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Indiana Physicians in 1900
Names starting with L - Z

Nineteenth Annual Report of the State Board of Health of Indiana published in 1901.

There is not much information given in this book. It is a list of all the Official Physicians in the state of Indiana. Most listings show if they have a diploma or were qualified because of either 10 years or 3 years of practice.
It also indicates if their school was regular, eclectic, homeopathic, physio-medical, hygeia therapeutic or botanic (but it does not define or identify the different types).

Unfortunately it does not indicate where they received their training from, but it will at least let you know that they had a physician certificate in 1900.

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La Follette, G. W. - Poe, IN
Labier, C.R. - Terre Haute, IN
Lacey, J.D. - Mier, IN
Ladd, F.B. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Ladd, J.W. - Cannelton, IN
Laffarage, Carl - Wabash, IN
Lafollette, W.R. - N. Salisbury, IN
Lahnann, J.H. - Franklin, IN
Lail, J.H. - Fortville, IN
Lail, J.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Lairy, Manson - Lafayette, IN
Lamar, I.H. - Petersburg, IN
Lamb, Enoch - Fortville, IN
Lamb, J.F. - Moores Hill, IN
Lambert, I.C. - Colfax, IN
Lambert, J.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Lampton, G.W. - Jeffersonville, IN
Lampton, Wm. T. - Milroy, IN
Lancaster, L.A. - N. Manchester, IN
Land, Geo. W. - Grantsburg, IN
Landes, B.F. - Martinsville, IN
Landfair, Chas. L. - Bluffton, IN
Landon, H. - Remington, IN
Landon, L.O. - Priam, IN
Lane, A.K. - Odon, IN
Lane, W.H. - Angola, IN
Lang, John W. - Nalene, IN
Langdon, H.K. - Indianapolis, IN
Langhead, J.T. - Terre Haute, IN
Langsdale, J.M. - Florence, IN
Lanston, Edgar - Point Isabel, IN
Larabee, W.H. - New Palestine, IN
Larimore, Jos. D. - Shideler, IN
Larkin, E.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Larkin, J.B. - Mitchell, IN
Larkins, E.L. - Terre Haute, IN
Larmore, J.M. - Greenfield, IN
LaRose, N.J. - Lucerne,IN
Larway, John L. - Indianapolis, IN
LaSalle, G.M. - Wabash, IN
Lash, H.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Lasley, Rhoda - Cedar Wood, IN
Laubscher, S.R. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Lauer, A.J. - Whiting, IN
Laughlin, C.E. - Orleans, IN
Laughlin, E.D. - Orleans, IN
Laughlin, S.A. - N. Amsterdam, IN
Laval, Wm. J. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Lawes, M.O. - N. Manchester, IN
Lawrence, I.E. - Columbia City, IN
Lawrence, Wm. M. - Jonesville, IN
Lawson, J.E. - Corydon, IN
Lawson, W.T. - Danville, IN
Laycock, R.T. - Indianapolis, IN
Layman, E. - Terre Haute, IN
Laymon, H.E. - Warren, IN
Layne, P.M. - Crawfordsville, IN
Lazenby, J.R. - Guilford, IN
Leach, Leon T. - Indianapolis, IN
Leach, T.J. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Leak, S.O. - Lizton, IN
Leasure, Lida - Angola, IN
Leatherman, A.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Leathers, D.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Leavitt, H. B. - Worthington, IN
Lechrone, Ira - Silver Lake, IN
Ledbetter, J.N. - Michigan City, IN
Lee, David F. - Zionsville, IN
Lee, J.H. - Rome, IN
Lee, T.L. - Terre Haute, IN
Leech, W.J. - Sellersburg, IN
Leedom, H.F. - Morocco, IN
Leedy, Chas. E. - Pierceton, IN
Leedy, Chas. V. - Union Mills, IN
Leeming, Lous - Otterbein, IN
Leeson, Geo. M. - Wanatah, IN
Leib, Alpha R. - Anderson, IN
Leiter, Wm. S. - Claypool, IN
Leith, M.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Lemmons,S.W. - Albion, IN
Lemon, J.H. - New Albany, IN
Lent, Edwin J. - South Bend, IN
Leonard, H.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Leslie, G.M. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Letherman, A.P. - Valparaiso, IN
Lett, O.A. - Newburgh, IN
Levy, L.D. - New Albany, IN
Lewis, B.L. - Utica, IN
Lewis, E.R. - Indianapolis, IN
Lewis, Geo. C. - Madison, IN
Lewis, Geo. F. - Knightsville, IN
Lewis, J.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Lewis, J.R. - Indianapolis, IN
Lewis, Jas. F. - DuPont, IN
Lewis, John G. - Rushville, IN
Lewis, John I. - Indianapolis, IN
Lewis, Robert F. - Mt. Carmel, IN
Lewis, Sam. B. - Canaan, IN
Libbert, E.J. - Aurora, IN
Liddle, John R. - Bright, IN
Lidikay, C.J. - Ladoga, IN
Light, Fred C. - Freedom, IN
Light, R.C. - Broad Ripple, IN
Light, T.C. - Dublin, IN
Light, W.E. - Freedom, IN
Lindenbarger, I. - French Lick, IN
Lindley, C.M. - Brooklyn, IN
Lindley, Laban - Paoli, IN
Lindquist, Nils S. - Plymouth, IN
Line, B.A. - Alexandria, IN
Line, Wm. A. - Hillham, IN
Line, Wm. M. - Dubois, IN
Linegar, John M. - Fairfield, IN
Lingle, Samuel L. - Paoli, IN
Link, John E. - Terre Haute, IN
Link, W.H. - Petersburg, IN
Linn, Henry G. - Rushville, IN
Linthicum, E. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Linvill, D.G. - Columbia City, IN
Linvill, D.S. - Columbia City, IN
Lisman, J.W. - New Lebanon, IN
Lisman, Sam'l. J. - Oaktown, IN
Lisman, W.A. - Carlisle, IN
Lister, F.E. - Brookston, IN
Littell, John V. - Lafayette, IN
Littell, W.R. - Camb'dge City, IN
Little, B.F. - Upland, IN
Little, J.A. - Logansport,IN
Little, Perrin B. - Whitestown, IN
Littlefield, C.W. - Alexandria, IN
Littlepage, G.C. - Haubstadt, IN
Littler, J.M. - Ingalls, IN
Livingston, J.J. - Freedom, IN
Lloyd, Alijah W. - Marion, IN.
Loar, L.T. - Muncie, IN
Lockhart, A.S. - Everton, IN
Lockhart, A.T. - Stockwell, IN
Lockhart, T.L. - New Harmony, IN
Loder, Frankliln - Hortonville, IN
Loder, Jennie C. - Hortonville, IN
Loehr, E.C. - Noblesville, IN
Lofland, W.A. - Linden, IN
Logan, A.R. - Algiers, IN
Logan, Henry V. - New Salem, IN
Logee, H.M. - Connersville, IN
Logsdon, W.T. - Eureka, IN
Lohrmann, H. - Indianapolis, IN
Lomax, Wm. - Bristow, IN
Long, Chas. R. - Pierceton, IN
Long, Ed. E. - Shoals, IN
Long, H.H. - Kingsbury, IN
Long, H.P. - Laughrey, IN
Long, Henry - Indianapolis, IN
Long, J.A. - Anderson, IN
Long, Jacob - Rockport, IN
Long, John B. - Indianapolis, IN
Long, R.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Longfellow, T.W. - Windfall, IN
Loof, A.L. - Waveland, IN
Loomis, Chas. - Florence, IN
Loomis, E.C. - Perrysville, IN
Loomis, J. - Jeffersonville, IN
Loop, A.L. - Economy, IN
Loop, Z.V. - Galveston, IN
Lord, J. Levi - Mays, IN
Lorimo, J.H.D. - Hartford City, IN
Loring, Chas. J. - Rochester, IN
Loring, D.J. - Valparaiso, IN
Loring, Samuel C. - Burr Oak, IN
Lothrop, A.H. - Lexington, IN
Louder, C.L. - Lafayette, IN
Loughridge, J.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Loughridge, Jno. - River, IN
Love, J. W. - Millwood, IN
Lowden, John - Carrolton, IN
Lowden, L.A. - Manilla, IN
Lowder, C. - Popcorn, IN
Lowder, C.M. - Dugger, IN
Lowder, H. R. - Bloomfield, IN
Lowder, L.T. - Bloomington, IN
Lownsdale, T.N. - St. Bernice, IN
Lowry, C.O. - Indianapolis, IN
Loyd, T.A. - Prairietown, IN
Lucas, J.N. - Shelbyville, IN
Lucas, James O. - Marion, IN.
Luckett, C.D. - English, IN
Luckett, E.R. - Marengo, IN
Luckett, L.P. - Terre Haute, IN
Luckett, S.E. - Campbellsb'g., IN
Luckey, Jas. E. - Wolf Lake, IN
Ludlow, Chas. - Alexandria, IN
Ludlow, E. - Indianapolis, IN
Ludwick, V.D. - Connersville, IN
Lukemeyer, E.G. - Huningburg, IN
Lukemeyer, L.C. - Haysville, IN
Luken, J.H. - Richmond, IN
Lukenbill, L.C. - Marco, IN
Lukenbill, O.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Lutz, Geo.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Luzadder, J.E. - Smithville, IN
Lybrook, W.E. - Y'ng America
Lyle, A.W.T. - Fishers Switch, IN
Lynch, Joel Y. - Rosedale, IN
Lynn, F.M. - New Richmond, IN
Lyon, Thomas - Upland, IN
Lyons, F.P. - Flora, IN
Lyons, James W. - Webster, IN
Lyons, Oliver - Dana, IN
Lytle, John S. - Dunkirk, IN
Lytton, Jefferson - Wheatland, IN
Macer, Thomas - McCutch'vlle, IN
Mack, C.S. - Laporte, IN
Mack, Erastus - Hillsdale, IN
Mackey, C.W. - Portland, IN
Mackey, R.C. - Hobart, IN
Maddox, L.E. - Montpelier, IN
Maddox, O.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Maddox, Orion E. - Rockville, IN
Maddox, W.b.S. - Vandalia, IN
Madson, Mary M. - Indianapolis, IN
Magel, Frank - Indianapolis, IN
Magenheimer, P. - Chandler, IN
Magenheimer, V.A. - Waverly, IN
Magers, F.M. - Churubusco, IN
Maghee, J.M. - Evansville, IN
Magruder, J.W. - Peru, IN
Maguire, W.W. - Metamora, IN
Mahorney, J.C. - Ladoga, IN
Mallott, C.D. - Switz City, IN
Malone, Brigitta E. - Laporte, IN
Malone, L.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Maloney, F.C. - Avilla, IN
Malott, Wm. - Atlanta, IN
Malpas, S.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Malsbury, J.O. - Peru, IN
Malsbury, L.O. - Peru, IN
Manchester, J.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Mank, J.B. - Camb'dge City, IN
Manker, F.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Mann, E.B. - Muncie, IN
Mansfield, T.J. - Royerton, IN
Mapes, S.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Marchand, V.H. - Haubstadt, IN
Marine, John W. - Etna Green, IN
Markle, Grant C. - Winchester, IN
Markle, John E. - Winchester, IN
Markley, H.W. - Bluffton, IN
Markley, S.C. - Richmond, IN
Marlott, C.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Marrow, H.W. - Russiaville, IN
Marsh, J.L. - Brownsburg, IN
Marshall, A.F. - Hymera, IN
Marshall, D.J. - Columbus, IN
Marshall, R. - Cowan, IN
Martin, Alonzo - Bellmore, IN
Martin, Amos H. - Ridgeway, IN
Martin, C.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Martin, F.A. - Commiskey, IN
Martin, F.M. - Loyd, IN
Martin, F.V. - Michigan City, IN
Martin, G.F. - Corydon, IN
Martin, H.H. - Laporte, IN
Martin, J.S. - Muncie, IN
Martin, J.S. - Rolling Prairie, IN
Martin, J.S. - Plymouth, IN
Martin, Jno.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Martin, John T. - Mt. Aye, IN
Martin, Lafayette - Batesville, IN
Martin, M.L. - Forest, IN
Martin, R.E. - Heltonville, IN
Martin, R.M. - Salem, IN
Martin, Simeon - North Salem, IN
Martin, Theodore - Palmyra, IN
Martin, Wm. - Kokomo, IN
Martz, C. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Marvel, Chas. - Richmond, IN
Marxer, C.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Masgana, E.M. - Alexandria, IN
Mask, John R. - Muncie, IN
Maslowsky, Felix - Mariah Hill, IN
Mason, C.H. - Tell City, IN
Mason, C.R. - Hartford City, IN
Mason, G.C. - Oakland City, IN
Mason, John C. - Prairietown, IN
Mason, R.S. - Oakland City, IN
Mason, Samuel - Pennville, IN
Mason, T.A. - Terre Haute, IN
Mason, U.H. - Anderson, IN
Masters, J.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Masters, N.G. - Stilesville, IN
Maston, Chas. - Benton, IN
Matchett, A.C. - Bourbon, IN
Mater, Jacob D. - Bridgeton, IN
Matheny, T.G. - Auburn, IN
Mathews, Accie - Franklin, IN
Mathews, Chas. B. - Lexington, IN
Mathews, Jas. - New Paris,IN
Mathews, Jas. H. - Madison, IN
Mathews, W.R. - China, IN
Matlock, Neal - Medora, IN
Matteson, D.E. - Marion, IN.
Mattox, L.L. - Geneva, IN
Mattox, W.R. - Terre Haute, IN
Maughmer, G.C. - Kokomo, IN
Maurer, Jos. - Scotland, IN
Mauring, N.H. - Elwood, IN
Mavity, David E. - Fowler, IN
Maxam, F.H. - Princeton, IN
Maxedon, T.H. - Vincennes, IN
Maxwell, Allison - Indianapolis, IN
maxwell, Frank R. - Martinsville, IN
Maxwell, John H. - Martinsville, IN
May, Albert - Crothersville, IN
May, O.T. - Monroeville, IN
May, Vance - Cornettsville, IN
Mayer, Henry P. - Youngs Creek, IN
Mayfield, A.M. - Montmorenci, IN
Mayfield, Geo. E. - Bruceville, IN
Mayfield, M. - Royal Center, IN
Mayhugh, Isaac - Indianapolis, IN
Mayo, W.R. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Maze, Thomas B. - Fairland, IN
McAffee, E.M. - Kramer, IN
McAlexander, R.O. - Indianapolis, IN
McAllister, E.B. - Terre Haute, IN
McAllister, E.W. - South Bend, IN
McBeth, Walter - Burnettsville, IN
McBride, Jas. L. - Zanesville, IN
McBride, W.F. - Dayton, IN
McCain, R.C. - Kentland, IN
McCain, T.J. - Waldron, IN
McCann, J.D. - Monticello, IN
McCarthy, J.F. - Valparaiso, IN
McCarty, Wm. W. - Canaan, IN
McCasky, G.W. - Ft. Wayne, IN
McCausland, J.W. - Ft. Wayne, IN
McClain, Leslie - Terre Haute, IN
McClain, Levi - Scottsburg, IN
McClain, M.W. - Vera Cruz, IN
McClain, W.L. - Scottsburg, IN
McClary, D.V. - Dale, IN
McClellan, A. - Indianapolis, IN
McClintock, C.W. - Pittsboro, IN
McClung, S.Y. - Pleasantville, IN
McClung, Wm. H. - Kokomo, IN
McClure, C.B. - Jeffersonville, IN
McClure, Chas. A. - Crown Centre, IN
McClure, J.W. - Butlersville, IN
McClure, S.C. - Jeffersonville, IN
McClure, S.W. - Cloverdale, IN
McClure, Wm. H. - Edgarton, IN
McClurkin, J. E. - Evansville, IN
McCollough, A.R. - Williamsport, IN
McComb, W.S. - Sheldon, IN
McConnell, J.E. - Carlisle, IN
McCool, Wm. E. - Evansville, IN
McCord, C.E. - Fortville, IN
McCorkle, T.H. - Terre Haute, IN
McCormack, L.R. - Crothersville, IN
McCormick, M.S. - Eminence, IN
McCormick, T.H. - Ft. Wayne, IN
McCormick, W.D. - Modoc, IN
McCowan, C.C. - Washington, IN
McCoy, Geo. T. - Columbus, IN
McCoy, Geo. W. - Chrisney, IN
McCoy, J.N. - Vincennes, IN
McCoy, L.H. - Lake, IN
McCoy, P.Y. - Evansville, IN
McCoy, T.J. - Boonville, IN
McCoy, W.A. - Madison, IN
McCracken, A.J. - Indianapolis, IN
McCracken, A.J. - Richmond, IN
McCray, Robert S. -
McCray, Robert S. - Morristown, IN
McCrea, D.P. - Talbott, IN
McCrea, Wm.F. - Clark's Hill, IN
McCrillers, C.C. - Muncie, IN
McCulley, C.H. - Logansport,IN
McCulloch, C.B. - Indianapolis, IN
McCullough, F.B. - Brazil, IN
McCurdy, L.A. - Indianapolis, IN
McCurdy, O.B.C. - Indianapolis, IN
McCutchan, J.H. - Evansville, IN
McDivett, E.G. - Richmond, IN
McDonald, A.C. - Warsaw, IN
McDonald, A.J. - Bedford, IN
McDonald, D.H. - Quincy, IN
McDonald, John - Valeene, IN
McDonald, T.G. - Frankfort, IN
McDonald, Wm. B. - Indianapolis, IN
McDowell, H.P. - Peru, IN
McDowell, J.D., Sr. - Bruceville, IN
McDowell, Jacob - Geneva, IN
McDowell, Jas. D. - Vincennes, IN
McDowell, Lon C. - Freel'dsville, IN
McDowell, M.M. - Vincennes, IN
McElwee, Harry - Martinsville, IN
McEvoy, Francis - Geneva, IN
McEvoy, J.B. - Ft. Wayne, IN
McFadden, W.G. - Shelbyville, IN
McFarland, J.A. - Mill Grove, IN
McFarland, N. - N. Pittsburg, IN
McFarlin, J.T. - Williams, IN
McFatridge, L.C. - Atlanta, IN
McGaughey, J.E. - Arlington, IN
McGaughey, S. - Irvington, IN
McGauhy, A.J. - Washington, IN
McGavran, W. B. - Knightstown, IN
McGee, Jos. A. - Big Springs, IN
McGirley, M.E. - Lafayette, IN
McGlasson, J.D. - Augusta, IN
McGoogan, G.B. - Arcola, IN
McGowen, J.W. - Oakland City, IN
McGrew, Weson - Clinton, IN
McGrew, Wm. H. -
McGrew, Wm. N. - Lafontain, IN
McGuire, W.H. - Frankfort, IN
McHugh, Jas. E. - Ft. Wayne, IN
McIlraine, H.K. - Huntington, IN
McIntyre, C.W. - New Albany, IN
McIntyre, W.H. - Michigan City, IN
McIvor, Flora - Indianapolis, IN
McJohnson, A.S. - Pimento, IN
McJohnson, W.E. - Terre Haute, IN
McKamy, Anna - New Albany, IN
McKay, Jas. D. - Marion, IN.
McKee, Chas. E. - Dublin, IN
McKee, H.N. - Woodburn, IN
McKee, Wm. E. - Goldsmith, IN
McKeeman, R.B. - Ft. Wayne, IN
McKelvey, S.R. - Patricksburg, IN
McKenzie, J.W. - Indianapolis, IN
McKey, R.H.W. - Lusks Springs, IN
McKinney, G.W. - Gas City, IN
McKinney, J.W. - Bluffton, IN
McKinsey, W. M. - Marion, IN.
McKissick, O.P. - Linton, IN
McKittrick, O.H. - Plainville, IN
McLain, L.C. - Indianapolis, IN
McLaughlin, O. - Oolitic, IN
McLeary, J.D. - Indianapolis, IN
McLin, G.H. - Huntington, IN
McMahan, J.W. - Earl Park, IN
McMahan, S.W. - Indianapolis, IN
McMahan, W.R. - Huningburg, IN
McMahon, Adah - Lafayette, IN
McMichael, O.W. - Wheeler, IN
McMillan, J.P. - Medora, IN
McMullen, J.W. - Pine Village, IN
McMurray, J.S. - Frankfort, IN
McMurtry, T.J. - Boxley, IN
McNab, Philip - Indianapolis, IN
McNamara, D.W. - South Bend, IN
McNaull, Chas. - Indianapolis, IN
McNeal, G.L. - Deer Creek, IN
McNeil, Chas. A. - Veedersburg, IN
McOscar, E.J. - Ft. Wayne, IN
McPheeters, J.S. - Hardinsburg, IN
McPherson, S.L. - Montgomery, IN
McQuown, O.W. - Nat. Mil. Home, IN
McShane, J.T. - Indianapolis, IN
McSherley,J.L. - Sulph'r Spr'gs,IN
McTurnan, M.J. - Rigdon, IN
McVey, W.H. - DeGonia Sprgs., IN
McWhinney, B.P. - Union City, IN
McWilliams, O.E. - Anderson, IN
Medaris, J.W. - Brookston, IN
Meek, J.A. - Bunker Hill, IN
Meek, Joe. - Webster, IN
Meek, Loring C. - Tiosa, IN
Meek, M.L. - Abington, IN
Meek, M.L. - Abington, IN
Megee, Omar - Rushville, IN
Mehlig, H.M. - Tipton, IN
Meloy, C. - Otisco, IN
Meloy, J.M. - Sellersburg, IN
Melton, Ostin - Dog Wood, IN
Melton, S.B. - Fontanet, IN
Mendenahll, Edw. - Abington, IN
Mendenall, E.W. - Kingman, IN
Mendenhall, - Abington, IN
Mendenhall, A.B. - Cicero, IN
Mendenhall, C.J. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Mendenhall, C.J. - Lafayette, IN
Mendenhall, C.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Mendenhall, Chas. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Mendenhall, E.T. - New Castle, IN
Mendenhall, F.F. - Elwood, IN
Mendenhall, P.M. - Thorntown, IN
Mendenhall, W.O.'N. - Richmond, IN
Mennet, O.H. - Columbus, IN
Mentzer, S.E. - Monroeville, IN
Mercer, A.R. - Alexandria, IN
Merrilees, W.M. - Leavenworth, IN
Merrill, C.W. - Goshen, IN
Merrill, W.W. - Rensselaer, IN
Merrill, W.W. - Hammond, IN
Merriman, E. - So. Whitley, IN.
Merry, J.W. - Mt. Aye, IN
Merz, H.G. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Metcalf, Henry P. - Andersonville, IN
Metts, A.H. - Ossian, IN
Metts, Fred A. - Ossian, IN
Metts, J.J. - Ossian, IN
Metz, I.W. - Peru, IN
Metzger, B.S. - Boundary, IN
Metzler, S.N. - Lebanon, IN
Meyer, J.H. Wm. - Laporte, IN
Michael, A. - Tipton, IN
Michaels, J.F. - Jasper, IN
Middleton, John - Edinburg, IN
Miesse, Adam - Noblesville, IN
Mikesell, A.L. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Milburn, J.E. - Colfax, IN
Milburn, R.C. - Colfax, IN
Miles, Jacob T. - Bryant, IN
Miles, Jas. - Merom, IN
Miley, Isaiah - Anderson, IN
Milice, Anna - Warsaw, IN
Miller, A.G. - Dillsboro, IN
Miller, A.W. - Anderson, IN
Miller, Allen G. - South Bend, IN
Miller, B.E. - Albion, IN
Miller, C.A. - Kentland, IN
Miller, C.E. - Muncie, IN
Miller, D.L. - Goshen, IN
Miller, E.B. - Fountaint'wn, IN
Miller, Elizabeth - Anderson, IN
Miller, Geo. D. - Logansport,IN
Miller, H.C. - Greentown, IN
Miller, H.C.F. - Hobart, IN
Miller, H.D. - Atlanta, IN
Miller, H.H. - Galveston, IN
Miller, Harry - Nat. Mil. Home, IN
Miller, Harry L. - Elwood, IN
Miller, J. E. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Miller, J.M. - Decatur, IN
Miller, Joe. - Indianapolis, IN
Miller, L.C. - Alto, IN
Miller, Louis C. - Twelve Mile, IN
Miller, M.N. - Velpen, IN
Miller, R.H. - Cross Plains, IN
Miller, T.E.F. - Westport, IN
Miller, W.H. - Lafayette, IN
Miller, W.L. - West Franklin, IN
Millian, David - Royal Center, IN
Milligan, J.W. - Logansport,IN
Milligen, Chas. E. - Winchester, IN
Millikan, J.H. - Elwood, IN
Millikin, H.N. - Sheridan, IN
Millis, E.D. - Plainville, IN
Mills, Cassius C. - Redkey, IN
Mills, Mary - Princeton, IN
Mills, Richard - Saltillo, IN
Mills, Wm. H. - Boonville, IN
Mills, Wm.F. - South Bend, IN
Mineks, F.W. - Portland, IN
Minnick, H.R. - Idaville, IN
Miranda, Wm. F. - Walkerton, IN
Misener, H.E. - Monterey, IN
Misener, Harry E.N. - N. Manchester, IN
Misner, Walter L. - Mech'ics'g,IN
Mitchell, E.E. - Avoca, IN
Mitchell, E.J. - Lafayette, IN
Mitchell, F.A. - New Albany, IN
Mitchell, Harry F. - South Bend, IN
Mitchell, Harvey - Muncie, IN
Mitchell, Jas. J. - Canton, IN
Mitchell, S.P. - Mt. Etna, IN
Mitchell, W.J. - N. Vernon, IN
Mitchell, W.P. - Gaston, IN
Mitchell, W.R. - Ligonier, IN
Mitchem, L. - Crisp X Roads, IN
Mock, A D. - Marion, IN.
Mock, A.R. - Muncie, IN
Mock, J.F. - Marion, IN.
Mock, J.W. - Covington, IN
Modesitt, J.A. - Clay City, IN
Modricker, John - Wabash, IN
Moffett, E.D. - Indianapolis, IN
Moffett, John - Rushville, IN
Moffett, W.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Moffitt, Reuben R. - Rockfield, IN
Moffitt, W.R. - W. Lafayette, IN
Moir, J.G. - Elwood, IN
Molloy, W.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Molt, W.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Molz, Chas. - Bedford, IN
Monical, G.S. - Martinsville, IN
Montgomery, H.T. - South Bend, IN
Montgomery, J.W. - Paoli, IN
Montgomery, M.A. - Owensville, IN
Montgomery, T.J. - Owensville, IN
Montox, G.R. - Kasson, IN
Montox, J.E. - Kasson, IN
Moon, Allen - Point Isabel, IN
Moon, Allen - Leisure, IN
Mooney, H.C. - Laketon, IN
Moor, J.E. - Orland, IN
Moor, Wilmot - Terre Haute, IN
Moore, A.H. - Clinton Falls, IN
Moore, A.V. - Michigant'wn
Moore, Allen - North Liberty, IN
Moore, C.A. - Fremont, IN
Moore, C.C. - Washington, IN
Moore, C.M. - Howland, IN
Moore, Chas. E. - Russellville, IN
Moore, Chas. W. - Teegarden, IN
Moore, D.A. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Moore, E.W. - Kokomo, IN
Moore, Edwin P. - South Bend, IN
Moore, George B. - Omega, IN
Moore, Harry S. - Indianapolis, IN
Moore, J.B. - Kokomo, IN
Moore, J.L. - Washington, IN
Moore, J.R. - Lapel, IN
Moore, John - Lakeville, IN
Moore, M.G. - Vincennes, IN
Moore, M.W. - Rosedale, IN
Moore, N.B. - Noblesville, IN
Moore, P.G. - Wabash, IN
Moore, Reuben G. - Vincennes, IN
Moore, S.H. - Rensselaer, IN
Moore, S.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Moore, S.W. - Marion, IN.
Moore, Wm. - Elisabeth, IN
Moorehouse, J.L. - Fowler, IN
Moorhead, T.W. - Terre Haute, IN
Moraweck, Ernest - Tell City, IN
Morehouse, J.A. - Portland, IN
Morgan, Abrah'm - Indianapolis, IN
Morgan, E.E. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Morgan, Frank B. - Huntington, IN
Morgan, Jean R. - Atlanta, IN
Morgan, Jos. E. - Dixon, IN
Morgan, R.M. - McCordsville, IN
Morgan, Ralph - Indianapolis, IN
Morgan, Thos.W. - Spartanburg, IN
Morgan, Wm.V. - Indianapolis, IN
Moro, F. - Warsaw, IN
Morr, J.W. - Albion, IN
Morris, C.C. - Rockville, IN
Morris, Geo. M. - Headler, IN
Morris, J.E. - Liberty, IN
Morris, J.L. - Kings, IN
Morris, J.M. - Fulton, IN
Morris, Minor - Indianapolis, IN
Morris, O.W. - Reed Stat'n, IN
Morris, Oliver M. - Sheridan, IN
Morris, Thomas - Mt. Zion, IN
Morris, W.B. - Little York, IN
Morris, W.F. - Fort Branch, IN
Morrison, F.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Morrison, H.E. - Laporte, IN
Morrison, J.H. - Hartsville, IN
Morrison, J.O. - Anderson, IN
Morrison, J.S. - Lafayette, IN
Morrison, O.A.J. - Middlefork, IN
Morrison, T.R. - Churubusco, IN
Morrow, J.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Morrow, S.J. - Richmond, IN
Moser, James P. - Spearsville, IN
Moss, D.F. - Winamac, IN
Moss, James K. - Ashboro, IN
Moss, W.C. - Winamac, IN
Motter, T.S. - Dayton, IN
Mottier, G.A. - Richmond, IN
Moulder, J.M. - Kokomo, IN
Mountain, J.R. - Connersville, IN
Moyer, F.E. - Pennville, IN
Moyer, F.K. - Elkhart, IN
Mson, Lenidas - Bluffton, IN
Muelchi, Wm. H. - Tell City, IN
Mueller, Anton - Indianapolis, IN
Mueller, Frank M. - Lawrenceburg, IN
Muhlhausen, M. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Mull, Philip L. - Oldenburg, IN
Mullan, A.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Mullinix, P. - Cloverdale, IN
Mulvey, Chas. B. - Montpelier, IN
Mulvey, Jas. W. - N. Vernon, IN
Mumaw, H.A. - Elkhart, IN
Munsee, Lola - Marion, IN.
Munsey, D.O. - Gaston, IN
Munsey, S.E. - N. Mt. Pleas'nt, IN
Munson, Geo. H. - Stanford, IN
Murdoch, John - Muddy Fork, IN
Muret, Jas. A. - Saluda, IN
Murphy, C. - Salem, IN
Murphy, C.F. - Griffin, IN
Murphy, D.S. - Wabash, IN
Murphy, Geo. - Leo, IN
Murphy, John S. - Sullivan, IN
Murphy, O.C. - Scottsburg, IN
Murphy, Wm. H. - Morgantown, IN
Murray, A.L. - Eaton, IN
Murray, A.R. - Albany, IN
Murray, D.M. - Dunkirk, IN
Murray, L.E. - Huntington, IN
Murray, S.T. - Greentown, IN
Myers, C.H. - South Bend, IN
Myers, C.L. - Covington, IN
Myers, I.M. - Maples, IN
Myers, J.G.L. - Bloomington, IN
Myers, J.W. - Middlebury, IN
Myers, Port - Edinburg, IN
Myers, Wm.H. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Myers, Wm.H. - Plainville, IN
Nall, A.H. - Hoosierville, IN
Nanney, W.N. - Evansville, IN
Nash, G.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Neal, E.M. - Burnett, IN
Neal, Jno. W. - Indianapolis, IN
Neat, T.C. - New Albany, IN
Nebergall, J.W. - Terre Haute, IN
Neely, I.L. - Corydon, IN
Neff, Isaac N. - Mt. Zion, IN
Neff, J.L. - Logansport,IN
Neff, J.N. - Logansport,IN
Neff, Jas. H. - Fairbanks, IN
Neff, Jno. A. - Indianapolis, IN
Neff, W.W. - Green's Fork, IN
Nehrbas, John G. - Indianapolis, IN
Neier, O.C. - New Palestine, IN
Neighbors, A.G. - Fowler, IN
Nellens, A.J. - Rochester, IN
Nelson, Hiram G. - Vernon, IN
Nelson, Olive O. - Huntington, IN
Nenneker, Henry - Elberfeld, IN
Nesbitt, W.S. - Monitor, IN
Neuman, F.T. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Neville, R. - Teegarden, IN
New, Y.N. - Barnard, IN
Newby, J.C. - Sheridan, IN
Newcomer, G.V. - Elwood, IN
Newell, J.W. - Denver, IN
Newforth, C. - Sunman, IN
Newhouse, J.T. - Chesterfield, IN
Newhouse, O.A. - Hillsdale, IN
Newland, J.W. - Bedford, IN
Newlin, S.C. - Anderson, IN
Newlin, W.H. - New Londan, IN
Newman, H.M. - South Milford, IN
Newman, M.N. - Ossian, IN
Newton, C.N. - Marion, IN.
Newton, G.O. - Dana, IN
Newton, Grant - Boonville, IN
Newton, John T. - St. Bernice, IN
Neyman, E.M.C. - Saltillo, IN
Niblack, E.S. - Terre Haute, IN
Nichols, H.A. - Flint, IN
Nichols, J.D. - Indianapolis, IN
Nichols, John - Ft. Wayne, IN
Nichols, W.E. - New Holland, IN
Nickels, J.M. - Sellersburg, IN
Nicols, - Andrews, IN
Nieschang, C.F. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Nifer, F.J. - Brimfield, IN
Niman, C.H. - Elkhart, IN
Niswonger, H.W. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Niven, John S. - Crawfordsville, IN
Nixon, John - Farmland, IN
Noble, - Cedarville, IN
Noble, Thomas B. - Greenwood, IN
Noble, Thos. D. - Indianapolis, IN
Noe, R.B. - Thorntown, IN
Noffsinger, H. - Union City, IN
Nolan, Chas. N. - Anderson, IN
Noland, J.F. - North Judson, IN
Noland, J.W. - Buffalo, IN
Noland, P.D. - Kouts, IN
Noland, Wm.A. - North Judson, IN
Noonse, F.P. - Alexandria, IN
Norman, James I. - Parkville, IN
Norris, W.N. - Miami, IN
Norten, W.J. - Alert, IN
Norton, F.D. - Petersville, IN
Norton, Thos. J. - Marrietta, IN
Norvell, H.V. - Bloomfield, IN
Null, C.L. - Somerville, IN
Null, L.S. - New Haven, IN
Nusbaum, C.E. - Bremen, IN
Nusbaum, W.H. - Auburn, IN
Nussell, Fred'k - Brazil, IN
Nye, A.F. - Deer Creek, IN
Nye, John H. - Cromwell, IN
Oalden, Wilson C. - Shirley, IN
Oberlin, Thos. W. - Hammond, IN
O'Brien W.H. - Stilesville, IN
O'Brien, Chas. A. - Fillmore, IN
Obrien, W.H. - Clayton, IN
O'Day, John C. - Montpelier, IN
Odell, J.L. - Terre Haute, IN
O'Dell, T.A. - Lafayette, IN
O'Dell, Thos. A. - Indianapolis, IN
Offutt, Vance - Campbellsb'g., IN
Ogborn, Job O. - Lafayette, IN
Ogle, Albert A. - Indianapolis, IN
Ogle, John J. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Oiler, M.L. - Russiaville, IN
Oldham, G.L. - Clifford, IN
Oldham, Harry M. - Clifford, IN
Oldham, Harry N. - Waynesburg, IN
O'Leary F.T. - Logansport,IN
O'Leary, F.T. - Montmorenci, IN
O'Leary, Geo. M. - Huntington, IN
Olin, L.W. - Elmdale, IN
Oliver, J.B. - Brazil, IN
Oliver, John H. - Indianapolis, IN
Olmsted, R.T. - Versailles, IN
O'Neal, Laughlin - Somerset, IN
Orahood, J.D. - Coral Creek, IN
Orr, William H. - Harmony, IN
Osborn, E.A. - Peru, IN
Osborn, Effa A. - Indianapolis, IN
Osborn, George A. - South Bend, IN
Osborn, John - N. Winchester, IN
Osborn, Margaraet - South Bend, IN
Osborn, W.M. - Alexandria, IN
Osborn, W.R. - Spurgeon, IN
Osgood, H.G. - Gosport, IN
Ossenback, Wm. - Indianapolis, IN
Osterman, A.G. - Dudleytown, IN
Ostroff, Henry - Indianapolis, IN
Ott, J.E. - Ashley, IN
Otto, A.E. - Alexandria, IN
Outland, E.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Overman, C.J. - Marion, IN.
Overman, W. - Salem, IN
Overmyer, B.F. - Leiters, IN
Owen, Ella P. W. - Silver Lake, IN
Owen, J.E. - Evansville, IN
Owen, T.S. - Elwood, IN
Owens, John K. - Harrisville, IN
Owens, O.W. - Muncie, IN
Owens, Robert J. - Cedar Grove, IN
Owsley, W.J. - Thorntown, IN
Oxby, M.E. - Spurgeon, IN
Oyler, Wm.A. - Argos, IN
Paddock, C.A. - Portland, IN
Padgett, T.I. - Terre Haute, IN
Padgett, Thos. I. - Jacksonville, IN
Page, Lafayette - Indianapolis, IN
Page, W.B. - Middlebury, IN
Pagel, Chas. W. - Argos, IN
Painter, Berry - Middletown, IN
Painter, L.H. - Cowan, IN
Palmer, E.M. - Warren, IN
Palmer, R.B. - Idaville, IN
Pannenborg, J.C. - Hammond, IN
Pantzer, H.O. - Indianapolis, IN
Park, H.A.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Parke, Chas. - Boonville, IN
Parker, A.P. - Kirklin, IN
Parker, Albert - Leiters, IN
Parker, J.W. - Atlanta, IN
Parker, John - Mellott, IN
Parker, John W. - Adams, IN
Parker, M.G. - Danville, IN
Parker, O.O. - Merom, IN
Parks, J.F. - Cumback, IN
Parks, John P. - Bourbon, IN
Parnat, John - Evansville, IN
Parr, G.L. - Washington, IN
Parr, J.N. - Jolietville, IN
Parret, A.M. - Anderson, IN
Parrish, John W. - Shelbyville, IN
Parrish, M.F. - Monroe, IN
Parrish, Willard - Fenns, IN
Parrott, H.M. - Burnettsville, IN
Parsons, Chas. H. - Rushville, IN
Parsons, Jno. S. - Indianapolis, IN
Partridge, Joel M. - South Bend, IN
Passage, H.V. - Peru, IN
Passmore, Jane - Annapolis, IN
Patchen, D.H. - Fremont, IN
Pate, John R. - Milan, In
Patrick, C.E. - Seymour, IN
Patterson, A.G. - East Chicago, IN
Patterson, A.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Patterson, E.L. - Brookville, IN
Patterson, I.B. - Milford, IN
Patterson, J.W. - Fairmount, IN
Patton, C. - Terre Haute, IN
Patton, J.C. - Francisco, IN
Patton, W.H. - Orleans, IN
Patton, Wm. F. - Orleans, IN
Paxton, E.J.T. - Glenwood, IN
Payne, A.D. - Indianapolis, IN
Payne, A.T. - Terre Haute, IN
Payne, C.F. - Franklin, IN
Payne, J.H. - Julietta, IN
Payne, P.W. - Franklin, IN
Payne, R.W. - Franklin, IN
Payne, T.H. - Delaware, IN
Paynter, H.M. - Salem, IN
Paynter, L.W. - Campbellsb'g., IN
Payton, Lewis - Muncie, IN
Peachee, H. - Indianapolis, IN
Peacock, N.F. - Darlington, IN
Peacock, S.R. - Ladoga, IN
Peare, R.C. - Bellmore, IN
Pearlman, Sam'l. - Stone Bluff, IN
Pearson, E.D. - Wabash, IN
Peck, J.S.W. - Frankton, IN
Peck, M. Eva - Goshen, IN
Peckinpaugh, G.R. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Pectol, Chas. F. - Alaska, IN
Pedue, C.R. - Burrows, IN
Pell, G. Milton - Carbon, IN
Pendleton, C.B. - Mech'icsb'g, IN
Pendleton, Geo. - Indianapolis, IN
Penn, Benj. A. - Bryantsburg, IN
Penn, R.L. - Deming, IN
Pennington, W.D. - French Lick, IN
Perce, B.H. - Anderson, IN
Perkins, E.L. - Oolitic, IN
Perrin, D. Leroy - Marling, IN
Perry, A.J. - Alexandria, IN
Perry, Chas. H. - Lewis Creek, IN
Perry, Geo. S. - Westchester, IN
Perry, Wm. H. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Peter, E.L. - Flora, IN
Peters, D.C. - Greentown, IN
Peters, J.B. - Macy, IN
Peters, W.H. - Lafayette, IN
Peterson, W.B. - Lizton, IN
Peterson, W.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Petet, Marshall - Boswell, IN
Petro, B.L. - Markleville, IN
Petry, Franklin - Akron, IN
Pettibone, Henry - Crown Point, IN
Pettigrew, C.D. - Houston, IN
Pettigrew, D.A. - Flatrock, IN
Pettijohn, B.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Pettijohn, F.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Pettijohn, O.B. - Noblesville, IN
Pettijohn, O.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Peyton, D.C. - Jeffersonville, IN
Pfaff, O.G. - Indianapolis, IN
Pharas, J.N. - Howell, IN
Phares, Henry E. - Morristown, IN
Phillips, A.F. - Corunna, IN
Phillips, J.L. - Pleasantville, IN
Philo, Daniel W. - Indianapolis, IN
Phipps, D.L. - Whiteland, IN
Phipps, I.H. - Needham, IN
Phylo, D.W. - Anderson, IN
Pickel, John M. - Plainville, IN
Pickens, F.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Pickering, Sam'l - New Castle, IN
Pielemeier, E.F. - Muncie, IN
Pierce, E.e. - Richmond, IN
Pierce, J.E. - Middletown, IN
Pierce, John S. - Redkey, IN
Pierson, Allen - Spencer, IN
Pierson, W.M. - Fountaint'wn, IN
Pigman, G.W. - Liberty, IN
Pink, Hermann - Indianapolis, IN
Pink, Julius - Indianapolis, IN
Pinson, J.A. - Terre Haute, IN
Piper, H.M. - Denver, IN
Pirtle, Geo. W. - Carlisle, IN
Piscator, R.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Plamer, R.F. - Frankfort, IN
Plasterer, P.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Pleak, Ezra H. - Waynesburg, IN
Plew, G.F. - Hymera, IN
Plew, John H. - Freedom, IN
Plough, M.L. - Elwood, IN
Plough, M.T. - Kempton, IN
Plummer, I. Nutt - Shoals, IN
Pocock, Elias H. - Walnut, IN
Poland, V.G. - Muncie, IN
Poling, S.K. - Portland, IN
Polk, E.E. - Muncie, IN
Pollard, W.S. - Evansville, IN
Pool, Mary H. - Indianapolis, IN
Porter, A.M. - State Line, IN
Porter, A.W. - Loogootee, IN
Porter, E.D. - Indianapolis, IN
Porter, John R. - Lebanon, IN
Porter, McGuire - Elnora, IN
Porter, Miles F. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Porter, W.J. - Connersville, IN
Post, Burton O. - Sulph'r Spr'gs,IN
Pothinsje, P.J. - Remington, IN
Potter, John E. - Milford, IN
Potter, Theo. - Indianapolis, IN
Potts, John F. - Bloomington, IN
Poucher, C.H.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Powell, A.E. - Marion, IN.
Powell, Beecher B. - Marshall, IN
Powell, D.C. - Logansport,IN
Powell, E.W. - Greentown, IN
Powell, J.W. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Powell, J.Z. - Logansport,IN
Powell, Nettie B. - Marion, IN.
Powell, T.E. - Evansville, IN
Powell, T.J. - Michigant'wn
Power, S.J. - Evansville, IN
Powers, V.G. - Albany, IN
Prall, Ezra - Henryville,IN
Prall, Ezra - Oldenburg, IN
Pratt, B.W. - Goodland, IN
Pratt, C.C. - Willow Br'ch, IN
Pray, Frank M. - Indianapolis, IN
Prentiss, J.H.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Presley, I.N. - Ellettsville, IN
Preston, A.L. - Haughville, IN
Preston, C.M. - Marion, IN.
Preston, H.P. - Laporte, IN
Preston, Jos. L. - Greencastle, IN
Pretlow, C.L. - Fairmount, IN
Price, E.V. - Ladoga, IN
Price, Geo. R. - Fowler, IN
Price, W.A. - Nappanee, IN
Price, Wm. S. - Tangier, IN
Prichard, W.K. - Cloverdale, IN
Priest, Frank A. - Marion, IN.
Pritchard, J.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Pritchett, W.S. - Evansville, IN
Proctor, J.A. - Union City, IN
Proegler, Carl - Ft. Wayne, IN
Proudley, Geo. W. - Fair Oaks, IN
Prough, Wm. C. - Goodland, IN
Province, C. - Franklin, IN
Province, Wm. M. - Providence, IN
Prticharad, C.A. - Gosport, IN
Prunk, D.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Pryor, James A. - Patriot, IN
Puckett, E.J. - Muncie, IN
Puckett, J.L. - Kokomo, IN
Pugh, J. - Kempton, IN
Pugh, John W. - Gas City, IN
Pullen, A.J. - Fairmount, IN
Purcell, Sarah - Randolph, IN
Purdy, Jos. C. - Terhune, IN
Purkhiser, Will J. - Salem, IN
Purman, S.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Putnam, Jas. G. - Cartersburg, IN
Putnam, W.E. - Whiting, IN
Pyke, A.S. - Romney, IN
Quick, J.C. - Muncie, IN
Quick, J.M. - Muncie, IN
Quick, John H. - Brookville, IN
Quick, L.L. - New Waverly, IN
Quick, R.H. - New Waverly, IN
Quick, W.R. - Edna Mills, IN
Quickel, D.S. - Alexandria, IN
Quillen, Sam'l. N. - Linton, IN
Quincy, Wm. C. - Lowell, IN
Race, R.A. - Lafayette, IN
Radcliff, Floyd E. - Burket, IN
Ragsdale, Claud - Trafalgar, IN
Ragsdale, M.H. - Glendale, IN
Rainey, H.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Rains, George W. - Seymour, IN
Raisden, C.E. - Bedford, IN
Ralph, Alfred J. - New Bellville, IN
Ralston, Aug. - New Corydon, IN
Ralston, H.H. - Lanesville, IN
Ralston, Wm. T. - Evansville, IN
Ramsbrook, C.R. - Huningburg, IN
Ramsey, D.C. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Ramsey, G.P. - Newtown, In
Ramsey, J.P. - Vincennes, IN
Ramsey, R.B. - Greenfield, IN
Randolph, D.F. - Waldron, IN
Ranger, J.N. - Evansville, IN
Ranke, J.W.H. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Rankin, T.B. - Odon, IN
Rannells, J.N. - Rochester, IN
Rannells, W.S. - Argos, IN
Rarick, Isaac - Parker, IN
Ratcliff, J.T. - Morris, IN
Ratliff, B. - W. Newton, IN
Ratliff, L.H. - Lawrence, IN
Raubadeaux, L.B. - Springville, IN
Ravdin, Marcus - Evansville, IN
Rawlings, J.V. - Wirt, IN
Rawlings, S.O. - New Harmony, IN
Ray, C.C. - Arcadia, IN
Ray, Daniel P. - Gessie, IN
Ray, F.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Ray, Franklin E. - Fairland, IN
Ray, J.W. - Emison, IN
Rayburn, I.W. - Kokomo, IN
Rea, Chas. L. - Falmouth, IN
Rea, Oliver A. - Culver, IN
Read, H.G. - Tipton, IN
Reade, J. - Traders Point, IN
Reading, G.O. - Irvington, IN
Reagan, A.W. - Mooresville, IN
Reagan, J.S. - Plainfield, IN
Reagan, Jesse - Plainfield, IN
Reagan, Jesse S. - Lebanon, IN
Reagan, R.M. - Monon, IN
Reagan, Theo - State Line, IN
Reasoner, O.I. - Muncie, IN
Reaves, D.P. - Patoka, IN
Reavis, Wm. J. - Evansville, IN
Recker, L.H. - Morocco, IN
Recobs, R.M. - Tipton, IN
Record, J.N. - Franklin, IN
Records, R.S. - Lawrence, IN
Records, Saul - Lawrence, IN
Redlon, D.M. - Holton, IN
Redman, L.H. - Scipio, IN
Reece, James N. - North Liberty, IN
Reed, Andy - Kossuth, IN
Reed, D.E.P. - Portland Mills, IN
Reed, H.B. - Montpelier, IN
Reed, J.H. - Monticello, IN
Reed, John - Marion, IN.
Reed, John H. - Hammond, IN
Reed, L.D. - Hope, IN
Reed, U.W. - Topeka, IN
Reed, Wilson - Indianapolis, IN
Reeder, Joseph C. - Montezuma, IN
Rees, H.O. - Thorntown, IN
Rees, Omer H. - Indianapolis, IN
Reese, Geo. B.M. - Owensberg, IN
Reeves, J.L. - Edwardsport, IN
Reeves, John L. - Union City, IN
Regannas, E.G. - Hope, IN
Reid, S.M. - Muncie, IN
Reiff, C.W. - Frankfort, IN
Reiff, N.G. - Albion, IN
Reilly, J.H.S. - Sardinia, IN
Reisinger, Edw. - Abington, IN
Reitz, P.C. - Evansville, IN
Renner, M.E. - Urbana, IN
Renner, Uriah - Ft. Wayne, IN
Rennoe, Callie A. - South Bend, IN
Repp, G.R. - Tipton, IN
Resoner, Wm. S. - Point Isabel, IN
Reusser, Amos - Berne, IN
Revis, George - Lafayette, IN
Reyer, E.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Reynard, E.G. - Union City, IN
Reynard, G. - Union City, IN
Reynolds, D.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Reynolds, F.A. - Kendallville, IN
Reynolds, F.M. - Montpelier, IN
Reynolds, Geo. R. - Plymouth, IN
Reynolds, J.N. - Memphis, IN
Rhodes, C.C. - Whiting, IN
Rhodes, Eden E. - Rochester, IN
Rice, Alfred - Columbus, IN
Rice, C.W. - New Albany, IN
Rice, Clair M. - De Motte, IN
Rice, E.S. - Wallace, IN
Rice, J.T. - Attica, IN
Rice, N.L. - Bloomington, IN
Rice, S.M. - Terre Haute, IN
Rice, T.R. - Petersburg, IN
Rice, W.G. - Muncie, IN
Rice, Wm. H. - Spencer, IN
Richards, F.B. - Taylorsville, IN
Richards, John - Laud, IN
Richards, S.D. - Patricksburg, IN
Richards, Thos. J. - Mooney, IN
Richardson, John - Fulton, IN
Richardson, W.H. - Vernon, IN
Richer, J. D. - Warsaw, IN
Richey, Samuel R. - Donaldson, IN
Richmond, W.B. - Brazil, IN
Richstein, J.J. - Evansville, IN
Rickard, Wm. A. - Muncie, IN
Ridenour, D.C. - Peru, IN
Ridpath, H.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Rife, - Boston, IN
Rife, J.J. - Boston, IN
Riley, Chas. - Macy, IN
Riley, Chas. C. - Indianapolis, IN
Riley, E.T. - Greensburg, IN
Riley, Jas. L. - Artie, IN
Rine, Edgar W. - Winchester, IN
Ringle, Chas. A. - South Bend, IN
Ringle, T.F. - Tippecanoe, IN
Ripperdan, J.H. - Magnet, IN
Risinger, W. - Abington, IN
Ristine, W.H. - Crawfordsville, IN
Ritter, C.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Ritter, H.O. - Orangeville, IN
Ritter, James K. - Seymour, IN
Ritter, Jas. K. - Marion, IN.
Ritter, John A. - West Baden, IN
Ritter, T.B. - Orangeville, IN
Roads, Anna E. - Tipton, IN
Robbins, Clark - Mooresville, IN
Robbins, J.T. - Wheatland, IN
Roberts, A.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Roberts, Elizabeth - Connersville, IN
Roberts, Gilmour - Lake, IN
Roberts, J.D. - New Albany, IN
Roberts, S.A. - Salem, IN
Roberts, S.R. - Oxford, IN
Roberts, W.H. - Terre Haute, IN
Robertson, D.W. - Deputy, IN
Robertson, J.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Robertson, John - Westport, IN
Robinson, A.J. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Robinson, Andrew - Ft. Wayne, IN
Robinson, F.B. - Monticello, IN
Robinson, F.H. - Delphi, IN
Robinson, G.M. - Loogootee, IN
Robinson, H.C. - Martinsville, IN
Robinson, J.L. - Wheatland, IN
Robinson, J.M. - Moores Hill, IN
Robinson, W.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Robison, J.E. - Geetingsville, IN
Robison, T.B. - Rossville, In
Rock, Geo. - Auburn, IN
Rockafellow, W.A. - Laughrey, IN
Rodecap, G.W. - Middletown, IN
Rodenhuis, Evert - Lafayette, IN
Rogers, Aaron G. - Parker, IN
Rogers, Henry C. - Indianapolis, IN
Rogers, Henry C. - Rockville, IN
Rogers, J.B. - Michigan City, IN
Rogers, J.G. - Logansport,IN
Rogers, Otto F. - Bloomington, IN
Rogers, Rebecca W. - Indianapolis, IN
Rogers, S.T. - New Albany, IN
Rogers, Samuel G. - New Castle, IN
Roland, Wm. C. - Brazil, IN
Roney, D.C. - Milan, In
Roope, A.H. - Columbus, IN
Root, Chas. C. - Leach, IN
Root, Chas. C. - Indianapolis, IN
Rose, B.A. - Linton, IN
Rose, Ben S. - Evansville, IN
Rose, Madison H. - Thorntown, IN
Rosenberg, I.A. - Independence, IN
Rosenkrans, H.S. - Bridgeton, IN
Rosenthal, I.M. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Rosenthal, M.I. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Ross, David - Indianapolis, IN
Ross, Geo. A. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Ross, J.C. - Muncie, IN
Ross, J.C. - Lafayette, IN
Ross, J.H. - Kokomo, IN
Ross, J.K. - Cayuga, IN
Ross, John C. - Nashville, IN
Ross, John G. - Portland, IN
Ross, L.H. - Ekin, IN
Ross, N.B. - Muncie, IN
Ross, R.H. - Cassville, IN
Ross, Ren Orman - Indianapolis, IN
Ross, W.H. - Veedersburg, IN
Rous, Hannah C. - Vevay, IN
Row, G.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Rowe, L.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Rowe, T.C. - Coal Bluff, IN
Rowland, Calvin - Alfordsville, IN
Rowland, Geo. - Covington, IN
Royse, Jas. G. - Indianapolis, IN
Rubin, B. - Michigan City, IN
Rubsam, Jos. - Logansport,IN
Rubush, D.P. - Sharpsville, IN
Rubush, Thos. R. - London, IN
Ruby, Samuel B. - Union City, IN
Ruckel, John F. - Hammond, IN
Rucker, Jesse W. - Shelbyville, IN
Rucker, O.P. - Newburgh, IN
Rucker, Thos. H. - Arlington, IN
Ruddell, Benson - Frankfort, IN
Ruddell, I.N. - Jeffersonville, IN
Ruddick, Lindley - Seymour, IN
Rudolph, O.F. - Corunna, IN
Runcie, G.U. - Poseyville, IN
Runice, J.W. - Fort Branch, IN
Runnels, O.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Runnels, Sollis - Indianapolis, IN
Runyan, J.F. - Alexandria, IN
Rupert, A.M. - Attica, IN
Rupp, Peter E. - South Bend, IN
Ruse, A.O. - Clermont, IN
Rush, M.A. - Anderson, IN
Rusk, Anna - Richmond, IN
Russell, Geo. A. - Tipton, IN
Russle, C.W. - Riley, IN
Rust, Wm. F. - Holland, IN
Rutherford, C.E. - Peru, IN
Rutherford, R.S. - Galena, IN
Ryan, J.A. - Valparaiso, IN
Ryan, Wm. B. - Indianapolis, IN
Ryan, Wm. E. - French Lick, IN
Ryker, Chas. - China, IN
Rynearson, B.F. - Prairietown, IN

Saddler, Wm. C. - Indianapolis, IN
Sage, Ira T. - Redkey, IN
Salb, John P. - Jasper, IN
Sale, F.H. - Aurora, IN
Sale, F.H. - Dillsboro, IN
Sale, J.H. - Dillsboro, IN
Salinger, S.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Salisbury, W.H. - Morocco, IN
Sammons, Eva C. - Indianapolis, IN
Sammons, L.C. - Shelbyville, IN
Sampson, Wm. H. - Brookston, IN
Sanders, F.E. - Perrysville, IN
Sanders, Ira N. - Adams, IN
Sanders, J.M. - Gentryville, IN
Sanders, Louis A. - Hazelrigg, IN
Sanderson, Thos. - Kent, IN
Sandy, Wm. J. - Gosport, IN
Sanford, James H. - Shelbyville, IN
Sarber, Wallace C. - Argos, IN
Sargent, T.C. - Lafayette, IN
Sarver, A.J. - Blocher, IN
Sarver, F.C. - Blocher, IN
Sassaman, F.W. - Valparaiso, IN
Saule, Sarah A. - Indianapolis, IN
Saunders, C.B. - Pennville, IN
Saunders, D.R. - N. Vernon, IN
Saunders, G.C. - Alexandria, IN
Saunders, J.E. - Pennville, IN
Saunders, J.M. - Taswell, IN
Saunders, Jesse E. - Petroleum, IN
Saunders, Joel E. - Nottingham, IN
Saunders, Jos. - Anderson, IN
Sawyer, Frank M. - South Bend, IN
Saylor, F.L. - Elwood, IN
Scales, H.W. - Boonville, IN
Schaeffer, A.R. - Alexandria, IN
Schaffer, Geo. C. - Bloomington, IN
Schaffer, Lee - Sandborn, IN
Schaible, Emil - Lafayette, IN
Schaub, Daniel - Muncie, IN
Schearer, Julia - Huntington, IN
Scheddell, W.A. - Crown Point, IN
Scheib, J.P. - Marion, IN.
Schell, F.A. - Spencer, IN
Schell, Walker - Terre Haute, IN
Schellhase, F.W. - Celestine, IN
Schenck, Fred'k. - New Corydon, IN
Schenck, H.F. - Oatsville, IN
Schenck, Luella M. - Indianapolis, IN
Schenk, C.H. - Berne, IN
Scherer, S.P. - Indianapolis, IN
Scherfee, J.F. - Fairland, IN
Schick, Martin F. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Schilling, Carl - Ft. Wayne, IN
Schilling, John - Ft. Wayne, IN
Schillinger, R. - Richmond, IN
Schirack, J.A. - New Corydon, IN
Schliecker, A.G. - East Chicago, IN
Schlotterback, E.L. - Ligonier, IN
Schmadel, J.W. - Vincennes, IN
Schneider, A.L. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Schofield, J.V. - Greensburg, IN
Schofield, R.K. - Reynolds, IN
Scholl,C.E. - Camden, IN
Schooley, W.A. - Guilford, IN
Schoonover, W.R. - Warsaw, IN
Schouse, Ch - Peru, IN
Schrader, W.F. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Schrock, H.W. - Lagrange, IN
Schrock, J.J. - Scott, IN
Schuck, John H. - Weltes, IN
Schults, Guy A. - Lebanon, IN
Schultz, Wm. A. - Lebanon, IN
Schultze, Theodore - Evansville, IN
Schulz, A.F. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Schum, Chas. - Brookville, IN
Schurtz, C.D. - Alexandria, IN
Schuyler, P.S. - Evansville, IN
Schwartz, C.W. - Huningburg, IN
Schwartz, Wm. D. - Portland, IN
Schweizer, J.J. - Santa Claus, IN
Schwier, Wm. C. - Wheatfield, IN
Scott, Benton H. - W. Harrison, IN
Scott, Caleb - Monticello, IN
Scott, D.V. - Borden, IN
Scott, J.M. - Iona, IN
Scott, J.T. - Indianapolis, IN
Scott, J.W.C. - Hecla, IN
Scott, John C. - Talma, IN
Scott, Noble W. - Huntington, IN
Scott, W.F. - Linwood, IN
Scott, W.L. - Hartford City, IN
Scudder, C.P. - Washington, IN
Seal, Frank E. - Mt. Carmel, IN
Seal, I.N. - Hackleman, IN
Seale, Jos. P. - Fairmount, IN
Seaman, J.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Seaman, J.B. - Osceola, IN
Searcy, Benj. N. - Quercus Grove, IN
Searcy, Geo. H. - Muncie, IN
Searight, H.W. - Upland, IN
Searles, Joseph D. - Huntington, IN
Sears, A.H. - Anderson, IN
Seaton, Chas. - Martinsville, IN
Seaton, G.W. - Clayton, IN
Seaton, Guy - Martinsville, IN
Seawright,Sam'l. - Lafayette, IN
Sebring, D.A. - Auburn, IN
Secoy, S.H. - Jeffersonville, IN
Sedman, Marshall D. - Indianapolis, IN
Seidler, Anthony - Dyer, IN
Selfridge, W.R.. - Worthington, IN
Selfridge, W.T. - Jasonville, IN
Seller, T.P. - Indianapolis, IN
Sellers, John - Montpelier, IN
Sellman, A.G. - Indianapolis, IN
Selman, J.W. - Greenfield, IN
Selvey, Sam'l. S. - Dunkirk, IN
Sensenich, A.A. - Wakarusa, IN
Servoss, Geo. L. - Indianapolis, IN
Sessions, S.K. - Evansville, IN
Setser, H.H. - Leavenworth, IN
Sevens, Annie M. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Severin, Louis - Bluffton, IN
Severinghaus, E.A. - New Albany, IN
Sexauere, C.F. - Hartford City, IN
Sexton, Charles E. - Fountaint'wn, IN
Sexton, Chas. E. - Portland, IN
Sexton, John C. - Rushville, IN
Seymoure, C.A. - Wawaka, IN
Shackelford, T.J. - Warsaw, IN
Shadday, John H. - Moorefield, IN
Shaefer, C.K. - Indianapolis, IN
Shafer, O.B. - Muncie, IN
Shafer, O.B. - Economy, IN
Shafer, W.S. - Rochester, IN
Shaffer, Abner H. - Huntington, IN
Shaffer, Phillip - N. Manchester, IN
Shaley, F.W. - Terre Haute, IN
Shananhan, A.A. - Jalapa, IN
Shane, Thos. A. - Columbus, IN
Sharer, W.F. - Delphi, IN
Sharp, H.C. - Jeffersonville, IN
Sharrer, H.E. - Hammond, IN
Sharrer, J.C. - Francesville, IN
Shartess, A.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Shaul, Monroe - Pelzer, IN
Shaw, Samuel L. - Moody, IN
Sheets, Oscar B. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Sheets, W.H. - Jeffersonville, IN
Shelburne, W.T. - Zionsville, IN
Shellheimer, D.C. - Wabash, IN
Shepard, S.D. - Anderson, IN
Shepherd, G.W. - Redkey, IN
Shepherd, John P. - Judson, IN
Shepherd, Lewis - Quaker, IN
Shepherd, V. - DuPont, IN
Sherbondy, G.W. - Silver Lake, IN
Sheridan, Anna T. - Sullivan, IN
Sherman, W.C. - Brownsville, IN
Sherrow, W.E. - Ashley, IN
Sherwood, B.M. - Linton, IN
Sherwood, E.T. - Linton, IN
Sherwood, W.C. - Bedford, IN
Sherwood, W.C. - Loogootee, IN
Shetterly, Wm. R. - Indianapolis, IN
Shewman, E.B. - Wymansville, IN
Shields, E.A. - Muncie, IN
Shields, Jacob S. - Milledgeville, IN
Shields, James - Jonesville, IN
Shields, Jas. M. - Seymour, IN
Shiffer, B.S. - St. Joe, IN
Shill, C.W. - Lafayette, IN
Shilt, J.L. - Cicero, IN
Shipley, John B. - Marion, IN.
Shipley, John B. - Goblesville, IN
Shipman, N.N. - Seymour, IN
Shirley, H.W. - Shoals, IN
Shirts, Elmer - Lyons, IN
Shively, A.H. - Yorktown, IN
Shively, D.M> - Yorktown, IN
Shively, M.T. - Marion, IN.
Shoaf, F.A. - Veedersburg, IN
Shobe, W.A. - Ligonier, IN
Shoemaker, D.M. - Muncie, IN
Shoemaker, G.L. - Nappanee, IN
Shoemaker, R.C. - Muncie, IN
Shoemaker, S. - Poneto, IN
Shoen, Phillip H. - N. Middletown, IN
Shonkwiler, F.M. - New Market, IN
Shook, N.J. - Kendallville, IN
Short, I.W. - Elkhart, IN
Short, J.L. - Lagrange, IN
Short, R.B. - Union Mills, IN
Short, R.B. - Bedford, IN
Short, W.H. - Lagrange, IN
Showalter, J.E. - Waterloo, IN
Shreve, Eva - Indianapolis, IN
Shreve, F. - Wabash, IN
Shreve, Franklin - Marion, IN.
Shreve, Franklin - Indianapolis, IN
Shreve, Franklin - Peru, IN
Shreve, Frankllin - Frankfort, IN
Shrever, Franklin - Warsaw, IN
Shriefer, J.H. - Prospero, IN
Shrout, J.W. - Moscow, IN
Shrout, J.W. - Blue Ridge, IN
Shrout, Wm.F. - Blue Ridge, IN
Shuey, George E. - Medora, IN
Shultz, J.B. - Logansport,IN
Shultz, J.H. - Logansport,IN
Shultz, J.J. - Delphi, IN
Shumaker, W.F. - Butler, IN
Shuman, O.V. - Columbia City, IN
Shutt, John M. - Spencerville, IN
Shutt, Lewis C. - Sheldon, IN
Siddons, J.O. - Marion, IN.
Siegfried, J.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Siegler, R.R. - Ramsey, IN
Sigler, Daniel - Elwood, IN
Sigler, Geo. A. - Indianapolis, IN
Sigler, J.N. - Geetingsville, IN
Sigmon, E.L. - New Albany, IN
Sigmond, H.W. - Crawfordsville, IN
Simison, John - Romney, IN
Simison, John F. - Romney, IN
Simmon, L.H. - Kokomo, IN
Simmons, E. - Laurel, IN
Simmons, W.D. - Farmland, IN
Simmons, Wm. D. - Desoto, IN
Simon, Joshua - Ft. Wayne, IN
Simons, C.M. - Schnellville, IN
Simons, J.S. - Lyons, IN
Sims, Israel C. - Portland, IN
Sims, J.A. - Alaska, IN
Sims, J.N. - Dover Hill, IN
Sims, S.B. - Frankfort, IN
Sinclair, I.P. - Terre Haute, IN
Sinclair, I.P.. - Lafayette, IN
Sinclair, Isaac - Ft. Wayne, IN
Siner, F.M. - Diamond, IN
Sipe, John A. - Carthage, IN
Sipe, R.W. - Orange, IN
Sisson, E.R. - Maxwell, IN
Sledd, S.D. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Sloan, John N. - Spencer, IN
Sloan, Wm. W. - French Lick, IN
Slocum, S. - Eden, IN
Sluss, Jno. W. - Indianapolis, IN
Sluyter, S.D. - Chalmers, IN
Smail, Geo. W. - Veedersburg, IN
Smalley, J.K. - Hartsville, IN
Smick, S.M. - Terre Haute, IN
Smith, A.C. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Smith, A.D. - Angola, IN
Smith, A.D. - Dana, IN
Smith, A.F. - Waupecong, IN
Smith, A.J. - Fishers, IN
Smith, Alex C. - Indianapolis, IN
Smith, Andrew J. - Metamora, IN
Smith, Arthur D. - Winchester, IN
Smith, Bartley - Indianapolis, IN
Smith, Benj. R. - Lancaster, IN
Smith, C. B. - Logansport,IN
Smith, C.F. - Brooklyn, IN
Smith, Calvin - Farmland, IN
Smith, Carter H. - Lebanon, IN
Smith, Chas. W. - Selma, IN
Smith, DeLaskie - Lebanon, IN
Smith, E. - Carrolton, IN
Smith, E.A. - Newt. Stew'rt, IN
Smith, E.D. - Leo, IN
Smith, E.E. - Hammond, IN
Smith, Earl C. - Indianapolis, IN
Smith, Edwin - Aurora, IN
Smith, Flora W. - Bremen, IN
Smith, Frank - Arlington, IN
Smith, Frank L. - Kokomo, IN
Smith, G.C. - Poseyville, IN
Smith, G.F. - Weisburg, IN
Smith, Geo. B. - Brook, IN
Smith, Geo. H. - Greensboro, IN
Smith, H.B. - Olio, IN
Smith, H.H. - Oakland City, IN
Smith, H.M. - Vincennes, IN
Smith, J.A - Brownsville, IN
Smith, J.A. - Wolcott, IN
Smith, J.H. - Birdseye, IN
Smith, J.H. - Newt. Stew'rt, IN
Smith, J.L. - Hoagland, IN
Smith, J.L. - Clarksburg, IN
Smith, J.M. - Lafayette, IN
Smith, J.S. - Logansport,IN
Smith, J.S. - Galveston, IN
Smith, J.T. - Glezen, IN
Smith, J.T. - Brookston, IN
Smith, J.W. - Vevay, IN
Smith, Jacob F. - Brazil, IN
Smith, Jas. S. - Warsaw, IN
Smith, John W. - Plymouth, IN
Smith, John W. - Gosport, IN
Smith, Karl H. - Morocco, IN
Smith, L.F.J. - Wabash, IN
Smith, Lulu M. - Metamora, IN
Smith, Marie - Orland, IN
Smith, Martha I. - Indianapolis, IN
Smith, Mary - Indianapolis, IN
Smith, Milton S. - Laporte, IN
Smith, N. - Marion, IN.
Smith, N.G. - Columbus, IN
Smith, Nelson B. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Smith, R.H. - Kokomo, IN
Smith, Robert A. - Greensboro, IN
Smith, Russell J. - Indianapolis, IN
Smith, S.E. - Richmond, IN
Smith, S.W. - Leesville, IN
Smith, T.D. - Bremen, IN
Smith, T.G. - Brownsburg, IN
Smith, T.J. - Noblesville, IN
Smith, Tom W. - Wabash, IN
Smith, W.A. - Hoagland, IN
Smith, W.C. - Rushville, IN
Smith, W.F. - Vincennes, IN
Smith, W.H. - Bedford, IN
Smith, W.H. - Rushville, IN
Smith, W.J. - Servia, IN
Smith, Walter - Indianapolis, IN
Smith, Ward A. - Otterbein, IN
Smith, Wm. - Emison, IN
Smith, Wm. A. - Jonesville, IN
Smith, Wm. F. - Bippus, IN
Smoot, D.B. - Glendale, IN
Smullen, Chas. L. - Raleigh, IN
Snapp, J.A. - Goshen, IN
Snider, John W. - Fairland, IN
Snodgrass, B.D. - Cammack, IN
Snodgrass, B.K. - Union City, IN
Snodgrass, D.B. - Marion, IN.
Snodgrass, Mary J. - Marion, IN.
Snodgrass, N.E. - Cammack, IN
Snodgrass, S.J. - Burket, IN
Snoke, David H. - Indianapolis, IN
Snowden, Jesse - Indianapolis, IN
Snyder, Aaron W. - Indianapolis, IN
Snyder, B.F. - Camden, IN
Snyder, E.D. - Onward, IN
Snyder, Leander - Lafayette, IN
Solt, W.J. - San Pierre, IN
Somes, J.F. - Vincennes, IN
Sommer, Chas. - Muncie, IN
Sommer, Edgar F. - Indianapolis, IN
Sommer, M.B.C. - Muncie, IN
Songer, Frank - Hillsboro, IN
Souder, C.L. - Columbia City, IN
Souder, Ralph - Larwill, IN.
Sourwine, John D. - Brazil, IN
Sowder, C.R. - Pittsboro, IN
Sowers, J.H. - Disko, IN
Spark, M.W. - New Albany, IN
Sparklin, C.C. - Goshen, IN
Sparks, J.F. - Yeddo, IN
Spaulding, Jno. - Indianapolis, IN
Spaulding, L.A. - Bluffton, IN
Spaulding, Thos. - Terre Haute, IN
Spear, Robert - East Chicago, IN
Spears, A.H. - Edwardsport, IN
Speedy, W.S. - Branchville,IN
Spees, B.N.E. - Glenns Valley, IN
Speitel, H.B. - Frankfort, IN
Spelbring, B.F. - Bowling Green, IN
Spencer, A.C. - Stinesville, IN
Spencer, E.V. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Spencer, J.L. - Tippecanoe, IN
Spencer, M.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Spicer, J.W. - Acton, IN
Spickerman, H.R. - Muncie, IN
Spillman, F.J. - Andersonville, IN
Spilman, F.J. - Connersville, IN
Spink, Mary A. - Indianapolis, IN
Spinning, A.L. - Michigan City, IN
Spitler, C.S. - Mooreland, IN
Spitler, Chas. E. - Saratoga, IN
Spitzmesser, J.L. - Elwood, IN
Spohn, G.W. - Elkhart, IN
Spooner, Jared - Peru, IN
Spoor, John S. - Brooklyn, IN
Spotswood, E.T. - Terre Haute, IN
Spradley, L.G. - Dickeyville, IN
Spradley, N.M. - Selvin, IN
Springstead, A.E. - Bluffton, IN
Springstun, C.E. - Selvin, IN
Sprinkle, W.B. - Oaktown, IN
Sprowl, John S. - Warren, IN
Spurgeon, A.N. - Kossuth, IN
Spurgeon, C.A. - Kossuth, IN
Spurgeon, Wm. A. - Muncie, IN
Spurrier, John H. - Rushville, IN
Squier, E.A. - Frankfort, IN
Squier, Geo. E. - Brookville, IN
Squires, J.W. - Churubusco, IN
Squires, W.B. - Worthington, IN
Stackhouse, F - Silverwood, IN
Stafford, C.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Stafford, H.G. - New Castle, IN
Stafford, James A. - Millville, IN
Staley, L.B. - Bicknell, IN
Stalker, B.F. - Borden, IN
Stalker, J.B. - Borden, IN
Stallings, F.L. - Caborn, IN
Stanford, H.H. - Lapel, IN
Stanley, J.M. - Eaton, IN
Stanley, Jesse C. - Ogden, IN
Stanley, John M. - Indianapolis, IN
Stanley, Logan - Fincastle, IN
Stanton, D.S. - Portland, IN
Stapp, Simeon - Hope, IN
Stark, W.I. - Fontanet, IN
Starr, W.L. - New Albany, IN
Stauffer, E.R. - Hammond, IN
Steele, W.D. - Alamo, IN
Stemen, C.R. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Stemen, Geo. B. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Stemen, Geo. C. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Stemen, Harriet F. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Stemm, Wm. H. - N. Vernon, IN
Stephens, Anna T. - Marion, IN.
Stephens, J.H. - Sheridan, IN
Stephens, R.C. - Plymouth, IN
Stephenson, J.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Stephenson, R. - Hedrick, IN
Stephenson, T.J. - Lapel, IN
Sterne, A.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Sterrett, J.E. - Logansport,IN
Steven, B.C. - Logansport,IN
Stevens, A.E. - Maxinkuckee, IN
Stevens, H.C. - Star City, IN
Stevens, O.T. - Indianapolis, IN
Stevens, V.C. - Gas City, IN
Stevens, V.C. - No. Madison, IN
Stevenson, D.W. - Richmond, IN
Stevenson, G.A. - Rising Sun, IN
Stevenson, Geo. - Marion, IN.
Stewart, C.S. - Garrett, IN
Stewart, Clark E. - Vincennes, IN
Stewart, F.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Stewart, Geo. - Brooksburg, IN
Stewart, H.W. - Rosedale, IN
Stewart, J.W. - Logansport,IN
Stewart, J.W.G. - Wabash, IN
Stewart, John B. - Shelbyville, IN
Stewart, Jonas - Anderson, IN
Stewart, L.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Stewart, M.B. - Logansport,IN
Stewart, O. H. - Syria, In
Stewart, W.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Stewart, W.F. - Wabash, IN
Stick, Jesse - Albany, IN
Stieler, Marie - Evansville, IN
Stiers, Francis R. - Redkey, IN
Stillson, J.O. - Indianapolis, IN
Stine, D.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Stipp. F.E. - Bedford, IN
Stock, L.K. - Terre Haute, IN
Stockberger, E. - Milford, IN
Stockhrdt, P.E. - Elwood, IN
Stockton, C.W. - Bluffton, IN
Stockton, Sarah - Indianapolis, IN
Stockwell, J.S. - Charlestown, IN
Stockwell, Sarah F. - South Bend, IN
Stoddard, Oren - Merom, IN
Stoltz, Charles - South Bend, IN
Stone, Frank L. - Pendleton, IN
Stone, Mary C. - Indianapolis, IN
Stone, O.M. - Oakland City, IN
Stone, R.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Stone, Solomon - New Albany, IN
Stoner, Geo. D. - Marion, IN.
Storch, L.A.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Stork, H.W. - Holland, IN
Stork, J.H. - Stendal, IN
Stork, J.W. - Inglefied, IN
Stormont, R.M. - Stewartsville, IN
Stotelmeyer, C.I. - Hagerstown, IN
Stotler, G.N. - Indianapolis, IN
Stout, H.H. - Cicero, IN
Stout, O.L. - Upland, IN
Stout, W.H. - Covington, IN
Stoute, C.M. - Middletown, IN
Stover, Chas. J. - Eaton, IN
Straghan, J.W. - Parkersburg, IN
Straghan, K.K. - Waveland, IN
Stranz, L.V. - Hanover C't'r., IN
Stratford, Alfred - Indianapolis, IN
Strauss, L.M. - Alexandria, IN
Streaker, L.H. - Logansport,IN
Strickland, Geo. - Francisco, IN
Strickler, S.S. - Boggstown, IN
Strong, A.M. - Belleville, IN
Stroube, Chas. N. - New Maysville, IN
Stroup, Chas. C. - Mishawaka, IN
Stroup, N.J. - Rome City, IN
Strouse, J.P. - Garrett, IN
Stuard, Robert - Spiceland, IN
Stuart, A.A. - Fortville, IN
Stuart, John T. - Monon, IN
Stuckey, Thos. E. - Indianapolis, IN
Stuckman, E.D. - New Paris,IN
Stucky, Fred V. - Gosport, IN
Stucky, John M. - Gosport, IN
Studley, Jos. W. - Marion, IN.
Study, J.N. - Camb'dge City, IN
Study, John M. - Indianapolis, IN
Stults, Jos. E. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Stultz, J.A. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Stunkard, T.C. - Terre Haute, IN
Sturdevant, G. - Chestnut Hill, IN
Sturgis, L.T. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Stutesville, S.W. - Grand View, IN
Styles, H.J. - Anderson, IN
Sugg, H.H. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Suhre, E.F. - Forest, IN
Sullivan, O.H. - Alexandria, IN
Sullivan, W.H. - Rising Sun, IN
Summers, H.C. - Daleville, IN
Summers, H.C. - Amo, IN
Summers, J.B. - Milton, IN
Summers, Wm. T. - Raccoon, IN
Sumners, Osa R. - Middletown, IN
Surber, A.C. - Muncie, IN
Sutcliffe, J.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Sutherland, O.L. - Laporte, IN
Sutherland, P.N. - Angola, IN
Sutherlin, J.F. - Lebanon, IN
Suttner, C.N. - Elwood, IN
Sutton, H.A. - Marion, IN.
Sutton, H.H. - Aurora, IN
Sutton, S.F. - Huntington, IN
Swabey, J.B. - Lima, IN
Swails, J.A. - Acton, IN
Swain, Fremont - Indianapolis, IN
Swain, Rachel - Indianapolis, IN
Swales, H.W. - Logan, IN
Swales, W.H. - Logan, IN
Swan, F.E. - Hanover, IN
Swank, L. - Williamsport, IN
Swank, W.G. - Crawfordsville, IN
Swarts, D.J. - Auburn, IN
Swarts, V.M.V. - Auburn, IN
Swarts, W.W. - Poe, IN
Swarts, Wm. W. - Balbee, IN
Swartz, H.P. - Crown Point, IN
Swartzel, Jos. L. - Vincennes, IN
Sweeney, I.F. - Milton, IN
Sweet, E.M. - Martinsville, IN
Sweezy, John M. - Cross Plains, IN
Sweringen, B.Van - Ft. Wayne, IN
Swift, C.E. - Maysville, IN
Swift, Ed. D - Macy, IN
Swinehart, M.H. - Ashersville, IN
Swisher, W.H. - Richmond, IN
Swisher, W.N. - Indianapolis, IN
Swope, A.A. - Crawfordsville, IN
Tabor, Frank A. - Terre Haute, IN
Taggart, J.F. - Solon, IN
Taggart, R.S. - N.Washington, IN
Taggart, W.J. - Georgetown, IN
Take, John F. - Whiting, IN
Talbott, J.E. - Linton, IN
Talbott, J.M. - Terre Haute, IN
Talbott, J.N. - Crawfordsville, IN
Talbott, Jno. H. - Indianapolis, IN
Tallman, H.H. - La Paz, IN
Tarkington, J.A. - Greensburg, IN
Tarr, John W. - Loyd, IN
Taylor, Claire - Peru, IN
Taylor, E.A. - York, IN
Taylor, Eliz. P. - Sullivan, IN
Taylor, J.E. - Leopold, IN
Taylor, J.E. - Richmond, IN
Taylor, J.N. - Crawfordsville, IN
Taylor, Jas. A. - Montpelier, IN
Taylor, Jas. H. - Indianapolis, IN
Taylor, John F. - Sulphur Hills, IN
Taylor, Mary J. - Greencastle, IN
Taylor, O.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Taylor, Oscar S. - Whitestown, IN
Taylor, T.H. - Evansville, IN
Taylor, T.W. - Fountain City, IN
Taylor, Wm.R. - Clark's Hill, IN
Tea, R.S. - Lafayette, IN
Teaford, S.F. - Spurgeon, IN
Teague, A.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Teague, Mabel E. - Indianapolis, IN
Teal, Geo. A. - Kendallville, IN
Tebault, W.P. - New Albany, IN
Tebault, Wm. P. - Indianapolis, IN
Teeter, G.W. - Boxley, IN
Tennant, L.H. - Pierceton, IN
Tepe, G.W. - Evansville, IN
Terhune, R.W. - Whiteland, IN
Terrell, B.J. - Irvington, IN
Terrell, Luther B. - Anderson, IN
Terrell, W.H. - Stilesville, IN
Terry, Charles C. - South Bend, IN
Terry, P.E. - Rochester, IN
Test, Erastus - Lafayette, IN
Test, F.C. - Lafayette, IN
Teters, B.J. - Middlebury, IN
Tevis, E.R. - Brooksburg, IN
Tevis, J.L.W.L. - Moscow, IN
Tevis, Robt. M. - Brooksburg, IN
Thain, George - Ft. Wayne, IN
Tharp, Levi - Boyleston, IN
Theorell, John J. - Porter, IN
Thiebaud, Hugh M. - Vevay, IN
Thixtun, E.D. - Sullivan, IN
Thomann, Angela - Shelbyville, IN
Thomas, C.L. - Logansport,IN
Thomas, C.M. - Haubstadt, IN
Thomas, Chas. E. - Leesburg, IN
Thomas, E. Rose - Redkey, IN
Thomas, E.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Thomas, Elvira R. - Marion, IN.
Thomas, Ephraim - Redkey, IN
Thomas, G.A. - Linton, IN
Thomas, H.A. - Marion, IN.
Thomas, Harvey C. - Kokomo, IN
Thomas, J.J. - Winamac, IN
Thomas, James - Evansville, IN
Thomas, M.H. - Huntington, IN
Thomas, M.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Thomas, Martha V. - South Bend, IN
Thomas, P.B. - Decatur, IN
Thomas, R.M. - Greensburg, IN
Thomas, Sam'l. C. - Milroy, IN
Thomas, W.H. - Elkhart, IN
Thomas, W.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Thomas, Wm. E. - Clarksburg, IN
Thomas, Wm. T. - Marion, IN.
Thompson, D.A. - Elizabethto'n, IN
Thompson, D.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Thompson, E.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Thompson, F.B. - Lafayette, IN
Thompson, G.W. - Winamac, IN
Thompson, G.W. - Stockwell, IN
Thompson, H.H. - Terre Haute, IN
Thompson, J.F. - Garrett, IN
Thompson, J.F. - New Castle, IN
Thompson, J.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Thompson, N.H. - Wabash, IN
Thompson, R.R. - Indianapolis, IN
Thompson, T.E. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Thompson, T.J. - Otterbein, IN
Thompson, T.L. - Irvington, IN
Thompson, W.H. - Hartford City, IN
Thompson, W.H. - Winamac, IN
Thompson, W.N. - Sullivan, IN
Thompson, Wm. L. - Mooresville, IN
Thoms, A. - Scott, IN
Thornburgh, F.L. - Middletown, IN
Thorne, J.C.F. - Kokomo, IN
Thornton, F.G. - Knightsville, IN
Thorp, Robert - Scipio, IN
Thraillkill, J.D. - Plevna, IN
Thralls, R.T. - Hymera, IN
Threlkeld, J.H. - Gent, IN
Thro'km'rt'n, G.K. - Lafayette, IN
Thro'km'rt'n, O.E. - Battle Ground, IN
Thurston, E.H. - Hagerstown, IN
Thurston, H.E. - Dunrieth, IN
Thurston, H.E. - Williamsburg, IN
Thurston, J.M. - Richmond, IN
Tichenor, J.B. - Lexington, IN
Tidrick, R.O. - Michigant'wn
Tidrick, Reuben R. - Bringhurst, IN
Tidrick, Ruskin O. - Bringhurst, IN
Tilford, A.Salem - Martinsville, IN
Tilford, Benj. W. - Martinsville, IN
Tillotson, A.G. - Michigan City, IN
Tillson, H. - Centerville, IN
Tilney, W.D. - Crawfordsville, IN
Timmerman, E. - Batesville, IN
Tinch, E.T. - Freetown, IN
Tindal, Edward F. - Muncie, IN
Tindall, C.A. - Shelbyville, IN
Tingley, W.Scott - Indianapolis, IN
Tinkham, M. W. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Tinsley, F.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Tisor, Wm. R. - Rural, IN
Titus, C. - Warrington, IN
Tobias, A.W. - Elwood, IN
Todd, L.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Todd, R.N. - Indianapolis, IN
Toliver, J.A. - French Lick, IN
Tolley, Wm.G. - Indianapolis, IN
Tolliver, M.P. - Elnora, IN
Tolliver, Wm. J. - Elnora, IN
Tomlin, W.S. - Indianapolis, IN
Tomlinson, C.H. - Cicero, IN
Toner, Harry M. - Shelbyville, IN
Toney, J.M. - Altanta, IN
Torplett, C.E., Jr. - Morocco, IN
Torplett, C.E., Sr. - Morocco, IN
Tourner, Frank F. - Bloomington, IN
Tourner, John P. - Bloomington, IN
Towey, J.T. - Covington, IN
Towles, A.N. - Irvington, IN
Townsend, R.C. - Osgood, IN
Townsend, S.B. - Milan, In
Townsend, S.M. - Madison, IN
Trach, J.M. - Frankfort, IN
Trainor, C.E. - Montgomery, IN
Trask, Jos. H. - Matthews, IN
Traylor, G.W. - Ireland, IN
Trees, I.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Tremain, M.A. - Clifty, IN
Trenary, D.F. - Julietta, IN
Trent, Isaac N. - Muncie, IN
Trent, J. H. - Dresser, IN
Tressider, J.T. - Tipton, IN
Tressider, Sarah E. - Tipton, IN
Tresslar, Jacob G. - Bargersville, IN
Trobaugh, Wm. A. - Cutler, IN
Trotter, Geo. S. - Bicknell, IN
Trout, R.E. - Oaktown, IN
Trowbridge, D.L. - DuPont, IN
Trueblood, Chas. - Anderson, IN
Trueblood, J.C. - Loogootee, IN
Trueblood, J.W. - Monroe City, IN
Trutt, Ruliff L. - Hartford City, IN
Tucker, A.R. - Noblesville, IN
Tucker, A.W. - Logansport,IN
Tucker, D.W. - Boonville, IN
Tucker, F.A. - Noblesville, IN
Tucker, G.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Tucker, G.W. - Dana, IN
Tucker, H.G. - Cromwell, IN
Tucker, J.E. - Elizaville, IN
Tucker, T.C. - Ben Davis, IN
Tucker, W.W. - Greencastle, IN
Tull, Edward M. - Fairland, IN
Tulley, A.F. - Brazil, IN
Tulley, J.A. - Pendleton, IN
Tulley, P.C. - Kennard, IN
Tully, Lee H. - Liberal, IN
Turman, I.L. - Cynthiana, IN
Turner, Agnes - South Bend, IN
Turner, H.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Turner, James A. - Martinsville, IN
Turner, Porter - Elkhart, IN
Turner, Sam'l R. - Hammond, IN
Turner, Thos. S. - Lebanon, IN
Turpin, James - Rockport, IN
Turpin, James - Evansville, IN
Tuttle, Jno. R. - Wheeling, IN
Twichell, Alice E. - Indianapolis, IN
Tyler, J.L. - Otterbein, IN
Tyner, S.L. - Boonville, IN
Tyrrel, A.D. - Connersville, IN
Ulmer, D.R. - Alexandria, IN
Umberhime, C.D. - Rees Mill
Umberline, C.D. - Reese Mill, IN
Urquhart, R.T. - South Bend, IN
Utter, J.A. - Crawfordsville, IN
Utz, H.C. - Altanta, IN
V.DeWalker, J.C. - Hammond, IN
Van Hummell, H. - Indianapolis, IN
Van Hummell, Q. - Indianapolis, IN
Van Matre, C.E. - New Castle, IN
Van Nuys, D.H. - Shelbyville, IN
Van Osdel, J.W. - Indianapolis, IN
Van Osdol, D.D. - Rushville, IN
Van Pelt, Geo. W. - Vevay, IN
Van Riper, A.N. - New Carlisle, IN
VanBuskirk, A.E. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Vance, C.E. - Gas City, IN
Vance, V.G. - Akron, IN
Vance, W.O. - New Albany, IN
Vancleave, R.H. - Alum Cave, IN
VanCleve, M.B. - Terre Haute, IN
Vanderburg, J.M. - Albany, IN
Vandivier, H.R. - Clay City, IN
Vanhorn, J.R. - Clay City, IN
VanNuys, M.M. - Lebanon, IN
VanPelt, Geo. F. - Connersville, IN
VanSant, W.P. - Brooklyn, IN
Vanzandt, T.A. - Bloomfield, IN
Varier, James A. - South Bend, IN
Varner, G.W. - Evansville, IN
Varner, W.T. - Evansville, IN
Vaughan, I.J. - Topeka, IN
Vaughn, Martin - Hammond, IN
Vawter, F.L. - Gessie, IN
Veach, Patrick H. - Staunton, IN
Veazey, T.R. - Milan, In
Veazey, W.M. - Avilla, IN
Veazy, A.M. - Medora, IN
Ver Wayne, Ed. J. - Evansville, IN
Vermiulya, J.C. - Medora, IN
Vest, M.C. - Forest Hill, IN
Vick, W.V. - Green Hill, IN
Viehe, C.G. - Evansville, IN
Viehe, C.H. - Evansville, IN
Vigus, C.B. - Rigdon, IN
Vincent, A.W. - Valparaiso, IN
Vincent, E.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Vincent, Edwin - Indianapolis, IN
Vincent, S.R. - Indianapolis, IN
Vinnedge, W.W. - Lafayette, IN
Vinton, A.E. - Muncie, IN
Vitou, Henry E. - South Bend, IN
Vizard, J.W. - Pleasa't Mills, IN
Vogt, Wm. A. - Oldenburg, IN
Von Osinski, Jos. - Crown Point, IN
Voris, S.M. - Columbus, IN
Votaw, R.A. - Marion, IN.
Voyles, H. - Bedford, IN
Waddell, Charles - North Judson, IN
Wade, F.C. - Lima, IN
Wadsworth, A. - Castleton, IN
Wadsworth, Chas. - Rocklane, IN
Wadsworth, W.W. - Muncie, IN
Wagner, A.L. - Hillisburg, IN
Wagner, Albert L. - La Paz, IN
Wagner, E.F. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Wagner, Theo. A. - Indianapolis, IN
Wagoner, W.J. - Millersburg, IN
Wahl, Geo. F. - Bremen, IN
Waide, Robert - Indianapolis, IN
Wainscott, C.O. - Peru, IN
Walch, Alice C. - Marion, IN.
Walden, C.H. - New Market, IN
Waldron, Joel H. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Waldron, W.M. - Newburgh, IN
Walers, P.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Walker, David R. - Lebanon, IN
Walker, Ed - Evansville, IN
Walker, Edward - Delphi, IN
Walker, Isaac C. - Indianapolis, IN
Walker, J.H. - Floyd Knob, IN
Walker, Jas. H. - Henryville,IN
Walker, W.H. - Portland, IN
Walker, W.S. - Lafayette, IN
Walkinshaw, Wm. - Stillwell, IN
Wall, David - Indianapolis, IN
Wall, F.M. - Warren, IN
Wall, M.M. - Marion, IN.
Wallace, J.C. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Wallace, James - Newport, IN
Wallace, Jane - Dale, IN
Wallace, S.L. - Bunker Hill, IN
Wallace, W.B. - Franklin, IN
Wallage, Geo. W. - Middletown, IN
Waller, W. H. - Angola, IN
Waller, W.J. - Elkhart, IN
Walls, Geo. W. - Mitchell, IN
Walls, J.A. - Richmond, IN
Walls, John W. - Eckerty, IN
Walmer, E.L. - Fremont, IN
Walser, J.A. - Anderson, IN
Walters, C.A. - Lawrenceburg, IN
Walters, S.E. - Marengo, IN
Wampler, J.M. - Richmond, IN
Wands, Wm. - Indianapolis, IN
Ward, A.O. - Indianapolis, IN
Ward, C.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Ward, H.H. - Alum Cave, IN
Ward, J.O. - Peru, IN
Ward, J.P. - Vevay, IN
Ward, James B. - Geneva, IN
Ward, James G. - Bean Blossom, IN
Ward, Jas. N. - Indianapolis, IN
Ward, John M. - Kewana, IN
Ward, S.H. - Terre Haute, IN
Wardner, Horace - Laporte, IN
Ware, C.M. - West Liberty, IN
Ware, W.H. - Bowers, IN
Warford, F.M. - Cicero, IN
Warham, J.W. - Gilead, IN
Warner, M.E. - Carlisle, IN
Warner, Wm. - Fairmount, IN
Warner, Wm. - Vera Cruz, IN
Warner, Wm. H. - Crothersville, IN
Warren, C.L. - Chesterton, IN
Warren, F.R. - Michigan City, IN
Warter, Phillip - Evansville, IN
Warvel, J.L. - Sidney, IN
Wasburn, J.M. - Kewana, IN
Washburn, D.M. - New Richmond, IN
Washburn, E.P. - Buffalo, IN
Washburn, G.W. - Star City, IN
Washburn, G.W. - Lafayette, IN
Washburn, H.A. - Shirley, IN
Washburn, I.B. - Rensselaer, IN
Washburn, Ira M. - Rensselaer, IN
Washburn, S.T. - Lafayette, IN
Waters, M.H. - Terre Haute, IN
Waters, S.C. - Middletown, IN
Watson, A.A. - Earl Park, IN
Watson, J.R. - W. Lebanon, IN
Watson, Jos. C. - Hobart, IN
Watson, W.D. - Tennyson, IN
Watt, I.E. - Evansville, IN
Watts, E.K. - Richmond, IN
Way, E.A. - Franklin, IN
Wayman, John C. - New Castle, IN
Waynick, J.B. - New Carlisle, IN
Weathers, J.F. - New Albany, IN
Weaver, D.W. - Greensburg, IN
Weaver, O.S. - Terre Haute, IN
Webb, James B. - Perrysville, IN
Webb, W.H. - Adams, IN
Webber, I.B. - Warsaw, IN
Weber, Louis - New Albany, IN
Webster, Elery C. - Marion, IN.
Webster, J.T. - Colfax, IN
Webster, John c. - Lafayette, IN
Webster, M.W. - So. Whitley, IN.
Wedding, M.F. - Rome, IN
Weed, C.W. - Kokomo, IN
Weeks, E.J. - Mech'icsb'g, IN
Weeks, Joseph - Mech'icsb'g, IN
Weer, H.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Weever, J.B. - Evansville, IN
Wegner, Wm. G. - South Bend, IN
Weindel, Wm. J. - Patriot, IN
Weinstine, J.H. - Terre Haute, IN
Weinstine, L.J. - Terre Haute, IN
Weir, Chas. T. - Bloomington, IN
Weir, R.M. - Bloomington, IN
Weir, S.D. - Terre Haute, IN
Weiser, D.D. - Tyner, IN
Weiser, W.A. - Bourbon, IN
Weiss, E.G. - Indianapolis, IN
Weist, H.H. - Richmond, IN
Welborn, G.W. - Stewartsville, IN
Welborn, J.Y. - Evansville, IN
Welch, D.W. - Mt. Vernon, IN
Welch, J.A. - Letts Corners, IN
Welch, John A. - Lena, IN
Welch, Oliver F. - Westport, IN
Wellins, Sarah E. - Martinsville, IN
Wells, A.A. - Lafayette, IN
Wells, Catherine J. - Laporte, IN
Wells, H.O. - Andrews, IN
Wells, H.O. - Terre Haute, IN
Wells, I.E. - Kirklin, IN
Wells, M.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Wells, Wm. Y. - Laketon, IN
Welmann, E.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Welsh, M.D. - Shirley, IN
Wenger, N.R. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Weninger, Agnes J. - Toto, IN
Wermuth, A.F. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Wertz, Edward - Nineveh, IN
Wertz, Tohirer - Evansville, IN
Wescott, Jos. B. - Goodland, IN
West, E.A. - Folsomville, IN
West, James F. - Brookville, IN
Westfall, A.B. - Lafayette, IN
Westoer, R.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Wetherill, R.B. - Lafayette, IN
Whalen, T.H. - Lafayette, IN
Wharton, J.O. - Exchange, IN
Wharton, W.L. - Matthews, IN
Wheat, W.W. - Mecca, IN
Wheeler, J.T. - Rockport, IN
Wheeler, M.M. - Noblesville, IN
Wheeler, Wm. H. - Hartford City, IN
Wheelock, K.K. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Wherry, Mary A. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Wherry, Wm. P. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Whippy, Geo. A. - Ligonier, IN
Whippy, W.A. - Goshen, IN
White, A.R. - Indianapolis, IN
White, Arthur - Rockport, IN
White, Ben S. - Greensburg, IN
White, C.A. - Danville, IN
White, Daniel O. - Knox, IN
White, David - Tobinsport, IN
White, E.G. - Lagrange, IN
White, F.W. - Summitville, IN
White, H.Q. - Grand View, IN
White, J.W. - Summitville, IN
White, John T. - Grand View, IN
White, John W. - South Bend, IN
White, L.E. - Montpelier, IN
White, M.M. - Bristow, IN
White, R.B. - Montpelier, IN
White, Reid A. - Lafayette, IN
White, S.G. - Warsaw, IN
White, S.R. - Laud, IN
White, Samuel S. - Indianapolis, IN
White, T.A. - Noblesville, IN
White, T.A. - Frankton, IN
White, W.H. - Amo, IN
White, W.H. - Edinburg, IN
White, Wm.C. - Indianapolis, IN
Whitehall, Sam'l. - South Bend, IN
Whitehead, W.E. - Brownstown, IN
Whitenack, J.H. - Crawfordsville, IN
Whiteny, H.M. - Muncie, IN
Whitesides, L.L. - Franklin, IN
Whiting, U.G. - Wadesville, IN
Whitledge, G.A. - Anderson, IN
Whitner, B.F. - Goshen, IN
Whitney, E.A. - Muncie, IN
Whitney, W.D. - Muncie, IN
Whitsitt, S.A. - Kent, IN
Whitson, Eli M. - Jonesboro, IN
Whitson, John S. - Jonesboro, IN
Whitted, F.F. - Bloomington, IN
Whitted, Wm. L. - Bloomington, IN
Whittinghill, B.F. - Hillham, IN
Whittinghill, J.L. - McCutch'vlle, IN
Wickham, W.A. - South Bend, IN
Wickman, W.W. - Goshen, IN
Wideman, F.E. - Terre Haute, IN
Wiggins, D.S. - Losantville, IN
Wiggins, E.L. - Elwood, IN
Wiggins, E.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Wilcox, F.H. - New Albany, IN
Wilcox, F.T. - Laporte, IN
Wilcox, H.E. - Memphis, IN
Wilcox, S.C. - New Albany, IN
Wilcox. Helen B. - Hammond, IN
Wilde, G.O. - Boonville, IN
Wildman, W.A. - San Jacinto, IN
Wiles, F.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Wiley, Harriet - Portland, IN
Wilfany, C.O. - Chesterton, IN
Wiliams, Alice B. - Columbia City, IN
Wilkerson, H.L. - Idaville, IN
Wilkerson, W.W. - Idaville, IN
Wilkings, S.V. - Roanoke, IN
Wilkinson, J.J. - Orland, IN
Willbern, E.L. - Union City, IN
Williams, A. - Laconia, IN
Williams, C.F. - Madison, IN
Williams, C.M. - Whiteland, IN
Williams, C.S. - Columbia City, IN
Williams, Chas. F. - Summitville, IN
Williams, D.A. - Marion, IN.
Williams, F.A. - Cuba, IN
Williams, G.P. - Huningburg, IN
Williams, G.T. - Browns Valley, IN
Williams, J.A. - Patricksburg, IN
Williams, J.B. - Anderson, IN
Williams, J.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Williams, J.M. - Owensville, IN
Williams, Jas. R. - Indianapolis, IN
Williams, Jesse B. - Wabash, IN
Williams, John H. - Bowling Green, IN
Williams, K.H. - Cope, IN
Williams, L.J. - Terre Haute, IN
Williams, L.L. - Brazil, IN
Williams, L.O. - Anderson, IN
Williams, Lewis - Marion, IN.
Williams, Luther - Coatsville, IN
Williams, M.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Williams, M.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Williams, N.A. - Bristol, IN
Williams, O.B. - Andrews, IN
Williams, Q.L. - Folsomville, IN
Williams, T.B. - Angola, IN
Williams, W.H. - Lebanon, IN
Williams, W.H. - Dale, IN
Williams, W.O. - Indianapolis, IN
Williams, W.R. - Greenville, IN
Williams, W.S. - Kendallville, IN
Williams, W.T. - Fort Branch, IN
Williams, Wm. N. - Indianapolis, IN
Williamson, A.A. - Kingman, IN
Williamson, A.A. - Wallace, IN
Williamson, H. - Marion, IN.
Williamson, P.E. - Sweetser, IN
Williamson, R.B. - Paragon, IN
Williamson, W.N. - Kingman, IN
Willian, Carl - Trafalgar, IN
Willian, E. B. - Trafalgar, IN
Willian, R.Day - Trafalgar, IN
Williford, G.W. - Washington, IN
Williford, Wm. C. - Washington, IN
Willis, J.H. - Evansville, IN
Willis, James R. - Terre Haute, IN
Willson, S.C. - Anderson, IN
Wilmans, F.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Wilmuth, C.S. - Noblesville, IN
Wilson, M.V. - Medora, IN
Wilson, A.M. - Frankfort, IN
Wilson, Anna - Wabash, IN
Wilson, C.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Wilson, C.L. - Ewing, IN
Wilson, C.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Wilson, D.C. - Kendallville, IN
Wilson, Dalton - Yankeetown, IN
Wilson, H.T. - Bunker Hill, IN
Wilson, H.W. - Michigan City, IN
Wilson, J.B. - Ladoga, IN
Wilson, J.F. - Indianapolis, IN
Wilson, J.R. - Hebron, IN
Wilson, J.R. - Prairietown, IN
Wilson, J.W. - Macy, IN
Wilson, James - Wabash, IN
Wilson, L.D. - Hartford City, IN
Wilson, M.C. - Lafayette, IN
Wilson, N.H. - Guionsville, IN
Wilson, R. - Shirley, IN
Wilson, R.E. - Solitude, IN
Wilson, R.S. - Berne, IN
Wilson, Ralph - Shirley, IN
Wilson, Rich J. - Salem, IN
Wilson, T.W. - New Harmony, IN
Wilson, W.B. - Rolling Prairie, IN
Wilson, Wesley - Yankeetown, IN
Wilson, Wm. M. - Scipio, IN
Wilton, Isaiah - Evansville, IN
Wiltshire, J.W. - Bloomington, IN
Wiltshire, K.A. - Moores Hill, IN
Wimmer, G.G. - Mt.Etna, IN
Winans, H.M. - Muncie, IN
Winders, L.C. - Elisabeth, IN
Winstanley, W.C. - New Albany, IN
Winston, L.V. - Knightstown, IN
Winter, Carl G. - Indianapolis, IN
Winton, C.F. - Washington, IN
Wise, J.B. - Frankfort, IN
Wisehart, O.H. - North Salem, IN
Wisehart, W.H. - Colfax, IN
Wiseman, B.W.S. - Culver, IN
Wishard, E.E. - Noblesville, IN
Wishard, Ernest E. - Indianapolis, IN
Wishard, J.N. - Greenwood, IN
Wishard, John G. - Indianapolis, IN
Wishard, W.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Wishard, W.N. - Indianapolis, IN
Wisner, W.E. - Columbus, IN
Witham, S.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Witt, Lazarus - Indianapolis, IN
Witting, A.P. - St. Joseph, IN
Witty, B.W.F. - Perth, IN
Wolf, George - Manchester, IN
Wolf, J.H. - New Albany, IN
Wolf, Jaboc G. - Morristown, IN
Wolfe, C.H. - Clay City, IN
Wolfe, F.E. - Lanesville, IN
Wolfe, L.O.P. - Mauckport, IN
Wolfe, Z.C. - Corydon, IN
Wolford, C.T. - Indianapolis, IN
Wollenmann, A.G. - Ferdinand, IN
Wood, Anna - Terre Haute, IN
Wood, Elmer U. - Columbus, IN
Wood, Geo. C. - Windfall, IN
Wood, H.D. - Angola, IN
Wood, J.C. - Franklin, IN
Wood, J.M. - Greensburg, IN
Wood, Levi - Indianapolis, IN
Wood, N.S. - Anderson, IN
Wood, Noah S. - Indianapolis, IN
Wood, O.S. - Valparaiso, IN
Wood, T.F.. - Angola, IN
Wood, W.W. - Angola, IN
Wood, Wm. F. - Mishawaka, IN
Woodard, M.F. - Bloom'gdale, IN
Woodard, N.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Woodburn, Fred'k - Indianapolis, IN
Woodburn, J.H. - Indianapolis, IN
Wooden, Edw. I. - Rushville, IN
Wooden, J. - Gosport, IN
Wooden, W.H. - Greensburg, IN
Woodruff, C.A. - Ligonier, IN
Woody, Geo. C. - Annapolis, IN
Woolery, Perry - Heltonville, IN
Woollen, G.V. - Indianapolis, IN
Woollen, Levin J. - Vevay, IN
Worden, Jas. W. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Work, J.A. - Elkhart, IN
Work, W.F. - Charlestown, IN
Worrell, J.P. - Terre Haute, IN
Worrell, Wm.B. - Hobart, IN
Worsham, S. - Evansville, IN
Wray, J.T. - New Albany, IN
Wright, A.F. - Nineveh, IN
Wright, B.C. - Indian Spr'gs., IN
Wright, C.E. - Indianapolis, IN
Wright, C.R. - Frankton, IN
Wright, Chas. L. - Huntington, IN
Wright, D.M. - Hudson, IN
Wright, E.D. - Scipio, IN
Wright, Ervin - Huntington, IN
Wright, Frank M. - Indianapolis, IN
Wright, George - Indianapolis, IN
Wright, J. F. - Columbus, IN
Wright, J.E. - Camb'dge City, IN
Wright, J.W. - Kokomo, IN
Wright, Mark R. - Knox, IN
Wright, S.V. - Greensburg, IN
Wright, Shelby - Bracken, IN
Wright, Thos. - Boonville, IN
Wright, U.A. - Mt. Meridian, IN
Wright, W.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Wyatt, A.R. - Lagrange, IN
Wyeth, Charles - Terre Haute, IN
Wylie, B.M. - Indianapolis, IN
Wynn, F.B. - Indianapolis, IN
Yager, E.J. - Graysville, IN
Yancey, S.P. - Fortville, IN
Yarling, J.E. - Peru, IN
Yeager, J. Wm. - W. Lafayette, IN
Yencer, M.W. - Boston, IN
Yencer, M.W. - Boston, IN
Yenne, Chas. H. - Washington, IN
Yerhan, H.H. - Union City, IN
Yingling, Daniel - Huntington, IN
Yockey, David H. - Blountsville, IN
Yocum, Boaz - Coal City, IN
Yocum, M.G. - Mentone, IN
Yohn, Edwin F. - Hebron, IN
Yoke, Chas. - Bridgeport, IN
Yoke, Chas. - Bridgeport, IN
Yost, Harry E. - Vallonia, IN
Youkey, W.P. - Lafayette, IN
Young, Chas. C. - Elnora, IN
Young, Dudley - Pawnee, IN
Young, G.M. - Evansville, IN
Young, M.A. - Indianapolis, IN
Young, M.H. - Harmony, IN
Young, M.V. - Frankfort, IN
Young, S.J. - Terre Haute, IN
Young, T.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Young, W.L. - Edinburg, IN
Young, W.L. - Indianapolis, IN
Youngblood, E.M. - Boonville, IN
Younge, John W. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Youngkin, J.N. - Wingate, IN
Youngkin, J.W. - Wolcottville, IN
Yundt, A.M. - Mulberry, IN
Zaring, Clint F. - Greencastle, IN
Zaring, P.A. - Tampico, IN
Zeliak, A.L. - Haubstadt, IN
Zeliak, J.E. - Haubstadt, IN
Zeller, F.A. - Union City, IN
Zenninger, H.A. - Lucerne,IN
Zimmer, E. G. - Upland, IN
Zimmerman, C.A. - Ft. Wayne, IN
Zimmerman, C.F. - Terre Haute, IN
Zimmerman, J. - Lynnville, IN
Zimmerman, Jno. - Princeton, IN
Zimmerman, W.W. - Richmond, IN
Zinn, C.A. - Michigant'wn, IN
Zinn, Geo. - Covington, IN
Ziteke, J.F. - Batesville, IN
Zitzlaff, C.J. - Indianapolis, IN
Zuerner, Joseph - Jeffersonville, IN