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Indiana Physicians in 1900
Names starting with A - K

Nineteenth Annual Report of the State Board of Health of Indiana published in 1901.

There is not much information given in this book. It is a list of all the Official Physicians in the state of Indiana. Most listings show if they have a diploma or were qualified because of either 10 years or 3 years of practice.
It also indicates if their school was regular, eclectic, homeopathic, physio-medical, hygeia therapeutic or botanic (but it does not define or identify the different types).

Unfortunately it does not indicate where they received their training from, but it will at least let you know that they had a physician certificate in 1900.

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Abbett, Chas. H. - Indianapolis, IN
Abbett, F.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Abbott, Clarence - Otwell, IN
Abbott, H.B. - Blue Grass, IN
Abbott, Lyman A. - Fremont, IN
Abbott, Mano - Bloomington, IN
Abell, G. II - Sulphur, IN
Abell, Oscar E. - Trenton, IN
Abner, John R. - Hamlet, IN
Abston, J.M. - Sedalia, IN
Achillis, F.W. - Evansville, IN
Ackerman, A.C. - Lafayette, IN
Acton, W.G. - Switz City, IN
Adair, S.L. - N. Washington, IN
Adams, Ben. O. - Indianapolis, IN
Adams, H.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Adams, Horace E. - Maysville, IN
Adams, J.N.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Adams, J.R. - Petersburg, IN
Adams, Joseph F. - Winchester, IN
Adams, M.M. - Greenfield, IN
Adams, Ovid L. - Shelbyville, IN
Adams, S.D. - Brewersville, IN
Adams, T.J. - North Salem, IN
Ader, Henry - Wabash, IN
Adkin, J. C. - Marion, IN.
Adye, Clarence H. - Patronville, IN
Adye, Geo. F. - Newtonville, IN
Aikman, Edgar A. - Clinton, IN
Aitken, F.M. - Bristol, IN
Aldred, J.A. - Hortonville, IN
Alexander, J.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Alexander, J.H. - Greensburg, IN
Alexander, J.T. - Indianapolis, IN
Alexander, Lot E. - Pendleton, IN
Alexander, Robt. - Mech'icsb'g, IN
Alexander, W.P. - Gas City, IN
Alexander, Wm. B. - Buffaloville, IN
Alexandr, W. - Buck Creek, IN
Alford, C.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Alford, H.A. - Kokomo, IN
Alford, Jas. S. - Zionsville, IN
Allen, Chas. A. - New Maysville, IN
Allen, Chas. B. - Indianapolis, IN
Allen, E.F. - Fayetteville, IN
Allen, H.R., Jr. - Indianapolis, IN
Allen, Irvin O. - Metamora, IN
Allen, J.B. - Camb'dge City, IN
Allen, J.H. - Logansport,IN
Allen, S.V. - Pickards, IN
Allen, W.P. - Eagletown, IN
Allen, Wesley - W. Newton, IN
Allenbaugh, E.E. - Huff, IN
Allhands, D.S. - N. Washington, IN
Allhands, F.D. - Wingate, IN
Allport, John E. - Dunkirk, IN
Ames, Geo. F. - Eaton, IN
Amiss, Jas. M. - Silver Lake, IN
Amos, Edward N. - Indianapolis, IN
Amy, Jennie R. - Logansport,IN
Anderson, D.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Anderson, Emma - Swayzee, IN
Anderson, J.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Anderson, J.W. - Cornettsville, IN
Anderson, James - Versailles, IN
Anderson, Jno. B. - Vincennes, IN
Anderson, Jno. W. - Vincennes, IN
Anderson, John T. - Swayzee, IN
Anderson, R.S. - Princeton, IN
Anderson, W.R. - Indianapolis, IN
Andrew, V.C. - Cicero, IN
Andrews, E.H. - Peru, IN
Andrews, Geo. R. - Mt. Summit, IN
Andrews, James - Edna Mills, IN
Andrews, John R. - Rivervale, IN
Andrews, Leila E.N. - Manchester, IN
Angell, Charles - Pittsburg, IN
Angell, Charles E. - Delphi, IN
Anness, Wm. R. - Bath, IN
Annis, E.L. - Laporte, IN
Ansley, Charles - Valparaiso, IN
Anthony, E.G. - Indianapolis, IN
Anthony, E.G. - Indianapolis, IN
Anthony, J.R. - Indianapolis, IN
Applegate, A.J. - Eagletown, IN
Applegate, C.R. - Tampico, IN
Applegate, Chas. - South Bend, IN
Applegate, Geo. - Crothersville, IN
Applegate, W.S. - Chestnut Hill, IN
Appleman, J.S. - New Albany, IN
Arburn, Charles - Wadesville, IN
Argaduse, J.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Armfield, J.D. - Elwood, IN
Armfield, T.O. - Elwood, IN
Armington, C.L. - Anderson, IN
Armstrong, A. - Kewana, IN
Armstrong, B.M. - Fredricksburg, IN
Armstrong, C.R. - Thorntown, IN
Armstrong, E.W. - Alexandria, IN
Armstrong, F.G. - Camden, IN
Armstrong, H.L. - Kewana, IN
Armstrong, L.P. - Newtown, In
Armstrong, W.K. - Peru, IN
Arnold, Frank M. - Grand View, IN
Arnold, J.W. - Columbus, IN
Arthur, H. M. - Hazleton, IN
Arthur, M.L. - Patoka, IN
Arwine, John S. - Columbus, IN
Arwine, Lotta R. - Columbus, IN
Ash, E.E. - Goshen, IN
Ash, W.N. - Goshen, IN
Ashabranner, J.H. - New Albany, IN
Aspinall, N.B. - Plymouth, IN
Aspy, H.M. - Geneva, IN
Atherton, R.M. - Anderson, IN
Atkins, C.R. - Anderson, IN
Atkinson, Curtis - Oxford, IN
Atkinson, Edw. - Oatsville, IN
Atkinson, Jas. M. - Eaton, IN
Aust, F.T. - Tennyson, IN
Austin, F.H. - Jamestown, IN
Austin, F.H. - No. Madison, IN
Austin, Griffin H. - Woodland, IN
Austin, M.A. - Anderson, IN
Austin, Winser - Summitville, IN
Aveline, F.H. - Marion, IN.
Avery, W. R. - Nineveh, IN
Axline, J.A. - Noblesville, IN
Aydelotte, Thos. - Lyons, IN
Ayler, Amos E. - Greencastle, IN
Ayres, Arthur L. - Indianapolis, IN
Babcock, F.W. - Evansville, IN
Babcock, Isaac L. - Germany, IN
Bacon, C.L. - Muncie, IN
Bacon, C.P. - Evansville, IN
Bacon, D.W. - Peru, IN
Bacon, E.R. - Lowell, IN
Bacon, Harriet C. - Indianapolis, IN
Bacon, V.V. - Michigan City, IN
Bader, Samuel D. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Bahr, Max A. - Indianapolis, IN
Bailey, C.L. - Darlington, IN
Bailey, George D. - Spiceland, IN
Baird, A.J. - Shelbyville, IN
Baird, J.V. - Albany, IN
Baird, Mary A. - Albany, IN
Bakehorn, L.M. - Peru, IN
Baker, D.W. - Benton, IN
Baker, E.S. - Lafayette, IN
Baker, E.T. - West Point, IN
Baker, H.H. - Muncie, IN
Baker, Ira J. - Logansport,IN
Baker, J.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Baker, J.V. - Harrodsburg, IN
Baker, R.E. - Orleans, IN
Baker, T.H.B. - Pekin, IN
Baker, Will H. - Terre Haute, IN
Baldridge, Ezra R. - Rosedale, IN
Baldridge, J.H. - Terre Haute, IN
Baldwin, C.A. - Amboy, IN
Baldwin, F.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Baldwin, G.C. - Summitville, IN
Baldwin, H.G. - Indianapolis, IN
Baldwin, J.H. - Jeffersonville, IN
Baldwin, L.J. - Hortonville, IN
Baldwin, M.C. - Converse, IN
Ball, Addison W. - Indianapolis, IN
Ball, Cutler T. - Indianapolis, IN
Ball, James R. - Lebanon, IN
Ball, L.L. - Muncie, IN
Ball, Lawrence - S. Prairieton, IN
Ball, T.Z. - Waveland, IN
Ballard, D.J. - St. Paul, IN
Ballard, J.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Ballard, J.W. - Logansport,IN
Ballard, John - Haubstadt, IN
Balls, E.J. - Valparaiso, IN
Banister, R.L. - Lafontain, IN
Banker, A.J. - Columbus, IN
Banker, W.T. - Columbus, IN
Banks, Wm. H. - Wymansville, IN
Banning, C.B.C. - Ft. Wanyne, IN
Banning, E.P. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Banta, H.J. - Logansport,IN
Banta, Wm.C. - Martinsville, IN
Baracus, Paul J. - Crawfordsville, IN
Barandy, O.V. - South Bend, IN
Barber, A.E. - South Bend, IN
Barbour, J.E. - Bristol, IN
Barclay, W.H. - Farm's Retreat, IN
Bare, Jno. R. - Salem, IN
Barker, Joel T. - Danville, IN
Barker, Mary A. - Indianapolis, IN
Barmm, C.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Barnard, P.C. - Oakville, IN
Barnard, P.C. -
Barner, J.A. - Perrysville, IN
Barnes, A.L. - Southport, IN
Barnes, C.A. - Greenfield, IN
Barnes, E.V. - Marion, IN.
Barnes, George O. - Seymour, IN
Barnes, Henry F. - Indianapolis, IN
Barnes, Robt. A. - Marion, IN.
Barnes, Wm. C. - Marion, IN.
Barnett, David - Hemlock, IN
Barnett, J.S. - N. Manchester, IN
Barnett, Jno. T. - Hardinsburg, IN
Barnett, John H. - Vincennes, IN
Barnett, W.W. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Barnfield, J.H. - Logansport,IN
Barnhill, J.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Barnhill, W.a.D. - So. Whitley, IN.
Barnum, Wm. E. - Manilla, IN
Barrett, Omar H. - Knightstown, IN
Bartholemew, A.C. - Lafayette, IN
Bartholomew, N.B. - Polland, IN
Bartlett, A.C. - New Castle, IN
Bartlett, Claude G. - Lewisville, IN
Bartley, R.W. - Marion, IN.
Barwick, D.O. - Wakarusa, IN
Base, A.W. - Bryantsville, IN
Bash, J.M. - Warsaw, IN
Basinger, T.W. - Petersburg, IN
Bastin, J.V. - Belle Union, IN
Bates, A.J. - Kokomo, IN
Bates, Joseph W. - Broad Ripple, IN
Baugh, Samuel L. - Farmers' Inst., IN
Baughman, J.N. - Evansville, IN
Baumgaertner, O. - Rockport, IN
Baumgartn'r, A.T. - Elkhart, IN
Baxter, John C. - Auburn, IN
Bayler, W.K. - Waldron, IN
Baylor, G.W. - Milltown, IN
Beal, Chas. M. - Clarksburg, IN
Beall, Walter B. - Indianapolis, IN
Beam, A.H. - Williamsb'g, IN
Bean, A.M. - Chrisney, IN
Bear, L.H. - Vevay, IN
Beard, E.R. - Liberty, IN
Beard, Elisha - Indianapolis, IN
Beard, Schuyler C. - Vincennes, IN
Beard, W.A. - Georgetown, IN
Beardsley, E.J. - Decatur, IN
Beardsley, J.M. - Winslow, IN
Beasley, G.F. - Lafayette, IN
Beatty, J.L. - New Market, IN
Beaty, G.S. - Helix, IN
Beaty, Wm. H. - Worthington, IN
Beauchamp, H.W. - Saratoga, IN
Beaver, Seth D. - Decatur, IN
Beck, D.E. - Muncie, IN
Beck, F.J. - Hartsville, IN
Beck, Isaac E. - N. Pittsburg, IN
Beck, J.E. - Florida, IN
Beck, Wm. H. - Hartsville, IN
Beck, Wm. S. - Indianapolis, IN
Becker, F.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Beckes, Lyman M. - Vincennes, IN
Beckes, Norman - Vincennes, IN
Beckett, Geo. T. - Benham, IN
Becknell, I.T. - Goshen, IN
Bedford, C.T. - Indianapolis, IN
Bedwell, T.S. - Dugger, IN
Beeler, J.L. - Evansville, IN
Beeman, W.T. - Elkhart, IN
Beer, H.M. - Valparaiso, IN
Begley, B.W. - Evansville, IN
Bell, C.L. - Hartford City, IN
Bell, Guido - Indianapolis, IN
Bell, J.N. - N.Burlington, IN
Bell, J.S. - Philadelphia, IN
Bell, John F. - Inwood, IN
Bell, John W. - Marion, IN.
Bell, L.P. - Indianapolis, IN
Bell, Wm. H. - Logansport,IN
Bell, Wm. T. - Terre Haute, IN
Belt. Richard - W. Terre Haute, IN
Bence, Geo. W. - Greencastle, IN
Benedict, Hanf'd - Springport, IN
Benepe, Jno. L. - Indianapolis, IN
Benham, Chas. W. - Vincennes, IN
Benham, F.A. - Elkhart, IN
Benham, F.A. - Lagrange, IN
Benham, H.R. - Richmond, IN
Benham, J.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Benham, James - Wheatland, IN
Benjamin, A.M. - Dunrieth, IN
Bennell, Charles - Diamond, IN
Bennett, J.B. - Derby, IN
Bennett, J.H. - Farmersburg, IN
Bennett, Jas. B. - Butler, IN
Bennett, S.M. - New Goshen, IN
Bennett, T.N. - Nora, IN
Bennington, A.M. - Max, IN
Benson, Chas. B. - Union City, IN
Benson, R.A. - Weltes, IN
Benson, W.H. - Dunkirk, IN
Benson, Wm. O. - Milford, IN
Benst, Bernhard - New Albany, IN
Bentley, Wm.R. - Morristown, IN
Berauer, J.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Beresford, G.R. - Owensville, IN
Bergener, G.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Bergens, E.D. - Frankfort, IN
Bergk, Chas - Ft. Wayne, IN
Berkley, A.L. - Rensselaer, IN
Bernard, G.W. - Rainsville, IN
Bernheimer, H.L. - Terre Haute, IN
Berns, P.C., Jr. - Evansville, IN
Berry, David T. - Indianapolis, IN
Berry, J.S. - Spartanburg, IN
Berry, William G. - Brookville, IN
Bert, W.P. - Lafayette, IN
Berteling, John B. - South Bend, IN
Bertenshaw, T.F. - Drewersburg, IN
Besser, Emil - Remington, IN
Best, Daniel - Mauckport, IN
Best, W.P. - Dublin, IN
Best, Wm. P. - Indianapolis, IN
Bethell, W.J. - Winslow, IN
Betts, A.P. - Woodburn, IN
Bever, Mrs. A.C.W. - Vincennes, IN
Bevier, Frank - Waterloo, IN
Bevier, Wm. - Waterloo, IN
Bice, L.C. - Edinburg, IN
Bick, John M. - Hammond, IN
Bickell, John E. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Biddinger, S.W. - Hartsville, IN
Biddle, F.M. - Battle Ground, IN
Biebinger, John - Cumberland, IN
Bigger, R.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Bigger, R.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Biggerstaf, J.F. - Hartford City, IN
Bigham, O.A. - St.Anthony, IN
Bilbo, J.W. - Russellville, IN
Bilderback, J.W. - New Haven, IN
Billart, F.W. - Chrisney, IN
Billman, G.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Billman, Jas. M. - Sullivan, IN
Binkley, John F. - Evansville, IN
Birchfield, J.W. - Sunman, IN
Bird, J.E. - Crandall, IN
Birket, C.T. - Castleton, IN
Bitters, Frank P. - Rochester, IN
Bitting, A.W. - Lafayette, IN
Bitz, L.B. - Evansville, IN
Black, E.C. - Wheatland, IN
Black, F.B. - Bengal, IN
Black, Frank W. - Ligonier, IN
Black, J.P. - Greenfield, IN
Black, Silas D. - Brazil, IN
Blackburn, Ella - Shelbyville, IN
Blackstone, B.D. - Martinsville, IN
Blackstone, J.K. - Crown Point, IN
Blackstone, W.B. - South Bend, IN
Blair, C.H. - Hammond, IN
Blair, Franklin - Princeton, IN
Blair, James S. - Lynn, IN
Blair, Wm. W. - Princeton, IN
Bland, John A. - Edinburg, IN
Bland, Mary C. - Muncie, IN
Bland, Mary C. - Terre Haute, IN
Blann, Herbert E. - Fairbanks, IN
Blinks, E.G. - Michigan City, IN
Blocher, J.B. - Blocher, IN
Bloom, Harvey G. - Oxford, IN
Bloomfield, E.M. - Peru, IN
Blosser, H.V. - Chalmbes, IN
Blossom, J.C. - Mooreland, IN
Blount, J.F. - Evansville, IN
Blount, R.D. - Valparaiso, IN
Blount, R.F. - Wabash, IN
Blount, Roland T. - Homer, IN
Bloxome, A.W. - Montpelier, IN
Bloxsom, A.W. -
Blue, Capolis, L. - Tocsin, IN
Blue, Uriah L. - Indianapolis, IN
Blume, J.C. - Elwood, IN
Blythe,W.T. - Glezen, IN
Bobbitt, John H. - Greensburg, IN
Bobbitt, W.H. - Marion, IN.
Bock, C.F. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Boersig, Jos. A. - Indianapolis, IN
Bogart, J.H. - Clinton, IN
Boggs, M.M. - Macy, IN
Bolden, M.S. - St. Peters, IN
Bolling, L.A. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Bond, Charles I. - Richmond, IN
Bond, M.L. - Aurora, IN
Bond, R.C. - Aurora, IN
Boner, M.C. - Hebron, IN
Boner, M.C. - Knox, IN
Boner, Samuel S. - Hamlet, IN
Bonewits, John - Monroe City, IN
Bonham, A.N. - Indianapolis, IN
Bonham, D.M. - Mulberry, IN
Bonifield, W.D. - Warren, IN
Boone, B.H. - Boggstown, IN
Boor, Myron A. - Terre Haute, IN
Boor, Wm.F. - New Castle, IN
Booth, A.D. - Noblesville, IN
Boots, S.S. - Greenfield, IN
Booz, J.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Boram, E.V. - Markleville, IN
Borger, David D. - Terhune, IN
Borisawicz, N.G. - South Bend, IN
Borley, Edgar R. - South Bend, IN
Borley, W.E. - Mishawaka, IN
Borough, John - Mishawaka, IN
Borton, T.A. - Plymouth, IN
Boss, Jacob H. - North Liberty, IN
Boston, C.H. - Bradford, IN
Boston, Ernest - Evansville, IN
Bosworth, R. - Winchester, IN
Botkin, Thos. W. - Farmland, IN
Bottorff, C.M. - Charlestown, IN
Bottorff, J.C. - Corydon, IN
Botts, Edwin H. - Zanesville, IN
Bounell, E.G. - Lebanon, IN
Bounell, T.A. - Jamestown, IN
Bounnell, H.M. - Waynetown, IN
Bowell, Bo - Laporte, IN
Bowen, G.W. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Bowen, J.F. - Rushville, IN
Bowen, M.M. - Flint, IN
Bower, C.C. - Elkhart, IN
Bower, G.B.M. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Bower, Isaiah - Plymouth, IN
Bower, J.V. - Millersville, IN
Bowers, A.J. - Moores Hill, IN
Bowers, B. E. - Kirklin, IN
Bowers, Homer - New Ross, IN
Bowers, I.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Bowers, L.G. - Richmond, IN
Bowers, V'lentine - Kirklin, IN
Bowers, W. - Michigan City, IN
Bowker, J.J. - LaOtto, IN
Bowlby, Joseph - Shelbyville, IN
Bowles, T.J. - Muncie, IN
Bowman, Chas. - New Albany, IN
Bowman, H.W. - St. Joe, IN
Bowman, Wm. - Wanatah, IN
Bowman, Wm. E. - Elkhart, IN
Bowser, J.H. - Syracuse, IN
Bowser, T.M. - Goshen, IN
Boyd, B.H. - Lafayette, IN
Boyd, Chas. L. - Paoli, IN
Boyd, H.B. - Camb'dge City, IN
Boyd, James M. - Annapolis, IN
Boyd, Jas. T. - Indianapolis, IN
Boyd, L.G. - Tunnelton, IN
Boyd, Snee Henry - South Bend, IN
Boyden, C.F. - Evansville, IN
Boyden, W.J. - Muncie, IN
Boyer, D.K. - Wakarusa, IN
Boyer, J.H. - Sardinia, IN
Boyer, J.S. - Decatur, IN
Boynton, C.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Bracken, Wm. - Greensburg, IN
Brackney, M.F. - Mooresville, IN
Bradbent, O. - Anderson, IN
Bradfield, B.D. - Logansport,IN
Bradley, J.T. - Cross Plains, IN
Bradley, John S. - Hall, IN
Bradshawe, A.E. - Halo, IN
Brady, T.R. - Wabash, IN
Bragg, Wm. N. - Albany, IN
Branch, C.N. Sr. - Anderson, IN
Branch, C.N., Jr. - Anderson, IN
Brandon, W.S. - Daleville, IN
Branham, J. - Freetown, IN
Branham, J. - Paragon, IN
Brannock, B.B. - Jasper, IN
Brannon, G.D. - Crown Point, IN
Brant, Newton - Jamestown, IN
Brasier, Thos. F. - Greencastle, IN
Brayton, A.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Brayton, W.R. - Geneva, IN
Breaks, L.Z. - Frankfort, IN
Breedlove, Geo. B. - Brooklyn, IN
Brendel, John F. - Zionsville, IN
Brennen, V.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Brenton, T.M. - Osgood, IN
Brenton, W.H. - Peru, IN
Brewer, Albert M. - St. Meinrad, IN
Bridge, L.M. - Van Buren, IN
Bridwell, L - Owensberg, IN
Briggs, C.F. - Sullivan, IN
Brigham, E.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Bright, W.H. - Martinsburg, IN
Brill, J.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Brittain, S.H. - Loogootee, IN
Brockway, C.T. - Brookston, IN
Brodbreck, G.H. - Roann, IN
Brokaw, R.E. - Portland, IN
Bronough, C.T. - New Ross, IN
Brooks, M.W. - Hazelwood, IN
Brose, L.D. - Evansville, IN
Broughton, F.H. - Wolcottville, IN
Broughton, Frank - Waterloo, IN
Brower, E.V. - Richmond, IN
Brower, Josiah - Gilead, IN
Browland, N.C. - Garrett, IN
Brown, A.L. - Mulberry, IN
Brown, A.P. - Elberfeld, IN
Brown, Angus - Rochester, IN
Brown, Benj. A. - Brightwood, IN
Brown, C.M. - New Marion, IN
Brown, C.S. - Wanamaker, IN
Brown, Chas. A. - Plymouth, IN
Brown, Chas. N. - Herbst, IN
Brown, Daniel N. - Indianapolis, IN
Brown, E.L.A. - Dublin, IN
Brown, Eli F. - Indianapolis, IN
Brown, Eli L. - Thorntown, IN
Brown, G.W. - Frankfort, IN
Brown, H.M. - East Chicago, IN
Brown, H.V. - Portland, IN
Brown, I.L. - Alamo, IN
Brown, Jacob R. - Sump. Prairie, IN
Brown, Jno. R. - Indianapolis, IN
Brown, Karl T. - Fairmount, IN
Brown, Karl T. - Colburn, IN
Brown, L.F. - Alamo, IN
Brown, L.L. - Kirkpatrick, IN
Brown, Leander - Elberfeld, IN
Brown, Martin - Anderson, IN
Brown, N.H. - Eagle, IN
Brown, Nathaniel - Camden, IN
Brown, S. Ella - Terre Haute, IN
Brown, Sam'l. M. - New Bethel, IN
Brown, T.F. - Sanford, IN
Brown, Thom. M. - Oakland City, IN
Brown, W.W.C. - Lafayette, IN
Brown, Wm. M. - Clermont, IN
Brownback, O.W. - Pendleton, IN
Browning, W.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Brubaker, A.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Brubaker, E.H. - New Castle, IN
Brucker, C.M. - Tell City, IN
Brudi, G.G. - New Haven, IN
Brundige, S.P. - Marion, IN.
Bruner, C.K. - Greenfield, IN
Bruner, E.W. - Jeffersonville, IN
Bruner, Mary L. - Greenfield, IN
Brunker, Jas, W. - Riley, IN
Brunson, V.C. - Newville, IN
Bryan, A.H. - Evansville, IN
Bryan, D.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Bryan, Lorenzo - Marion, IN.
Bryan, S.L. - Evansville, IN
Bryan, T.N. - Indianapolis, IN
Bryant, W.S. - Dale, IN
Brydon, J.F. - Griffin, IN
Bryson, R. Anna - Indianapolis, IN
Buchanan, W.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Bucher, J.C. - Stroh, IN
Buchtel, I.O. - Auburn, IN
Buck, G.L. - Star City, IN
Buck, Wm. H. - Kokomo, IN
Buckingham, G.B. - Brookville, IN
Bucklin, G.W. - Muncie, IN
Buckner, E.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Buckner, G.W. - Evansville, IN
Buckner, J.P. - Covington, IN
Buehler, Jacob - Indianapolis, IN
Bufkin, Ezra - Gowdy, IN
Bugh, John W. - Bluffton, IN
Bula, R.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Bulla, J.M. - Richmond, IN
Bullitt, Thos. W. - Rivervale, IN
Bulson,A.E. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Bunch, R.A. - Muncie, IN
Bunker, L.C. - Greensburg, IN
Burcham, H.C. - Albany, IN
Burckhardt, Louis - Indianapolis, IN
Burdsall, C.A. - Hanover, IN
Burge, A.D. - Sweetser, IN
Burger, E.V. - Howell, IN
Burger, J.R. - Petersburg, IN
Burk, T.B. - Advance, IN
Burk, Wm. H. - Scotland, IN
Burke, Geo. H. - Wabash, IN
Burke, George - New Castle, IN
Burkett, Benj. - Warsaw, IN
Burkett, C.W. - Warsaw, IN
Burkett, Wm. W. - Sevastopool, IN
Burlingame, E. G. - Oakland City, IN
Burlington, J.C. - Attica, IN
Burlington, J.R. - Attica, IN
Burner, Louis - Indianapolis, IN
Burney, W.A. - New Albany, IN
Burns, A.M. - Bippus, IN
Burns, J.W. - Frankfort, IN
Buroker, J.P. - Mier, IN
Buroker, Jacob P. - Servia, IN
Burris, Samuel O. - Seelyville, IN
Burroughs, J.P. - Westport, IN
Burroughs, W.H. - Shannondale, IN
Burton, A.R. - Princeton, IN
Burton, Hiram - Somerville, IN
Burton, J.J. - Lucerne,IN
Bush, Chas. L. - Anderson, IN
Bushaw, B.E. - Marengo, IN
Busjahn, F.A. - Logansport,IN
Busse, Ed. B. - Evansville, IN
Busse, Kath. S. - Evansville, IN
Butler, Cecil A. - New Castle, IN
Butler, Jas. M. - Troy, IN
Butler, W.C. - Leesville, IN
Butler, W.F. - Stockwell, IN
Butler, W.H. - Columbus, IN
Butterworth, Chas. - South Bend, IN
Buxton, A.J. - Emporia, IN
Buxton, E.J. - Rockport, IN
Bye, Benj. F. - Indianapolis, IN
Bye, W.O. - Indianapolis, IN
Byers, L.S. - Seelyville, IN
Byers, R. - Trafalgar, IN
Bynes, J.D. - Mitchell, IN
Cabell, A.L. - Terre Haute, IN
Cady, N.W. - Logansport,IN
Cain, D.B. - Evansville, IN
Cain, J.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Cain, J.D. - Indianapolis, IN
Calderwood, - Steele, IN
Caldwell, H.H. - Terre Haute, IN
Caldwell, Robert - Acton, IN
Caldwell, Robert - Flatrock, IN
Caldwell, W.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Calison, H.C. - Pulaski, IN
Calvert, Robt. H. - South Bend, IN
Calvin, Jessie C. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Calvin, W.D. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Cameron, J.R. - Hamilton, IN
Cameron, V.V. - Marion, IN.
Cammack, Thos. - Milford, IN
Camp, G.H. - Lynnville, IN
Camp, J.W. - Lynnville, IN
Camp, W.E. - Clarksville, IN
Camp, Wm. F. - Lynnville, IN
Campbell, A.S. - North Liberty, IN
Campbell, Annie B. - Rockville, IN
Campbell, C.W. - Hammond, IN
Campbell, Frank - Shelbyville, IN
Campbell, Grace H. - Terre Haute, IN
Campbell, H.M. - Westville, IN
Campbell, L.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Campbell, T.B. - W. Lebanon, IN
Campbell, W.S. - West Point, IN
Canaday, Jas. W. - Indianapolis, IN
Canaday, N.F. - Hagerstown, IN
Canavan, J.W. - St. Croix, IN
Caney, Patrick H. - Vincennes, IN
Canfield, B.V. - Indianapolis, IN
Canfield, M.S. - Frankfort, IN
Cannon, G.H. - New Albany, IN
Cannon, J.A. - South Bend, IN
Cantrall, F.H. - Evansville, IN
Caple, Alfred Z. - Maxinkuckee, IN
Caraway, S.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Carey, Emma C. - Carmel, IN
Carey, G.A.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Carey, M.H. - Carmel, IN
Carey, W.W. - Spencerville, IN
Carg, David B. - Spencerville, IN
Carl, Ohmer - Waupecong, IN
Carmichael, W.T. - Walesboro, IN
Carnes, Z. - Greenwood, IN
Carney, Calvin E. - Pyrmont, IN
Carney, F.W. - Sheridan, IN
Carpenter, - Walton, IN
Carpenter, T.J. - Waterloo, IN
Carr, F.M. - Oregon, IN
Carr, J.L. - Monon, IN
Carroll, R.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Carson, J.C. - Frankfort, IN
Carson, J.C. - Valparaiso, IN
Carson, John H. - Brazil, IN
Carson, L.E. - Prairietown, IN
Carson, L.O. - Traders Point, IN
Carter, A. - Plainfield, IN
Carter, C.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Carter, Calvin - Brookville, IN
Carter, D.R. - Epsom, IN
Carter, H.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Carter, Henry - Bringhurst, IN
Carter, J. H. - Needham, IN
Carter, Jas. - Indianapolis, IN
Carter, N.M. - Crawfordsville, IN
Carter, N.R. - McGary, IN
Carter, Wm. J. - Indianapolis, IN
Cartwright, M.L. - Marion, IN.
Carver, Jas. F. - Winchester, IN
Carver, W.F. - Albion, IN
Carvin, J.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Casby, L.B. - Cynthiana, IN
Case, Augustus - Dora, IN
Case, M.F. - Attica, IN
Case, W.W. - Zenas, IN
Casebeer, I.M. - Mentone, IN
Casebeer, J.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Casebeer, J.P. - Auburn, IN
Casey, H.R. - Austin, IN
Casey, Wm. M. - Seymour, IN
Casper, A.J. - Elkhart, IN
Cass, C.H. - Holton, IN
Cassidy, John - South Bend, IN
Castor, H.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Cauble, W.C. - Salem, IN
Caylor, Chas. E. - Pennville, IN
Caylor, David S. - Camden, IN
Cecil, A.A. - Muncie, IN
Chaffee, J.C.M. - Brook, IN
Chaffee, Walter D. - South Bend, IN
Chaffee, Wm.C. - Huntington, IN
Chamberlain, W.L. - Poland, IN
Chambers, B.F. - Westphalia, IN
Chambers, W.B. - Crawfordsville, IN
Chambers, Wm. . - Indianapolis, IN
Champion, Jos. B. - Indianapolis, IN
Chance, B.V. - Windfall, IN
Chancellor, S.R. - Kokomo, IN
Channing, W.S. - Pendleton, IN
Charles, Etta - Summitville, IN
Charllton, F.R. - Indianapolis, IN
Chartier, J.H. - Lafayette, IN
Chenoweth, F.A. - Winchester, IN
Chenoweth, J.T. - Winchester, IN
Chenoweth, N.T. - Windsor, IN
Chenoweth, O.A. - Otterbein, IN
Chew, Wm. A. - Salamonia, IN
Childs, A.G.W. - Madison, IN
Chittenden, E.W. - Anderson, IN
Chittenden, G.F. - Anderson, IN
Chittick, A.J. - Burlington, IN
Chittick, Chas. - Frankfort, IN
Chitwood, F.A. - Connersville, IN
Chitwood, John E. - Connersville, IN
Chitwood, Joshua - Connersville, IN
Christian, G. R. - Smith Valley, IN
Christian, Geo. R. - Glenns Valley, IN
Christian, Wilmer - Indianapolis, IN
Christie, Jas. H. - Canaan, IN
Christley, S.B. - Boswell, IN
Chumbley, S.R. - Arthur, IN
Church, Isaac W. - Bremen, IN
Clapper, David - Mooreland, IN
Clapper, M.M. - Hartford City, IN
Clark, A.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Clark, Battle - New Haven, IN
Clark, C.S. - Decatur, IN
Clark, D.D. - Decatur, IN
Clark, E.D. - Indianapolis, IN
Clark, H.P. - Indianapolis, IN
Clark, J.B. - Economy, IN
Clark, J.H. - Connersville, IN
Clark, J.H. - Evansville, IN
Clark, J.I. - Owensville, IN
Clark, J.W. - Washington, IN
Clark, James T. - Hammond, IN
Clark, Jos. H. - Princeton, IN
Clark, R.J. - Monticello, IN
Clark, Robert E. - Shelbyville, IN
Clark, S.R. - Otwell, IN
Clark, Thos. J. - Letts Corners, IN
Clark, Thos. J. - Summitville, IN
Clark, W.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Clark, W.P. - Orestes, IN
Clark, Wm. H. - Indianapolis, IN
Clarke, O.L. - Evansville, IN
Clauser, N.D. - Hartford City, IN
Claypool, J.S. - Waynetown, IN
Claypool, R.W. - Newtown, In
Clayton, C.M. - Warsaw, IN
Clayton, Geo. R. - Monon, IN
Cleaveland, C.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Clemmer, F.O. - Indianapolis, IN
Cleveland, F.W. - Evansville, IN
Clevenger, B.J. - Redkey, IN
Clevenger, J.H. - Garrett, IN
Clevinger, Wm. F. - Indianapolis, IN
Clifford, A.C. - Glezen, IN
Clifford, J.W. - Dale, IN
Cline, G.F. - Scottsburg, IN
Cline, L.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Clippinger, W.F. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Clokey, M.C. - Huntington, IN
Close, Thos. - Scottsburg, IN
Cloud, Laura B.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Clouse, Bertha A. - Hope, IN
Cluthe, C.F. - Evansville, IN
Cluthe, Wm. - Tell City, IN
Clymer, J.T. - Monticello, IN
Clymer, K. - Goodland, IN
Clymer, Newton J. - Rochester, IN
Coble, A.H. - Frankfort, IN
Coble, Geo. A. - New Augusta, IN
Coble, Jacob - Spencer, IN
Coble, P.L.. - Hillham, IN
Coblentz, J.W. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Cochran, Isaac N. - Delphi, IN
Cochran, Robt. W. - Madison, IN
Cochran, Thos. - Sharpsville, IN
Coffee, A.H. - Hymera, IN
Coffee, William - Newbern, IN
Coffey, Bert - Laurel, IN
Coffin, A.W. - Carlos, IN
Coffin, O.S. - Alexandria, IN
Coffin, Orlando S. - Carthage, IN
Coffman, John S. - Muncie, IN
Coffman, S.W. - Pierceton, IN
Coggins, C.M. - Covington, IN
Cohee, Wm.H. - Elizabethto'n, IN
Colburn, C.P. - Richmond, IN
Cole, Albert M. - Indianapolis, IN
Cole, J.J. - Evansville, IN
Cole, W.H. - Switz City, IN
Cole, W.J. - Evansville, IN
Coleman, Asa - Logansport,IN
Coleman, J.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Coleman, J.W. - Union, IN
Coleman, W.H. - Evansville, IN
Collier, T.E. - Brook, IN
Collins, A.W. - Anderson, IN
Collins, C.C. - Roachdale, IN
Collins, Chas. B. - Clay City, IN
Collins, Mertie - Elkhart, IN
Collins, O.A. - Mohawk, IN
Collins, S.H. - Lawrenceburg, IN
Collins, Sarah - Velpen, IN
Collins, Wm. O. - Pimento, IN
Colliver, R.T. - Bainbridge, IN
Collop, Emma J. - Indianapolis, IN
Colvin, C.M. - Attica, IN
Combs, Albert H. - Marion, IN.
Combs, Geo. W. - Indianapolis, IN
Combs, M.C. - Terre Haute, IN
Cominger, J.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Commons, Wm. - Union City, IN
Compton, F.S. - Evansville, IN
Compton, J.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Compton, Jno. W. - Evansville, IN
Compton, M.J. - Evansville, IN
Comstock, J.A. - Greenfield, IN
Cone, James - Montezuma, IN
Conger, E.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Conley, L.H. - Gas City, IN
Conn, Wm.D. - Bainbridge, IN
Connelly, H.M. - Flatrock, IN
Conner, Norris F. - Redkey, IN
Connolly, W.A. - Monroeville, IN
Conrad, E.M. - Anderson, IN
Converse, E.A. - Seymour, IN
Converse, Ray V. - Brownstown, IN
Conway, P.W. - Ockley, IN
Cook, A.J. - Flora, IN
Cook, B.H. - Wilkinson, IN
Cook, C.P. - New Albany, IN
Cook, C.W. - Carmel, IN
Cook, Charles - Gwynneville, IN
Cook, Clark - Fowler, IN
Cook, Geo. J. - Indianapolis, IN
Cook, J.A. - Goshen, IN
Cook, J.H. - Noblesville, IN
Cook, J.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Cook, J.M. - Russiaville, IN
Cook, Jno. W. - Pendleton, IN
Cook, Joel - Orestes, IN
Cook, L.H. - Bluffton, IN
Cook, M.D. - Indianapolis, IN
Cook, P.M. - Salsberry, IN
Cook, Robert C. - Boswell, IN
Cook, W.H. - Wolcott, IN
Cook, W.M. - Lagrange, IN
Coombs, D.H. - Charlestown, IN
Coomes, M.J. - Rexville, IN
Coon, H.J. - Colfax, IN
Coonfield, Wm. M. - Cumberland, IN
Coons, H.N. - Lebanon, IN
Cooper, A.M. - Muncie, IN
Cooper, Ernest - Plainfield, IN
Cooper, John - Groomsville, IN
Cooper, John W. - Center Point, IN
Cooper, W.E. - Sheridan, IN
Cooper, W.T. - Scircleville, IN
Cooper, Wm. - Kokomo, IN
Cooper, Wm. B. - Kokomo, IN
Cooperider, Jeff - Madison, IN
Cope, James P. - Bridgeport, IN
Copeland, Chas. C. - No. Madison, IN
Copeland, G.W. - Moorefield, IN
Copeland, R.M. - Bennington, IN
Corbin, E.M. - Sullivan, IN
Corey, J.D. - McCordsville, IN
Corey, Lewis J. - Van Buren, IN
Corfman, A.J. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Corn, Nathaniel - Augusta, IN
Cornell, Cora B. - Indianapolis, IN
Cory, Chas. W. - Hartford City, IN
Cory, H.W. - Marion, IN.
Corya, Philip - DuPont, IN
Corya, W.D. - Nebraska, IN
Cosby, G.O. - Burnsville, IN
Cosgrove, F.K. - Harlan, IN
Costello, H.F. - Decatur, IN
Cottingham, I.C. - Evansville, IN
Cotton, C.C. - Elwood, IN
Cottoon, Henry T. - Zionsville, IN
Coughlin, Geo. E. - Indianapolis, IN
Courtney, Thos. - Thales, IN
Courtney, Thos. E. - Indianapolis, IN
Covalt, A.A. - Greentown, IN
Coverdale, J.S. - Decatur, IN
Covert, C.A. - Greensburg, IN
Covertson, J.W. - Frankton, IN
Cowan, E.H. - Crawfordsville, IN
Cowger, S.R. - Monticello, IN
Cowing, Hugh A. - Muncie, IN
Cox, C.E. - Cannelton, IN
Cox, Cyrus R. - Lynn, IN
Cox, D.H. - Howell, IN
Cox, Edgar - Kokomo, IN
Cox, Ira E. - Indianapolis, IN
Cox, Jacob G. - Holton, IN
Cox, John L. - Carlisle, IN
Cox, L.T. - Napoleon, IN
Cox, N.B. - Spencer, IN
Cox, W.B. - Charlottsville, IN
Coyle, Wm. H. - Columbia City, IN
Coyner, A.G. - Kendallville, IN
Coyner, L.M. - Waveland, IN
Crafton, O.T. - Heckland, IN
Craig, A.G. - Vevay, IN
Craig, J. A. - Greenwood, IN
Craig, Wm.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Cramm, C.J. - Lamar, IN
Cramm, Carl J. - Indianapolis, IN
Crampton, C.C. - Delphi, IN
Crandel, Thomas - Majenica, IN
Crans, Jas. T. - Indianapolis, IN
Crapo, G.W. - Terre Haute, IN
Crapo, John R. - Terre Haute, IN
Cravens, E.R. - Linton, IN
Cravens, S.C. - Bloomfield, IN
Cravens, W.R. - Bloomfield, IN
Crawford, E.F.W. - Hanna, IN
Crawford, Geo. S. - Clifty, IN
Creel, T.J. - Angola, IN
Cregor, Fr'klin W. - Carthage, IN
Cremens, Wm. C. - Hovey, IN
Cress, John B. - Knightstown, IN
Cripe, D.E. - Hillisburg, IN
Crisler, Jos. B. - Westport, IN
Crismond, J.W. - Anderson, IN
Cristion, H.B.T. - Richmond, IN
Criswell, J.F. - Churubusco, IN
Critchfield, J.S. - Princeton, IN
Crockett, H.E. - Chili, IN
Cromer, L.G. - Union City, IN
Cronin, M.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Cronin, M.D. - Roll, IN
Cronk, C.F. - Wolcott, IN
Cronkhite, C.C. - Marion, IN.
Crooks, James - Bridgeton, IN
Cropper, Eva A. - Indianapolis, IN
Crosby, Wm. S. - Rochester, IN
Crose, S.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Crouch, J.H. - N. Vernon, IN
Crouse, Henry M. -
Crouse, J.H. - Dayton, IN
Crow, Chas. R. - Indianapolis, IN
Crowder, J.R. - Sullivan, IN
Crowder, R.H. - Sullivan, IN
Crowell, E.B. - Greensburg, IN
Crowley, John B. - Sullivan, IN
Cruikshank, O.G. - Lewis, IN
Crull, Eric A. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Crum, C.C. - Jeffersonville, IN
Crum, Margaret B. - Terre Haute, IN
Crumrine, I.S.J. - Landess, IN
Culbertson, Scott - Vevay, IN
Cullen, J.C. - Anderson, IN
Culloden, W.G. - Avon, IN
Cullop, James A. - Bicknell, IN
Cully, John F. - Bainbridge, IN
Culmar, G.F. - Odon, IN
Culmar, S.O. - Odon, IN
Culmer, Walter N. - Springville, IN
Culp, L.L. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Culver, Dudler M. - Indianapolis, IN
Cummings, C.C. - Evansville, IN
Cummings, D. Jos. - Ewing, IN
Cummings, D.J. - Ewing, IN
Cummings, H.A. - Mooney, IN
Cummins, Jas. L. - Anderson, IN
Cunningham, H.L. - Salem Center, IN
Cunningham, H.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Cunningham, W.R. - Bourbon, IN
Cupp, M.F. - Edinburg, IN
Current, O.E. - Farmland, IN
Curry, John F. - Marion, IN.
Curry, Thos. W. - Southport, IN
Curryer, Wm. F. - Indianapolis, IN
Curtis, Jno.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Curtis, W.H. - Lafayette, IN
Curtiss, W.H. - Frankfort, IN
Cushman, A. - Graysville, IN
Cushman, D.W. - Cloverland, IN
Cutshaw, Geo. W. - Arcola, IN
Dailey, F.M. - Millhausen, IN
Dailey, G.W. - Charlottsville, IN
Dailey, Jas. M. - Rockport, IN
Daily, Wm. W. - Stanley, IN
Dakin, Geo. M. - Laporte, IN
Dale, Burnham C. - Marion, IN.
Dalgllleish, H.T. - Vevay, IN
Dancer, C.R. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Dancer, C.W. - Stroh, IN
Daniel, Wm. - Corydon, IN
Daniels, Geo. W. - Sweetser, IN
Daniels, Geo., Jr. - Sweetser, IN
Daniels, W.V. - Marion, IN.
Dannettelle, F.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Darby, A.B. - Waterloo, IN
Darling, Nelson S. - Laporte, IN
Darnell, H.J. - Denver, IN
Darrach, Geo. W. - Cumberland, IN
Darroch, W.P. - Cayuga, IN
Daster, H. - Poneto, IN
Daugherty, C.A. - South Bend, IN
Daugherty, J.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Daughters, A.P. - Moores Hill, IN
Daum, A.W. - Connersville, IN
Daum, A.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Daum, A.W. - Tipton, IN
Davenport, E.P. - Craigsville, IN
Davenport, H.E. - Sheridan, IN
Davenport, H.F. - Hayden, IN
Davenport, L.N. - Sheridan, IN
Davenport, W.H. - Vincennes, IN
Davidson, A.W. - Brownsburg, IN
Davidson, E.C. - Lafayette, IN
Davidson, J.F. - Crawfordsville, IN
Davidson, Wm. R. - Madison, IN
Davidson, Wm. R. - Evansville, IN
Davis, A.L. - Edinburg, IN
Davis, A.P. - Lafayette, IN
Davis, Andrew P. - Indianapolis, IN
Davis, C.P. - Galena, IN
Davis, D.F. - English, IN
Davis, David B. - Thorntown, IN
Davis, E.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Davis, Eugene - Indianapolis, IN
Davis, F.A. - Lowell, IN
Davis, F.L. - Evansville, IN
Davis, Geo. W. - Marion, IN.
Davis, J.M. - Greenville, IN
Davis, J.W. - Anderson, IN
Davis, Joel R. - Indianapolis, IN
Davis, John E. - Lowell, IN
Davis, John W. - Alum Cave, IN
Davis, Josephus - New Carlisle, IN
Davis, Luther M. - Indianapolis, IN
Davis, N.B. - Sullivan, IN
Davis, Newton C. - Indianapolis, IN
Davis, O.M. - Nat. Mil. Home, IN
Davis, Robt. P. - Portland, IN
Davis, Royse - Decker, IN
Davis, S.H. - Marion, IN.
Davis, T. Henry - Richmond, IN
Davis, W.H. - N. Middletown, IN
Davis, W.S. - Marshall, IN
Davis, Wm. M. - Coal City, IN
Davis, Wm. T. - Indianapolis, IN
Davis, Wm. T. - Ehermandale, IN
Davison, H.C. - Hartford City, IN
Dawson, C.F. - Lafontain, IN
Day, Ben J. - Evansville, IN
Day, Clark E. - Indianapolis, IN
Dean, D.H. - Rushville, IN
Dean, Edwin R. - South Bend, IN
Dearine, J.H. - Acton, IN
Dearmine, John - Indianapolis, IN
Dederick, Wm. - Warsaw, IN
Deen, H.K. - Central, IN
Deffendall, W.B. - Washington, IN
DeForest, D.A. - Boonville, IN
DeForest, D.F. - Boonville, IN
Defrees, H.T. - Nappanee, IN
DeHaas, Thos. W. - Indianapolis, IN
DeHart, Jacob - Williamsport, IN
Deinhart, M. - Lafayette, IN
Deitch, Oscar s. - Indianapolis, IN
DeLa Ruhl, Wm. - Ft. Wayne, IN
DeLancey, S.S. - Williamsport, IN
Delashmutt, V.E. - Shelburn, IN
Dellett, Jacob - Indianapolis, IN
DeLong, O.A. - Azalia, IN
Delzell, R.M. - Reynolds, IN
Deming, N.L. - Ft. Wayne, IN
DeMott, Jerome - Odon, IN
Demott, W.M. - Otwell, IN
Dempsey, W.S. - Richmond, IN
Denaut, Henry D. - Walkerton, IN
Denaut, James L. - Hamlet, IN
Denaut, Mathew S. - Walkerton, IN
Denbo, W.R. - Mauckport, IN
Denham, F.H. - Richmond, IN
Denison, E.D. - Carlisle, IN
Denke, Walter - Spencer, IN
Dennis, F.A. - Crawfordsville, IN
Denny, Chas. W. - Belleview, IN
Denny, Geo.E. - Madison, IN
Denny, J.N. - Topeka, IN
Denson, Henry A. - Indianapolis, IN
Dent,W.H. - Glenwood, IN
Depew, Ezra W. - Wolf Lake, IN
Deppeler, R. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Derbyshire, E. - Connersville, IN
Derbyshire, L. - Ft. Wayne, IN
DeTar, D. - Winslow, IN
Detchon, E. - Crawfordsville, IN
Detchon, I.A. - Crawfordsville, IN
DeVaney, M.O. - Indianapolis, IN
Devaux, E.F. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Deverter, Geo. T. - Waterman, IN
Devoe, A.M.F. - Elkhart, IN
Dewees, Leander - W. Middleton, IN.
Dewees, Roy E. - Keystone, IN
Dewees, W.L. - Mooresville, IN
Dewey, George W. - Crawfordsville, IN
Dick, C.G. - Elwood, IN
Dicken, C.L. - Lafontain, IN
Dickerson, J.W. - Wingate, IN
Dickes, John T. - Portland, IN
Dickey, A.S. - Tipton, IN
Dickson, F.M. - Petroleum, IN
Didlake, M.T. - Monticello, IN
Diefendorf, C.F. - Evansville, IN
Diehl, Edward H. - Indianapolis, IN
Dierking, A.W. - Oolitic, IN
Dietch, O.O. - Indianapolis, IN
Dilley, F.C. - Brazil, IN
Dillman, L.D. - Connersville, IN
Dillon, J.C. - Rushville, IN
Dillon, O.P. - Rushville, IN
Dings, W.H. - Mitchell, IN
Dinnen, James M. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Dinsmore, W.H. - Kramer, IN
Dippell, Emil T. - Huntington, IN
Disbrow, E.D. - Hammond, IN
Diven, Chas. E. - Anderson, IN
Divens, Chas. W. - Wilbur, IN
Dixon, H.C. - Tunnelton, IN
Dixon, H.T. - Evansville, IN
Dixon, John W. - Franklin, IN
Dixson, Z.C. - Deputy, IN
Doan, N.W. - Newcastle, IN
Doane, Edgar - Mishawaka, IN
Dobyns, P.K. - Franklin, IN
Dodds, T.C. - Shideler, IN
Dodds, Thos. C. - Hartford City, IN
Dodds, W.T.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Doerr, John E. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Doke, John T. - Argos, IN
Dollins, T.C. - Trinity, IN
Dolman, Jos. W. - Boswell, IN
Dolson, J.R. - Pimento, IN
Dome, David C. - Troy, IN
Dome, H.S. - Eureka, IN
Domer, Walter A. - Wabash, IN
Done, S.C. - Westfield, IN
Donica, T.M. - Tunnelton, IN
Donnelly, J.E. - Terre Haute, IN
Dooley, A.J. - Marion, IN.
Dooley, M.M. - Loogootee, IN
Dorman, W.A. - Lebanon, IN
Doud, Judson W. - Packerton, IN
Douglas, Dilver EE - Enterprise, IN
Douglass, I.W. - Michigant'wn, IN
Douglass, Samuel - Frankfort, IN
Dowden, J. W. - Yeddo, IN
Dowell, Geo. W. - Indianapolis, IN
Dowell, John A. - Albany, IN
Downey, J.A. - Logansport,IN
Downing, J.F. - Yorktown, IN
Downing, J.R. - Yorktown, IN
Downing, S.G. - Hobbs, IN
Doyal, R.N. - Frankfort, IN
Doying, Emma N. - Indianapolis, IN
Drake, F.A. - Prairietown, IN
Drake, F.J. - Knightstown, IN
Drake, F.J. - Carthage, IN
Drake, J.F. - Youngstown, IN
Drake, T.G. - Prairietown, IN
Drayer, L.P. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Drayer, Peter - Hartford City, IN
Dreese, C.L. - Goshen, IN
Drescher, M.L.B. - Michigan City, IN
Driscoll, C.C. - Lafayette, IN
Driver, J.C. - Altanta, IN
Drollinger, E.M. - South Bend, IN
Druley, E.W. - Bentonville, IN
Druly, O.E. - Anderson, IN
Drybraugh, A. - Indianapolis, IN
Dryer, D.W. - Lagrange, IN
Dudley, H.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Duemling, H.A. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Duerson, W.T. - Bethlehem, IN
Duff, J.F.H. - Campbellsb'g., IN
Dugan, Thos. J. - Indianapolis, IN
Dugdale, R.B. - South Bend, IN
DuKate, J.B. - Vincennes, IN
DuKate, John S. - Pond Creek, IN
Dunaway, D. - W. Lebanon, IN
Duncan, J.B. - Bedford, IN
Duncan, J.R. - Crawfordsville, IN
Duncan,Wm. F. - Kyle, IN
Dunfee, Jos. W. - Etna Green, IN
Dunkel, J.L. - Fremont, IN
Dunlap, Robt. - Kendallville, IN
Dunlevy, Geo. C. - Evansville, IN
Dunlevy, Ira E. - Indianapolis, IN
Dunn, Rose M. - Evansville, IN
Dunn, Wm. H. - Gaston, IN
Dunning, L.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Dunnington, R.C. - Darlington, IN
Dupee, Stradford - Evansville, IN
Dupuy, C.M. - Riley, IN
Durham, C.O. - Indianapolis, IN
Durham, J.L. - Graysville, IN
Durment, C.R. - Newberry, IN
Dutchers, C.P. - Walton, IN
Duthie, Lawson - Indianapolis, IN
Dutrow, C.E. - Bristol, IN
Dweese, Geo. W. - Fredricksburg, IN
Dwyer, H.H. - Lawrenceburg, IN
Dyer, A.S. - Huffman, In
Dyer, G.S. - Huffman, In

Eads, Charles V. - Ambia, IN
Eads, Thos.D. - Tell City, IN
Earhart, I.S. - Mulberry, IN
Earl, S.H. - Marion, IN.
Earp, Ralph B. - Dunkirk, IN
Earp, Samuel E. - Indianapolis, IN
Eash, S.M. - Shipshewana, IN
Easley, E.P. - New Albany, IN
Eastes, Wm. T. - Gaston, IN
Eastman, Fred P. - South Bend, IN
Eastman, Jos. - Indianapolis, IN
Eastman, Jos. R. - Indianapolis, IN
Eastman, Thos. B. - Indianapolis, IN
Eberhard, E.L. - So. Whitley, IN.
Eberhart, J.D. - Shelbyville, IN
Ebert, J.D. - Dundee, IN
Eckelman, F.C. - Elkhart, IN
Eckelman, M.M. - Elkhart, IN
Eckert, Chas. H. - Marion, IN.
Eckert, D.H. - Luse's, IN
Eddingfield, G.W. - Crawfordsville, IN
Edenharter, G.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Edgington, B.F. - Plum Tree, IN
Edison, C.C. - Veedersburg, IN
Edmonds, E.A. - Hebron, IN
Edmonds, O.W. - Frankfort, IN
Edwards, C.H. - Sullivan, IN
Edwards, J.J. - Walesboro, IN
Edwards, S.G. - Indianapolis, IN
Egbert, James - Indianapolis, IN
Egolf, H.M. - Liberty, IN
Ehle, A.H. - E. Germant'n., IN
Ehrlich, H.K. - Laporte, IN
Ehrman E.D. - Rockport, IN
Ehrman, C.D. - Rockport, IN
Eichel, Sidney J. - Evansville, IN
Eichelberer, M.C. - Terre Haute, IN
Eichling, J.A. - Lincoln City, IN
Eidson, J. Wm. - Bourbon, IN
Eikenberry, A.A. - Peru, IN
Eikenberry, B.F. - Peru, IN
Eisenbeis, Sam'l. - New Paris,IN
Eisenbeiss, C.M. - Elkhart, IN
Eisenbeiss, E.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Elbert, S.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Elder, E.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Elder, W.R. - Terre Haute, IN
Eley, L.D. - Plymouth, IN
Elfers, John - Rising Sun, IN
Elliott, Geo. W. - Wabash, IN
Elliott, H.H. - Glenwood, IN
Elliott, J.W. - Sedalia, IN
Elliott, John W. - Linden, IN
Elliott, L.W. - Valparaiso, IN
Elliott, R.M. - Morris, IN
Elliott, T.A. - Poland, IN
Ellis, Claud - Princeton, IN
Ellis, E. W. - Muncie, IN
Ellis, J.C. - Anderson, IN
Ellis, J.D. - Clark's Hill, IN
Ellis, P.C. - Rising Sun, IN
Ellison, W.T. - Heltonville, IN
Elrod, E.L. - Henryville,IN
Elrod, Moses N. - Columbus, IN
Elrod, Stephen B. - Raglesville, IN
Ely, L.C. - New Palestine, IN
Emerson, R.W. - Owensville, IN
Emery, C.H. - Bedford, IN
Emmert, E. J. - Lawrenceburg, IN
Emmick, Thos. C. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Emshwiller, M.A. - Montpelier, IN
Engle, J.B. - Lagrange, IN
Engle, W.C. - Brightwood, IN
Engleman, L.P. - Rees Mill
Engler, Owen - Walton, IN
Englerth, J.T. - Honey Cr'k.
Englerth, Perry O. - North Judson, IN
English, C.H. - Ft. Wayne, IN
English, E.C. - Rensselaer, IN
English, J.P. - Terre Haute, IN
Enslen, Wm. McC. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Ensminger, S.L. - Crawfordsville, IN
Epperson, Adah - Oxford, IN
Erdman, B. - Indianapolis, IN
Erni, G.O. - New Albany, IN
Erskine, Amos C. - Indianapolis, IN
Eshleman, L.H. - Marion, IN.
Eskew, Howell T. - Indianapolis, IN
Eskew, W.C. - Powers, IN
Estabrook, L.W. - Springport, IN
Etler, J.R. - Crawfordsville, IN
Evans, David F. - Union City, IN
Evans, Everett M. - Mecca, IN
Evans, Ezra B. - Greencastle, IN
Evans, F.A. - Tell City, IN
Evans, Jos. J. - Winchester, IN
Evans, Melissa - Newtonville, IN
Evans, W.L. - Loogootee, IN
Ewell, J.A. - Red Cloud, IN
Ewing, C.K. - Indianapolis, IN
Ewing, Francis M. - Vallonia, IN
Ewing, Leander - Colfax, IN
Ewing, N.B.G. - Richmond, IN
Fagaly, A.T. - Lawrenceburg, IN
Fahnestock, A.A. - Laporte, IN
Fahnestock, C.S. - Laporte, IN
Fair, C.S. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Fair, H.D. - Muncie, IN
Fair, Herbert D. - Redkey, IN
Fairfield, W.J. - Anderson, IN
Fairhurst, O.C. - Vincennes, IN
Fairhurst, Omar - Vincennes, IN
Faith, A.H. - Washington, IN
Falk, Frederick - Indianapolis, IN
Fall, Charles W. - Oxford, IN
Fall, W.D. - Whitesville, IN
Fallis, A.L. - Gaston, IN
Fallis, Amos L. - Leach, IN
Fancher, J.W. - Sheridan, IN
Fankboner, A.V. - Summitville, IN
Fankboner, W.A. - Marion, IN.
Fanning, Frank - Butler, IN
Fannington,A.S. - Waterloo, IN
Fansler, D.N. - Marion, IN.
Farabee, C.E. - Danville, IN
Farmer, S.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Farquhar, A.H. - Ridgeville, IN
Farr, A.C. - Bloomington, IN
Farr, Uriah H. - Paragon, IN
Farrow, W.R. - Indianapolis, IN
Farver, Geo. W. - Montezuma, IN
Farver, M.A. - Middlebury, IN
Fattic, J.B. - Anderson, IN
Faubion, James - Heltonville, IN
Faught, Wm. C. - Farmersburg, IN
Faulkner, A.S. - Hillsboro, IN
Faust, P.G. - Red Bridge, IN
Fauve, Adrian E. - Indianapolis, IN
Fenton, S.C. - Boswell, IN
Ferguson, A.M. - Huntington, IN
Ferguson, Chas. E. - Indianapolis, IN
Ferguson, E. - Huntington, IN
Ferguson, F.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Fermier, P.G. - Leesburg, IN
Fernald, W.J. - Frankfort, IN
Ferree, Isaac - Livonia, IN
Ferree, S.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Ferris, Edgar S. - New Castle, IN
Ferris, Samuel - New Castle, IN
Fertich, Geo. W. - Dunkirk, IN
Fetzer, John E. - Marengo, IN
Fickle, Jas. M. - Stockwell, IN
Field, D.L. - Jeffersonville, IN
Field, M.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Field, Wm. H. - Evansville, IN
Finch, Albert M. - Jamestown, IN
Finch, Gilbert R. - Center Point, IN
Fine, E.M. - Veedersburg, IN
Fink, Henry A. - South Bend, IN
Finley, Geo. W. - Brazil, IN
Finley, J.F. - Palmyra, IN
Finney, C.J. - Attica, IN
Firsich, B. - N. Vernon, IN
Fish, Samuel R. - Talma, IN
Fisher, A.L. - Elkhart, IN
Fisher, A.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Fisher, B.T. - Spencer, IN
Fisher, E.S. - Markle, IN
Fisher, G.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Fisher, J.J. - Rossville, In
Fisher, J.M. - Lapel, IN
Fisher, Martin L. - Winchester, IN
Fisher, S.B. - Rossville, IN
Fisher, W.H. - Wanatah, IN
Fisk, J.G. - Indianapolis, IN
Fitch, Alex P. - Lebanon, IN
Fite, C.H. - Marion, IN.
Fitzgibbon, John - Washington, IN
Fitzpatrick, B. - Hope, IN
Flack, Ore M. - Ambia, IN
Flanagan, May L. - Indianapolis, IN
Flanders, J.W. - DuPont, IN
Flaugher, E.A. - Cayuga, IN
Flavien, E.B. - Silver Lake, IN
Fleener, Jos. N. - Needmore, IN
Fleener, Otto F. - Knightstown, IN
Fleetwood, Bruce - Kurtz, IN
Fleming, Geo. W. - Shelbyville, IN
Fleming, T.C. - Elkhart, IN
Fletcher, Calvin I. - Indianapolis, IN
Fletcher, W.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Flora, J.S. - Russiaville, IN
Floyd, R.M. - Shelbyville, IN
Flucks, Carl - St. Wendel, IN
Flynn, E.W. - Jeffersonville, IN
Flynn, W.R. - Logansport,IN
Flynn, Wm. - Marion, IN.
Fodrea, Z.H. - Westfield, IN
Fogerty, Mary - Michigan City, IN
Folsom, E.M. - Boonville, IN
Foor, J.D. - Jasonville, IN
Foot, Z.H. - Lewis, IN
Forbis, B.F. - Laconia, IN
Ford, Adam C. - Geneva, IN
Ford, C.A.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Ford, Lanta W. - Syracuse, IN
Ford, O.P.M. - Rising Sun, IN
Ford, S.M. - Madison, IN
Ford, T.J. - Connersville, IN
Ford, Walter M. - Mt. Auburn, IN
Ford, Wm. P. - Boonville, IN
Forrest, J.H. - Marion, IN.
Forrey, Benj. F. - Bath, IN
Forshee, Thos. W. - Madison, IN
Foster, A. O. - Uniontown, IN
Foster, A.O. - Newtonville, IN
Foster, J.H. - Wolcottville, IN
Foster, John H. - Liberty Mills, IN
Foust, P.G. - Santa Fe, IN
Fouts, D.C. - N. Salisbury, IN
Fouts, David M. - Royal Center
Fouts, H.C. - Hardinsburg, IN
Fouts, J.M. - Centerville, IN
Fowler, A.A. - Marion, IN.
Fowler, Elmer E. - Albany, IN
Fowler, W.N. - Bluffton, IN
Fox, H.A. - Gosport, IN
Fox, R.H. - Freel'dsville, IN
Foxworthy, F.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Francis, E.T. - Columbus, IN
Francis, W.R. - Marion, IN.
Frank, Catherine - South Bend, IN
Franks, H.P. - Losantville, IN
Franks, Wm. H. - Ligonier, IN
Franz, Ernest - Berne, IN
Franz, Jno. P. - Indianapolis, IN
Fraze, Emmet - Gas City, IN
Frazee, J.A. - Bunker Hill, IN
Frazer, Chas. - Muncie, IN
Frederic, Geo. W. - Ridgeville, IN
Freed, Martin A. - Clay City, IN
Freeland, J.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Freeland, J.P. - Sunman, IN
Freeland, John T. - Bedford, IN
Freeman, B.B. - Valparaiso, IN
Freeman, Benj. F. - Ridgeville, IN
Freeman, E.D. - Osgood, IN
Freeman, F.C. - Franklin, IN
Freeman, G.M. - Shoals, IN
Freeman, Jos. - Sullivan, IN
Freman, James F. - Howell, IN
French, Benj. F. - Indianapolis, IN
French, J.S. - Pittsboro, IN
French, Martha J. - Indianapolis, IN
French, W.J. - Frankton, IN
French, W.W. - Fort Branch, IN
Fretz, John - Deedsville, IN
Frick, Herman - Evansville, IN
Friermood, E.K. - Greentown, IN
Frink, C.W. - Elkhart, IN
Frisz, J.A. - Terre Haute, IN
Fritch, Joseph - Unionville, IN
Fritsch, Wm. H. - Evansville, IN
Fromen, Ernest T. - South Bend, IN
Frost, R.F. - Huntington, IN
Fry, Chas. W. - Huntington, IN
Fugate, W.I. - Greenwood, IN
Fulkerson, C.D. - Raglesville, IN
Fulkerson, C.D. - Belle Union, IN
Fullenwider, C.H. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Fuller, C.D. - Rolling Prairie, IN
Fuller, S.H. - Pleasant Lake, IN
Fuller, Wm. - Greenfield, IN
Fulton, Geo. E. - Bluffton, IN
Fulton, John C. - Bluffton, IN
Funk, A. - New Albany, IN
Funk, J.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Funk, Z.T. - Corydon, IN
Furney, W.C. - Sharpsville, IN
Furniss, Henry W. - Indianapolis, IN
Furniss, S.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Fussell, L. - Markleville, IN
Gabe, Harry E. - Indianapolis, IN
Gabel, H. - Centerville, IN
Gaddes, Thos. - Indianapolis, IN
Gaddie, E.R. - New Albany, IN
Gaddy, Orville - Paris Cross'g., IN
Gaines, J.W. - Jeffersonville, IN
Galbraith, T.S. - Seymour, IN
Galbraith, W.H. - Rockfield, IN
Galloway, C.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Galloway, W.G. - Carroll, IN
Gants, John - Cromwell, IN
Gantz, Richard - Saline City, IN
Gantz, Thomas - Freedom, IN
Garber, J.B. - Dunkirk, IN
Garber, P. - Jacksonburg, IN
Gard, Brookfield - Ft. Wayne, IN
Gardner, Fletcher - Bloomington, IN
Gardner, Jesse - Indianapolis, IN
Gardner, John A. - Indianapolis, IN
Garey, Dumont - New Albany, IN
Garigues, I.D. - Cedar Grove, IN
Garner, J.Q. - Elwood, IN
Garrell, A.G. - Ossian, IN
Garrett, F.W. - Liberty Mills, IN
Garrett, Obed H. - Cadiz, IN
Garrettson, W.M. - Perkinsville, IN
Garrigus, John J. - Tangier, IN
Garrison, W.S. - Gentryville, IN
Garshwiler, W.P. - Indianapolis, IN
Garstang, R. - Indianapolis, IN
Garver, John J. - Indianapolis, IN
Gasaway, T.O. - Marion, IN.
Gastineau, Henry - Howesville, IN
Gates, W.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Gatewood, T.H. - Midway, IN
Gay, Ellen M. - Indianapolis, IN
Gaylord, H.G. - Indianapolis, IN
Geary, J.K. - Coesse, IN
Gebauer, E.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Geis, John F. - Indianapolis, IN
Gengelbach, E.E. - Huningburg, IN
Genolin, John F. - Nashville, IN
Genung, W.R. - Fort Branch, IN
George, Chas. M. - Indianapolis, IN
George, J.D. - Indianapolis, IN
George, Wm. E. - Indianapolis, IN
Gephart, R.T. - Burney, IN
Gerard, R.H. - Crawfordsville, IN
Gerard, Royal H. - Indianapolis, IN
Gereiser, F.G. - Columbia City, IN
Gerrish, A.A. - Lowell, IN
Gerrish, M.F. - Seymour, IN
Gers, Henry - Washington, IN
Gerstmeyer, C. - Terre Haute, IN
Geyer, Fred E. - Sandborn, IN
Gibbons, John A. - Mitchell, IN
Gibbs, C.M. - Greenfield, IN
Gibbs, James C. - Crown Point, IN
Gibbs, O.H. - Hamilton, IN
Gibson, C.W. - New Marion, IN
Gibson, George W. - Houston, IN
Gibson, J.J. - Alexandria, IN
Gibson, Rebecca - Washington, IN
Gierman, Wm. L. - Rome City, IN
Giffin, Reuben T. - Dora, IN
Gifford, Joseph C. - Brazil, IN
Gifford, Sam'l A. - Laurel, IN
Gifford, T.N. - Kokomo, IN
Gifford, W.H. - Brazil, IN
Gilbert, A.K. - Clayton, IN
Gilbert, Chas. H. - Rushville, IN
Gilbert, J.C. - Logansport,IN
Gilbert, J.L. - Kendallville, IN
Gilbert, Wm. H. - Evansville, IN
Gillaspy, F.P. - Glenns Valley, IN
Gillespie, Chas. E. - Crothersville, IN
Gillespie, Chas. E. - Indianapolis, IN
Gillespie, Jos. T. - Reelsville, IN
Gilliatt, Wm. B. - Youngs Creek, IN
Gillum, W.H. - Rockville, IN
Gilmore, L.L. - Monroe City, IN
Giltner, Harry A. - Chelsea, IN
Gimmill, H.C. - Markle, IN
Ginn, J.F. - Elwood, IN
Ginther, David - N. Manchester, IN
Gish, John L. - South Bend, IN
Given, W. - Franklin, IN
Given, W.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Givens, C.C. - Lewis, IN
Glasgo, T.A. - Brazil, IN
Glass, Wm. M. - Summitville, IN
Glaze, J.M. - New Harmony, IN
Glazebrook, L.D. - Knox, IN
Glenton, M.V. - Lafayette, IN
Glentzer, M.A. - Bryant, IN
Glover, E.E. - Terre Haute, IN
Glover, J.F. - Evansville, IN
Gobbell, F.R. - English, IN
Goble, D.S. - Chrisney, IN
Godfrey, Julia B.D. - South Bend, IN
Godfrey, L.M. - Kentland, IN
Godfrey, W.R. - Michigan City, IN
Godwin, J.W. - Otwell, IN
Goer, Chas. S. - Indianapolis, IN
Goldman, Jas. M. - Monroe City, IN
Good, A.H. - Selma, IN
Good, Chas. H. - Warren, IN
Goodale, C.W. - Meta, IN
Goodrich, C.D. - Elkhart, IN
Goodwin, C.B. - Kendallville, IN
Goodwin, E.B. - Marion, IN.
Goodwin, E.J. - Springfield, IN
Goodwin, E.W. - Mt. Summit, IN
Goodwin, L.D. - Winszor, IN
Goodwin, S.A. - Bluffton, IN
Gordon, B.L. - Bippus, IN
Gordon, Pling P. - Hobart, IN
Gordon, Wm. S. - Plevna, IN
Goshorn, D.A. - N. Manchester, IN
Goshorn, N.J. - Plainville, IN
Goss, Marion - Rockville, IN
Gossett, Lucy - Kempton, IN
Gott, W.T. - Crawfordsville, IN
Gould, Chas. E. - Rochester, IN
Gould, S.W. - Argos, IN
Gould, Vernon - Rochester, IN
Graessle, Geo. T. - Seymour, IN
Graff, J.H. - Broad Ripple, IN
Graham, Alois B. - Indianapolis, IN
Graham, H.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Graham, John F. - Marion, IN.
Graham, N.B. - Noblesville, IN
Graham, N.P. - Madison, IN
Graham, O.P. - Jeffersonville, IN
Graham, W.B. - Richmond, IN
Grahn, E.G. - Indianapolis, IN
Grandstaff, J.C. - Preble, IN
Grant, G.H. - Richmond, IN
Graves, Arthur E. - New Waverly, IN
Gravis, C.M. - Martinsville, IN
Gray, A.J. - Y'ng America
Gray, Emmett E. - Indianapolis, IN
Gray, Frank P. - Lafayette, IN
Gray, Geo. B. - Worthington, IN
Gray, J.L. - Laporte, IN
Gray, James N. - Lafayette, IN
Gray, Jno. W. - Bloomfield, IN
Gray, O.F. - Spencer, IN
Gray, Simeon - Worthington, IN
Gray, W.H. - Michigan City, IN
Gray, Wm. - Indianapolis, IN
Grayston, B.H.B. - Huntington, IN
Grayston, Chas. E. - Huntington, IN
Grayston, Fred W. - Huntington, IN
Green, E.V. - Martinsville, IN
Green, Frank H. - Rushville, IN
Green, Geo. R. - Muncie, IN
Green, James H. - N. Vernon, IN
Green, John D. - Manilla, IN
Green, Leonard T. - Odell's Cor's., IN
Green, Lot - Rushville, IN
Green, McKendree - Pleasant Lake, IN
Green, Nellie E. - Fowler, IN
Green, Thos. C. - Albion, IN
Green, Thos. G. - Shelbyville, IN
Green, W.E. - Hanover, IN
Green, W.F. - Shelbyville, IN
Green, W.H. - Darlington, IN
Green, William O. - Dudleytown, IN
Green, Wm. T. - Albion, IN
Greene, H.E. - Crawfordsville, IN
Greene, J.B. - Mishawaka, IN
Greene, M.F. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Greene, Willis S. - Evansville, IN
Greenleaf, G.S. - Brazil, IN
Greenleaf, H.A. - Markland, IN
Greenwald, M. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Greenwalt, G.L. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Greenwell, F.B. - Huntertown, IN
Gregg, Elijah H. - Banquo, IN
Gregory, Henry - Laurel, IN
Greist, H.W. - Kennard, IN
Griffin, A.L. - Topeka, IN
Griffin, Anna M.L. - Muncie, IN
Griffin, L.B. - Greenfield, IN
Griffis, Robert - Middletown, IN
Griffis, W.T. - Fountain City, IN
Griffith, Barton - Alamo, IN
Griffith, E.T. - Muncie, IN
Griffith, J.B. - Daleville, IN
Griffith, Lewis C. - Cory, IN
Griffith, M.E.H. - Crawfordsville, IN
Griffith, T.J. - Crawfordsville, IN
Griffitt, Arnold S. - Nashville, IN
Griffitt, Harry J. - Morgantown, IN
Griffitt, Reuben C. - Morgantown, IN
Griggs, O.B. - Charlestown, IN
Grigsby, W.B. - Vincennes, IN
Grim, Geo. B. - Portersville, IN
Grim, J.G. - Waverly, IN
Grim, Simon - St. Phillips, IN
Grimes, Henry T. - New Carlisle, IN
Grimes, Jas. F. - Mishawaka, IN
Grishaw, H.E. - Tipton, IN
Griswold, E.H. - Peru, IN
Gromann, Chas. - Brunswick, IN
Gronendyke, O.J. - New Castle, IN
Gronendyke, T.W. - New Castle, IN
Gross, W.O. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Grosvenor, E.B. - Richmond, IN
Grover, C.B. - Greensburg, IN
Grubb, A.G. - Mongo, IN
Gruner, G.G. - Vistula, IN
Gudgel, J.E. - Cynthiana, IN
Gudgel, J.F. - Hazleton, IN
Guild, Chas. A. - Rushville, IN
Gullefor, T.B. - Greensburg, IN
Gumaer, C.H. - Evansville, IN
Gundelfinger, B.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Gunn, J.H. - Springville, IN
Gurber, Peter - Bloom'g Gve, IN
Gustin, F.M. - Union City, IN
Gutherie, Geo. - Greenwood, IN
Guthrie, Geo. L. - Indianapolis, IN
Guy, Samuel D. - Bryant, IN
Guyer, Oscar K. - Lewisville, IN
Gwaltney, S.P. - Midway, IN
Haag, E.L.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Haas, H.C. - Peru, IN
Habermel, Clara L. - Bradford, IN
Hacker, W.P. - Bloomington, IN
Hackleman, F.M. - Rockport, IN
Hackleman, F.G. - Rushville, IN
Hadley, Edgar - Indianapolis, IN
Hadley, Evan - Indianapolis, IN
Hager, Walter A. - South Bend, IN
Haggard, E.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Haggerty, R.L. - Elkhart, IN
Haifley, W.H. - Amboy, IN
Haines, H.C. - Sims, IN
Hale, Levi A. - Martz P.O., IN
Hale, M.N. - Wabash, IN
Hale, N.T. - Wabash, IN
Hall, A.S. - Arlington, IN
Hall, H.J. - Franklin, IN
Hall, J.E. - Alexandria, IN
Hall, John W. - Portland, IN
Hall, M.L. - Newport, IN
Hall, Silas - Vincennes, IN
Hall, Stephen A. - Advance, IN
Hall, T.J. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Hall, T.R. - Elkhart, IN
Hall, Willis M. - Pennville, IN
Hallahan, Jos. - Logansport,IN
Halloway, A.G. - Decatur, IN
Halloway, M.L - Decatur, IN
Halloway, W.O. - Logansport,IN
Halton, John - Muncie, IN
Hamilton, A.A. - Marion, IN.
Hamilton, A.W. - Waynetown, IN
Hamilton, C.N. - Kokomo, IN
Hamilton, F.C. - Hudson, IN
Hamilton, H.C.J. - Clear Creek, IN
Hamilton, J.A. - Advance, IN
Hamilton, J.S, - Kyana, IN
Hamilton, R.A. - Westfield, IN
Hamilton, R.A. - Linden, IN
Hamilton, R.A. - Cloverdale, IN
Hamilton, R.A. - Clark's Hill, IN
Hamilton, R.J. - Darlington, IN
Hamilton, Robert - Medaryville, IN
Hamilton, S.N. - Connersville, IN
Hammel, John - Buckskin, IN
Hammer, N.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Hammersley, W.L. - Frankfort, IN
Hammond, A.K. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Hammond, F.E. - Helix, IN
Hammond, J.H. - Anderson, IN
Hanahan, J.H. - Strawtown, IN
Hancock, C.F.C. - Jeffersonville, IN
Hancock, Geo. W. - Campbellsb'g., IN
Hani, Wm. F. - Elkhart, IN
Hanlon, Elizabeth - Diamond, IN
Hanna, James L. - Paris Cross'g., IN
Hanna, Levi M. - Greencastle, IN
Hannahan, John - Elwood, IN
Hansel, Chas. E. - South Bend, IN
Hansen, M.J.T. - Indianapolis, IN
Hansen, R.W. - Hammond, IN
Hansford, W.G. - Oakland City, IN
Hanslmair, J.M. - Evansville, IN
Hanslmair, J.M. - Terre Haute, IN
Haradin, Alfred - Hartford City, IN
Harbaugh, C.A. - Lafayette, IN
Harbert, John P. - Indianapolis, IN
Harden, Mrs. C.A. - Gas City, IN
Hardesty, J.C. - Millville, IN
Harding,Geo. W.N. - Manchester, IN
Hardman, R.H. - Converse, IN
Hardman, W.E. - LaGro, IN
Hardwick, R.L. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Hardy, C.F. - Kendallville, IN
Hardy, J.S. - Lebanon, IN
Hargan, H. C. - Worthington, IN
Hargan, H.C. - St. Joseph, IN
Hargis, W.T. - Derby, IN
Harold, A.R. - Indianapolis, IN
Harold, A.R. - Lafayette, IN
Harold, C.N. - Indianapolis, IN
Harold, I.S. - Richmond, IN
Harold, N. E. - Westfield, IN
Harold, N.G. - Carmel, IN
Harp, F.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Harper, Jas. A. - Shelburn, IN
Harper, John - Mt. Vernon, IN
Harpole, C.B. - Evansville, IN
Harrah, Jno. M. - Switz City, IN
Harrell, M.H. - Noblesville, IN
Harrell, Samuel - Noblesville, IN
Harrie, S.H. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Harris, A.H. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Harris, C. Edward - Bloomington, IN
Harris, Cyrus M. - Bourbon, IN
Harris, F.M. - Vincennes, IN
Harris, John E. - Bloomington, IN
Harris, Oliver K. - Ellettsville, IN
Harris, R. W. - New Albany, IN
Harris, R.W. - Algiers, IN
Harris, Robert - South Bend, IN
Harris, Walter W. - Ellettsville, IN
Harrison, Harlan - Union City, IN
Harrison, Jas. A. - Spurgeon, IN
Harrison, R.G. - Hillsdale, IN
Harrison, S.L. - Vincennes, IN
Harrison, Wm. - Kokomo, IN
Harrod, John - Ft. Wayne, IN
Harrod, Morse - Ft. Wayne, IN
Harrold, John R. - Roll, IN
Hart, Douglas - New Albany, IN
Hart, E.H. - Tennyson, IN
Hart, Millard M. - Indianapolis, IN
Harter, Harry T. - Newtonville, IN
Harter, J.H. - Anderson, IN
Harter, W.P. - Anderson, IN
Hartloff, C.W. - Evansville, IN
Hartly, T.H. - Terre Haute, IN
Hartsell, W.W. - Rensselaer, IN
Hartsock, Will - Greenwood, IN
Harvey Jessie B. - Indianapolis, IN
Harvey, D.B. - Cumberland, IN
Harvey, J.W. - Russellville, IN
Harvey, Wm. D. - Indianapolis, IN
Harvey, Wm. F. - Brightwood, IN
Haslep, Marietta - Indianapolis, IN
Hassenmiller, M. - West Baden, IN
Hasting, W.E. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Hastings, A.H. - Muncie, IN
Hasty, Geo. - Indianapolis, IN
Hatch, E.M. - Logansport,IN
Hatch, H.S. - Madison, IN
Hatch, J.A. - Kentland, IN
Hatfield, B.F. - Union, IN
Hatfield, I.N. - Bluffton, IN
Hatfield, J.F. - Moran, IN
Hatfield, Wm. A. - Kokomo, IN
Hattery, A.H. - Raglesville, IN
Hattery, B.D. - Logansport,IN
Hauck, J.H. - Terre Haute, IN
Hauenstein, G.W. - Elkhart, IN
Haughton, Ada - Linn Grove, IN
Haughton, Asa - Kieps, IN
Haughton, R.E. - Richmond, IN
Haun, Maria - Marion, IN.
Hause, Wm. - Westport, IN
Hauser, Zack H. - Columbus, IN
Hauss, A.P. - New Albany, IN
Hauss, Q.R. - Sellersburg, IN
Hawes, J.K. - Columbus, IN
Hawkins, E.P. - Elkhart, IN
Hawkins, Eugene - Greencastle, IN
Hawkins, Robt. W. - Brazil, IN
Hawkins, Z.T. - Swayzee, IN
Hawley, K.D. - Columbus, IN
Haworth, M.C. - Noblesville, IN
Hayden, A.M. - Evansville, IN
Hayden, John H. - Stout, IN
Haydon, D.N. - Vevay, IN
Hayes, Geo. C. - Hillsboro, IN
Hayhurst, A.S. - Evansville, IN
Haynes, J.R. - Indianapolis, IN
Haynes, W.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Hays, D.W. - Valley City, IN
Hays, Florence W. - Terre Haute, IN
Hays, John W. - Albion, IN
Hays, T.A. - Burns City, IN
Hazard, S.D. - Prather, IN
Hazel, James T. - Whitehall, IN
Hazelwood, F.W. - English, IN
Hazelwood, G. R. - English, IN
Hazelwood, John - New Albany, IN
Hazlewood, G. - Chambersb'g,IN
Heady, E.E. - Uniondale, IN
Heady, W.S. - Jamestown, IN
Hearn, H.O. - Marysville, IN
Heath, F.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Heath, J.P. - Fishers Switch, IN
Heath, S.H. - Huntington, IN
Heath, W.M. - Anderson, IN
Heavenridge, A. - Stilesville, IN
Heberer, J.M. - Evansville, IN
Heckman, W.H. - Bedford, IN
Hedrick, John T. - Alfordsville, IN
Hedrick, Wm.H. - Odon, IN
Heffley, J.W. - Mentone, IN
Heil, Chas. P. - Indianapolis, IN
Heimlich, A.F. - Hammond, IN
Heiner, E.K. - Hagerstown, IN
Held, H.W. - Vincennes, IN
Helfrick, H.J. - Clark's Hill, IN
Heller, Fred - Brownstown, IN
Heller, O. - New Palestine, IN
Helm, C.J. - Peru, IN
Helm, W.M. - Williamsburg, IN
Helming, T.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Heltman, Jeff K. - Oaklandon, IN
Hemphill, T.H. - Seelyville, IN
Hendershot, C.T. - Cannelton, IN
Henderson, A.H. - Knox, IN
Henderson, J.P. - Hammond, IN
Henderson, J.T. - Covington, IN
Henderson, S.C. - St. Phillips, IN
Henderson, S.T. - Amboy, IN
Hend'kson, A.M.D. - Magnet, IN
Hendricks, J.L. - Lebanon, IN
Hendricks, W.E. - Martinsville, IN
Henkle, Jas. S. - Indianapolis, IN
Henley, Alpheus - Fairmount, IN
Henley, Glenn - Fairmount, IN
Henry, Edgar P. - Monticello, IN
Henry, J.W. - Richmond, IN
Henry, Wm. C. - Aurora, IN
Hensler, E.H.C. - Hensler, IN
Henson, Theo - Martinsville, IN
Hermani, Wm. A. - Altoga, IN
Hermann, A.J. - Logansport,IN
Hermann, F.J. - Logansport,IN
Herold, Henry - Switz City, IN
Heron, Nathan - Ft. Wayne, IN
Heron, Nathan - Connersville, IN
Herr, Henry - Washington, IN
Herring, Fred - Goshen, IN
Herrold, R.P. - Peabody, IN
Herron, T.W. - Lesterville, IN
Hershey, F.C. - Carmel, IN
Hershey, K.C. - Carmel, IN
Hervey, E.V. - Indianapolis, IN
Hervey, Minetta - Richmond, IN
Hervey, S.W. - Fortville, IN
Hesler, Robt. F. - Kingman, IN
Hess, Frank C. - Cadiz, IN
Hess, M.M. - Morristown, IN
Hessler, Robert - Logansport,IN
Hessler, Robert - Indianapolis, IN
Hester, Geo. F. - Tocsin, IN
Hester, Laura - Bloomington, IN
Hester, Robert F. - Bloomington, IN
Hetherington, J.P. - Logansport,IN
Hetrick, Jacob - Ft. Wayne, IN
Hetsler, O.I. - Blountsville, IN
Hettinger, I.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Hewitt, Homer S. - Mishawaka, IN
Hiatt, C.C. - Winchester, IN
Hiatt, John A. - Ridgeville, IN
Hibbard, F.M. - Marion, IN.
Hibberd, Jas. F. - Richmond, IN
Hibbs, I.W. - Nineveh, IN
Hibbs, Irwin - Martinsville, IN
Hickam, Wilford - Spencer, IN
Hickman, C.J. - South Bend, IN
Hickman, T.L. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Hicks, C. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Hicks, J.L. - Arcadia, IN
Hicks, J.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Hicks, J.P. - Indianapolis, IN
Hicks, J.R. - Rosston,IN
Hicks, James M. - Huntington, IN
Hicks, John C. - Napoleon, IN
Higbee, Geo. W. - Sullivan, IN
Higbee, J.L. - Sullivan, IN
Higgins, John - Crown Point, IN
Higgins, Otis C. - Lebanon, IN
Higgins, R.G. - Princeton, IN
Hildrup, J.R. - Windfall, IN
Hill, A.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Hill, Clarence - Frankfort, IN
Hill, Frank E. - Muncie, IN
Hill, Geo. A. - Athens, IN
Hill, H.B. - Logansport,IN
Hill, H.C. - Darlington, IN
Hill, Jacob W. - South Bend, IN
Hill, Jesse L. - Lowell, IN
Hill, L.B. - Seymour, IN
Hill, W.D. - Martinsville, IN
Hill, William - Rochester, IN
Hillis, J.D. - Lafayette, IN
Hilsmeyer, F.E. - Velpen, IN
Hilsmeyer, L.H. - Stendal, IN
Hinchman, C.S. - Marion, IN.
Hiner, F.T. - W. Lafayette, IN
Hiner, Leo A. - Warsaw, IN
Hines, F.M. - Auburn, IN
Hines, W.L. - Warsaw, IN
Hinkle, E.I. - Goldsmith, IN
Hinkle, J. S. - Worthington, IN
Hinkle, J.R. - Sullivan, IN
Hinshaw, Otis W. - Lynn, IN
Hinshaw, T.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Hinshaw, Wm. H. - Bartonia, IN
Hirst, Luther S. - Brazil, IN
Hite, Edward A. - Kokomo, IN
Hitt, J.Y. - Greensburg, IN
Hitt, S.B. - Greensburg, IN
Hixson, Wm. H. - Farmer, IN
Hoadley, W.J. - Danville, IN
Hoag, J.H. - Marshfield, IN
Hoag, Jas. H. - Veedersburg, IN
Hobbs, Alice L. - Indianapolis, IN
Hobbs, H.C. - Salem, IN
Hobbs, Orville W. - Ogden, IN
Hockett, C.P. - Jonesboro, IN
Hockett, C.P. - Kouts, IN
Hodges, E.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Hodges, W.A. - Oaktown, IN
Hodges, W.A. - Freedom, IN
Hodgin, E.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Hodson, Geo. - Evansville, IN
Hoffman, Geo. E. - Rochester, IN
Hoggatt, W.W. - Oliver, IN
Holaday, R.L. - Newt. Stew'rt, IN
Holcomb, J.H. - Barber's Mills, IN
Holcome, A.W. - Kokomo, IN
Holder, R.E. - Columbus, IN
Holder, Union H. - Washington, IN
Holderman, E. - Wakarusa, IN
Holladay, Thos. F. - Mooresville, IN
Holland, P.C. - Bloomington, IN
Hollenbeck, B.W. - Westville, IN
Holliday, D.A. - Fairmount, IN
Hollinger, I.C. - New Albany, IN
Hollingsworth, A. - Edwardsport, IN
Hollingsworth, M.P. - Princeton, IN
Hollingsw'rth, J.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Hollingsw'th, A.S. - Urbana, IN
Hollingsw'th, S.G. - Maysville, IN
Hollis, Ella A. - Hartford City, IN
Hollis, Samuel - Hartford City, IN
Hollister, Geo. S. - Culver, IN
Holloway, D.B. - Richmond, IN
Holloway, Jas. C. - Indianapolis, IN
Holloway, Jas. P. - Oxford, IN
Holloway, Jos. H. - Butler, IN
Holloway, L.E. - Spiceland, IN
Holloway, O.E. -
Holly, A.C. - Attica, IN
Holmes, H.D. - Scircleville, IN
Holmes, T.F. - Pickards, IN
Holton, W.M. - New Harmony, IN
Holtzendorf, H.C. - Mishawaka, IN
Holtzendorff, A.C. - Plymouth, IN
Holtzendorff, C.F. - Plymouth, IN
Holtzman, W.R. - Stinesville, IN
Homer, R.H. - Knightstown, IN
Hon, Amzi W. - Bloomington, IN
Hon, Ulrich H. - Bloomington, IN
Honeycutt, W.J. - Scalesville, IN
Hontz, W.C. - Syracuse, IN
Hood, T.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Hood, T.C. - Dana, IN
Hooker, H.H. - Oakdam, IN
Hoopingarner, G.W. - Elkhart, IN
Hoopingarner, J.J. - Milford, IN
Hoot, Prentiss L. - Rochester, IN
Hoover, John E. - Indianapolis, IN
Hoover, John M. - Goshen, IN
Hoover, Josephine - Goshen, IN
Hoover, L. - Decker, IN
Hope, C.F. - Coatesville, IN
Hopenwrath, W.H. - Elwood, IN
Hoper, J.H. - Milltown, IN
Hopkins, R.R. - Richmond, IN
Hopkins, Wm. G. - Fort Branch, IN
Hopper, Geo. H. - Logansport,IN
Hopper, I.J. - Milltown, IN
Hopper, M.S. - Lafayette, IN
Horn, Amos H. - Putnamville, IN
Horn, William C. - Pennville, IN
Hornaday, W.H. - Forest, IN
Horne, Brose S. - Bluffton, IN
Horne, J.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Horne, S.S. - Jonesboro, IN
Horne, W.M. - Anderson, IN
Horner, J.A. - Hancock, IN
Horner, R.H. - Knightstown, IN
Hornocker, S.D. - Silverville, IN
Horrall, Wm.A. - Washington, IN
Horron, Geo. W. - Hatfield, IN
Horton, Edwin R. - Bluffton, IN
Horton, F.W. - Monrovia, IN
Horvat, Wm. F. - Hammond, IN
Hoskins, George - Whiting, IN
Hoskins, W.D. - Indianapolis, IN
Hoss, J.V. - Indianapolis, IN
Hossman, Wm. E. - Akron, IN
Hostetler, A.J. - Shipshewana, IN
Hough, Wm. A. - Marion, IN.
Houghland, C.S. - Milroy, IN
Houghl'd., M.E.M. - Vienna, IN
Houghton, Lloyd - Huntertown, IN
House, G.H.F. - Indianapolis, IN
House, John W. - Lawrenceburg, IN
Houseman, Kate - Muncie, IN
Houser, B.A. - Somerset, IN
Houser, E.K. - Amboy, IN
Houser, J.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Houser, Jas. A. - Marion, IN.
Houser, S.K. - Winamac, IN
How, John T. - Bremen, IN
Howard, C.L. - St. Paul, IN
Howard, F.M. - St. Paul, IN
Howard, J.L. - French Lick, IN
Howard, J.W. - St. Paul, IN
Howard, L.N. - Indianapolis, IN
Howard, M.A. - Velpen, IN
Howard, N.P. - Greenfield, IN
Howard, S.B. - Kossuth, IN
Howard, T.M. - Boonville, IN
Howard, W.M. - Grass Creek, IN
Howard, W.R. - Troy, IN
Howe, R.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Howe, Wm. F. - Indianapolis, IN
Howell, J.W.S. - Hammond, IN
Howell, John Q. - DeLong, IN
Howland, Morton - Markle, IN
Hoy, B.F. - Syracuse, IN
Hskinson, A. - Indianapolis, IN
Hubbard, W.H. - Monrovia, IN
Huber, J.G. - Evansville, IN
Huddleston, A.F. - Winchester, IN
Hudelson, R.L. - Richland, IN
Hudson, B.F. - Montezuma, IN
Hudson, L.H. - Little York, IN
Hudson, O.L. - Princeton, IN
Huff, O.N. - Fountain City, IN
Huffman, D.C. - Craigsville, IN
Huffman, W.G. - Richmond, IN
Huggins, R. - New Albany, IN
Hughes, Wm. - Lima, IN
Hughes, Wm. L. - Matthews, IN
Hull, Wm. H. - Center, IN
Hulsizer, E.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Humphreys, F.B. - Angola, IN
Humstone, M.L. - Goodland, IN
Hunt, Bader S. - Winchester, IN
Hunt, F.P. - Leipsic, IN
Hunt, Gideon - Westfield, IN
Hunt, J.S. - W. Terre Haute, IN
Hunt, J.W. - Anderson, IN
Hunt, May H. - Logansport,IN
Hunt, Stephen - Coatesville, IN
Hunt, Thos. N. - Dunkirk, IN
Hunt, Tilman - Plainfield, IN
Hunt, W.A. - Lynnville, IN
Hunter, Abram C. - Raub, IN
Hunter, Chas. A. - Reddington, IN
Hunter, F.S. - Bedford, IN
Hunter, John R. - Bippus, IN
Hunter, T.C. - Kokomo, IN
Hunter, W.M. - Petersburg, IN
Hupe, Charles - Lafayette, IN
Hupp, Samuel - Warren, IN
Huron, F.H. - Danville, IN
Huron, W.B. - Tipton, IN
Hurst, E.M. - Cloverdale, IN
Hurst, S.H. - Laconia, IN
Hurt, George K. - Thorntown, IN
Hurt, W.J. - Waynetown, IN
Hurty, J.N. - Indianapolis, IN
Hutchason, R.H. - Cannelton, IN
Hutchens, H.C. - Portland, IN
Hutcheson, W.R. - Greencastle, IN
Hutchings, B.F. - Crawfordsville, IN
Hutchings, W.D. - Madison, IN
Hutchinson, J.A. - Salamonia, IN
Hyde, Loren A. - Greensburg, IN
Hylton, A.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Hylton, Allen J. - Mooresville, IN
Hyten, W.H. - Parkersburg, IN
Ibach, P.G. - Hammond, IN
Iddings, H.L. - Merrillville, IN
Ihrig, F.M. - Goshen, IN
Ijams, Thos. F. - North Grove, IN
Illing, A.F. - Evansville, IN
Imel, E.S. - Algiers, IN
Ingleright, A.J. - South Bend, IN
Inks, John A. - Nappanee, IN
Inlow, Geo. J. - Blue Ridge, IN
Inlow, J.N. - Blue Ridge, IN
Ireland, J.M. - Francisco, IN
Ireland, Martin - Columbia City, IN
Irick, Geo. Wm. - Indianapolis, IN
Irwin, A.T. - Goshen, IN
Irwin, L.M. - Lafayette, IN
Irwin, S.G. - Crawfordsville, IN
Jacks, James R. - Catlin, IN
Jackson, A.C. - Goshen, IN
Jackson, F.B. - Muncie, IN
Jackson, John H. - Pleasantville, IN
Jackson, Jury - McCutch'vlle, IN
Jackson, L.D. - Hammond, IN
Jackson, Mary E. - Hammond, IN
Jackson, Rose B. - Kokomo, IN
Jackson, Sarah C. - Jeffersonville, IN
Jacobs, Harry A. - Indianapolis, IN
James, Chas. S. - Radley, IN
James, J.R. - Buffaloville, IN
James, Oliver - Cory, IN
James, T.S. - Shelbyville, IN
Jameson, Henry - Indianapolis, IN
Jameson, P.H - Indianapolis, IN
Jamieson, R.A. - Patriot, IN
Jaquith, O.S. - Lawrenceburg, IN
Jay, Milton T. - Portland, IN
Jeffers, F.M. - Lafayette, IN
Jeffrey, H.S. - Upland, IN
Jeffries, W.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Jenkins, J.M. - Cortland, IN
Jenkins, J.R. - Shelbyville, IN
Jenkins, Jennie - Indianapolis, IN
Jenkins, W.O. - Terre Haute, IN
Jennings, Caswell - White Lick, IN
Jennings, W.L. - Bridgeport, IN
Jennings, W.T. - Millersburg, IN
Jennings, Wm. L. - Bridgeport, IN
Jerman, L.W.D. - New Point, IN
Jerome, J.M. - Evansville, IN
Jessup, John T. - Curtisville, IN
Jessup, R.B. - Vincennes, IN
Jeter, C.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Jeter, Frank - Indianapolis, IN
John, B.B. - Gentryville, IN
Johns, Elmer D. - Zionsville, IN
Johns, Stephen M. - Indianapolis, IN
Johnson, A.R. - Atwood, IN
Johnson, C.H. - Chesterton, IN
Johnson, E.M. - Knightstown, IN
Johnson, E.W. - Union City, IN
Johnson, H. - New Point, IN
Johnson, J.E. - Marion, IN.
Johnson, J.H. - Rockport, IN
Johnson, J.H. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Johnson, J.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Johnson, John M. - Burlington, IN
Johnson, John R. - Obi, IN
Johnson, L.B.W. - Ireland, IN
Johnson, Luther - Bourbon, IN
Johnson, M.P. - Ekin, IN
Johnson, O.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Johnson, O.B. - Lizton, IN
Johnson, Silas C. - Rensselaer, IN
Johnson, Thos. - Clarksburg, IN
Johnson, W.A. - Wawaka, IN
Johnson, Wm. A. - Falmouth, IN
Johnson, Wm. N. - Indianapolis, IN
Johnston, A. - Akron, IN
Johnston, D.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Johnston, H.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Johnston, M.A. - Oaktown, IN
Johnston, M.F. - Richmond, IN
Johnston, W.R. - Charlottsville, IN
Jolly, John C. - Lake, IN
Jones, A.B. - Burnettsville, IN
Jones, A.H. - Whitewater, IN
Jones, Alfred B. - Lebanon, IN
Jones, C. - Charlestown, IN
Jones, C.A. - Palestine, IN
Jones, C.R. - Jonesboro, IN
Jones, C.T. - Gentryville, IN
Jones, Cyrus V. - Kniman, IN
Jones, E.P. - Marion, IN.
Jones, F.C. - Frankfort, IN
Jones, F.M. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Jones, F.M. - Stephenson, IN
Jones, G.E. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Jones, Geo. B. - Rushville, IN
Jones, H.C. - Hall, IN
Jones, H.G. - Medaryville, IN
Jones, H.V. - Anderson, IN
Jones, Henry W. - Spiceland, IN
Jones, J.G. - Versailles, IN
Jones, J.H. - Bowling Green, IN
Jones, J.H. - New Albany, IN
Jones, J.J. - Medaryville, IN
Jones, Jesse M. - Cataract, IN
Jones, John H. - Gowdy, IN
Jones, Levi M. - N. Ind'polis, IN
Jones, N.I. - Indianapolis, IN
Jones, O.H. - Crawfordsville, IN
Jones, Oscar - Indianapolis, IN
Jones, P.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Jones, R.E. - Hall, IN
Jones, T.B. - Pine Village, IN
Jones, Thos. B. - Lynnville, IN
Jones, W.R. - Bicknell, IN
Jones, Wm. E. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Jordan, D.W. - Anderson, IN
Jordan, Ira H. - Indianapolis, IN
Jordan, J.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Jordan, M.A. - Logansport,IN
Judah, M.T. - Gent, IN
Julian, E.T. - Maysville, IN
Julian, J.P. - Wilkinson, IN
Julian, Jas. F. - Gaston, IN
Jump, S.G. - Selma, IN
Junkin, S.B. - N. Webster, IN
Justice, J.H. - Greenfield, IN
Justice, W.H. - Eden, IN
Kahlo, Geo. D. - Indianapolis, IN
Kahn, D.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Kalllbfleisch, A.H. - Peru, IN
Kammon, S.H. - Seymour, IN
Kane, F.C. - Logansport,IN
Kannel, J.W. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Kaple, John D. - South Bend, IN
Kaszer, Jacob - Plymouth, IN
Kauffman, A.G. - Goshen, IN
Kauffman, D.E. - Monroeville, IN
Kautz, John - Wabash, IN
Keefer, F.R. - Andrews, IN
Keefer, F.R. - Hammond, IN
Keefer, T.R. - Coesse, IN
Keegan, C.J. - Canal, IN
Keegan, E.W. - Crawfordsville, IN
Keeler, J.C. - Silverwood, IN
Keene, D.P. - Marion, IN.
Keesler, G. - Orland, IN
Kegley, John L. - Stones Cross'g., IN
Keim, P.S. - Mexico, IN
Keim, Peter S. - N. Manchester, IN
Keiper, G.F. - Lafayette, IN
Kell, S. - Liberty, IN
Kellams, S.W. - Birdseye, IN
Kellar, F.G. - Alexandria, IN
Keller, A.R. - Indianapolis, IN
Keller, H.E. - Decatur, IN
Kelley, D.M. - Brookston, IN
Kelley, G.C. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Kelley, James C. - Mitchell, IN
Kelley, Jno. F. - Livonia, IN
Kelling, Jas. E. - Sulphur Hills, IN
Kelly Luke H. - Chesterton, IN
Kelly, C.M. - Winchester, IN
Kelly, F.M. - Vincennes, IN
Kelly, Geo. W. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Kelly, J.N. - Westville, IN
Kelsay, Clarence - McCutch'vlle, IN
Kelsey, A.I. - Indianapolis, IN
Kelsey, R.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Kelsey, T.W. - Francesville, IN
Kelsey, Thos. W. - Converse, IN
Kelsey, W.C. - Monterey, IN
Kelsey, Wm. - Monterey, IN
Kelso, E.E. - Eminence, IN
Kelso, Ulysses G. - Dubois, IN
Kemble, Lovenia - South Bend, IN
Kemp, G.W. - Russiaville, IN
Kemp, J.W. - Roanoke, IN
Kemper, A.T. - Muncie, IN
Kemper, G.W.H. - Muncie, IN
Kempf, E.J. - Jasper, IN
Kendall, C.W. - Pine Village, IN
Kendall, John T. - Argos, IN
Kendall, P.A. - Austin, IN
Kendle, G.C. - Princeton, IN
Kendrick, N.C. - Butlersville, IN
Kendrick,Wm. N. - Indianapolis, IN
Kennedy, A.C. - Patricksburg, IN
Kennedy, C.E. - Freetown, IN
Kennedy, D.P. - Martinsville, IN
Kennedy, John - Paragon, IN
Kennedy, John Y. - Shelbyville, IN
Kennedy, Sam. A. - Indianapolis, IN
Kennedy, Samuel - Shelbyville, IN
Kennedy, T.C. - Shelbyville, IN
Kennedy, T.W. - Sullivan, IN
Kent, C.V. - Hope, IN
Kentling, Jos. - Smithville, IN
Kercheval, C.F. - Greensburg, IN
Kern, Aaron - Wabash, IN
Kern, C.R. - Lafayette, IN
Kern, L. - Kokomo, IN
Kerr, J.D. - Green's Fork, IN
Kerrigan, J.J. - Michigan City, IN
Kersey, J.B. - Ple's'nt Plain, IN
Kersey, Jas. B. - Marion, IN.
Kersey, S.H. - Centerville, IN
Kesler, A.J. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Kessinger, C.A. - Martinsville, IN
Kessinger, Ellis - Sandborn, IN
Kessinger, Wm. E. - Scotland, IN
Kessler, G. B. - Kirklin, IN
Kester, A.a. - Wolcottville, IN
Ketcham, Chas. L. - New Alsace, IN
Ketchum, F.G. - Valparaiso, IN
Ketchum, G.V. - Claypool, IN
Keyes, Otis M. - Dana, IN
Kidd, G.P. - Roann, IN
Kidd, W..J. - Burlington, IN
Kidder, Jas. F. - N. Mt. Pleas'nt, IN
Kidder, John J. - Salamonia, IN
Kiefer, Chas. - Newburgh, IN
Kilander, W.J. - Markle, IN
Kilgore, F.T. - Yorktown, IN
Killgore, Frank - Ingalls, IN
Killion, John N. - Cornettsville, IN
Kilmer, Samuel L. - South Bend, IN
Kimball, A.D. - Nat. Mil. Home, IN
Kimball, G.D. - Marion, IN.
Kimball, M.C. - Converse, IN
Kimball, T.C. - Marion, IN.
Kimberlin, A.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Kime, J.T. - Petersburg, IN
Kimes, D.W. - Birdseye, IN
Kimmel, A.J. - Angola, IN
Kincaid, S.F. - Taylorsville, IN
Kindelberger, W. - Indianapolis, IN
Kinderman, A. - Eugene, IN
King, C.H. - Wabash, IN
King, Edward - Five Points, IN
King, F.B. - Windfall, IN
King, H.O. - Pierceton, IN
King, J.E. - Richmond, IN
King, J.M. - Greencastle, IN
King, Jas. R. - Roanoke, IN
King, Milo O. - Rochester, IN
King, N.W. - Taswell, IN
King, R.F. - New Ross, IN
King, W.R. - Greenfield, IN
King, Wm. F. - Columbia City, IN
Kinneman, J.G. - Goodland, IN
Kinsey, David S. - Portland, IN
Kinsey, J.H. - Richmond, IN
Kiplinger, Wm. - Burket, IN
Kirk, Albert E. - Parr, IN
Kirk, Elmer E. - Spiceland, IN
Kirkpatrick, A.M. - Columbus, IN
Kirkpatrick, D. - Larwill, IN.
Kirkpatrick, G.W. - Lafayette, IN
Kirkpatrick, J.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Kiskaden, H.S. - Huntington, IN
Kister, Geo. H. - Fort Branch, IN
Kister, Geo. H. - Elberfeld, IN
Kistler, F.M. - Royal Center
Kistner, Frank B. - Indianapolis, IN
Kitchen, John M. - Indianapolis, IN
Kithcart, N.I. - Columbia City, IN
Kitson, Frank S. - N. Manchester, IN
Kizer, James H. - Inwood, IN
Klein, H.P. - Huningburg, IN
Kleiser, A.J. - Waveland, IN
Knapp, A.B. - Washington, IN
Knapp, A.J. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Knapp, George - Vincennes, IN
Knapp, S.O. - Indianapolis, IN
Knapp, V. - Ferdinand, IN
Knapp, W.T. - Vincennes, IN
Kneale, W.W. - Anderson, IN
Knepper, E.W. - Ligonier, IN
Knepple, Wm. H. - Wakarusa, IN
Knepples, LaMar - Kokomo, IN
Knerr, C.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Knerr, Chas. J. - Indianapolis, IN
Knerr, Leonora E. - Indianapolis, IN
Knight, J. C. - Jonesboro, IN
Knights, Jas. H. - Morgantown, IN
Knott, D.C. - Plymouth, IN
Knox, E.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Koch, Mrs. A.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Kochenour, W.P. - Rego, IN
Kohr, Thos. W. - East Chicago, IN
Kolmer, John - Indianapolis, IN
Koons, M.T. - Mulberry, IN
Koontz, S. - Roanoke, IN
Korns, Harvey - New Lisborn, IN
Kramer, F.M. - St. Magdalene, IN
Krausgrill, D. - Chesterton, IN
Kreider, M.K. - Goshen, IN
Kreider, Wm. - Goshen, IN
Kremer, N.A. - Madison, IN
Krug, H.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Kuntz, Christina - Berne, IN
Kyler, Wm. B. - Benton, IN
Kyte, H.R. - Seymour, IN