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Death Records From 1943 & 1944


Taken from Proceedings of Fourteenth Biennial of the National Council Daughters of America published in 1944.

This group (not to be confused with DAR or any other groups) was evidently a fraternal type organization.

One of their activities was evidently a form of life insurance, their Proceedings book includes a, "Record of Death Claims Paid" for 1942 and 1943.

While these entries are only 1 line, they contain a great deal of information. They have the name of the deceased, council location, date admitted, date died, age, cause of death, date claim was paid, beneficiary and relationship.

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A - K  Last Names  L - Z  Last Names

Abbott, Ina
Abbott, Sophia
Abbott, Walter I.
Abele, Phebe J.
Ackerson, Lillian M.
Adams, Anna C.
Adkins, Mamie Janes
Adleberger, Carrie
Admas, Louise
Agee, Lennie
Ahlborn, Louisa
Aker, Dessie
Albert, Myrtle Rogers
Alexander, Bertha
Alexander, Callie
Alexander, Emma
Alexandra, Mary
Allegar, Bess
Allen, Amelia J.
Allen, Ethel
Allen, Laura B.
Allen, Louisa
Allen, May
Allen, William
Allen, William D.
Alley, Ada
Allgeier, Mary
Allison, Sadie P.
Alouise, Lena
Altenbrand, Madeleine C.
Amann, Ella
Amendt, Mary
Anderson, Attie
Anderson, Doris
Anderson, George R.
Anderson, Ida
Anderson, Phyllis A.
Andres, Anna
Andrews, Joe J.
Andrews, Stella
Aneshansel, Louis
Angel, Jennie V.
Apple, Nancy
Arewine, Lenora
Argenbright, Bertha
Armintrout, Nancy B.
Armstrong, Anna C.
Armstrong, Ina May
Armstrong, James
Arndt, Gertie
Arney, Sydnia M.
Arnold, Adelia
Arnold, Annie
Arnold, Cora
Arnold, Mabel
Arp, Zola
Arrildt, Matilda
Arther, Margaret E.
Arvin, Sadie
Ary, Alva
Asch, Mary
Ash, Katherine
Ash, Mary
Ashcroft, Bertha
Ashcroft, Lawrence
Atherton, Sadie
Atkinson, Florence
Auckerman, Mae
Austin, Mary C.
Avery, Clara
Ayerhart, Jane
Baade, Francis B.
Babb, Mary E.
Babcock, Lena M.
Bachtel, Mae
Bacon, Elizabeth
Badeau, Margaret
Baecker, Matilda E.
Baggstrom, Mae
Bahner, Lizetta F.
Bailey, Albert
Bailey, Ella M.
Bailey, James D.
Bailey, Lizzie
Baine, Jennie L.
Bainter, Anna M.
Baird, Edith M.
Baker, Ella
Baker, Ella
Baker, Frankie, Mrs.
Baker, Grace D.
Baker, Katie E.
Baker, Rena C.
Baker, Treva Jane
Baldin, Emily
Ball, Nola H.
Banta, Bert
Bar, Amanda
Barack, Clara
Barnhill, Rebecca
Barr, Nellie
Barr, Sophia
Barrett, J. W.
Barrows, Anna
Bartsch, Caroline S.
Basham, J. B.
Bass, Nellie
Bassett, Emma V.
Bateman, Nettie
Bauer, Christiana
Baumann, Mary S.
Baumgartner, Lena
Bayliff, Eva
Bayne, Elener
Beaber, Florence L.
Beach, Lizzie
Beachum, Mary
Beackley, Mildred
Beagle, Mary
Beals, Anna S.
Beaver, Mary
Beazel, Beulah
Beck, Blanche
Beck, Katie
Beck, Mary
Beck, Myrtle
Becker, Harriet
Becker, Sophia
Beelman, Catherine
Begley, Nancy
Behrle, Henry
Beigang, Vergie
Beirne, Winifrede
Beitler, Victoria H.
Bel, Blanche
Belcher, Emilie
Bell, Amanda
Bell, Archie C.
Bell, Celina
Bell, Frances L.
Bell, Harriet
Bell, Libbie
Belles, Clara E.
Belsterli, Henry
Beltz, Ida
Bender, Clara
Benner, Elizabeth
Bennett, Bess L.
Bennett, Grace B.
Benninger, Alma
Benninger, Arthur
Benton, Harold L.
Berger, Anna V.
Berger, Frank C.
Berger, Kate
Berry, Ella T.
Berry, Margaret L.
Berry, Martha Ann
Berry, Mary M.
Bertram, Minnie
Betchell, Sarah E.
Betz, Jennie
Bidell, Cora
Bierhorst, Henry
Biesack, Lillie
Biggs, Charles L.
Bingle, Minnie
Bird, Mary A.
Birk, Margaret
Bishop, Eannie M.
Bishop, John A.
Bisser, John A.
Bittman, Mary
Black, C. C.
Black, Mary E.
Blackburn, Edna
Blackburn, Roby
Blackburn, Tillie
Blake, Emma E.
Blake, Lula B.
Blend, Elsa M.
Bloom, Katherine E.
Bloss, Martha C.
Blunk, Katura
Bly, Margaret T.
Boelleke, Mae
Boerstler, Frank
Boettger, Dora
Boggess, George
Boggs, Goldie
Bohnenkamp, Margaret D.
Bolinger, William
Bonnell, Mabel J.
Bonnes, Josephine
Bonneville, Mollie
Boot, Ada May
Booth, Sarah
Borcherding, John
Borchers, William
Borgwardt, Elizabeth
Bosler, Anna
Bosler, Millie
Boss, William F.
Bothe, Annie
Bouldin, Bertie
Bowdle, Gertrude E.
Bower, Jennie L.
Bowers, Alice
Bowers, Anna
Bowersox, Elizabeth
Bowman, Angeline M.
Bowman, Elizabeth
Bowman, Faiata
Bowman, Lucy
Bowman, Mattie
Boyce, Margaret
Boyd, minnie L.
Boyer, Annie M.
Boyles, Carrie
Boys, Arpha
Bradford, Daisy
Bradshaw, Sallie
Bramman, Julia
Brandel, Margaret
Brannon, Cora
Brashears, Dessie
Braul, Dorothy
Bray, Elizabeth
Bray, Florence V.
Brdbury, Ruie
Breitenbecker, Anna
Brengle, Naomi V.
Bressler, Catherine
Bretz, Simon
Brice, Susie
Briggs, Minnie
Briley, Robert E.
Brink, Dora K.
Brinkmeyer, Mamie
Bristley, Emma
Bromback, Elizabeth
Brooddus, Margaret B.
Brook, Ella L.
Brooks, Anna A.
Brooks, Elizabeth M.
Brooks, Rosa M.
Brosius, Emma L.
Brosius, Katie
Brower, Amy J.
Brower, Laura
Brown, Abbie
Brown, Alice G.
Brown, Charles E.
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Elizabeth A.
Brown, George W.
Brown, Hannah
Brown, Mabel
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Marguerite M.
Brown, Sarah A.
Brown, Viona
Brownfield, Estella
Browning, Anna L.
Broyles, Garrett
Bruce, Catherine
Brundage, Emily
Bryant, Anna Brown
Buckey, Josephine
Budd, Jennie
Buffon, Henry J.
Bugh, Lulu
Bullard, Daisy
Bumgard, Max
Bunnell, Arthur
Burdick, Georgianna
Burgan, Susan A.
Burgeron, Theodore
Burgess, Agnes
Burhaus, Maude
Burk, Mary F.
Burke, Elizabeth
Burke, Laura May
Burkhart, Pearl
Burkins, Clara N.
Burney, Emma
Burns, Rebecca
Burns, Stacie, Mrs.
Burton, Gertrude
Burton, Gladys
Bush, Alice M.
Bussa, Lilla A.
Butcher, Nora
Byers, William
Byrne, Peter
Byron, Belle
Cahill, Mary
Cain, Clara
Cain, Dora
Caldwell, Iduna
Callen, Sophia
Callis, Vellon
Cameron, Donald S.
Campbell, Catherine
Campbell, Enoch B.
Campbell, Grace S.
Campbell, John
Campbell, W. T.
Canfield, Erica
Cannata, Henrietta
Cannon, Arthur M.
Canter, Mary
Capurro, Pauline
Carew, Alice F.
Carlisle, J. J.
Carmon, Martha
Carpenter, Lutie
Carr, Ethel
Carr, Luna S.
Carr, Mae C.
Carrington, Carrie
Carroll, Elizabeth S.
Carruthers, Katherine
Carson, Lillie E.
Carter, Maude J.
Carter, Nellie
Caulfield, Louise
Causly, Zellie
Chadwell, Mollie R.
Chalfant, Ruby
Chamberlain, Cynthia
Champion, Flora E.
Champney, Grace M.
Chance, Sallie
Channel, Helen I.
Chapline, Mamie
Chase, Albert
Chase, Flora
Chase, Parley J.
Cherrington, John A.
Childress, Lucy E.
Christy, Carl
Clark, Alvie H.
Clark, Annie M.
Clark, Bertha
Clark, Ida Belle
Clark, Margaret
Clark, Mary L.
Clark, Minnie
Clark, Mollie
Clay, Thomas
Cleary, Alice
Cleland, Carl E.
Cleveland, Mabel C.
Cliff, Beatrice V.
Clifton, Cora
Clifton, Eliza
Cline, Lela A.
Clingenpeel, Carrie
Clough, Annie Burris
Clubb, Nellie
Cobb, Clarence W.
Coberly, Ethel
Cochrane, Sara
Cockrill, Mamie
Coe, Isabella
Coffman, Bessie
Cofrancesco, Rose
Cohen, Harry
Cole, Carrie
Cole, Carrie A.
Cole, Charles M.
Cole, Mary A.
Colegrove, Lula A.
Coleman, Josephine
Coleman, Maude L.
Colley, Ella
Collins, Ethel A.
Collins, Grace
Collins, Lillian M.
Collins, Mary
Collins, Nettie
Collins, Samantha
Colly, Addie
Colombe, Patsy
Colquitt, Daisy R.
Colton, Mae Belle
Colvin, Edna S.
Combs, Dulce
Combs, Emma J.
Concklin, Hazel
Conley, Mary
Conn, Minnie B.
Conrad, Louis
Conradi, Emma
Cook, Ella
Cook, Lucinda
Cook, Mae
Cook, Mary
Cook, Mary E.
Coon, A. Homer
Coon, Estella S.
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, William
Cope, C. W.
Coppage, Claudia
Corbett, Ida
Cornelius, William T.
Cornin, May H.
Corson, Mary L.
Corwin, Mary L.
Corwin, Nellie
Coteron, Minnie
Cotton, John R.
Couch, Elida M.
Coward, Minnie
Cowell, Florence B.
Cox, Vivian
Coyle, Jeremiah B.
Coylor, Loss F.
Cozard, Mary
Cozine, Mollie E.
Crabb, Anna M.
Crable, Sarah
Crady, Mary K.
Craft, Louisa
Crahen, John
Craig, Ellen
Cram, Iva F.
Cramer, Addie M. J.
Cramer, Blanch
Cranford, John W., Sr.
Crawford, Alice
Crawford, C. C., Mrs.
Crawford, Fannie
Creasing, Maude
Crispin, Ruth
Crockett, Tillie J.
Crooks, Alice
Crossley, Mary E.
Crown, Sallie
Crozier, Velma
Cruser, E. Howard
Cull, Pauline
Culver, Amy T.
Cumberland, Carl E.
Cummings, Ethel
Cummins, Mary E.
Cupp, H.
Curtis, Emma
Curtis, Harry C.
Dailey, Harry
Dalby, Pearl
Daley, Grace
Dalmage, Madeline
Dammeyer, Annie
Danner, Ella A.
Danner, William M.
Darragh, Jennie
Dates, Frances M.
Daugherty, Emma
Daum, J. Raymond
Davey, Ida B.
Davidson, Sarah
Davies, Harry
Davies, Jessie
Davis, Alice
Davis, Amelia L.
Davis, Daisy
Davis, Edith
Davis, Ernest H.
Davis, Florence
Davis, Lola
Davis, Phoebe Z.
Davis, Thomas M.
Davis, William R.
Davison, Nora F.
Dawson, Ella
Dawson, Mary M.
Day, Mabel
Day, Mary A.
Dean, Nancy J.
Deardorf, Hattie
DeArmond, Zetta
DeCamp, William E.
Decker, Blanche M.
Decker, Emily Miller
Decker, Georgie
Dedrick, Hilda
Deets, Alice V.
Deisenroth, Elmore
Delfendahl, Laura
Dell, Anna B.
Dell, Norman M.
Della, Mary E.
Demarest, Frances
DeMoss, Hyla M.
Denhardt, Mary
Denman, Martha
Denny, Hazel
Depew, Clara
Deppe, Henry C. S.
Dessel, Mary
Detterline, Edith
Detweiler, Mary
DeVine, Olive
Dewar, Flora M.
DeWeese, William
Dick, Aurora
Dickason, William
Dickson, Priscilla
Diederick, Elanora
Diehl, Ida
Dietz, Mary R.
Dilley, Ruth B.
Dilliard, Edna
Dillon, Ida M.
Dinsley, Fannie H.
Dise, Cirvin E.
Disque, Olive
Distler, Richard
Diven, Mary
Dixon, Mary
Dixon, Mary V.
Dobbins, Alice
Dodd, Edwin
Dodsworth, Emma
Dolson, Delia M.
Donaldson, Julia
Donaugh, Mary A.
Dornsife, Eva
Dove, Amanda E.
Downing, S. R.
Doyle, Grace
Drake, Jessie
Drake, Julia
Dreidame, Cora
Drenning, Elizabeth
Droms, Mary E.
Drummond, Mary H.
Dryfuse, Earl
Duckett, Eva D.
Duckworth, Elizabeth
Dudderar, Emma
Duggan, Emma
Dunaway, Sudie
Duncan, Sophronia
Duncan, William E.
Dundon, Julia
Dunn, Ethel
Durkin, J. Roy
Durtschi, Catherine
Dutton, Mollie E.
Duval, Ella
Dyer, Margaret
Eader, Amelia E.
Eads, Julia
Eagle, Clara
Earl, Florence
Earle, Annie
Eberhard, Elvira
Eberhardt, Ethie M.
Eberle, Katie
Ebert, Mary E.
Ecker, Ella Z.
Eckert, Cacelia
Eckler, Lydia
Edeler, J. Lewis
Edgar, Laura
Edwards, Anna
Edwards, Maude
Edwards, Rosie
Egbert, Edward
Eisen, Eleanor
Eisenhard, Martha
Ellington, L. R., Mrs.
Elliott, C. B.
Ellis, Georgie
Elslager, Jennie
Elton, Kate
Emanuel, Mollie
Emley, Edith
Emmel, Catherine
Emmett, Mary H.
Emmick, William
Engel, Ida Augusta
England, Sallie
Epple, Cecelia
Erb, Elizabeth
Erb, Olive
Erdman, Annie
Ermit, Malinda M.
Ernst, Edwin P.
Ernst, Elizabeth
Eroh, Hilda
Ertel, Maude B.
Eschelbach, George
Esselmeyer, Tennie
Estes, Reada
Etter, Louise
Eugle, Chloris
Evans, Elizabeth
Evans, Hannah
Evans, Lavinia E.
Evans, Lena
Evans, Virgire A.
Everet, Fannie
Everly, Josephine
Fackler, Melissa
Fahrenwald, Martha
Faile, J. M.
Falk, Annie
Fansler, John
Fansler, Sadie
Farber, Dora U.
Farrington, Lottie L.
Farthing, John
Faulkner, Nettie
Fay, Nettie
Feldman, Katie
Felts, Willie A., Mrs.
Fergerson, Cora M.
Ferguson, Elizabeth
Fertig, Ella
Fessler, Mae
Fetrow, Mary
Fetter, Gertrude
Fickert, Emma
Fielden, Flossie
Filson, Robert K.
Finfrock, Clyde
Fischer, Emma
Fischler, Emma
Fisher, Ada
Fisher, Anna
Fisher, Ella E.
Fisher, Mary N.
Fitch, Lucy
Flagg, Bernice H.
Flanders, Stella
Flaskamp, Fannie
Fleischman, Carrie E.
Fleischman, Theresa
Fleischmann, Emma
Fleming, Mary
Fleming, Minnie B.
Fletcher, Mary
Flohr, Ida M.
Floyd, Julia
Fogle, Nettie
Fogle, Sanders
Fohs, Ella
Forbes, Lydia
Ford, Helen K.
Fordham, Mary
Forida, Margaret F.
Fortner, Emma
Foshot, Mary Alice
Foster, Annie
Foster, Matilda
Foulkes, Mary E.
Fountaine, Lottie J.
Fowler, Elnora
Fowler, Marian
Fox, Maggie
Fox, Mary
Fraleigh, May B.
Frambes, Clara V.
Francis, George
Francis, Tillie
Frank, Andrew
Frank, Anna B.
Frank, Elsie
Franke, Anna
Frankhouse, Mary
Frantz, Maggie
Frantz, Minnie
Frayer, Willimena
Frazee, Lavenia
Frazee, William H.
Frecka, Blanch R.
Freckman, Clara
Freckmann, Herman A.
Freeland, Anna
Freeland, Mary
Freeman, Lucy
Freeman, Myrtle
Freeze, Grace
French, Fannie N.
Frentzel, Oscar, Jr.
Frey, Mary
Frey, Nora
Frickel, Anna
Fritzinger, Ida
Froehner, Mary
Frye, Lela
Frye, Minnie D.
Frye, Willie L.
Fuetterer, Nettie
Fuller, Frank
Fuller, Sadie
Fulmer, Jennie
Funk, Maggie
Funkhouser, Roy
Fuze, Anna
Gabhart, Agnes
Gabriel, Max
Gaefe, William
Gaither, Maria
Galbraith, Harry
Gall, Josie
Garber, Ethel
Garbutt, George
Gardner, Lillian
Garner, Mollie
Garney, Rhue
Garrett, Belle
Garrett, Eliza
Garrett, James
Garrett, Nettie
Garrison, Hallie N.
Garrison, Harry
Garthwait, Susie
Garver, Flora
Gavitt, Sam
Gaylor, Florence
Geary, Cora
Gebhart, Margaret S.
Gedding, Graham
Gee, Ellia C.
Gehring, Catherine
Gelbaugh, Catherine S.
Gentils, Mabel
George, Carrie
George, Myrtle
Gerard, Hazel
Gerdes, Mary
Gerecht, Caroline
Gerhold, Etta M.
Gerhold, Lottie
Geverts, Nannie K.
Gibbs, Alma
Gibbs, Elizabeth E.
Gibbs, Mary
Gibson, Maggie G.
Gibson, Margaret
Giles, James D.
Gill, Hanna M.
Gill, Maggie
Gill, Norma L.
Gilliland, Dorothy
Giltz, Katherine
Gipple, Anna
Givens, Mary E.
Gladfelter, Amanda
Glaser, Isaac
Gleasner, Evelyn
Glore, Lula D.
Goeddel, Cora
Goldsmith, Carrie
Gonderman, Alice
Goosman, Elizabeth
Goowin, Lewis E.
Gordon, Minnie M.
Goslin, Rebecca
Gossage, Cora
Gossett, M. A., Mrs.
Gowan, Viola U.
Gradwell, Millicent
Graf, Amelia
Graf, Dora
Grafious, Kathryn
Graham, Lavina
Granett, David
Grant, Ella
Grant, Frank
Grapes, Lillian
Grasmick, Kate
Gravatt, Cora
Graver, Helen
Gray, Alice
Gray, Mollie
Gray, Sam W., Sr.
Graybill, Elizabeth
Green, Alfred
Green, Ella Williams
Greenwood, Benjamin F.
Greer, Grace
Gregory, Maude
Grey, Florence
Griff, Mamie
Griffen, William
Griffin, Mary
Griffith, Annie V.
Griffiths, Richard
Griffitts, Julia
Griggs, Alice
Griggs, Georgia
Grimes, Howard
Grimestead, Anna
Grimm, Emma
Grinnell, Rachel A.
Grishaw, Stella
Grob, Carrie
Grosenbaugh, Elizabeth
Gross, Carrie
Grotpeter, Jos. H.
Grove, Marvin S.
Gruhn, Theresa
Gumble, Charles
Gundlach, Henrietta
Gutknecht, Hattie M.
Haddix, Billie
Haft, Florence
Hagood, Carrie C.
Hahn, Blanche
Hahn, Lydia
Haines, Edna
Haines, Harry
Halbert, Katie
Hale, Dawson E.
Hale, Emma J.
Hale, Lucretia
Haley, Louise Joan
Hall, C. H.
Hall, Tennessee
Halstead, Annie
Ham, Birdie C.
Hamersley, Virginia
Hamilton, Catherine
Hamilton, John C.
Hamilton, Mary E.
Hamilton, May L.
Hammell, Mary V.
Hammen, Jennie
Hand, Kathryn
Handcock, Dora J.
Handiboe, Carrie H.
Handle, Anna
Haney, Emma
Hannah, Mary E.
Hans, Lillian
Hanscon, Florence
Hansen, Margaret E.
Harbert, Grace M.
Harden, Margaret
Hardesty, Jonathon
Harding, Mary E.
Hardman, Annie
Hardy, Mary E.
Harlow, Anna
Harmon, Frances
Harper, Lizzie
Harper, Maggie
Harpering, Florence S.
Harrell, Delia M.
Harrell, Rose
Harrington, Edna F.
Harrington, Irma
Harris, Nettie
Harris, Viola
Harris, Winifred
Harrison, Grace M.
Harrison, Olive
Harrouff, Quilla
Hart, Clara V.
Hartman, Belle
Hartman, Emma
Hartman, Harriette M.
Hass, Nettie
Hasse, Henrietta
Hastings, Clara E.
Hastings, William H.
Hatfield, Jessie
Hatifield, Mary E.
Hauck, Lydia B.
Haught, Henry
Hauser, Lenta
Havey, Helen M.
Hawk, Lillian P.
Hawk, Sarah E.
Hawley, William
Haws, Ida B.
Hayes, Ella K.
Hayes, Nannie J.
Hays, Mary
Haywood, Mildred R.
Hazelbaker, Grace O.
Headley, Frances V.
Headley, Mattie
Heatherly, H. H.
Hebron, Martha
Hecker, Margaret P.
Hecker, Rose
Heckerman, Elizabeth
Heckler, Addie
Heckman, Margaret
Heffmire, Lillian
Hegeman, Daisy
Heger, Ricka
Heid, Arthur
Heinzen, Emma E.
Heiskell, Lucy
Heiss, Joseph
Held, Pauline
Helvering, Mayme
Hemelt, Theodore B.
Hemingway, Isabella S.
Hempel, Sophia
Hempleman, Edward
Hemsley, William R.
Henderson, Rosa
Hendricks, Dora
Hendrickson, Laura E.
Henning, Annie
Henry, Annie H.
Hensey, Mamie
Hepner, Elsie B.
Herbold, Kate
Herman, Maggie
Herweh, Frank
Herzog, Bertha
Hester, Margaret S.
Hetzler, Florence
Heuther, Andrew
Heyard, Blanche
Hickey, S. C., Mrs.
Hickman, Mae
Hicks, Jacob G.
Higgins, Frank H.
Higgs, Mary
High, Ida
Hill, Addie
Hill, Catherine Cowles
Hill, Elizabeth
Hill, Gertrude
Hill, Minnie
Himelsparks, Louisa
Hines, Minnie
Hirsch, Flora
Hissett, Minnie
Hix, Cora E.
Hoal, William J.
Hobbs, Florice E.
Hobbs, Sam H.
Hock, Ralph
Hocker, Lena
Hodson, Ella
Hof, Carrie B.
Hoff, Emily
Hoffman, Estella
Hoffman, Flora
Hoffman, Minnie M.
Hoffman, Rosa M.
Hoffner, Lulu
Hogue, Albert
Hohler, Celia
Hohnecker, Nettie
Holder, Essie E.
Holle, Minnie
Holler, Violetta S.
Holley, Etta C.
Holley, Lizzie
Hollinger, Elizabeth
Hollis, Grace
Hollmann, Mary B.
Holm, Madge M.
Holmes, Edna
Honer, Henry
Honeywell, Bertha M.
Hood, Lewis
Hood, Richard
Hoodmacher, Elizabeth
Hook, Elbert S.
Hoover, Emma P.
Hoppmann, Azalie V.
Horner, Anna
Horner, Ulysses
Horning, Linnie
Hornsby, Florence L.
Houck, Mildred M.
Houser, Emma
Hovelt, Amanda
Howard, Charley
Howarth, Martin L.
Howe, Mildred
Howell, Carolyn
Howell, John H.
Howlett, Sarah J.
Hubbard, C. C.
Hubbard, Eliza L.
Hubbard, Lillie
Huber, Sadie
Huddy, Kate
Hudson, Dollie
Huebner, Laura E.
Huffman, Susie
Hugenberg, Amelia
Hughes, Lola
Hughes, Mary G.
Hughes, Minnie
Hughes, Sarah
Hull, Jesse R.
Huls, Laura M.
Hults, Nellie
Hummer, Clara C.
Humphrey, Belle
Humphrey, Clara
Humphrey, Phrona
Hunt, Henrietta
Hunt, Lizzie
Hunt, Pearl
Hunter, Alice B.
Hunter, Mary
Hurley, Nadine
Hurley, Rosa J.
Hutchison, Lona
Hyer, Mary S.
ilgenfritz, George
Immel, Susan
Iredale, Maud
Isaacs, Katherine
Isaacs, Kathryn
Itzel, Otto J.
Jackson, Dorothy L.
Jackson, Etta J.
Jackson, Irene
Jackson, Ruby S.
Jackson, Sarah W.
Jackson, Viola
Jacobs, Michael
Jacobs, Sue Belle
Jaeckh, John
Jaegle, Mayme
James, Della
James, Ella M.
Jean, Annie
Jefferson, Juanita Mae
Jeffries, Hattie
Jenkins, Anna
Jenkins, Leah M.
Jenkins, Lillian
Jennings, Elizabeth B.
Joehnk, Clara S.
Johns, Emma
Johnson, Caroline
Johnson, David P.
Johnson, E. C.
Johnson, Emma L.
Johnson, Eva F.
Johnson, Jennie V.
Johnson, Leila V.
Johnson, Rebecca
Johnson, William
Johnston, Lillian
Johnston, Margaret
Jolly, Ella
Jones, Alice E.
Jones, Aubrey B.
Jones, Clyde S.
Jones, Ed
Jones, Frank P.
Jones, Lucy A.
Jones, Lydia
Jones, Margaret E.
Jones, Mary
Jones, Minnie W.
Jones, Nannie G.
Jones, Susie
Jones, Susie E.
Jones, T. Milton
Jones, Theresa
Jones, William H.
Jordan, Carrie
Jordan, Estella W.
Jordan, Thomas M.
Joy, Mary
Judd, Charles
Jung, Robert R.
Justice, Edna G.
Justice, Frances M.
Justis, Sarah
Kacher, Anna
Kagan, Lillie C.
Kahn, Clara
Kaiser, Blanche
Kaline, Anna
Kallam, Edna
Kane, Lottie
Kantansky, Mary
Kapmeyer, Frances
Karkow, Anna
Karow, Elizabeth R.
Kauffunger, Frederick
Kaufman, Elizabeth
Kay, Katherine
Kaylor, Emma
Kearey, Anna
Kearfott, John
Keatley, Kathryn
Keee, Mary A.
Kelch, Clarissa
Kelch, William
Keller, Anna
Kelley, Mary C.
Kellogg, Cora
Kelly, Kate C.
Kelly, Maggie
Kelly, Myrtle
Kelsey, Florence
Kemp, Eva V.
Kemper, Ida, Mrs.
Kenly, Maud
Kennedy, Benjamin
Kennedy, Catherine I.
Kennedy, Hattie
Kennett, Helen
Kenney, Mary
Kepper, Christiana
Kerner, Othella M.
Kerr, Anna
Kerwin, Edwin
Kesselring, Francis
Kiefer, Elise
Kiger, Gertrude
Kilgore, Irene
Killinger, Lillian
Kilmer, Maud
Kimmey, Sallie
Kineer, Orissa
King, Alice G.
King, Bertha
King, Clara E.
King, Laura V.
King, Lizzie V.
King, Mary
King, R. H.
Kingman, Maude
Kinnemeyer, Elizabeth
Kinney, Nan
Kinser, Lizzie L.
Kinsman, Louise
Kipp, Effie Mae
Kirby, Belle
Kirby, Mary E.
Kirk, Carrie
Kleeman, Elizabeth
Klein, Bertha
Klein, Charles
Klein, Emma
Klein, Flora
Kline, May
Kling, Carrie V.
Klinger, Mamie
Klotz, Emma
Knaack, Elizabeth
Knapp, Lula
Knight, Alice
Knight, Margaret
Koehlein, Catherine
Koehler, Anna M.
Koenigkramer, Henry
Kolb, Rose
Kopf, Charles M.
Kopp, Elizabeth
Koppenhaver, Helen
Korte, Emma
Kough, Bertha
Koviak, Marie
Kraeter, Elizabeth
Kramer, Louise
Kramer, Margaret S.
Kramschuster, Sophia
Kreage, Mary A.
Kreisher, Lottie
Kreutzer, Ethel
Krise, Grace
Kroeger, Anna R. E.
Kroll, Nellie L.
Kruse, Lizzie
Kruze, Sarah P.
Kryder, Anna R.
Kuenkne, Annie
Kues, Mary
Kuhnert, Kate
Kunkel, Anna
Kuntsman, Christine
Kurzdorfer, Flora M.
Kutz, Elizabeth

Lacy, William
Ladd, Alice
Lahoy, Rosa
Lakin, Mabel
Lamb, Anna M.
Lamb, Hester G.
Landrum, Bettie
Lane, Alice
Lane, Bertha
Lane, Clinton A.
Lane, Dock J.
Lang, Adam
Lang, Minnie
Langforder, Norma R.
Larkin, Louise
Lathberry, Roverta E.
Laurence, Minerva
Lauterbach, Lillian
Law, Keturah
Lawrence, Nannie
Lawrence, Nathan E.
Lawrence, Virginia
Lawton, Robert G.
Layton, Joe S.
Leaman, Kate
Leary, Ruth
Lebert, Catherine
LeClair, Ellen C.
Leddon, Emma
Lederer, Lizzie
Lee, Drury C.
Lee, Edith A.
Lee, Frank M.
Lee, Maud
Leeds, Irene
Leeds, Lou E.
Leimbach, Emma G.
Leissler, Sallie
Leker, Anna
Lenhart, Oliver
Lentz, Lillian
Leslie, Lizzie A.
Lester, Carrie S.
Letts, Samuel
Levy, Kate
Lewis, Dulcie S.
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Hattie
Lewis, Jennie
Lewis, Lizzie
Lewis, Margaret
Lewis, Missouri
Ley, Carrie
Liebig, Christina
Light, Bertha
Liles, Emma
Limbert, Maude M.
Lindsay, Clara E.
Lindsey, Florence
Line, Bertha
Littrell, Jennie
Lloyd, Louise
Lockhart, Alice
Lockwood, Annie
Lockwood, Laura D.
Lockwood, Minnie
Logan, Pearl
Lohman, Mary
Lomax, Mary
Long, Eunice
Long, Kate
Long, Olive M.
Longaker, Nettie
Loomis, Marie
Loos, Annie
Lord, Katheryn
Lorentzen, Mary
Loveless, Sarah
Lowe, Emilie
Lowe, George
Lower, Blanche
Lowman, J. E.
Lowman, J. E., Mrs.
Lucas, Alda
Lucas, Gypsy
Luckenbach, Emma J. G.
Luedeke, Alenda
Luhne, Elizabeth
Luman, Adaline L.
Lumpkins, Margaret
Lungren, Leora
Lurding, Bettie B.
Luther, Amelia
Lutz, Joseph
Lyons, Mary
Lyons, Nettie M.
Lyons, Sarah
Lytle, Annie
Maas, Louise
Mack, Etta F.
MacKerchar, Nellie
Maerheffer, Alice M.
Magee, Lillian
Magers, Leona M.
Magill, Homer
Mahl, Addie
Mains, Mary E.
Majaw, Renben
Malik, Maude
Malone, Amanda M.
Maloy, Mary A.
Mangels, Anna
Manners, Rufus
Mansfield, Lulah M.
Maple, Allie
Margeit, Elizabeth
Marinelli, Grace A.
Mark, Ida
Marker, Clara
Marker, Mollie
Marnett, Mary
Marsh, Ida
Marsh, Lucy
Marshall, Fay O.
Marshall, Hettie V.
Marshall, Minnie
Marshall, Ruth
Marshall, Warren
Marteny, Nellie
Martin, August
Martin, Blanche
Martin, Clara
Martin, Laura
Martin, Otto
Martin, William M.
Maser, May
Maslin, Sarah
Mason, Joe C.
Mason, Kate
Mason, Myra
Matchett, Louella
Matheny, Maggie
Mather, Florence
Matthews, John
Matthews, Morgan M.
Matttson, Annie E.
Maukert, Rose
Maurer, Virgie
Maxwell, Frank
May, Henrietta
May, Stella S.
Mayberry, Hannah B.
Mays, Jennie
Mayunke, Katherine
McAllister, Lillie
McBride, Lillian
McBrown, Zach
McCallister, Warren A.
McCamey, Otto
McCane, Emma
McCarthy, Mary
McClain, Lillian
McConnaughey, Hazel
McCready, Eva
McCullough, Ida
McCune, William
McDevitt, Margaret
McDowell, Alma
McFarland, Mildred
McFarland, Nora
McFayden, Luella
McGee, Carrie
McGladdery, Anna
McGlone, Emma
McGuire, Inez
McHenry, Mollie
McKewin, Charles W.
McKinney, James
McKnight, Lena
McLean, Ella
McMaulla, Kathryn
McMillian, George F.
McMullen, Mary Ann
McNarry, Sarah A.
Mcninch, Robert H.
McNutt, Margaret
McRobie, Claudia
McRobie, Cora L.
Mease, Henry
Meeks, Lizzie
Meier, Mamie
Mellotte, Lillian
Merhman, Maria T.
Merritt, Florence
Mervine, Elizabeth
Mesiwinkle, Bertha
Messenger, Sydney
Messerschmidt, Elizabeth
Messner, Caroline
Messner, Elizabeth
Metcalf, Amanda
Metcalf, Elizabeth
Metcalf, Mary
Metzger, Euphrasia
Meyer, Elizabeth
Meyer, Florence May
Meyer, Mamie
Meyerrose, Adeline
Michaels, Emanuel
Milby, Phillip L.
Mildenberger, Lulu M.
Miller, Adda M.
Miller, Alfred
Miller, Almeda
Miller, Clara B.
Miller, Delia
Miller, Earl
Miller, Elizabeth V.
Miller, Emma
Miller, Ethel M.
Miller, Eva
Miller, Frederick
Miller, Gertrude
Miller, John
Miller, Lena G.
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Odessia
Miller, Regina M.
Miller, Rosetta
Miller, Ruth M.
Miller, Theresa
Miller, Viola W.
Mills, Arlene
Milstead, Ada M.
Minnich, Eliza R.
Mitchell, Elizabeth R.
Mitchell, Maude B.
Mix, Frank
Mockler, Mary
Moen, Grace
Moersch, Christiana
Mohr, George
Mohr, Pearl
Moler, Bertha
Moneypenny, Dora
Monroe, William E.
Montgomery, Jasper W.
Moore, Anna B.
Moore, Cora
Moore, Delia
Moore, Edith B.
Moore, Edith R.
Moore, George
Moore, L. D.
Moore, Lottie
Moore, Renard
Moore, Sarah K.
Moore, Vera L.
Moore, William
Moore, William B.
Moorehead, Jeanette H.
Moreland, Celestine
Moreland, Emma B.
Morgan, Estis
Morgan, Malinda
Morrow, Mary G.
Morton, John
Morton, Minnie
Moses, Nina M.
Mould, Emma
Mount, Ruth
Mower, Charles
Mowery, Lydia
Moyer, Pearl
Moyer, Virginia
Mullen, Minnie
Mullin, Mary E.
Mullinix, Maggie
Mullon, William N.
Munson, Harry
Munster, Louise
Munz, Matthew
Murphy, Harold J.
Murphy, Maud
Murphy, Nannie
Murray, William
Muzzy, Kate
Myers, Clara
Myers, Lottie B.
Myers, Mabel
Mynatt, Herbert
Naff, William A.
Nagley, Kate
Nahmmacher, Emma M.
Nally, Mary R.
Nattress, Sarah
Naylor, Marsha
Neff, Mary
Neff, William H.
Negley, Tillie
Nelson, Mary
Neumann, Elise
Neveker, Jane
New, Martha
Newbury, Laura
Newman, Annie
Newman, Henry L.
Newton, Katherine
Neyhart, Della M.
Nicholls, Robert
Nichols, Elizabeth
Nicholson, Carrie
Nickel, Minnie
Nickell, Stella
Nicklow, Bertha
Nicolaus, Minnie
Niedermiller, Sadie
Niemann, Geneva
Nighman, Thad C.
Nish, Ruth
Nitzel, Mary
Nolan, Martha F.
Noland, Anna
Norman, Andy H.
Northern, John
Norton, Fernando J.
Norton, Mary
Novak, Lela M.
Nuckles, Queen V.
Nutter, Fannie
Oakes, Edna R.
Oates, Nancy Jane
O'Brian, Minnie M.
O'Connell, Celia
O'Connell, Florence M.
Oechsle, Hugo
Oglesbee, Alice C.
Oglesby, Laura M.
O'Grady, Cecelia H.
Oliver, Gertrude
Oliver, May R.
Omlor, Marie
Oney, Arminda
Orendorff, Claudia
Orr, Grace M.
O'Shea, Charlotte
Osman, Phoebe
Ossman, McClada
Otto, Arthur
Otto, Emma
Overbaugh, Margaret J.
Owens, Dora
Owens, Jennie
Page, Gladys
Painter, Agnes
Painter, Zella
Pangburn, Helen
Parker, Emma E.
Parker, Florence
Parker, Lester G.
Parker, Mamie
Parker, Nancy E.
Passeno, Edna B.
Patrick, C. T.
Patterson, Maggie D.
Patterson, Martha
Patton, Helen B.
Patton, Jennie
Paul, Esther
Paul, Lena
Pauls, Emily M.
Paulsen, Cecelia
Pease, Eva
Peddicord, Flora
Peebles, Josephine
Pelk, Clifford F.
Pence, Bessie
Pence, Harvey L.
Percell, Laura K.
Perdue, Mary E.
Perkinson, Tillie
Perrott, Mary
Perry, Annie
Perry, Katie A.
Perry, Rachel
Person, Mary
Peters, Charles
Peters, Emma
Peters, Helen C.
Peters, Mary
Peterson, Charles A.
Peto, Fred B.
Petty, Jennie
Petty, Mary A.
Pfister, Cecelia
Pflumm, Catherine
Phelps, Carrie S.
Phillips, Hattie
Phillips, Katherine
Phillips, Marcus L.
Phillips, Mary J.
Phipps, Maggie B.
Pierce, Celia
Pierce, John M.
Pierra, Maud
Pilson, Pearl Lee
Pines, Addie
Plumb, Mary E.
Poe, Maude
Pollock, Ada
Pombles, William
Pond, Edwin A.
Pontius, Anna
Pope, Ida
Poppe, Harry
Porter, James S.
Posey, Mattie B.
Post, Margaret A.
Potts, Mary M.
Powell, Annie T.
Powell, David
Pownell, Marvin L.
Pratt, Susie
Prelle, Elizabeth
Preston, Oscar A.
Price, Eliza
Price, Myrtle
Price, Pauline
Princehorn, Grace A.
Pritchard, James E.
Pruitt, Mary Frank
Pulliam, Moody
Purdy, C. H.
Purdy, Charlotte
Purdy, Minnie
Putnam, Jessie
Pyfer, Annie M.
Quidley, Katie
Rader, Cora
Rahrig, Martha
Railey, Mary L.
Rainey, Elsie
Raither, Emma
Ramage, Eva E.
Ranck, Alice B.
Rand, Charles S.
Rash, Anna H.
Ratcliff, Bertie R.
Rathbun, Albert
Ratoi, Grace
Rau, Maggie
Rausher, Leila
Ravenscroft, Ida
Ray, Anna
Ray, Annie
Ray, Louie
Raynor, Eva L.
Raynor, Ida
Read, Earl B.
Readmore, Ada
Rech, Adam K.
Reed, Bertha
Reed, Blanche H.
Reed, Lottie T.
Reed, Mary
Reed, Ruth A.
Reese, Bruce
Reese, Lillian
Reese, Margaret
Reese, Olive E.
Reeves, Anna G.
Rehbein, Katie S.
Reichardt, Barbara
Reichart, Nettie
Reiley, Rosa
Reinhardt, Olive
Reinwart, Dorothea
Reis, Clara
Reise, Lillian
Renner, Della
Renninger, Ruth
Renzelman, Adelaide
Repp, Myrtle
Resch, Beatrice
Ressler, Flora
Reuter, Henry
Reviol, Anna
Rey, Sophie
Reynolds, Mary B.
Reynolds, Mary E.
Rhein, Ella
Rhoades, Mary C.
Rhoads, Mary B.
Rhoads, Rosa
Rhoden, W. B., Mrs.
Rhodes, Anna
Rhoods, Ida
Rice, Belle
Rich, Ilene
Richard, Minnie A.
Richards, Jessie
Richardson, Annie C.
Richardson, Dora
Richardson, Edward W.
Richter, Maye
Rickard, Edward P.
Ricker, Eva
Riedman, Mary
Riemenschneider, Florence
Rieser, Lillian M.
Rietschel, Edna
Riggles, Agnes
Riggs, Ida
Rightmire, Loraine
Rightsell, Lizzie
Riley, Gertrude
Riley, Henry S.
Riley, James A.
Riley, Katie
Ring, Martin L.
Ripley, Emma E.
Risdon, Eleanor D.
Rissman, Artha L.
Ritchey, Flora M.
Ritter, Grace
Robedee, John
Roberts, Josephine
Robertson, Beulah
Robey, J. Harvey
Robinson, Maggie
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Sarah C.
Robson, Hattie
Roehrs, Catherine
Roessner, Bella
Roether, Rose
Roller, William J.
Rollins, Jesse F.
Romaine, Carrie
Romer, Christine
Roney, Eatle M.
Roof, Anna
Rose, Clemmie
Rose, Ella
Rose, Hattie
Rose, John H.
Rosenblatt, Fred A.
Ross, Anna
Ross, Catherine
Ross, Mary A.
Roth, Addie
Roth, Lillie
Roth, Max C.
Rounds, Opha
Rowland, Rettie
Rowland, Sarah
Rowley, Rachel
Roy, Lola May
Rozelle, Thankful
Rubinow, Katie
Ruckart, Lena B.
Ruckreim, Anna H.
Rudy, Ida I.
Ruehwein, Emma
Ruley, Thomas
Rumph, Ada E.
Rumph, Winifred
Runk, Tillie
Rupert, Emma I.
Ruppiler, Elizabeth
Rusk, Jo Eva
Russ, Emma
Russell, Alfred O.
Russell, Alice V.
Russell, Annie
Rust, M. P. G.
Rutan, William
Ruth, Mary E.
Ruths, Ricka
Rutledge, Addie
Ryce, Elsie
Ryerson, Minnie
Ryon, Etta B.
Sabo, Emma
Sadler, Ethel M.
Sager, Gladys Z.
Sally, Hattie
Sams, Elsie
Sanders, E. S., Mrs.
Sanders, Hazle C.
Sanders, Hettie
Sanders, Veva
Sargent, Julius
Satter, Anna
Satterfield, Charles N.
Sauble, Jennie
Sauer, Edna
Sauerwein, Edgar J.
Sauter, Louise
Sayer, Rosa
Sayne, Alice
Scaggs, Susie R.
Schaar, Gertrude
Schaar, John
Schadel, Stella
Schadler, Sallie
Schaffer, Charles
Scheer, Pearl
Scheiber, Mary J.
Scheidhauer, Clara
Schepf, Philippin
Schick, Lizzie
Schick, Martha
Schimpf, Jennie
Schleicher, Elizabeth
Schlimme, Hattie Mae
Schmander, Frances N.
Schmidebush, Emma
Schmidt, Clara
Schmidt, Hazel B.
Schmidt, Ida E.
Schmidt, J. L., Sr.
Schmidt, Lydia
Schmidt, Mary
Schmitz, Alice W.
Schnaderbeck, Anna
Schneider, Susie
Schober, Theresa
Schoch, Frank
Schoenaman, Margart
Schoenebaum, Sophia
Schook, John J.
Schrader, Mary
Schrage, Hermie C.
Schroeder, Augusta
Schroff, Herman
Schrotel, Jessie M.
Schroyer, Alma
Schussler, Ella M.
Schuyler, Bessie
Schwein, Anna
Schwitzer, Rose
Scites, Queen
Scott, Jessie M.
Scott, Sadie
Seal, Dewey E.
Seaman, Emma H.
Seaman, John R.
Seaman, Sallie
Sears, Lillian E.
Seaward, Theresa
Seawell, Laura
Seese, Ida C.
Seifert, Katie
Seiffert, Frank D.
Seigfried, Hannah
Seiler, Mary E.
Seitz, Allen M.
Self, Mary
Sellers, Sadie
Sellick, Theresa F.
Sendelbeck, Maud
Sergeon, Thomas L.
Service, Ethel
Severus, Etta
Shade, Herman
Shade, Opal
Shafer, Mary E.
Shafer, Richard
Shaffner, Emma E.
Shain, Enola
Shane, Susie
Shank, David H.
Sharp, Elmer
Sharp, Joseph
Shaw, Alice
Shaw, Grace
Shaw, Harriet
Shawhan, Frank
Sheldon, Inez
Sheldon, Mary F.
Shelhimer, Catherine E.
Shelton, Mary
Sherbert, Josephine
Sherman, Mamie
Sherwood, Lillian H.
Shetterly, James H.
Shew, Pearl
Shider, Emma
Shields, Annie
Shields, Katie
Shipman, Mary K.
Shires, Corinne
Shiry, Gerlie
Shoemaker, A. D.
Shoemaker, Maude
Shollenberger, Isabelle
Shontz, Gertrude
Showalter, Eva
Shuffield, Martha M.
Shupp, Joseph A.
Shutt, Elizabeth
Sidler, Rebecca
Siebenshub, John
Siemer, Minnie
Sigman, Rella
Sikora, Mary
Silzer, Margaret
Simon, Jessie
Simons, Frank
Simpson, Catherine
Simpson, Raymond
Sims, William
Sindet, Johanna
Singer, Samantha
Sipe, Georgianna
Skeen, Franklin
Skinner, Irene
Skipper, Edith
Slabaugh, Cora B.
Slaby, Rose T.
Sleeth, Jean
Slocum, Charles E.
Slocum, Elizabeth
Sluder, Pearl
Small, Isa L.
Smith, Amanda
Smith, Annie E.
Smith, Barbara K.
Smith, Belinda
Smith, Blanch
Smith, Carrie H.
Smith, Dora
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elnora
Smith, Emma
Smith, Emma D.
Smith, Florence
Smith, Georgia
Smith, Greta
Smith, Lillian
Smith, Lucintha G.
Smith, Luvenia
Smith, Mae Britton
Smith, Martha
Smith, Martha S.
Smith, Mary D.
Smith, Maud A.
Smith, Minnie
Smith, Nina Hoke
Smith, Perry A.
Smith, Rachel D.
Smith, Sam
Smith, William A.
Smoot, Alta A.
Smoot, Katherine V.
Smyer, Elizabeth
Smythe, Gertrude
Sneddon, Hannah
Snow, Beulah
Snow, Charles J.
Snyder, Bertha
Snyder, Clara R.
Snyder, Jessie
Snyder, Kate
Snyder, Katherine
Snyder, Ruth M.
Solomon, Thomas
Songer, Elizabeth
Spaeth, Marie
Sparks, Ida
Speller, Edward
Spencer, Louise S.
Spidell, Annabelle
Spindler, Ida A.
Spoehrer, George A.
Spohr, Eliza
Sprague, Anna M.
Sprawls, Susie M.
Stadelman, Anna
Stamm, Alpha
Stanford, Emma
Starkey, Alice G.
Staude, Pauline
Stebleton, Allen
Steele, Frank
Stehr, Louise E.
Steinberger, Mary E.
Steller, Julia
Stephenson, Charles
Steuer, Louisa
Stevens, Alice
Stevens, David N.
Stevens, Ella E.
Stevenson, Ellen J.
Steves, Harry C.
Stewart, Charles E.
Stewart, Deborah R.
Stewart, Lillie
Stillman, G. T.
Stillwell, Margueritte
Stiteler, Blanche
Stitt, Emma G.
Stockhausen, George
Stocks, Isabelle
Stohrer, Henry
Stone, Georgia
Stone, J. A.
Stonemetz, Iva
Stoner, John
Storer, Webster H.
Stork, William
Storm, Anna
Stose, Sarah
Stott, Elisha J.
Stout, Annie R.
Stout, Nora A.
Strahin, Ruby
Strain, Gertrude T.
Strain, Mary
Stratman, John
Straub, Ethel
Strause, Ella
Strebe, Bessie
Streitenberger, Estella
Strickland, Joseph C.
Stringfield, James F.
Strohm, Lydia
Strong, Ellen V.
Strong, Evaline
Strong, Virginia
Stryker, Earl
Stuber, Mary G.
Stugart, John T.
Stults, Ethel
Stump, Catherine M.
Stunburgh, Mamie
Sturdevant, Stella
Sturgeon, Pearl W.
Stutz, Matilde
Suit, Martha E.
Sullenberger, Jennie C.
Surerus, Ellen L.
Sutton, Elizabeth
Swaggerty, Elizabeth
Swain, Comma O.
Swain, Elizabeth
Swain, Mary B.
Swallen, Rosa
Swart, Anna N.
Swears, Mary
Sweeney, Lora M.
Swingle, Ada
Sykes, Edna S.
Sylvester, Cora
Tabor, S. Brown
Tacke, Anna E.
Talbert, Catherine
Talcott, Olive
Talisferro, C. Robert
Talley, Elsie
Tant, Sadie R.
Tarkington, Robert L.
Tasker, Mamie
Tatem, Annie
Tattershall, Anna
Tawney, Blanche
Taylor, Cecil M.
Taylor, Emma
Taylor, Emma D.
Taylor, Gertrude S.
Taylor, Lottie
Taylor, Minnie
Taylor, Robert
Teare, Thomas C.
Tecklenburg, Florence
Temple, Amy
Thayer, Daniel L.
Thiel, Florence
Thieme, Louise E.
Thomas, A. Flemming
Thomas, Dora
Thomas, Hattie F.
Thomas, Hattie L.
Thomas, Jessie J.
Thomas, Nettie
Thomas, Roma E.
Thomas, Sarah E.
Thompson, Addie
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Harry
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Myra
Thorne, Lillie May
Thornton, Amanda
Thornton, Walter A.
Thrush, Della
Thursby, Minnie
Tice, Margaret
Tidd, Edith
Timberman, Charles
Timpert, Ida F.
Tinder, Stella E.
Tippen, Fred
Todd, Bertha E.
Tolle, Minnie
Tonkin, Nettie
Towles, Oliver J.
Trado, Lily D.
Transue, Ethel
Trautman, Mary
Treadwell, Julia
Tretter, Ida McLaughlin
Trieber, George
Trinkler, Birdie
Trisler, Margaret
Trost, Joseph
Trout, Laura
Troutman, Maude
Truesdale, Cora
Truitt, Jettie
Tucker, Alice C.
Tucker, Cora V.
Tucker, William
Tudor, Irene
Tufts, Florence M.
Turbush, Catherine E.
Turner, Charles J.
Turner, Kate
Tyler, Mamie
Uhl, Stella
Ulmer, Christina
Umstott, Ella
Underwood, Ben. F.
Urick, Cecelia
Vahle, Emilie K.
Van Auken, Mabel
Van Buskirk, Sarah
Van Deveer, Celeste
Van Dokkum, Louise
Van Heusen, Lena
Van Horn, Ella A.
Van Nest, Charles H., Sr.
Van Pelt, Everett
Van Saun, May
Van Wicklen, Elinor
Vance, Christine
Vance, Maggie
Vanderhoof, Addie B.
Vaughn, Emma
Vaughn, Letitia
Vaughn, Mary
Vaught, Stephan K.
Vehe, Anna E.
Venable, Laura M.
Vetter, Annie
Voelker, Elizabeth
Voellger, Clara A.
Vogel, Elizabeth
Voorhis, Minnie
Wachola, Elizabeth
Wagner, Carrie
Wagner, Charlotte
Wagner, Emma
Wagner, Mollie
Wagrew, Manola
Walden, Harry M.
Walke, Katherine
Walker, Earl H.
Walker, O. S.
Wall, Ethel
Walters, Lenora
Walters, Mary
Walther, Libbie K.
Walther, Margaret
Walton, James M.
Waltz, Delia B.
Warburton, Jennie
Ward, Alice E.
Ward, Cora I.
Ward, Lottie
Ward, Mamie
Wardlaw, Clyde
Warner, Geroge G.
Warren, Ida
Warren, Zelphia
Warth, Russell, Mrs.
Washington, Edith
Wathen, Martha
Watkins, Caroline
Watkins, Charlotte
Watkins, Helen
Watson, Bertha
Watson, Effie P.
Watson, Grant
Watson, Wilhelmina M.
Watt, Gertrude
Wattam, Stella
Watts, Bettie G.
Watts, Ella
Waugh, Mary E.
Weaver, Anna
Weaver, Caroline
Weaver, Mary
Webb, Dora
Webb, Laura E.
Weber, Marie
Webster, Elizabeth A.
Wedekind, Mary
Weeks, Annie
Weeks, Mary J.
Weferling, Albert W.
Weibel, Mamie E.
Weidig, Ella
Weidner, Elizabeth
Weihe, Mollie
Weirick, Edith
Weis, Nellie
Weisbrodt, Melissa
Weisman, Josie
Weiss, Anna M.
Weiss, Elizabeth
Weitzel, John J.
Weller, Mary J.
Wells, Lucy
Welsh, Lulu P.
Welty, Emma
Wenderoth, Stella
Wenner, Mary D.
Wentworth, Veronica
Wenzel, Mary
Werlein, George
Werley, Minnie J.
Werner, Evelyn T.
Wert, Julia
Wesley, Kate S.
Weston, Anna B.
Wetter, Daisy
Wharton, Roger D.
Wheatley, Grace
Wheatley, Lanie
Wheaton, Celina
Wheller, Charles M.
Whisenant, Henry
Whispell, Mary S.
White, Bertha
White, Carrie L.
White, Elizabeth
White, Ella
White, Fred
White, Fred T.
White, Helen V.
White, Lana L.
Whited, Mayme M.
Whiteford, Florence
Whitehead, Beulah
Whiteoak, Eliza
Whitford, Annie
Whitworth, Bert
Wiget, Alice
Wikerson, Alice
Wilbur, Rozella
Wildermuth, Edith
Wiley, Olivia
Wilkerson, Nettie
Willett, Ruby
Williams, Blanche
Williams, Dave W.
Williams, Ella
Williams, Eva
Williams, Florence
Williams, Florence
Williams, Frederick
Williams, James H.
Williams, Lillian M.
Williams, Minnie M.
Williams, Rose
Williams, Thomas
Willing, Jennie
Willis, Hattie
Willoughby, R. R., Dr.
Wilsey, Elizabeth
Wilson, Annie
Wilson, Della
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Ernest
Wilson, Ida M.
Wilson, Joetta
Wilson, Lottie
Wilson, Mary T.
Wilson, Myrtle
Wilson, Myrtle
Wilson, Nellie
Wilson, Nellie S.
Wilson, Rosie
Wilson, Sarah
Winkleman, Florence
Winn, Bertha
Winter, Pansy M.
Winter, Rosa
Wischmeyer, Anna
Witthuhn, Sarah M.
Witzelberg, Elizabeth L.
Wohlfart, Marie S.
Wolf, Kate
Wolfe, Lucy
Wolff, Sallie
Wolfinger, Bessie V.
Wolfrom, Laura
Wood, Carrie
Wood, Sarah
Wood, William T.
Woods, Rosa
Woodward, Lydia E.
Wootten. Jessie W.
Worotinak, Anna M.
Worsley, Susan E.
Wren, Dale
Wright, Anna
Wright, Anna M.
Wright, E. Naomi
Wright, Ella
Wright, Frances
Wright, Georgianna M.
Wright, John H.
Wright, Stella R.
Wright, Sylvis
Wurtz, Jennie
Wyks, Margaret
Wyle, Ida C.
Yaisle, E,izabeth
Yarger, J. S.
Yarnell, Highley E.
Yeager, Emma
Yent, Louisa
Yerger, Hattie
Yerkes, Gaines W.
Yost, Mary
Young, Anna
Young, Bertha
Young, Della
Young, Edith A.
Young, Emily
Young, Florence
Young, Katie F.
Young, Lena
Young, Lizzie S.
Young, Mable
Young, Raymond
Yow, Myrtle
Zachritz, John
Zellars, Margaret
Zeltman, Rosa
Ziegel, Anna D.
Ziegler, Mary E.
Zimmer, Freda
Zimmerman, Annie
Zimmerman, Emma
Zimmerman, Peter A.
Zinkan, Mae
Zirkle, Emma
Zost, Jeanette