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American Military Causalities of World War 1
Names starting with P, Q, R &S

Pilgrimage for the Mothers and Widows of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines of the American Forces Now Interred in the Cemeteries of Europe published in 1930 by the GPO.

The scan to the right explains the effort by the U S government to send the widows and mothers of servicemen buried in Europe during WW1 on a pilgrimage to visit the grave in 1930.

The actual entries in the book show the name of the wife or mother, the name of the deceased, their rank, their unit, the cemetery name and if the woman wanted to make the pilgrimage.

We have indexed the book by the name of the deceased service person (some were women) not by the names of the mothers or widows, so some service people are listed 2 times, once for the mother and once for the widow. (The county name shown in the table below is for the mother or widow.)

At this time we only have about 80% of the book indexed, if you would like to be notified when we add the other names, send an email to bruce@itwasprinted.com and let me know.

Explanation of the pilgrimage program:

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Sample Entries from the book:

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P, Q, R & S  Last Names - County & ST

Paarmann, Wm. J. - Wadena MN
Pace, Charles L. - Calhoun IA
Packer, Samuel - Kings NY
Packman, Harold L. F. - Westchester NY
Paden, Walter E. - Bureau IL
Padis, Arthur - Suffolk MA
Padley, Rudolph W. - Monroe NY
Page, Allison M. - Moore NC
Page, James J. - Los Angeles CA
Page, John E. - De Kalb IL
Page, Max J. - Monroe NY
Page, Percy Sherman - Jefferson KY
Pahlman, Claud - Cedar MO
Pairadee, Walter W. - Hampden MA
Palamountain, Paul B. - Hampshire MA
Palanick, Paul J. - Oswego NY
Palen, Frank J. - Onondaga NY
Palermo, Tony - Middlesex MA
Palmer, Edw. R. - Monmouth NJ
Palmer, Harold R. - Lake OH
Palmer, Harvey T. - Multnomah OR
Palmer, Jack - Sanders MT
Palmer, James S. - Manister MI
Palmer, James S. - Wayne MI
Palmer, Lester A. - Guernsey OH
Palmer, Stanley R. - Kings NY
Palmerlee, Cheester C. - Los Angeles CA
Pannell, Thomas - Los Angeles CA
Papez, Joseph Frank - Cuyahoga OH
Pappagallo, Harry - Hartford CT
Parades, Antone - Santa Clara CA
Parent, Loree - Marquette MI
Pariseau, Joseph E. - Walsh ND
Parish, Claude M. - Hancock IN
Parish, Seeley B. - Ontario NY
Park, James McCalla - Fulton GA
Park, Walter Chandler - Montgomery MO
Parke, Charles H. - Alameda CA
Parker, Charles E. - Baltimore MD
Parker, Charles E. - Baltimore MD
Parker, Clinton W. - Stark OH
Parker, Donald Martin - Worcester MA
Parker, Edward F. - Josephine OR
Parker, Harlan F. - Union IA
Parker, Henry W. - DC
Parker, John T. - Gates NC
Parker, Samuel - Los Angeles CA
Parker, Will - Wayne MI
Parker, William - Marion IA
Parker, William E. - St. Francois MO
Parkinson, Charles R. - Multnomah OR
Parkinson, Earl S. - Waldo ME
Parmenter, Wallace A. - Middlesex MA
Parmley, Ralph R. - Baxter AR
Parr, Charles Earnest - Santa Clara CA
Parrish, George W. - Sampson NC
Parrott, Earl Leroy - Campbell KY
Parrott, Stephen Ormsby, Jr. - Washington KY
Parry, Maxwell Oswald - Marion IN
Parry, Raymond F. - Woodbury IA
Parson, Edward W. - Lancaster NE
Parson, Ernest C. - Jefferson PA
Parsons, Chester - Furnas NE
Parsons, Edgar - Ashe NC
Parsons, John Z. - Socorro NM
Partridge, George - Macoupin IL
Partridge, Mettett E. - Worcester MA
Partsch, Herman D. - Alameda CA
Partyka, Frank - Lackawanna PA
Paschal, Tommie - Fulton GA
Paschal, Tommie - Wilkes GA
Pasquarillo, Tony - Passaic NJ
Passeck, Arthur J. - New Haven CT
Passow, Wm. F. - Cook IL
Pate, Clarence R. - Union NC
Patient, James Rutley - Rock Island IL
Patient, Orlando F. - Moultrie IL
Paton, William R. - Monterey CA
Patrich, Sim E. - Tuscaloosa AL
Patterson, Alexander - Mercer PA
Patterson, Arthur F. - Franklin OH
Patterson, Chas. E. - Jackson MO
Patterson, Dewey S. - Tuscarawaas OH
Patterson, George Lincoln - Sedwick KS
Patterson, John - Hudson NJ
Patterson, Jordan - Shawnee KS
Patterson, Newton M. - Multnomah OR
Patterson, Oscar T. - Allegany MD
Patterson, Thomas Frederick - Webster MS
Pattillo, Roy A. - Alamance NC
Patton, Darrell V. - Josephine OR
Patton, Joseph J. - Baldwin AL
Patton, Raymond V. - Allen OH
Paul, Andrew - Rapides LA
Paul, Edwin Eugene - Westchester NY
Paul, Wendel F. - Allegheny PA
Paulson, Arthur J. - Hartford CT
Paulson, Helmer - Otter Tail MN
Pauly, William F. - Kings NY
Pavel, John - Allen OH
Pavlis, John - Grundy IL
Payne, Joseph H. - Hale AL
Payne, Robert - St. Mary LA
Payton, Willie - Kemper MS
Peabody, Lawrence C. - Essex MA
Peacock, Charles S. - Burlington NJ
Peak, Bernice O - Larimer CO
Pearce, Lewis G. - Hancock IL
Pearcy, Henry A. - Morgan IN
Pearman, Lee, Jr. - McKean PA
Pearsall, Raymond B - San Francisco CA
Pearson, Edwin C. - Dorchester MD
Pearson, Erick G. - Hennepin MN
Pearson, Floy R. - Clinton MO
Pearson, Harry - Elkhart IN
Pederson, Ingwald - Divide ND
Pederson, Johnny - Beltrami MN
Peebles, Robert B., Jr. - Jackson MO
Peeha, Gust - Carver MN
Peek, Solomon D. - De Kalb AL
Peek, Thomas O. - De Kalb AL
Peeler, Lawrence T. - Rowan NC
Peerrine, Ross Edward - Cambria PA
Peers, David K. - St. Louis City MO
Peery, Frankllyn W. - Johnson MO
Peffley, Grant E. - Marion IN
Peifer, Michael - Queens NY
Peiffer, Walter E. - Frankllin PA
Pelleter, Joseph - Denver CO
Pellettiere, Sam - Cook IL
Pelley, James C. - Casey KY
Pena, Jose Maria - Bernalillo NM
Penberthy, Arthur E. - Cook IL
Penberthy, Ira G. - Houghton MI
Pence, John - Wolfe KY
Pennington, Edward B. - Hamilton OH
Pennoyer, Hollis W. - Clackaman OR
Penry, William I. - Trumbull OH
Pentecost, Robert L. - Izard AR
Penwright, Charles Alburn - Canadian OK
Pepe, Marion - Bergen NJ
Pepoon, Lucille - Cook IL
Peppers, Charles B. - Audubon IA
Perdue, Silas B. - Monterey CA
Pergola, James V. - Queens NY
Perkins, Albert G. - Santa Clara CA
Perkins, Arthur - Saratoga NY
Perkins, Clarence B. - Gratiot MI
Perkins, Harry R. - Kennebec ME
Perkins, Walter - Union NJ
Perloff, Morris - Kings NY
Permenter, Ottis G. - Tippah MS
Perrizo, Frank D. - Faribault MN
Perrone, Philip - Oneida NY
Perry, Cecil P. - Laurens GA
Perry, Charles - Alameda CA
Perry, Clarence J. - Ottawa OH
Perry, Leo J. - Shawnee KS
Perry, Manuel Q. - Santa Clara CA
Perry, Spencer B. - Middlesex NJ
Perry, Thomas J. - Perquimans NC
Perry, William A. B. - Iroquois IL
Perry, William G. - Pike MS
Pestille, Mariano - Clearfield PA
Petcheny, Frank - Fayette PA
Peteers, Williams H. - Hamilton OH
Peters, Harry - Lucas OH
Peters, Hazen Paul - Wayne MI
Peters, Leslie L. - Leavenworth KS
Peters, Michael I. - Madison IA
Peters, Thomas W. - Los Angeles CA
Petersen, Arvie A. - Adams NE
Peterson, Alfred H. - Hennepin MN
Peterson, Arthur L. - Los Angeles CA
Peterson, Carl S. - Kent MI
Peterson, Edwin C. - Passaic NJ
Peterson, Ernest Peter J. - Cook IL
Peterson, Frederick - Ulster NY
Peterson, Henry B. - Pine MN
Peterson, Henry F. - Alameda CA
Peterson, Hjalmer - Houghton MI
Peterson, Johannes S. - Howard NE
Peterson, Leonard L. - La Plata CO
Peterson, Morton - Cuyahoga OH
Peterson, Oscar E. - Sherburne MN
Peterson, Rudolph E. - Chautauqua NY
Peterson, Victor E. - Montrose CO
Peterson, Walter - Carlton MN
Peterson, Wilhellm - Leavenworth KS
Petesch, Harry J. - Cook IL
Petit, William B. - Barnstable MA
Petitpas, Joseph Alfred - Suffolk MA
Pettengill, Lee H. - Knox ME
Petterson, Petter - Foster ND
Petterson, William L. - Bergen NJ
Pettit, George F. - Queens NY
Petty, Pat - Lonoke AR
Pewitt, Joe - Phillips MT
Peyton, Jim - Etowah AL
Peyton, Lawrence D. - Union OH
Pfaff, Carl C. - Forsyth NC
Pfaffman, John S. - Norfolk MA
Pfantz, Harland G. - Marshall IA
Pfeiffer, John - New York NY
Phalen, James E. - Cook IL
Phalen, John S. - Morgan IL
Phee, Jordan E. - Suffolk MA
Phelan, Richard - Kings NY
Phelps, Harold H. - Hampden MA
Phelps, Harold H. - Hampshire MA
Phelps, Lloyd - Bollinger MO
Phelps, William Ernest - Madison MO
Philbrick, Fred - Nance NE
Phillips, Burl - Douglas MO
Phillips, Charles E. - Cambria PA
Phillips, Edward H. - Worcester MA
Phillips, George - Lackawanna PA
Phillips, Harvey Carlton - Los Angeles CA
Phillips, Isaac C. - Chatham NC
Phillips, John - Ulster NY
Phillips, Lloyd D. - Los Angeles CA
Phillips, Mercer Marion - Chattooga GA
Phillips, Shelby E. - Natchitoches LA
Phillips, Vint Bordetti - Ottawa MI
Phillips, Walter A. - Jackson OR
Phillips, Walter J. - Erie NY
Phillips, William E. - Chenango NY
Phipps, Clyde R. - Sedwick KS
Phipps, Frank K. - Madison IN
Piatt, Jilson - Curry NM
Piazzola, Jos. - Jefferson MT
Piazzola, Jos. - Silver MT
Picha, Jerry G. - Baltimore MD
Pickens, Frank McArthur - Mahoning OH
Pickering, Ernest F. - Worth IA
Pickering, Henry W. - Grary KS
Pickett, Henry Sidney - Vermilion LA
Pickett, Leonard - Washington MN
Pickhardt, Bertram - Dubois IN
Pielop, Edwin P. - Los Angeles CA
Pierce, Charles W. - Franklin OH
Pierce, Claude - Muskogee OK
Pierce, Edward A. - Fairfield CT
Pierce, Howaard L. - Ontario NY
Pierce, Ralph J. - Norfolk MA
Pierce, William - Tehama CA
Pierce, William L. - Pottowattamie IA
Pierson, Homer L. - Clark OH
Pierson, Owen C. - Wadena MN
Pierson, Thomas S. - Union NJ
Pierson, Ward W. - Montgomery PA
Piggott, Robert N. - Cook IL
Pihlman, Fred R. - Morris NJ
Pilcher, Arthur Clarence - Sedwick KS
Pinelli, Joseph - Montgomery PA
Ping, Perry - Pulaski KY
Pinkham, Albert L - Los Angeles CA
Piper, Elmer L. - Iron MI
Piper, Elmer L. - Kings NY
Pipes, Ragan H. - Greene PA
Pippert, Herman W. - Denver CO
Piquette, George T. - Todd MN
Pirkl, Joseph - Steele MN
Pitt, Edward C. - Edgecombe NC
Pittman, Charles F. - Jefferson KY
Pitts, John H. - Calhoun FL
Plasschaert, Frank G. - Bureau IL
Platt, Lawrence H. - Erie NY
Platt, Louis - Cook IL
Platt, William A. - Dade FL
Plewacki, Adam - Erie NY
Plumlee, Feernie - Franklin IL
Plumlee, Lester W. - Harmon OK
Plummer, Charles W. - Bristol MA
Podhyski, Felix - Lackawanna PA
Podolsky, Ben - Oneida NY
Poelker, Clemens H. - Clinton IL
Pogue, Haskel C. - Finney KS
Pohl, Ralph L. - Hennepin MN
Point, George E. - Bronx NY
Polatas, John C. - Allegheny PA
Polen, Howard M. - Harrison OH
Polk, William G. - Huntingdon PA
Pollina, Thomas - New York NY
Polloce, Joseph - Iberville LA
Pollock, Ralph M. - Los Angeles CA
Polome, Arthur - Allegheny PA
Polson, Clyde - Denver CO
Polton, Charlie - Story IA
Poncar, Joe - Belmont OH
Pond, Elmer R. - Allen IN
Pond, Philip Marston - Los Angeles CA
Ponder, M. B. - Monroe GA
Pool, Wallace - Bucks PA
Poole, William E. - Randolph NC
Poole, William W. - Kennebec ME
Poore, Raymond - Los Angeles CA
Popham, Byron A. - Cook IL
Popiacki, Martin - Baltimore MD
Popp, Albert - Hamilton OH
Porta, Antonio - Santa Cruz CA
Porter, Edward M. - Fairfield CT
Porter, Ernest Washington - Essex NJ
Porter, Frank C. - Ashe NC
Porter, George - Madison OH
Porter, Guy A. - Wayne IA
Porter, Luther - Ben Hill GA
Porter, Lynn T. - Cherry NE
Porter, Robert I. - Kings NY
Porter, Roy - Edgar IL
Porter, Wilfred W., Jr. - Onondaga NY
Porter, William J. - Kings NY
Porter, Wm. I. - Multnomah OR
Posey, Albert - Fulton GA
Posner, Harry J. - Worcester MA
Post, Benjamine J. C. - Bristol MA
Poston, George S. - Pennington MN
Potosky, Walter - Cuyahoga OH
Potter, Edward E. - Cook IL
Potter, Harry N. - St. Louis City MO
Potter, Henry B. - Schenectady NY
Potter, John F. - Westchester NY
Pottis, Arthur G. - Rockingham NH
Potts, David, Jr. - Westchester NY
Potz, Robert - Hartford CT
Poulin, Joseph I. - Kennebec ME
Pouliotte, Joseph P. - Washington NY
Poulter, James, Jr. - Essex MA
Pound, Thomas J. - Lee MS
Pounstone, Thomas Carl - Multnomah OR
Powell, charles K - Los Angeles CA
Powell, George W. - Lauderdale MS
Powell, Ira I. - Cherokee IA
Powell, Newton P. - Dickinson MI
Powell, Thomas J., Jr. - Easst Carroll LA
Powell, Thomas S. - Greene IL
Powers, James J. - Queens NY
Powers, Joseph E. - Charlevoix MI
Pramas, William - Essex MA
Prather, John Thomas - Marion IN
Pratt, Charles A. - Porter IN
Pratt, Charles W. - Sheridan KS
Pratt, Joseph V. - Hartford CT
Pratt, William M. - Lyon KS
Preputin, Mike - Cascade MT
Pressler, Fred - Essex NJ
Pressler, Fred - Hudson NJ
Preston, Louis - Cook IL
Preston, Louis - Monroe NY
Pretty, Saunders P. - Kenton KY
Price, Charles F. - Van Wert OH
Price, Guy E. - Tulsa OK
Price, Ivan - Los Angeles CA
Price, John - Orange CA
Price, Ralph - Fulton GA
Price, Robert - Stephens OK
Price, Robert L. - Oktibbeha MS
Price, Roy - Monroe IA
Price, Sam P. - Cleveland OK
Price, Willard T. - Caroline MD
Prichard, Wallace Bruce - Genesee MI
Prigan, Robert E. - Mountrail ND
Prigge, Alfred - Henry OH
Prim, James C. - Chilton AL
Prince, Charles P. - Queens NY
Prince, Granvel - Comanche OK
Prince, John Coleman - New London CT
Prince, Melville - New York NY
Prince, Verlin R. - Woodruff AR
Principe, Frank - Cuyahoga OH
Prindle, Sidney Edwin - Essex NJ
Prisco, William - Otsego NY
Pritchard, William J. - Kings NY
Pritchett, Daniel L. - New York NY
Prittchett, Daniel L. - Westchester NY
Probasco, Edwin T. - Linn IA
Proctor, Arthur H. - Suffolk MA
Proctor, Fred B. - Los Angeles CA
Proctor, John C. A. - Hartford CT
Prousgaard, Niel - Cuyahoga OH
Pryer, John T. - New York NY
Puetz, Frank J. - Sedwick KS
Puetz, Herman J. - Kane IL
Puffer, Harry S. - Portage OH
Pugh, WM. W. - Vanderburg IN
Pullano, Joseph - Niagara NY
Pullem, Frank - Pemiscot MO
Pullen, Willard F. - Franklin MA
Pullen, William D. - Tuscaloosa AL
Pulse, George F. - Muscatine IA
Pumphrey, Oliver E. - Marion IN
Puntenny, Lyle H. - Los Angeles CA
Puplinskie, Claude - Hennepin MN
Purdy, George R. - Livingston NY
Purrucker, Marshall N. - Cook IL
Purvis, Willie - Oldham KY
Putnam, Charles Lancaster - Orleans LA
Putnam, Israel - New York NY
Pyle, Charles S. - Harford MD
Pyszka, Emil J. - La Salle IL
Qual, Robert - Mahnomen MN
Qualls, Avery H. F. - Faulkner AR
Quamme. Albert O. - Goodhue MN
Quick, James Henry - Garland AR
Quigley, Arthur - Kings NY
Quigley, Delmar - Essex NJ
Quigley, Harrison B. - Lebanon PA
Quigley, Howard C. - St. Louis MN
Quillen, Jeff - Barbour AL
Quimby, Howard L. - Middlesex MA
Quinn, Archie S. - Oneida NY
Quinn, Charles P. - New York NY
Quinn, George W. - Monroe NY
Quinn, John M. - New York NY
Quinn, Leonard M. - Frederick MD
Quirk, Joseph J. - Center PA
Raab, John F. - Northampton PA
Raaen, John V. - Barnes ND
Rabb, Lazarus B. - Conecuh AL
Raber, Arthur Richmond - Mercer NJ
Rabideau, Henry M. - Logan KS
Racine, Joseph - Worcester MA
Radabaugh, Hampton - Washington OH
Radabaugh, Vernon - Pike OH
Radant, Oscar A. - Madison NE
Radcliff, Lilburn - Henry KY
Radke, Carl - Ingham MI
Raebiger, Adolph, Jr. - Camden NJ
Ragenoski, Frank A. - Lake IN
Rahner, Jack - Summit OH
Raible, Joseph R. - Osage KS
Rains, Owen J. - Cullman AL
Raithel, Otto G. - Cole MO
Ramagnano, John A. - Baltimore MD
Rambo, Ben M. - Fulton GA
Rammel, Henry J. - Mercer OH
Ramsay, Floyd - Los Angeles CA
Ramsay, Frank E. - Litchfield CT
Rand, Walter A. - Worcester MA
Randall, Carleton H. - Lee FL
Randall, Leroy D. - Crawford IN
Randall, Warren A. - Plymouth MA
Randlen, Richard - Butts GA
Randlen, Richard - Monroe GA
Rankin, Bruce Reyburn - Henderson IL
Rankin, Raymond - Ottawa MI
Ranney, Robert J. - Erie NY
Ransom, Raymond R. - Monroe NY
Ranson, John Oliver - Mechlenburg NC
Rapaport, Morris - Monroe NY
Rapier, William T. - Jefferson KY
Rapier, William T. - Nelson KY
Rapp, Joseph J. - Clarion PA
Rappold, Albert L. - Erie NY
Rasnick, James D. - Quay NM
Ratcliff, John - Alamance NC
Ratcliffe, Eugene W. - Sonoma CA
Rath, Victor C. - Hudson NJ
Rathert, Henry A. - Kanabec MN
Ratley, Roy S. - Sumter GA
Rau, George J. - Hartford CT
Rausch, Ira A. - St. Louis City MO
Rauth, John J. - Queens NY
Rawlings, Howard E. - Onondaga NY
Ray, Carl - Ashtabula OH
Raymond, Carlton E. - Middlesex MA
Raymond, Jesse C. - Reno KS
Rayner, John N. - Las Animas CO
Rayson, Homer - Monroe NY
Reagan, Cornelius R. - Westchester NY
Reager, Wallace C. - Greene MO
Reager, Wallace C. - Sequoyah OK
Reams, Walter James - Payne OK
Reaney, Thomas J. - Hudson NJ
Reavill, David B. - Crawford IL
Reber, Charles - Berks PA
Reber, George W. - Berks PA
Rebich, Peter - Peoria IL
Rebik, George A. - Tama IA
Rebottaro, Victor - Humboldt CA
Record, George T. - Saratoga NY
Redd, Willie M. - Montgomery AL
Redding, Benjamin J. - Hughes OK
Redding, Earl W. - Contra Costa CA
Reddington, John C. - Jo Daviess IL
Redmond, Clint - Mercer PA
Reece, Samuel F. - Will IL
Reed, Arthur - De Soto LA
Reed, Benjamin Franklin - Elk PA
Reed, Chester - Johnson KY
Reed, Irvin O. - Cedar NE
Reed, James B. - DC
Reed, Norman W. - Meigs OH
Reed, Verne O. - Davis IA
Reedy, George F. - Trumbull OH
Reeh, Joseph M. - Rawlins KS
Rees, Ralph B. - Multnomah OR
Reese, John H. - Richmond GA
Reese, Lester C. - Multnomah OR
Reeves, Alfred Vernon - San Francisco CA
Reeves, Basil O. - Murray OK
Reeves, Delbert - Marion OR
Reeves, Henry E. - Atlantic NJ
Reeves, John C. - Gwinnett GA
Reeves, John J. - Adair OK
Reeves, William - Kings NY
Regan, James - Will IL
Regnier, Albert - Iroquois IL
Rehder, William H. - Scott IA
Rehkugler, John G. - Dauphin PA
Rehme, Lawrence - Shelby IN
Reichert, Charles P. - Nassau NY
Reid, Harry F. - Summit OH
Reid, Howell Lewis - Baltimore MD
Reid, Kenneth M. - Passaic NJ
Reid, Lauren G. - Washoe NV
Reid, Leon S. - St. Louis City MO
Reid, Leon S. - Montgomery PA
Reid, Wallker P. - Greene MO
Reidenouer, Jonas G. - Montgomery PA
Reifsnyder, Fred S. - Berks PA
Reilley, Luke L. - Madison IN
Reilly, Frank E. - Frankllin PA
Reilly, James E. - New York NY
Reilly, John L. - Middlesex MA
Reilly, Lloyd G.E. - Norfolk MA
Reilly, Terrance C. - St. Louis City MO
Reilly, Thomas P. - New York NY
Reily, Gottlib P. - Sheridan ND
Reinhardt, Joseph F. - Baltimore MD
Reise, Chester B. - Denver CO
Reisner, Charles M. - Mercer NJ
Rembert, Felmon - DC
Remick, Ralph W. - DC
Rempler, Harry H. - Warren OH
Remy, Clarence M. - Dubuque IA
Renkin, Frederick James - Allegheny PA
Rennaker, Charles R. - Lemhi ID
Rennie, Herman E. - Carroll OH
Reno, Frank - Kings NY
Renshaw, John Henry - Jefferson AL
Repp, Charles - New York NY
Resek, Joseph - Queens NY
Resnick, Morris - New York NY
Ressell, Oscar - Los Angeles CA
Resseque, Clyde N. - Broome NY
Reyetts, Charles P. - Cook IL
Reynolds, Allan K. - Mahoning OH
Reynolds, Charles P. - Suffolk MA
Reynolds, Frank S. - Orange CA
Reynolds, John A. - New York NY
Reynolds, Leroy M. - Perry PA
Reynolds, Pritchard C. - Buncombe NC
Reynolds, william - Albany NY
Rhoades, Walter W. - Boulder CO
Rhoads, John W. - Payette ID
Rhodes, Gordon L. - Lenior NC
Rhodes, Robert J. - Northampton PA
Rhodes, Roscoe B. - Custer NE
Rhomberg, Theodore H. - Dubuque IA
Rhymer, Dell R. - Calloway KY
Rhymer, Ray O. - Pulaski IL
Rhymes, Pearl - Hinds MS
Rhyne, George W. - Gaston NC
Riccio, Danta J. - Kings NY
Rice, Charles Edward - De Kalb IN
Rice, Floyd D. - Wyoming NY
Rice, Joseph - Kings NY
Rice, Melvin F. - Essex MA
Rice, Robert B. - Jefferson OH
Rice, Wilhelmus M. - Cayuga NY
Rich, Lyle B. - Grand Forks ND
Richard, Dorsh - Cameron LA
Richard, Ramie - Cameron LA
Richarddson, Jacob - Orleans LA
Richards, John - Texas MO
Richards, Joseph L. - Hillsborough NH
Richardson, Ernest A. - Des Moines IA
Richardson, Henry H. - Stone AR
Richardson, Jacob - Orleans LA
Richardson, Lovell F. - Los Angeles CA
Richardson, Roy R. - Marion IL
Richardson, Sherman - Estill KY
Richardson, Thomas M. - Essex NJ
Richey, Herbert S. - Cuyahoga OH
Richman, John - Contra Costa CA
Richmond, John E. - Manister MI
Richwine, Clair - Adams PA
Rickard, Forbes, Jr. - Denver CO
Rickard, Jay B. - Texas OK
Ricketts, Jack R. - Erie NY
Ricketts, Ulys E. - Switzerland IN
Rico, Leandro - Las Animas CO
Ridenour, Warren H. - Todd MN
Rideout, Percy A. - Middlesex MA
Rider, Wm. F. - Broome NY
Ridgdill, Rufus W. - Polk FL
Rieble, Frank J. - Allegheny PA
Riebling, George F. - Clay NE
Riebold, Frederick - Baltimore MD
Rielson, Ernest - Stokes NC
Riesz, Edward V., Jr. - Westchester NY
Riggs, Robert H. - Surry NC
Righter, Ira B. - Montgomery PA
Rigsby, Thomas - Rowan KY
Riker, Walter T. - Queens NY
Riley, Frank L. - Hudson NJ
Riley, James J. - Marion AL
Riley, Mike - Owsley KY
Riley, Ralph R. - Broome NY
Riley, William A. - Middlesex MA
Rinck, Joseph - Queens NY
Rine, Harry S. - Muskingum OH
Rines, Ernest H. - Santa Clara CA
Ringer, Ira R. - Los Angeles CA
Rininger, John - Summit OH
Ripley, Lloyd S. - Calhoun IA
Rishel, Josseph L. - Reno KS
Rising, Joseph - Flathead MT
Riska, John J. - Fairfield CT
Rison, Guy - Fayette KY
Rissi, Bernard - Madison IL
Ritch, Wilson, Jr. - New York NY
Ritchie, Kent S. - Marion IN
Ritchie, Thomas Leo - Clinton NY
Ritter, Frank A. - Erie NY
Ritter, John C. - Bergen NJ
Ritter, Ray W. - Rawlins KS
Ritter, Roland H. - Lycoming PA
Ritzel, Charles J. - Oneida NY
Ritzel, Sylvester Leo - Will IL
Rivers, Clarence - Pulaski GA
Rivet, James D. - Cook IL
Rivet, James D. - Middlesex MA
Rizzo, Charles - Delaware PA
Roach, James Monroe - Jackson OK
Roach, Jeremiah F. - Kings NY
Roach, Robert - Clay NC
Roaller, Harry L. - Cook IL
Roaner, Tobias J. - Queens NY
Roark, Enious I. - Woods OK
Robbins, Herbert R. - St. Louis City MO
Roberson, Leon H. - Mississippi AR
Robert, Frederick C. - Los Angeles CA
Roberts, Alfred H. - Queens NY
Roberts, Carl W. - Cuyahoga OH
Roberts, Carl W. - Lake OH
Roberts, Harry B. - Shawnee KS
Roberts, James A. - Wake NC
Roberts, James H. - Hartford CT
Roberts, James Henry - Baltimore MD
Roberts, James J. - Mahnomen MN
Roberts, John Henry - Calhoun FL
Roberts, Joseph - Litchfield CT
Roberts, Laurence I. - New Castle DE
Roberts, Leon John - Erie NY
Roberts, Mose - Glynn GA
Roberts, norman - Ramsey MN
Roberts, Vernon L. - Pueblo CO
Roberts, William - Vigo IN
Robertson, Albert C. - St. Louis MN
Robertson, Fred C. - Scott MO
Robertson, George - Queens NY
Robertson, Philip - St. Clair MI
Robinson, Archie F. - Chautauqua NY
Robinson, Arthur L. - Blair PA
Robinson, Charles A. - Lyon MN
Robinson, Daniel - Wilcox AL
Robinson, Edward C. - Hunterdon NJ
Robinson, George, Jr. - Jackson MS
Robinson, Harold C. - Washington ME
Robinson, Thomas - Bolivar MS
Robinson, Thomas J. - Passaic NJ
Robinson, Travis - Yancey NC
Robrecht, Albert A. - Santa Cruz CA
Rock, Elwood H. L. - Albany NY
Rockwell, Raymond M. - Stark OH
Roddewig, John - Ramsey MN
Rodewald, Winthrop V. - New York NY
Rodgers, Arthur M. - Los Angeles CA
Rodgers, Norman L. - Allegheny PA
Rodgers, Robert L - De Kalb IL
Rodin, Evald M. - Henderson IL
Rodin, Evald M. - Des Moines IA
Rodman, Oscar E. - Baltimore MD
Roeder, Roland P. - Linn IA
Roehr, Edward H. - Essex NJ
Roehrig, Richard - St. Louis City MO
Rogan, Edward J. - Fairfield CT
Rogers, Ned H. - Pocahontas IA
Rogers, Albert C. - Umatilla OR
Rogers, Cecil M. - Brooks GA
Rogers, Charles - New London CT
Rogers, Harvey E. - St. Louis MO
Rogers, Leo H. - Newaygo MI
Rogers, Lewis P. - Pocahontas IA
Rogers, Randolph - Kent MI
Rogers, Thomas J. - Barnstable MA
Rogers, William C. - San Francisco CA
Rohlfs, John Harms - Sioux IA
Rohr, Lyman - Montgomery PA
Rohweller, Randolph I. - Mille Lacs MN
Roisland, Dreng H. - Nelson ND
Roland, Arthur L. - Pickens GA
Roland, Homer G. - Johnson IA
Roland, John H. - Laurens GA
Roleau, Joseph - Strafford NH
Rolnick, Abram - Kings NY
Roman, Patrick - Luzerne PA
Romano, Angelo R. - San Francisco CA
Romanoski, Alexander J. - Kent MI
Romas, Christ A. - Chemung NY
Rombach, Sylvester - Allegheny PA
Rombeck, William J. - Marshall KS
Romero, Pedro - Quay NM
Romita, Michael - Bronx NY
Roney, Dwight M. - Licking OH
Ronk, Robert H. - Pottowattamie IA
Rooney, Frank J. - Toole MT
Roos, James J. - Erie NY
Roose, Camiel - Wayne MI
Roper, Leslie M. - San Joaquin CA
Roper, Roy - Bryan OK
Roppey, Russel W. - Jasper IA
Rosa, Louis J. - Bristol MA
Rose, Cornelius - Orange NY
Rose, John G. - Greene IA
Rose, Joseph C. - Alameda CA
Rose, Joseph L. - Santa Clara CA
Rose, Louis - Bristol MA
Rose, Ralph C. - Dickey ND
Rose, William - Lackawanna PA
Rosen, Abe - Los Angeles CA
Rosenbaum, Jacob - Bronx NY
Rosenberg, Hymen - Kings NY
Rosencrans, Harry M. - Lake MI
Rosenfield, Morris - Bradford PA
Rosenski, John - Tolland CT
Rosenspire, Walter - Queens NY
Rosle, Peter - Cass ND
Ross, Benjamin F. - St. Louis MO
Ross, Bud - McCurtain OK
Ross, Cleo J. - Crawford PA
Ross, Dock - Miller AR
Ross, John - Kings NY
Ross, John E. - Westchester NY
Ross, Joseph M. - Logan IL
Ross, Karl E. - San Joaquin CA
Ross, Nobel G. - Los Angeles CA
Ross, Samuel - Pima AZ
Ross, Wes - Ballard KY
Ross, William Robert - Somerset NJ
Ross, William, Jr. - Westchester NY
Ross, Wm. Keith - Dearborn IN
Rossman, Herman - Kings NY
Roth, Charles Lewis - Erie NY
Roth, Irving - Hennepin MN
Roth, John - New York NY
Roth, Monroe - Kings NY
Roth, William - Kings NY
Roth, William G. - Hudson NJ
Rothenstein, Moses - Kings NY
Rotherham, Arthur J. - Platte NE
Rothfus, Adrian - Kent MI
Rothrock, Henry H. - Orange CA
Rourke, George L. - Cavalier ND
Rouse, Clare - Jo Daviess IL
Rousseau, Albert J. - Worcester MA
Routt, Thomas - Boyle KY
Rowan, Paul C. - Hardin IL
Rowe, John S. - Summit OH
Rowe, Lewis - Pike OH
Rowe, Maurice D. - Pembina ND
Rowe, William - Pittsburg OK
Rowe, William L. - New York NY
Rowland, James L. - Union MS
Rowles, William F. - Goodhue MN
Roy, Charles - Middlesex MA
Royce, Eugene C. - Multnomah OR
Roycroft, William T. - Tuscaloosa AL
Royer, Harry O. - Wayne OH
Roys, Roscoe - Franklin NY
Royse, Bryan - Adair KY
Royster, Geo. R. - Webster IA
Rozell, Clarence Otto - Orange CA
Ruczkowski, Bernard - Erie PA
Rudeau, Alexander - Hudson NJ
Rudolph, Albert P. - Wayne MI
Rudolph, George - Cook IL
Rue, Olai - Stutsman ND
Rueter, Fred Frank - Gasconade MO
Ruhnke, Leslie C. - Cook IL
Ruland, Urquhart J. - New Haven CT
Rummell, Donald - Cook IL
Runt, James C. - Cuyahoga OH
Rupert, William J. - Clarion PA
Ruppe, John F. - Bronx NY
Ruppert, George - Baltimore MD
Ruselle, Robert P. - New York NY
Rush, Mallalieu W. - Fulton GA
Rusint, Oscar W. - Jones MS
Russ, John C. - Cuyahoga OH
Russell, Alexander McP. - Bedford PA
Russell, Artress - Cook IL
Russell, Donald - New Haven CT
Russell, Donald J. - Bergen NJ
Russell, Edward J. - Trumbull OH
Russell, Ezra - Lincoln LA
Russell, Lloyd B. - Sumner KS
Russell, Ples - Cherokee GA
Russell, Samuel D. - Wyandotte KS
Russell, William H. - Dutchess NY
Rust, Lewis - Bronx NY
Rust, Sidney R. - Burke NC
Ruszkowski, John - Kings NY
Rutherford, Laurie G. - Santa Barbara CA
Rutkoski, Frank - Onondaga NY
Rutledge, Henry W. - Winnebago IL
Rutledge, Lance - Alameda CA
Rutstein, Benjamin - Suffolk MA
Ryan, John - Tolland CT
Ryan, John F. - Kings NY
Ryan, Thomas A. - Suffolk MA
Ryan, William C. - Ripley MO
Ryan, William J. - New York NY
Rybus, John - Eddy ND
Rydell, Charles K. - Monmouth NJ
Ryder, David E. - Frankllin PA
Ryder, John J. - Kings NY
Saam, Wesley - Hocking OH
Sabatier, Charles A. - Phillips AR
Sabiston, Robert J. - Jefferson AL
Saboe, Colben J. - Stearns MN
Saboe, Thomas A. - Stearns MN
Sabol, John - Somerset ME
Sabrowsky, Emil - Stearns MN
Sager, Bruce E. - Cambria PA
Sager, Frank - Ramsey MN
Sager, Raymond D. - Gentry MO
Sailley, Charles H. - Allegheny PA
Sajnaj, Mike - Du Page IL
Sakkinen, John P. - Ontonagon MI
Sallee, Carl W. - Cedar MO
Sallinger, Lloyd Arthur - Orleans LA
Salner, Morris - New York NY
Salvesen, Arthur S. - Kings NY
Salzman, Harley B. - Morton ND
Sambrook, Walter L. - Albany NY
Sammartino, Joseph - Kings NY
Sammons, Barney - McCurtain OK
Sampietro, Angelo - Allegheny PA
Samsa, Fank - Cuyahoga OH
Sanders, Arthur F. - Buchanan MO
Sanders, Hughdee - Copiah MS
Sanderson, Nils A. - Fergus MT
Sanderson, Ralph A. - Fergus MT
Sandhagen, George W. - Reno KS
Sandquist, Olaf G. - Suffolk MA
Sands, Walter A. - Berks PA
Sandy, Gilbert Y. - Worcester MA
Sanford, Jasper N. - Ross OH
Sanford, Peter, Jr. - Passaic NJ
Sanger, Calvin G. - Ashtabula OH
Sanpietro, Cesare S. - New York NY
Santimaw, Walter - St. Lawrence NY
Santy, Anthony - Camden NJ
Sanwald, Louis N. - Kings NY
Sarcona, Jack - Queens NY
Sard, Thomas C. - Baltimore MD
Sardoni, Frank - Bergen NJ
Sargent, Edward B. - New York NY
Sarlo, Joseph - Cook IL
Sather, Ben - Hennepin MN
Sauer, Art M. - Stearns MN
Saules, Charles - Sullivan NY
Saunders, George L. - Vermilion IL
Saunders, Gladwyn M. - Arapahoe CO
Saunders, Gladwyn M. - Ottawa KS
Saunders, Hubert N. - Allegheny PA
Saunders, John - Hudson NJ
Saunier, Harry L. - Stark OH
Savage, Harry A. - Bonner ID
Savage, Murray L. - Ontario NY
Savercool, David - Broome NY
Sawyer, William E. - Erie NY
Saxton, Charles L. - Otsego NY
Sayer, John T. - Bonneville ID
Sayer, Louis C. - Becker MN
Sayers, Delbert A. - Chautauqua NY
Sayers, Walter A. - Hamilton IL
Saylor, Herbert M. - St. Louis MO
Sayre, Albert D. - Summit OH
Scallan, George W. - Kings NY
Scally, Peter - Westchester NY
Scammon, Everett - Coos NH
Scandora Rocco - Bucks PA
Scanlan, Edmund G. - Douglas NE
Scanlan, Horace Brooks - Kings NY
Scanlon, Eugene A. - Hamilton OH
Scarpati, Salvatore - Kings NY
Scarr, James B. - Bergen NJ
Scelzo, Anthonay - Kings NY
Schack, Thomas - Cook IL
Schaefer, Charles W. - St. Clair IL
Schaefer, Oscar Paul - Bullitt KY
Schaefer, Reinhold D. - McLean ND
Schaefer, William - Tazewell IL
Schaeffer, Sam - Vermilion IL
Schafer, Jacob J. - Oneida NY
Schaff, Max - Essex NJ
Schaffer, Charles S. - Burlington NJ
Schaffer, John L. - Lebanon PA
Schaffer, William A. - Allegheny PA
Schaflein, Chris W. - Cook IL
Schafman, Walter W. - Ramsey MN
Schaier, Edward - Allegheny PA
Schallhammer, Frank - La Salle IL
Schapendonk, John - Cook IL
Scharfbillig, Frank J. - Ramsey MN
Scharpf, Ralph D. - Russell KS
Schau, Otto C. - Hudson NJ
Scheel, Clarence V. - St. Clair IL
Scheel, Oscar T. - St. Clair IL
Scheffer, Herman H. - Berkshire MA
Schenk, Edgar G. - Orange CA
Schenk, Frank A. - Erie NY
Schenk, Lawrence - Johnson IA
Schering, Albert V. - New York NY
Schermerhorn, Lauren E. - Montgomery NY
Scheulen, William R. - Kings NY
Schidlowski, Frank J. - Cuyahoga OH
Schiel, William H. - Northumberland PA
Schierloh, Arthur C. - Kings NY
Schildknecht, Chas. P. - Broome NY
Schildknecht, Henry G. - New York NY
Schilling, Arthur W. - Queens NY
Schindler, Louis F. - Plymouth IA
Schipfer, Henry W. - Allegheny PA
Schipman, Emil - Holt NE
Schisler, John - Poinsett AR
Schlaich, Frank. - New York NY
Schlarb, Irvin A. - Tuscarawaas OH
Schledwitz, David - Fresno CA
Schleiger, Adam - Larimer CO
Schlick, Peter J. - Genesee NY
Schlosser, Arthur L. - Erie NY
Schlueter, Harry A. - Dorchester MD
Schmaeling, Fred - Queens NY
Schmees, Leo G. - Wayne MI
Schmidt, Chauncey W. - Muscatine IA
Schmidt, Irwin - St. Louis City MO
Schmidt, Paul - Leavenworth KS
Schmidt, Paul - Hamilton OH
Schmidt, Paul E. - Kent MI
Schmitt, Dominic T. - Monroe NY
Schmitt, Frank W. - Hamilton OH
Schmitt, Franz B. - Franklin OH
Schmitt, George J. - Allegheny PA
Schmitt, Harry - Cuyahoga OH
Schmucker, Paul J. - Allegheny PA
Schnarr, George Benjamin Harrison - Essex NJ
Schneider, Harry - Kings NY
Schneider, Henry - San Francisco CA
Schneider, Herman F. - Kings NY
Schneider, John - Hamilton OH
Schneider, Joseph H. - Genesee MI
Schneider, Leo C. - St. Louis City MO
Schneidermiller, John - Adams NE
Schnirring, Albert H. - Sac IA
Schnittker, Max A. - Erie OH
Schnorr, Arthur A. - Kings NY
Schnorr, Arthur A. - Queens NY
Schoch, Clinton J. - Northampton PA
Schochet, Morris - Erie NY
Schoen, Karl John - Marion IN
Schoenrock, Frank T. - Wayne MI
Schofield, Wm.E. - Middlesex MA
Schrader, John M. - Montgomery PA
Schramm, John C. - Queens NY
Schramm, Leo - Suffolk MA
Schreiber, John P. - Mahoning OH
Schreiber, Ludwig T. - Rockland NY
Schroeder, August - Franklin MO
Schroeder, George L. - Cass ND
Schroeder, Henry W. - Orange CA
Schroeder, Oscar S., Jr. - Middlesex NJ
Schryer, Earl J. - Genesee MI
Schubert, Geo - Los Angeles CA
Schubert, Joseph - Lucas OH
Schuchter, Albert G. - Campbell KY
Schucker, William - Camden NJ
Schuler, Austin - Stark OH
Schuler, Louis Baptiste - Alameda CA
Schultz, Archie B. - Lehigh PA
Schultz, Carl A. - Phillips MT
Schultz, Fred C - Los Angeles CA
Schultz, Fred John - Winona MN
Schultz, William A. - Cuyahoga OH
Schultz, William H. S. - Delaware PA
Schultze, Fred - Nassau NY
Schulz, Martin J. - McLeod MN
Schumate, Gerald - Maricopa AZ
Schutt, Henry - Lucas OH
Schutt, William F. - Rensselaer NY
Schutte, William H. - Union NJ
Schwab, Herbert G. - Kalamazoo MI
Schwab, Stephen Melbourne - Suffolk MA
Schwandt, Carl F. - Leavenworth KS
Schwartz, Charley F. - Steele ND
Schwartz, Jerome - New York NY
Schweers, Jos. Francis - Santa Clara CA
Schweitzer, William - Monmouth NJ
Schwerdt, Louis R. - Warren MO
Schwind, Harry - Stark ND
Schwoch, Henry G. - Clackaman OR
Scordos, Gabriel - DC
Scott, Amos D. - Ulster NY
Scott, Bert T. - Richardson NE
Scott, Daniel - Pike OH
Scott, David H. - Seminole OK
Scott, Earl D. - Hampden MA
Scott, George S. - Page IA
Scott, Isiah - Cape Girardeau MO
Scott, Ivan L. - Guernsey OH
Scott, Robert C. - Summit OH
Scott, Robert G. - Hancock IN
Scott, Thomas - Kings NY
Scott, William E. - Jackson MO
Scott, William Thomas - Burlington NJ
Scowden, James R. - McKean PA
Scribner, Charles E - Los Angeles CA
Scriver, Stanleigh E. - Hennepin MN
Scussman, Clarence J. - New York NY
Sczygiel, Frank - Otter Tail MN
Seabury, Raymond B. - Montgomery NY
Seagle, Haller P. - Barton KS
Seal, Andrew J. - Panola MS
Seamens, Bert E. - Erie PA
Seamon, Alexander Rives - Granville NC
Searl, Percy T. - Caldwell MO
Sears, Irwin L. - Wayne NE
Seaton, James E. - Jefferson KY
Seaton, Raymond B. - Woodford IL
Secor, John H. - Rockland NY
Secor, Lioonel L. - Berkshire MA
Seely, Henry K. - Monroe MS
Seeman, Clyde T. - Allegheny PA
Seeman, Miller - Oneida NY
Seereiter, Edwin M. - Erie NY
Segal, Jacob - New York NY
Segerdell, Albert - Kings NY
Segray, Emmett - Fulton GA
Seibt, Carl, Jr. - San Diego CA
Seichepine, Edward C. - Wyandotte KS
Seidlarz, Joseph M. - Cook IL
Seifert, Fred H. - Buchanan MO
Seim, William W. - Perry IN
Seitz, Walter - St. Clair IL
Self, Charles O. - Jefferson AL
Self, George W. - Custer OK
Self, James F. - Los Angeles CA
Selig, Merrill N. - Jefferson IN
Sell, Rufus E. - Coos OR
Seltzer, George A. - Franklin OH
Selwin, Richard Ridge - Sullivan NY
Seneski, Peter - Northumberland PA
Sense, William J. - DC
Sense, William J. - Iroquois IL
Senson, William J. - Monmouth NJ
Senstad, George K. - Dakota MN
Serra, Peter J. - Kings NY
Seskarski, Wm. J. - Cook IL
Setser, William H. - Shawnee KS
Seven, George - Kent MI
Severns, Sidney - Contra Costa CA
Seward, MarkH. - Baltimore MD
Sewell, Harris - DC
Sewell, Loren W. - Essex MA
Sewell, Wilbur Stuart - Newton GA
Sexton, Harold A. - Alameda CA
Seyerle, Walter J. - Allegheny PA
Seymour, Edgar W. - Franklin KS
Seymour, Edward - St. Lawrence NY
Seymour, Everett Ray - Fairfield CT
Seymour, Quincy R. - Franklin KS
Shackelton, Fred J. - Knox IL
Shager, Stephen F. - Houghton MI
Shamanski, Walter A. - Northumberland PA
Shamley, Richard McA - DC
Shamley, Richard McA. - New York NY
Shanahan, Michael - Cook IL
Shandle, Willie W. - Richmond NC
Shane, Arthur S. - Stark OH
Shaner, Alfred P. - Williams OH
Shanesy, Walter J. - Wright MN
Shankland, Claude G. - Kern CA
Shanks, Pearl - Pike OH
Shanley, John A. - Cook IL
Shannon, Thomas J.e. - Kings NY
Shapiro, Mandel - Bronx NY
Shapiro, Max - New York NY
Sharits, Norman H. - Clermont OH
Sharkey, Eugene F. - New Haven CT
Sharp, Frank W. - Hall NE
Sharp, Kenneth F. - Steuben NY
Sharp, Thomas V. - Los Angeles CA
Sharpe, Joseph H. - Adams MS
Sharretts, Augustus R. - Kings NY
Shavlik, Joseph L. - Antelope NE
Shaw, Arthur E. - Burleigh ND
Shaw, Charles Albert - Daviess MO
Shaw, Colin C. - Harnett NC
Shaw, Walter A. - Nassau NY
Shaw, Walter E. - Middlesex MA
Shaw, Walter G. - Wyandotte KS
Shea, Frank W. - Alameda CA
Shearer, Harrison - Ashland OH
Shearer, Omar B. - Guthrie IA
Shedden, Alan J. - San Bernarding CA
Shedden, Clarence A. - Kane IL
Sheehan, Emil John - New York NY
Sheehan, George W. - Deerlodge MT
Sheehan, John R. - Suffolk MA
Sheets, Grover C. - Wells IN
Sheets, Wiley - La Plata CO
Sheetz, A. Vernon - Stephenson IL
Sheffield, Raymond Mercer - Morgan GA
Sheldon, Herbert J. - Muskegon MI
Sheldon, Herbert J. - Wayne MI
Shellenbarger, Abraham - Furnas NE
Shellhammer, Harry D. - Luzerne PA
Shelton, Joe - Cass MO
Shelton, Martin L. - Washington AR
Shepard, Frank M. - Denver CO
Shepherd, Clifton W. - Monroe NY
Shepherd, Harvey L. - Turner GA
Shepherd, John A. - Coffee GA
Shepherd, John S. - Los Angeles CA
Sheridan, Jesse - Wayne MI
Sheridan, T. Willard - Kings NY
Sherman, Ernest G. - Iosco MI
Sherman, Stanley Reid - Clarion PA
Sherman, William H. - Huron MI
Sherry, Claude - Warren KY
Sherwood, William J. - Suffolk NY
Sherwood, Bertram C. - Custer OK
Sherwood, George F. - Suffolk NY
Shewalter, James - Warren MS
Shields, Theodore R. - Northampton PA
Shields, Thomas A. - Monroe IN
Shillington, Harry L. - Kings NY
Shillito, Louis A. - Queens NY
Shimer, Jacob M. - Northampton PA
Shipler, Clair L. - Wapello IA
Shipley, Harry A. - Morgan OH
Shirkey, Earl F. - Pottowattamie IA
Shirley, Winfred - Shelby AL
Shive, Lawrence W. - Tallahatchie MS
Shivers, Vincent, Jr. - Red River LA
Shoben, Israel - Kings NY
Shock, Ernest D> - St. Louis MO
Shoemaker, Floyd - Bourbon KS
Shoemaker, Gus D. - Kent MI
Shoemaker, Harold G. - Cumberland NJ
Shoemaker, Ralph E. - Cumberland NJ
Shone, Harry H. - Alameda CA
Shook, Anthony - Dickinson KS
Shook, Francis M. - Howard IN
Short, John - Taylor IA
Short, Lloyd - Multnomah OR
Short, Louis D. - Washington ME
Shorts, William F., Jr. - New York NY
Shoub, Claude C. - Lucas OH
Showalter, Frank J. - Sedwick KS
Showers, John V. - Buchanan MO
Shrago, Jake S. - Douglas NE
Shrigley, Loyd - Lucas OH
Shuck, Carroll D. - Johnson IN
Shue, Herschel L. - Wilson KS
Shufelt, Harry - Cook IL
Shufert, Frank A. - New Haven CT
Shull, Charles R. - Cascade MT
Shumaker, Wilbert L. - Perry PA
Shumway, Howard E. - Franklin OH
Shunk, Samuel Henry - Mason MI
Shurtz, Clarence V. - Wright IA
Shutt, Clifford D. - Todd KY
Sibert, Harvey L. - Pettis MO
Sicari, Antonio - Queens NY
Sickenberger, Frank - Nassau NY
Sickmiller, John, Jr. - Henry OH
Sidley, Walter J. - Silver MT
Sidwell, Paul - Pike IL
Sieber, George - Queens NY
Siegel, Samuel - Kings NY
Sievers, William E. - Dawson NE
Sigler, John H. - Knox OH
Silarski, Stanislaw - Cook IL
Silbereisen, Fred W. - Fairfield CT
Silbereisen, Fred W. - Fairfield CT
Silcott, Clyde - Pike OH
Silk, Gerald R. T. - Middlesex MA
Silker, Wyott E. - Williams ND
Sillars, William P. - Summit OH
Silverman, David Granville - Wayne MI
Silvia, Miram A. - Bristol MA
Silvoy, George J. - Northampton PA
Simkin, Frank L. - Henry IA
Simmons, Arthur W. - Cook IL
Simmons, Earl O. - Monroe MS
Simmons, Ernest L. - Adams NE
Simmons, Ernest W. - Fulton GA
Simmons, Frank T. - New York NY
Simmons, George W. - Essex NJ
Simmons, George W. - Currituck NC
Simmons, Jedediah R. - Knox ME
Simmons, Jessie M. - Putnam GA
Simmons, William C. - Polk FL
Simms, Charley - Jefferson AR
Simon, Eugene F. - Ross OH
Simon, Frank J. - Stark OH
Simonich, Joseph Aloysius - Will IL
Simonson, Carl Albert - Pueblo CO
Simpson, Albert F. - St. Clair MO
Simpson, Dewey F. - Los Angeles CA
Simpson, Floyd L. - Garfield CO
Simpson, Horace - Tompkins NY
Simpson, James L. - Ontario NY
Simpson, James Young, Jr. - Jackson MO
Simpson, Stuaart R. - Marion IN
Simrell, Arthur L. - Suffolk NY
Sims, Claude D. - Monroe AR
Sims, Terrell S. - Franklin AL
Sims, Wilbur N. - Mason MI
Sims, William F. - St. Francis AR
Sinclair, Harold - Fallon MT
Singley, Herbert - Craighead AR
Sinnott, Chandos B. - Jefferson AL
Sinowiec, Edward - Luzerne PA
Sipes, Joshua Earl - Clearfield PA
Siragusa, Joseph - Richmond NY
Sirlyn, Eugene A. - Essex NJ
Sisco, James - Ulster NY
Sissons, George A. - Essex NJ
Sitz, Shelby - Sharp AR
Sjovall, Joseph A. - Middlesex CT
Skaggs, Otto R. - Grayson KY
Skala, George W. - Polk IA
Skalsky, John - Allegheny PA
Skelley, Wayne M. - Polk IA
Skelton, Wesley U. - Jackson GA
Skibinski, Andrew - Franklin IL
Skidmore, Van Ressalear - Queens NY
Skiff, William H. - Madison NE
Skilling, John G. - Allegany MD
Skilling, John G. - Baltimore MD
Skinkle, Leonard - Campbell KY
Skinner, Alexander J. - Hill MT
Skinner, Arthur G. - VanBuren MI
Skinner, Charles - Washington OH
Skinner, Steven J. - Chemung NY
Skinner, Thomas - Washington NE
Skionner, Fred M. - Essex MA
Skogen, Edwin B. - Faribault MN
Skogen, Halvard H. - Swift MN
Skolnik, Hyman - Kings NY
Skow, Walter H. - Douglas NE
Skratt, Joseph A. - New York NY
Slack, Joseph - Sangamon IL
Slagle, Alfred M. - Macon NC
Slagle, David H. - Blair PA
Slagle, George L. - Noble IN
Slape, Luther C. - Cherokee OK
Slattery, John J. - Franklin OH
Slauson, Alfred T. - Queens NY
Slaymaker, Harry B. - Marion KS
Sleeper, Guy E. - Coconino AZ
Sleezer, Goerge M - Cass MI
Slentz, Daniel R. - Allen IN
Slicher, William J. - Cecil MD
Slingluff, James M. - Crawford PA
Sliwinski, Joseph - Cook IL
Sloan, Morgan W. - Floyd IN
Slocum, Charles E. - Jackson MO
Sloggett, Harvey M. - Custer NE
Slosson, James S. - Ontario NY
Slotsve, Henry - Grant MN
Slupecki, Frank - Lucas OH
Smalley, Alfred P., Jr. - Delaware PA
Smallwood, Morris - Calhoun MS
Smart, Daniel S., chaplain - Washington NY
Smart, Henry James - Rowan NC
Smart, Peter H. - Suffolk MA
Smatko, Mike J. - Luzerne PA
Smeaton, Wm. - Bristol MA
Smelledge, Charles L. - Essex NJ
Smith, Andrew J. (alias) - Kings NY
Smith, Andrew J. (alias) - Kings NY
Smith, Arthur M. - Knox ME
Smith, Carl W. - Rowan NC
Smith, Cecil C. - Ward ND
Smith, Cedric A. - Cook IL
Smith, Charles - Queens NY
Smith, Charles R. - Huron MI
Smith, Charles T. - Ramsey MN
Smith, Charles T. - Columbia NY
Smith, Clarebce J. - Lauderdale MS
Smith, Clarence F. - Los Angeles CA
Smith, Clarence J. - Tangipahoa LA
Smith, Clarence W. - DC
Smith, Earl G. - Pawnee OK
Smith, Edward - Clearfield PA
Smith, Edward Alfred - Ulster NY
Smith, Edward C. - Kings NY
Smith, Edwin C. - Allen OH
Smith, Elmer W. - Cole MO
Smith, Everett P. - Dent MO
Smith, Fred G. - Pondera MT
Smith, Fred J. - Iredell NC
Smith, Frederick C. - New York NY
Smith, George Dewey - Logan OH
Smith, George E. - Harford MD
Smith, George S. - Essex NJ
Smith, Glenn S. - Floyd IA
Smith, Goebel - Scott KY
Smith, Gordon A. - Lowndes GA
Smith, Harold E. - Somerset ME
Smith, Harold V. - Lake FL
Smith, Harry Wl - Ripley IN
Smith, Henry - Sioux IA
Smith, Henry Brown - Plymouth MA
Smith, Herman H. - Kings NY
Smith, Hollis M. - Cowley KS
Smith, Howard S. - Niagara NY
Smith, Hoyt W. - Bartow GA
Smith, Iven E. - Allen IN
Smith, Jacob P. - Putnam OH
Smith, Jake - Miller AR
Smith, James H. - Essex MA
Smith, Jimmie - Pike MS
Smith, Joe F. - Pope AR
Smith, John A. - Allegheny PA
Smith, John Edward - Clinton IA
Smith, John S. - Huron MI
Smith, John W. V. - Covington AL
Smith, Joseph Alvin - Washington AR
Smith, Joseph H. - Hudson NJ
Smith, Lawrence E. - St. Louis City MO
Smith, Lehi L. - Navajo AZ
Smith, Leon N. - Hubbard MN
Smith, Leroy - Lyon KS
Smith, Lyle C. - Gratiot MI
Smith, Marion Jacob - Jackson LA
Smith, Orien W. - Burlington NJ
Smith, Paul - Campbell GA
Smith, Peter E. - Phillips KS
Smith, Peter Sterlling - Johnson KS
Smith, Rhodes R. - Sacramento CA
Smith, Robert K. - Oakland MI
Smith, Rufus L. - Floyd GA
Smith, Russell I - Fairfield CT
Smith, Samuel - Richmond GA
Smith, Samuel L. - Campbell KY
Smith, Sanford T. - Fulton GA
Smith, Theron E. - Montgomery MD
Smith, Thomas - Franklin NC
Smith, Thomas Clark - Jefferson OK
Smith, Walden F. - Monroe NY
Smith, Walter - Henry GA
Smith, Walter A. - Perry PA
Smith, William F. - DC
Smith, William F. - Clarion PA
Smith, William F. - Delaware PA
Smith, William J. - Saginaw MI
Smith, William T. - Essex NJ
Smith, Wm. Herman - Peoria IL
Smoot, Claude - Jasper MO
Smullen, Daniel J. - Middlesex NJ
Smyth, Elmer R. - Canyon ID
Snater, Johannes - Freeborn MN
Snee, Michael - Armstrong PA
Snell, Harry E. - Cabarrus NC
Snell, Thomas - Dale AL
Snider, Louis J. - Hardin IA
Snider, Wm. Bryan - Cape Girardeau MO
Snidow, George Milner - Clackaman OR
Snodgrass, Elisha K. - Passaic NJ
Snow, Frank Hamilton - Calhoun AL
Snow, Frank Hamilton - Winston AL
Snow, Roy Raymond - Phillips KS
Snyder, Charles J. - VanBuren MI
Snyder, Charles T. - Tuscarawaas OH
Snyder, Harris R. - Lycoming PA
Snyder, John M. - Los Angeles CA
Snyder, Lenerd H. - Oswego NY
Snyder, Leonard C. - Genesee NY
Snyder, Lester - New York NY
Snyder, Louis - Anne Arundel MD
Snyder, Norwood H. - Sangamon IL
Snyder, Orra L.. - St. Joseph IN
Snyder, Warren J. - Franklin NY
Sobatta, August P. - Henry IL
Sobiescky, Tony - Kings NY
Sobul, Herman H. - Summit OH
Socia, Arthur L. - New Haven CT
Sockel, Frank - Cook IL
Soinski, Marion - Cuyahoga OH
Solari, Angel - Napa CA
Sole, Arthur A. - Saginaw MI
Sollom, Gustav A. - Marshall MN
Solomon, Guy F. - Randolph MO
Solvskar, Toryus - Kittson MN
Somers, Budd R. - Broome NY
Somers, Budd R. - Kings NY
Sommer, Jack - Essex NJ
Sonia, John A. - Worcester MA
Soniat, Gustave Leon - Orleans LA
Sonnick, Frank J. - New York NY
Soper, Otis E. - Los Angeles CA
Sorensen, Joseph - Cook IL
Sorman, Clifford - New Haven CT
Sorrels, Heleon Y. - Rutherford NC
Sortet, Arthur - Vermilion IL
Sorum, Adolph M. - Beltrami MN
Sostheim, Vernon Neely - Cook IL
Soule, Horace M. - Lemhi ID
Soum, Steen - Fillmore MN
Sours, Emery - Wexford MI
Sousley, Edward Z. - St. Joseph IN
Souther, John R. - Warren KY
Southern, Walter - Pemiscot MO
Southworth, Howard N. - Scioto OH
Sovia, Thomas - Monroe NY
Spafford, Frank W. - Cuyahoga OH
Spahn, Walter Leo - Hudson NJ
Sparaco, Joseph - Essex NJ
Sparks, James Ralph - Dunklin MO
Sparling, Clare Frisby - Nemaha KS
Spaulding, John - Ware GA
Spaulding, Leonard T. - Tompkins NY
Spayer, Edward - La Salle IL
Spears, Elmer - Polk IA
Spears, Lloyd K. - Vermilion IL
Speck, Walter - Kings NY
Speelmon, Ray B. - Carter MT
Speerle, Michael - Logan ND
Speidel, Henry Fred - New York NY
Spence, Thomas L., Jr. - Cook GA
Spencer, Leroy A. - Montgomery KS
Spencer, Louis - Worcester MD
Sperbeck, George - Los Angeles CA
Spidel, Howard L. - Crawford PA
Spiegel, George F. - Kings NY
Spieler, Albert J. - Sebastian AR
Spiers, Earl C. - Montrose CO
Spies, George - Monroe NY
Spire, James H. - Onondaga NY
Spisak, Frank - Ocean NJ
Splettstoszer, Fredinand A. - Carver MN
Spohn, Adam - Fayette PA
Sponlander, Carl H. - Kings NY
Sprague, Glenn C. - Genesee NY
Sprague, Russell D. - Orange NY
Sprenkle, Clarence E. - Coshocton OH
Spring, Ira Louis - Chautauqua NY
Springer, Dallas - Kings NY
Spry, Walker - Cooper MO
Squibb, Reginald G. - Cook IL
Squire, Yale H. - Wabasha MN
Squires, James W. - Mechlenburg NC
St. Amour, Eugene K. - Los Angeles CA
St. Cartier, Lucien F. - New Haven CT
St. Clair, Clarence A. - Hamilton OH
St. Germain, Joseph - New London CT
St. Hilaire, Emile - Coos NH
St. James, Robert, Jr. - Madison IL
St. John, Clarence - Cuyahoga OH
St. John, John E. - Hampden MA
St. John, Lawrence - Monroe OH
St. John, Onnie C. - Rapides LA
Staab, Adolph W. - Iron MO
Stack, John - New York NY
Stacy, Robert - Montgomery OH
Staff, Harry - Bronx NY
Stafford, Glenn S. - Herkimer NY
Staggs, Fred E. - Vigo IN
Stahl, Alfred - Kings NY
Stahl, Howard A. - Indiana PA
Stake, Raymond - Ward ND
Stalcoski, Joseph - Northumberland PA
Stalnaker, Harry - Polk OR
Stalter, Charles - Bergen NJ
Stanbarger, Orval E. - Jackson KS
Standridge, Arthur - Crittenden AR
Standring, Edwin - Orange NY
Stanek, Thomas F. - Cook IL
Stanford, Albert L. - Decatur IA
Staniland, Horace G. - New Haven CT
Staniszewski, Anthony - Lucas OH
Stanke, Herman - McHenry IL
Stankiewicz, William - New London CT
Stanlas, Joe - Winona MN
Stanley, Arthur R. - Polk IA
Stanley, Fernie E. - Copiah MS
Stanley, Vern A. - Custer NE
Stanley, Warren P. - Montgomery IL
Stanton, Joseph E. - Allegheny PA
Staples, Herbert E. - Carroll NH
Stapleton, Joseph A. - Queens NY
Stare, Gilbert L. - Craig OK
Stark, Morris J. - St. Louis City MO
Starkey, Charles LeRoy - Warren OH
Starks, William H. - Henry MO
Starr, Samuel J. - Worcester MA
Startwood, Fred C. - Cayuga NY
Staska, Rudolph - Steele MN
Staton, James Floyd - Union NC
Staton, Thomas J. - Wapello IA
Stauffer, James L. - Crawford KS
Steadman, Harold W. W. - Frederick MD
Steadom, Willie - Cuyahoga OH
Steber, Louis F. - Ramsey MN
Stech, James Michael - Cook IL
Stecker, John A. - Monmouth NJ
Steele, A. D. - Tishomingo MS
Steele, Aubrey T. - Bates MO
Steele, Francis C. - Essex MA
Steele, James I. - Northumberland PA
Steele, Leo M. - Los Angeles CA
Steele, Linville H. - Creek OK
Steen, John H. - Rankin MS
Steen, Phillip A. - St. Louis MN
Steers, Guy W. - El Paso CO
Steever, Samuel K. - Delaware PA
Steidle, John - New York NY
Steigerwald, Edward J. - Camden NJ
Steighner, Chris A. - Butler PA
Stein, Norman K. - Kings NY
Steinhart, Earl T. - Denver CO
Steitler, John Louis - Jackson MO
Stellwagen, Wallace T. - Monroe NY
Stemplewski, Joe - Erie NY
Stender, John H. - Clay MN
Stenglein, George J. - Allegheny PA
Stepanauvrch, Anthony - Lackawanna PA
Stephenitch, Gilbert A. - Lee IL
Stephens, Clare S. - Alameda CA
Stephens, Isaac W - San Diego CA
Stephens, Sidney B. - Grand Forks ND
Stephenson, Hugh - Chariton MO
Stephenson, Wayne B. - Alameda CA
Stepnick, Jacob F. - Cattaraugus NY
Stern, Alex - Cuyahoga OH
Stern, Milton - Queens NY
Sternberg, Fred C. - Antelope NE
Sternberg, Louis - Cook IL
Sterret, Stey E. - Los Angeles CA
Stettler, Clarence - Monroe PA
Stetzer, Samuel - New York NY
Stevens, Arthur D. - Bristol MA
Stevens, Benjamin A. - Chemung NY
stevens, Foster Bythan - Wayne NC
Stevens, Foster J. - McCurtain OK
Stevens, Frank T. - Los Angeles CA
Stevens, Howard C. - White IL
Stevens, Howard L. - Kennebec ME
Stevens, Joe - Madison GA
Stevens, John - Mahoning OH
Stevens, John H. - Orleans NY
Stevens, Jos. R. - Chautauqua NY
Stevens, Percy K. - Deschutes OR
Stevens, Thomas L. - Clearfield PA
Stevenson, Adlai E. - Fayette GA
Stevenson, Charles - Cochise AZ
Stevenson, Charles - Cambria PA
Stevenson, Joseph W. - Santa Barbara CA
Stevenson, Milton C. - Richland ND
Stevenson, Roland H. - Allegheny PA
Stevenson, Wilbur A. - Franklin KS
Stewart, Albert Dana - Montgomery PA
Stewart, Arthur B. - Ward ND
Stewart, Edward R. - Vermilion IL
Stewart, Gordon - Norfolk MA
Stewart, Guy - Franklin ME
Stewart, Guy - Essex MA
Stewart, John A. - Pittsburg OK
Stewart, Ray E. - Johnson MO
Stewart, Robert A. - Bronx NY
Stewart, Theophilus - Citrus FL
Stewart, William E. - Lake MN
Stewart, William H. - Lake IN
Stewart, Wm. H. - Mercer PA
Stickney, Raymond W. - St. Lawrence NY
Stidham, William H. - Scott MO
Stieflein, Michael - Kings NY
Stiles, John F. - Madison AL
Stiles, Robert H. - Worcester MA
Still, Arthur Chamberlain - Multnomah OR
Stiller, Alvin C. - Cook IL
Stiller, Michael Joseph - Orleans LA
Stillmak, John - Belmont OH
Stimpson, George C. - Middlesex MA
Stine, Charles A. - Albany NY
Stine, George Clarence - Los Angeles CA
Stine, Ralph W. - Ford IL
Stinson, Albert C. - Pike IN
Stinson, Daniel Chase - Suffolk MA
Stinson, Joe - Natchitoches LA
Stinson, John - Montgomery AL
Stipanovic, Bozo - Allegheny PA
Stitt, Carl Eugene - Wayne MI
Stocker, Nicholas J. - Bergen NJ
Stocks, William Edward - Multnomah OR
Stockwell, Burton - Oakland MI
Stoddard, Joseph M. - Plymouth MA
Stoecker, Edward - Allegheny PA
Stoever, Daniel - Lebanon PA
Stoffel, Peter - Orange CA
Stokes, Alfred H., Jr. - Erie NY
Stokley, Robert G. - Essex NJ
Stone, Allen Wesley - San Joaquin CA
Stone, Byron E. - Worcester MA
Stone, Folsom R. - Henry MO
Stone, Huston - Warren OH
Stone, James E. - Ohio KY
Stone, Lester A. - Worcester MA
Stone, Lester A. - Worcester MA
Stonebraker, Hubert - Gentry MO
Stoneburner, Boyd - Steuben IN
Stoney, Tom J. - Hudson NJ
Storey, Adel Moore - Contra Costa CA
Storker, Ellsworth Wilford - Los Angeles CA
Storrs, Richard A - Fairfield CT
Storrs, Richard A - New Haven CT
Story, John M. - Hampden MA
Storz, George W. - Allegheny PA
Stough, Arthur - Jackson MN
Stout, Earl H. - Shawnee KS
Stout, Joe D. - Pope AR
Stout, Leon - Benton AR
Stout, Paul - Jackson IL
Stoutenburg, Clinton - Delaware NY
Stovall, Shelby R. - Muhlenberg KY
Stowbridge, Herbert A. - Kings NY
Stowell, Earle B. - Worcester MA
Straham, Donald P. - Westchester NY
Straight, Willard D. - New York NY
Strain, John Howard - Los Angeles CA
Strait, Lee B. - Chautauqua NY
Strand, Clarence Henry - Madison NE
Strand, John B. - Swift MN
Strandberb, Cornelius F. - Hudson NJ
Strasser, James - Cuyahoga OH
Strasser, William E. - Neosho KS
Stratemeyer, Charles - Hamilton OH
Stratton, John B. - Montgomery PA
Strauch, Edmund M. - Westchester NY
Strauch, John E. - Hancock OH
Straus, Joe - New York NY
Straus, Raymond - New York NY
Strausner, Clyde - Frankllin PA
Strawther, Henry - Champaign OH
Strayhan, Clark H. - Bossier LA
Strebler, Edward M. - Summit OH
Street, Velpo W. - Randolph MO
Street, Walter A. - Passaic NJ
Streeter, Byron O. - Multnomah OR
Streeter, Charles M - Hampden MA
Streeton, Charles V. - Custer NE
Streible, John C. - Meade KY
Streng, Louis A. - Essex NJ
Strickland, George - Ballard KY
Strickland, Henry G. - Oconee GA
Stringfellow, Harmon R. - Mahaska IA
Strohecker, John F. - Hartford CT
Stromberg, Geo. - Nassau NY
Strommer, Henry Lloyd G. - Ramsey MN
Strong, Ernest J. - Erie PA
Strong, Glasford S. - Hampshire MA
Strong, Jesse C. - Sac IA
Strong, Richard W., Jr. - Kings NY
Stroup, John C. - Mifflin PA
Struck, Arthur J. - Kings NY
Strzempek, Robert A. - Lackawanna PA
Stuart, Flord S. - Huntington IN
Stubbs, Edward - Clackaman OR
Stubbs, Prince, Jr. - Bibb GA
Stubbs, Roscoe H. - Keokik IA
Stuettig, Herman - Los Angeles CA
Stufflet, John J. - Berks PA
Stukenberg, Fred E. - Jefferson KY
Stull, Raymond L. - Frederick MD
Stumpf, John C. - Kings NY
Stumpf, John F. - Kings NY
Sturdevant, Chas. C. - Tipton IN
Styers, Garland - Gaston NC
Styers, Solomon W. - Faulkner AR
Subcliff, Fred C. - Clinton IA
Suesmilch, Arboll R. - Los Angeles CA
Suggett, Archie D. - Sacramento CA
Suhr, Fred - Cook IL
Suit, Frank H. - Van Buren IA
Sullenger, Sheffer S. - Williamson IL
Sulley, Francis - Bergen NJ
Sullivan, Francis Dennis - Ulster NY
Sullivan, Fred - Montgomery OH
Sullivan, James J. - Westchester NY
Sullivan, Jeremiah F. - Middlesex MA
Sullivan, John P. - Hamilton OH
Sullivan, Joseph James - Huron OH
Sullivan, Llewellyn - Clearfield PA
Sullivan, Nile A. - Steuben NY
Sullivan, St4ephen - Hudson NJ
Sullivan, Stephen Thomas - Queens NY
Sullivan, Sylvester P. - Dauphin PA
Sullivan, Warren - Forsyth NC
Summerlin, Elam - Wayne NC
Summers, Clement M. - Alameda CA
Summers, George William - Huerfano CO
Summers, Webster R. - Howell MO
Summersby, Kenneth J. - St. Louis City MO
Sumner, Allen M. - DC
Sumnet, Max M. - St. Clair IL
Sumpter, Roy - Sangamon IL
Sunderland, Grover E. - Mifflin PA
Sunderlin, Raymond A. - Nassau NY
Sunderlin, Raymond A. - New York NY
Suominen, Tuurie Henry - St. Louis MN
Superczynski, Conrad J. - Baltimore MD
Suprenant, Carl B. - Shawnee KS
Surwald, Oscar L. - Elbert CO
Sutenmeister, Everett C. - Norfolk MA
Sutherlin, Richard H. - Dickinson KS
Suttle, Vernice A. - Onondaga NY
Sutton, Clair G. - Clearfield PA
Sutton, Fletcher B. - Bienville LA
Suydam, Charlton R. - Somerset NJ
Swain, George S. - Monterey CA
Swain, Warren R. - Montgomery PA
Swan, Glenn V. - Lancaster NE
Swanborg, Raymond G. - Cambria PA
Swane, Eldon P. - Linn OR
Swank, Zebley Taylor - Bucks PA
Swanke, George H. - Missoula MT
Swanman, Leslie S. - St. Louis MN
Swanson, Albert M. - New Haven CT
Swanson, Paul E. - Ramsey MN
Swart, Irvin M. - Yamhill OR
Swart, John B. - Luzerne PA
Swartz, Leo J. - Chester PA
Swartz, Ray L. - Denver CO
Swartz, Roy F. - Huntington IN
Swearer, Herbert D. - Delaware PA
Sweeney, Mathew J. - Suffolk MA
Sweeney, Thomas N. - Queens NY
Sweeney, William J. - Kings NY
Sweeny, Roy Penton - Orange CA
Sweet, Harold L. - Charlevoix MI
Swegel, Anthony E. - Cuyahoga OH
Swenarton, Frank B. - Hudson NJ
Sweney, Elwin - Plymouth MA
Swenson, Carl H. - Adams IL
Swenson, Harold T. - Otter Tail MN
Swenson, Horace A. - Freeborn MN
Swenson, Oscar A. - Chisago MN
Swenson, Walter R. - Chisago MN
Swenteck, Eugene - Cook IL
Swepson, William S. - Sangamon IL
Swetland, Oliver E. - Allegany NY
Swicord, Hezekiah - Macon GA
Swift, Joseph F. - Maricopa AZ
Swift, Lonnie - Butler KY
Swift, Robert J. - Los Angeles CA
Swift, Stanley C. - Middlesex MA
Swigart, Luther - Richland OH
Swike, Edward J. - Queens NY
Swiney, Nath - Rockcastle KY
Swingle, Gray - Licking OH
Swingle, Vern E. - Schoolcraft MI
Swirsky, Joseph - Kings NY
Swoboda, Carl - Ellsworth KS
Swords, Clare M. - Will IL
Swornsbourne, Walter W. - Hartford CT
Sybrandt, John L. - Lorain OH
Sykes, James J. - Alachua FL
Symmes, Earle - Humboldt CA
Symmonds, Robert E. - Grary KS
Synder, Paul T. - Lake IL
Szedlock, Joseph P. - Broome NY
Szelogowski, Albert - Niagara NY
Szydlowski, Matthew S. - Erie NY