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American Military Causalities of World War 1
Names starting with T, U, V, W & Z

Pilgrimage for the Mothers and Widows of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines of the American Forces Now Interred in the Cemeteries of Europe published in 1930 by the GPO.

The scan to the right explains the effort by the U S government to send the widows and mothers of servicemen buried in Europe during WW1 on a pilgrimage to visit the grave in 1930.

The actual entries in the book show the name of the wife or mother, the name of the deceased, their rank, their unit, the cemetery name and if the woman wanted to make the pilgrimage.

We have indexed the book by the name of the deceased service person (some were women) not by the names of the mothers or widows, so some service people are listed 2 times, once for the mother and once for the widow. (The county name shown in the table below is for the mother or widow.)

At this time we only have about 80% of the book indexed, if you would like to be notified when we add the other names, send an email to bruce@itwasprinted.com and let me know.

Explanation of the pilgrimage program:

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Sample Entries from the book:

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T, U, V, W & Z  Last Names - County & ST

Taber, Amos K - Los Angeles CA
Taber, Walter M. - Los Angeles CA
Taft, Roger D - Garfield CO
Taggart, Fred Polk - Alameda CA
Tait, Fred A. - Los Angeles CA
Taitsas, George - Oneida NY
Talbot, Frederick - Orange NY
Talbott, Bert K. - Pueblo CO
Tallant, John F. - Bristol MA
Tanner, Donald P. - Lackawanna PA
Tanner, George H. - Middlesex MA
Tarlov, Aime - Fairfield CT
Tarter, Ellis H. - Grant LA
Tarus, Nicholas - Warren NJ
Tarwater, Albert W. - San Luis Obispo CA
Tassaro, Charles E. - Carroll MO
Tate, Albert L. - Atchison KS
Tate, Alfred - Pemiscot MO
Tate, Charles F. - Broome NY
Tatro, Arthur L. - Norfolk MA
Tatum, Bee - Mississippi MO
Tatum, Oscar W. - Mississippi MO
Taw, Harold C. - Kings NY
Taylert, Orie J. - Monroe NY
Taylor, Abernathy S. - Kings NY
Taylor, Albert B. - Santa Clara CA
Taylor, Albert Lee - Dewey OK
Taylor, Bowie - Lincoln OK
Taylor, Charles S. - Cook IL
Taylor, Chris A. - Norton KS
Taylor, Earle W. - Nemaha KS
Taylor, Edward A. - Pottowattamie IA
Taylor, Frederick - Cook IL
Taylor, George D. - Muskogee OK
Taylor, George E. - Pettis MO
Taylor, Harold L. - Plymouth MA
Taylor, Harry M. - Adams PA
Taylor, Harry Wilson - Columbia PA
Taylor, Homer - St. Louis City MO
Taylor, Isaac W. - Middlesex MA
Taylor, Levell - Cook IL
Taylor, Marion H. - Lowndes GA
Taylor, Robert H. - Woodruff AR
Taylor, Ronald J. - Erie NY
Taylor, Verne I. - Santa Clara CA
Taylor, William - Owyhee ID
Taylor, William C. - Fairfield CT
Taylor, William H. - Kings NY
Taylor, William S. Jr. - Hillsborough FL
Taylor, William W. - Talladega AL
Teator, Elwood M. - Greene NY
Tebbs, Ulysses - St. Louis City MO
Teeter, George C. - Richland OH
Temple, William S. - Blair PA
Tenka, Frank G. - Cook IL
Tennant, Chalmers M. - Hillsborough FL
Tenney, Levi S., Jr. - Essex NJ
Tennis, Fred N. - Jackson MO
Terhune, Elmer S. - Passaic NJ
Terrill, William R. - Logan OK
Terry, Herbert L. - Union NJ
Tetley, Egbert F. - Middlesex MA
Teunis, John W. - Ottawa MI
Thacher, William W. - Cuyahoga OH
Tharau, Herman - Erie NY
Thein, Ray A. - Canadian OK
Thelen, john E. - Oneida NY
Theuret, John H. - Allegheny PA
Thibeault, Wilfred - Bristol MA
Thim, Harry J. - Baltimore MD
Thivierge, John - Bristol MA
Thober, Fred H. - Gage NE
Thomas, Aaron - Cook IL
Thomas, Arthur - Lucas OH
Thomas, Charley M. - Sutter CA
Thomas, Davis F. - Ingham MI
Thomas, Dee - Cattaraugus NY
Thomas, Earnest L. - Lawrence OH
Thomas, Frank M. - Chester PA
Thomas, Henry - Polk FL
Thomas, Isaac H. - Hudson NJ
Thomas, John W. - Chester PA
Thomas, John W. - Delaware PA
Thomas, Joseph - Luzerne PA
Thomas, Lionello C. - Steuben NY
Thomas, Newton P. - Moore NC
Thomas, Otis B. - Westchester NY
Thomas, Thomas P. - Campbell GA
Thomas, William H. - Rockingham NH
Thompson, Arthur - Hennepin MN
Thompson, Charles - Hudson NJ
Thompson, Charles W. - Lycoming PA
Thompson, Charlie - Copiah MS
Thompson, Floyd L. - Osceola MI
Thompson, Frank Martin - Wake NC
Thompson, Fred A. - Allegheny PA
Thompson, George W. - Seward KS
Thompson, Horrie C. - Jefferson KY
Thompson, Hugh S. - New York NY
Thompson, John F. - Morgan AL
Thompson, John I. - Clark KS
Thompson, Kenneth O. - Linn MO
Thompson, Leroy E. - Williams OH
Thompson, Leroy F. - Baltimore MD
Thompson, Ole M - Gallatin MT
Thompson, Richard W. - New York NY
Thompson, Robert - Chickasaw IA
Thompson, Stanley E. - St. Lawrence NY
Thomson, Albert - Essex MA
Thomson, Chas. - Queens NY
Thor, Louis Bennard - Dubuque IA
Thorn, Robert - Stark OH
Thornberry, Clarence - Muhlenberg KY
Thornburgh, Roy E. - Wayne MO
Thornton, Hiram Mathis - Howell MO
Thornton, Nathaniel K. - Johnston NC
Thornton, Raymond - Essex NJ
Thornton, Wallace - Walker GA
Thorp, Clifford - Litchfield CT
Thorpe, Herbert F. - New York NY
Thorson, William R. - Big Stone MN
Thrall, Dewey O. - Gem ID
Thrasher, Dana Bristol - Cook IL
Threstrail, Fred J. - Hudson NJ
Throckmarton, John M. - Webster NE
Throne, Leroy S. - Lucas OH
Thurber, Lynn A. - Erie NY
Thurlow, Gordon G. - Delaware PA
Thurman, Harold D. - Wilson KS
Thurston, Clarence T. - Sebastian AR
Thurston, William B. - Geneva AL
Tibbling, Rueben O. - Ramsey MN
Tidball, Jack D. - Washington AR
Tierney, Carl J. - Webster IA
Tierney, James J. - Suffolk MA
Tiger, Oscar - Okfuskee OK
Tillett, John - Pembina ND
Tilley, James A. - Marion AL
Tilley, William E., Jr. - Nassau NY
Tilling, Joseph A. - Baltimore MD
Tillman, Jesse F. - Union IA
Timmerman, Herman T. - Chautauqua NY
Timmons, Garney M. - Putman IN
Timple, August F. - St. Louis City MO
Tims, Thomas J. - New York NY
Tindale, Albert W. - Multnomah OR
Tinson, Jacob - New York NY
Tipton, Charles H. - Johnson AR
Tisdel, George W. - Luzerne PA
Titus, Henry S. - Chautauqua NY
Titus, Lloyd - Jackson MI
Titzel, Frank H. - De Kalb IL
Tivers, James J. - Bronx NY
Tjaden, Walter B. - Wright IA
Tobey, Truman C. - Los Angeles CA
Tobias, John M. - Montgomery AL
Todd, Harold - Wayne MI
Todd, Will - Jefferson AL
Todd, Wm. J. - Orange NY
Toles, Donald T. - Otsego NY
Tolford, Van R. - Lenawee MI
Toll, Leland W. - Idaho ID
Tomaino, Anthony - Oneida NY
Tomajer, Joseph - Cook IL
Tompkins, Ralph B. - Westchester NY
Tompkins, William - Jackson IA
Tomson, John J. - Riverside CA
Tomson, John J. - Waseca MN
Toner, Elwood W. - Montgomery PA
Tonks, Mark - Wayne MI
Tonnies, Harry Titus - Erie NY
Tonyan, Ed - McHenry IL
Toole, Albert S. - Worcester MA
Toomey, Vincent F. - Essex NJ
Torborg, Nicholas - Stearns MN
Tosh, Peter Edgar - Stanislaus CA
Toth, John H. - Sussex NJ
Toulson, Jos. C. - Salem NJ
Toussaint, Arthur F. C. - Bronx NY
Tower, Lawrence - Cook IL
Townsend, Charley - Logan IL
Townsend, Ewell Leslie - Bryan OK
Townsend, John F. - Dorchester MD
Townsend, Richard W. - Placer CA
Townsley, Howard L. - Harford MD
Tracey, George E. - Essex MA
Trachtenbarg, Sam - Rock Island IL
Tracy, Clarence - Washington NY
Tracy, Louis B. - Kent MI
Trahan, Rogers E. - East Baton Rouge LA
Trapp, Peter C. - Dickinson KS
Trautman, Otto - Ramsey MN
Treat, Everett S. - Essex NJ
Trebesch, Albert - Brown MN
Tredway, Will I - Lake CA
Tremblay, Joseph August - Bristol MA
Trenda, John M. - Rice MN
Tresser, Samuel - Fairfield CT
Tressler, Oley E. - Center PA
Trichel, James F. - Catahoula LA
Trimbles, John - Baltimore MD
Trimbley, Earl - Garrett MD
Troillett, Joseph - Faulkner AR
Tronas, Alf M. - Los Angeles CA
Trost, Theodore - Livingston IL
Trott, Wilfred - Franklin OH
Trout, Orvle C. - Denver CO
Trowbridge, Alex R. - Gooding ID
Trowbridge, Glenn E. - Williams ND
Trowbridge, James Henry - Fairfield CT
Troyer, Jesse Floyd - Highlands FL
Trumbull, John F. - New London CT
Trump, Hobert A. - Center PA
Truppner, Herbert Gerard - Richmond NY
Truss, Jules J. - Jackson MO
Tschippert, Emanuel G. - Allegheny PA
Tubbs, Fred S> - Erie NY
Tucker, Ellis A. - Knox NE
Tucker, George H. - Clinton OH
Tucker, James M. - Murray OK
Tucker, John R. - Plymouth MA
Tucker, Otis A. - Walker AL
Tucker, Richard Burton - Alpena MI
Tucker, Russell R. - Jay IN
Tucker, William - Toole MT
Tuckerman, Emil - New York NY
Tufts, Irving S. - Iron MI
Tuggle, Sam - Crisp GA
Tullis, Walter O. - Guernsey OH
Tully, Daniel F. - Middlesex MA
Tully, Michael F. - Schoolcraft MI
Tunhorst, Louis J. - Hamilton OH
Tunnell, Claude D. - Gentry MO
Turan, Talmage - Harrison MS
Turcotte, George L. - Bristol MA
Turk, Walter A. - Sullivan NY
Turnbull, Howard H. - Page IA
Turner, Carl - Lackawanna PA
Turner, Carl - Mercer PA
Turner, Donald - Golden Valley ND
Turner, Elisha L. - Crawford AR
Turner, Harry Coburn - Los Angeles CA
Turner, Harry Coburn - DC
Turner, James A. - Cook IL
Turner, James A. - Vermilion IL
Turner, Oscar - Monroe KY
Turner, Robert B. - St. Landry LA
Turner, Thomas E. - Boone KY
Turner, Welton A. - Morgan AL
Turner, Welton A. - Lake IN
Turpin, Nemyl B. - Phillips MT
Tutt, Benjamin V. - Jones MS
Tuttle, Frank F. - Erie PA
Tuttle, George M. - Litchfield CT
Twaits, Harold - Nassau NY
Twardoskie, William - Lackawanna PA
Twine, Ernest L. - Chowan NC
Twomey, Michael P. - Calhoun MI
Tyler, Harry Vernon - Norfolk MA
Tyrer, Earl A. - Oakland MI
Tyroler, John L. - New York NY
Tyrrell, Harold H. - Stanislaus CA
Tyson, George A. - Kings NY
Ubert, Jacob - Hartford CT
Uhus, Mike - Jefferson PA
Ulan, John - New London CT
Ulness, Oscar E. - Phillips MT
Umbreit, Lawrence C. - Essex NJ
Umiker, William J. - Erie NY
Umland, Albert J. - Richmond NY
Umsted, Rolla P. - Los Angeles CA
Unbehaun, Harold F.H. - Kings NY
Underwood, Grant - Bienville LA
Unfur, William J. - Queens NY
Unger, Mahlon - Tippecanoe IN
Uno, Albert - Multnomah OR
Untiedt, Edward - Cook IL
Upton, Grover C. - Noxubee MS
Upton, LeRoy W. - Shiawassee MI
Urban, Peter - Luzerne PA
Urban, William - Cook IL
Urbanowitz, Joseph - Union NJ
Utroske, Fred C. - La Porte IN
Vail, Charles E. (alias) - Dutchess NY
Vail, Howard L. - Maricopa AZ
Vaile, Edw. L. - Hamilton OH
Vaira, Joseph - Will IL
Valcourt, Leo P. - Essex MA
Valdesere, James - Kent DE
Valentin, Marcel - Madison IL
Valentine, Frank H. - Burlington NJ
Valentine, Leonard - Northumberland PA
Valerious, Frank C. - Luzerne PA
Vales, Rudolph - Cuyahoga OH
Van Dunk, William M. - Rockland NY
Van Bibber, Arling C. - Carroll IL
Van Buskirk, Harold - Kings NY
Van De Mark, Ernest S. - Clay IA
Van Deusen, Frederick - Cumberland NJ
Van Every, Thomas B. - Cook IL
Van Hoek, Elroy J. - Rock Island IL
Van Hof, Bernard - Kent MI
Van Holsbeck, Firmin C. - St. Joseph IN
Van Ingen, Richard W. - Kings NY
Van Meter, Harvey J. - Clinton IA
Van Noy, Lee V. - Kern CA
Van Orden, George - Hudson NJ
Van Osdol, James E. - Grant OK
Van Risseghem, Prudent R. - Mille Lacs MN
Van Sant, James A. - Montgomery KY
Van Valer, William R. - Grant IN
Van Vliet, Morris - Kings NY
Van Volkenburgh, Charles E. - Essex NJ
Van Wie, William H. - Monmouth NJ
Vanderhooop, Harvey - Valley MT
Vanderwaal, Albert T - Polk MN
Vandevelde, Louis - De Soto FL
Varetoni, Angelo T. - Passaic NJ
Vargason, Harry E. - Buchanan IA
Varmecky, John F. - Cambria PA
Varner, Groves M. - Cobb GA
Varner, Harold - Jefferson IL
Vasey, Harry W. - McHenry IL
Vaudreiul, Arthur P. - Essex MA
Vaughan, James Gordon - Black Hawk IA
Vaughan, Victor C., Jr. - St. Louis City MO
Vaughn, Elwood J. - Van Buren AR
Vaughn, Lawrence T. - St. Louis City MO
Vaughn, Thad - St. Louis City MO
Vaughn, Thomas - Rockingham NC
Vaughn, Wm - Douglas OR
Vautrain, Alexander E. - Orleans LA
Vautrain, Levi J. - Hampden MA
Veieira, Antone - Bristol MA
Veit, Willie J. - Crow Wing MN
Velie, Harry Glen - Cook IL
Vendith, John - Onondaga NY
Venneman, Harry J. - Marion MO
Veno, Goe. J. R. - Merrimack NH
Verbist, James J. - Hudson NJ
Verder, Walter M. - Los Angeles CA
Verhoeff, Leonard C. - Gove KS
Vernam, Remington De B. - Westchester NY
Verowitz, Daniel - Kings NY
Verseck, John W. - Adams IA
Vestal, Jim - Marion MO
Vetter, George H. - Berrien MI
Vibbert, Edward T. - Shiawassee MI
Vickers, Isaac D. - Belmont OH
Viele, Harry A. - Saginaw MI
Viens, Arthur - Bronx NY
Vietmeier, Ida Henrietta - Floyd IA
Vigilittre, Michael - Monroe NY
Vigola, George E. - Osage KS
Viken, Joseph A. - Renville MN
Vilim, Frederick G. - Cook IL
Vilott, Fletcher L. - Jewell KS
Vince, Toney - Genesee MI
Vinson, John W. - DC
Vinson, John W. - Delaware PA
Vinson, Sassel - St. Louis City MO
Vinther, Claudius T. - Alameda CA
Violett, Edmund - Penobscot ME
Virtell, Peter G. - Otsego NY
Vishnia, John G. - Chautauqua NY
Vitek, Emil - Colfax NE
Vitello, Fortunate - Suffolk NY
Vodraska, Anton J. - Ellsworth KS
Vogel, Elmer - Whiteside IL
Vogel, John W. - Perry IN
Vogel, Theo K. - DC
Volkert, Walter F. - Alameda CA
Vollintine, Slater H. - Sangamon IL
Vollmer, Frank R. - Williams OH
Voltz, Clyde - Creek OK
Volz, Fred - Erie NY
Von Behren, Frederick - Orange CA
Von Deeest, Will A. - Los Angeles CA
Vorac, Lester - Mason MI
Vos, Martin - Whiteside IL
Voss, Clarence - Will IL
Voss, Fred C. - Cook IL
Votava, Cahrles - Cook IL
Vroman, Charles H. - Kings NY
Vroman, Robert C. - Cheboygan MI
Vutrick, Martin F. - Vermilion IL
Wachowiak, John - Northumberland PA
Wachowicz, John - Monroe NY
Waddle, Harry W. - Riverside CA
Wade, Bryant - Edgecombe NC
Wade, Claude James - Lucas OH
Wade, Edward A. - Lackawanna PA
Wade, George S. - Washington MS
Wade, Homer S. - Orange NY
Wade, James R. - Jackson GA
Wade, Joseph P. - Hudson NJ
Wadleigh, Don H. - Cusster CO
Wadsworth, Eearl S. - Bibb GA
Wadsworth, Lawrence H. - Kern CA
wagle, John H. - Platte MO
Wagner, Chas. F. - Peoria IL
Wagner, Fred G. - Phillips KS
Wagner, Henry W. - Marshall IA
Wagner, Willard John - Hamilton OH
Waidley, Frank - Kane IL
Waidley, Geo. - Kane IL
Wainwright, Lafayette Francis - Fulton GA
Waite, Alan F. - New York NY
Waite, Goerge T. - Los Angeles CA
Waite, William W. - Missoula MT
Wajciechowski, Stanislaus - Wayne MI
Wakeland, Earl F. - Parke IN
Walby, Alfred B. - Hettinger ND
Walcutt, Oscar E. - Franklin OH
Walczak, Frank W. - Erie NY
Walda, Clinton C. - Allen IN
Waldhauer, George M. - Kings NY
Waldin, Charles B. - Barren KY
Waldron, Harold E. - Buncombe NC
Waldron, Luther M. - Putman FL
Waldvogle, Earl E. - Scott IA
Walker, Archibald R. - Kings NY
Walker, Bert H. - Bibb AL
Walker, Chauncey D. - Hampshire MA
Walker, David F. - Jackson MO
Walker, George D. - Worcester MA
Walker, Glenn E. - Reno KS
Walker, Grady E. - Covington AL
Walker, Henry - Pickens AL
Walker, Howell E. - Washington IL
Walker, Ivan Clifton - Floyd IA
Walker, Joe J. - Oklahoma OK
Walker, John D. - Osage MO
Walker, Julian C. - Mechlenburg NC
Walker, Lemuel A. - St. Clair MI
Walker, Lloyd N. - Rock Island IL
Walker, Louis W. - DC
Walker, Raymond L. - Penobscot ME
Walker, Riley A. - Blair PA
Walker, Robinson C. - Clay AR
Wall, Daivd Hill - New York NY
Wall, Edward R. - Suffolk MA
Wall, Ernest W. - Marion IN
Wall, William T. - Bristol MA
Wallace, Edward - Cook IL
Wallace, John S. - Los Angeles CA
Wallace, Robert Owen, Jr. - Fulton GA
Wallace, Thomas J. - Wyandotte KS
Wallace, William S. - Gibson IN
Wallenstein, Ferdinand, Jr. - Westchester NY
Waller, Isaac W. - Stephens OK
Wallien, Carl R. - Dodge NE
Walling, Martin - Monmouth NJ
Walls, James T. - Alamance NC
Walls, Wm. H. - Elkhart IN
Walrod, Jesse L. - franklin KS
Walsh, Ambrose - Stutsman ND
Walsh, Christopher T. - Columbia NY
Walsh, Edward F. - New York NY
Walsh, James F. - Suffolk MA
Walsh, John A. - New York NY
Walsh, John F. - Kings NY
Walsh, Michael J. - Marin CA
Walsh, Wm. H. - DC
Walter, Albert - Franklin OH
Walter, Arthur - Kings NY
Walter, Leslie J. - Erie NY
Walters, Richard J. - Broome NY
Walters, Charles - Cass IN
Walters, Ernest C. (alias) - Baltimore MD
Walters, John F. - Lee AL
Walters, Robert C. - Kings NY
Walters, Valentine R. - Kings NY
Walther, Clarence H. - Hill MT
Walthers, William - Clay NE
Waltman, Chester A. - Mobile AL
Waltman, Chester A. - Jackson MO
Waltman, George E. - Polk AR
Walton, Edw. - Bronx NY
Waltz, Roy C. - Lucas OH
Wambeam, Floyd - Black Hawk IA
Wanner, Kennedy S. - Stutsman ND
Ward, Albert - Franklin LA
Ward, Andrew J. - Delaware PA
Ward, George W. - Butler KY
Ward, Jimmie L. - Union AR
Ward, Jospeh F. - New York NY
Ward, Sterling - Atchison MO
Ward, Walter John - Wayne MI
Ward, Wilbur - Los Angeles CA
Ward, William M., Jr. - Cayuga NY
Wardel, Earle - Suffolk MA
Warden, Donald - Yadkin NC
Warden, William H. - Lewis and Clark MT
Ware, Baxter - Fulton GA
Ware, Edward N. - Cook IL
Ware, Ernest P. - Middlesex MA
Ware, Hugh H. - Grady OK
Ware, Lloyd - Summit OH
Wareing, Fred - Bristol MA
Warensford, Elmer L. - Allegheny PA
Waring, Ralph - Hamilton OH
Waring, Thomas P. - Kings NY
Warmbrodt, Frederick A. - Elk PA
Warmowski, Alexander - Cook IL
Warner, Alfred G. - Erie NY
Warner, Austin D. - Onondaga NY
Warner, Lawrence - Luzerne PA
Warner, Ralph - Pinellas FL
Warner, Stanley M. - St. Clair MI
Warren, Ben C. - Leavenworth KS
Warren, Clifford L. - Hennepin MN
Warren, Edward G. - Madera CA
Warren, Edward G. - Cook IL
Warren, Guy E. - Floyd IN
Warren, John E. - Larue KY
Warren, Robert - Clay IL
Warren, Robert F. - Onondaga NY
Warren, William H. - Bates MO
Warschauer, Edward - New York NY
Warsewicz, Peter A. - Northumberland PA
Wasgatt, Harold Clinton - Middlesex MA
Wash, Louis - Franklin KY
Washburn, Claude O - Hampden MA
Washburn, Claude O. - New Haven CT
Washburn, Clifford B. - Fergus MT
Washington, Fay P. - Monroe AR
Waterbury, Joel N. - Madison NY
Waterhouse, Hascell F. - Alameda CA
Waterhousse, Charles J. - Los Angeles CA
Waters, Albert M. - Franklin OH
Waters, Cornelius - Onondaga NY
Watkins, Charles E. - Stanislaus CA
Watkins, Charles L. - Lewis and Clark MT
Watkins, Gladys - Luzerne PA
Watkins, Harry - Muskingum OH
Watkins, James Charles - Mahoning OH
Watkins, John H. - Warren NC
Watson, George W. - Alameda CA
Watson, Harold S. - Los Angeles CA
Watson, John B. - Mahoning OH
Watson, John Howard - Brown MN
Watson, John W. - Greene AR
Watson, Robert - Luzerne PA
Watson, William E. - Worth GA
Watt, Conrad - Christian KY
Wattelet, Leonard A. - Los Angeles CA
Watters, Charles J. - Delaware IA
Watterson, Dillon - Putnam OH
Watts, Hall W. - Los Angeles CA
Watts, Ralph B. - Queens NY
Watts, Ray - Wyandot OH
Wayne, Harvey C. - Sangamon IL
Wayson, Vernon J. - Baltimore MD
Weakland, John P. - Clarke IA
Wear, Arthur Y. - St. Louis City MO
Wear, Eugene William - Luzerne PA
Weatherly, George F. - Baltimore MD
Weathersford, Everett F. - Daviess KY
Weaver, Dee - Durham NC
Weaver, James J. - McKean PA
Webb, Grandville MacL. - Jasper MO
Webb, Will A. - Sweet Grass MT
Webb, William - Kings NY
Webber, Raymond L. - Lancaster PA
Weber, Charles F. - Kings NY
Weber, Harry R. - Kings NY
Webster, Harrison Briggs - Suffolk MA
Webster, James M. - Los Angeles CA
Webster, Richard Columbus - Clay AR
Webster, Roy - Cook IL
Webster, Stephen T. - Kennebec ME
Weeber, Frederick J. - Ulster NY
Weed, Earl M. - Grundy MO
Weed. Lewis M. - Gogebic MI
Weeks, William Earle - Broome NY
Weeks, William F. - Rockland NY
Wehry, William Andrew - Marion KS
Weibel, Ernest E. - Wyandotte KS
Weiher, Walter W. - Cuyahoga OH
Weill, Earl B. - Westchester NY
Weimer, Guy L. - VanBuren MI
Weimer, John H. - Stark OH
Weinberg, Samuel - Kings NY
Weinstein, George - Bristol MA
Weintraub, Solomon - New York NY
Weisbrodt, Walter H. - Albany NY
Weisman, Morris - Hartford CT
Weiss, Adolph C. - Saginaw MI
Weissheimer, John Warren - Hartford CT
Welch, Andrew N. - Antrim MI
Welch, George N. - Contra Costa CA
Welch, James A. - Middlesex MA
Welch, Peter L. - Bristol MA
Welchko, John - Cambria PA
Weld, Vern H. - Grafton NH
Weldner, Walter L. - Montgomery PA
Welin, Bernard - Kings NY
Welker, Harry E. - Williamson IL
Welker, William - Cape May NJ
Weller, John H., Jr. - Callaway MO
Weller, Joseph - McHenry ND
Wells, Edward Henry - Jackson MO
Wells, George A. - Kent MI
Wells, George L. - Onondaga NY
Wells, Henry S. - Polk MO
Wells, William A. - Baltimore MD
Welsh, Aflred A. - Bronx NY
Welsh, Alfred A. - Morris NJ
Welsh, Lorein A. - Clay KS
Welty, Paul D. - Delta CO
Wenieke, Louis H. - Des Moines IA
Wentworth, Lester J. - New Haven CT
Wentzinger, John - Hancock OH
Werner, George - Albany NY
Werner, Mathias - Mitchell IA
Wernke, Joseph H. - Hamilton OH
Wertanen, Eli - Manister MI
Wertanen, John - Manister MI
Wertman, James A. - Columbia PA
Wesa, Arthur J. - St. Louis MN
Wesberry, Resstorrer H. - Wilkinson MS
West, Chester Thomas - Carroll OH
West, Earle T. - Middlesex MA
West, Ralph O'Neal - Middlesex MA
West, Roscoe - M'Duffie GA
West, Russell S. - O'Brien IA
West, William W. - Cuyahoga OH
Westerbeck, Ben H. - Des Moines IA
Westerberg, Irving A. - Stearns MN
Wetherson, Lynn - Cambria PA
Wetmore, Albert A. - Lewis NY
Weyerts, Henry George - Cheyenne NE
Weyerts, Tony - Cheyenne NE
Whalen, Charles A. - Cuyahoga OH
Whalen, David - New York NY
Whalen, Edw. J. - Mahnomen MN
Whalen, James Patrick, Jr. - Hartford CT
Whaley, Wellmon P. - Iberville LA
Wheaat, Charles - Barber KS
Wheatley, Esdras R. - Wyandotte KS
Wheatley, Eugene R. - DC
Wheeler, Clarence W. - Jasper MO
Wheeler, James A. - Cook IL
Wheeler, Joel - Berrien GA
Wheeler, Lloyd A. - San Bernarding CA
Wheeler, Marion O. - Licking OH
Wheeler, Neil Evans - Oswego NY
Wheeler, Nevel Edward - Dorchester MD
Wheeler, Stanley B. - New Haven CT
Wheeler, Warren F. - Bristol MA
Whelan, Thomas L. - Middlesex MA
Whipple, David O. - Jay IN
Whitby, William Francis - Union NJ
White Dudley H. - Boone MO
White, Charles S. - Nassau NY
White, Charles W. - Erie NY
White, Clarke - Schenectady NY
White, Edward - Kent MD
White, Ernest R. - Coles IL
White, Geo. W. - Los Angeles CA
White, John - Cambria PA
White, John A. - Clinton MO
White, John D. - Sedwick KS
White, John H. - Marion IN
White, Nathaniel C. - Wayne MI
White, Paul E.. - Thomas GA
White, Ralph R. - Aroostook ME
White, Robert - Fulton GA
White, Samuel - Madison AL
White, Sherman A - San Diego CA
White, Thomas A. - Russell KY
White, Travis B. - McIntosh OK
White, Wilbert W. - New York NY
Whitehead, Charles E. - Passaic NJ
Whitehead, Paul S. - Lorain OH
Whitfield, Fayette - Washington LA
Whithan, Milton M. - Whitley IN
Whiting, Clinton L. - Kings NY
Whitley, John C. - Cabarrus NC
Whitmore, Frank - Baltimore MD
Whitmore, Lloyd - Washington OR
Whitney, Francis Wellington - Norfolk MA
Whitney, Harold C. - Franklin NY
Whitney, Ira L. - Denver CO
Whitney, Ralph L. - Washtenaw MI
Whitson, Fred Albert - Jefferson KY
Whittaker, Ralph G. - Gloucester NJ
Whittaker, Samuel J. - Bristol MA
Whittemore, Leonard - Fremont ID
Whyte, Charles H. - Passaic NJ
Wickersham, John Hunter - Denver CO
Wicks, Glenn - Androscoggin ME
Wickwire, Dwight H. - New Haven CT
Widdal, John C. - Luzerne PA
Wideman, Alfred Carlton - Jefferson MO
Widlund, Paul - Weld CO
Wiens, Gary - Los Angeles CA
Wiggins, Edwin W. - Jasper MO
Wiggins, John W. - Swain NC
Wiggins, Walter E. - Franklin OH
Wight, Richard J. - Lawrence OH
Wigle, Frank O. - Multnomah OR
Wilber, Charles R. - Norfolk MA
Wilcox, Charles - Hudson NJ
Wilcox, John - Los Angeles CA
Wilcox, Ralph O - Chisago MN
Wilcox, Robert M. - Los Angeles CA
Wilcox, William A. - Los Angeles CA
Wild, Allan - Otsego NY
Wilder, Earl D. - Onondaga NY
Wilder, Thomas E. - Stafford KS
Wiley, Arthur - Washington MD
Wiley, Benedict Thomas - Lafayette MO
Wilgus, John W. - Belmont OH
Wilhelm, Claude - M'Pherson KS
Wilhite, Charles R. - Sangamon IL
Wilkening, Edward C. - Queens NY
Wilkins, Harold L. - Essex NY
Wilkins, Wm. H.G. - Essex NJ
Wilkinson, Ernest L. - Forsyth NC
Wilkinson, Philip M. - Jefferson MS
Wilkinson, Reuben M. - Santa Cruz CA
Wilkison, Rabe O. - Hendry FL
Will, Aloys J. - Mercer OH
Will, Fred L. - Chautauqua NY
Will, Theodore - Lucas OH
Willadsen, Chriss S. F. - Hamilton NE
Willard, Cleveland - Bates MO
Willard, Cleveland - Jackson MO
Willcox, Louis E. - Chenango NY
Willcox, St. Clair - Madison IA
Willenbrink, William V. - Hamilton OH
Willenbrock, John C. - Iowa IA
Willets, James B. - Columbia NY
Willets, Vaughn M. - McLean IL
Willey, Charles P. - Plymouth MA
Willhoit, Van O. - Lea NM
Williams, Alvin F. - Orleans LA
Williams, Charlie - Creek OK
Williams, Earl H. - Crawford KS
Williams, Edw. V. - Lafayette MO
Williams, Edward L. - Luzerne PA
Williams, Floyd W. - St. Clair MO
Williams, Frank E. - Worcester MA
Williams, Fred R. - Highland OH
Williams, Fredinand - Queens NY
Williams, Harold - VanBuren MI
Williams, Herman - Pitt NC
Williams, Horace - Davidson NC
Williams, Hubert C. - Litchfield CT
Williams, James - Columbiana OH
Williams, James E. - Chatham GA
Williams, Jessie - Tallahatchie MS
Williams, Jim - Kemper MS
Williams, John - Caddo LA
Williams, Leo D. - Gallia OH
Williams, Llewelyn - Oneida NY
Williams, Louis - Allegheny PA
Williams, Malachi - Coffee GA
Williams, Maurice B. - Blair PA
Williams, Raymond O. - Cambria PA
Williams, Robert Lytle - Warren KY
Williams, Russell D. - Scioto OH
Williams, Slyvester - Lincoln OK
Williams, Thomas E. - Pike AL
Williams, Thomas L.. - San Francisco CA
Williams, Walter L. - Westchester NY
Williams, Walter P. - Hudson NJ
Williams, William I. - Kings NY
Williams, William I. - Northampton PA
Williams, William M. - Bronx NY
Williamson, Leo E. - Palm Beach FL
Williamson, Robert C. - Forsyth NC
Williamson, Watson - Screven GA
Willigan, Edgar L. - Kings NY
Willis, James H. - Suffolk MA
Willits, Elmer E. - Lycoming PA
Willmontt, Noah Stark - Spencer KY
Willoughby, James W. - Greene MO
Wilmore, William W. - Adams CO
Wilmore, William W. - Denver CO
Wilson, Albert - Suffolk MA
Wilson, Alexander D. - Broome NY
Wilson, Alexander E. - Grafton NH
Wilson, Arvie R. - Jackson IN
Wilson, Ashley - Stephens OK
Wilson, Carlisle R. - Harrison MO
Wilson, Charles - New Haven CT
Wilson, Charles - Orleans LA
Wilson, Charles A. - Monroe NY
Wilson, Charles W. - Campbell KY
Wilson, Elijah W., Jr. - Jefferson KY
Wilson, Emery Clair - Crawford PA
Wilson, Ewart V. - Newton AR
Wilson, Ewart V. - Buncombe NC
Wilson, Frank - Cook IL
Wilson, Harry A., Jr. - Hamilton OH
Wilson, Henry W. - Kent DE
Wilson, Herman Chambers - Buncombe NC
Wilson, Homer A. - Fulton GA
Wilson, James S. - Baltimore MD
Wilson, Jesse J. - Montgomery KY
Wilson, John W. - Allegheny PA
Wilson, Jown W. - Butler OH
Wilson, Raymond K. - Litchfield CT
Wilson, Raymond K. - Mercer NJ
Wilson, Richard J. - Philadelphia PA
Wilson, Robert Donald A. - Kern CA
Wilson, Ross - De Soto LA
Wilson, Samuel A. - Halifax NC
Wilson, Sullivan - Franklin LA
Wilson, William D. - St. Clair MO
Wiltshire, Clifford O. - Kings NY
Winans, Chester B - San Diego CA
Winberg, Swen H. - Morrison MN
Wind, Frank P. - Caddo OK
Windecker, Charles - Essex NJ
Windham, William H. - Orange CA
Windler, Robert E. - Jefferson KY
Windsor, Charles C. - Philadelphia PA
Windy, Joseph - Jefferson LA
Winnek, Edward F. - Ontario NY
Winnett, Otto J. - St. Clair MI
Winniford, Vincent - Douglas OR
Winsler, Andrew - Fayette PA
Winslow, George W. - Union NJ
Winslow, Herbert L. - Westchester NY
Winslow, Wesley - St. Louis City MO
Winstead, Guy J. - Person NC
Winter, Gustav J. - Queens NY
Winter, Herbert W. - Passaic NJ
Winters, Albert C. - Orange CA
Wintz, George J. - Baltimore MD
Wisbey, Orlen - San Diego CA
Wise, Arthur B. - Suffolk NY
Wiseman, Charles W. - New Madrid MO
Wishart, Theophilus Luke - Mercer NJ
Wishnew, Irving - Kings NY
Wisner, Clarence E. - Berkshire MA
Wisness, Melvin - Grand Forks ND
Wisniewski, John - Erie NY
Witchic, Thomas - Sioux ND
Witchoskey, Joseph F. - Allegheny PA
Withington, Eugene S. - St. Louis City MO
Withington, William W. - Jefferson NY
Witt, James - Comanche OK
Witten, William M - Jefferson KY
Wittmann, Albert C. - Kings NY
Wlliamson, Alexander - Summit OH
Woestehoff, Arthur C. - Allegheny PA
Wojciekowski, Frank - Allegheny PA
Wolcott, Edward F. - Clark OH
Wold, Melvin - Polk MN
Wolf, Jos. P. - Onondaga NY
Wolf, Stew - Fayette PA
Wolfe, Chester A. - Luzerne PA
Wolfe, John W. - St. Joseph IN
Wolfersberger, Warren E. - Franklin OH
Wolfertz, Charles W. - New York NY
Wolff, Edw. J., Jr. - Dutchess NY
Wolff, Laurence - Kings NY
Wolff, Verne O. - Hamilton NE
Woliscroft, Lewis E. - Douglas MN
Woll, Edward J. - Queens NY
Wollenberg, Sam - Wayne MI
Wollum, Edward L. - Yellow Medicine MN
Wolney, Stanley - Otsego MI
Wolters, William C. - De Kalb IL
Wolz, Charles - New York NY
Womer, Frank R. - Allegheny PA
Wood, Anfin O. - Wright IA
Wood, Albert T. - Hampden MA
Wood, Alton P. - Suffolk MA
Wood, Anderson - Desha AR
Wood, Dana W. - Monroe NY
Wood, Ellsworth C. - Douglas NE
Wood, Everett Dale - Douglas KS
Wood, Francis E. - Kings NY
Wood, Francis E. - Queens NY
Wood, Franklin - Cook IL
Wood, George H. - Middlesex NJ
Wood, George R. - Bucks PA
Wood, James E. - Daviess KY
Wood, Joseph W. - Wilkinson GA
Wood, Lambert A. - Pinal AZ
Wood, Linus A - San Diego CA
Wood, Walter E. - Cuyahoga OH
Wood, Wiley H. - Elmore AL
Wood, William W. - Barnstable MA
Woodburn, James S. - Orange NY
Woodbury, Robert B. - Bergen NJ
Woodcock, Harry E. - Steuben NY
Woodford, Louis Oscar - Pine MN
Woodhouse, William B. - Fresno CA
Woodmansee, Leslie - Jasper MO
Woodruff, Thomas H. - New York NY
Woods, George H. - Fairfield CT
Woods, Leslie G. - St. Joseph IN
Woods, Martin W. - Whitley KY
Woods, Rene - Middlesex MA
Woods, Robert A. - Franklin LA
Woodsbury, Charles P. - Jackson MO
Woodson, Sam - Phillips AR
Woodward, Earl - San Bernarding CA
Woodward, Ivory W. - Gwinnett GA
Woodward, John H. - Fremont IA
Woodward, Richard F. - Richmond NY
Woodward, Warren C. - Cook IL
Woodworth, Horace Campbell - Suffolk MA
Woodworth, James R. - Jackson MO
Woolford, Henry E. - Delta MI
Wootten, Bert Charles - Cuyahoga OH
Worford, Benjamin - Greenwood KS
Worley, Clarence J. - Adair OK
Worley, Lloyd A. - Ross OH
Worman, James - Fayette PA
Wormdahl, Albert - McKenzie ND
Worme, Arthur W. - Queens NY
Worms, George T. - Osage MO
Worms, William H. - Osage MO
Worsfold, Albert J. - Peoria IL
Worswick, William P. - Cuyahoga OH
Worth, John - Wayne MI
Wortley, Ernest D. - Montcalm MI
Wozniak, Anthony - Cuyahoga OH
Wozniak, Harry - Union NJ
Wrede, Nicholas - Queens NY
Wren, Elmo - Carter OK
Wren, Max Nelson - Appanoose IA
Wright, Charles C. - Hunterdon NJ
Wright, Clarence O. - Montrose CO
Wright, Edgar O. - Stark IL
Wright, Gordon - Butler OH
Wright, Gracen I. - Rush KS
Wright, James M. - Jackson MO
Wright, Leroy - Lake IN
Wright, Roy E. - Wyandotte KS
Wright, Roy S. - Allegan MI
Wright, Wilbur A. - Mesa CO
Wright, William M. - Sonoma CA
Wrigley, Roscoe - Fayette IN
Wubben, Eugene P. - Orange CA
Wundersee, William - Nassau NY
Wunsch, Cahrles - St. Louis City MO
Wurtz, Edward E. - Denver CO
Wyatt, George - Silver MT
Wyckoff, Isaac C. - Vinton OH
Wyckoff, Ralph R. - Cook IL
Wyckoff, Robert W. - Vinton OH
Wyersberg, Walter - Cape May NJ
Wylie, Wm. - VanBuren MI
Wynn, Aubry A. R. - Spalding GA
Wyrzykowski, Albert F. - Will IL
Yagel, Charles - Linn MO
Yancy, Bartrum B. - Wayne MI
Yaney, Phillip R. - Muskegon MI
Yaple, Dan H. - Los Angeles CA
Yarng, James Albert - Kingman KS
Yates, Charles C. - Guilford NC
Ydstie, Hjalmar Lennard - Red Lake MN
Yeager, Curtis L.R. - Vigo IN
Yeger, Cahrles B. - Berks PA
Yeomans, Fred J. - Middlesex MA
Yerges, Lawrence C. - Franklin OH
Yerks, Ralph - Westchester NY
Yindra, Louis - Middlesex CT
Yingling, Isaac H. - Cambria PA
Yingst, Chauncey F. - Dauphin PA
Yochis, Michael - Pittsburg OK
Yohoda, Peter - Clearfield PA
Yokem, Virgil L. - Worth MO
Yonkman, Jacob - Cook IL
York, Gay E. - Cass MN
York, Jesse A. - Chaves NM
Youll, Nick - Trumbull OH
Young, Charles A. - Madison IA
Young, Chauncey - Los Angeles CA
Young, Curtis K. - Franklin OH
Young, Earl M. - Lycoming PA
Young, Edward J. - Chippewa MI
Young, Edwin N. - Tangipahoa LA
Young, Harmon G. - Buncombe NC
Young, Henry - Orleans LA
Young, James F. - Chattooga GA
Young, John B. - Montgomery PA
Young, Linsley A. - McDonough IL
Young, Marshall C. - Yellowstone MT
Young, R. Stanley - Dutchess NY
Young, Robert W. - Clark AR
Young, Roland David - Woodbury IA
Young, Roscoe D. - Chariton MO
Young, Samuel Henry, Jr. - Queens NY
Young, Vern William - Union OR
Younie, Howard W. - Buena Vista IA
Ysulevch, Charles - Lackawanna PA
Zabry, Chesster S. - Oneida NY
Zakoski, Adam - Bergen NJ
Zalzbak, Wm. J. - Cook IL
Zane, Ralph L. - Calhoun IA
Zane, Randolph T. - Los Angeles CA
Zech, Fred O. - Marion IA
Zeigler, Andrew Alexander - Queens NY
Zeigler, George R. - Perry PA
Zeits, Alfred G. - Wayne MI
Zellers, George H. - Berks PA
Zellers, Ralph - Essex NJ
Zemke, Carl A. - Mitchell KS
Zerhusen, Francis J. - Baltimore MD
Zich, William A. - Hettinger ND
Ziddnos, Teddy M. - Appanoose IA
Zidek, Rafael L. - Marshall KS
Zieerke, William E. - Kane IL
Ziegler, Fred M. - Winnebago IL
Zilkey, Frank - Churchill NV
Zilkey, Julius C.. - Twin Falls ID
Zilko, John Peter - Hartford CT
Zimborski, Alexander J. - Bronx NY
Zimmerman, Emil - Conway AR
Zimmerman, Harry M. - Kings NY
Zimmerman, Harry O. - Lebanon PA
Zimmerman, Oscar - Linn OR
Zimny, Mike - St. Louis MN
Zinamon, Dosie - Hancock MS
Zinder, Paul - Columbia PA
Zink, Louis F. - St. Louis MO
Zitterman, John J. - Wayne MI
Zmudzinski, John B. - Allegheny PA
Zoellner, Robt. A. - Kent MI
Zoldak, Mike J. - Indiana PA
Zoller, Herbert T. - St. Louis City MO
Zolnowski, Adam - Cook IL
Zolotorov, Sam - Suffolk MA
Zornes, George L. - Greenup KY
Zosso, Felix - Randolph AR
Zouck, Peter G. - Rockland NY
Zscheuschler. Ernest C. - Baltimore MD
Zuber, Joseph J. - Hudson NJ
Zumwalt, Thomas B. - Franklin MO
Zurinski, John K. - Luzerne PA
Zwiefelhoefer, Albert A. - Butler OH