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Woman's Who's Who Biographies 1914
Names starting with A - K

Woman's Who's Who of America 1914. Published by The American Commonwealth Company.


There is a short biographical paragraph about each woman, which includes information such as; place of birth, parents (usually with mother's maiden name), marriage & children information, education background, career accomplishments, clubs & activities, and much more. Many of the entries tell if the woman was in favor of Woman's Suffrage.


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Abbatt, Agnes Dean
Abbe, Adelaide Eaton
Abbey, Mary Gertrude Mead
Abbot, Alice Balch
Abbot, Etheldred
Abbot, Helen Munro
Abbot, Helene Black
Abbott, Aimee
Abbott, Arletta Maria
Abbott, Edith
Abbott, Elizabeth M. Griffin
Abbott, Frances Matilda
Abbott, Grace
Abbott, Helen Griswold
Abbott, Inez Louise
Abbott, Mabel Avery
Abbott, Mabelle Foster
Abbott, Winifred Buck
Abel, Annie Heloise
Abel, Mary Hinman
Abney, Mary Lloyd Pendleton
Abrahall, Frances Helen
Abraham, Frances Smith
Achelis, Bertha Franziska
Acker, Margaret Kate
Acker, Mary Clarke
Ackerly, Jennie
Ackerman, Ethel Serviss
Ackerman, Irene
Ackert, Helena Van Vliet
Adaire, Nannie
Adams, Abby Merrill
Adams, Alice Dana
Adams, Blanche Spalding Griffin
Adams, Edith Almy
Adams, Elizabeth Kemper
Adams, Elizabeth Starbuck
Adams, Emma Arabella Parsons
Adams, Emma L.
Adams, Emma Saul
Adams, Eva Argene
Adams, Evangeline Smith
Adams, Evelyn Parkes
Adams, Frances E. Lofthus
Adams, Grace Smith
Adams, Harriet Chalmers
Adams, Jennie Belle
Adams, Juliette Aurelia Graves
Adams, Kathryn Newell
Adams, Lida Stokes
Adams, Loula Rhyne
Adams, Lucy Frances
Adams, Mabel Ellery
Adams, Margaret Catharine Zillafro
Adams, Mary Dean
Adams, Mary King Humphrey
Adams, Maude (Kiskadden)
Adams, Ninette Forehand
Adams, Sallie Harp
Adams, Sarah Jennie Kelley
Adams, Susan Louise
Adams, Virginia Claiborne
Adams, Winifred Brady
Addams, Jane
Addison, Julia de Wolfe
Addison, Kate R.
Addison, Margaret E. Theodora
Adenaw, Charlotte Milnor Gillet
Adkins, Mary Ewart
Adler, Helen G.
Ady, Dora Belle
Agee, Fannie Heaslip Lea
Ahearn, Margaret Howitt
Ahern, Mary Eileen
Ahlday, Josephine Ford
Ahrens, Mary A.
Aiken, Carolyn Jones
Aiken, Edith Kenney
Ainsworth, Sarah Frances Anderson
Akins, Zoe (Byrd)
Albee, Helen Rickey
Albee, Maria Hawes
Albers, Minnie Martin
Albert, Grace
Albertson, Lucy Durfee Clark
Albrecht, Jennie Butler
Albright, Evelyn Mary
Albright, Susan Gertrude Fuller
Alden, Cynthia May Westover
Alden, Isabelle Macdonald
Aldrich, Annette Howland
Aldrich, Arthur, Mrs.
Aldrich, Auretta Roys
Aldrich, Louise Banister
Aldrich, Margaret Chester
Aldridge, Frances Ellen Wooten
Alexander, Emma Cleora Thornton
Alexander, Georgia
Alexander, Grace Caroline
Alexander, Harriet L.
Alexander, Hattie Caroline Beringer
Alexander, Mary C. Batcheller
Alexander, Orline St. John
Alexander, Virginia
Alford, Ora Wadsworth
Algeo, Sara MacCormack
Algoe, Margaret Tracy
Allan, Sarah Campbell
Allen, Ada Mary Eaton
Allen, Alice Ranney
Allen, Annie King Blair
Allen, Annie Winsor
Allen, Cora Williams
Allen, Eleanor Whitney
Allen, Eleanora Isabel
Allen, Elisabeth W. Cleveland
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Emma Potter
Allen, Florence Eliza
Allen, Frances
Allen, Gertrude
Allen, Gretchen Brooks Stevens
Allen, Lucy Ellis
Allen, Lulu Pearl Jeffers
Allen, Lydia J. McMillan
Allen, Mabel Stanley Calef
Allen, Margaret P. Jackson
Allen, Martha Elizabeth Moore
Allen, Martha Meir
Allen, Mary
Allen, Mary Adele
Allen, Mary Dayton
Allen, Mary Findlay
Allen, Mary Jane
Allen, Mary Montague Ferry
Allen, Maud
Allen, Miranda May
Allen, Mollie MacClaughry
Allen, Nelly Sherman Byers
Allen, Ruth Homer
Allen, Viola
Allen, Wellesca Pollock
Allin, Eugenia
Allin, Heloise M. Litchfield
Allin, Josephine Turner
Alline, Mary Clapp
Allinson, Annie Crosby Emery
Allis, Fannie Augusta
Allis, Lizzie May
Allis, Mary Elizabeth
Alloway, Mary Louise Tuttle
Allstrum, Esther
Almy, Amy Celesta
Almy, Helen Cabot
Alston, Caroline Lamar du Bignon
Altstaetter, Rebecca B. Raoul
Alvord, Katharine Sprague
Alvord, Lucy Fairbanks
Ambler, Sara Ellmaker
Amburn, Jessie Eoline Bowles
Amee, John, Mrs.
Ames, Blanche Ames
Ames, Marie Theodosia
Ames, Mary Lesley
Amidon, Beulah McHenry
Ammon, Edith Darlington
Amram, Beulah Brylawski
Anderson, Ada Woodruff
Anderson, Alexandra Koesis
Anderson, Belle Bingley
Anderson, Carlotta Adele
Anderson, E. Ruth
Anderson, Eleanor Eudora
Anderson, Elizabeth Preston
Anderson, Florence Stewart
Anderson, Grace Lee
Anderson, Helen Elona
Anderson, Henrietta E.
Anderson, Jessie Isabel Calhoun
Anderson, Lily Strickland
Anderson, Lizzie Pershing
Anderson, Margaret Pauline
Anderson, Margaret Steele
Anderson, Margarethe Urdahl
Anderson, Mary Josephine
Anderson, Mary Slater
Anderson, William C., Mrs.
Anderson-Gilman, Wilma
Anderton, Elizabeth Palmer
Andrews, Eliza Frances
Andrews, Elizabeth M.
Andrews, Elizabeth Moffett
Andrews, Emma Dixon
Andrews, Ethel Montgomery
Andrews, Evangeline Walker
Andrews, Fannie Fern
Andrews, Georgiana I. S.
Andrews, Grace
Andrews, Gwendolen Foulke
Andrews, Helen Frances
Andrews, Helen Slade
Andrews, Irene Osgood
Andrews, Marilla
Andrews, Mary Canfield
Andrews, Mira McCoy
Andrews, Nellie Greenwood
Andrews, Sophia Maxwell Dolson
Andrus, Elizabeth M. Alexander
Andruss, Helen J.
Angell, Fanny Cary Cooley
Angell, Helen Jeffries
Angell, Lisbeth Gertrude
Angell, Pauline Knickerbocker
Angier, Elizabeth
Angle, Helen Goldthorpe Williams
Anglin-Hull, Mary Margaret
Angstam, Charlotte Smith
Annan, Anna Bright Green
Ansley, Elizabeth
Anson, Mae Harris
Anspacher, Kathryn Kidder
Anthony, Alice
Anthony, Katharine Susan
Anthony, Mary Borden
Antrim, Minna Thomas
Aplington, Kate Adele
Applebee, Constance M. K.
Appleby, Alice Montague
Applegate, Mina W.
Appleton, L. Estelle
Archer, Sarah F. Fisher
Archibald, Edith Jessie
Archibald, Mabel Evangeline
Arden, Agnes Ann Eagleson
Arends, Katharine
Argo, Ella Butler
Armes, Ethel Marie
Armfield, Lucille
Armstrogn, Clairette Papin
Armstrong, Agnes Maria
Armstrong, Della M.
Armstrong, Eliza Dickson
Armstrong, Frances Louisa
Armstrong, Gertrude V. Ludden
Armstrong, Grace Leonard
Armstrong, Marion
Armstrong, Mary Alice
Armstrong, Sydney
Armstrong, Zella
Arnold, Abby Noyes
Arnold, Alma C.
Arnold, Anna E.
Arnold, Edith Sarah
Arnold, Elizabeth M. Tittle
Arnold, Ellen M.
Arnold, Grace Louise Russell
Arnold, Julia Isabel
Arnold, Kate Lewis
Arnold, Sarah Louise
Arnold, Winifred
Arthur, Clara B.
Arthur, Helen
Ash, Josephine Wharton
Ashbaugh, Delphine Dodge
Ashcraft, Mary Cosby Lewis
Ashcroft, Harriet Elizabeth
Ashenfelter, Nettie Bennett
Ashford, Hallie Quillian
Ashhurst, Sarah Wayne
Ashley, Jessie
Ashley, Susan Riley
Askew, Elizabeth
Askwig, Jenny Keogh
Aspinwall, Alica Stuart
Asplund, Julia Duncan Brown
Aston, Samuel, Mrs.
Aten, Mae E. Greene
Atherton, Caroline Ober Stone
Atherton, Ella Blaylock
Atherton, Gertrude Franklin
Atherton, Melanie
Atkins, Albert L., Mrs.
Atkinson, Alice Minerva
Atkinson, Dorothy Bridgman
Atkinson, Eleanor
Atkinson, Elizabeth Bispham Page
Atkinson, Florence Lewis
Atwater, Adeline Lobdell
Atwater, Caroline Swift
Atwater, Helen Woodard
Atwood, Euna Clum
Atwood, Gertrude Pearson
Atwood, Mary Elizabeth
Atwood, Maud Smith
Auer, Clara Meltzer
Augsbury, Mary Ellis
Austen, Ellen Munroe
Austin, Caroline Sprague
Austin, Laura Osborne
Austin, Mary
Auten, Nellie Mason
Avary, Myrta Lockett
Averill, Blanche M.
Averill, Edith Alice Sherman
Averill, Mary Martin
Avery, Catherine Hitchcock Tilden
Avery, Clara Arlette
Avery, Elisabeth McElroy
Avery, Rachel Foster
Avery, Susan Look
Aviritt, May Amelia Goodwin
Aycock, Martha Magan
Ayer, Anna Perkins Chandler
Ayer, Emma Burbank
Ayer, Hannah Gilbert Palfrey
Ayer, Janet Hopkins
Ayer, Margaret Hubbard
Ayer, Mary Allette
Ayer, May Hancock
Ayers, Henrietta P.
Ayers, Mary Frances
Ayres, Alice Stanley Taylor
Ayres, Anna C. Marston
Ayres, Helen
Babb, Alta Woody
Babb, Deborah Bertha White
Babbitt, Juliette M.
Babbitt, Mary Brigham King
Babbitt, Mary Edith Tarbox
Babcock, Birnie
Babcock, Josephine
Babcock, Maud May
Babcock, Sarah Perkins Johnson
Babcock, Winnifred Eaton
Babin, Anna Bullion
Babson, Caroline Wheeler
Babson, Helen Corliss
Babtiste, Gertrude Tifft
Bache, Emily Hinds
Bache, Henrietta Ellicott
Bache, Margaret Hartman
Bache, Nannie Greenway Trigg
Bachman, Dora Sandoe
Backus, Annie Amelia
Backus, Carrie Haskins
Backus, Emma S.
Backus, Harriet Ivins
Backus, Susan Emily Foote
Bacon, Albion Fellows
Bacon, Alice Mabel
Bacon, Caroline Tilden
Bacon, Corinne
Bacon, Dolores
Bacon, Elizabeth Daken
Bacon, Helen Hazard
Bacon, Josephine Daskam
Bacon, Rachel Haines
Badeau, Marie
Baer, Libbie C.
Bagley, Florence MacLean Winger
Bagley, Isabelle Tipton
Bahrenburg, Carrie T. Alexander
Bailey, Adella Browne
Bailey, Agnes McGiffert
Bailey, Alice Van B. Foos
Bailey, Alice Ward
Bailey, Almeria Adgate
Bailey, Anna Leland
Bailey, Anna Peabody
Bailey, Bertha
Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin
Bailey, Edith Lawrence Black
Bailey, Eliza Randall Simmons
Bailey, Florence Augusta Merriam
Bailey, Florence Kate
Bailey, Hannah Johnston
Bailey, Jessie Emerson
Bailey, Minnie Keith
Baily, Belle C.
Bain, Gertrude Benchley
Bain, Lydia Katherine Smith
Baines-Miller, Minnie Willis
Baird, Ellen Richardson
Baird, Hattie E.
Baird, Jean Katherine
Baird, Jennette Fergus
Baird, Lucy
Bakeman, Caroline
Baker, Aimee Cevilla
Baker, Annie Cunningham
Baker, Bertha Kunz
Baker, Blanche Hutchinson
Baker, Caroline Isabel
Baker, Charlotte LeBreton Johnson
Baker, Cornelia
Baker, Eleanor Robinson
Baker, Elizabeth Gowdy
Baker, Ellen Gillette
Baker, Emma C. Andrews
Baker, Emma Sophia
Baker, Helen Bartlett
Baker, Hettie Gray
Baker, Josephine Turck
Baker, Julia Wetherill
Baker, Lennie Van Holland
Baker, Louise Regina
Baker, Mabel Kimball
Baker, Marian Una Strong
Baker, S. Josephine
Baker, Sarah Pfell
Baker, Virginia
Balbach, Julia Anna
Balch, Emily Greene
Balch, Eugenia Hargous Macfarlane
Balch, Marion Casares
Balding, Martha Joab
Baldwin, Adele Clagett
Baldwin, Alice Mary
Baldwin, Clara Frances
Baldwin, Clara Waters
Baldwin, Helen
Baldwin, Jane North
Baldwin, Kate M. Shoemaker
Baldwin, Myra Rush
Baldwin, Nellie Elizabeth
Baldwin, Ruth Standish
Balentine, Mary Pollock Nimmo
Ball, Alice Worthington
Ball, Bertha Crosley
Ball, Caroline Peddle
Ball, Ida M.
Ball, Isabel Worrell
Ball, Minnie Warner
Ball, Nellie Boeck
Ball, Sylvia Ernestine
Ballagh, Josephine Jackson
Ballance, Harriet N.
Ballard, Anna
Ballard, Frances Anne Keay
Ballou, Susan Ann
Balmer, Helen Pratt
Bamford, Mary Ellen
Bancker, Mary Clark
Bancker, Mary Whitaker
Bancroft, Eleanor Stow
Bancroft, Emma Cooper
Bancroft, Jessie Hubbell
Bancroft, Margaret Healy
Bandy, Mary Albertson
Bang, Mary Phillips
Banks, Charlotte Mooney
Banks, Elizabeth
Banks, Florence S. Woolley
Bannan, Theresa
Banning, Carrie B. Carpenter
Banning, Sarah Jane
Barber, Alice Sherman
Barber, Mary Saxton
Barbour, Amy Louise
Barbour, Anna Maynard
Barbour, Anne Violet
Barbour, Elizabeth Graeme
Barbour, Louise
Barclay, Portia Lomax
Barcus, Betty Belle
Bareis, Grace M.
Barker, E. Nellie
Barker, Eliza Harris Lawton
Barker, Ellen Blackmar
Barker, Ellen Frye
Barker, Emma DeLand Dinsmoor
Barker, Frances Crosby Buffington
Barker, Nellie Florence
Barlow, Alpha Winifred
Barlow, Charlotte Emily
Barlow, Kate Brown
Barnard, Marion Harvie
Barnard, Therina Townsend
Barnes, Anna Maria
Barnes, Frances Julia
Barnes, Gertrude Jameson
Barnes, Margaret Ayer
Barnes, Sarah Short
Barnett, Claribel Ruth
Barnett, Evelyn Scott Snead
Barnett, Lelia Jefferson Harvie
Barnett, Lelia Sinclair Montague
Barney, Margaret Higginson
Barney, Sarah L. W.
Barnum, Charlotte Cynthia
Barnum, Mary G.
Barr, Amelia Edith
Barr, Annie Leonora
Barr, Clara L.
Barr, Katharine Louise Kennedy
Barrangon, Lucy Eloise Lord
Barret, Gladys Hermione Gittings
Barrett, Daisy Adelaide
Barrett, Ella Teresa
Barrett, Kate Waller
Barrett, Mary Franklin
Barringer, Emily Dunning
Barron, Jane Carson
Barron, Mary Butler
Barrow, Elizabeth N.
Barrows, Alice Prentice
Barrows, Anna
Barrows, Eulalie A.
Barrows, Isabel Chapin
Barrows, Mary
Barrows, Mary Livermore Norris
Barrus, Clara
Barry, Emily S.
Barry, Lily Emily Frances
Barry, Maggie Wilkins Hill
Barrymore, Ethel
Barstow, Clara Gerrish
Bartelme, Mary M.
Bartholomew, Ethel Hague
Bartlett, Alice Elinor
Bartlett, Amanda S.
Bartlett, Dora Tripp
Bartlett, Genevieve Kinne
Bartlett, Harriet Tuttle
Bartlett, Helen
Bartlett, Jane Wetherell
Bartlett, Lillie Harral
Bartlett, Vashti R.
Bartlett, Wallace Moore
Barton, Rose Mayard
Bartter, Frances Crosby Buffington
Barus, Annie G.
Bascom, Elva Lucile
Bascom, Florence
Bash, Bertha Runkle
Bashford, Jane Field
Bass, Clare Reynolds
Bass, Ula Leffentz
Bassett, Adelaide Florence
Bassett, Helen Chase
Batchelder, Alice Lizzie
Bate, Florence E.
Bates, Blanche
Bates, Charlotte Fiske
Bates, Clara Nettie
Bates, Edith Talcott
Bates, Emily Rusling
Bates, Emma
Bates, Emma Frances Duncan
Bates, Helen Page
Bates, Juanita Breckenridge
Bates, Katherine Lee
Bates, Louise
Bates, Margaret Holmes
Bates, Martha Frances Sutphen
Bates, Mary Elizabeth
Bates, Mary Russell
Bates, Roxie Ellen
Bates, Sarah Glazier
Bates, Theodora
Battels, Mary Miller
Baum, M. Louise
Baumann, Annie Rose Greene
Baumann, Frances Osgood
Baumgartner, Helen Morgan
Bawden, Sarah Elizabeth
Baxter, Blanche Weber
Baxter, Martha Wheeler
Bayard, Orlena Hunting
Bayliss, Clara Kern
Beach, Amy Marcy Cheney
Beach, Laura Jennie
Beach, Lucy Ward
Beach, Mabel Creglow
Beahan, Bessie DeWitt
Beal, Helen Clark
Beal, Mary Louise Barnes
Beale, Bertha Fitzgerald
Beale, Carrie Phelan
Beale, Maria Parker Taylor
Beall, Nannie Lewis
Beals, Anna Maria Bourne
Beals, Jane Witter Stetson
Beals, Jessie Tarbox
Beals, Katharine McMillian
Beals, Othilia Gertrude
Beals, Rose Fairbank
Bean, Mary
Bean, Theodora
Beane, Mary Ellen Smith
Bear, Olive May
Beard, Adelia Belle
Beard, frederica
Beard, Harriet Elizabeth
Beard, Lina
Beard, Mary Ritter
Beard, Vida Fleming
Beardsley, Emily Call Griffith
Beatley, Clara Bancroft
Beattie, Eva Townsend
Beattie, J. Isabella Macklin
Beatty, Anne Meem Peachy
Beatty, Cora B. Hammett
Beatty, Edith Graves
Beatty, Nellie Griswold
Beauchamp, Frances E.
Beauchamp, Virginia C. Halstead
Beaumont, Carrie R.
Beaux, Cecilia
Beaver, Mollie E.
Beavers, Genevieve W.
Beck, Clara A.
Beck, Irma Wanda
Beck, Jennie Florence
Beck, Rachel Wyatt E. Tongate
Beck, Ruth Everett
Beckington, Alice
Beckman, Nellie Sims
Beckner, Marie Warren
Beckwith, Cora Jipson
Beckwith, Emma
Beckwith, Jane E. Warfield
Beckwith, Kate Reynolds
Beddow, Elizabeth Russell
Bedell, Cornelia Frances
Bedell, Mary Crehore
Bedinger, Maria Voorhees
Bedle, Aletha Fitz Randolph
Beebe, Alice Geissler
Beebe, Evanore Olds
Beebe, Minnie Mason
Beecher, Hattie Foster
Beecher, Isabell Garghill
Beecher, Martha A.
Beem, Emma B.
Beer, Dorcas Grizzel
Beer, Katherine J.
Beer, Mary Elizabeth
Beers, Keturah G.
Beers, Lila Eliza
Beffel, Olive Baker
Beggs, Gertrude Harper
Begle, Grace Griffith
Beilstein, Laura Lee
Belcher, Hilda
Belfield, Ada Marshall
Belfield, Anne Wallace Miller
Belfield, Elizabeth Mills
Bell, Agnes Isabel Taylor
Bell, Anna Adams
Bell, Carolyn E.
Bell, Ellen Chesbro
Bell, Emily Ruth Harris
Bell, Gail Shepard
Bell, Helene S. Taylor
Bell, Lilian
Bell, Mabel Gardiner
Bell, Mary Adelaide Fuller
Bell, Susan Kite Alsop
Bellamy, Blanche Wilder
Bellamy, Mary Godat
Bellinger, Martha Fletcher
Bellows, Ida I. Perry
Belmont, Alva E. Smith
Belmont, Eleanor Elsie Robson
Belser, Susan Mishler
Bement, Ruth Ware
Benedict, Alice M.
Benedict, Anne Kendrick
Benedict, Elizabeth
Benedict, Lydia Carrie Le Favor
Benedict, Marie A. Potter
Benedict, Mary Kendrick
Benedict, Susan Rose
Benjamin, Carolyn Gilbert
Benjamin, Fanny Nichols
Bennet, Gertrude Witschief
Bennett, Belle H.
Bennett, Ella Collins
Bennett, Ellen J. F.
Bennett, Ethelwyn Foote
Bennett, Ida Elizabeth Dandridge
Bennett, M. Katharine
Bennett, Margaret Chesney
Bennett, Sarah Davis
Benney, Edith Neil
Benoist, Mary Hunt
Benson, Clara Cynthia
Benson, Rebecca E. Hamilton
Bentley, Clara Augusta
Bentley, Ellida Pattison
Bentley, Luette P.
Bentley, Mabel E. Davison
Benton, Jeanette Scott
Benton, Mary Lathrop
Benway, Mabel Reed
Benziger, Gertrude Lytton
Berg, Clara de Lissa
Berg, Helen McGregor Morse
Bergen, Caroline McPhail
Bergen, Fannie Dickerson
Bergengren, Anna Farquhar
Bergengren, Leslie Merritt
Bergenthal, Alice Dacy
Berger, Meta
Bergfield, J. D.
Berkstresser, Celia Smith
Bernays, Thekla Marie
Berry, Elizabeth Robbins
Berry, Grace Ella
Berry, Jennie Iowa Peet
Berry, Josephine Thorndike
Berry, Lucy Haldane
Berry, Martha McChesney
Berryhill, Virginai Joynes
Berthelot, De La Boileverie
Bertola, Mariana
Bertram, Helen
Besessen, Henry J., Mrs.
Best, Marjorie Ayres
Bethel, Mary Wright Thomas
Bethune, Louise Blanchard
Bettis, Mary Alice Smith
Betts, Anna Whelan
Betts, Mary N.
Bevier, Isabel
Beziat, DeBordes, Kate M. Bradley
Bianchi, Martha Gilbert Dickinson
Bias, Clothilde Gaujot
Bibbins, Ruthelda Bernard Mary
Biddle, Gertrude Bosler
Bidwell, Annie Ellicott Kennedy
Bieghler, Alice Miller
Bierstadt, Anne Morton Turner
Bigelow, Alice Houghton
Bigelow, Bessie P.
Bigelow, Carolyn Lois Clark
Bigelow, Florence
Bigelow, Florence Rawn
Bigelow, Gertrude
Bigelow, Harriet Williams
Bigelow, Mary Helena
Bignell, Effie Molt
Bikle, Lucy Leffingwell Cable
Billings, Anna Hunt
Binford, Florence Clark
Binford, Jessica Florence
Bingham, Amelia
Bingham, Lena Maud
Bingham, Lucille Rutherford
Bingham, Mary Homer
Bird, Anna Child
Bird, Harriet Williams
Bird, Maria Elvy
Birdsall, Anna Palmyra
Birdsall, Katharine Newbold
Birdsall, Virginia Field
Birdseye, Miriam
Birks, Julia Miles
Bisbee, Genevieve
Bishop, Alice Lyman
Bishop, Elizabeth Loraine
Bishop, Emily Montague
Bishop, Harriet Anna
Bishop, Helen Louise
Bishop, Nelle Smith
Bishop, Susan Washburne
Bispham, Caroline Russell
Bissell, Bertha Abby Nichols
Bissell, Marie Truesdale
Bissell, Mary Taylor
Bittinger, Lucy Forney
Bixby, Maritje V. P.
Bjorkman, Frances Maule
Black, Belinda Miles Bogardus
Black, Etta Roe
Black, Fannie Degrasse
Black, Florence Atwood
Black, Jennie Prince
Black, Madeline
Black, Mary Grace Witherbee
Black, Mignonette Bird Johnson
Black, Nellie Peters
Black, Susan Geiger
Black, Winifred
Blackington, Ada J.
Blacklidge, Luella Larmore
Blackman, Carrie Horton
Blackman, Olive J.
Blackmer, Anna Wood
Blackstone, Harriet
Blackwelder, Gertrude Boughton
Blackwell, Alice Stone
Blackwell, Antoinette L. Brown
Blaine, Harriet Gertrude
Blair, Adeline Cleveland
Blair, Apolline Madison
Blair, Edna Sheldon
Blair, Emily Newell
Blair, Margaret Josephine
Blair, Margaretta E.
Blair, Mary Jessup
Blair, Salome Annette
Blair, Vivian Beatrice Losse
Blaisdell, Daisy Luana
Blaisdell, Mary Frances
Blake, Blanche Morgan
Blake, Eva M.
Blake, Katharine Aldrich
Blake, Katherine D. Umstead
Blake, Leslie Appleton
Blake, Lillie Devereux
Blake, Mabelle B.
Blake, Mary Katharine Evans
Blake, Sue Avis
Blakely, Delora Edith Wilkins
Blakemore, Lizzie McFarland
Blaker, Adelaide Marion Cornell
Blakeslee, Adeline Graves
Blanchard, Amy Ella
Blanchard, Elizabeth Miller
Blanchard, Ethel West
Blanchard, Frances S. Carothers
Blanchard, Irene M.
Blanchard, Mary Miles
Blankenburg, Lucretia L.
Blankenship, Georgiana Mitchell
Blasar, Jeanette
Blatch, Harriot Stanton
Blauvelt, Lillian
Blauvelt, Mary Taylor
Bleakley, Cara Rogers
Bleckley, Olie Evans
Blenderman, Helen Clara Riedel
Blewett, Jean
Bley, Caroline Averill
Blichfeldt, Eva Potter
Bligh, Julia Morum
Bliss, Eleanora Emma
Bliss, Eleanora Frances
Bliss, Elizabeth Bancroft
Bliss, Laura Adella
Bliss, Ruth Shorkley
Block, Anita C.
Block, Elizabeth Orme
Blodgett, Katharine Frances
Blodgett, Mabel Fuller
Blodgett, Minnie Cummock
Bloom, Bessie Luella Kutcher
Bloomstein, Elizabeth Lee
Blount, Alma
Blount, Anna Ellsworth
Blount, Marie Ross
Blow, Alziere Kennerly
Blum, Charlotte
Blumenschein, Mary S. Greene
Blunden, Ada C. Pollock
Blunt, Katharine
Blunt, Olive M.
Blye, Birdice
Boak, Mabel
Boardman, Anne Calef
Boardman, Mabel Thorp
Boas, Hariet Betty
Bock, Stella Nathan
Bodman, Ida M.
Bodman, Rose Maria
Boericke, Edith Gertrude Schoff
Boericke, Helene
Boericke, Johanna Magdaline
Bogardus, Estella Mae
Boggs, Christina Marie
Boggs, Lucinda Pearl
Bogue, Lillian
Bohan, Maud Thompson
Boissevain, Inez Milholland
Bolds, Augusta W.
Bole, Anna Sheldon Kitchel
Bolender, Daisy Chadwick
Bolenius, Emma Miller
Bolles, Jenette Hubbard
Bolley, Frances Sheldon
Bolton, Ethel Stanwood
Bolton, Sarah Knowles
Bond, Carrie Jacobs
Bond, Elizabeth Powell
Bond, Isabella Bacon
Bond, Mabel Cornish
Bond, Octavia Zollicoffer
Bonham, Eleanor Milton
Bonner, Genevieve Vollmer
Bonner, Geraldine
Bonner, Mary Davenport
Bonsall, Elizabeth F.
Bonsall, Mary W.
Bonstelle, Jessie
Booker, Edith Hill
Boole, Ella Alexander
Boomsliter, Alice Ella Colgan
Booth, Evangeline Cory
Booth, Mary Ann
Booth, Maud B.
Booth, Rejoyce Balance Collins
Borden, Fanny
Borden, Lucie Elizabeth
Borden, Sarah Hildreth Ames
Borglum, Emma Vignal
Borglum, Lucie Mothe
Borglum, Mary W. Montgomery
Borie, Edith Pettit
Boring, Alice Middleton
Boring, Florence Kimball
Borland, Maud Rives
Borrette, Olive E.
Borst, Sara Cone Bryant
Bosher, Kate Lee Langley
Bostwick, Clara Lena
Boswell, Helen Varick
Botsford, Della Eliza Whiting
Botsford, Mary Rawson
Botsford, Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin
Boughner, Martha
Boughton, Alice
Boughton, Alice C.
Boughton, Lethe Hawes
Boughton, Martha E. Arnold
Boulton, Frances Schroeder
Bourgard, Caroline B.
Bourland, Caroline Brown
Bourne, Annie Thomson Nettleton
Bourne, Mary Joy
Bouton, Emily St. John
Bouton, Rosa
Boutwell, Georgiana A.
Bouve, Pauline Carrington
Bouvet, Jeanne Marie
Bouvet, Marie Marguerite
Bovaird, Emma Griffith
Bowden, Angie Burt
Bowditch, Sylvia Church Scudder
Bowen, Anna Cara Cornelia
Bowen, Annie Beauregard
Bowen, Louise de Koven
Bowen, Margaret Barber
Bowen, Mary M.
Bower, Emma E.
Bower, Olive Stanley
Bowerman, Helen Cox
Bowers, Lillian Estella Shepard
Bowers, Rose Alexander
Bowie, Virginia Berkley
Bowker, Marion Esther
Bowlby, Helene Boileau
Bowles, Ada C.
Bowman, Betty Hill
Bowman, Eda C.
Bowman, Elsa
Bowman, Ida Wright
Bowman, Jennie
Bowman, Luella Wait
Bowman, Mabel E.
Boyce, Addisone Schipper
Boyd, Cora Dunham
Boyd, Elizabeth Clarke
Boyd, Emma Louise Garrett
Boyer, Ida Porter
Boyer, Winifred B.
Boykin, Caroline Morris
Boylan, Grace Duffie
Boylan, Rose Marion
Boyle, Margaret E. Cottman
Boyle, Virginia Frazer
Boynton, Frances Nichols
Bracken, Clio Hinton
Bracken, Opal
Brackenridge, Eleanor
Brackett, Antoinette Newell
Brackett, Lavinia Maxwell Prescott
Bradbury, Margaret Jones
Bradford, Mary Davison
Bradford, Stella Stevens
Bradlee, Edith Gerry Keene
Bradley, Alice Deering
Bradley, Dolly Holland Sipe
Bradley, Emma Louise
Bradley, Jennie E.
Bradley, Leila Griswold
Bradley, Marian Hawley
Bradner, Edith Mitchel
Bradshaw, Elizabeth Mahan
Brady, Susie Frances Brown
Bragdon, Oliver Hurd
Brain, Belle Marvel
Braine, Elizabeth Musgrove
Brainerd, Eleanor Hoyt
Braislin, Mary Raymond
Braley, Love A. Webb
Bramble, Anna Dripps
Bramhall, Edith Clementine
Bramhall, Florence Adelaide
Branch, Anna Hempstead
Branch, Mary Lillian
Branch, Mary Lydia Bolles
Brannan, Sophie Marston
Branner, Susan Dow Kennedy
Branson, Anna Mary
Branstetter, Winnie E.
Brant, Minnie Clothier
Bray, Ella Williams
Brayton, Sarah H.
Brazee, Carolina A. Potter
Brazier, Marion Howard
Breckenridge, Mary Grace
Breckenridge, Sophonisba Preston
Breckens, Josephine White
Breed, Frances deForest Martin
Breed, Mary Bidwell
Breed, Persis Mary
Bregy, Katherine Marie Cornelia
Brehm, Marie Caroline
Brem, Marion Wolcott Winkler
Brendlinger, Margaret Robinson
Brett, Margaret Strong
Breuil, Elizabeth D. Van der Veer
Brevitt, Jessie
Brewer, Amy Waller
Brewer, Annette Fitch
Brewer, Elizabeth Hale
Brewer, Estelle H. Manning
Brewer, Grace D.
Brewer, Mary Grey Morgan
Brewster, Anna Richards
Brewster, Emilie C.
Brewster, Frances S.
Brewster, Margaret Powell
Brewster, Mary Jones
Brewster, Mary Southgate
Breyfogle, Caroline May
Bridger, Virginia Lawrence
Bridges, Eliza Wadsworth
Bridges, Fidelia
Bridgman, Ethel Young Comstock
Bridgman, Mary Elliott
Bridgman, Statria Preble McDonald
Briggs, Daisy-Marquis
Briggs, Florence Lucy Chase
Briggs, Lavina B.
Briggs, Lida May
Bright, Cora C.
Bright, Emily Haskell
Bright, Florence Zetilla
Bright, Marion M.
Brinckerhoff, Henrietta Collins
Brine, Mary Dow
Brink, Louise
Brinker, Jean Beatrice Weber
Brinsmade, Ada Gibson Colton
Brinsmade, Mary Gold gunn
Briscoe, Margaret Sutton
Bristol, Grace Whitman
Bristol, Helen Augusta Flack
Bristol, Helen Finlay Waltz
Brittain, Gertrude Fuller
Britten, Flora Phelps Harley
Brittingham, Ellen Brooks Bradbury
Britton, Elizabeth Gertrude
Britton, Ida Freeman
Britton, Josephine
Broaddus, Lucy Frances Duncan
Broadhead, Stella Florine
Brobst, Sue E.
Brock, Elizabeth Tyler
Brockway, Alcinda Beman
Brodel, Ruth Huntington
Brodie, Ethel Mary
Bromwell, Henrietta Elizabeth
Bronk, Isabelle
Bronk, Margaret Marcellus
Bronson, Amey Talbot Taintor
Bronson, Esie Marion Straffin
Brook, Edith May
Brookings, Marian Kinney
Brooks, Amy
Brooks, Anita Comfort
Brooks, Annie Laurie
Brooks, Annie Mabel
Brooks, Bessie Estelle
Brooks, Ethel Frances Fifield
Brooks, Frona Marie
Brooks, Geraldine
Brooks, Ida Josephine
Brooks, Jennie
Brooks, Julia M. Clark
Brooks, Louise Dudley Davis
Brooks, Luella Jane
Brooks, Mary Naomi Willard
Brooks, Mary Ten Eyck Oakley
Brooks, Sarah Catherine
Broomell, Grace Browne
Brotherton, Alice William
Brousseau, Kate
Brower, Josephine V.
Brown, Abbie Farwell
Brown, Adelaide
Brown, Adelaide Spenser
Brown, Agnes Hewlett
Brown, Alice
Brown, Alice Barlow
Brown, Alice Crawford
Brown, Alice Margaret
Brown, Alice Van Vechten
Brown, Anna C.
Brown, Anna Smith
Brown, Bertha Millard
Brown, Caroline
Brown, Charlotte Harding
Brown, Cornelia B.
Brown, Cornelia E.
Brown, Demetra Kenneth
Brown, Elena Rhodes
Brown, Elizabeth Leiper
Brown, Elizabeth Stow
Brown, Ellen W. Babcock
Brown, Emilie Ward
Brown, Emma Elizabeth
Brown, Emma Kate
Brown, Ethel Pennewill
Brown, Eva R. Ingersoll
Brown, Fanny Burton Hurd
Brown, Florence M.
Brown, Floy Clare
Brown, Frances Guion
Brown, Frank Collins
Brown, Gertrude Foster
Brown, Grace Mann
Brown, Harriet Chedie Connor
Brown, Harriet Johnson
Brown, Hattie
Brown, Helen Dawes
Brown, Helen Gager
Brown, Hulda Holmes Bergen
Brown, Inez
Brown, Jeanette Ferris
Brown, Jennie R.
Brown, Jessica Christian
Brown, Josephine English
Brown, Josie Mayer
Brown, Kate Louise
Brown, Katharine Holland
Brown, Laura Amanda
Brown, Margaret Lesley Bush
Brown, Marguerite Manierre
Brown, Marguerite Mullin
Brown, Marianna
Brown, Marianna Catharine
Brown, Mary Mitchell
Brown, Mena DeWitt
Brown, Olive Marie McIntosh
Brown, Ophelia S.
Brown, Ray Hyer
Brown, Ruth Mowry
Brown, Sally Eugenia
Brown, Sanford Stella De Land
Brown, Sydney E., Mrs.
Brown, Varina Davis
Browne, Ellen Van Volkenburg
Browne, Ethel Nicholson
Browne, Grace Greenwood
Browne, Hester Singer
Browne, Jennie Nicholson
Browne, Mary Catherine
Browne, Mary Nicholson
Browne, Matilda
Browne, Nina Eliza
Browne, Orva M.
Browne, Rose Lane
Browne, Sarah Alice
Brownell, Eleanor Olivia
Brownell, Jane L.
Brownell, Lucy Pearce
Browning, Eliza Gordon
Browning, Elizabeth S. Bradley
Browning, Sarah Perry
Brownscombe, Jennie Augusta
Brownson, Mary Wilson
Brown-Turner, Mae F.
Bruce, Ada Bromilow
Bruce, Grace Adelle
Bruchon, Gertrude Jones
Bruening, Bertha M.
Bruere, Martha Bensley
Brumbaugh, Catherine Elliott
Brunckhorst, Marie
Brundage, Olive Mann
Bruner, Elizabeth Cutting Cooley
Bryan, Ella Howard
Bryan, Frances Wickham
Bryan, Mary Baird
Bryan, Mary Elizabeth
Bryan, R. Marion
Bryant, Anna Groff
Bryant, Anna M. Dorr
Bryant, Dorothy Wilberforce Lyon
Bryant, Lorinda Munson
Bryant, Louise Stevens
Bryant, Martha Lyman
Bryant, Sara Cone
Bryant, Shirley E. MacManus
Bryden, Lucy Annette
Buchanan, Anna F.
Buchanan, Helen Davis
Buchanan, Isabella Reid
Buchwalter, Mary Knox
Buck, Florence
Buck, Gertrude
Buck, Lillie West
Buckbee, Anna
Buckbee, Jennie Palmer
Buckingham, Naomi J. Carpenter
Buckingham, Nellie B. Hibbard
Buckley, Charlotte Carter
Buckley, May
Buckstaff, Florence Tyng Griswold
Buddenhagen, Emerense Walters
Budlong, Jessie Valentine
Budlong, Minnie Franklin Clarke
Buehler, Amelia R. Keller
Buel, Elizabeth Cynthia Barney
Buell, Caroline Brown
Buell, Dora Phelps
Buell, Irene Cleveland Cox
Buell, Jennie
Buell, Martha Merry
Buerger, Mary Bowles
Buffington, Adaline Allston
Buford, Elizabeth Burgess
Bugbee, Marion L.
Bugg, Leila Hardin
Buhrer, Marguerite Paterson
Bulkley, Mary Ezit
Bull, Cornelia Wilcox
Bull, Elizabeth A.
Bull, Mary Louisa
Bull, Sally Franklin Wainwright
Bullard, Carrie
Bullis, Jeanette
Bullitt, Margaret Emmons
Bullock, Florence Gertrude
Bullock, Helena M. C.
Bulson, Florence J.
Bumpus, Marie Louise
Bumstead, Anna Hoit
Bunge, Sarah Emily Wheeler
Bunker, Annie Jerina Ellers
Bunker, Daisy Davenport Bryan
Bunker, Elizabeth Johnson
Bunker, Marie Rowland
Bunting, Florence M.
Bunting, Martha
Bunzl, Carrie Elizabeth Goble
Burberry, Martha Dashiell
Burchard, Alice Webb
Burdett, Elizabeth Terry White
Burdette, Clara Bradley
Burgart, Laverda Adelia
Burgess, Frances Elinor
Burgess, Ida J.
Burgess, Rosamond Tudor
Burgess, Ruth Payne Jewett
Burgoyne, Ina Forrest Davis
Burke, Annie J. Ferguson
Burke, Asenath Danforth Spalding
Burke, Billie
Burke, Madeleina Forrest
Burke, Marion
Burke, Myra Webster
Burkhardt, Ethyline Durrant
Burkholder, Mabel Grace
Burleigh, Gertrude Florence
Burleigh, May Halsey Miller
Burlingame, Harriet Grace Boyd
Burlingame, Lillian M.
Burnet, Mary Quick
Burnett, Frances Hodgson
Burnett, Katherine D.
Burney, Minnie Melton
Burnham, Clara Louise
Burnham, Josephine May
Burnham, Laura Hunter
Burnham, Margaret Sherman
Burns, Louisa
Burns, Lucy
Burns, Margaret Broad
Burpee, Myra Blanche Walker
Burr, Anna Robeson
Burr, Helen Louise
Burr, Marjorie
Burr, Theodora Dudley
Burrage, Edith May
Burrage, Harriet Greene Dyer
Burrell, Caroline Benedict
Burrell, Clara DeForest
Burrell, Tempe Garfield
Burrough, Mary Anna
Burroughs, Edith Woodman
Burroughs, Edna McCoy
Burroughs, Marie
Burrowes, Katharine
Burrowes, Verlista Shaul
Burrows, Frances Peck
Burrows, Marion Cowan
Burt, Helen Tyler
Burt, Laura
Burt, Mary Elizabeth
Burtis, Mary E.
Burton, Alice
Burton, Marian Williams Perrin
Burwell, Ethel Irene
Busbey, Katharine Olive Graves
Busey, Mary Elizabeth
Bush, Bertha E.
Bush, Emma Danforth
Bush, Emma Louise
Bush, Florence Lillian
Bush, Katharine, Jeanette
Bush, Loue Pollock
Bush, Margaret Whiteley
Bushnell, Florence Ellsworth
Busselle, Harriet Murray
Bussert, Anne Elizabeth
Butcher, Ida Jane
Butler, Anne Balfour
Butler, Cora Waldo
Butler, Jessie Storrs Ferris
Butt, Emily
Buttenwieser, Ellen Clune
Butterfield, Emily Helen
Buxton, Eva Joanna
Byington, Jeanette Gregory
Byington, Margaret Frances
Byrd, Mary Emma
Byrne, Miriam
Byrnes, Esther Russell
Byrnes, Josephine Armstrong
Cabeen, Sarah Biddle
Cabeen, Sarah Clark
Cabell, Anne Branch
Cabell, Isa Carrington
Cabell, Margaret
Cable, Ida Tower
Cabot, Caroline Sturgis
Cabot, Elinore Blake
Cabot, Ella Lyman
Cabot, Elsie Pumpelly
Cabot, Maria M.
Cadbury, Anna Mary Moore
Cadbury, Emma
Cade, Clayton Thomas
Cady, Cornelia Ensign
Caffin, Caroline
Cagwin, Clara Joslyn
Cahill, Marie
Cahoon, Grace Willson
Cairns, Anna Sneed
Cairns, Frances V. Shellabarger
Cairo, Frances Lillian Wilmer
Caldwell, Estella Riley
Caldwell, Louise Orton
Caldwell, Willie Walker
Calhoun, Laura A.
Calhoun, Sallie Williams
Calhoun, Virginia Catherine
Calkins, Emily Blackwell Lathrop
Calkins, Emor L.
Calkins, Mary Whiton
Call, Annie Payson
Calvert, Eleanor Mackubin
Calvert, Frances Adelia
Calvert, Mary Githens
Calvin, Clementine
Calvin, Henrietta Willard
Cameron, Agnes Deans
Cameron, Beatrice
Cameron, Bettie Garner
Cameron, Cora May Kent
Cameron, Edith Virginia Buzzell
Cameron, Elizabeth
Cameron, Margaret
Cameron, Susan Elizabeth
Camp, Constance Graham
Campbell, Annabel Thompson
Campbell, Caroline Portman
Campbell, Catherine Mary
Campbell, Clara Green
Campbell, Dorothy Iona
Campbell, Eleanor Goodrich
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, Harriet Parker
Campbell, Helen Stuart
Campbell, Henrietta Foster Crosman
Campbell, Jane
Campbell, Leona Pelton
Campbell, Mary Edith
Campbell, Mary I. McPherson
Campbell, Mattie Ormsby
Campbell, Stella Bogue
Campbell, Viola Vaille Barnes
Campion, Marguerite
Canavan, Myrtelle May Moore
Canby, Marion Gause
Canda, Ida Hammond Holmes
Candee, Annie Chunn
Candee, Helen Churchill
Candee, Marion Ottis
Canfield, Elizabeth Norton
Canfield, Nellie Heth
Cannon, Annie Jump
Capen, Achanie A.
Capen, Anne
Capen, Mary Warren
Caperton, Helena Trench Lefroy
Caples, Grace Stelle
Cappleman, Josie Frazee
Capps, Minnie Taliaferro Jossey
Capron, Fanny Littlefield
Capwell, Irene Stoddard
Carey, Margaret Cheston Thomas
Carey, Miriam Eliza
Carhart, Anna Georgine
Carhart, Edith Noble
Carhart, Margaret Sprague
Carl, Katharine Augusta
Carleton, Emma S. Nunemacher
Carleton, Grace Haines
Carleton, Lillian Stewart
Carmichael, Annie Darling
Carnell, Laura Horner
Carnochan, Janet
Caron, Nettie Clark
Carpenter, Alice
Carpenter, Clara Cornell
Carpenter, Cora
Carpenter, Fanny Hallock
Carpenter, Florence Welles
Carpenter, Grace E. White
Carpenter, Hannah Thayer
Carpenter, Imogene Hand
Carpenter, Julia Wiltberger
Carpenter, Lucy A. Boone
Carpenter, Mary Frances
Carpenter, Mary Noel
Carpenter, Minnie Chamberlain
Carr, Henrietta A.
Carr, Imogen Mathewson
Carr, Sarah Pratt
Carr. Laura Whipple
Carrell, Theodora M.
Carriel, Mary Turner
Carrington, Annie Seddon
Carroll, Caroline Moncure Benedict
Carroll, Elizabeth Delia Dixon
Carroll, Elizabeth M.
Carroll, Lydia Fritchie
Carroll, Mary Dutcher
Carrus, Emma
Carrus, Mary Hegeler
Carse, Matilda Bradley
Carson, Anna Lea
Carson, Luella Clay
Carson, Norma Bright
Carson, Stella Blanche Marbury
Carstensen, Mary R. Thomas
Carter, Alice Crosby
Carter, Anna Alice Chapin
Carter, Arabella
Carter, Edna
Carter, Frances Henderson
Carter, Grace Arvilla Banks
Carter, Harriet Wilson
Carter, Louise C.
Carter, Marion Law
Carter, Mary Elizabeth
Carter, Mary Lupton
Carter, Orra Lee
Carter, Sarah Nelson
Carter, Zoe Hamilton
Cartwright, Mabel
Caruthers, Daisy Miller
Carver, Clara Belle Finney
Carver, Priscillia
Cary, Anna May Gogley
Cary, Annie Louise
Cary, Elisabeth Luther
Cary, Martha Bryant
Case, Anna Hubbell Lathrop
Case, Frances Powell
Case, Katherine E. Le Mar
Case, Marian Ward Ingersoll
Case, Mary Emily
Casey, Ellenor Fairfax
Casey, Mary Catherine Martin
Casgrain, Marie Emma
Casler, Anna Delia
Cassard, Frances Wallace
Cassatt, Mary
Cassels, Amy
Cassidy, Perlina Barnum Sizer
Castleman, Virginia Carter
Caswell, Winafred Lyndia Sheldon
Cate, Carrie Quincy
Cate, L. Maude
Cather, Willa Sibert
Catheron, Alice Millett
Catlin, Louise Ensign
Catt, Carrie Chapman
Catterall, Helen Honor Tunnicliff
Cautley, Mabel MacLean
Caverno, Julia Harwood
Cay, Florence Genovar
Cerf, Katharine Agnew Martin
Chace, Eliza Greene
Chadbourne, Adeline M.
Chadbourne, Henrietta Topliff
Chadwick, Cornelia Jones
Chaffee, Emma Hurd
Chalfant, Minnie List
Chalmers, Hattie Elizabeth
Chamberlain, Anna Mary Irwin
Chamberlain, Anna V.
Chamberlain, Grace W. Caldwell
Chamberlain, Jean Bosler
Chamberlain, Mary C. Endicott
Chamberlain, Mary E. Bowman
Chambers, Georgie Mar
Chambers, Mary
Champney, Elizabeth
Chance, Julie Grinnell
Chandler, Ada May
Chandler, Alice Greene
Chandler, Anna Souther Pond
Chandler, Eva
Chandler, Grace Webster
Chandler, Jessie Wallace
Chandler, Katherine
Chandler, Louise Prescott
Chandler, Mary Saxe
Chandor, Valentine L.
Chaney, Gussie Scott
Chanler, Amelie Rives
Channon, Vesta M. Westover
Chany, Jane Douglas Butler
Chapin, Alice Delafield
Chapin, Angie Clara
Chapin, Anna Alice
Chapin, Delia Lucretia
Chapin, Emily Coolidge
Chapin, Flora Amorette Simmons
Chapin, Winogene Grabill
Chapman, Alice T. Hall
Chapman, Aurelie Reynaud
Chapman, Eleanor Stickney
Chapman, Elizabeth Kimball
Chapman, Katharine Hopkins
Chapman, Millie Jane
Chapman, Nellie Stanley
Chapman, Rosamond Low
Chapman, Woodallen
Chappell, Sara Lyon
Chard, Marie Louise
Charles, Carrie Lane Riggs
Charles, Christina Howell
Charles, Frances
Charlton, Willhelmina Howell
Chase, Adelaide Cole
Chase, Elizabeth Hosmer Kellogg
Chase, Fannie Scott Hubbard
Chase, Grace Amelia Slafter
Chase, Jessie Clara
Chase, Jessie Anderson
Chase, Lauretta A. Hanford
Chase, Mabel A.
Chase, Mary Ayer
Chase, Mary Wood
Chase, Nellie Gertrude
Chase, Susan Frances
Chassell, Mary Huntington
Chatfield-Taylor, Rose Farwell
Cheatham, Mary Warren Denman
Cheesman, Helen M. King
Cheever, Louisa Sewall
Chenault, Sarah Gibson Humphreys
Cheney, Emma Smith Peters
Cheney, Irma Genette Port
Cheney, Mary E.
Chenoweth, Caroline Van Deusen
Chenoweth, Catherine Richardson
Chenoweth, Emma Leake
Cherry, Emma Richardson
Cherryman, Myrtle Koon
Chesley, Mary Russell
Chew, Ada Knowlton
Chew, Mary Cady
Child, Edith
Child, Florence Chapman
Child, Georgie Boynton
Child, Katherine B.
Child, Mary Lucy
Childs, Caroline Goldsmith
Childs, Eleanor Stuart
Childs, Mary Fairfax
Chipman, Edna Earle Manners
Chirurg, Martha Mabelle Ames
Chittenden, Ida Lunette
Chivvis, W. R., Mrs.
Choate, Augusta
Choate, Miriam Foster
Christenson, Nellie Grant
Christian, Elizabeth
Christian, Mary
Christie, Carmelite Brewer
Christie, Isabella Munro Lindsay
Christy, Grace
Church, Elizabeth Hoyt
Church, Gertrude Lee
Church, Louise Akerly Husted
Church, Virginia Woodson Frame
Churchill, Florence
Churchill, Julia Patterson
Churchill, Lida A.
Churchill, Liska Stillman
Churchill, Louise Nye
Churchill, Mabel Harlakenden
Churchyard, Ida Thompson
Claflin, Edith Frances
Claflin, Narcissa Adelaide Avery
Clagett, Mary DuHamel
Claghorn, Kate Holladay
Clagstone, Cora Kirk
Clapham, Lizzie Markley
Clapp, Cornelia Maria
Clapp, Eleanor Bassett
Clapp, Thomas Calvin, Mrs.
Clark, Amelia Ray
Clark, Anna K. Perkins
Clark, Anna Newhall
Clark, Annie Marie Lawrence
Clark, Bertha Winifred
Clark, Clara May
Clark, Eleanor Phelps
Clark, Elizabeth Conway Bent
Clark, Elizabeth Morris
Clark, Ella Cleveland
Clark, Emily Anna
Clark, Emma Kirkland
Clark, Evelyn
Clark, Grace Miller
Clark, Harriet Merrell
Clark, Imogen
Clark, Josephine Adelaide
Clark, Julia Gilman
Clark, Kate Upson
Clark, Mable Peters
Clark, Margaret Vaupel
Clark, Mary D.
Clark, Mary Kimber
Clark, Mary Sheafer Whitcomb
Clark, Mary Vida
Clark, Minna Minton Dyke
Clark, Myra Almeda Smith
Clark, Natalie Lord Rice
Clark, Nora Graves
Clark, Rose M.
Clark, Susan Eliza
Clark, Susie Champney
Clark, Virginia Keep
Clarke, Edith Emily
Clarke, Elizabeth C. Lawrence
Clarke, Georgiana B.
Clarke, Grace Julian
Clarke, Helen Archibald
Clarke, Jessie Keziah
Clarke, Louise Harvey
Clarke, Rachael Chadsey
Clarke, Sarah Jones
Clarkson, Anna Howell
Clatworthy, Linda May
Claxton, Kate
Claxton, Mary Hannah Johnson
Clay, Elizabeth Campbell
Clay, Laura
Claypole, Edith Jane
Clayton, Mabel Julia Andrews
Clearwater, Anna H. Farrand
Cleaves, Margaret Abigal
Cleghorn, Sarah Norcliffe
Clemens, Katharine T. Boland
Clement, Josephine Hill
Clements, Edith Gertrude Schwartz
Clements, Gabrielle DeVeaux
Clements, Sabrella James
Clendening, Lura Kelsey
Cleophas, Kristi Nerby
Clergue, Helen
Cleveland, Cynthia E.
Cleveland, Elizabeth
Cleveland, Ella L. Edwards
Cleveland, Grover, Mrs.
Cleveland, Mary B.
Cleveland, Rose Elizabeth
Clevenger, Antoinette B. Harlan
Clews, Jessie Bradley
Clifford, Harriet Briggs Rogers
Clifton, Harriet Merrill
Cline, Henry A., Mrs.
Clinton, Jane Heard
Clinton, Susan Merrill
Clopton, Virginia Carolina Clay
Clothier, Mary Clapp Jackson
Cloud, Ada A.
Cloud, Virginia Woodward
Clough, Edna Coulter
Clough, Mary Shepard
Clouse, Alice Atkinson
Cloyd, Genevieve
Cloyes, Grace Gruber
Clum, Blanche Stover
Clum, Florence Brewster Corse
Coale, Esther Colston
Coard, Mary McKee Smith
Coat, Fannie Lorah
Coates, Florence Earle
Coates, Mildred Aspinwall
Coates, Sara Elizabeth
Cobb, Alice C.
Cobb, Cora Crosby
Cobb, Eliza Polhemus
Cobb, Florence Brooks
Cobb, Harriet Redfield
Cobb, Helen Adele
Cobb, Lura Stone
Cobb, Mariedna Snell
Coblentz, Clara Rankin
Coburn, Abby M.
Coburn, Adelaide March
Coburn, Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
Coburn, Ivah Wills
Coburn, Louise Helen
Coche, Zitella
Cochran, Fanny Travis
Cochran, Katharine More
Cochran, Sarah Marshall
Cochran, Sophia Lee
Cocke, Sarah Cobb Johnson
Cockran, Anne Ide
Cocroft, Susanna
Cody, Grace Ethelwyn
Coe, Ethel Louise
Coes, Mary
Coffin, Charlotte Rebecca
Coffin, Elizabeth R.
Coffin, Helen
Coffin, Ida Willets
Cogdell, Gertrude
Coggeshall, Mary Bancroft
Cogswell, Laura Elizabeth
Cogswell, Mariana
Cohen, Frances
Cohen, Katherine M.
Cohen, Rebecca
Coit, Alice Atwood
Coit, Ruth
Cokenower, Katharine E. Stalford
Colbron, Grace Isabel
Colburn, Anna Coder
Colburn, Hattie Leonard
Colburn, Iola Burnham
Colby, Clara Bewick
Colby, Eleanor
Colby, June Rose
Colcleugh, Emma Shaw
Colcord, Stella Gladys
Cole, Ada Augusta
Cole, Angie Dresser
Cole, Anna B. Taylor
Cole, Bertha Woolsey Dwight
Cole, Birdie Haile
Cole, Jennie S.
Cole, Mary Cross
Cole, Mary Wallace
Cole, Mary Watkinson Rockwell
Colegrove, Emma Ridley
Colegrove, Mabel Eloise
Coleman, Alice Blanchard
Coleman, Anna William Edwards
Coleman, Corinne Hoyt
Coleman, Hannah Hemphill
Coleman, Helena
Coleman, Mary Wilson
Colesberry, Jean Walker
Colgate, Adele S.
Colin, Mme. Therese F.
Collier, Hannah C. Shackleford
Collier, Laura Brownell
Collier, Mary Vail
Collin, Grace Lathrop
Collins, Alice Derfla Howes
Collins, Alice Roger
Collins, Emilie Moulton
Collins, Emma Gowdy
Collins, Jennie Kendrick
Collins, Julia Cope
Collins, Mary Clementine
Collins, Nellie R.
Collitz, Klara Hechtenberg
Collom, Eugene Read
Colson, Jessie Lippincott
Colson, Venila Spaulding Burrington
Colton, A. Marguerite
Colton, Elizabeth
Colton, Elizabeth Avery
Colton, Julia M.
Coman, Charlotte Buell
Coman, Katharine
Coman, Mary
Comer, Cornelia Atwood Pratt
Comfort, Anna Manning
Comfort, Bessie Marchant
Comfort, Marian Coleman
Comings, Lydia J. Newcomb
Commander, Lydia Kingsmill
Compton, Irene Lathrop Smith
Comstock, Ada Louise
Comstock, Anna Botsford
Comstock, Clara Elizabeth
Comstock, Elizabeth
Comstock, Harriet Theresa
Comstock, Sarah
Conable, Florence Easton
Conant, Charlotte Howard
Conant, Edith M.
Conant, Eleanore Glasgow
Conant, Grace Patten
Conant, Grace Wilbur
Conant, Isabella Fiske
Conant, Mary Ellen Jones
Conard, Laetitia Moon
Conde, Bertha
Cone, Helen Gray
Cone, Kate Morris
Coney, Harriet R.
Congdon, Anne W.
Congdon, Laura D.
Conger, Charlotte Metcalf
Conger, Emily Bronson
Conger, Sarah Pike
Conklin, Lena D. Wells
Conklin, Viola Percy
Conkling, Grace Wolcott Hazard
Conkling, Mabel Viola Harris
Connelly, Emma M.
Connely, Bertha Lillian
Connolly, Louise
Connolly, Susan Cornelia
Connor, Margaret
Conover, Charlotte Reeve
Conover, Grace Clark
Conrad, Margaret May Dickson
Conrade, Mary Spencer
Conrow, Georgianna
Converse, Clara Adra
Converse, Emma Tudor
Converse, Florence
Converse, Mary Eleanor
Conway, Emeline Hoffman
Conway, Louise Shoenberger
Cooch, Mary Evarts
Cook, Alice Carter
Cook, Alice Helena
Cook, Elien Parmelee
Cook, Elizabeth Christine
Cook, Elizabeth Ellsworth
Cook, Georgianna Hemingway
Cook, Helen Noyes Currier
Cook, Isabel Vernon
Cook, Marguerite
Cook, Martha M. Giltner
Cook, May Estelle
Cook, Minnie Gathwright
Cooke, Abigail Whipple
Cooke, Clara Dwight Sprague
Cooke, Dorothy Soden
Cooke, Flora Juliette
Cooke, Grace Macgowan
Cooke, Helen Temple
Cooke, Jane Grosvenor
Cooke, Marjorie Benton
Cooke, Mary Jenckes
Cooke, May Perry
Cookman, Emma Cornelius
Coolbrith, Ina
Cooley, Anna Maria
Cooley, Clara Aldrich
Cooley, Elsie Jones
Cooley, Nellie Wooster
Cooley, Rossa B.
Cooley, Winnifred Harper
Coolidge, Asenath Carver
Coolidge, Cora Helen
Coolidge, Emelyn Lincoln
Coolidge, F. Gertrude
Coolidge, Jennie A. Holmes
Coolidge, Mary E. B. Roberts
Coombs, Susan Bird
Coon, Callie Pritchard
Cooney, Dotia Trigg
Cooper, Anna Wellington
Cooper, Anne Thornhill
Cooper, Bessie Dean
Cooper, Beulah Keller
Cooper, Cottie Albright
Cooper, Dora Hauck
Cooper, Emma Lampert
Cooper, Jane Barnes
Cooper, Ola Beth Capron
Copass, Alice Reynolds
Copp, Evelyn Fletcher
Corbett, Gail Sherman
Corbett, Mary Schofield White
Corbin, Alberta Linton
Corbin, Caroline Fairfield
Corbin, Hetty M.
Corbus, Florence Josephine
Corcilius, Inez
Core, Matilda McClure McKeehan
Corey, Caroline heberd
Corey, Delia Brigham
Corkran, Anna M. L.
Corliss, Maria Louisa
Corn, Hannah
Cornelius, Mary Ann
Cornelius, Olivia Smith
Cornell, Clara Garfield
Cornell, Emma Butler
Cornell, Lucinda Vail
Cornish, Ida Galpin Skilton
Cornwell, Martha Jackson
Corrick, Jeanette R. Trowbridge
Corson-White, Ellen Pawling
Cort, Lottie Ambler
Cortissoz, Ellen Mackay Hutchinson
Corwin, Mary Beatrice
Cory, Sarah Morris
Cosby, Charlotte Malvina
Cosgrove, Henrietta C.
Costigan, Mabel Cory
Cothren, Marion Benedict
Cotten, Edythe Johns
Cotten, Sallie Southall
Cottle, Marion Weston
Cottman, Cary Chubb
Cottman, Susan Powell
Cotton, Elizabeth Jane
Cotton, Hattie Elizabeth
Cotton, Mary Hannah
Cotton, Mary Slocomb
Couch, Nancy Henrietta
Coudert, Amalia Kussner
Coulter, Elva Carter
Coulter, Mary Geigus
Councilman, Isabella Coolidge
Countryman, Gratia Alta
Covel, Abbie Walker
Covell, Maud Evelyn Clarke
Cowan, Isabel Eliot
Cowell, Maria I.
Cowen, Alma D.
Cowing, Marie Antoinette
Cowles, Emma Milton
Cowles, Genevieve Almeda
Cowles, Mabel Birdsall
Cowley, Elizabeth Buchannan
Cowley, Mary Junkin Buchannan
Cowling, Lydia Hampton
Cox, Ann Caroline
Cox, Catharine Elizabeth Bean
Cox, Cedelia May
Cox, Clara Ione
Cox, Katherine Hamilton Cabell
Cox, Lenore Hannah
Cox, Louise Howland King
Cox, Luella Alice Carr
Cox, Mary Brannon
Cox, Rose Marion
Coyle, Susan Edmond
Coyne, Grace Margaret
Crabtree, Lotta M.
Craft, Marthanna
Crafts, Lettie May
Crafts, Sara Jane
Cragin, Mary Randale Willard
Craig, Agnes Houston
Craig, Anna
Craig, Katherine L.
Craig, Katherine Taylor
Craig, Margaret
Craig, Margaret Bell
Craig, Mary Marsden Young
Craig, Netta
Craig, Virginia Judith
Craighead, Ethel
Craigie, Mary E. Whitbeck
Cram, Elizabeth Carrington Read
Cramer, Ida Howell
Crandall, Ada Allen
Crandall, Catharine L. Patterson
Crandall, Regina Katharine
Crane, Caroline Bartlett
Crane, Ellie Stickel
Crane, Emily Hutchinson
Crane, Julia Patterson
Crane, Katharine Priest
Crangle, Leona Estelle Tarbell
Crapsey, Adelaide
Cratty, Mabel
Cravath, Agnes Huntington
Crawford, Emma Walke
Crawford, Genevieve Buckland
Crawford, Georgina Lily Urquhart
Crawford, Julia Townsend Hill
Crawford, Kate Staples
Crawford, Mary Caroline
Crawford, Mary Merritt
Crawford, Mary Rowan McCrackin
Creed, Georgie Ellis
Crerar, Maria Girven
Cressler, Isabel Bonbrake
Crew, Helen Coale
Crew, Miriam Donalson
Crippen, Caroline Winslow
Crispin, Emma Fowler Weeks
Critcher, Catharine Carter
Critchley, Bertha May
Crittenden, Lisia A. Van Valkenberg
Crocker, Ethel Willard
Crockett, Caroline Clark
Crockett, Emma Godwin Dickinson
Crockett, Esther M.
Crockett, Helen Ware
Croft, Effie McCall
Croissant, Sarah J. Sands
Cromer, Mary Elizabeth
Crommelin, Emiline Gifford
Crompton, Alice Hastings
Cronemiller, Mary Maria
Cronk, Clara L. K.
Cronk, Katharine Scherer
Cronk, Lucy Irene Morton
Crooker, Florence Kollock
Crooks, Annie Marcy
Cropsey, Emma F. Rockwood
Crosby, Daisy
Crosby, Elizabeth Coolidge
Crosby, Emma Erskine
Crosby, Fanny
Crosby, Georgina
Crosby, Victoria Robie
Crosman, Henrietta
Cross, Dorothea Farquhar
Cross, Emily Redmond
Cross, Margaret Elsie
Cross, Minnie M.
Crossett, Ella Hawley
Croswell, Mary Sybel
Crothers, Rachel
Crouse, Mary Elizabeth
Crow, Martha Emily Foote
Crowder, Mattee Saunders
Crowell, Evelyn Walker
Crowell, Grace Wenham
Crowell, Lena Annie
Crowinshield, Mary Bradford
Crowl, Mabel Robinson
Crowley, Mary Catherine
Croxall, Agnes Brown
Cruikshank, Katharine Adams
Crumb, Geneva
Crunden, Elizabeth Chittenden
Cudebach, Edith E.
Cuinet, L. Adele
Culberson, Sherwood Franklin, Mrs.
Culbertson, Anne Virginia
Culbertson, Belle Caldwell
Culbertson, Eliza Mary
Culbertson, Emma V. P. B.
Culver, Eugenia Margaret
Culver, Helen
Cumings, Henry Harrison, Mrs.
Cummin, Ellen Pearson
Cumming, Ellen King
Cumming, Mary Gairdner
Cummings, Anna S.
Cummings, Emily
Cummings, Lucretia
Cummings, Mabel Homer
Cummings, Mary Augusta Marston
Cunning, Edith May Klett
Cunning, Kate Disher
Cunningham, Anna
Cunningham, Georgia Lee
Cunningham, Helen M. Benedict
Cunningham, Ida Cary
Cunningham, Mary Ann
Cunningham, Zella May
Currie, Emma Augusta
Curry, Adeline Jones Spencer
Curry, Edwin Rue, Mrs.
Curtis, Alice Turner
Curtis, Anna Louise
Curtis, Anna Louise Anderson
Curtis, Constance
Curtis, Elizabeth
Curtis, Elnora Whitman
Curtis, Emma Ghent
Curtis, Frances
Curtis, Georgina Pell
Curtis, Ida Maynard
Curtis, Isabel Gordon
Curtis, Laura Elizabeth
Curtis, Mabel Gair
Curtis, Nannie Webb, Mrs.
Curtis, Natalie
Curtiss, Alice Bond
Curtiss, Emma F. Purington
Curtiss, Lota Norton
Cushing, Eleanor Philbrook
Cushing, Mary Gertrude
Cushman, Ella R. Wylie
Cushman, Jessie Rathburn Manley
Cushman, Lucy D. C.
Cusing, Nellie I. Ferrell
Cutler, Anna Alice
Cutler, Mary Goodnow
Cutler, Mary Helen
Cutter, Anna Wheeler Alberger
Cutting, Elizabeth Brown
Cutting, Mary Stewart Doubleday
Cutting, May Van Horne
Czarnomska, Maria Elizabeth J.
Dabney, Edith
Dabney, Julia Parker
Dabyne, Margaret B.
Dadmun, Frances May
Daffan, Katie
Daggett, Evelyn E. Cutler
Daggett, Jeanette
Daggett, Mabel Potter
Daggett, Mary Stuart
Dakin, Bertha L. Kirkland
Dakin, Emma Sahler
Dale, Anna
Dale, Mary Thompson
Dallam, Nannie Poultney Fisher
Dallin, Vittoria Colonna
Dalton, Ida May Hill
Dame, Ella B.
Dame, Katharine
Dameron, Frances Sublette
Dammann, isabel Adair Lynde
Damon, Lalia May
Dana, Florence Hinkley
Dana, Judith Bledsoe
Dancy, Florence Nightingale
Dandridge, Danske
Dandurand, Josephine Marchand
Daniel, Alice Maud Mary
Daniel, Delphine Lyon Minton
Daniel, Fannie V.
Daniell, Mary Barnard
Daniells, Helen West Kitchel
Daniels, Coralinn Morrison
Daniels, Harriet McDougal
Daniels, Mabel Wheeler
Daniels, Mary Louise
Daniels, Sarah E.
Danielson, Frances Weld
Dannreuther, Nellie Morton
Darby, Ada Leonard
D'Arcy, Julia Barclay
Dargan, Olive Tilford
Darling, Charlotte Kelsey
Darling, Grace
Darling, Harriet L. B.
Darling, Mae Sherman
Darling, Mary Elizabeth
Darlington, Ella Louise Bearns
Darlington, Isabel
Dart, Maria Elizabeth Bond
Daschbach, Estelle MacCloskey
Dashiell, Landon Randolph
Daulton, Agnes McClelland
Davenport, Esther C.
Davenport, Frances Gardiner
Davenport, Gertrude Crotty
Davenport, Jennie Woolston Rambo
Davidson, Adaline White Allen
Davidson, Gratia E. Andrews
Davidson, Hannah A. Noyes
Davidson, Mary Brewin
Davies, Caroline Stodder
Davies, Hyla Clara Armstrong
Daviess, Marie Thompson
Davis, Aloysia Mary Hoye
Davis, Anna Beatrice Carter
Davis, Annie Elizabeth Paret
Davis, Bessie Blanch Scribner
Davis, Clara Marie
Davis, Edith Smith
Davis, Edna Holmes
Davis, Elizabeth Brown
Davis, Elizabeth R.
Davis, Ella Marion Briggs
Davis, Ethel
Davis, Fannie Stearns
Davis, Florence Harriet
Davis, Frances Lewis
Davis, Gertrude Kahn
Davis, Grace Spencer
Davis, Harriet Lobdell
Davis, Harriet Winton
Davis, Helen Lee
Davis, Helen Lockwood
Davis, Isabella Charles
Davis, Jennie Eliza
Davis, Kate
Davis, Kate Embry Dowdle
Davis, Katharine Bement
Davis, Lucia
Davis, Lucy
Davis, Lucy Belle Sizer
Davis, Lucy Pryor McIlwaine
Davis, Lydia Martin
Davis, M. Louisa Robbins
Davis, Mary R. Gale
Davis, Maud Sheperd
Davis, Minnie S.
Davis, Nellie E.
Davis, Nellie Verrill
Davis, Norah
Davis, Susan Topliff
Davis, Susie Burdick
Davison, Sarah M.
Dawes, Anna Laurens
Dawson, Agnes Wakefield Learned
Dawson, Mary
Dawson, Susie Starke
Day, Anne Marjorie
Day, CorneliaM.
Day, Elizabeth Dike Lewis
Day, Leigh Gross
Day, Lillian Paschal
Day, Mary Anna
Day, Mary Gage
Day, Sarah Louise
De Ashford, Maria Asuncion Lopez
De Bazus, Baroness
De Blois, Rhoda Farquharson
De Boer, Augusta Featherly
De Cou, Anna May Pemberton
De Forest, Charlotte Burgis
De Forest, Marian
De Forest, Nora Blatch
De Garmo, Frank, Mrs.
De Gozzaldi, Mary Isabella
De Kay, Minna Craven
De Kermen, Madame Valerie L.
De Krafft, Frances Blatchford
De Kroyft, Susan H. Aldrich
De La Motte, Anna Christesen
De Laguna, Grace Andrus de Leo
De Lamater, Jacqueline M. Newton
De Land, Helen Parce
De Laporte, Helen Reed
De Mille, Anna A. George
De Navarro, Mary
De Rivera, Belle
De Voe, Emma Smith
De Voe, Lucy Dillon
De Vore, Elsa Marion
De Vore, Rebecca Jane
De Vou, Mary Ruth
De Witt, Grace Hallam Learned
De Wolf, Margaret Harding Krum
Deach, Inez Rodgers
Dean, Elizabeth Whetten
Dean, Emily Washburn
Dean, S. Ella Wood
Dean, Sara
Deane, Bertha Louise
Deane, Edith Douglass
Deane, Mary Gray
Deane, Rachel Shevelson
Deans, Clara Barr
Dearborn, Ella Kyes
Decker, Estelle Remsen
Dederer, Pauline Hamilton
Deering, Mabel Craft
DeGraff, Emma Christine
DeGroff, Minnie Emily
DeHaas, Alice Preble Tucker
DeKoven, Anna Farwell
Del Mar, Frances Paloma
Delafield, Elizabeth Ray
Delan, Aline P.
Deland, Ellen Douglas
Deland, Margaretta Wade
Delano, Frances Jackson
DeLima, Edith Abinun
Dellenbaugh, Harriet Otis
Delpit, Louise
Demarest, Regina
Demarest, S. Emma
DeMerell, Iantha Aldrich
DeMille, Beatrice M.
Deming, Adelaide
Deming, Eleanor
Deming, Katherine Burritt
Deming, Winifred Conwell Murray
Demorest, Alice Gilbert
Denise, Edith
Denison, Elsa
Denison, Evelyn Mattocks
Denison, Flora MacD.
Denison, Florence Howland
Dennen, Grace Atherton
Dennett, Elisabeth G. Redfern
Dennett, Mary Ware
Dennett, Maybelle Raymond
Denney, Jane Franklin
Dennis, Agnes Miller
Dennis, Clara Ellen
Dennis, Fannie A. Murdoch
Denny, Elizabeth Bell Marshall
Denton, Clara Janetta
Derby, Gertrude James
Derby, Lillie Gill
Derby, Margaret Leonard
Derick, Carrie Matilda
Derwent, Emma Wilder
Desloge, Jane Chambers Thatcher
Dessez, Henriette Louise
Detchon, Adelaide
Deuel, Diana Constable
Develin, Dora Harvey
Devereaux, Anna White
Devereux, Annie Sinnott
Devereux, Mary Watson
Dew, Louise E.
Dewey, Annie
Dewey, Hattie Alice Chipman
Dewey, Julia
Dewey, Sara Rosseau
Dewing, Maria Oakey
Dewire, Carrie B.
DeWitt, Johnnie Snell
DeWolfe, Elsie Anderson
Dewson, Mary Williams
Dey, Clarissa Worcester Smith
Dey, Mary Evelyn Duguid
Dey, Sophie Schuyler
Dibble, Wealthy
Dibert, Florence M.
Dick, Allie Luse
Dick, Mary Henrietta
Dickerman, Elizabeth Street
Dickerman, Mabel Stone
Dickerson, Emeline Fletcher
Dickerson, Mary Cynthia
Dickey, Jane Murdock
Dickey, Louise Atherton
Dickey, Sarah Ida Phillips
Dickinson, Anna M. Juliand
Dickinson, Helena Adell Snyder
Dickinson, Hester Benedict
Dickinson, Katharine V.
Dickinson, Martha Gilbert
Dickinson, Mary Low
Dickinson, Nellie Burnett
Dickinson, Sarah Truslow
Dickson, Agnes Lillian
Dickson, Edith
Dickson, Katharine Griswold Pratt
Diebitsch, Roberta Franc Watterson
Diefenbach, Ruth Sinclair
Dietrich, Margretta Straw
Dietrichson, Marthine Magdalena
Difendorf, Mary Riggs
Diggs, Annie Le Porte
Dignam, Mary Ella
Dike, Alice Norton
Dike, Cornelia Anthony
Dill, Bessie Williams
Dilla, Harriette May
Dillaye, Blanche
Diller, Elizabeth Ann
Dillin, Margaret Sidner
Dillingham, Frances Bent
Dillingham, Louise Olga Gaylord
Dillon, Mary
Diman, Louise
Dimon, Abigal Camp
Dingley, Anna Ladd
Dingwell, Laura Hale Stickney
Dinsmoor, Alice
Dinwiddle, Emily Wayland
Disbrow, Marie Angelina Williams
Dix, Beulah Marie
Dixon, Lillian
Dixon, Marion E. Martin
Dixon, Sarah Ann
Dixon, Zella Allen
Doan, Jessie Ringen
Dobbin, Elizabeth Calder
Dobbs, Amy Mary
Dobson, Fanita Duncan
Dochterman, Frances May
Dock, Lavinia L.
Dock, Mira Lloyd
Dockery, Eva Hunt
Dodd, Helen Chamberlin
Dodge, Arta Snyder
Dodge, Caroline Louise
Dodge, Estelle Riddle
Dodge, Etta Purinton
Dodge, Grace Hoadley
Dodge, Josephine M. Jewell
Dodge, Martha Miller
Dodge, Regina Lunt
Dodge, Ruby Porter Bridgman
Dodson, Louise M.
Dodson, Martha Ethel
Doe, Mary Lydia
Doebler, Adeline Madeira
Doerner, Celia
Dolan, Rosalie Brown
Dole, Caroline Fletcher
Dole, Grace Weld Soper
Dole, Helen Bennett
Dolliver, Louise Pearsons
Dolliver, Margaret Gay
Dolsen, Torrey Lewis
Don Carlos, Louisa Cooke
Donaldson, Welyn Hunter
Donlevy, Alice Heighes
Donley, Angeline Scott
Donley, Nellie Wells
Donnell, Annie Hamilton
Donnelly, Alice Moore
Donnelly, Elizabeth McAllister
Donnelly, June Richardson
Donnelly, Lucy Martin
Donohoo, Hariet Grace Nichols
Donovan, Nellie Bakeman
Donworth, Grace
Doonan, Myra Knowlton
Dopp, Katharine Elizabeth
Dorman, Jessie Thomas
Dorr, Julia Caroline Ripley
Dorr, Rhea Childe
Dorsett, Ellen R. Shepard
Dorsey, Ella Loraine
Dorsey, Isabell Lovell
Dorsey, Sallie Webster
Dorsey, Susan Miller
Doster, Caroline Riddle
Dotson, E. Milton, Mrs.
Doty, Lena Harris
Doty, Madeline Zabriskie
Doubleday, Neltje DeGraff
Dougall, Lily
Dougherty, Lida
Doughty, Grace Goble
Doughty, Phebe Van Viack
Douglas, Alice May
Douglas, Amanda Minnie
Douglas, Corinne Williams
Douglas, Gertrude Douglas
Douglas, Judith Hyams
Douglas, Katharine Ross Chrystie
Douglas, Marian
Dover, Mary Violette
Dow, Caroline B.
Dow, Eleanor Jones
Dow, Harriet Brown
Dow, Martha Cora
Dowd, Alice M.
Dowd, Emma C.
Downes, Frances W.
Downey, June E.
Downey, Margaret Elsie
Downey, Mary Elizabeth
Downing, Bertha Carol
Downing, Emma Hicks
Downs, Sarah Elizabeth
Dozier, Tennie Pinkerton
Drabble, Martha Tenney Vance
Dracass, Carrie E. Tucker
Drake, Emma F. Angell
Drake, Jeanie
Draper, Alice Ames
Draper, Bell Merrill
Drath, Clara Louise F.
Dratt, Agnes Inez Lenore
Drayton, Grace Gebbie
Dresser, Alice Reed
Dresser, Prudence Simpson
Drew, Maria Alice Kneen
Drexel, Alice Gordon Troth
Dreyer, Elsa
Dreyer, Henrietta Louise
Driggs, Mary Ogden
Driggs, Sarah Boardman Clark
Drinker, Katherine Rotan
Dromgoole, Will Allen
Drummond, Amy McNally
Drummond, Lady
Dryden, Mary Louise Clark
DuBois, Gussie Packard
DuBois, Mary Constance
DuBois, Phebe L.
DuBose, Augusta Hines Wood
Duckering, Florence West
Duckworth, Mary Walker Haines
Dudley, Helena Stuart
Dudley, Jessie Duncan
Dudley, Katharine
Dudley, Mary Henton
Dudley, Mary V. Crawford
Duer, Caroline King
Duffield, Anna Vinacke
Duffy, Florence Armstrong
Duke, Alexandra Gamble
Duke, Edith Ridgeway
Dulaney, Alice Hardeman
Dumont, Elizabeth
Dunbar, Alice Ruth Moore
Dunbar, Janet
Dunbar, Margaret Irene
Dunbar, Mary Helena
Dunbar, Olivia Howard
Dunbar, Saidie Orr
Duncan, Florence
Duncan, Frances
Duncan, Lena E. Hill
Dungan, Susan Bray
Dunham, Adeline Frances
Dunham, Amelia Hickenlooper
Dunk, Edith Watkins
Dunklin, Hallie Milborn
Dunlap, Flora
Dunlap, Mary Stewart
Dunlap, Nora Burt
Dunlevy, Rita Ehrmann
Dunn, Augusta Blun
Dunn, Lillian Cecilia
Dunn, Martha Baker
Dunn, Sara Warner
Dunning, Elizabeth Roe
Dunning, Mary Parker
Dunning, Sarah B. Potter
Dunton, Edith Kellogg
Dunway, Abigal Scott
Durand, Grace G.
Durand, Laura Bradshaw
Durell, Laura Jackson
Durfee, Abby Slade Brayton
Durfee, Margaret Pyle
Durham, Eleanor H. Gregory
Durham, Jannie M.
Durkee, Henrietta Noble
Durley, Ella Hamilton
Durrant, Frances Miller
Durstine, Florence Sarles
Dutcher, Eva Olive
Dutton, Alice Dunbar
Dutton, Laura Ann Chapin
Duval, Addie Hansbrough
Duvall, Lulu Melick
Duvall, Nannie W. Goldborough
Dwight, Julia Strong Lyman
Dwight, Minnie Ryan
Dwyer, Ada
Dwyer, Margaret Adelaide
Dye, Eva Emery
Dyer, Malvina Adeline

Eacker, Helen N.
Eagen, Katherine Livingston
Eagen, Mary Helen
Eaglesfield, Carina B. Campbell
Eames, Emma
Earl, Clara
Earl, Elizabeth Claypool
Earle, Augusta Gertrude
Earle, Ethel Deodata
Earle, Millie May
Earley, Emma Rowley
Earll, Louise Harding
Early, Miriam Lee
East, Berta Williams
Eastland, Florence Martin
Eastman, Agnes Scott
Eastman, Catherine Crystal
Eastman, Elaine Goodale
Eastman, Eva Louise Hills
Eastman, Helen
Eastman, Linda Anne
Eastman, Mary
Eastman, Rebecca Lane Hooper
Easton, Jean Baker Martin
Eastwick, Beatrice Hinkle
Eastwick, Martha McIlvain
Eastwood, Alice
Eaton, Emily Lovett
Eaton, Emma Florance
Eaton, Isabella Graham
Eaton, Marion Durant Dow
Eaves, Lucile
Eberle, Mary Abastenia St. Leger
Echols, Ethel Umphress
Eckstorm, Fannie Pearson Hardy
Eddy, Mary Roberts Lawther
Eddy, Ruth Story Devereux
Edeburn, Edith Lindsay
Edgar, Margaret Belle
Edgerton, Fannie Ida
Edgerton, Sara Townsend
Edgett, Grace Lawrence
Edison, Mina Miller
Edmonds, Mary Derby
Edmondson, Harriette Codwise
Edsall, Anne Comfort
Edson, Katherine Philips
Edwards, Abbe L. M.
Edwards, Caro Fries Buxton
Edwards, Edith
Edwards, Elizabeth Drake Morrill
Edwards, Henriette Muir
Edwards, Katharine May
Edwards, Laura Ballou
Egan, Lavinia Hartwell
Egbert, Nelly Young
Eggert, Sylvania O.
Eggleston, Alice Adams
Ehler, Annette Blackburn
Eigenmann, Rosa Smith
Eimermann, Ida F. Buxton
Eisfeldt, May Irwin
Elam, Emma Lee
Elbert, Ella Lavinia
Elder, Susan Blanchard
Elkinton, Sarah West
Elkus, Savilla Alice
Ellery, Eloise
Ellicott, Nancy Poultney
Ellinwood, Eliza M.
Elliott, Ada Josephine
Elliott, Elizabeth Shippen Green
Elliott, Gertrude
Elliott, Hattie Hill
Elliott, Jennie McCracken
Elliott, Jessie Gertrude
Elliott, Katharine Reed
Elliott, Maud Howe
Elliott, Maxine
Elliott, Sarah Barnwell
Ellis, Alice Meribah James
Ellis, Edith Anna Ellis
Ellis, Ellen Deborah
Ellis, Grace Vinton
Ellis, Jennie Agnes Wilhite
Ellis, Julia Ada
Ellis, Katharine Ruth
Ellis, Leonora Beck
Ellis, Louise Alverda Spencer
Ellis, Lucy Morris
Ellis, Lucy Terrill
Ellis, Margaret Dye
Ellis, Marion Durbin
Ellis, Olyette
Ellyson, Lora Hotchkiss
Ellyson, Selma Daum
Elmendorf, Theresa West
Elmer, Rachel Robinson
Eltinge, Louise
Elwell, Abbie Miner
Ely, Rudolphine Scheffer
Emerson, Adaline E. Talcott
Emerson, Clara Beardsley Count
Emerson, Ellen Tucker
Emerson, Maria Furman
Emerson, Susan Mabel Hood
Emerson, Teckla Hilbert
Emerson, Wilimena H. Eliot
Emery, Susan L.
Emmet, Lydia Field
Emmons, Elizabeth Wales
Emory, Reba Cornett
Endicott, Katharine Sears
Endlich, Emma A.
Engel, Wilhelmina Lammert
Engelke, Ida Darling
England, Octavia Grace Ritchie
English, Jennie Wright
English, Kate Vincent
English, Lucy K.
English, Stella Mae Williams
Engstad, Mathilda Charlotte
Enman, Florence M. Holden
Ennis, Edith Mitchell
Eno, Clara Bertha
Erb, Nellie Kilsey
Erickson, Martina Cecelia
Erlandsen, Clarita Knight
Erskine, Emma Payne
Erskine, Mary Louise
Erving, Emma Lootz
Eskridge, Belle Constant
Esmond, Bessie Archer
Estabrook, Alma Martin
Estep, Helen de Camp Lynch
Esterbrook, Edith Marsh
Esterly, Elizabeth Norcross
Estes, Frances York
Euritt, Edith Jones
Evans, Adelaide Rebecca
Evans, Blanche E. Kahler
Evans, Edith J. Claggett
Evans, Eliza
Evans, Eliza T. Spare
Evans, Elmira Lee
Evans, Elsa Elizabeth
Evans, Florence Wilkinson
Evans, Margaret J.
Evans, Marguerite
Evans, Mary
Evans, Mary Anna Buck
Evans, Nora Belle
Evans, Sarah Anne
Eveleth, Louise Friend Parsons
Everall, Amy Ford
Everett, Clara Winter
Everett, Elizabeth Hawley
Everett, Ida Josephine
Everett, Leolyn Louise
Everhard, Eleanora S.
Everitt, Ella B.
Evers, Helen Margaret
Ewald, Martha Robinson
Ewart, Mary Kirkpatrick
Ewing, Addie B.
Ewing, Amanda Woods
Ewing, Margaret Wylie
Exall, May Dickson
Eyster, Penelope Anna Blessing
Fabyan, Eleanor McCormick
Faelten, Marie Dewing
Fahnestock, Edith
Fairbanks, Charlotte
Fairbanks, Cornelia Cole
Fairbanks, Rebecca Pike
Fairbrook, Iva Valeria Smith
Fairbrother, Mary Lamkin Hatchett
Fairchild, Alice Bidwell
Fairchild, Mary Salome Cutler
Fairchild, Nellie Rebecca
Fairfield, Fanny Thompson Wagner
Faissler, Jane Byers
Falconbridge, Elizabeth Porter
Falconbridge, Lady, Mary Phoebe
Falk, Elisabeth Vogel
Fallows, Alice Katharine
Fane, Frances Gordon
Fanning, Clara Elizabeth
Fanton, Mary Annable
Farley, Grace Colvin
Farmer, Lucile Merriman
Farmer, Ruth Paul Capen
Farnham, Coralyn Thompson
Farnham, Mary Frances
Farnsworth, Nellie Wing
Farr, Lucy Cheyney
Farr, Virginia Whelen
Farrabee, Emma Miller
Farrand, Florence Paul
Farrar, Frances
Farrar, Gewraldine
Farrar, Lillian K. N.
Farrens, Lida Pond
Farrington, Mary Stone
Farson, Clara M. J.
Fassett, Bertha Chester
Fast, Louisa Kimball
Faulkner, Georgene
Faulkner, Sarah Elizabeth
Faunce, Sarah Edson
Faust, Elsie Ada
Faust, Emma Beebe
Faversham, Julie Opp
Faville, Cora Thornburg
Fawcett, Edna Hague
Faxon, Eudora Meade
Fay, Amy
Fay, Emily Louise Bostwick
Fay, Helen Carter
Fay, Katherine Carpender
Fay, Lillian Watkins
Fay, Mary Luella
Fearon, Mary Fuller
Fearrington, Mary F. Pass
Fehr, Elizabeth Mandelkern
Feidt, Josephine Thorpe
Felch, Carrie Innes
Felker, Gertrude
Fell, Dora Cobb
Fendler, Amelia Molly
Fenn, Sarah Edna Howell
Fennell, Fannie Smith
Fenner, Jessie Gordon
Fenollosa, Mary McNeill
Fenwick, Marin B.
Ferguson, Agnes Julia
Ferguson, Catharine Lee
Ferguson, Georgia Ransom
Ferguson, Margaret Clay
Fernald, Grace Maxwell
Fernow, Bernice Pauahi Andrews
Ferren, Sallie Price
Ferrier, Deborah Larimer
Ferris, Amy
Ferris, Eleanor Amanda
Ferris, Ida May St. John
Ferris, Mary Lanman Douw
Ferry, Abby Farwell
Fessenden, Clementina
Fessenden, Laura Dayton
Fessenden, Susan Snowden
Fetterolf, Laura Mangam
Feuling, Alice Dynes
Fichter, Bessie Bleasdale
Field, Ada Martitia
Field, Gertrude Rugg
Field, Isabel Louise
Field, Jessie
Field, Louise Maunsell
Field, Sara Buxton
Fielde, Adele Marion
Fields, Annie Adams
Fields, Willie
Fifield, Alice Ward Burnham
Fifield, Effie W. Merriman
Fillebrown, Elizabeth P.
Finch, Jessica Garretson
Finch, Nina Tree
Finck, Abbie Helen Cushman
Fincke, Mattie Brown
Findlay, Jessica White
Findlay, Louise C. O'Donnell
Findley, Maud Kinsley
Fine, May Margaret
Finkle, Kate Talbot
Firth, Louise Rodman
Fischel, Martha Ellis
Fischer, Helen Field
Fischer, Laura E. R.
Fischer, Mary Ellen Sigsbee
Fish, Elizabeth Meigs Porter
Fish, May Ashworth
Fish, May Hall
Fishburn, Josephine Redmond
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield
Fisher, Elizabeth Florette
Fisher, Jessie Weston
Fisher, Katharine Conner
Fisher, Louise Sanford
Fisher, M. Antoinette Schley
Fisher, Metta De Bow
Fisher, Olivia
Fisk, Anna Louise Black
Fisk, Mary Etta Doolittle
Fisk, May Isabel
Fiske, Beulah R.
Fiske, Mary Duncan
Fiske, Minnie Maddern
Fitch, Alta Winchester
Fitch, Amoretta Colby
Fitch, Annie Loraine
Fitch, Florence Hopper
Fitch, Florence Mary
Fitch, Harriet Earling
Fitch, Louise Norwood
Fitch, Mary Alida
Fitch, Rachel Louise
Fitts, Maud Lenore Emerson
Fitz, Adeline Frances Slade
Fitzgerald, Anne Campbell
Fitzgerald, Marie V.
Fitzgerald, Susan Walker
Fitzgibbon, Eleanor
Fitzhugh, Laura Davis
Fitzpatrick, Ida Hester
Fitzpatrick, Marion Mattoon
Fitzpatrick, Mary Ransom
Fitz-Randolph, Louise
Flagg, Edna Pressey
Flagler, Anne Lamont
Flanigan, Georgia Hull
Flannery, May K.
Flansburg, Fonneta
Flebbe, Beulah Marie Dix
Fleckles, Mary E. Fish
Fleming, Caroline Pelgram
Fleming, Dora Hartzell
Fleming, Jennie E.
Fletcher, Alice Cunningham
Fletcher, Catharine Westinghouse
Fletcher, Cora Sechrist
Fletcher, Katharine Ogden
Fletcher, Mabel E. Billings
Fletcher, Margaret Abert Beale
Fletcher, Mary Emily Moose
Flett, Penelope McNaughton
Flexner, Anne Crawford
Flexner, Helen Whitall Thomas
Flexner, Mary
Flickinger, Alice
Flickinger, Martha Rodgers
Flinn, Mary Stephens
Flint, Annie Austin
Flint, Lillian C.
Flint, Marion Lenore
Flood, Frances Otey
Flood-Keyes, Regina
Florer, Jeanette Smith
Florurnoy, Anita Patterson
Flower, Lucy L.
Flynt, Fannie C.
Fobes, Harriet Keith
Fogg, Helen Moore
Fogle, Amanda Harter
Fohs, Cora Baldauf
Foley, Edna Lois
Foley, Ellen S. McCarthy
Foley, Marcella M.
Folger, Alice Adele
Folger, Emily Clara Jordan
Folin, Laura Churchill Grant
Folkmar, Elnora Cuddeback
Folsom, Clara Abbott
Folsom, Ellen Minot
Folsom, Florens
Foltz, Clara Shortridge
Folwell, Sarah Hubbard
Foot, Eliza Campbell
Foote, Anna Jenner
Foote, Elizabeth Louisa
Foote, Mary Hallock
Foraker, Julia Bundy
Forbes, Elizabeth Leslie
Forbes, Georgie Hazel Scott
Forbes, Harrye R. P.
Ford, Gertrude Seay
Ford, Harriet
Ford, Harriet Chalmers Bliss
Ford, Jessie Frances Smith
Ford, Minnie Smith
Ford, Stella Dunbar
Forney, Mary Emma
Forrest, Felicia H. Brinton
Forrester, Izora L.
Fortson, Bessie W. Tompkins
Foss, Carrie M. Conant
Foss, Emma Merrill
Fosseen, Carrie S.
Foster, Agnes Greene
Foster, Claudia Hills
Foster, Edna A.
Foster, Ellen Borroughs
Foster, Emma Eastman
Foster, Florence Josephine
Foster, Florence Meritt
Foster, Gertrude Emslie Chapin
Foster, Julia Catharine Morris
Foster, Julia E.
Foster, Mabel Grace
Foster, Margaret Bennett
Foster, Marion Beattie
Foster, Mary Louise
Foster, Sarah Elyot Betts
Foster, Sophia Vernon Hammond
Foster, Sophie Lee Jackson
Foster, Theodosia Toll
Foulk, Emma Perry
Foulke, Amelia R.
Foulke, Elizabeth E.
Foute, Mary De Kantzow
Fowler, Janet King
Fowler, Jessie Allen
Fowler, Lula A.
Fowler, Marie Washburne
Fowler, Susan
Fownes, Jessie Gaither
Fox, Emma A.
Fox, Frances Margaret
Fox, Harriet Gibbs
Fox, Jane L.
Fox, Mary Emily
Fox, Netta Scott
Fox, Virginia Herrick
Frackelton, Susan Stuart
France, Anna Edith Lapham
Francis, Vida Hunt
Francisco, Kate Bottomes
Francisco, Lucy Hogarth
Frank, Grace M.
Frankel, Abigal Keasey
Franklin, Effie Scott
Franklin, Ruth Barker
Franklin, Susan Braley
Fraser, Amorette E. Harrington
Fraser, Jane Wells
Fraser, Mabel Augusta Canada
Fraser, Margaret E. Victoria
Frauenthal, Ida Baridon
Frazer, Susan Carpenter
Frechette, Annie Thomas Howells
Frecnch, Helen Goodwin
Frederick, Antoinette Elizabeth
Freeman, Clara Augusta
Freeman, Elizabeth Janette Child
Freeman, Ella Maria
Freeman, Lucy Jane
Freeman, Mary Eleanor Wilkins
Freeman, Mary L.
Freeman, Sarah Jane
Freer, Eleanor Everest
Freer, Otto, Mrs.
Fremstad, Olive
French, Alice
French, Alice Helm
French, Blanche Cate
French, Fanny Bartlett
French, Florence Kelsey
French, Frances Graham
French, Grace Preston
French, Helen Cornell
French, Lillie Hamilton
French, Lizzie H. Norton
French, Mary M. Billings
French, Pearmeal Jane
Frenger, Laura E.
Freund, Lillian A. Myers
Frick, Mary Foster Gaylord
Friedlander, Rebecca
Friend, Kate Harrison
Friend, May Belle Willis
Fries, Adelaide L.
Fries, Emma Riddell
Frisbie, Martha C.
Froehlich, Ava M.
Froelicher, Frances Mitchell
Frothingham, Eugenia Brooks
Frothingham, Jessie Peabody
Fry, Emma Viola Sheridan
Fry, Georgiana
Fryberger, Agnes Moore
Frye, Annie Frances
Fuller, Anna
Fuller, Caroline Macomber
Fuller, Charlotte Anthony
Fuller, Clara McLean Heath
Fuller, Genevieve Morrill
Fuller, Hattie Smith
Fuller, Lucia Fairchild
Fuller, Lucy Derby
Fuller, Mary Breese
Fuller, Montie Sutton
Fuller, Olive Beatrice Muir
Fuller, Ruth Hamilton
Fuller, Sarah
Fullerton, Anna Martha
Fullerton, Edith Loring
Fullick, Elizabeth
Fulton, Beatrice Joanna Shattuck
Fulton, Linda de Kowalewska
Fulton, Mary Celia
Fulton, Sara Acer
Furman, Nellie E. C.
Furness, Caroline Ellen
Furniss, Grace Livingston
Futcher, Marjorie Howard
Futrelle, Louise May Peel
Gabriel, Olive Scott
Gage, Mary E. Mott
Gage, Susanna Phelps
Gager, Nellie
Gaige, Charlotte May
Gaines, Janet Maxwell Harris
Galbraith, Anna Mary
Gale, Agnes Spofford Cook
Gale, Jane Winsor
Gale, Margaret Morris
Gale, Zona
Gallagher, Frances L.
Gallagher, Nettie
Gallaher, Grace Margaret
Gallaher, Sarah McCune
Galloway, Emma Baker
Galloway, Fannie Mead Delaplain
Gallowhur, Elizabeth Warner
Galpin, Julia Bogart
Galpin, Lloy
Galt, Madeline Noyes
Galwith, Sara Bailey
Gamble, Eleanor A. McCulloch
Gamble, Maude Morey
Gane, Gertrude
Gane, Marjory
Gannett, Alice Peirson
Gans, Birdie Stein
Gantt, L. Rosa H.
Gantt, Matilda Weidemeyer
Gantz, Helen Birney
Garber, Etelka Williar
Garbutt, Mary Alderman
Gard, Ida M.
Gardener, Helen Hamilton
Gardner, Alice Day
Gardner, Constance
Gardner, Esther Bogue
Gardner, Etta B. Underwood
Gardner, Harriet Woodford
Gardner, Jessie Barker
Gardner, Julia Anna
Gardner, Julia Streeter
Gardner, Lucy Marion
Gardner, Mary Carpenter
Gargan, Lucien Clair
Garl, Ernestine Julia Hicks
Garnett, Louise Ayers
Garrett, Mary Smith
Garrison, Ada Hardemon
Garrison, Mary Ridgely
Garrison, Theodosia Pickering
Garvey, Alberta Alexander
Garvin, Amelia Warnock
Garvin, Victoria A.
Gary, Clara Emerette
Gaskill, Susanna Miller
Gaskins, Anna Robinson
Gass, Sarah A.
Gaston, Lucy Page
Gates, Eleanor
Gates, Ellen M. Huntington
Gates, Fanny Cook
Gates, Josephine Scribner
Gates, Lenna F. Alexander
Gates, Lulu Foster
Gates, Mary Randall
Gates, Susa Young
Gault, Jennie Perrett
Gault, Lillien Mayhew Cox
Gaus, Daisy
Gauss, Alice Sarah Hussey
Gaut, Helen Lukens
Gauthier, Eva
Gauthier, Julie Celina
Gavin, Ella Butler Lathrop
Gay, Lucy Maia
Gay, Maude Clark
Gayle, Mary Winn
Gaylord, Alice Brown
Gear, Luella Glasser
Geary, Jessie May Ballard
Geddes, Alice Spencer
Gee, Winifred Neville Craig
Geer, Grace Woodbridge
Geer, Helena
Geil, Constance Emerson
Geisler, Mary C. D.
Gellhorn, Edith Fischel
Gemmell, Maude Hazlegrove
Genth, Lillian
Gentry, Elizabeth Butler
Gentry, Susie
Genung, Myrta Goodenough
Genzmer, Sada Sevilla
George, Alice N.
George, Anne Everett
George, Ella Martin
George, Eva G. Neal
George, Grace
George, Marian M.
George, Rebecca Rogers
Gerard, Jessie Honor Bryant
Gere, Laura Ella
Gere, Mary Elizabeth
Germann, Melinda C. Knapheide
Gerould, Katharine Fullerton
Gerry, Eloise
Gerstenberg, Alice
Gesner, Virginia Brett
Gestefeld, Ursula Newell
Getchell, Clara A. Furbish
Getz, Mary Minnie
Ghrist, Jennie G.
Gibbons, Emma F.
Gibbons, Helen Davenport
Gibbons, Vernette L.
Gibbs, Charlotte Mitchell
Gibbs, Winifred Stuart
Gibson, Mary Adelaide
Gibson, Susan Meta
Gidson, Mabel Leonard
Gielow, Martha Sawyer
Giffin, Etta Josselyn
Gifford, Augusta Hale
Gifford, Flora Sawyer
Gignoux, Louise Fowler
Gilbert, Agnes Lowrie
Gilbert, Annie Ward
Gilbert, Florence Anderson
Gilbert, Frances Baker
Gilbert, Sarah Hughes
Gilbert, Sue Racey
Gilbert, Virginia Banks
Gilchrist, Beth Bradford
Gilchrist, Fredericka R. Beardsley
Gilchrist, Maude
Gilchrist, Rosetta Grace
Gilder, Jeanette Leonard
Gildersleeve, Virginia Crocheron
Gildner, Laura May
Giles, Bessie Isabel
Giles, Elizabeth Cynthia
Giles, Ellen Rose
Giles, Mary C. Vanderbeck
Giles, Rose Marie
Gilfillan, Margaret Neva
Gilford, Mary Penrose Hooton
Gilkey, Mary C.
Gill, Bessie Faunce
Gill, Dorthea Ambos
Gill, Ella Elizabeth Eaton
Gill, Georgine Belanger
Gill, Laura Drake
Gilland, Nell Crawford Flinn
Gillespie, Cora Haltom
Gillespie, Laura Anna Milam
Gillespie, Lillian Stokes
Gillette, Gertrude Sanford
Gillette, Grace Fidelia
Gillmore, Inez Haynes
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
Gilman, Elizabeth
Gilman, Florence
Gilman, Margaret
Gilman, Margaret May Rose
Gilman, Mary Rebecca Foster
Gilman, Stella Scott
Gilman, Wilma Anderson
Gilmer, Elizabeth Meriwether
Gilmore, Evelyn Langdon
Gilmore, Marion Wilcox
Gilson, Mary Barnett
Gilson, Sara Sumner Emery
Giltner, Leigh Gordon
Gist, Annie Reavis
Gitterman, Alice Elsberg Sterne
Given, Helen Dennis
Gladden, Alice
Glaser, Lulu
Glasgow, Ellen A. Gholson
Glasgow, Fannie Englesing
Glasner, Maude Wilcox
Glaspell, Susan
Gleason, Clara Belle
Gleason, Hattie May
Gleason, Katherine Florence
Gleason, Nellie Miles
Gleaves, Evelina Heap
Gleick, Esther
Glenn, Helen Miller
Glenn, Mary Wilcox
Glenny, Charlotte Miller
Glentworth, Marguerite Linton
Glorieux, Emilie Louise
Glover, Clara Capitola
Glover, Jane Beale
Glucksmann, Olga Neyman
Gnade, Maude Fleming
Goddard, Abby Rogers
Goddard, Clara Celelia
Goddard, Emma F. Robbins
Goddard, Fannie Walbridge
Goddard, Florence Hermance
Goddard, Louise Augustine
Godfrey, Winona
Goethe, Mary L. Glide
Goetz, Mina
Going, Ellen Maud
Golay, Juliette
Golden, Elizabeth Lathrop
Goldman, May W.
Goldmark, Josephine Clara
Goldmark, Pauline Dorothea
Goldsborough, Eleanora G.
Goldsmith, Anna Rowena
Goldsmith, Evelyn M.
Goldzier, Julia
Goodale, Dora read
Goodale, Grace Harriet
Goodbar, Luan Joy
Goodcell, Marion Lamson
Goodell, Nettie Delilah
Gooden, Harriet Comegys
Gooding, Edith
Goodloe, Abbie Carter
Goodman, Grace H. Griswold
Goodman, Marie Louise
Goodnight, Ella Hoy
Goodrich, Alice Lyman
Goodrich, Florence A.
Goodrich, Josephine Jolley
Goodrich, Julia Irene
Goodrich, Lucy L. Hutchinson
Goodrich, Sarah B. Clapp
Goodsell, Josephine Bateman
Goodwin, Grace Duffield
Goodwin, Mary E. de Pencier
Goodwin, Maud Wilder
Goodwin, Minnie Newington
Goodwin, Ruth Sharpless
Goodwin, Sarah Storer
Gordon, Anna Adams
Gordon, Eleanor Elizabeth
Gordon, Eleanor Kinzie
Gordon, Emma Lilia Skinner
Gordon, Margaret Blair
Gordon, Sophia Park
Gorham, Kate Foster
Gorman, Cora Peticolas
Gorman, Grace Norris
Gorrell, Emilie C.
Goss, Audrey
Goss, Helen Louise
Goss, Winifred Lane
Gotthold, Florence Wolf
Gould, Alice Bache
Gould, Annie Westbrook
Gould, Elizabeth Lincoln
Gould, Grace Margaret
Gould, Helen Miller
Gould, Marion J. White
Gould, Mary Hurst
Gouldy, Jennie Augusta
Goulston, Therese
Gouverneur, Marian
Gove, Anna M.
Gozzaldi, Mary Isabella de
Grace, Elizabeth Ross
Graeff, Virginia E.
Graham, Augusta Strong
Graham, Elizabeth T.
Graham, Evalyn S. Norton
Graham, Hannah Isabel
Graham, Hannah M.
Graham, Jeanette E.
Graham, Minnie Almira
Graham, Nellie Dean
Grainger, Minnie Starr
Granger, Caroline D. Gregory
Grannis, Florence Alvord
Granniss, Anna Jane
Grant, Blanche Chloe
Grant, Elizabeth Rhinehart
Grant, Ethel Watts M.
Grant, Fanny Etheridge
Grant, Jeannie L. Dailey
Grassie, Sarah E.
Graton, Josephine Bowman
Graves, Alice Amelia
Graves, Angeline Loesch
Graves, Carolyn Elliott
Graves, Harriet S.
Graves, Lilyan Pratt
Graves, Marian Welch
Graves, Maude Miller
Gravett, Nettie K.
Gray, Eddie Camilla
Gray, Elizabeth Crittenden Cabell
Gray, Helen
Gray, Lillie Putnam
Gray, Maria Freeman
Gray, Marion Clark
Gray, Myrtle M.
Greathouse, Mary M. Curtis
Greatorex, Kathleen Honora
Greeley, Helen K. Hoy
Greeley, Jane Lincoln
Greely, Ann Frances
Green, Anna Katharine
Green, Bertha Stull
Green, Betty H. Robinson
Green, Cynthia A.
Green, Eleanor Burges
Green, Elizabeth Durfee
Green, Elizabeth Shippen
Green, Gertrude Heritage
Green, L. Pearle
Green, Lilian Bayliss
Green, Margaret Morford
Green, Mary G. Munson
Green, Mary Wolcott
Green, Sara E.
Green, Sarah Letty
Greenawalt, Mary Eliza
Greene, Anne Bosworth
Greene, Carolyn M. Wygant
Greene, Ella C.
Greene, Flora Hartley
Greene, Frances Nimmo
Greene, Jessie Rice
Greene, Josie Craig
Greene, Lilyan Durrant
Greene, Maria Louise
Greene, Martha T.
Greene, Mary Anne
Greene, Mary E. Lewis
Greene, Mary Jane
Greene, Minnie Waugh
Greene, Nancy Andrews
Greene, Nellie Cady
Greene, Sarah Pratt McLean
Greenewalt, Mary E. Hallock
Greening, Helen E. Haines
Greenleaf, Sue
Greenough, Clara Mary
Greenough, Jane A. Bates
Greenwood, Elizabeth Ward
Greenwood, Helen Evangeline
Greer, Edith
Greer, Juliet
Gregory, Edith Holmes
Gregory, Emily Ray
Gregory, Emma Helena
Gregory, Helen M.
Greiner, Martha N.
Grenfell, Anna E.
Grenfell, Helen Loring
Gresswell, Pearl Vere Burnham
Greve, Harriet Fisher
Grice, Mary Van Meter
Gridley, Josephine Bradley
Gridley, Louise Dias
Griepenkerl, Florence Smith
Grieve, Lucia C. Graeme
Griffis, Frances King
Griffis, Margaret Clark
Griffith, Hester T.
Griffith, Martha E. Hutchings
Griffith, Mary J.
Grimes, Frances
Grindrod, Ida E.
Grinnell, Susan B.
Grinstead, Minnie Johnson
Grisham, Sadie Park
Griswold, Edith Anne
Griswold, Edith Julia
Grobe, M. Alice Woolsey
Groesbeck, Alice Wilson Thomas
Gross, Myra Geraldine
Grossman, Althea Somerville
Grosvenor, Rose D. Phinney
Grote, Frances Fitzgibbon
Grover, Eulalie Osgood
Grow, Caroline Windsor
Grubb, Violet Burd
Grumbine, Annette Farwell
Grundy, Blanche
Guerber, Helene Adeline
Guernsey, Alice M.
Guerrier, Edith
Guild, Winfred Agnes
Guiney, Louise Imogen
Gulick, Eleanor Brooks
Gulick, Harriet Farnsworth
Gullen, Augusta Stove
Gulliver, Charlotte Chester
Gulliver, Julia H.
Gulliver, Louisa Green
Gulliver, Lucile
Gulliver, Mary
Gummere, Amelia Mott
Gunderson, Gertrude B.
Gundrum, Nellie Adams
Gundry, Frances Ruth Gilchrist
Gunn, Katharine Miller
Gunnison, Sarah Pierce
Gurney, Claire Hubbard
Gustafson, Zadel Barnes
Guthri, Sarah Lewis
Guthrie, Anna Lorraine
Guthrie, Lulu Galbraith
Guthrie, Maria E. Seabury
Guy, Artemisia Stone
Guyer, Caroline Clarkson
Haas, Grace Calkins
Haberer, Annie McNaught
Hack, Elizabeth J. Miller
Hacker, Mary Lycett
Hackett, Anna B.
Hackett, Emma C.
Hackett, Jessie Ellars
Hackley, Alice M.
Hackstaff, Priscilla Dudley
Haden, Annie Bates
Hadkins, Annie Louise
Hadley, Cynthia Alice
Hadley, Helen Harrison Morris
Hadley, Sarah L.
Haeseler, A. Elizabeth Lipman
Hagan, Janie Moore Gray
Hagarty, Clara S.
Hagerman, Rosa Bullock
Hagler, Kent Rolla Dunlap
Hagner, Isabella L.
Hahn, Emma Erskine
Haight, Elizabeth Hazelton
Haight, Helen Ives
Hailman, Johanna Knowles
Haines, Anna Jones
Haines, Edith Key
Haines, Helen Stuart Colby
Haines, Isabel Burton
Haines, Jane Browne
Haines, Lillian Smith
Haines, Stella B.
Hairston, Laura Peters
Haldeman, Sarah Alice
Hale, Ellen Day
Hale, Frances Ward
Hale, harriet Swinburne
Hale, Lillian Westcott
Hale, Maud F.
Hale, Rose Perkins
Haley, Lella Byrd
Haley, Olive L.
Hall, Adaline M.
Hall, Adelaide S.
Hall, Alice Linscott
Hall, Carlotta Case
Hall, Clara Wendel
Hall, Edith Babbitt
Hall, Edith Hayward
Hall, Fanny Southard Hay
Hall, Florence M. Howe
Hall, Frieda P. C.
Hall, Gertrude
Hall, Gertrude Ella
Hall, Halliett Deraxa Ellis
Hall, Harriet Baker
Hall, Ida Dickinson
Hall, Jeanie Stewart Boyd
Hall, Kate Cowling
Hall, Lillian Popenoe
Hall, Lolabel House
Hall, Lucia Wheeler
Hall, Lucile Carol Reynolds
Hall, Lucy Howe
Hall, Margaret Woodburn
Hall, Mary Bowers
Hall, Mary Hunter
Hall, Mary Louise
Hall, Mollie Margaret Baker
Hall, Nellie N.
Hall, Ollie Goodloe Gregory
Hall, Ruth
Hall, Ruth Marion
Hall, Sarah Deborah Trowbridge
Hall, Sharlot Mabridth
Hall, Violette
Hallam, Julia Clark
Halley, Sara Dalsheimer
Hallmark, Harrydele
Hallowell, Anna Davis
Halsall, Mary E.
Halsey, Henrietta A.
Halsted, Leonora B.
Halton, Mary
Ham, Adeline Putman
Ham, Helen Willard
Hamilton, Anna D.
Hamilton, Anna Sanborn
Hamilton, Bertha Nelson
Hamilton, Caroline Frances
Hamilton, Cora Perry
Hamilton, Kate Waterman
Hamilton, Margaret
Hamilton, Margaret Porch
Hamilton, Mary E.
Hamilton, Maud
Hamilton, Susanna Boyle
Hammond, Barbara Whiting
Hammond, Esther Dyer
Hammond, Frances Purves
Hammond, Juliet
Hammond, Natalie Harris
Hamner, Salley B.
Hampton, Florence Estelle
Hanaford, Mary E. Neal
Hanaford, Phoebe Anne
Hanahan, Kate Louisa
Hanau, Emma French
Hancock, Belle Clay
Hancock, Emma Louise
Hancock, Ida Stebbins
Hancock, Mary B. Hollingshead
Hand, Frances Amelia Fincke
Haney, Jennie Pomerene
Hanks, Julia Dana Godfrey
Hanks, Mary Elizabeth
Hanley, Diana Pomeroy
Hanley, Frances Gordon Fane
Hann, Rosa Dean
Hanna, Delphine
Hanna, Dora Myers
Hannahs, Elizabeth Helen
Hannan, Emma J.
Hanscom, Elizabeth Deering
Hansen, Bertie
Hansen, Sara Jenner
Hanson, Grace Payne
Hanson, Julia
Hapgood, Isabel Florence
Hapgood, Neith Boyce
Harben, Mabelle Chandler
Harbert, Elizabeth Boynton
Hard, Elvene Curtis
Hardesty, Cecilia Fairbrother
Harding, Clara B. Whipple
Harding, Esther Gordon
Harding, Mary Boak
Harding, Minnie Lahm
Hardman, Catherine Virginia Stone
Hardy, Helen Avery
Hardy, Irene
Hardy, Jennie Amelia
Hardy, Jenny C. Law
Hardy, Jessie Mack
Hardy, Mary Chapman
Hardy, Mary Earle
Hardy, Sarah Drown Belcher
Hare, Evanetta
Harger, Maria McDonald
Harker, Catharine
Harkness, Una McMahan
Harlan, Ida Carter
Harlan, Marie Hall
Harlow, Sarah Havens
Harmon, Julia R. Riker
Harper, Blanche B.
Harper, Clara Moore
Harper, Cora Stickney
Harper, Evangeline Coates
Harper, Ida Husted
Harper, Katherine Medill Patrick
Harper, Mabel H. Urner
Harpster, M. Julia Jacobs
Harriman, Alice
Harriman, Bertha Ray
Harriman, Cora E.
Harriman, Florence Jaffray
Harriman, Mary W.
Harrington, George F., Mrs.
Harrington, Laura Frick
Harrington, Lucy Irwin
Harrington, Sara Maria
Harriot, Josephine Ladenburg
Harris, Agnes E.
Harris, Belle C.
Harris, Bertha Wright Carr
Harris, Cora May White
Harris, Cornelia Burton
Harris, Eliza Burton
Harris, Emma Gale
Harris, Florence N. Knight
Harris, Hannah M.
Harris, Harriette D.
Harris, Henrietta Clark
Harris, Jane Howell
Harris, Janet Simons
Harris, Lillie Coyle Hench
Harris, Lina Small
Harris, Linnie S.
Harris, Lucy A. Bailey
Harris, Mary Belle
Harris, Minnie Greenwood
Harris, Miriam Coles
Harris, Theona C. Peck
Harrison, Adelia Leftwich
Harrison, Carrie
Harrison, Constance Cary
Harrison, Edith Ogden
Harrison, Florence
Harrison, Gertrude F. Van Vleek
Harrison, Ida Withers
Harrison, Lillian Byrn
Harrison, Louise
Harrison, Louise Thatcher
Harrison, Lucy Gray
Harrison, Mary Lord
Harrison, Mary Middleton
Harrison, Pearl A. Landers
Harrison, Persis Jones
Harrison, Susie Frances
Harrold, Helen Shaw
Harron, Julia A. Scofield
Harsch, Lelia K.
Hart, Bertha Platt
Hart, Estelle May
Hart, Laura B.
Hart, Louisa Helena
Hart, Phoebe Alder
Hart, Rebecca Mitchell
Hart, Sophie Chantal
Hartman, Helen Stahr
Hartridge, Emelyn Bettersby
Harts, Martha Hale
Hartt, Jessie Knight
Hartt, Mary Bronson
Hartwell, Mary Ann
Hartwell, Maud L. Ray
Hartwell, Maude Appleton
Harvey, Anne C. Roberta
Harvie, Eliza J.
Hasbrouck, Gertrude M.
Hasbrouck, Gertrude Shaw
Haskell, Jessica J.
Haskell, Margaret Bell
Haskell, Oreola Williams
Haskill, Julia E. Smart
Haskins, Clara Allen
Haslup, Alice Elma
Hasse, Adelaide
Hastings, Ella
Hastings, Hester J. Mercer
Hatch, Abbie A.
Hatch, Alta May
Hatch, Katy Gower
Hatcher, Anna Denson
Hatcher, Cornelia Templeton
Hatchie, Orie Latham
Hathaway, Evangeline
Hauestein, Minnie Ferris
Haughton, Louisa C. Osburne
Hauser, Elizabeth J.
Hauslein, Clara M. Herrick
Havens, Lizzie M.
Havens, Ruth G. Dowd
Hawes, Harriet A. Boyd
Hawke, Anne Shoemaker
Hawkes, Edith Granger
Hawkins, Avis A.
Hawkins, Evangel Lee Bristow
Hawks, Emma Beatrice
Hawks, Emma Lucinda
Hawks, Rachel Marshall
Haworth, Eleanor Frothingham
Hawthorne, Hildegarde
Hay, Eleanor, Humbird
Hay, Mary Garrett
Hay, Mary Ridgely
Hayden, Clara May
Hayden, Dorothea Hoaglin
Hayden, Ruth E.
Hayes, Agnes Hayes Stone
Hayes, Clara Lyon
Hayes, Ellen
Hayes, Ethel Munroe
Hayes, Mary Coulbourn Conner
Haynes, Caroline Coventry
Haynes, Myrte Rice
Hays, Josephine
Hays, Margaret Gebble
Hayward, Celia Adelia
Hayward, Florence
Hayward, H. Josephine
Hayward, Ione
Hayward, Lillian Woolson
Hayward, Mary E. Smith
Haywood, Martha Helen
Hazard, Alida Blake
Hazard, Bertha
Hazard, Caroline
Hazeltine, Elizabeth Hallock
Hazeltine, Mary E.
Hazelwood, Charlotte Williams
Hazen, Annah Putnam
Hazen, Ella Joy
Hazen, Emily Hall
Hazen, Louise Coleman
Hazen, Pauline Browne
Head, Annie L. Wilkinson
Head, Sallie Cary Wilson
Heagy, Alice M. R.
Heald, Lucy
Healey, Isabel Hall Coombs
Healy, Johanna Stack
Healy, Katherine H. Andrews
Healy, Marjorie Alice
Healy, Mary L. Huffman
Heard, Mary K.
Hearst, Phoebe Apperson
Heath, Blanche Thayer
Heath, Ella Conway
Heath, Julian
Heath, Marie B. Senn
Heath-Proctor, Alice L.
Heaton, Lucia E.
Hebard, Grace Raymond
Hedden, Rose C. del Pino
Hedger, Caroline
Hedges, Agnes Jane
Hedley, Evalena Fryer
Hedrick, Ellan A.
Hedrick, Hannah Fancher Mace
Hefferan, Helen Maley
Hefferan, Mary
Heilman, Mary Erskine
Heiner, Mary Pershing
Heinigke, Jessie Weir
Held, Anna
Heller, Irma Irene
Hellier, Mary Harmon
Hellmuth, Harriet Fowler
Helm, Jenny M. Hanson
Helmer, Bessie Bradwell
Helmholtz-Phelan, Anna Augusta
Hemingway, Gertrude Clapp
Hemingway, Grace Hall
Hemmens, Elsie Berlin
Hemmick, Laura A. Pike Barney
Hemphill, Anna E.
Hemphill, Elsie Beale
Hempl, Anna Belle
Hempstead, Helen
Hempstead, Louise
Hemry, Alice Squire
Henderson, Helen Weston
Henderson, Jane G. Van Woert
Henderson, Laura P. Montgomery
Henderson, Lizzie George
Henderson, Lucia Tiffany
Henderson, Mary N. Foote
Hendrick, Rhoda Grace
Hendrie, Lillian M.
Henkel, Alice
Henrotin, Ellen M.
Henry, Abigail Thomas Moss
Henry, Alice
Henry, Aurelia
Henry, Georgia Johnson
Henry, Helen N.
Henry, Kate Kearney
Henry, Mary Gibson
Henry-Ruffin, Margaret E.
Henshaw, Flora A. Newlin
Henshaw, Julia W.
Hensley, Sophia Almon
Henson, Nellie Emery
Henton, Harriet
Hepburn, Elizabeth Newport
Hepburn, Katharine Houghton
Herben, Grace Foster
Herbert, Blanche E.
Hergesheimer, Ella S.
Herholz, Ottilie
Hero, Ann
Herrick, Ada Elizabeth
Herrick, Christine terhune
Herrick, Mabel Hurd Walker
Herrick, Sophia M'Llvaine Bledsoe
Herriman, Abbie F.
Herriman, Helen Strange
Herring, Frances E.
Herring, Katherine M.
Herrmann, Elizabeth A.
Herron, Anna Fish
Hersey, Ada Harvey
Hersey, Annie L.
Hersey, Heloise Edwina
Hershey, Sylvia Schaffer
Hersom, Jane Lord
Herter, Adele
Herts, Alice M.
Hertzberg, Anna Goodman
Hervey, Annotinette Bryant
Herzberg, Sarah Pearson
Hess, Bertha Greyson
Hess, Julia
Hessig, Mabel S. Haynes
Hessler, Maud C.
Heth, Nannie Randolph
Heustis, Louise Lyons
Hewett, Katherine Mary
Hewins, Caroline M.
Hewins, Nellie P.
Hewitt, Emma Churchman
Hewitt, Margaret L.
Hewitt, Martha E.
Hewlett, Cleora M.
Heyburn, Gheretein Yeatman
Hibbard, Laura Alandis
Hibbard, Mary E. Gale
Hibbard, Susan Davis Follansbee
Hickman, Amy Williams Hall
Hickman, Emily
Hicks, Amanda Malvina
Hicks, Amy Mall
Hicks, Edith Stearns
Hicks, Katharine Adams
Hickson, Lady Catherine
Hidden, Isabel Dinwiddee McKee
Higbee, Anna M.
Higbee, Lenah Agnew W. Sutcliffe
Higbee, Netta Wetherbee
Higginbotham, Ethel Lattimore
Higgins, Alice L.
Higgins, Alma M.
Higgins, Clara Carter
Higginson, Ella
Higginson, Mary Thacher
High, Suzanne Frances
Highet, Mary E.
Highley, Aida Evans
Higinbotham, Erwin Hayward
Hildasmith, Josephine
Hilderbrandt, Cornelia T. Ellis
Hildreth, Helen R.
Hill, Alice Polk
Hill, Amarianna N. Buffum
Hill, Caroline Miles
Hill, Clara Mossman
Hill, Edith Thatcher
Hill, Elizabeth Fitz
Hill, Elsie Mary
Hill, Emma Linton
Hill, Janet McKenzie
Hill, Jennie J. Robinson
Hill, Kate Donahue
Hill, Kittie C. Ellis
Hill, Louise B. Sneed
Hill, Mabel
Hill, Marion
Hill, Mary D. Anderson
Hill, Minnie Speer
Hill, Myrie Kauffman
Hilleary, Mary Esta
Hiller, Clara L.
Hillis, Annie Patrick
Hillix, Clara Z.
Hills, Ada I. Ayer
Hills, Cordelia M.
Hills, Laura Coombs
Hillyer, Dotha Bushnell
Hilton, Harriet M. Kent
Hinckley, Harriet E.
Hincks, Maud Morris
Hind, Ella Cora
Hinds, Anna Bolender
Hinds, Ella M.
Hinds, Mary E.
Hingston, Lady Margaret J.
Hinkle, Abbie A.
Hinkle, Beatrice
Hinkley, Susan Heywood
Hinman, Alice Hamlin
Hinrichsen, Annie
Hinsdale, Ellen Clarinda
Hinton, Mary Hilliard
Hirnoe, Mabel Stevens
Hirshfeld, Elizabeth
Hirst, Charles D., Mrs.
Hirt, Zoe Isabella
Hitchcock, Caroline Hanks
Hitchcock, Caroline Judson
Hitchcock, Jane E.
Hitchcock, Jessica M.
Hitchcock, Mary E.
Hitchens, Ethel Bennett
Hitt, Ida A.
Hoadly, Genevieve Groesbeck
Hoag, Helen E.
Hobart, Ida Sprague
Hobart, Marie E. Jeffreys
Hobbins, Mary Newton
Hobbs, Anna Nightingale Warren
Hobbs, Elizabeth Kittredge
Hobbs, Marabeth
Hobbs, Mary E. Marshall
Hobler, Harriet Wells
Hobson, Elizabeth Macgill Bridges
Hocker, Elizabeth Key Hansbrough
Hodder, Mary Gwinn
Hodge, Emma Carol
Hodge, Helen Henry
Hodge, Mary de Veaux
Hodges, Adele L. Goepper
Hodges, Anne Lamson DuBois
Hodges, Helen B.
Hodges, Lizzie Wetmore
Hodges, Margaret Roberts
Hodgkins, Louise Manning
Hodgman, Adelaide Knight
Hodgman, Jennie Stanley
Hodgson, Mary Arthur McCullough
Hoe, Evelyn Perry
Hoeper, Matilda
Hoerman, Louise
Hoes, Rose Gouverneur
Hofer, Mari Ruef
Hoffman, Catherine A. Hopkins
Hoffman, Malvina Cornell
Hoffman, Martha Muerman
Hoffman, Mary Grohs
Hogan, Cornelia S. Heslep
Hogan, Gertrude May
Hoge, Mary Lochary
Hogle, Kate Asma Mason
Hogue, Martha Bradley
Hogue, Mary J.
Holbrook, Alice Marion
Holbrook, Florence
Holcomb, Elizabeth Miller
Holcombe, Carolyn Crossett
Holden, Florence Heywood
Holden, Gertrude Lynde
Holden, Katherine Cramer
Holden, Mary Barnes
Holderman, Elizabeth Sinclair
Hole, Agnes C. Atwood
Hollaman, Mary L.
Holland, Cecilia Gaines
Holland, Dorothy Stebbins
Holland, Elsie Nichols
Holley, Marietta
Holliday, Edith Wray
Hollis, Bertha Poole
Hollis, Grace Weston
Hollister, Gertrude Bullen
Holly, Flora Mai
Holman, Josephine McArthur
Holman, Madge Timmerman
Holman, Silena Moore
Holmes, Adeline Morehouse
Holmes, Charlotte Rebecca
Holmes, Dorothy Lee Dole
Holmes, Kate Osgood
Holmes, Keturah Beers
Holmes, Mary E.
Holmes, Myrta Whitney
Holmes, Ruth Vickery
Holst, Amy M.
Holstead, Lula
Holt, Alexina Crawford
Holt, Camilla McPherson
Holt, Ellen
Holt, Mary Roxy Wilkins
Holt, Rosa Belle
Holt, Winifred
Holton, Jessie Moore
Homans, Amy Morris
Homans, Nancy
Homer, Louise Dilworth Beatty
Homer, Mary F. Wellington
Homer, Philena Fletcher
Hommel, Ida May
Honeywell, Clara E.
Hood, Alice Watkins
Hook, Ida MacDonald
Hook, Mary E. Burton
Hooke, Ethel M. Wagoner
Hooker, Edith Houghton
Hooker, Ellen Kelley
Hooker, Margaret Huntington
Hooker, Mary Agnes
Hooker, Mildred Phelps Stokes
Hoole, Celia Dame
Hooley, Helen T.
Hooper, Blanche Heard
Hooper, Elizabeth Mae merritt
Hope, Elizabeth Willard
Hope, Minnie Gazelle Welborn
Hopekirk, Helen
Hopkins, Charlotte Everett
Hopkins, Eleanor Scribner
Hopkins, Ellen Dunlap
Hopkins, Emily Linnard
Hopkins, Florence May
Hopkins, Grace Porter
Hopkins, Jennie C. White
Hopkins, Lodica Seely
Hopkins, Louise V. Martin
Hopkins, Margaret Hall Daly
Hopkins, Margaret S. Briscoe
Hopkins, Mary Murray
Hopkins, Pauline B. Mackie
Hopkins, Una Nixon
Hopley, Elizabeth Sheppard
Hopper, Martha Wentworth
Hoppin, Emily A.
Hopson, Mary Adams
Horn, Ellen Marvin Ropes
Horn, Lois Farnham
Horn, Maude A.
Horn, Sallie M.
Horne, Alice Merrill
Horne, Florence Wentworth
Horne, Mary T. Earle
Horne, Sarah C.
Horsford, Cornelia
Horton, Katharine Lorenz Pratt
Horton, Lydia M.
Horwitz, Carolyn Norris
Hosford, Hester E.
Hosford, Jennie Chamberlain
Hosmer, Gladys E. Holden
Hosmer, Katherine Tipton
Hotchkiss, Jean Jewel
Hotchkiss, Mary A.
Hotton, Harriet J.
Houck, Eliza P. Thruston
Houck, Emma M. Bence
Hough, Mary E.
Hough, Mary P. H.
Houghton, Alice Bucknam
Houghton, Edna M.
Houghton, Elizabeth Harris
Houghton, Louise Phillips
Houghton, Louise Seymour
House, Willie Durham
Housh, S. Henrietta
Houston, Charlotte H. Sheperd
Houston, Mary Asenath Sabin
Houston, Minnie G. Adams
Houston, Nelly Macdonald
Hovey, Esther Lancraft
Hovey, Henriette
Howard, Eleanor Frasier
Howard, Ella M.
Howard, Emma L. Shafter
Howard, Georgena M.
Howard, Hazel Antoinette
Howard, Maria A. Chase
Howard, Mary K. Foster
Howard, Velma Swanston
Howe, Amelia Ely
Howe, Anna Belknap
Howe, Anne Strum Rotan
Howe, Fannie Gay
Howe, Malvina A.
Howe, Marie J.
Howe, May L.
Howell, Elizabeth M. Brown
Howell, Frederica B. Gilchrist
Howell, Mabel K.
Howells, Mildred
Howells, Sophia Brookes
Howerth, Cora Olive
Howes, Bertha Sage Bell
Howes, Ethel Puffer
Howes, Hannah N. Cushman
Howes, Josephine Holt
Howes, Maria Adelaide
Howland, Alice Gulielma
Howland, Clara Ward
Howland, Louise
Howland, Sarah Maud
Hoxie, Vinnie Ream
Hoy, Annie Harris
Hoy, Claribel Wright
Hoyt, Deristhe Lavinta
Hoyt, Florence Smith
Hoyt, Maud Buckingham
Hoyt, Myra Corliss
Hubbard, Alice
Hubbard, Alice Clarke
Hubbard, Edna Post
Hubbard, Emma L.
Hubbard, Frances Johnson
Hubbard, Grace Amanda
Hubbard, Ida B. Harroun
Hubbard, Marian E.
Hubbard, Mary Bradley
Hubbard, Mary Tenney
Hubbard, Susan Platt
Huber, Caroline Stephens
Huber, Lucretia Marshall
Huckins, Jennie Thomas
Hudson, Clara E.
Hudson, Laura A. Shaw
Huestis, Annie Campbell
Huestis, Jessie Bunting
Huff, Alice E.
Huff, Alta O. Emery
Huff, Helen Schaeffer
Huffaker, Lucy
Huffman, Otto V., Mrs.
Huggins, Clara Ellsbury
Hughan, Jessie Wallace
Hughan, Margaret Baliott West
Hughes, Adella Prentiss
Hughes, Frances L.
Hughes, Grace V. Miller
Hughes, Katherine
Hughes, Maude Howard
Hughs, Fannie May Barbee
Huizinga, Faith Trumbull
Hulbert, Edith J.
Hulburd, Alice L.
Hulburd, Anna Kilian
Huling, Ellen Paine
Hull, Fannie Fitzalan Johnston
Hull, Hannah Clothier
Hull, Helen Lamb
Hull, Josephine Sherwood
Hull, Mary J.
Hulst, Cornelia Steketee
Hume, Annette Ross
Hume, Jessie Fremont
Hume, Julia Cracraft
Hume, Lida Munson
Humphrey, Adele Alice
Humphrey, Harriette Zephine
Humphrey, Marie E. Ives
Humphrey, Mary Vance
Humphreys, Mary Gay
Hunn, Myrta E.
Hunt, Alice E. Palmer
Hunt, Alice Winsor
Hunt, Caroline L.
Hunt, Grace Usborne
Hunt, Harriet E.
Hunt, Marita Trotter
Hunt, Mary Leland
Hunt, Rachel McMasters Miller
Hunter, Alice Cushman
Hunter, Anna Rogers
Hunter, Corinne Smith
Hunter, Fannie Dundas
Hunter, Lillian Acomb
Hunter, Lucy Robins
Hunting, Ethel Parker
Huntington, Arria Sargent
Huntington, Eliza Prentiss
Huntington, Helen
Huntington, Julia Bradlee Weld
Huntington, Ruth
Hunton, Grace
Hunton, Virginia
Huntsman, Elizabeth Van Buskirk
Hurd, Annah
Hurd, Ethel Edgerton
Hurd, Harriette C. Seward
Hurd, Katherine Hatfield
Hurdon, Elizabeth
Hurford, Etta B.
Hurlbatt, Ethel
Hurlburt, Katherine M.
Hurlbut, Clarke Stanley, Mrs.
Hurlbut, Louise McCollom
Hurll, Estelle May
Hursh, Catherine S. McGuigan
Husband, Helene Borgman
Hussa, Cora I. Warburton
Hussey, Ethel Fountain
Hussey, Nora Large
Huston, Sarah A.
Hutchin, Mary
Hutchins, Fannie
Hutchinson, Blanche Boyden
Hutchinson, Elizabeth B. Dewing
Hutchinson, Mabel V. Dixon
Hutchinson, Minnie Boyer
Hutchinson, Sarah Mears
Hutt, Edith Palmer
Hyatt, Anna Van Kirk
Hyatt, Anna Vaughn
Hyde, Anne Rhea Bachman
Hyde, Annie Hayden
Hyde, Elizabeth A.
Hyde, Ida H.
Hyde, Mary R.
Hyde, Sara Gardner
Hyde, Winifred
Hyman, Lillian Phillips
Hyman, Sarah M. Chalk
Iams, Lucy V. Dorsey
Iddings, Lola Lamont
Ide, Fannie Ogden
Iglehart, Fanny C. Gooch
Ikert, Mary Holmes
Illington, Margaret
Imbrie, Hattie Silliman
Ingalls, Anna L. Chesbrough
Ingalls, Beulah H. Scaff
Ingalls, Carrie Crane
Ingalls, Eleanor Caldwell
Ingalls, Emma A.
Ingalls, Florence Allin
Ingels, Rosa Russell
Ingersol, Maud Robert
Ingham, Mary Hall
Ingham, Sarah Woodward
Ingraham, Frances A. Leverich
Ingram, Eleanor M.
Ingram, Ida Nelson
Ingram, Marie Letitia
Inman, Grace E.
Inskeep, Annie L. Dolman
Irby, Claude, Mrs.
Ireland, Mary E.
Ireland, Mary N. Deringer
Irish, Lucina Giffin
Irons, Francena Langworthy
Irons, Margaret Hill
Irvine, Julia J.
Irving, Isabel
Irwin, Agnes
Irwin, Edna Campbell
Irwin, Elisabeth A.
Irwin, Elizabeth Agnes
Irwin, Mary E. Barrows
Irwin, May
Isham, Helen
Isham, Mary Keyt
Isom, Mary F.
Israel, Mina W.
Israels, Belle Lindner
Ives, Edith Wetherill
Ives, Georgiana L.
Ives, Mildred Card
Ives, Sarah Noble
Ives, Susanna M.
Ives, Victoria Sires
Jack, Charlotte B. Nelson
Jack, Marion E.
Jackman, Lena
Jackson, Alice Hooker Day
Jackson, Annie Brown
Jackson, Bertha C.
Jackson, Caroline Cooke
Jackson, Clara Thompson
Jackson, Cora May Brussman
Jackson, Evert Wendell, Mrs.
Jackson, Fanny R.
Jackson, Florence
Jackson, Gabrielle E.
Jackson, Helene E. Dunn
Jackson, James, Mrs.
Jackson, Kate Johnson
Jackson, Kate Veronica
Jackson, Margaret Doyle
Jackson, Mary A. Morrison
Jackson, Pearl Cashell
Jackson, Stella Barnaby
Jacobs, Belle Austin
Jacobs, Josephine Chace
Jacobs, Laura H. Downing
Jacobs, Mary Frick
Jacobs, Pattie Ruffner
Jacobson, Nettie C.
Jacoby, Lois Almy
James, Aphie
James, Elizabeth Blakeslee
James, Jean E.
James, Lina Balis
James, Mary Latimer
James, Mary Tootle
James, Pauline Sholes
James, Robert Darrington, Mrs.
Jameson, Maud Eaton
Jameson, Rose Howe
Jamieson, Louise Campbell
Jamieson, Mary Scudder
Jamison, Alice Peyton
Janin, Flora Earle
Janis, Elsie
Janney, Frances Moale
January, Anna L.
Janvier, Catherine Drinker
Janvier, Margaret Thompson
Jaques, Bertha E.
Jarrett, Cora Hardy
Jarvis, Anna
Jarvis, Mary D.
Jastrow, Rachel Szold
Jeffers, Mary
Jeffrey, Jeanette Atwater Street
Jenckes, Adaline Louise
Jenckes, Sarah Pratt
Jenison, Madge C.
Jenkins, Alice Thornton
Jenkins, Anna Spalding
Jenkins, Frances
Jenkins, Gertrude Halbert
Jenkins, Hester Donaldson
Jenkins, Irene F. Brown
Jenkins, Mary B.
Jenkins, Mary Emma
Jenkins, Mary Otis
Jenkins, Stella Frances
Jenks, Agnes M.
Jenne, Ida Sherman
Jenney, Caroline King
Jenney, Julie Regula
Jenney, Marie Regula
Jenney, Ruth Marie
Jennings, Mary Kirby
Jennings, Phillipena G.
Jephson, Lady (Harriet J.)
Jepson, Mabel Preston Wyatt
Jerman, Carnelia
Jerome, Amalie Hofer
Jess, Clara Alice
Jessup, Mary Hay
Jewell, Edith W.
Jewett, Fannie C. Frisbie
Jewett, Frances Campbell
Jewett, Frances Gulick
Jewett, Mary B.
Jewett, Nannie Hume
Johansen, M. Jean McLane
Johns, Alice Gillette
Johns, Laura M.
Johns, Mary J. V.
Johnson, Adelaide
Johnson, Alice Adams
Johnson, Alice Williams
Johnson, Anna
Johnson, Anna Hayward
Johnson, Anna Louise
Johnson, Anna Marilla
Johnson, Anne
Johnson, Annie Davis
Johnson, Carolyn Mae Lord
Johnson, Carrie Mabel Dexter
Johnson, Constance F. Wheeler
Johnson, Edith Cherry
Johnson, Eleanor Hope
Johnson, Elizabeth Ayer
Johnson, Elizabeth Hopkins
Johnson, Elizabeth Winthrop
Johnson, Florence Merriam
Johnson, Frances Adams
Johnson, Helen Kendrick
Johnson, Helen Louise
Johnson, Helen Ross
Johnson, J. Lindsay, Mrs.
Johnson, Jennie Fowler Willing
Johnson, Julia Macfarlane
Johnson, Julia Trippe
Johnson, Katherine Smyth
Johnson, Laura C.
Johnson, Laura Elder
Johnson, Laura Wilson
Johnson, Lillian Wyckoff
Johnson, lucy Amelyne Ferrell
Johnson, Lydia Bernhardina
Johnson, Mabel Lucretia Prouty
Johnson, Mabel Ruth
Johnson, Margaret E. Henry
Johnson, Margaret Hill Hilles
Johnson, Marian Gary
Johnson, Mary Ella
Johnson, Mary Hooker
Johnson, Mary Simonds
Johnson, Myrtle E.
Johnson, Seth Albert, Mrs.
Johnson, Susan R. Harrison
Johnston, Almira Sutton
Johnston, Amelia
Johnston, Anna Harper
Johnston, Annie Fellows
Johnston, Caroline A. Dorsey
Johnston, Ella Bond
Johnston, Eva
Johnston, Julia H.
Johnston, Lucy Brown
Johnston, Mary
Johnston, Mary Beattie
Johnston, Mary H. Stoddard
Johnston, Mary V. del Castillo
Johnston, S. Edna
Johnstone, Mary M. Sewall
Jonas, Anna I.
Jones, Alice
Jones, Amanda Theodosia
Jones, Clara Louise
Jones, Della A.
Jones, Dymae J. Durling
Jones, Edith Beatrice
Jones, Eleanor Dwight
Jones, Eleanor Hooper
Jones, Elizabeth A. McKey
Jones, Elizabeth Bartram
Jones, Elizabeth H. Blanton
Jones, Eva Linnette Soule
Jones, Georgia H. Lloyd
Jones, Grace Latimer
Jones, Grace McHardy
Jones, Helen Beach
Jones, Ida Irwin
Jones, Jennie Wood
Jones, Jessie Russell
Jones, John Anna
Jones, Kate Emery Sanborn
Jones, Katherine Currier
Jones, Louisa
Jones, Louise Caldwell
Jones, Mabel Cronise
Jones, Marian Hastings
Jones, Mary Elizabeth
Jones, Mary Lee Bufkin
Jones, Mary Noyes Tyler
Jones, Maude Emily
Jones, May F. Van Akin
Jones, May L.
Jones, Mollie E. J.
Jones, Nellie S. Kedsie
Jones, Olice Branch
Jones, Tabitha Redman
Jordan, Edith Monica
Jordan, Elizabeth
Jordan, Elsie Medora
Jordan, Ettie Amelia
Jordan, Jessie Knight
Jordan, Mary A. L. Rankin
Jordan, Mary Adela
Jordan, Mary Augusta
Jordan, Myra Beach
Josaphare, Maude J. Coan
Joslin, Rebecca Richardson
Joy, Helen Hall Newberry
Juch, Emma Antonia J.
Judge, Winifred E.
Judson, Katherine Berry
Judson, Margaret
Judson, Sarah Worrall
Juhring, Frances Fisher
Juliand, Janet
Kahl, Stella Moore
Kahler, Garnet Page
Kahler-Evans, Blanche E.
Kahn, Adolph, Mrs.
Kahrs, Grace M.
Kalp, Martha Wolfe
Kamen, Eva Rubin
Kane, Elizabeth C.
Kane, Grace M. Wilson
Kane, Susan Mary
Kaneko, Josephine Conger
Kapp, Marie F.
Karns, Emily S.
Karns, Louise M.
Karr, Louise
Kast, Ida G.
Kauffman, Clara Norton
Kauffman, Margaret B. Houston
Kauffman, Nelle Dunham
Kauffman, Ruth
Kaufman, Pauline
Kaufmann, Annie Millington
Kavana, Rose M.
Kay, Jane Heartt
Kay, Jennie Mieville Totten
Keane, Mary Grace
Kearney, Belle
Kearns, Elsie Herndon
Keating, Louise Barnard
Keatinge, Caroline Bates
Keator, Emma V.
Keays, Hersilia A. Mitchell
Keck, Laura V.
Keefe, Frances L. Davis
Keeler, Agnes L.
Keeler, Ellen Coughlin
Keeler, Harriet L.
Keeler, Katherine
Keeler, Lucy Elliot
Keeley, Gertrude
Keelor, Charlotte
Keen, Dora
Keep, Ida Savory
Keezer, Martha W.
Kehew, Millo M.
Kehrlein, Frances Cassandra
Keifer, Martha Steele
Keil, Leota Wheeler
Keim, Augusta M. Madison
Keiser, Elizabeth Harris
Keith, Dora Wheeler
Keith, Frances Guignard Gibbes
Keller, Amelia R.
Keller, Caroline Gould
Keller, Edith L. Mason
Keller, Eleanor
Keller, Helen Adams
Keller, Ida Augusta
Keller, Inez Rice
Keller, May Lansfield
Kellerman, Maude
Kelley, A. Lillian Clark
Kelley, Clara Nichols
Kelley, Joanna R.
Kellner, Elisabeth Willard
Kellogg, Alice Lovell
Kellogg, Alice Rogers Ropes
Kellogg, Clara Cook
Kellogg, Clara Louise
Kellogg, Clara N.
Kellogg, Cornelia Van Wyck Halsey
Kellogg, Ella Eaton
Kellogg, Julia A.
Kellogg, Louise Phelps
Kellogg, Lucia Hosmer
Kellor, Frances A.
Kelly, Adelaide Skeel
Kelly, Florence Finch
Kelly, Marian E.
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Mary Rutledge
Kelly, Maud McLure
Kelly, Susan M.
Kelsey, Helen Marian
Kelso, Tessa L.
Kelton, Edith R. Wills
Kelton, Josephine Parmly
Kemmerer, Frances Ream
Kemp, Harriet
Kemp, Jennie Murray
Kendall, Ada Davenport
Kendall, Adela Parker
Kendall, Margaret
Kendall, Mary Buzzell
Kendrick, Georgia A.
Kendrick, Helen Fryer
Kennard, Beulah Elfreth
Kennebrook, Martha Jane
Kennedy, Jane McLeod
Kennedy, Nathalie Sieboth
Kennedy, Rose W. Fisher
Kennedy, Sara Beaumont
Kenner, Nettie Cox
Kenney, Elizabeth L.
Kenney, Flora Bate
Kenney, Mabelle King
Kenower, Letitia Brawley
Kent, Anna M.
Kent, Elizabeth Thacher
Kent, Gertrude Freeman Hall
Kent, Grace Helen
Kent, Juliet Crossett
Kent, Louise Leonard
Kenton, Edna Baldwin
Keogh, Katharine Emmet
Kephart, Ellen R.
Kepley, Ada H.
Kercheval, Rebecca C.
Kerlin, Jenney Gilbert
Kern, Edith Kingman
Kerr, Evelyn Nichols
Kerr, Harriet Bower
Kerr, Mabel Bushnell
Kerr, Mina
Ketcham, Susan M.
Keuchenmeister, Mathilde Brinker
Keyes, Emma W. Scudder
Keyes, Helen Johnson
Keyes, Regina Flood
Keyser, Harriette A.
Kibbey, Bessie J.
Kibbey, Minnie G.
Killiani, Lilian B. Taylor
Kilpatrick, Mana Ruckle Needels
Kimball, A. B., Mrs.
Kimball, Alice
Kimball, Ellen I. Hayward
Kimball, Frances Ayers
Kimball, Grace Niebuhr
Kimball, Hannah Parker
Kimball, Kate Fisher
Kimball, Luella D.
Kimball, Maria Brace
Kimball, Martha Smith
Kimball, Matie E.
Kimball, Ulyra Weston
Kimberland, Angie Graham
Kimbrough, Carolyn L. Vroom
Kincaid, Bess Beardsley
Kindred, Ella Cramer
King, Annie Farrar Van S. Barret
King, Cora Smith
King, Cornelia B. Greene
King, Eleanor A. Frink
King, Emma B.
King, Esther Howard
King, Fannie Bayly
King, Florence Lord
King, Florence Rich
King, Grace E.
King, Helen Dean
King, Lida Shaw
King, Louisa Yeomans
King, Mary Cutts Howard
King, Nina Ashley
Kingsbury, Alice Cary Bussing
Kingsbury, Marguerite Hempstead
Kingsbury, Susan Myra
Kingsley, Bessie Cook
Kingsley, Florence Morse
Kingsley, Frances Hubbard
Kinkaid, Mary Holland
Kinkead, Eleanor Talbot
Kinkead, Elizabeth Shelby
Kinney, Charlotte P. Conkright
Kinney, Eunice Draper
Kinney, Margaret West
Kinney, Sara Thomson
Kinsman, Anna Barnard
Kinsolving, Sally Bruce
Kirby-Smith, Maude Tompkins
Kircher, Effie I.
Kirk, Abby
Kirk, Ella Boyce
Kirk, Ellen Olney
Kirkbride, Elizabeth Butler
Kirker, Nellie Wiles
Kirkland, Caroline
Kirkland, Winifred M.
Kirkpatrick, Florence Wynn
Kirkpatrick, Marion Powers
Kirkpatrick, Mattie Gaston
Kirkwood, Edith Brown
Kirtland, Ira Bushnell, Mrs.
Kitchelt, Florence Ledyard Cross
Kite, Elizabeth S.
Kite, Eva Mary
Kitson, Theo Alice Ruggles
Kitts, Harriet E. Walrath
Klapp, Elinor Evans
Kleinstuck, Caroline I. Hubbard
Klenk, Sophie Gottliebe
Kline, Effie Ober
Kline, Fannie Talbot Littleton
Kline, Mary F.
Kling, Catherine A.
Klingelsmith, Margaret Center
Klink, Jane Seymour
Knabe, Lula Cates
Knapp, Annie Miller
Knapp, Ella Adelaide
Knapp, Gertrude Allen
Knefler, Cynthelia Isgrig
Kneifel, Lulu Phelps
Kneil, Caroline
Knelzow, Minnie L.
Kniess, Lydia Hebron
Knight, Katharine B.
Knight, Mariette A. Barnes
Knight, Rachel
Knobe, Bertha Damaris
Knoblauch, Mary Bookstaver
Knoote, Mme. Josephine P. Eva
Knott, Jane Gillmore
Knott, Minerva
Knowles, Elizabeth A. McGillivray
Knowlton, Helen M.
Knowlton, Ida Mann
Knowlton, Ida P.
Knox, Adeline Trafton
Knox, Alice A.
Knox, Edna Doughty
Knox, Ellen M.
Knox, Helen M.
Knox, Janette Hill
Knox, Jessie J. Daily
Knox, Sara C.
Knox, Susan Ricker
Knuppe, Belle Crouch
Kobbe, Carolyn Wheeler
Kohlberg, Olga
Kohlsaat, Amy M.
Kohlsaat, Frances
Kohn, Irene Goldsmith
Kohut, Rebekah
Konikow, Antoinette F.
Konkle, Laura L. Allen
Korff, Baroness Alleta V. Reypen
Korner, Alice Dore
Korner, Alice Masten
Korngold, Janet Fenimore
Kramer, Adele J. Pickel
Kramer, Ella Wilson
Kramer, Flora C. Fitch
Kraus-Boelte, Maria
Krause, Lydia Farrington
Krauss, Blanche Youngblood
Krecker, Ada May
Krecker, Marguerite
Kreismann, Pauline W.
Kreps, Ida Bell
Kretzinger, Clara J. Wilson
Kriegshaber, Adeline Mayer
Kroeger, Laura Clark
Krout, Caroline V.
Krout, Mary H.
Krum, Octavia L.
Kuder, Blanche Allyn Bane
Kuellmer, Fay L.
Kutchin, Mary Kimball
Kyle, Alice James Aunspaugh
Kyle, Mary E. Chambers
Kyser, Kathryn Belle