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If this is your first visit, please visit our HOME page.
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Business Cards New York

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These Business Cards are being sold for the sentimental value, and most are in good condition. If condition is important to you, use the Contact Us page and let us know which business card you are interested in and we will check it for you.

When you order, we will send you the actual, original Business Card.

The price is $10 each.

To order one, click "Add to Cart" then go to your cart and you will see, "Add a note to your order" in that form tell us the name of the person and the card #. If it is marked as SOLD we no longer have it available.

100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, just return it for a full refund.

To find out more about our Business Card collection click here.

They are listed alphabetically by the person's last name.

Name Business City ST Card #


De Forte, Sal Roma Elevator Brooklyn NY 16
De Forte, Sal Roma Elevator Construction Brooklyn NY 17
Phillips, Robert L Dudwick Shindler Assoc, Inc New York NY 21
Steiner, Danny Universal Fireproof Door Brooklyn NY 20