopa AZ
McGrath, John J. - Kings NY
McGrath, Joseph James - Worcester MA
McGrath, Thomas H. - New Haven CT
McGraw, Charles W. - Herkimer NY
McGregor, Gordon B. - Rolette ND
McGuire, Charles J. - Cerro Gordo IA
McGuire, Chas. P. - Bronx NY
McGwire, Byron L. - Boulder CO
McHenry, John A. - San Diego CA
McHugh, Percy L. - Yolo CA
McIlwain, William S. - Choctaw AL
McIndor, James F. - Multnomah OR
McInnis, Virgal E. - Lawrence MS
McIntire, Wallace M. - Allegheny PA
McIntosh, Charles E. - Blair PA
McIntosh, Sidney - Pottowattamie IA
McIntyre, Edward - Clackaman OR
McIver, Gavin R. - Suffolk MA
McJimsey, George M. - Decatur IA
McKay, Charles O. - Craighead AR
McKay, William W. - Custer MT
McKay, Wm. J. - Norfolk MA
McKeaige, Robert - Delaware PA
McKee, Edward M. - Queens NY
McKee, George A. - Kings NY
McKeehan, Guy John - Franklin MO
McKenna, George E. - Somerset NJ
McKenna, Hugh A. - Cook IL
McKenna, James P. - Middlesex NJ
McKenney, Fred L. - Garfield OK
McKenney, Rex L. - Penobscot ME
McKenzie, George C - New Haven CT
McKeon, Francis J. - Kings NY
McKeon, George Joseph - Suffolk MA
McKibbin, James Malcolm - Washington MD
McKim, Orville C. - Worth MO
McKinley, Steven D. - Hillsdale MI
McKinley, William - Pulaki IN
McKinney, Daniel C. - Hall GA
McKinney, James P. - Independence AR
McKinney, Joseph P. - Nassau NY
McKinney, Marvin - Vermilion IL
McKinnon, Elwyn C. - Los Angeles CA
McKinstry, John A. - Fremont CO
McKnight, Dillard - Laurel KY
McLaughlin, Andrew P. - Middlesex MA
McLaughlin, Daniel J. - Queens NY
McLaughlin, Robert C - Los Angeles CA
McLean, Donald - Routt CO
McLeod, George R. - Hampden MA
McLin, Edward H. - Lewis MO
McMahon, Ambrose Bernard - Bay MI
McManamon Peter P. - Luzerne PA
McMann, Arthur Berton - Nemaha NE
McMath, Thos. J. - Middlesex MA
McMillen, John F. - New York NY
McMinn, David - Campbell KY
McMullen, Edwin J. - Webster MS
McMullen, Joseph - Cambria PA
McMullen, Joseph - Cambria PA
McMunn, Cleatus H. - San Bernarding CA
McNally, Richard J. - New York NY
McNamara, Leo P. - Ida IA
McNamara, Leon - Iosco MI
McNarry, James K. P. - Cook IL
McNeal, Lincoln - Pike AL
McNeal, Orris L. - Blair PA
McNeill, James - Robeson NC
McNish, Earnest Alfred - Linn MO
McQuillan, James A. - Jackson MI
McQuiston, John Henry - Delaware PA
McRae, Henry R. - Richmond NC
McRae, Orlo - Custer NE
McReynolds, Verdie J. - Curry NM
McTague, William J. - Worcester MA
McVey, George L. - Middlesex MA
McVey, Willie W. - Allen KS
McWilliams, Charles C. - Doniphan KS
Meacham, Rex A. - Flathead MT
Mead, Alva Levi - Pemiscot MO
Mead, Clyde S. - Cayuga NY
Mead, Joseph P. - Bonner ID
Mead, Leland C. - Niagara NY
Mead, Leroy Smith - Westchester NY
Mead, Theodore F. - Niagara NY
Meade, Norman C. - Los Angeles CA
Meadows, Lon - Jefferson KY
Mealer, Elijah - Gilmer GA
Mealy, George H. - Norfolk MA
Mealy, Thomas J. - Grand Forks ND
Means, Malvern W. - Crawford PA
Medinnis, Charles - Ramsey MN
Meeker, Robert H. - Oneida NY
Meeks, David L. - DC
Meeks, Luther M. - Spencer IN
Meglio, Joseph - Plymouth MA
Meidinger, Alphonse J. - Ramsey MN
Meier, Herbert C. - St. Louis City MO
Meighen, Thomas Virgil - Freeborn MN
Meinen, Everette J. - Lucas OH
Meinzer, William J. - Delaware PA
Melby, Harry - Marion OR
Mele, Dominick - Rensselaer NY
Melicharek, Gerlad F. - Los Angeles CA
Mellon, James - Los Angeles CA
Melsa, Charlie - Linn IA
Meltner, August C. - St. Louis City MO
Melton, John W. - Caldwell NC
Melton, William B. - Rutherford NC
Memmen, Dean Ellsworth. - Woodford IL
Menard, William - Delta MI
Mendillo, Frank J. - New Haven CT
Mendoza, Emilio - Los Angeles CA
Menke, Clemens L. - Yamhill OR
Mente, Paul G. - Allegheny PA
Mentlow, Charlie - Marion IN
Menzie, Harlo - Whitley IN
Mercier, Henry - Aroostook ME
Mercure, Henry - Schoolcraft MI
Meredith, George N., Jr. - Calhoun AL
Merrell, William L. - Nowata OK
Merrigan, Eugene V. - Lander NV
Merrill, George E. - Hillsborough NH
Merrill, Starr S. - Atchison KS
Merrill, William F. - Steuben NY
Merritt, Howard C. - Stark OH
Merritt, James H. - Pike OH
Mertling, Henry - Queens NY
Mertz, John J. - Queens NY
Mertz, Melvin J. - Chouteau MT
Meservey, Aubrey M. - Cumberland ME
Messer, Raymond B. - Middlesex MA
Mette, Kurtis J. - Hitchcock NE
Mettler, Lee - Cass MO
Metz, Sidney E. - Hancock OH
Metzger, Alfred R. - Essex NJ
Metzker, William H. - Comanche KS
Metzler, William - Allegheny PA
Meury, Frederick M. - Kings NY
Meuse, Thomas - Middlesex MA
Meyer, Bennie A. - Carver MN
Meyer, Frank A. - Passaic NJ
Meyer, George H. - Chariton MO
Meyer, John Gerhardt - Nemaha KS
Meyer, John L. - Macoupin IL
Meyer, Roy J. - Clay IN
Meyers, Edward J. - Niagara NY
Michael, Martin H. - Lincoln LA
Michel, John A. - Erie OH
Michelucce, Vincenzo - Carbon PA
Mickley, Andrew E. - Adams PA
Middaugh, Charles R. - Jackson MI
Middlekauff, Mark H. - Benton OR
Mider, Albert - Hamilton OH
Midkiff, Carl E. - Linn IA
mielka, Fred louis - Erie NY
Mieusset, Claude E. - Buncombe NC
Mikkelsen, Lewis C. - Buena Vista IA
Mikula, Steve - St. Joseph IN
Milbauer, Saul - Kings NY
Miley, Hugh L. - Mechlenburg NC
Milham, Fred V. - Kalamazoo MI
Milham, Morris W. - Wayne MI
Milkey, William A. - Los Angeles CA
Milkman, Edwin H. - New York NY
Millan, Charles Van Buren - Los Angeles CA
Miller, Abe E. - Tolland CT
Miller, Alexander - Lowndes MS
Miller, Alfred H. - Belmont OH
Miller, Brainard William - Rensselaer NY
Miller, Charles - Northampton PA
Miller, Charlie C. - Escambia FL
Miller, Earl L. - Onondaga NY
Miller, Earl L. - St. Lawrence NY
Miller, Edgar E. - Sagadahoc ME
Miller, Frank A. - Baltimore MD
Miller, Frederick S. - New Haven CT
Miller, Gerald L. - Washington AR
Miller, Gilbert - Twin Falls ID
Miller, Harold - Erie PA
Miller, Henry W. - Monroe NY
Miller, Howard H. - Marion IN
Miller, Ira H. - Lancaster PA
Miller, James G. - Wayne MI
Miller, James R. - San Joaquin CA
Miller, Joseph C. - New York NY
Miller, Leo - Ripley MO
Miller, Leo A. - Barry MI
Miller, Lew W. - Seneca OH
Miller, Luther D. - Center PA
Miller, Oscar F. - Saline AR
Miller, Oscar F. - Los Angeles CA
Miller, Rancy - Nobles MN
Miller, Raymond D. - Calhoun MI
Miller, Raymond L. - Cumberland NJ
Miller, Russel E. - Erie OH
Miller, Russell D. - Orange NY
Miller, Sylvester - Yuba CA
Miller, Theodore J. - Scioto OH
Miller, Tom - Floyd GA
Miller, Ulysses - Meade KY
Miller, William F. - Henry MO
Miller, Willie - Maries MO
Miller, Willis M. - Clearfield PA
Millett, Charles - Iberville LA
Millhizer, James A. - Chester PA
Milliard, Frank B. - Los Angeles CA
Millican, Leonard L. - Middlesex MA
Milliken, Elijah - Brunswick NC
Millington, Percy W. - Bronx NY
Mills, Adelbert P. - Lenawee MI
Mills, Claudie - Jackson FL
Mills, Harold C. - Prince MD
Mills, Percy A. - Santa Clara CA
Mills, William G. - Somerset NJ
Milnes, Clarence - Nemaha NE
Milone, Alphonso - New Haven CT
Milton, Lee - Butler AL
Mims, Arthur L. - Geneva AL
Minard, Earl L. - Winnebago IL
Minatt, John E. - Cheshire NH
Mince, Willam B. - Sonoma CA
Mindil, Philip K - Los Angeles CA
Minehan, Hugh P. - Ramsey MN
Minervini, Attilio R. - Bronx NY
Mingo, Jabus - Marion MS
Mink, Orville Lee - Whitley KY
Minnick, Harold C. - Dakota MN
Minnis, Homer - Gibson IN
Minogue, Roger F. - New York NY
Minogue, Thomas P. - New York NY
Minus, Alex - Wayne MI
Minzesheimer, Irwin - Kings NY
Miraldo, Joseph - Luzerne PA
Misner, Ralph A. - Kent MI
Mitchell, Carl - Marion IN
Mitchell, Charles H. - Pulaski GA
Mitchell, Dorsey E. - Polk MO
Mitchell, Edwin J. - Hampden MA
Mitchell, Evertt G. - Union IN
Mitchell, Harry E. - Blair PA
Mitchell, Jack - Cuyahoga OH
Mitchell, James O. - Cook IL
Mitchell, Joseph P. - Oklahoma OK
Mitchell, Robert L. - Trigg KY
Mitchell, Robert L. - Durham NC
Mitchell, Thomas H. - Guilford NC
Mitchell, William Miles - Pike AL
Mittelstetter, Ervin P. - St. Clair IL
Mmotley, Rufus - Cook IL
Moberg, Carl E. - Fresno CA
Mock, Oliver P. - Rapides LA
Modica, Joseph - Ulster NY
Moe, Emil - Polk MN
Moeller, Benjamin - Niagara NY
Moen, Meil Merriam - Washington MN
Moen, Uldrick - Grand Forks ND
Moerman, John J. - Bucks PA
Mohl, Ernest C. - Hartford CT
Mohler, Allen L. - Van Wert OH
Mohr, William J. - Nobles MN
Moll, Fred W. - Erie NY
Monahan, Michael M. - Montgomery OH
Monath, Walter A. - Frederick MD
Monday, Thomas - Buncombe NC
Mondt, Urvan J. - Clinton IL
Monguso, Angelo - Kings NY
Monroe, Daniel - Bacon GA
Monroe, Elmer L. - Dickinson KS
Monroe, George - Howell MO
Monsees, John R. - New London CT
Monson, Emanuel A. - Alameda CA
Monson, Frederick H. - Marion OR
Montgomer, George H. - Vigo IN
Montgomery, Dana I. - Vigo IN
Montgomery, Will - Logan AR
Monthieth, William A. - Los Angeles CA
Monty, Arthur P. - Cortland NY
Monyer, Lee W. - Dauphin PA
Moody, Richard W. - Hennepin MN
Mook, Peter - Los Angeles CA
Mooney, Anthony - Lackawanna PA
Mooney, George - Lackawanna PA
Mooney, John - Suffolk MA
Moore, Amos - Bibb GA
Moore, Augustus G. - Choctaw AL
Moore, Frank O. - Strafford NH
Moore, George E. - Shleby IL
Moore, Harold A. - Berkshire MA
Moore, Harry B. - Berks PA
Moore, Harry R. - Putman IN
Moore, Henry V. - Monroe NY
Moore, Homer - Ottawa OK
Moore, James - Mississippi AR
Moore, Jerome E. - Oktibbeha MS
Moore, Jerome E. - Boone MO
Moore, Jesse P. - Union AR
Moore, John - Hughes OK
Moore, John - Seminole OK
Moore, John R. - Hampden MA
Moore, Joseph G. - Carroll GA
Moore, Kenneth E. - Davis IA
Moore, Leslie - Carter KY
Moore, Marvin Clinton - Montgomery NC
Moore, Mechlin - Columbiana OH
Moore, Orell M - Los Angeles CA
Moore, Ralph J. - Columbia NY
Moore, Robert J. - Washington AR
Moore, Robert J. - Crawford KS
Moore, Singleton - Sumter GA
Moore, Thomas N. - Bristol MA
Moore, Thomas R. - Baltimore MD
Moore, William - Cherokee IA
Moorehead, Kenneth - Montgomery OH
Moorehouse, Harold A. - Cuyahoga OH
Moran, Harry B. - Monroe NY
Moran, John J. - St. Lawrence NY
Moran, Michael - Albany NY
Moran, Roy A. - Union OH
Moreau, Charles K. - Bristol MA
Morey, Frank C. - Harper OK
Morey, Frank C. - Oklahoma OK
Morgan, Arthur Ray - Multnomah OR
Morgan, Delbert D. - Breckinridge KY
Morgan, Ernest - Iredell NC
Morgan, Frank - Luzerne PA
Morgan, Frederick F. - Mahoning OH
Morgan, George - Lackawanna PA
Morgan, Lewis E. - Los Angeles CA
Morgan, Otis F. - Cook IL
Morgan, Rector - Grady OK
Morgan, Thomas J. - Cleburne AL
Morgan, William D. - Tangipahoa LA
Morgenthaler, Anton - Le Sueur MN
Morin, Arthur - Essex MA
Morlock, Gottlieb - Logan ND
Morlock, Oliver - Howard IN
Morrangello, Charles - Nassau NY
Morris, Charles B. - New York NY
Morris, Claude C. - Pottowattamie IA
Morris, Frederick - Cumberland ME
Morris, George H. - Los Angeles CA
Morris, George H. - Sedwick KS
Morris, George W. - Jefferson AL
Morris, Horace G. - Elkhart IN
Morris, Jake - Jefferson AR
Morris, Jesse E. - Ottawa KS
Morris, Joe - Baldwin AL
Morris, Joseph S. - Maricopa AZ
Morris, Louis J. - Barnstable MA
Morris, Otis W. - Tangipahoa LA
Morris, Overton P. - Massac IL
Morris, Pearl E. - Auglaize OH
Morris, Sol - Mahaska IA
Morris, William S. - Baldwin GA
Morrison, Earl E. - Lincoln ID
Morrison, George D. - Schoolcraft MI
Morrison, Henry - Nassau NY
Morrison, James M - Berkshire MA
Morrison, Joseph - Gogebic MI
Morrison, Roy W. - Jasper MO
Morrissey, Edward J. - Kings NY
Morrow, Harry T. - Lehigh PA
Morrow, Murry - Mechlenburg NC
Morrow, Ray J. - Eaton MI
Morse, Clyde Webber - Cumberland ME
Morse, Guy E. - Jackson MO
Morse, Newell M. - Alameda CA
Morstad, Gilman - Grand Forks ND
Mortensen, Richard E. - Henry IL
Morter, Harry E. - Montgomery OH
Mortimer, Richard, Jr. - New York NY
Moschenrose, Edward H. - Jasper IL
Moseley, Willie - Choctaw AL
Moser, Charles D. - Wapello IA
Moser, Charles J. - Multnomah OR
Moses, William A. - Luzerne PA
Moss, Theodore C - Los Angeles CA
Moss, Y. C. - Dallas AL
Mothershed, Lorenza B. - Crenshaw AL
Mott, Clyde - Ware GA
Moun, Benjamin - Bronx NY
Mount, Cecil E. - Washington IN
Mounts, William R. - Los Angeles CA
Mowrer, Hiram H. - Lancaster PA
Moyer, Howard W. - Berks PA
Moyers, Roy G. - Madison MO
Mrstick, Joe - Linn IA
Mrvalevich, Nichola - San Diego CA
Muchler, Floyd F. - Kalkaska MI
Muchler, Floyd F. - Mecosta MI
Mudra, Vincent - Knox NE
Mueller, Gerhardt L. - Des Moines IA
Mueller, Kenneth L. - Black Hawk IA
Mueller, Louis - Clinton IA
Muhling, William M. - Westchester NY
Muhovick, John - Saguache CO
Muir, Robert J. - Northumberland PA
Mull, Charles K. - Lycoming PA
Mullane, James F. - Hudson NJ
Mullen, Claude C. - Muhlenberg KY
Mullens, Jesse F. - Walker AL
Muller, Michael - Hudson NJ
Mullin, Joseph A. - Delaware PA
Mullins, Lester Wane - Archuleta CO
Mulrain, Carl - Worcester MA
Mulvaney, Dore - Vigo IN
Munch, Cyril Carlos - Wayne MI
Munch, Emil A. - Bergen NJ
Munden, Louis E. - Buchanan MO
Mundt, George A. - Oxford ME
Mundy, Arthur F. - Union NJ
Munie, Raymond C. - St. Clair IL
Munier, John F. - Marion IN
Munroe, George - Middlesex MA
Muntz, Arthur E. - Cattaraugus NY
Muott, Dewey Graydon - Orleans NY
Murad, John S. (alias) - Cumberland ME
Murdock, Lewis G. - Jasper IA
Murowski, Walter - Wayne MI
Murphy, Arthur J. - Kings NY
Murphy, Edw. J. (alias) - Wayne MI
Murphy, Edward J. - Union NJ
Murphy, Edward R. - Allegheny PA
Murphy, Eugene F. - Bradford PA
Murphy, Eugene Francis - St. Lawrence NY
Murphy, Harold S. - Berkshire MA
Murphy, Harvey J. - Kings NY
Murphy, Herbert J. - Greene NY
Murphy, James - Baltimore MD
Murphy, James H. - Broome NY
Murphy, Joseph M. - Nassau NY
Murphy, Leo A. - Bradford PA
Murphy, Robert C. - Ottawa KS
Murphy, William - Leflore MS
Murphy, William W. - Baltimore MD
Murray, Albert J. - Allegheny PA
Murray, Edward R. - Dauphin PA
Murray, Frank P. - Elk PA
Murray, James - Fayette PA
Murray, John Douglas - Cayuga NY
Murray, Joseph H. - Essex MA
Murray, Peter - Mercer NJ
Murray, Robert A. - Norfolk MA
Murray, Robert M. - Schenectady NY
Murray, Thomas W. - Saline IL
Murrell, Edgar R. - Monroe NY
Murry, Lewis W. - Ashland OH
Murry, Lewis W. - Wayne OH
Murtagh, William V. - Holmes MS
Murtha, Horace - Orange NY
Muse, Charles M. - Pima AZ
Music, Harry R. - Gray KS
Musser, Jo D. - Dickinson KS
Musser, John M. - Lancaster PA
Musser, Roy A. - Dauphin PA
Mussto, Frank - Luzerne PA
Myers, Alfred - Sandusky OH
Myers, Basil E. - Marion IN
Myers, Harrell A. - Daviess KY
Myers, John H. - Walker AL
Myers, Sydney G. - Berks PA
Myers, Tru W. - Decatur IA
Myhre, Melvin - Polk MN
Myhre, Peter - Polk MN
Mylan, Frank J. - New York NY
Myrvik, Gilbert O. - Ramsey ND
Nabb, Malvern Jesse - Cumberland NJ
Nachant, Albert - Onondaga NY
Nachman, Edwin A. - Bronx NY
Naegelen, Charles A. - Hamilton OH
Nagel, Albert L. - Brown MN
Nagel, Benjamin - Garfield OK
Nagel, Jacob - Morton ND
Nagels, Harvey - Fresno CA
Nairn, George Ellis - Ramsey MN
Nallin, John - Queens NY
Nally, Matthew T. - Montgomery PA
Nally, Robert W. - Berks PA
Nance, Thomas G. - Davidson NC
Napodano, Luke - Kings NY
Nassen, Ernest G. - Martin MN
Nation, Rich C. - Lawrence MS
Nations, Oscar L. - Los Angeles CA
Nations, Walter I - Calhoun MS
Naugher, Forney W. - Calhoun AL
Naugle, Raymond L. - Cumberland PA
Nazzaro, Frank J. - Essex NJ
Neal, Ralph T. - Plymouth MA
Neargarder, Russell - Lake IL
Neary, David W. - Ramsey MN
Nebergall, Cleo - Vigo IN
Needham, Dennis J. - Camden NC
Needleman, Irving - New York NY
Neely, Alva O. - Linn MO
Neely, Oliver Lee Matthew - Mobile AL
Neff, Velven C. - Wapello IA
Nehring, Charles R. - Erie NY
Neiebuhr, Walter C. - Wayne IN
Neieter, John Elliott - Kings NY
Neight, John W. - Orleans LA
Neil, Charlie - Orange FL
Nelis, Alexander - Hudson NJ
Nelms, George - Marion IL
Nelson, Axel E. - Rock Island IL
Nelson, Axel E. - Benton MN
Nelson, Axel W. - De Kalb IL
Nelson, Carl A. - Garfield CO
Nelson, Charles D. - Union NJ
Nelson, Edward A. - Middlesex MA
Nelson, Edward M. - Cook IL
Nelson, Elmer E. - Dade FL
Nelson, Ernest - Bergen NJ
Nelson, George J. - Woodbury IA
Nelson, Harold F. - Knox IL
Nelson, Harry Lewis - Fulton IL
Nelson, James H. - Caddo LA
Nelson, Joseph E. - Weld CO
Nelson, Lester N. - Blue Earth MN
Nelson, Lottie - Grayson KY
Nelson, Magnus - Otter Tail MN
Nelson, Oscar E. - Sonoma CA
Nelson, Oscar E. - Caldwell NC
Nelson, Philip E. - Merced CA
Nelson, Raymond - Leelanau MI
Nelson, Severin - Will IL
Nemic, Theopel A. - Lebanon PA
Nero, Frank - New Castle DE
Nester, Albert C. - Marshall KS
Nettleton, Robert E. - Atchison KS
Neubert, Bedell M. - Queens NY
Neuman, Emil F. - Ramsey MN
Neumark, Frank K. - Westchester NY
Neumeeyer, Frederick - Kings NY
Newal, James Weaver - Jefferson KY
Newberry, Granville W. - Queens NY
Newbold, Clinton V. P. - Jefferson KY
Newbold, Clinton V. P. - Delaware PA
Newcomer, James B. - Washington MD
Newell, Clendenon S. - Bergen NJ
Newell, John E. - Bristol MA
Newell, Karl H. - Onondaga NY
Newell, Samuel K. - Pontotoc MS
Newitt, Joseph F. - Orleans LA
Newland, George F. - Craig OK
Newland, Robert J. - Bourbon KS
Newlin, John - Chester PA
Newman, Henry T. - Hartford CT
Newman, John E. - Washoe NV
Newman, Robert E. - Nelson KY
Newman, Tom - Pike AL
Newport, Clifford - Macon AL
Newton, Bert L. - Wyandotte KS
Newton, Edward A. - Suffolk NY
Newton, Orlo W. - Franklin MA
Newton, Wilson - Jefferson KY
Neyman, Ernest L. - Los Angeles CA
Niccolls, Walter E. - Kings NY
Nicholas, Samuel R. - Stanton KS
Nichols, Chester H. - Chester PA
Nichols, Irving J. - Oswego NY
Nichols, Joseph F. - Mendocino CA
Nichols, Oscar R. - Grafton NH
Nicholson, Edward L. - Major OK
Nicholson, Ray U. - Marion OR
Nickelson, Edwin H. - Bottineau ND
Nickerson, Howard B. - Dawson NE
Nickerson, Josiah D. - Barnstable MA
Nickolay, Nicholas J. - Walsh ND
Niederjohn, Louis H. M. - Lafayette MO
Nields, Amos R. - Chester PA
Nielsen, John C. - Tillamook OR
Nielsen, Niels J. - Fresno CA
Nielson, Niels C. - Clatsop OR
Niemczyk, Peter - Ramsey MN
Niemiec, Frank E. - Erie PA
Niemish, Joseph A. - Lucas OH
Nier, Theodore G. - New York NY
Nigero, Michael F. - Kings NY
Nightengale, Walter T. - Bergen NJ
Niles, Samuel J. - Mille Lacs MN
Nilsen, Nils - Bronx NY
Nims, Henry S. - Rensselaer NY
Nissen, John - McLeod MN
Nissly, John C. - Lancaster PA
Nitterhouse, Charles M. - Frankllin PA
Niven, Maurice P. - Essex NJ
Nixon, Edward O. - Burlington NJ
Nixon, George P. - Livingston NY
Nixon, James G. - Frankllin PA
Nixon, Lester G. - Surry NC
Nixon, William C. - San Francisco CA
Noble, Bertram S. - Queens NY
Noble, Ralph M. - Knox IL
Nociti, Anthony - Passaic NJ
Nodler, Orvis K. - Crawford PA
Noel, Paul F - Los Angeles CA
Noel, William Byron - Brown KS
Nolan, Cecil Edward - Mercer OH
Nolan, Lawrence R. - Hampshire MA
Nolan, Thomas A. - Hudson NJ
Nolan, William G. - Page IA
Nolan, William T., Jr. - St. Louis City MO
Nolin, Ovila - Hampden MA
Nomeland, Jim J. - Marshall MN
Noon, Alfred R. - Nassau NY
Noonan, William J. - New York NY
Nord, Elmar V. - Montgomery IA
Norelli, Michael - Queens NY
Norman, Isaac C. - Surry NC
Norris, Alexander - Hamilton OH
Norris, Fred F. - Reno KS
Norris, James C. - Grant LA
Norris, Joseph C. - Monmouth NJ
Norris, Joseph R. - Neosho KS
Norsigian, George H. - Worcester MA
North, George W. - Essex NJ
North, John J. - Douglas KS
North, William - Lee AR
Northrup, Fred E. - St. Lawrence NY
Northup, Gerald K. - New Haven CT
Norton, Allen S. - Washington NY
Norton, Benry B. - Wayne MS
Norton, Fred W. - Franklin OH
Norton, Thomas - Kings NY
Norton, Walter Victor - St. Johns FL
Norton, William - Duval FL
Noska, Charles - Linn IA
Novello, Lorenzo - Essex MA
Nowak, Antoni - Allegheny PA
Nowatzki, Joseph A. - Cavalier ND
Nowers, Paul - Shawnee KS
Nowicki, Jos. - Nassau NY
Nowiekaitys, Joseph John - Berrien MI
Noyer, John E. - Douglas OR
Nugent, Alonzo - Lauderdale AL
Nulty, thomas R. - Kings NY
Nunn, Burrell S. - Dallas MO
Nunnally, William O. - Banks GA
Nutt, Alan - Bergen NJ
Nyland, Fred - Wadena MN
Nypen, Harry E. - Richland ND
Nys, Leon J. - Chisago MN
Oakley, Albert H. - Pueblo CO
Oakley, George Morrison - McCurtain OK
Oakley, Harley - Coles IL
Oakley, John R. - Broome NY
Oates, Morley S. - Alameda CA
Ober, Robert - Baltimore MD
Oberg, Albert W. - Reno KS
Oberg, Olof J. - Douglas MN
Obermann, Louis - New Haven CT
Obly, Stephen - Union NJ
O'Brien, Daniel J. - Cook IL
O'Brien, Donat G. - Suffolk NY
O'Brien, Gillespie B. - Los Angeles CA
O'Brien, Henry J. - McKean PA
O'Brien, James - Richland OH
O'Brien, Jeremiah F. - Fairfield CT
O'Brien, William James - Albany NY
Och, Peter J. - Allegheny PA
O'Connell, Cyril J. - Rice MN
O'Connell, Daniel Joseph - Jackson MO
O'Connor, James P. - Kings NY
O'Day, Charles H. - Nobles MN
Odell, Earl W. L. - Los Angeles CA
O'Donnell, Lawrence - Tioga NY
O'Donoghue, Michael Thomas - Queens NY
Odry, Edw. - Mercer NJ
Oehler, Max Steve - Queens NY
Oestreich, Ezra H. - Ottawa OH
O'Farrell, John Arthur - Jefferson MO
Ofsovich, Mike - Cook IL
Ofstad, Martin - Lyon MN
Ogan, Stanley I. - Guernsey OH
Ogier, Clifton E. - Thomas KS
O'Gorman, Mathew Edward - Suffolk MA
O'Hara, John R. - Foster ND
O'Hara, William Francis - Burlington NJ
Ohlhausen, George N. - Kings NY
Ohlson, Alfred H. - Nassau NY
Oien, Joseph J. - Lac Qui Parle MN
O'Keefe, Garrett I. - Middlesex MA
Okerson, Bart C. - Osage OK
Olansen, Jay H. - Kings NY
Olds, Clint - Douglas NE
Olds, Roscoe C. - Alameda CA
Oldstrom, Arthur B. - Chautauqua NY
O'Leary, Frank J. - Oxford ME
O'Leary, John J. - New York NY
O'Leary, Thomas C - Los Angeles CA
Oles, Steve - Cook IL
Olesch, Charles G. - Cook IL
Olin, Charles Corbett - Delaware OH
Oliszewski, William J. - Manister MI
Oliver, Albert M. - Vigo IN
Oliver, John Walker - Clarke AL
Olivetti, Natale - Grundy IL
Olmstead, Hawley B. - Lackawanna PA
Olmsted, Arthur F. - Sullivan NY
Olmsted, Howard - Fairfield CT
Olsen, Axel W. - St. Louis MN
Olsen, Carl - Wadena MN
Olson, Arthur J. - Nobles MN
Olson, Charles Arthur - McLeod MN
Olson, Edwin H. - Lane OR
Olson, Gustav E. - Richmond NY
Olson, Olaf - Clearwater MN
Olson, Ole M. - Kittson MN
Olson, Rudof E. - Ulster NY
Olson, Theodore H. - Pottawatomie KS
Olson, Walter A. - Rock Island IL
Olsson, Emil J. - Wright MN
Olstrum, Irving C. - Essex NJ
Omans, Paul E. - Washtenaw MI
Omeara, William J. - Clinton NY
Ontiveros, Mike - Santa Barbara CA
Opel, Andrew M. - Cole MO
Oppel, William - Kings NY
Oransteen, Albert J. - Dutchess NY
Orchard, Harry H. - Essex NJ
Orchard, James F. - Woods OK
O'Reilly, Joseph V. - Richmond NY
Orr, Dewey - Carroll MO
Orr, Russell A. - Saginaw MI
Ortega, Manuel - Valencia NM
Ortlepp, Robt. - St. Clair IL
Ortmayer, Andrew C. - Cook IL
Ortt, Horace F; - Lee IL
Osborn, Frank - Latah ID
Osborne, John P. - Atlantic NJ
Osborne, Thomas J. - Calvert MD
Osburn, Richard L. - Cherokee OK
Osgood, Harold S. - Westchester NY
Oshel, Marion L. - Saline IL
Osherowitz, Louis - York ME
Osmers, Philip - New York NY
Ostby, Melvin - Bottineau ND
Osten, George - Lucas OH
Ostrander, Guy W. - Alcona MI
Oswald, William - Polk MN
Othoudt, Lester - Blue Earth MN
O'Toole, Arthur Livingston - Westchester NY
O'Toole, Frank V. - Dubuque IA
Ott, Lenwood H. - DC
Otte, George Henry - Polk OR
Ottinger, Andrew D. - Yamhill OR
Otto, Charles H. - Linn IA
Otto, Frank - Kings NY
Otto, William - Suffolk MA
Ottum, Andrew - Walsh ND
Ouderkirk, Nelson R. - Steuben NY
Outland, Cecil P. - Gates NC
Over, James P. - Allegheny PA
Overholser, Calvin R. - Clark OH
Overllie, Orin A. - Freeborn MN
Overton, Isaiah - Wayne MI
Overton, Macon C. - Jefferson AL
Owen, Charley F. - Vernon LA
Owen, Guy - Delaware NY
Owen, Henry H. - Stanislaus CA
Owens, Benjamin F. - Alameda CA
Owens, Henry L. - Pulaski AR
Owens, James Edward - Denver CO
Owens, Johnie Mathew - Marion MS
Owens, Walter F. - Genesee NY
Owens, Walter H. - Baker OR
Oxenrider, Ernest - Medina OH
Ozman, James C. - Jefferson PA