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American Doctors 1925, last names beginning with "Q "

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Most of these short biographies include the place & date of birth; parents name's (with mother's maiden name); spouse & children; area of medical specialty; education & employment history; papers & books published; clubs & associations and finally, place of residence & office.

To order information on a person, click "Add to Cart" then go to your cart and you will see, "Add a note to your order" in that form tell us the name of the person you are ordering information on and we will send you copies of the listings for every person with that last name (surname).

Taken from the book, Who's Who American Medicine 1925. Published by Who's Who Publications, New York, NY.

When you order, we will send you the copies of the relevant pages from the book, not the entire book. 

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There are 14 people listed with names beginning with Q:

Quackenbos, Harrie Maxwell
Quackenbos, John D.
Quackenboss, Alexander
Quain, Eric P.
Quennell, Willard Leslie
Quick, John Doward
Quigley, Daniel Thomas
Quigley, James Knight
Quigley, Timothy C.
Quinland, William Samuel
Quinn, Raymond James
Quintard, Edward
Quirk, Jerome Thurston
Quist, Henry W.